Tia's Surprise

Tia's Surprise

Before she left the house, she checked herself once more in the mirror. Tia had green-blue eyes, and light brown hair with
soft caramel highlights. She had impeccable curves. She was a 38C, and proud. Not only did guys want her, but girls did too.
She smiled. She wore her gray short shorts, black heels, white tank top, and a few bracelets around her small wrist.
Grabbing her Dodge Caliber keys, Tia left the house, plans in her mind. First she would go to the Outlet Mall, visiting the
stores American Eagle and Aeropostale, two of her many favourite stores.

When she finished shopping, she drove over to Starbucks, sitting in one of the outside tables. She took a sip of her
smoothie, looking around. Then she caught one boy's eyes, familiarity running through her. She recognized that cute face,
those chocolate eyes, the soft blonde hair...Michael. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael. Whom, in fact- she still had feelings for.
He began to walk over, a bit dazed as they hadnt seen each other in a long time since they last broke up, which was about...
oh, 6 months ago.

"Tia?" he whispered, falling into the chair across from her.

Tia nodded slowly, and couldnt help but smile. "Yes." His eyes ran over her body, stopping at her chest, then down at her
legs. He chuckled, shaking his head.

"You really changed..." he said, his voice trailing off, then noticed the look of confusion on her face. "In a good way,
of course." he added pleasantly, smiling.

Tia laughed, her cheery laugh spreading through the air. "You dont look too bad yourself, Michael." she smiled.

They began to talk for half an hour, then he realized the time. "Oh, god! I-I'm sorry, I have to go." he frowned,
disappointment in his eyes. He forgot, he promised himself to be home by 2:30 for unknown reasons, and it was 2:35.

Tia stood up, pushing her chair in. "Aw."

Michael smiled apologetically. "Maybe we can meet her again some time?"
Tia nodded and smiled, then stood up, throwing her purse over her shoulders, drinking the last of her smoothie and
throwing it away. She began to walk to her car, sad. She enjoyed talking to Michael.
Suddenly, the passenger door flew open, and Michael was in the seat no more than a second, the door already closed.

"Sorry, I wanted to apologize-" he was interrupted. Tia leaned over and threw her arms around him.

"Uh." Michael stuttered, as she pressed her chest against his. He sighed, then looked at her. She looked up at him too, and
he smiled, shaking his head. "I wanted to apologize for walking out on you like that." he frowned.

Tia smiled, "It's okay."

Michael leaned his head down and pressed his lips to hers, pulling her closer. The car was parked under a tree a few meters
away from Starbucks, hidden from view. Her sleek black Dodge Caliber couldnt not be seen at all, not by anyone.

Tia moaned, running her hands down his chest. She pulled away and kissed his neck, flicking her tongue.

Michael sighed, as she got on top of him, her knees on either side of his thighs. She reached over and locked the car,
closing the black tinted windows. Even if someone saw the car, they couldnt see inside at all, not one bit.

She pulled her hand down to the hard lump in Michael's pants, and began rubbing it.

Michael groaned and began thrusting his hips in time with her hand. "Oh god Tia, yes." he moaned, throwing back his head.

Tia smiled and used her free hand to take off her shirt, exposing her black bra, and her 38 C breasts. Michael's eyes
widened and reached his arms around her, unclasping her bra, her boobs popping free in his face. He bit his lip and took
one in his mouth, softly sucking on it. Tia moaned, her hand moving faster. Michael groaned and unzipped his pants,
lifting his hips to take them off, then he took off his boxers, throwing them in the backseat of the car. Tia undressed
herself completely naked, and Michael took off his shirt. They slipped into the backseat, and it retracted, so it was now
a foldout.

Michael smiled and layed on his back, Tia on top. She took his 8 inch cock in her hands, wrapping her lips around it. She
began sucking on it, rubbing his balls. Michael groaned, thrusting his hips. In no time, he was close to cumming.

Tia sucked harder, deep throating it. Michael shuddered, his dick going hard, and then it exploded in her mouth. Tia
swallowed it all then Michael sat up, and Tia got on her hands and knees. She put her hands on the middle backseat,
her knees resting in between the two front seats. Michael got behind her and slowly inserted his dick in her
pussy from behind, and began thrusting deep and hard. Tia began to scream, thrusting her hips in time with his.

He continued pounding her, rubbing her boobs from behind. "Oh, Mike!" she screamed his nickname in pleasure. This turned Mike
on even more. He grunted and pounded her harder, her whole body shaking. She screamed loudly, throwing back her head.

"Are you close to an orgasm yet?" he asked, slowing now. Tia sighed and shook her head. "No- you know it takes me forever.
She squeezed his dick in her pussy. "Please dont stop." she moaned.

Michael pulled his hips back, so only about a centimeter was in her now. Tia held her breath. Michael smiled and suddenly
thrust deep into her, with impeccable speed. "Ohh, god. Oh my god. Michael! Im going to cuum!" she screamed. "Dont stop!
Harder...faster..." she bit her lip, her whole body shaking, on the edge of her very big climax.

Michael groaned, his dick going hard, but he didnt stop. Tia screamed once more and her juices flowed out onto his dick. She
sighed, but he didnt cum yet. She pulled his dick out and crouched over, pumping his dick with her hand. He moaned, while
she flicked her tongue against his head. He shuddered and exploded in her mouth. His knees buckled, and he shook his head.
"There's more." he moaned. She squeezed his balls and more came out. She got on her knees on the backseat and he stood up,
leaning over her head, his dick in her mouth. She pulled his hips closer and he began fucking her mouth, thrusting
fast and hard.

Tia kept her tongue stretched out, so his dick rubbed against it. "Oh, shit." he pounded her mouth faster then ever,
on the verge of cumming. He groaned loudly, as she inserted a finger into his ass. She began fucking it as fast
as he dick-fucked her mouth. He almost screamed, as she used her other free hand to rub and squeeze his balls.

"Oh, my god Tia." he groaned again, his cum exploding in her mouth. She moaned, and pulled back, smiling mischieveously.
"My turn." she pushed him on his back on the backseat and got on top of him, sitting on his dick. She moaned and rotated her
hips while pleasurably fucking him, her boobs shaking as she bounced up and down.

Michael held her thighs, not wanting to cum, to let her have the pleasure. She moaned, her clit rubbing against his dick
as she fucked him, his 8 inch cock buried deep inside her. She shuddered. Michael bit his lip. "Wait, stop. Im going to cum."
Tia slowed to a stop, eager to keep going. Michael took a deep breath, then nodded. "Okay, go."

It didnt take Tia long to orgasm. She collapsed on top of him, her cheek against his chest. "Oh, Michael. Will you take me
back?" she asked softly.

"Of course, beautiful." Michael mumbled, and tilted her face up to his, kissing her softly.

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