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A new life part III

Wake up wickram I woke up to my mum s voice. Shit, how long did I slept?? I looked at the clock and it was 8.30. I hurried to the bathroom and got ready. Today I was going to see if I could join the cricket practises. I hoped it would help me to make some friends. It was freezing outside.I walked to the school. Hi wick,good morning!! to my suprise Meili was near the gate with another girl. She was a white girl with really pretty blonde hair. Good morning , Wick, this is Kate. She is the one I...


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African Safari Two - the trainer looks on

The camp was a hive of activity when the hunting party returned that afternoon. The women wanted hot water, the men wanted fresh drinks and the kill had to be processed. But none of those tasks were my problems. I have to look after the live animals - the four leg as well as the two leg variety. It is the latter category that makes me love my work - and also makes me rich. They call me the Afrikaner. I have connections to kinds of people normal folk don't even know exists. I trade in soft, firms, juicy flesh. Who...


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1 drink 2 drink 3 drink, fucked in the ass?

Sitting at the hotel’s bar Tom finished his second drink of the night. It had been a long day of back to back meetings and seminars and Tom was just taking the last couple of minutes before he had to go to sleep and do it all over again to relax. Being away for is family a lot was taking a toll on him but he had to do it because this was a good paying job and he needed the money with a wife and three kids at home. The thing that sucked the most for Tom was that with...


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A new mistress 7

Natasha stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, “We’re gonna have lots and lots and lots of fun sweetie…. Did mommy’s little girl get her ass dirty?” “No Mistress…Mommy!” I whispered. I yelped as someone slapped my hard dick. It bounced around like a stinging metronome. “Yes!” I whined, “Yes! My ass is dirty Mommy….” She smiled and covered my eyes with a blindfold. I felt someone sit on my chest and thought I smelled excited pussy. Natasha cooed into my ear, “Do you know that smell?” I realized there was no cock and balls in my face. “Pussy Mistress”...


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Amber's Revenge

CAW # * Entry This is a story of revenge and pain. This is a story of love and affection. This is a story of satisfaction and people getting their come comeuppance. My girlfriend Amber and I were members of a sex club. We both enjoyed going and participating in most of the activities at the club, but she refused to have sex with other women. She enjoyed watching other women in the club, get fucked and she even enjoyed watching other women fuck each other, but she was never able to eat pussy herself. I was puzzled by this, and...


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