The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles Chapter 4: Joy, First Wax

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles Chapter 4: Joy, First Wax

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Joy: First Wax

Note: Mary gave Joy to Mark's mother Sandy and Sandy's girlfriend Betty to be their sex slave.

June 19th, 2013 – Joy Nguyen – South Hill, WA

“It's okay,” a comforting voice whispered.

I struggled to open my eyes; sleep still heavy on my eyelids. I could feel the bed gently shake as someone shifted. A woman sobbed softly. Confusion flooded through me; I wasn't in my own bed. Where was I? I managed to get my eyes open, feeling gritty with little sleep. Two women clung to each other: one was White, in her mid-forties, and still very beautiful; the other was young, Black, her skin the color of chocolate and her eyes were a striking blue.

They were my Mistresses.

It all came flooding back. My first Mistress, Mary, gave me to Sandy, the White woman, and her girlfriend Betty, the Black girl, to be their slave. Sandy was crying, Betty gently hugging her. Uncomfortable embarrassment flooded me. I felt like I was intruding on such a private moment. I closed my eyes until they were just slits, barely able to see.

“I hated him for what he became,” Sandy sobbed. Her husband had recently died over the weekend. “And I loved him for whom he had been.”

“I know,” Betty cooed. “It's going to be okay. I'm here for you. You had to do it. He was crazy. He was going to hurt someone. Maybe you, maybe me.”

“It doesn't make me hurt any less.” Another, heart-wrenching sob wracked Sandy. “I'm such a monster.”

Betty wiped a tear off her white cheek, cupping the older woman's face between her hands. “No, you're not,” the Black girl said firmly. “You're a wonderful, loving woman who was forced into an impossible situation. There wasn't a right thing to do. So stop beating yourself up.”

Sandy sniffed, rubbing her cheek into Betty's dark hand. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome, lover,” Betty purred, leaning in to capture the older woman's lips in a kiss.

Their kiss grew more passionate, and there was something so erotic about watching an older woman and a younger woman together. The dichotomy of maturity and youth, mixed with the contrast of ivory and ebony skin, made the sight of their passionate kiss one of the most sensual things I had ever seen. As they sank down to the mattress—Betty on her back while Sandy crawled atop her, letting her pale breasts rub against Betty's dark tits—I slowly slid my hand down to my aching, waxed pussy, finding my lips dewy with passion.

“Mmhh, that feels nice,” purred Betty as the older woman kissed down to her round breasts, perkily rising like a pair of dark mountains.

“I love my chocolate bunny's mounds,” Sandy answered, then sucked a dark nipple into her lips, swirling her tongue about it. “Umm, taste so sweet.”

My fingers stopped teasing my vulva. I needed more, and I slipped first one, then two fingers inside me, slowly fucking them in and out as I watched Sandy worship her girlfriend's dark tits. Sandy was a generous lover, teasing each nipple with her tongue and fingers before engulfing them with her red lips. Betty cooed and moaned, her dark hands roamed across Sandy's arms and face.

I rubbed my clit, delicious electricity arcing through me. Sandy kissed slowly down Betty's body. I wished she was kissing my breasts like that. Sandy licked at the underside of Betty's dark tits, then gave quick pecks as she traced Betty's ribcage. When she reached Betty's cute bellybutton, the Black girl giggled as her tongue darted into the cute divot.

“Oh, Sandy,” Betty moaned. “I love you so much!”

Sandy smiled, then kissed her shaved mons above her clit. I could just see a hint of pink between the dark girl's thighs before Sandy buried her face into her lover's treasure. Betty arched her back as her older lover skillfully tongued her pussy. I knew from last night just how skilled Sandy was.

I squeezed my eyes shut, remembering that soft tongue probing my delicate petals and searching for every little part of my flower. My fingers pumped faster, churning pleasure inside me. I worked a third finger inside me, stretching my tunnel.

“Oh Sandy!” I moaned quietly, my fingers furiously pumping in and out of my pussy as my other hand pinched and rolled my clit. I imagined my older Mistress's tongue wiggling inside my pussy, her nose brushing my sensitive button as she brought me to my shuddering release. “Oh, yes, oh, yes!” I moaned as the wonderful feeling flowed through my body.

“Looks like someone was having fun without us,” Betty giggled.

I opened my eyes; Sandy and Betty were cuddling. I had been so lost in my self-pleasure, I had missed my younger Mistress's climax. I yanked my fingers out of my cunt, flushing in shame at interrupting their lovemaking.

“I'm so sorry, Mistresses,” I apologized, my cheeks burning.

“For what?” Sandy asked, eyebrows furrowing.

“For interrupting you,” I answered. “I let my own selfish desires interrupt your lovemaking. I am humbly sorry.”

Sandy leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I melted, enjoying Betty's delicious flavors as I kissed my Mistress. When she broke the kiss, I was breathless, my heart pounding in my chest. My Black Mistress's flavor lingered on my lips; my tongue kept darting out to savor her taste.

“Let's make Sandy howl,” Betty grinned. “I'll take her pussy, and you attack her breasts.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I grinned back.

Betty flipped Sandy on her back, kissing her passionately, then deftly slipped down her body, spreading her legs. A thick, brown bush covered Sandy's pussy, drenched in her passion. Betty fingered her thick pubic hair, then looked up at Sandy. “Maybe it's time to shave this off, love.”

“Really?” Sandy asked.

“You're the only one with any bush,” she answered. “Joy and I are both shaved.”

“Waxed,” I corrected without thinking, then I blushed furiously. “I'm sorry for interrupting, Mistress.”

Betty's blue eyes twinkled. “Really, waxed?”

I nodded. “I work at a salon. Well, I used to. That's how I met Mary; I gave her her first wax.”

“Then you can wax Sandy!” Betty declared.

“I don't know,” the older woman frowned. “Doesn't it hurt?”

“A little,” I admitted. “But there's no chance of razor burn, and you will be hair free for two weeks.”

“It's settled,” Betty nodded. “You always used your husband as an excuse to get out of shaving. No longer. I want you nice and bare!”

“Fine,” Sandy sighed, then a wicked smile appeared on her lips. “It would be pretty naughty.”

Betty laughed, then took a long lick up her slit. Sandy moaned, her round breasts—it was amazing that they only sagged a little considering her age—jiggling invitingly. I crawled over and captured a pink nipple between my lips, sucking hard.

“Umm, that feels nice,” Sandy moaned. “How'd I get so lucky to have two stunningly-beautiful woman pleasuring me?”

“You're a special woman,” Betty answered, her dark face sticky with passion. “And you taste delicious.”

“Well, there's definitely more for you to sample,” Sandy cooed. “Eat me, lover. I need to cum so bad!”


I made love to Sandy's nipple. Slowly exploring every millimeter of the pink nub with my tongue. I wanted to learn every ridge and dimple of it before I sucked the entire thing into my lips. My hand reached out to her other breast, and I tweaked her nipple, letting my long fingernails brush the sensitive flesh. Her skin was so pale against my dark-olive skin. I enjoyed Sandy's twitches and moans, happy that I gave my Mistress pleasure.

“Oh, God,” Sandy gasped. “Oh, my God, keep doing that, Betty! Shoot, your tongue is driving me wild. Wow! Wow, oh, wow! I'm gonna cum! Oh, shoot!”

I clamped my mouth on her nipple as Sandy bucked beneath me, her sweet cries filling my ears and happiness bubbled inside me—I helped to give her such great pleasure. As her passion died down, her gentle hands cupped my face, and drew me to her lips, and rewarded my service with a deep kiss. Her fingers slid down and found my hard clit. I was so excited by her touch that the powder keg inside me ignited, exploding rapture throughout my body.

I collapsed across my beautiful Mistress's body, panting and gasping and shuddering.

“Wow, you had a good one,” Sandy giggled, and kissed my lips again. Her arms wrapped around me, and I enjoyed the pleasant afterglow and her warm body.

“It was amazing. Thank you, Mistress.”

Betty crawled up the other side, and we sandwiched Sandy between us as we cuddled. This was my life now. Part of me felt sad; I had a fiance, but I guess we wouldn't be getting married now—I belonged to Sandy and Betty.

After breakfast, I was sent to the store to get some supplies: a nice, sugar based wax; the strips of cloth; a wooden applicator that resembled a large tongue depressor; and some scented candles, cinnamon, to help relax Sandy.

“Hot date,” joked the checkout girl as she rang me up.

“Uh-huh,” I smiled back. “Two sexy women.”

The girl blinked in surprise. “Um, well, that”

Her blushes were so cute, that I couldn't help adding, “You can't believe how hard you can cum with two women licking you.”

My pussy was on fire the entire drive back to Sandy's house. The cashier had no idea how to respond to my declaration, except to blush even deeper. She was so cute! I wanted to take her home with me so she could see how wonderful my Mistresses were.

“We don't have to do this,” Sandy protested when I arrived. Betty was spreading a towel across the bed. “I can just shave it.”

“Nope,” Betty grinned. “I've had a wax before. It's not that bad.”

“If it's not that bad, then why do you shave?” she accused.

“Money,” the Black girl shrugged. “It's cheaper to shave.”

“It will be okay,” I reassured Sandy. “I have done this many times.”

“Fine,” Sandy pouted.

“Don't be so glum,” Betty said, reaching out to tickle Sandy's sides.

I was distracted from lighting the scented candles by Sandy's breasts jiggling as she tried to fend off Betty's tickle attack. They were so lovely. Sandy laughed so hard, her face and chest flushed as she struggled to breathe, adding delightful color to her pale breasts.

“There, that's better,” Betty declared, and kissed Sandy on the lips. “Now let's get nice and comfortable.”

“I want you to hold me.” There was a quivering note to Sandy's voice; the older woman was actually scared.

“Of course I will, lover.”

Betty lay on the table, propped up by several pillows, and spread her legs invitingly. Sandy sat between them and leaned back against her girlfriend, using Betty's larger breasts to pillow her head. Betty's dark hands reached around her, and spread her pale thighs.

I took my bowl full of the warm, golden wax, and carefully climbed onto the bed, kneeling between Sandy's thighs. The air was filled with the sweet scent of lavender and jasmine, a soothing fragrance that I hoped would help to relax her.

“This will be sticky,” I told her, scooping a big glob of wax on the end of my applicator, then I paused, laughing, “What type of wax do you want?”

Sandy blinked at me, then looked over her shoulder at Betty.

“Brazilian,” the Black girl answered without hesitation.

“What type is that?” Sandy asked.

“Completely bare,” I answered. “A bikini wax leaves a triangle, and a French wax a landing strip.”

“Maybe the landing strip?” Sandy hesitantly asked.

Betty shook her head. “Nope. I want you as bare as a girl.”

Sandy jumped as I started ladling the wax onto her hair. “It's okay,” Betty soothed, stroking her sides. “Just relax. I'm here.”

Sandy drew in a deep breath and nodded, “Okay.”

Once her pubic hair was matted with the amber liquid, I precisely applied the strips of cloth around her vulva. As we waited for the wax to harden, Betty's dark hands found their way up to her ivory bosom, gently playing with them. Sandy's cheeks reddened, and her body began to slowly shift as her arousal grew.

“Ready?” I asked Sandy.

“Yes,” she husked, turning around to kiss Betty on the lips.

I grasped the first strip and ripped. Sandy moaned into Betty's lips, her hips bucking. Betty held her tight, continuing to massage her breasts and nipples. I ripped the second cloth off, then the third. White skin, beautifully smooth, was revealed. After I removed the fourth cloth, her mons venus was clear of hair, and I went to work on her vulva.

“You're doing great, Sandy,” cooed Betty. “Just a few more.”

“Okay,” Sandy breathed, before she pulled Betty's head down for a second kiss. I ripped the hair off the right side of her vulva; she moaned into her girlfriend's lips.

I ripped the last strip off. “All done,” I declared.

Betty's hands shoved down her body, eager to feel her girlfriend's bare pussy. “Doesn't that feel nice?” she asked. “Smooth as a schoolgirl!”

“Yeah, I guess it does,” Sandy sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying her girlfriend's fingers.

I cleared the wax bowl and strips off the bed, then grabbed the lotion. I applied it generously to my hands. I rubbed her mons gently with the soothing liquid, easing away the lingering pain. It smelled of coconut, and I couldn't help licking her smooth skin as my fingers moved lower to massage her sensitive vulva.

“Hmm, that feels wonderful,” cooed Sandy. “Lower. Make me cum, Joy.”

“With pleasure, Mistress,” I purred, kissing lower. I could taste the sugary wax, the coconut lotion, and the spicy-tart flavor of her pussy all mixing together as I lapped at her vulva.

The bed move, Sandy shifting as Betty climb off the bed. “Let me get something.”

“What?” Sandy asked, scooting back to lean against the pillows. I crawled forward, keeping my lips planted to her delicious cunt.

“You'll see.”

I was too busy feasting on Sandy's flower to care. I explored her pink petals, savoring her nectar. I used my fingers to spread her open and gazed at her blushing perfection. I breathed in her heady scent in—the wonderful, intoxicating aroma that only a woman's passion could produce—and dived back in, wiggling my tongue deep down her canal.

“Oh, you naughty girl,” Sandy purred. “When did you get that?”

“Last week,” Betty answered from behind. “Surprised?”

“Umm, I can't wait to try it out.”

Betty's hands stroked my ass. “I think our cute, Asian stylist deserves a reward for her beautiful work.”

What did she have? The bed dimpled as Betty climbed on behind me, and something prodded my butt, plastic and hard. A dildo, perhaps? I wanted to look back, but Sandy's pussy tasted too wonderful for me to stop my meal. The object slid across my ass. It was round and narrow, a cylinder—it was definitely a sex toy of some sort.

“Umm, here I go,” purred Betty as the toy rubbed against my pussy lips; I moaned in anticipation into Sandy's cunt.

The dildo parted my pussy lips, sliding deep inside me. I groaned, enjoying the ridges that lined the toy below the tip. They added a rough, though pleasant, sensation as the toy delved deeper and deeper into me. Then Betty drew it back and thrust it in again, her thighs caressing the back of my legs. She quickly found a rhythm of plunging the dildo in and out of my cunt. I gave a throaty moan as I realized what was going on.

She was fucking me with a strap-on.

I pictured Betty's round, mocha breasts heaving as she thrust her artificial cock inside my cunt. She must be enjoying it, too. Every thrust was punctuated by a grunt of pleasure. It was getting hard to focus on eating Sandy out as the pleasure in my pussy threatened to overwhelm me.

“Fuck her,” Sandy moaned. “Oh, God, that is so nasty!”

“It's wild,” Betty moaned. “Every time I stick it in, the end presses on my clit. God, I didn't think it would be this much fun!”

Sandy's fingers found my black hair, pulling my face hard into her cunt. “Oh, fudge! Oh, shoot! Eat me! Oh, Joy! You wonderful woman! I'm going to cum on your face! Oh, geez! Oh, geez!”

I drank my reward as it flooded from her pussy, thick and delicious. I reveled in the depraved decadence of a woman's passion covering my face, filling my nose with her heavenly scent, even as my mouth savored every last drop. I dug my tongue back into her, desperate for more. I was a slave to her pussy.

Slap! Betty's hand stung my ass as she pounded my cunt. “Good, girl,” Betty purred. “You gave her a great climax!”

“Make her cream your cock!” Sandy gasped.

“I am!” the Black girl answered. “She's going to explode!”

I kept sucking Sandy's cunt, trying to lap up every drop of her honey, while Betty's strap-on was building a huge pyrotechnic inside me. Every thrust added more and more TNT to the pile. I was so near; the fuse burning slowly through my womb. Betty shoved the dildo hard inside me, wonderfully filling me up, and the spark touched the explosives.

Great Buddha! I went off.

Explosions rippled through my body, propelling me to Nirvana—pure, unadulterated bliss.


Thursday, June 27th, 2013 – South Hill, WA

For a week-and-a-half I was a lesbian slave. Sandy and Betty were such wonderful and generous lovers. They cared so much for me, that after the attack yesterday and the Miracle, they freed me.

“We don't want to make you stay,” Sandy said. “You deserve to make your own choices.”

Everything crashed back into me, and I started crying. “Bao!” I hadn't seen my fiance this entire time. It had been over a week since we had talked. Bao must be going crazy with worry.

“We'll make sure everything's okay,” Sandy whispered.

We walked down the street to Mary's house. Yesterday's firefight with the SWAT officers left damage everywhere. Once inside, and Mary was pulled away from the celebratory orgy going on in the house, she spoke a word, freeing me. Then she called up Bao, and within a minute she had smoothed everything over with my fiance.

“He'll never think anything of your absence,” Mary told me. She truly must be a Goddess like people were saying. “Sorry I made you a sex slave.”

I was too happy to be angry. I was going back to my fiance.

I was bouncing with excitement as Sandy pulled her car up outside the house I shared with my fiance. Bao was outside, a smile on his dark-olive face. I excitedly got out of the car, ran to him, and threw my arms around his neck and kissed him soundly on the lips. I may have spent the last week having amazing, lesbian sex, but I needed a real cock.

“Mmhh, nice to see you, too,” Bao said in Vietnamese. “It's only been a few hours though. Your acting like you haven't seen me in a while.”

“Right,” I mumbled.

“Who're your friends?” he asked me as he put his arm around my waist.

“Sandy and Betty,” I answered. “You'll love them. I invited them over for dinner tomorrow.”

“Oh, sure,” he answered with a shrug. “They seem nice.”

I grinned at him. He was going to find out just how nice they were. I had gotten fond of eating pussy, and I wasn't going to give that up just because I was marrying a man. I was looking forward to eating Betty out while Bao fucked me from behind.

It was going to be a fun night!

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