I hate you big brother!

I hate you big brother!

To say that Hayden hated his stepsister Britney would be an understatement. Even before her father married his mother, each of them was aware of the other's existence, if just barely. Hayden was one of the stars of the basketball team at school and Britney was a cheerleader and the girlfriend of the basketball team's captain. At first Hayden's opinion of her was nothing more than mild disinterest but after several repeat events where she would occupy the captain's time and cause him to miss practice altogether, everyone on the team gained a genuine dislike for her.

With Hayden, it blossomed into pure hatred when he was elected as the substitute captain by the rest of the team. They assigned the task of scolding the captain for abandoning his position to him. On one particular day, he had had enough and called out the captain in front of the whole team when the cheerleaders just happened to be watching. He, not so subtly, blamed the captain's behavior on Britney before announcing that the captain would be stripped of his position if he did not dump her.

Fearing for his reputation, the captain agreed and officially broke up with Britney on the spot. She was positively livid with anger. After screaming at Hayden for several minutes, in which time she called him a multitude of swear words, she accused him of having a crush on her and of being jealous of the captain. She then quit the cheerleading team while proudly announcing that the captain had a rather small penis anyway.

Rumors about the argument spread through the school, mostly the one about Hayden having a crush on Britney. He gained a bad reputation from girls who thought it shallow of him to intentionally break up his friend's relationship over a girl. Eventually even his own friends began to believe the rumors and stopped talking to him. He was isolated from everyone in school except for those who were introverts themselves and did not put stock in rumors. He even had to quit the basketball team.

Due to his own childish temperament, Hayden began shouting at Britney every time he saw her. He would call her a bitch and ask if she was satisfied with having ruined his life. She would, of course, shout back. Their arguments were so loud and so disruptive that their parents had to be called to the school to discipline them once. The result of which was her father and his mother deciding to date, a decision that devastated both of them.

Their fighting died down at first, out of respect for their parents. They pretended to tolerate each other; even going so far as to feign being on good terms whenever their parents took them along for what they called "family dates." Unfortunately, this gave their parents the false impression that they were now capable of living together as a family. Hayden's mother was poor and was always struggling to pay her rent on time. Moving in together with Britney's father was the logical decision.

Both Britney and Hayden formed a silent truce. They would pretend to get along in their parents' presence and they would tell no one at school that they were now living together. This worked for the most part except for the fact that Britney had no respect for Hayden's privacy. As he was the one who moved into her house, she viewed his room and everything in it as essentially hers. She would open the lock on his door with a screwdriver whenever she felt like it and leaf through his belongings, even stealing pocket change from him upon occasion.

After having caught Britney in the act of rummaging through his room and having been hit in the head with a book when he tried to grab her, Hayden developed a habit of opening his door cautiously. He always left it locked and if it was open it was a safe bet Britney was inside. She did not care if he caught her. She assumed it was part of their truce that he not tell either of their parents.

On one particular day, he had just returned home after staying out late studying at a diner with what few friends he had. Hayden was not surprised to find his door ajar. He pushed it open slowly while peering inside. Britney was lying on his bed reading a magazine of his with her legs spread apart lazily. The room around her was a complete mess of strewn objects, several of which were broken beyond repair including a collection of music CDs of which she had snapped in half for no apparent reason.

"What are you doing?" Hayden announced his presence while shoving the door open so it banged against the wall.

Britney gasped while sitting up. "Where were you?" she responded with her own question.

"That's none of your business," he maintained his upset tone.

"Of course it is. Your allowance comes from my dad. Every time you go out with your friends, you should thank me for not making him cut you off or kick your fat ugly mom to the curb."

"At least my mom has manners," he scoffed. "What have you broken this time?"

"Nothing that you paid for yourself." She shrugged while tossing the magazine at him. It was a swimsuit catalog he had taken home from his dentist's waiting room.

"I had these before I moved here." He pointed at the broken CDs.

"Well, you need better taste in music." She showed no remorse at all.

Hayden sighed as he began to pick up his strewn belongings. He was already used to the hurricane that was Britney. She rolled off his bed and started skipping toward the door but he suddenly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back. "Hey, let me go." She slapped him without hesitation. A look of boiling rage flashed in Hayden's eyes as he slapped her back, much harder though. She was thrown against the door of his room and hit her head extremely hard before falling to the floor.

"What the hell?" she screamed while sitting up. She touched the back of her head and then showed him that it was slightly red with blood.

"Is that my text book?" he ignored her injury and instead pointed at one of his school books. Several pages had been torn out and crumpled up.

"I thought I'd read a little ahead of my grade so I'd know what I was in for next year. It was so boring though."

"You know I'll have to pay a fine for that!" Hayden shouted at her.

"You mean my dad will have to pay a fine." She rolled her eyes. "Honestly, you should take more responsibility. It's your book so anything that happens to it while it is in your possession is your fault."

"You're what happened to it!" Hayden is shaking with rage.

"Like I said, it was in your care so it's still your fault," she argued.

Hayden clenched his fists as he tried to remain even slightly calm. He told himself that if she turned around and left his room right then, he would simply go to her father and ask him to pay the fine. She slowly rose to her feet and dusted herself off before speaking again. "I'm telling my dad you hit me," she announced almost proudly.

At that moment, every restraint Hayden had snapped. He reached out and punched her in the nose as hard as he could. She fell over again and hit her head on the floor with a thud. She was completely unconscious. Hayden's eyes grew wide as he realized how much trouble he was in. He quickly crossed the room and shut the door. Neither of their parents were home but he did not want them seeing what had happened if either one of them were to be early that evening.

He then sat down on his chair and ran his hand through his hair, contemplating how he was going to get out of the mess he had caused. He could foresee only one option, prevent Britney from telling her father what happened and bargain with her to keep her quiet. Not wanting her to flee from the room the moment she regained consciousness, he lifted her from the floor and laid her down on his bed. After some more thought, he got some camping twine from his closet and bound her ankles and wrists to the four posts of the bed.

By the time he was done, she had regained consciousness. "Where am I?" she groaned meekly. Hayden almost smirked when she tried to sit up but could not. He had never seen her so helpless before. "What the hell are you doing to me?" Britney tried to shout. Her voice was not as loud as normal though; probably a result of four blows to the head, front and back.

Hayden listened to her shouting without paying attention. He was still trying to figure out where he stood on finding a bargaining chip to convince her not to tell her father on him. As she continued to shout, he glanced over the destruction of his room. His rage was slowly starting to boil again. When he saw the swimsuit magazine, a different thought flashed through his mind. On the cover was an extremely attractive woman wearing the skimpiest bikini ever and she was posed in a position that was most definitely sexually suggestive, face down and butt up in the air.

Before Hayden could even try stopping himself, his voice came out in a strangely haunting tone. "You know, for a complete and utter bitch, you actually do have a pretty nice body." He walked over to the bed and placed a hand on one of Britney's knees. He then ran his fingers down the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of touching the fabric of her blue shorts. It was not a lie; she was as attractive as any physically fit teenage cheerleader should be. She had semi-long blonde hair with darker roots and a button nose that was red at the moment from being punched. She had a thin mouth and she liked to wear red lipstick. Her eyes were grey but she surrounded them with dark enough eye shadow that they appeared bright and reflective.

Her body was not exactly shapely like the swimsuit model's. She had muscle on her thighs and calves from her time as a cheerleader, but she was overall thin. Most of the cheerleaders adhered to a strict diet so as not to gain unwanted fat. Even though she had quit some time ago, Britney still hung out with the same friends and kept up her normal routine.

Britney shuddered as she felt the unwelcome sensation of Hayden touching her, running up her spine. "You're sick," she gulped nervously. "I can't believe you would try to actually hit on me in a situation like this. I was right, you were jealous of Tom."

"Shut up." Hayden smacked her face quite hard. When she looked back her lip was cut and her cheek was bruised. "I am so sick of your shit. It's about time I get some sort of pay back." He marched over to his dresser and retrieved a pair of scissors. Britney screamed when he brought them close to her. "Relax, I'm not going to cut you… yet," he added the last part to rile her up again just when she began to calm down. She watched with dread as he slowly cut her t-shirt in two. "You've got some nice tits." He pinched one of her breasts through her indigo colored bra. She whimpered and turned her head. "Oh, you don’t like that? It has been a while since you screwed Tom in the locker room, hasn’t it? I guess with our parents getting married and everything, you haven’t had time to get a new boy toy."

"I… I'll tell dad," Britney continued to whine. "If you do this to me, your life will be over."

Hayden plucked the clasp of her bra to prove he did not care. She squealed as her breasts popped out. Her pink nipples bobbed in the open air for a moment before becoming hard due to the slight cold. He pinched one of them to tease her. She winced but tried not to say anything. Annoyed that she was not more uncomfortable, he touched the scissors to her nipple, practically threatening to cut it off. "No, please!" she squealed while trying to kick.

"You really need to be quiet." Hayden cut through one of her pant legs and pulled her shorts down to her other ankle. Her panties were the only thing left covering her crotch. He took a moment to admire the shape of her pussy lips through the cloth before using two fingers to push the fabric into her.

She jerked her head back and gasped. "You don’t really want to do this, right? This is just a joke. I took it too far so you're teasing me… right?" she was almost begging him.

Hayden thought for a moment. Part of him wanted to act high and mighty, saying he was too proud to be turned on by her slutty body but part of him knew he would never get a chance like this again. Britney's face fell when he unzipped his own pants and pulled out his cock. She tried to look away but he brought it close to her face. "Depending on how you do, I might not use your pussy," he teased her while slapping her bruised cheek with his cock.

She hesitated before opening her mouth. Hayden gasped as he slipped the head of his only semi hard cock past her lips. She had been breathing heavily and the saliva in her mouth had cooled. It definitely was not the warm sensation he got used to with his last girlfriend. There was something exhilarating about the coldness though. He felt like it was a challenge to slip deep enough to reach the warmth. Britney gagged as he pushed in further. She coughed up some saliva and convulsed, trying to bring her arms over to push him away. The twine dug into her wrists, preventing her from sitting up or rolling over. He shoved into her mouth deeper, without sympathy.

Britney gurgled as his cock moved around in her mouth. She kept trying to use her tongue to direct the tip into the pocket of her cheek so it would not actually reach her throat. When Hayden got sick of her interfering, he grabbed the sides of her head and pulled her head into his waist, sliding his cock, which was still slightly soft, into the back of her throat. She gagged and spewed out bubbles of saliva that covered her nostrils as they ran down her face. She struggled to lift her head but he held her still.

Her eyes where wide and bloodshot and her vision was going dim. Hayden laughed eerily as he watched her struggle fruitlessly. He bobbed her head up and down on his cock, making sure to never pull her off far enough that she could breathe. Each time he would push a little deeper, forcing her to gag again and again. He loved the way her face contorted as she tried to both swallow and spit him out. He was torturing her and he was enjoying it.

Finally, she could not take any more and she tried to bite down. He had to slap her again and pull his cock out quickly. She turned her head and threw up pure clear fluid. "What the hell, bitch?" he was not happy.

"You're trying to kill me!" she screamed in-between coughs.

"It would serve you right," he was unapologetic. "A slut like you deserves to choke to death on a cock."

"Not your cock," she tried to argue back.

Hayden frowned at her for a moment before taking his scissors and cutting the waist of her panties and pulling them completely off. She nearly gasped but ended up coughing again instead. He did not hesitate. His cock was slick with saliva. He slid it up inside her in one simple thrust. "Son of a bitch!" she screamed when she felt her insides stretch. Hayden smirked as he realized that he must at least be bigger than Tom if she had this much trouble accepting him inside her. "You said you wouldn't," she sobbed.

"I said I might not," he corrected her.

"It hurts. Pull it out," she whined.

"That's kinda the point." He slapped the outside of her cunt lightly, mainly her clit.

She gasped and went limp with her mouth hanging slightly open. Hayden used his index finger to hook one of her cheeks and stretch it. "Stop it," she mumbled as best she could. He instead grabbed her tongue and pulled it out of her mouth. She whimpered as she felt his cock sliding deeper into her at the same time he pulled her tongue toward himself. Finally she jerked her head to get away from his fingers.

Without hesitating, he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Before she could react, he sucked her tongue into his mouth and bit it hard. She squealed as blood filled her mouth and his. She thrashed about for a long time, fucking herself deeper on his cock while trying to free her tongue. Finally she was able to buck him off of her. He sat up properly and stared at her naked form, splayed out on his bed. She was gasping for breath with blood running down the corners of her mouth and mixing with sweat on her neck and chest.

His cock was getting harder just looking at her shivering in her misery. He felt like he had to punish her for not letting him to as he pleased. "Fuck!" she screamed loudly as his hand fell on the outside of her cunt. He swatted her pussy lips so hard that she lost control of her bladder and let out a couple streams of pee. She tried to look down at her crotch and was surprised to see her cunt lips swelling up. Twice more he swatted her crotch, sending shocks of pain up her spine. She arched her back, lifting her torso off the bed and pulling on the twine around her wrists and ankles.

"Please, let me go," she begged. "I promise not to come into your room again."

Hayden rubbed his hand against her now swollen cunt lips, smearing her pee into her slit. She gasped when he thrust his cock back into her. Now she was sensitive inside and out. She felt like she had two entrances to her cunt and he was fucking them both.

Hayden was surprised when Britney started thrusting her hips toward him. It was downright sexy to watch her stomach muscles contort as she used them to gyrate her crotch on his cock. The carnal desire to be fucked was overriding her shame. "Are you turned on?" Hayden asked with a smirk.

"No," Britney sputtered pointlessly.

"Come on, just admit it." He slapped her clit again.

"Don't," she wailed.

"I won't stop until you tell me how you feel," he taunted her.

"It hurts," she whimpered.

"What hurts?" He slapped her again.

"Everything!" she screamed. "My cunt hurts, my tongue hurts, my face hurts, my head, my wrists, my ankles. My nipples hurt, my back hurts. You're fucking me so much deeper than Tom ever did. My insides hurt too. Please stop hurting me."

"Not yet." Hayden slammed into her deeper, making sure his hips hit her swollen cunt. She screamed again. He leaned down and started licking one of her nipples. She sighed as she felt a tingling sensation rising in her chest. It was completely replaced a moment later though when he bit down on her nipple. She shrieked and thrashed, thrusting her hips up into his. He slammed her back down into the bed and started cumming, filling her deepest parts with his warm semen.

"No!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. You can't; I'll get pregnant. I don't want to have a bastard with you. I'd rather die!"

A solemn expression spread across Hayden's face as he pulled out of her and slammed back in, causing her to squeal. "That can be arranged," he spoke in the same haunting voice as before.

Britney's eyes shot open when she felt Hayden's hands around her neck. She struggled to lift her arms again, this time cutting her wrists on the twine to the point that they were bleeding. "I'm going to jail anyway," Hayden spat angrily. "I may as well get back at you for everything." He pushed his thumbs into her wind pipe.

Britney was getting more and more dizzy. Her vision was going white and she could barely hear anything apart from her own breathing. She could feel her stepbrother's cock sliding inside of her at a constant rhythm. He was fucking her at the same time he was strangling her. He had only just started to soften after cumming but now he was as hard as ever again. She could be sure he was turned on by the idea of killing her.

A strange feeling of lethargy was setting in on Britney. Struggling felt like a waste of effort. She relaxed her muscles entirely and ended up pissing straight onto Hayden's cock. He moved his head up close to hers and whispered in her ear, "are you enjoying it this much. Does the thought of being fucked to death turn you on?" She shook her head as best she could. "Be honest. The truth is you want this. You're not struggling anymore. You know you deserve it. This is all you are worth."

Suddenly, she jerked her head up and kissed him on the mouth, startling him into letting go of her throat. "Please!" she began to sputter immediately. "I don’t want to die. I promise I won't say anything. You can fuck me as much as you want, I'll never tell. I'm sorry for everything I've done. Take out your frustration on my body. Fuck me until I'm a used up cum bucket but please don't kill me."

Hayden was taken aback by her sudden pleas. He closed his hands around her throat again. Her face was white with terror. "I can do anything?" he asked ominously. She nodded as vigorously as she could. He raised an eyebrow as he tried to contemplate what he possibly could do to her. He let go of her neck and picked up his scissors again. She whimpered when he pinched one of her nipples between the blades. "I can cut them off?" he asked in a joking yet serious tone. She shivered for a moment before nodding.

"Cut off my nipples. Maim me, disfigure my breasts, whatever you want, I am yours to treat however you want," she screeched.

"Wow, this is more like it." Hayden chuckled as he set down the scissors again, eliciting a sigh of relief from Britney. He then slid his cock out of her. Her entire body seemed to relax afterward. She was confused when he left the room, leaving her still tied to the bed.

When he returned, he was holding a can of soda from the kitchen. She recalled that she had forbidden him from drinking them as they were bought by her father. She watched cautiously as he opened the can and took a sip. He then lowered it to the bed and placed it between her legs. She gasped when she felt the cold rim touching her cunt and the carbonated liquid pouring inside her. It took him a bit but he eventually worked the top part of the can into her tight pussy. She groaned at the stretching sensation.

She was no longer even paying attention when he stepped back and lifted his leg. He kicked at her crotch with the heel of his foot, slamming the bottom of the can and forcing the entire object up into her cunt. She screamed and then threw up on herself again. Foam frothed down her face along with tear streaked makeup and snot from her nose. She was completely unconscious again.

Hayden slowly undid the twine from the bedposts and tied her ankles back to her wrists so that her legs were permanently fixed in the air. He then left the room for another minute before returning with several objects from around the house. He watched Britney's calm face for a while before grabbing both her nipples at the same time and twisting them.

She screamed as she regained consciousness and tried to sit up. She ended up rolling sideways awkwardly instead. It took him only a moment to reposition her. "What happened?" She looked down at her crotch. She could see a slight amount of blood leaking out and could feel how full she was inside. "No," she whimpered.

Hayden hovered above her with a perplexed expression as she tried to process what had happened. She did not realize what he wanted at first. He slapped her on the side of the face. She whimpered but said nothing. Another slap and she finally realized what he wanted. "Thank you," she groaned. He wanted her to be grateful for torturing her; after all, it was better than killing her.

Hayden smiled at her cruelly as he picked up the first item he had brought back to the room. It was a key ring, the type that has to be pried apart slightly before new keys can be added. "Wha-what are you going to do with that?" Britney stuttered. Hayden did not answer and instead grabbed one of her nipples. She winced but waited as he pushed it against the open end of the key ring. When she finally realized what he was doing, she panicked. "Wait, you have to make a small hole first and stretch it. That's what they did when they pierced my ears," she explained.

"But that wouldn't hurt as much," Hayden laughed as he pushed the opening of the key ring through her nipple.

Britney's eyes rolled back into her head as she shrieked. As she had just told him, the key ring was much thicker than the needle normally used to make a piercing. He did not stop though. He pushed it all the way through until the ring was completely set on her nipple. The pink flesh had already started to turn purple as it filled with blood.

"There. Now you are my property," Hayden informed her.

Britney forced herself to smile. "Thank you," she hiccupped in-between sobs.

The next thing Hayden picked up was a pair of pliers. Britney's face went white when she saw them. "I thought I'd make it so you couldn't bite me again," he saved her the trouble of asking what he planned to do with them.

She shook her head rapidly. "I won't, I promise," she hiccupped again. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't breath and…"

"There will be lots of times you won't be able to breathe in the future," he informed her ominously. "You'll have to either promise to let yourself pass out first, or I'm going to remove those front teeth of yours." He flexed the pliers to threaten her.

"I promise not to bite you again. If I break that promise, then you can remove my teeth," she tried to make a bargain.

"Wow, it almost seems like you have a say in what I do to you." Hayden frowned at her. She whimpered while averting her eyes. "Well, it would make quite the mess, and I don’t want to risk breaking your jaw," he pretended to change his mind while setting down the pliers.

The last item he picked up was a bottle of mineral oil that Britney recognized. Her dad always kept it in the kitchen and used it on his professional grade cooking knives so they would not oxidize and rust. Britney gulped as she guessed what Hayden was going to do with it. He started by pouring some on her chest and drizzling it down to her crotch. Eventually he made his way past her cunt and was pouring it right on her tightly shut asshole, which was now visible because her legs and butt were raised.

She flinched at the cold sensation. He did not stop though. He pushed the lip of the bottle against her ass and twisted it until he was able to get through. She groaned as she felt the muscles in her butt clenching and relaxing. He tipped the bottle up and emptied what little was left inside her. She sighed when he removed it but gulped when he replaced it with his fingers.

She clenched her teeth and rolled her eyes back as she let him massage her butt hole inside and out. Soon it was completely lathered with oil and sufficiently open. She tried to ignore the feeling of his cock pushing against her anus. The outside of the tight hole was pulled inside when he suddenly thrust into her. She yelped in pain as his dick dug into her intestines. It hit the walls of her bowels and slid along them with the aid of the oil. She felt incredibly full though as the can of soda was still inside of her cunt.

His cock scraped against the lump of flesh that separated the can from her bowels. She shuddered at the feeling while clenching her muscles. She was trying to force the can out. Realizing this, Hayden placed his fist at the entrance of her cunt and shoved it inside. She shrieked as he drove the can further up inside of her. "Please," she begged.

"Don't talk back." He slapped her face.

"You're killing me." She turned and threw up yet again. This time practically nothing came out.

"If I end up killing you, that's my decision to make," he informed her cruelly. "You just need to do your best to survive."

With the can in her cunt pushing on the other side of her bowels, it was hard to get his cock all the way into her, even with the help of the oil. Eventually he decided to give up. With his cock still in her ass, he leaned forward so he was right above her stomach and then pulled his arm back before punching her in the belly as hard as he could. Her muscles contorted and contracted and the can crumpled inside of her. She made a gurgling sound as she felt the liquid soda spreading inside her.

Hayden punched her again and again until he was sure the can inside her was completely crushed. He then reached inside her cunt and pulled it out, leaving a streak of blood in the process. Her head rolled to the side. Endorphins were rushing through her body now, trying to deal with the pain in her abdomen. "Hey, that actually felt pretty good," Hayden laughed as he realized he had more room for his cock in her ass. He pulled out and thrust back in as deep as he could. He then punched her stomach again, causing her muscles to contract around his cock. "This is amazing."

Britney continued to gurgle as Hayden repeatedly punched her in the guts, trying to get her muscles to contract at the exact time he was shoving into her ass. He just could not get his timing down and she was starting to react less and less. With a sigh he reached over and picked up the spool of unused camping twine and cut some off of it with his scissors. Britney watched with glazed eyes as he flipped her over onto her belly. She was actually propped up on her knees and elbows though. The life returned to her when Hayden slipping the twine over her head and pulled it taut.

Every muscle in her body contracted. Hayden's cock was now permanently being squeezed inside her ass. He started to thrust with intense vigor. At the same time, he pulled on the twine in tandem. Britney tried to scream but could not. The twine on her wrists dug in again as she tried to pull her arms free. She felt her anus being pulled practically inside out as it clenched around Hayden's cock. Spots appeared in her vision and her tongue darted out from her lips repeatedly.

Hayden leaned his head next to her ear. Just relax, he whispered. "Enjoy the feeling of my cock tearing your asshole in half. It will be so much easier when you pass out. Britney shook her head. She was sure that if she lost consciousness again, she would never wake up. She bit her lip as hard as she could, drawing blood. The pain was the only thing keeping her from passing out.

After several minutes of vigorous thrusting against her contorting muscles, Britney finally started to fall unconscious. Her anus relaxed and Hayden slipped deep inside of her. The sudden change in sensation triggered his orgasm. He squirted several ropes of white cum deep into his stepsister's bowels before finally relaxing his grip on her neck. She started to cough and sputter immediately. It took her several minutes to recover enough to speak.

"You promised not to kill me," she sobbed.

"As long as I have use for you, I won't," he assured her. "Every day, I'm going to do something else to you. If you don't want me to kill you, then you better be obedient and do whatever I say. If I get too annoyed with you, then I'm going to throw you away like the garbage you are. That is the nature of our agreement, understood?"

"Ye-yes," Britney muttered while averting her eyes.

"That's not the response you should give your owner. Repeat what I just said. No, beg me to agree to those exact terms."

Britney's eyes were wide and terrified. "Please fuck this useless whore every day. Rape me, throttle me and mutilate my body. If you are ever not satisfied, then please kill me any way you please. Fuck my throat until I choke to death, hang me from the ceiling and watch me kick, slit my throat and let me bleed out, beat me 'til my bones break. Do whatever you want to me," she was sobbing by the time she finished.

"Good girl." He patted her head. "I can tell you and I are going to be getting along a lot better from now on." He finally untied the twine from her wrists and ankles. She rolled over and splayed out her limbs immediately. She was too exhausted to move. Hayden tapped her face lightly.

"Please, just let me sleep," she moaned.

"Fine, but tomorrow, I want you to wake me up in bed. You're not to be wearing panties and if I deem your cunt too loose after taking that can up there, then I'm going to sew it shut and use your ass from now on." He reached underneath her and pushed on the puckered hole that was once her anus. It was swollen from being pulled out and pushed back inside of her bowels repeatedly.

"I understand," Britney yawned while nodding. She was definitely not happy with what he had done to her but she was too tired to even think of a way out. She had to rest. She rolled onto her side and grabbed onto Hayden's arm subconsciously. He stroked her hair with a strange softness. He was far from forgiving her for everything she had done to him, but right now his only concern was keeping her from talking while enjoying her body to the fullest.

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- This is gay fiction. If you don't like reading about gay stuff, stop reading and don't vote. If you're going to downvote or write nasty comments, criticize my grammar and spelling, not subject matter - This is a complete work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened and the people are not real. - If you shoot a load while or after reading this, do me a favor and hit the upvote button because it means you probably enjoyed it. Feel free to send me a PM to let me know what you liked During the summer of 2003...


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Alice gets Hitched

[b]Alice Gets Hitched 7 by Will Buster As can be imagined, a pregnant, used mistress can be rather difficult to palm off. Difficult, that is, unless a large dowry accompanies the lusty little vixen. Alice was no exception to this social rule so prevalent in late Georgian England. Alice’s belly was now thick with healthy child from the almost constant amorous attentions of Lord Elton. The baron of Kingston manor had thoroughly enjoyed both of Alice’s tight, responsive holes for months now but keeping true to his promise, it was time to purchase respectability for the young wench who wasn’t yet...


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Diaper Fetish

Since I was young I always had a fascination of wearing diapers. As I grew older I learned I was not alone. But nothing could have prepared me for the night my wife and her friend joined in. I had confessed to my wife about my diaper fetish and she told me about how she had always wanted a threesome. She had participated in countless endeavors with me, so one night we decided to fulfill hers and add something to keep me happy as well. Finally the night had come her friend Samantha was coming into town. She had told her...


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Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 11c

Brian was pleased using mind control Janice had spent the last three days living with him and she was due to spend another four days with him. Janice’s husband and sons minds had been influenced so that they did not miss her. Yesterday he had invited three friends around to his house and the four of them had fucked a willing Janice several times. Sbe was doing what ever he wanted earlier in the day she had cleaned his house for him while naked only pausing to let Brian fuck her in the bathroom. At the moment he was laid naked...


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Amber's Revenge

CAW # * Entry This is a story of revenge and pain. This is a story of love and affection. This is a story of satisfaction and people getting their come comeuppance. My girlfriend Amber and I were members of a sex club. We both enjoyed going and participating in most of the activities at the club, but she refused to have sex with other women. She enjoyed watching other women in the club, get fucked and she even enjoyed watching other women fuck each other, but she was never able to eat pussy herself. I was puzzled by this, and...


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Jen's Life - Chapter Six - Part One

Jen’s Life – Chapter 6 – Part one Various things stick in my mind – and my annual holidays were usually eventful. One year my parents decided to rent a villa in Corfu for 2 weeks, and my Grandpa and uncle were invited to. On the plane I had to sit inbetween my Grandpa and Uncle – and my parents sat on the other side. My Grandpa put my coat over my lap – and quickly pushed my skirt aside, pulling my knickers to one side and pushed a finger straight into me, I gasped out loud as his finger went...


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Going to Far

When I slide my hand between your legs and say This is mine, are we clear. Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer. Nicole spotted me in the receiving line at her sister's wedding reception. There I'm standing out like I just stepped out of GQ. I'm moving slowly towards her. Nicole held her breath. She had to meet me. Nicole looked around. She spotted me on the other side of the pool. I looked in my late fifties. I'm taller than anyone in her Italian family. Nicole guessed I'm six-foot-five. I'm trim...


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