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Master Reunites With His Slave

Tim grinned as he set up a surprise for his pretty little slave. She knew he was in the hotel and would be visiting him in about a half hour. He chuckled as he organized various tools of the trade for use on her body. Several thin whipping canes, gags, lubricants, and such were lined up on the wall as well as one custom-made bondage device. That done he carefully retrieved a needle from a bag and filled it with a clear fluid. 15 minutes later a knock was heard at his hotel door and he went to it and looked...


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My Daughter's Best Friend

You see, I own my own business; not a big company but it earns me a decent living. I started it 10 years ago, it has grown exponentially and does pretty well now but it still requires hard work and some long hours at times. My daughter had graduated high school, was tired of working menial jobs and was going off to college. She has a close friend that wasn’t going to go to college and she asked me if I would be willing to give her a job. Well seeing as how I already have 10 employees, I didn’t really...


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Joyce was a 46 year old working mom, with two teenage children and a executive husband. She worked at a law firm in a town four miles from her home. Joyce was a big girl 5'11, 160lbs. She had 40DD and a tight ass. Her blond hair and all around good looks always caused men to stop and glance at her. Her husband Jeff was executive with a large chemical manufacturer and several times a year would go on extended trips to the far east, Europe, Asia and south America. At times these trips would last 6 to 10 weeks. They...


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Story of being kidnapped and used

Walking back to my car in the high school parking lot, I was finally out of tutoring. I was one of the last to leave the parking lot, and my car was off in the dimly lit corner. I pulled my keys form my pocket, and go to insert my keys and suddenly I am pushed, hard, up against my car and a hand is placed over my mouth. Everything I had falls to the ground. I close my eyes, as tears roll out of them. I am so scared. A voice says, “Scream and you die,” and that was enough...


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The Snowball

Fbailey story number 183 The Snowball I was on my way home when I smelled radiator fluid inside my car. I knew right then that I had a leak in the heater coil, so I rolled my window down to let the strong odor escape. That’s when I got hit in the side of my face with a snowball. As I looked around I saw a young girl in a pink coat with white fur run into a house. I parked my car and walked up to the door. A very pleasant woman opened the door. Samantha was thirty years old...


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Lessons From The Barnyard, Part II

Two weeks went by with no one the wiser about what transpired between Junior and Bobby that day. Everyone treated them exactly as they always had; like two normal friends doing what every other set of normal friends do. But as the weeks drew to a close, suddenly Bobby started wondering if there was something wrong. Under normal conditions, Bobby had always been as predictable as a Rolex Watch concerning her period but this month she was late. She should have started her flow on Tuesday but by Saturday morning, there was no evidence of her menstruations. She decided to ask...


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Vatsyayana Kama Sutra Part 2, Chapter 1 : Kinds of sexual union according to dimensions, force of desire or passion, time

Vatsyayana's Kamasutra describes intimacy of various forms, including those between lovers before and during sex. For example, the text discusses eight forms of alingana (embrace) in verses 2.2.7–23: sphrishtaka, viddhaka, udghrishtaka, piditaka, lataveshtitaka, vrikshadhirudha, tilatandula and kshiranira. The first four are expressive of mutual love, but are nonsexual. The last four are forms of embrace recommended by Vatsyayana to increase pleasure during foreplay and during sexual intimacy. Vatsyayana cites earlier – now lost – Indian texts from the Babhraya's school, for these eight categories of embraces. The various forms of intimacy reflect the intent and provide means to engage a combination...


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Golden Lust Ch.01

All I ever really asked for was just a normal life... but for some strange reason, I always wind up into these pervy situations. What's even worse (much to my growing shame) is... I'm actually starting to like it. I'm Dan. I just started attending the local state University. Rather than rooming up in a dorm with somebody I don't know, I was fortunate enough (or at least so I thought) to able to get to share a place with my older sister Samantha, who's also attending school (just a couple of grades ahead of me). Staying with Samantha was definitely...


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Daughter and Dad - Part 3

Daughter and Dad - Part 3 Jim woke the next morning with an aching bladder that threatened to burst. His daughter Anita and he had made love until the wee hours of the morning. The recollection of that experience brought a smile to his face and a glow to his heart. She had shown him more love and tenderness than he could remember since . . . well, ever! And while she might still be only 19, she was proving to be a lover that he had a hard time keeping up with. Their sex was something that most men could...


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Futa's Wild Passion 01: Futa Pops Her Little Sister's Cherry

Futa's Wild Passion Chapter One: Futa Pops Her Little Sister's Cherry By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this! One in a hundred million odds. Those words echoed over and over through my head as I slouched into my bedroom. I was nineteen, and my life was ruined. One in a hundred million odds of being afflicted with the big, dumb, stupid condition. I couldn't believe it. I closed the door behind me then leaned against it, rattling the latch. My left arm was sore from the blood draw, the Band-Aid still coating it. The nurse had...


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