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The Snowball

Fbailey story number 183 The Snowball I was on my way home when I smelled radiator fluid inside my car. I knew right then that I had a leak in the heater coil, so I rolled my window down to let the strong odor escape. That’s when I got hit in the side of my face with a snowball. As I looked around I saw a young girl in a pink coat with white fur run into a house. I parked my car and walked up to the door. A very pleasant woman opened the door. Samantha was thirty years old...


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Daughter and Dad - Part 3

Daughter and Dad - Part 3 Jim woke the next morning with an aching bladder that threatened to burst. His daughter Anita and he had made love until the wee hours of the morning. The recollection of that experience brought a smile to his face and a glow to his heart. She had shown him more love and tenderness than he could remember since . . . well, ever! And while she might still be only 19, she was proving to be a lover that he had a hard time keeping up with. Their sex was something that most men could...


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Love encounters 2

This is the story of a time i was in college ... it was my final year of colg.. i knew this guy back from school.. he was my junior then... he was a gud looking guy ...slim figure .. medium height .. we often used to praise each other saying u are hot .. handsome.. all girls will run after you .. we used to have fun together ... chatted till late ... shared our collection of porn .. n many other things too.. we were basically good friends ,,, but he called me bro he had gone...


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Best friend's sister IX

Joe woke up the next morning, Maryse still draped over him, fast asleep. He slowly slipped out of bed, picking up his clothing and slipped into them, before heading out. Returning from the bathroom he found Maryse peeking out from under the covers and stuck her head out further, smiling at him. “For a moment there I was scared it was your mom or dad.” He chuckled and moved to the bed where her clothing still lay, picking them up he handed her t-shirt and hot pants to her, leaning in for a kiss. She crinkled her nose and quickly covered...


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Wolves in the forrest part 1

My name was Samantha, but my close friends called me Ama. Not sure how it started, because I didn't start it but one of my friends did back in junior high and it stuck. Anyways, I'm Ama and I have a story to tell. See, right now I'm basking in the moonlight, in the middle of the forest...where exactly I'm not totally sure. I'm still not real good at tracking and direction. But this little meadow, I can find my way here and that's enough for me. I'm looking up at the moon and thoughts of how I came here flutter...


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Tia My Sexy Black Neighbor

Tia is a medium brown skinned girl in her early 30’s who lives next door to me. She lives alone, has a great corporate job, and dresses nicely every day when she goes to work. She is very pretty, extremely sexy, has nice breasts, long flowing black hair, and beautiful dark colored eyes. She totally turns me on every time I see her. I have struck up a friendship with her and of course flirt with her a lot. I love her smile, and she has a pleasant personality. I always say hi to her and usually compliment her on her...


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The Librarian - Epilogue

Author's note: Okay, I just couldn't leave well enough alone. This is really how I want to end the series. It doesn't rage with sex, but that's my style of writing; character relations mean a lot more to me. I hope you enjoy. Daniel and Peter continued their loving relationship, although things began to change as they got older. They still hadn't come out, and didn't intend to. Daniel's mother, Carter and Alex were the only ones who knew about them. Still fearing Carter's threat, Alex had kept his mouth shut. He left Peter alone and didn't mention anything about their...


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Her name was Catarina a sixteen year old girl who lived on the Earthia Island. A festival was being held for the beast of the sea, this year she was chosen to play the song for him and she practiced every day so she could play it perfectly. She hummed as she walked down a path with a bag of groceries for her mom. Catarina's long silver-blue hair was braided back and swung side to side and she walked to her house. Her marine blue eyes were filled with joy as she greeted the town’s people. The festival filled the people...


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Childhood friend became lover

Note: Neither i am a professional writer nor i wanna be. people who are looking for stories written by professional writers plz don't waste ur time here. People say love and lust are two different things even I use to believe that too but one day all got changed. I am 23 year old guy from a average city of India. I myself never felt that but ppl say I looks good that’s all I can tell you about my looks I can’t waste time to describe myself only gay guys think much about their body. I have kind of shy...


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Daughter and Dad - Part 2

Daughter and Dad - Part 2 Anita woke the next morning in her Dad‘s bed and searched for his body heat. It wasn’t there, and she struggled to wake up. They had slept in a spoon position through the night. On more than one occasion she had been woken by the sensation of his hard cock easing itself between her ass cheeks as he relived their lovemaking in his dreams. By wiggling her ass just the right way, she could move it into her crotch so that his cockhead rested at her entrance. As much as she wanted to take him...


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