The Story of Ann Chapter 7 Love and the Devil

The Story of Ann Chapter 7 Love and the Devil

The Story of Ann Chapter 7 Love and the Devil

My kiss did not awaken Jack. I press his face against my shoulder as I looked up from the floor. Janet and Susan are standing over me with tears streaming down their faces. I looked to see others standing with their heads bowed as if in silent prayer.

I looked into Jack’s face as I said, “Please Jack, come back, I need you.”

“MISS, we will take it from here,” a paramedic said to me. “Miss, you're not hurt are you?” He then asked.

I shook my head no, as he helped me to my feet. The other female paramedic went to work on Jack. I looked to my hands and saw Jack’s blood all over them. I went to wipe them on my top however; it had been drenched in his blood as well. Janet came to me and wrapped me in her arms.

“He is alive, I have a faint pulse,” the female paramedic said as she continued to work on him.

“We have to move him quickly if we are to save him as he has lost a lot of blood,” The other paramedic replied to her.

They moved Jack onto a stretcher and wheeled him from the bar. I tried to get into the ambulance with him when a police officer stopped me. He asked me if I was hurt because of all the blood over me. I told him no it was Jack’s blood. The officer told me Jack was in good hands and that he needed to ask me some questions. I looked to his name tag it read Capt. Bob.

“Do you know Jack, Captain Bob,” I asked as I fell into him crying onto his shoulder.

“Yes Miss Ann, Jack and I go way back since he was seven or eight,” Captain Bob replied. “Let’s take you back inside and clean you up a little,” he added.

Captain Bob asked Janet to take me into the woman’s room to clean me up a little. He then asked her to bring me and herself back to him to answer some questions. Janet walked me into the bathroom. I stared into the mirror. I wondered what all the red stuff over my face was. I realized it was blood. I had Jack’s blood all over my face as well as on my hands and down the front of my top.

I turned to Janet as I said, “He is going to die, Janet,” as I started to cry uncontrollably.

“Don’t even think that Ann,” Janet replied as she ran some water.

Janet grabbed some paper towels and wet them. She wiped Jack’s blood from my hands. She grabbed some more wetting them then wiping at his blood on my face. I stared into the mirror thinking how I once had hated this man for something he had done to me. Now here I was worried sick about that same man and I did not want to lose him.

I closed my eyes as Janet wiped blood from them. As I did a pair of blue green eyes stared at me. They sparkled and shined as Jack’s sweet soft voice singing “Hush Little Baby,” filled my head. A knock on the bathroom door broke the vision of his eyes and his soft singing in my mind.

“Miss Ann, everything all right in there?” Capt. Bob asked through the door.

“Yes, we will be out in a minute,” Janet replied to him. Janet dried my face then wrapped her arm around me as she added, “Let’s go Ann, the sooner we get this over the sooner we can get to the hospital.”

Captain Bob led us to a nearby table sitting us down. As I sat down a cold chill raced through my body causing me to shiver and shake. Captain Bob removed the lightweight jacket he had on wrapping it around me. I smiled at him with tear-filled eyes as I thanked him.

Captain Bob asked us both what had taken place tonight. Janet and I told him about the four men entering the bar. Janet told him what the one had said about “Hell coming to this bar,” I also told him Jack seemed to have sensed it all coming before it happened. We explained about how the fight started and that three of them had put Jack onto the floor punching and kicking at him.

I explained that when I saw them beating him up then the one trying to stab him. I had screamed out to leave my boyfriend alone. I also explained about seeing the pain in Jack’s eyes when I had screamed that.

“Jack would have been concerned about your safety for now they knew who you were,” Captain Bob said to me.

I went on to tell him that as Janet grabbed me running for the back door we heard a loud snap as Jack yelled, “YOU DEVIL FUCKS LEAVE HER ALONE.” We both explained we ran out the back door only to hear two gunshots from inside the bar.

“Those Devil Fucks are a group of Vietnam veterans who heads were messed up during that war,” Captain Bob explained to us. “They terrorize bars in the area thinking that anyone or anything in there belongs to them especially women, I had warned Jack to be watchful for them,” he added.

“Jack has spoken of Devils in Vietnam,” I replied looking to Captain Bob for answers.

“You will have to ask Jack of that,” Captain Bob said. “Go to him Miss Ann I will see you there later,” he added telling me where they had taken him.

Janet and I rushed to the hospital. We ran into the emergency room when we got there. A nurse asked me if I was hurt seeing the blood all over my shirt.

“No my boyfriend was shot and they brought him here,” I replied.

“You must be Ann,” the nurse said.

“Yes but…” I replied as she cut me off in mid sentence.

“Jack told me to tell you, “I love you Ann,” the nurse said. “He is in surgery right now, when I know something I will tell you,” she added.

“How is he?” I asked as I sobbed.

The nurse looked to Janet giving her a little frown shaking her head as she asked her to take me over and sit with me. Janet held me as I cried in her arms. About twenty minutes later, grandma with Michelle in her arms, Frank and another woman of Asian descent came walking into the emergency room.

Grandma came to me handing me Michelle until she saw the blood upon my top. She handed Michelle to Janet instead. I watched the other woman as she walked up to the nurse. The nurse took her hand as she walked her back through the closed door.

“Who is that woman?” I asked grandma.

“That is Jack’s mother,” Grandma replied. She then asked, “What the hell happened tonight?”

We all sat down as Janet and I explained the events of the night. I broke down in tears as I explained about trying to stop the blood as it spurted from his wound. I told them about Jack closing his eyes as I held him.

“I think Jack died in my arms tonight,” I said as my tears started again.

Grandma took me into her arms giving me comfort. She rubbed at my back telling me everything would be all right. Frank took my hand as he told me Jack is strong he will pull through this. Frank, grandma, and Janet gave me comfort as we waited for word on his condition.

The four of us sat there waiting for any word. The nurse kept telling us she had no news to give us anytime one of us walked up to her station. Michelle awoke about 3 hours later and still we had heard nothing about Jack. I was talking to grandma with Michelle on my lap.

“Con trai cua tôi làm cho ma quy tra lai Ä‘em này,” a high-pitched female voice with an Asian accent said.

I turned from grandma to see that Asian woman standing before us. She looked at me, as her dark brown eyes seemed to pierce my soul. The woman turned to Grandma.

“Sorry, I forget you no know my speech, I translate,” She said. “My son make devils pay again this night,” she added.

The woman walked up to me and she opened her arms as she said, “You must be Ann, my son much in love with you,” “You call me Kim-Ly.”

Kim-ly hugged me rubbing at my back. She broke our hug wiping my tears from my eyes. Kim-ly started to speak in a strange language then switched to English as she looked into my eyes.

“Eyes lovely like stars should not be filled with rain,” Kim-ly said smiling at me. “Jack make good husband no,” she added.

Kim-ly no sooner said that when Michelle asked, “Where ACK, where daddy?”

Kim-ly took Michelle from Janet’s arms as she replied, “Daddy son sleeping right now as it was not his time once more.”

Kim-ly kissed Michelle’s forehead and Michelle smiled at her. Kim-ly handed her back to Janet as she sat down next to me. She took my hand as she told us Jack would be OK. She explained he had lost a lot of blood however; they had gotten him here in time.

Kim-ly patted my hand as she bowed her head to me. She lifted her head as she said, “Doctor tells me someone stopped his bleeding save life,” “You only one wearing blood so I thank you,” as she bowed her head to me once more.

The nurse came walking over and she told Kim-ly she might go back and see her son. Kim-ly stood up and started to walk to the doors then she stopped. She turned to me and motioned for me to come along. The nurse at the door told her that I could not go back there.

Kim-ly looked to her and said, “Cau's wife,” which I took to mean son’s wife.

The nurse smiled and allowed us to pass. Kim-ly walked us down the hall into a small dimly lit room. Jack lie on a bed with tubes in his nose, IV’s in both arms, one with blood the other with two or three bags dripping stuff into his veins. Kim-ly walked me up to the bed.

She placed her hand onto Jack’s open hand. His eyes flickered a little then she removed her hand from his. She placed my hand into Jack’s hand as I felt him close it tightly around my hand. I looked to see his eyes open as he tried to say something.

However, Kim-ly touched his lips shaking her head. Jack squeezed my hand as I squeezed his. Kim-ly kissed his fore head then rubbed her hand at his hair as she started to sing sweetly. Her voice was lovely as a nightingale as she sung “Hush Little Baby,” to him. Jack’s lips started to move, as he seemed to sing with her. He closed his eyes after he had squeezed my hand one more time.

“You go home clean up get rest, I stay with son then you take over,” Kim-ly said to me patting my hand.

I hugged her and told her thanks for being Jack’s mom. I kissed Jack’s forehead and I thought he smiled. I walked from the room and back to everyone. I explained he looked OK other than the tubes and IV’s running out and into him. I explained Kim-ly told me to go clean up and to rest then come back and take over for her.

I kissed Janet goodnight telling her I would ride home with Grandma. Janet lived in town so there was no reason for her to drive me home then have to drive back to town. Frank drove with Grandma up front. I sat in the back with Michelle who was fast asleep in my arms. I asked grandma just where Jack’s adoptive mother was from.

Grandma turned to me from the front seat as she replied, “Kim-ly is Vietnamese.”

I got a strange look on my face as I looked into the rear view mirror. Frank looked back at me in the rear view mirror. As he looked at me I wondered why Jack would go fight in a war against the same people who had raised him.

“Kim-ly and her husband left their land when it was still peaceful.” “The family they left behind was wiped out by the North when the war broke out,” Frank said. “Jack told me once as a young boy he would seek revenge if given a chance,” he added.

I wondered if Jack had gone to Vietnam because of me or because he sought revenge for the family that had taken him into their home. We arrived home and I put Michelle to bed then removed my bloody clothes. Grandma took them as she told me she would clean them for me.

I took a long hot shower crying my eyes out once more at the thought of almost losing Jack tonight. I dried myself and climbed into my bed. I hugged my pillow wishing Jack were here to hold me. My dreams were full of Jack that night as I slept. I awoke the next morning calling out his name. I was not for sure but I believe I had fallen madly in love with him.

I dressed and went down stairs to find Grandma and Frank at the kitchen table. I sat down and grandma served me a quick breakfast. Frank told me to go be with Jack he could handle the horses today. As I went out the back door grandma called me back.

“You should return this to the man who loaned it to you,” She said handing me Captain’s Bob jacket from last night.

I drove to the hospital and walked inside to the ICU unit. His name was no longer on the wall so I asked where they had moved him. They told where they had moved him and I went to his room.

As I approached, I heard voices talking. However, they were speaking in a foreign tongue such as Kim-ly had spoke in last night. I looked inside to see her holding Jack’s hand. Jack was talking to her in full Vietnamese. I walked into the room and looked at Jack. Kim-ly stepped from Jack releasing his hand when she saw me.

“Ann,” Jack said staring at me. Jack held out his one good arm as he added, “I only have one arm in which to hold you for a while,” as a smile came to his face.

I ran to him throwing my arms around his neck. I heard him give a little grunt as I did. I removed my arms from around his neck as I told him I did not mean to hurt him.

Jack smiled as he said, “Kiss me Ann and make the hurt go away.”

Jack wrapped me in his one good arm pulling me to him. His lips touched mine as those bells and alarms went off in my head. Our lips rolled together as we kissed lovingly and with passion. I broke our kiss looking into his eyes as I wondered if he was hearing those bells and alarms as well.

“Miss, you will have to move for a minute,” a nurse said to me.

I moved out of the way as she tended to Jack’s arm. Those bells and alarms were real, as one of us had pulled the IV from his arm. The nurse stuck him with a new needle then reset the machine.

She smiled at me as she said, “He is all yours now.”

“Jack, are you OK?” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“I am OK Ann just a bullet in me, that is all,” Jack replied.

“A bullet that almost killed you son and a half inch lower it would have,” an older male voice said.

I turned to see Captain Bob standing in the doorway. He entered and tipped his hat to Kim-ly and I. He walked up to Jack holding his hand out to him.

“How have you been Bob long time no see,” Jack replied shaking his hand.

Captain Bob turned to Kim-ly and I as he asked, “Would you two excuse us for a while as I have some questions for him?”

Kim-ly grabbed my hand as she said, “We drink coffee,” leading me from the room.

We walked down to the cafeteria and got some coffee. Kim-ly sat us down at a table then took a sip of her coffee. She placed her cup back down and took a hold of my hand.

“Tell me about Ann,” Kim-ly said in broken English.

I took a sip of my own coffee as I told her my life story up to that point. I explained my mom had tossed me from home after her boyfriend had taken advantage of me. Grandma took me in then got married and had a baby named Michelle. The marriage did not work and I moved back in with grandma. I went through two more husbands before ending back at grandmas.

“After the failure of my third marriage I gave up on all men,” I said to her.

Kim-ly smiled at me as she replied, “No give up on Jack, eyes tell me so.”

“Your son is unlike any man I have ever met,” I replied.

“Son devil for long time during and after war, mess up head,” Kim-ly said hanging her head.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Devils are bad men who do bad things to people in our land,” Kim-ly replied lifting her head. “Jack, done very bad thing to you long ago.” “We no raise boy like that,” “Devil took him as one of own during War in our home land,” she added.

I looked at her with wonder in my eyes as I said, “I don’t understand.”

“Son tell you story when ready, him touchy on subject,” Kim-ly replied. “Drink then we go back,” she added.

We finished our coffee then returned to Jack’s room. Captain Bob was still talking with Jack. As I walked into the room, I heard Jack telling him that he would not file out a complaint against the man who shot him.

“The gun slipped from his holster and fired upon hitting the ground.” “That is my story and I am sticking to it,” Jack said almost in anger to Captain Bob.

Captain Bob shook his head side to side as he replied, “I suppose it fell twice as two shots were fired.” Captain Bob glared at Jack as he asked, “What if that second bullet had hit Ann?”

“Then that devil would be dead instead of in jail,” Jack replied loudly glaring back at him.

Kim-ly went up to her son as she said sternly, “Jack, không nói chuyen voi canh sát nhu rang,” which meant “Jack, no talk to policeman like that.”

“ Xin loi me,” “Sorry mother,” Jack replied to her as Captain Bob came over to me.

“Thanks for the use of your jacket last night,” I said to him handing it to him.

Captain Bob took his jacket as he asked, “Can I see you in the hallway Miss Ann?” Captain Bob walked me from Jack’s room into the hallway as he said, “Ann see if you can talk some sense into him.”

I asked him what was this all about. Captain Bob explained that unless Jack filed charges against the man all they could charge him with was the possession of a firearm. He told me either Jack was protecting the man who shot him or he has the fool idea of taking the law into his own hands.

“Even as a young boy of the streets he saw to it that pay back was a bitch,” Captain Bob said to me.

“I will see what I can do,” I replied.

“Miss Ann, don’t let your love for him out weigh what is right and wrong,” Captain Bob replied walking away from me tipping his hat.

I stood there thinking about what he had said to me. Did my love for him out weigh the wrong he had done to me years ago? It was a mistake on his part, one which he was trying to make right.

I walked back into the room and Kim-ly took my hand as she said, “I go now you stay.” She turned to Jack as she added, “ Ban có tot Ä‘ep hoac nó trên Ä‘au goi cua tôi nhu ban không Ä‘e lon nhat spanking,” smiling at her son. Which was “You be nice or it be over my knee as you no to big for spanking?”

I waited until Kim-ly walked from his room then asked, “Why are you not filing charges against the man who shot you?”

“The gun fell out of …,” Jack started to say to me before I stopped him with a finger to his lips.

“It’s OK Jack when you are ready to tell me the truth like the last time,” I said to him staring into his eyes.

Jack lowered his head then raised it as he replied, “The man is ex military his head is all screwed up from Vietnam sending him to prison will not solve anything.” Jack took my hand as he added, “That could have been me losing it last night instead of him,” looking at me.

I stared into those lovely blue green eyes as they dulled and clouded over taking the shine and sparkle from them. His eyes filled with despair, mistrust and the look of not wanting to talk about it. At first, I thought I was looking into a mirror at my own eyes.

“Jack, when you are ready I will be here to listen,” I said to him kissing him on his forehead.

Jack spent the next two and a half weeks in the hospital. I found out the bullet had deflected downward off his shoulder bone just missing his heart. Between Kim-ly, grandma, Janet and I we never left him alone. I even spend some nights with him until he told me unless I was climbing into bed with him for me to go home. I did not want to leave him alone for fear those devils would come after him.

When they released Jack, grandma told him he was coming home with us back to the ranch. I had asked her too for Jack seemed to listen to her. She told him she knows how he is and that he would not be getting the rest or the care he needed if he took care of him.

“It is also time you stopped being a fucking bar cop too,” grandma said sternly to him.

“That’s being a bouncer grandma,” Jack replied.

“You keep peace in a bar so a bouncer is just a FUCKING bar cop,” grandma said to him raising her eyebrow.

“Yes, grandma I understand,” Jack replied.

Jack and I sat in the back seat as she drove us back to the ranch. I cuddled up next to him with my arm wrapped in his good arm. Jack told me he was going to take some time off from being the bouncer until he healed.

“Jack, maybe you should think about giving it up,” I said to him.

“I could get ran over by a bus just as easy as getting shot,” Jack replied. “However, I will think about it, Ann,” he added.

I saw grandma give him one of her looks in the rear view mirror. I did not tell him then but I was afraid those men would come back after him at the bar. We soon arrived at the ranch. Frank and Janet were sitting on the front porch with Michelle as well. As grandma, Jack and I walked up to the porch Michelle came running down and went straight to Jack.

“Jack miss you,” “Hold me daddy,” Michelle cried out holding her arms out to him.

Jack bent over and scooped her up with his one good arm as he said, “Daddy missed little one as well,” as Michelle hugged him tightly. Jack turned to me as he asked, “Is it alright if she thinks me to be her daddy, Ann.”

“You are her father Jack,” I replied as I handed him some papers from my purse.

Jack took the papers from me as he handed Michelle to me. Jack read them then asked me when all this came about. I explained to him that Kim-ly had the paternity test taken while he was in the hospital. We could never had afforded it at least I thought as at that time they were expensive.

“Ann, I am…,” Jack said.

I stopped him as I said, “Don’t say anything Jack lets just always remember that night as the night we conceived our daughter Michelle.”

“ME Jack,” Michelle yelled out then she added, “Mommy,” pointing to me then “Daddy,” pointing to Jack.

Jack’s eyes sparkled and shined even with tears filling his eyes as he said, “I think I need to go for a little walk.”

I handed Michelle to Janet as I replied, “I will join you Jack,” taking his hand into mine.

Jack and I walked about on the ranch as we talked about what was next for him and me. He walked me down to the horse pen with that mustang in it. That horse did not like me to be near him. She reared up kicking her front legs into the air as Jack explained he always has thought Michelle was his.

“I hope someday that you will become my wife as well,” Jack said to me.

“Jack, it has only been a couple of months,” I replied. “I need more time to get to know the man I am falling in love with,” I added wrapping my arms around his neck.

I pulled him down to my level as I kissed him deeply upon his lips. Jack wrapped his good arm around me as he kissed me back. Once again, I heard those bells and whistles going off in my head. I broke our kiss as I walked us back to the house. On the way, I thought about becoming his wife. This would be my fourth marriage and I wanted to make sure I got it right this time.

I still had some questions about this man they called Jack as well. Like why he returned to Vietnam when he did not have too. I also wanted to know the real reason he had enlisted. I had questions about his time in Vietnam and just where these Devils fitted into his story.

I walked Jack to the back porch as grandma said, “Don’t you think you should show Jack the changes we have made.”

“What changes?” Jack asked me.

Before I could say anything Janet grabbed his hand and my hand as she said, “Come on Ann lets show him.”

Janet and I led Jack up stairs and to the door leading into his bedroom when he was a boy. During Jack’s stay at the hospital, all of us pitched in and knocked the walls down from my bedroom to his. By combining our bedrooms and the space between them we now had a super king size bedroom.

We stopped at the door as I asked, “Do you remember whose room this used to be?”

“Yes it was mine as a young boy when I stayed on the weekends,” Jack replied.

“Now it is yours and Ann’s room,” Janet said smiling as she opened the door.

We walked Jack into the room and he stopped as he looked around. There was a king size bed just like the one at his house. The walls had pictures of his adoptive parents as well as of grandma and grandfather. There was a little sitting room with a love seat, a chair as well as a big floor model TV.

Jack went and he sat down onto the bed as he looked around the room. We told him we all had worked on it. I had asked if it was all right if he stayed here when he had got out of the hospital.

“It’s a lovely room Ann and does that mean we will be sleeping together?” Jack asked smiling.

Janet and I looked at each other then to Jack as we said, “Yes and we both will try not to be too rough on you,” as we climbed into bed with him.

Jack fell back onto the bed with us at his side. We both kissed and swapped tongues with him. Jack suddenly sat up in the bed as he looked to the far wall. Jack stood up and walked over to the wall he was looking at the medals he had received from Vietnam inside of a case.

He turned to us as he asked, “What are those doing hanging there?”

“Your grandma had them hanging there so we left them there,” I replied.

Jack looked back to his medals as his eyes went from bright to dull. He turned from them almost with disgust in his eyes as he returned and sat down on the bed.

“Is something wrong Jack?” I asked.

“I deserve no medals for what I did or did not do there as well as for what I did to you Ann,” Jack replied hanging his head.

I lifted his head as I said, “Jack you did nothing more than give us both our greatest treasure.” Jack looked at me not knowing what I meant then I smiled at him as I added, “Michelle,”

I wrapped my arms around Jack kissing him deeply. His one good arm went around my back pulling me tighter against him. Jack fell back with me in his arms onto the bed. I was lying on top of him as I felt his hard cock pressing into my jean covered pussy. I rolled from his arms breaking our kiss and off the bed.

“Did the doctors say you could have sex?” I asked him.

“NO but they did not tell me not too,” Jack replied smiling.

“Maybe you should just watch,” I said smiling at Janet.

I walked over and locked the door before joining Janet at the foot of the bed. I told Janet lets make Jack more comfortable. I pulled him up from the bed into a sitting position. Janet and I removed his shirt carefully so not to hurt or move his left arm and shoulder too much. We kept asking him if we were hurting him.

“Not at all girls,” Jack would reply.

Once we removed his shirt, we took his cowboy boots off from him. Janet pulled on one as I pulled on the other from his feet. We both ended up on our butts laughing as we did. We had him stand up for us as we undid his jeans. Janet pulled one side down as I pulled the other down. We had him step from his pants, which we folded neatly and placed onto the nearby chair. We turned around to find Jack standing there in boxers with his hard cock sticking through the opening in them.

Janet looked at me as she said, “That looks good enough to eat,” as she smiled to me then to Jack.

I went to Jack pulling his boxers down as I sat him at the edge of the bed. I told Janet she had missed lunch at the hospital so go ahead and have a little snack before dinner. Janet got down in front of Jack. She parted his legs as she climbed between them.

Janet wrapped one hand around his cock as her mouth went over the head of his cock. I got on my knees next to Jack and we started to kiss as Janet sucked on his cock. Jack wrapped his good arm around me as he fell back onto the bed.

Janet never missed a beat as she just kept sucking on his cock. I looked down to see she had worked almost all of his big cock into her mouth. Her wet sucking sounds filled the bedroom as she went to town on his cock.

Jack was moaning softly into my mouth as we kissed. I broke our kiss as I slipped my top off then my bra. I scooped a tit up in my hand giving the nipple a big wet lick with my tongue. I then offered my tit to Jack who licked at the nipple then suckled at my tit as he took it into his mouth.

Janet lifted her mouth from Jack’s cock as she took a big gulp of air she asked, “Do you want some of this Ann?”

Jack’s pre-cum was streaming from his cock to her lower lip. I pulled my tit from Jack’s mouth as I spun around down to his cock. Janet held it for me as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I dipped my tongue at his pee-hole collecting more pre-cum in my mouth. I lapped at his dickhead as I collected his pre-cum onto my tongue.

“You can have the rest,” I said as I moved my face to Jack’s face.

I kissed him as his tongue went into my mouth. My pussy throbbed and twitched as he shared his pre-cum from in my mouth. Jack was kissing me deeply and with passion. He moaned then pulled his mouth from mine.

“Be careful Janet it has been a while,” Jack said to her.

Either Janet did not hear him or she did not care. She just sucked harder at his cock. She rose up a little as she lowered her mouth taking all of his cock deeply into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down only a half-inch or so as she sucked at his cock. Janet rubbed at his balls with your hands.

“Give her all of your cum, Jack,” I said loudly as I watched her sucking deeply at his cock.

“AHhhhhhh shit,” Jack yelled out on the bed.

His body gave a little jerk as his cock started to blast a nut deep within Janet’s mouth. Janet coughed and gagged as she pulled her mouth from Jack’s cock. Cum spilled freely from her mouth as she pulled it from Jack’s cock. His cock shot two or three more big blasts that landed on her face.

Janet was coughing and gagging as she yelled, “Jack you could have gave me a little warning” as cum dripped from her lips and her face.

“Sorry Janet,” Jack replied smiling.

“No your not and I loved it as well,” I said as I moved down to Janet.

I pulled her face toward mine kissing her deeply. I licked cum from her lips and on her face as I slipped to the floor with her. Jack moved on up into the bed placing pillows behind his back as he did. He leaned against the wall into the pillows as he watched Janet and me.

I stood Janet up kissing at her as I did. I lifted her shirt up over her head to reveal a new push up bra encasing her big tits. I kissed at the big mounds of tits running over her bra as I reached behind her. I unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor.

I pressed my tits into hers as we rubbed our tits together. Janet’s hands went to the snap on my jeans as mine went to hers. We pulled down the others jeans to reveal neither of us had worn any panties that day as we stepped from them.

Janet and I turned to Jack on the bed. He was smiling at us as we went to kissing each other. Janet slipped her hand between my legs as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I wiggled my tongue in her mouth as she wiggled two fingers into my hairy pussy. I parted my legs giving her hand more room. Janet curled and flexed her fingers inside my pussy searching for my spot. Within seconds, her finger touched my G spot.

I broke our kiss as I moaned, “Make me cum, Janet.”

Janet rubbed lightly then dug her fingers at my g spot. My pussy started to leak juices then gushed pussy juices as her fingers hit the right spot. I wrapped my arms around her neck to keep my balance as a powerful wet squirting orgasm came upon me.

“AHHhhh Janet,” I yelled as my pussy squeezed at her fingers.

Janet started to take her fingers in and out, which only splashed more of my juices from it. She removed her wet fingers from my pussy bringing them up to my mouth. She coated my lips with my juices then she kissed me deeply.

Janet broke our kiss as she moved us to the bed. She climbed into the bed beside Jack with her face near his cock that had once again grown hard. Janet motioned for me to get onto the bed.

As I did she said, “Sit that hairy pussy on my face and 69 with me,” smiling to me then to Jack.

Janet did not have to tell me twice as I got on top of her lowering my wet dripping pussy onto her face. I parted her blonde hairy pussy with my hands as I licked at her hanging pussy lips. I felt Janet’s tongue slipping in and out of my own pussy. I ran my tongue to her clit teasing it with it. I flicked at her clit making it swell.

I covered my mouth around it as I started to suck on it. I showed her a little teeth as I nibbled on her clit as well. While my mouth was on her clit, I slipped a couple of fingers inside of her pussy. I ran them in and out slowly until I had her bucking her hips toward my fingers.

I added one then another finger to her pussy. I had four of my fingers up inside of her cunt. Janet squirmed under me as she moaned with pleasure. I started to run my fingers in and out of her pussy fast and deep as I sucked hard at her clit.

Janet removed her tongue from my pussy as she said, “I am going to squirt Ann.”

She no sooner said that than her pussy let go a solid stream of liquid pussy juice. I pulled my hand from her pussy smacking at her pussy with it. Janet moaned loudly under me in total pleasure as her orgasm raced through her body.

I removed my mouth from her clit as her pussy stopped squirting. I ran my tongue from her clit down through her pussy lips tasting her juices. Janet recovered enough to start flicking at my own clit with her tongue. I felt her hands roaming all over my butt. Janet ran her finger around my asshole once then plunged her finger deeply into my asshole.

“AHhhhhhhhhhhh,” I cooed out as her finger buried up my ass.

I kissed and licked at her wet pussy as she started to run her fingers in and out of my asshole. I was soon asking her to add another finger into my ass. Janet took two fingers and worked them in and out, as I pumped my ass back toward them.

“Be a dear Jack and give me that vibrator in the night stand,” Janet said.

I heard the drawer open then a buzz filled the room. Janet removed her fingers from my asshole as she shoved the vibrator up inside of my pussy. I moaned as she explored the depths of my pussy with it. Janet slipped two fingers back into my asshole as she did my pussy with the vibrator.

“AHhhhhh Janet,” I moaned into her pussy.

I started to lick wildly at her pussy with my tongue. I felt the bed moving and I thought it was Janet squirming under me again. I felt her pull her fingers from my asshole, as I felt something big and hard rubbing against it

“JACK,” I managed to get out of my mouth.

However, it was too late as Jack eased his cock into my asshole. Now Jack’s cock is the size I consider just a little too big to be fucking my butt. However, Jack eased it slowly into my asshole. I felt a little pain as it first entered but it soon went away.

“Easy Jack that’s a big cock,” I said to him looking over my shoulder.

“If it hurts Ann just say so,” Jack replied as he eased a little bit more into my asshole.

Jack left me get used to his cock before he would slip another inch up my asshole. Janet was still using the vibrator on my pussy and it was driving me nuts. The vibrations were coming through into my asshole as well. I buried my face into Janet’s pussy licking wildly with my tongue as Jack pushed the last bit of his cock up into my asshole.

“AHhhhhhhhh Jack,” I moaned out in pure pleasure as he started to butt fuck me slowly.

His strokes were gentle as he ran his cock slowly in and out of my butt. Jack worked all of his cock out then all of it back up my ass. I started to pump my ass back at him in hopes he would fuck the hell out of my ass. Janet removed the vibrator from my pussy as she flicked her tongue at my clit.

“Fuck her ass hard Jack,” “Make her squirt in my face,” Janet yelled out from under us.

“YES Jack FUCK ME,” I moaned out before burying my face back into Janet’s pussy.

Jack placed his hands onto my hips. He started to pile drive my asshole with his cock. With my face buried into Janet’s pussy, it muffled my moans of both pleasure and pain. Janet moved her head to the side as I felt Jack’s hanging balls pounding into my clit. That was all I needed.

“AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned loudly as my whole body shook with pleasure.

My asshole tightened around Jack’s cock as my pussy started to convulse. Jack’s hands gripped at my hips as he slammed his cock deeply up into my asshole. He held it there then I felt it flex up inside my ass.

“AHhhhhh ANN,” Jack moaned out as his cock spewed cum deeply up my ass.

My pussy twitched and then started to squirt with each throb of his cock up my ass. When his cock pumped cum into my asshole, my pussy squirted each time I felt the throb. I could hear Janet moaning under me so I buried my face back into her pussy. I ate her out until she too had an orgasm.

Jack’s cock slipped from my ass with a plop as his cum poured and dripped from my asshole. I felt Janet’s tongue digging into my asshole to get all of it as it flowed out of it. Jack went back to leaning against the wall breathing heavily with sweat pouring from his body. I rolled off Janet and lay beside Jack with my face on his thigh. Janet joined me with her wet cummy face.

Jack looked down at her as he said, “I think you missed some Janet,” pointing to cum still leaking from his cock.

I beat her to his cock. Which I took into my hand as my tongue licked at cum dripping from the head of his cock. I looked to Janet and smiled.

“Here I will share,” I said as I pointed his cock to her.

We cleaned Jack’s cock then we went back to his thighs. Janet kissed one as I kissed the other. We kissed each other on our lips then we laid our heads upon his thighs as our eyes went closed. All three of us fell asleep like that in our bed.

Janet and I awoke sometime later at the same time we even asked each other the same question, “Where is Jack?”

Janet and I slipped robes on and walked from the bedroom. I heard laughing coming from Michelle’s room. We went to her room and we looked inside. There was Jack sitting on the floor in jeans with no shirt. He had a little girly hat upon his head with a small teacup in his big hands.

Michelle was into having made believe tea parties at this time. She would pour Jack some invisible tea into his cup and tell him to drink it. Jack made a face as he told her it needed sugar. Michelle giggled and laughed as she made believe she was added sugar. Jack tried it again and this time he told her it was just right. Michelle went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I love you Jack daddy,” Michelle said to him as she hugged him.

“I love you too little one,” Jack replied hugging her as he kissed at her cheek.

Janet and I backed up the hallway leaving them alone. We walked back into our bedroom and sat down upon the bed. Janet took her hand into mine.

She smiled as she said, “Thank you Ann for sharing that special man with me.”

“I just hope that special man is who we all think him to be,” I replied not realizing Jack was standing in the doorway.

Jack looked to us then hung his head as he said, “Men are not punished for their sins, but by them” as he turned and walked into the hallway.

I went to the door as I told him to stop. However, Jack just kept walking down the steps. I ran back into the bedroom and slipped on a shirt and my jeans as Janet did the same. We raced down the step and looked into the living room to see if Jack was in there.

“Did you girls lose something?” Frank asked.

We did not say anything as we ran into the kitchen. Jack was not in there as well. Grandma was standing at the back door crying. I went over to her.

“What is wrong grandma?” I asked her.

“It’s Jack,” grandma replied. “He told me he does not belong here,” grandma added crying as she ran from the kitchen.

I looked out the back door to see Jack driving up the ranch road, as a trail of dust kicked up behind his truck as he drove down the road. I turned to Janet with tears in my eyes. Janet came to me and wrapped her arms around me hugging me.

“It’s OK Ann, Jack will be back just give him some time,” Janet said to me as she broke her hug on me.

“Does time really heal all wounds?” I asked Janet as I walked from the kitchen.

As I walked, I thought about Jack telling grandma he did not belong here. I would say my words of “I just hope that special man is who we all think him to be,” might have opened an old wound one which I knew nothing about. I was thinking that time did not heal all wounds. For the wound always remain. Your mind only covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. However, it is never gone.

I looked in the living room to see Frank as he gave comfort to grandma. I turned to the steps to see Michelle slowly walking down them. She was dragging Jack’s shirt down the steps behind her.

“Daddy for get his shirt,” Michelle said handing me the shirt. “Why, Mommy crying?” Michelle asked.

I just stared at her not knowing what to say to her. Janet picked her up and asked her if she had any of that tea left upstairs. Michelle shook her head yes, as Janet ran up the stairs with her in her arms. I followed slowly up the stairs as I went into our bedroom. Well maybe it was back to being my bedroom now I thought.

I took a long hot shower to wash my sins away again. I should not have spoken of Jack as I had. I really was in love with him. It was just that I had so many unanswered questions. Dinnertime came and went. Jack still had not returned. It was a quiet dinner as well.

We all went into the living room. Michelle was playing on the floor as Frank, grandma, Janet and I watched TV. If I remember right, the program that came onto the TV was a special about the Vietnam War. It showed the horrors and the atrocities of that war. It spoke of men who returned home not the same as they had left. It showed men with drinking, drug problems as well as prone to violent behavior.

Kim-ly words returned to me in my mind. “Son devil for long time during and after war, mess up his head,” Kim-ly had said to me. When I asked her what she meant by that she told me. “Devils are bad men who do bad things to people in our land,” “Jack, done very bad thing to you long ago.” “We no raise boy like that,” “Devil took him as one of own during War in our home land,”

That man who had shot Jack, Captain Bob had called him a Devil. I also remember him telling me. “Those Devil Fucks are a group of Vietnam veterans who heads were messed up during that war,” “They terrorize bars in the area thinking that anyone or anything in there belongs to them especially women.”

I also remembering telling Captain Bob that Jack had spoke of Devils in Vietnam. “You will have to ask Jack about that,” He had told me. I started to add it all up in my head. I thought maybe that Jack was even part of these Devil Fucks after all he did know the man who shot him and did not press charges. Instead, he made it sound as if it was an accident.

The phone rang and Frank answered it. He told me it was for me as he handed me the phone. I thought it was Jack on the other end. However, it was not it was Susan from the bar.

“Ann this is Susan, Jack is here and he is not drinking ginger ale,” Susan said to me on the phone.

“I will be right there Susan,” I said hanging up the phone.

I asked Janet if I could see her in the kitchen. I did not want grandma to know or to worry about Jack. I asked Janet if she would stay and watch Michelle while I went and brought Jack back home where he belonged.

Was Jack one of those insane Devils? Had Vietnam messed his head up which caused him to take me that night long ago? Who were these Devil Fucks and why had Jack protected me from them only to protect them as well? Is this why Jack left saying he did not belong here?

Those questions and more answered in my next chapter, as this will end this chapter. Feel free to write to me as the email is in Chapter 1. I enjoy hearing from my readers. This was a short chapter as I had many emails asking me to tell quickly what happened to Jack.
Ann Jack

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