Cuming to an End -- Day 5 (The Cum-Fort Zone)

Cuming to an End -- Day 5 (The Cum-Fort Zone)

Her eyes fluttered open and the early morning light filtered in briefly before she closed them quickly. The soft sounds of her awakening began to fill the room as she stretched, curved and twisted her body like a serpent. She had not slept well. The imminent arrival of her Master had caused long bouts of anxiousness and above all, desire.

As she wriggled around, the flannel sheet snagged between her legs. The folds just caught the tip of her now constantly throbbing clitoris, causing her to yelp out. She bit her lip hard. The folds of her hot wet cunt trembled, almost in anticipation. It was all she could do not to immediately thrust her own slender fingers deep inside herself.

“Oh!” She growled out her frustration as she yanked back the covers. “Dear heart He comes home today. You will last until this evening when He returns. I HAVE to be good. WE have to be good!” She smiled at her own silliness and with that promise to herself; she slipped out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

The morning sped by despite the constant ache in her core. She had kept her promise to herself and not touched or teased. But still, she was throbbing. It seemed that literally any movement would cause movement against her swollen clit causing her to jolt
and tremble. She laughed sometimes, as she thought what it might seem to an outsider, looking at her, sometimes spasming and placing her hand on her lower belly.

Her blue eyes drifted constantly to the clock. The hands were moving slowly but she new He would be home soon. Her body responded in many ways. Her folds throbbed, her eyes lowered and darkened, her fingers twitched to caress herself once more, and she felt every nerve tingling in heightened desire.

Her breathing came in heavily as she began to picture Him coming home to her. Images began to form in her head. Images of Him, images of her, of them both. He would lay her down over the pillows, making sure to keep her face buried in the soft flannel sheets. Her nice round ass would be pushed up into the air as He approached from behind her, His thighs keeping her legs apart while barely touching hers. His fingers idly would play over her firm cheeks causing her to gasp and rock her hips. He would tell her how proud
He was of her for obeying Him. And then, finally, after all this waiting, take His pleasure from her.

She caged nervously about the house, aching for that sound of the keys in the lock. She needed Him home so bad.. She needed to feel Him inside her. She wanted to feel calmed once again. Kneeling at His chair she rested her head in the seat. She sighed softly and slowly ran her fingers over her thighs. Her legs instinctively parted as she pushed her ass out. She could not help it. Whenever she was near His corner she had to touch herself.

Her shining eyes, full of promise, closed briefly as she wailed with the intense delectation that billowed throughout her body. Long narrow fingers began to spread her lips open and tease along her smooth slick archway. She was so into what she was doing she had
not heard the front door open. The picture that greeted the Master of the house as He walked in made His cock immediately harden. Quietly He placed His briefcase on the floor next to the door and walked quietly into the room. The carpet muffled his movements. He was right behind her and He tilted His head to the left to watch her fingers fuck her cunt.

His dark eyes narrowed and then lifting up one hand He brought it down hard on her ass. The loud CRACK sounded in the room. She screamed out in startled confusion and tried to scramble up off her knees. His other hand came down again on her right side with another loud CRACK, leaving a red hand print. He gripped her hip to keep her in place.

“Do not move My slut." He growled out into her ear as He bent over her back. “That was for using my chair. I said to keep yourself close, but nothing about using
what is mine.” His voice was low and dark as He whispered to her. Taking His long finger He pressed it along her sweet folds, parting them open, her slick juices already making his fingertips wet.

Her sensual essence filled His flaring nostrils and He began to trace each fold. He pulled and parted them. He teased her opening by flicking just the tip of His finger in and out. He smiled when He heard her whimpers.

“Oh God Master! Please do not torture me so. I need to cum now. It has been a long, long 5 days. And while I cannot tell you how happy I am to see You, I have been a good girl, honestly, for you." The words came out in a tumble, and she looked at him lovingly,
but he could see the incredibly powerful need in those blue eyes that captivated Him.

“STOP!!” He bellowed out loudly and jammed two fingers into her swelling cunt. “You, My pet will not tell me when you need to cum. I will tell you when you need to cum. UNDERSTOOD?”

“Yes Sir. I understand Sir. I am sorry Master it’s just…” Her words were lost in the scream as His hand came down on her ass several more times. Each slap caused His fingers to ride up inside her hard and fast. Her hips bucked and squirmed unevenly as she
let her own body take over.

Her back arched and curved as He made her move to His music. “That’s it slut. You belong to Me. You will feel what I allow you to feel. Do not cum, girl. It is my pleasure to make you wait much, much longer.” His wrists twisted and turned in every direction as He drilled His fingers into her tight walls. He plunged His fingers in DEEP and stayed still. Slowly He began to wiggle two of His fingers around and around, playing tag with her spot. He could feel her tremble and shake. “Oh yes My bitch. Fuck your Master’s
fingers. Let me know how You missed me so.”

“Master, I have missed You. I have been longing for You, needing You. Oh Master, can You not tell?” She grounded her hips against His palm as she felt His fingers stroke her inside. The wave built once more. She could feel it simmering right there on the brink.
She gulped for air as her body went higher in ecstasy. He growled as He felt her slick walls grip His fingers.

“SLUT! That’s it My whore. FUCK MY FINGERS!! FUCK THEM HARDER!” He began to plunge His fingers in deep then withdrew them. Long deep strokes of His fingers bringing her closer. He could hear it in her whines and sighs. “MMHMM, that’s it, pet. Get closer. I can feel you so wet and hot. FUCK darlin’ I am going to fuck You good tonight. Have you cum without my consent?”

She couldn’t speak. She could barely keep up with what He was saying to her, but His words made it into her now almost completely frazzled mind. She gasped and cried out. “No Sir. One did not cum as You asked. I listened well Master. You said to stay on
edge and I have. MASTER!?!? Please!!” She wailed out loudly as she felt another wave begin to rise and peak.

“NO! Not now lil’ one. You have to ask me the right way.” He reached under her and pinched and rolled her clit between His fingers. She moaned loudly as her sweet cunt trembled and held His fingers tightly. The pulsing began deep within her and spread out through the core of her lower body, radiating out into every cell, it seemed. She could sense herself abandoning all resistance. What intensity she felt!

He kneeled behind her and kept His fingers moving inside her. Withdrawing them then shoving them back in. His other hand grasped his cock and He began to dance His fingers over His cock head. He moaned and let His head fall back at the sensations that pulsed through Him.

“Please Master fuck Your cunt. Oh god Master it is hungry for You. It needs You to fill her. Oh MASTER! God please.” She whimpered and wailed as her hips uncontrollable now, slammed back against Him making His cock hit her hole.

“Ahhhh, my sweet little bitch!” He snarled out loudly as He teased His cock along her labia. He caressed each delicate fold with His sensitive cock tip. He knew she was near. He could feel it. “That’s it My dear girl. Beg Me to allow You to cum. You almost had

She could not take it any more. She was going to cum. She can barely hold back. She moaned loudly as she rocked her hips back. Her cunt wet and hot as it slide over His shaft. “Oh you want my cock don’t you my sweet slave?” He laughed evilly as He teasingly thrust His hips forward grazing her clit with His cock head, and then suddenly popped it inside the now soaking entrance for a moment, then pulled out and rolled His hips so His penis ran over her entire sex. She arched to meet him, not wanting to have this glorious cock not touching her for a single moment now that He was here.

Her eyes were bright and shiny, but almost misting with tears as she looked over her shoulder at Him. Her lips moved, but no words came out. “Come on lil’ one. Ask Me now.” He sat posed at her entrance waiting for her to ask Him to enter her. His fingers
danced and played over her clit and incredibly wet lips. He was playing her like some exquisite musical instrument.

She whispered her voice barely audible. “I want to feel You fill me Sir. Master, take Your cock and fuck me like a whore with it. FUCK ME PLEEASE!!” She yelled out as she felt the rush through her veins. It made her body hot and warm. She began to wildly
oscillate her hips.

His fingers reached up and snagged into her thick mane. He yanked her head back hard just as He sent His pulsing cock deep into her womb. He bellowed out massively as her walls clenched tightly around His cock. “Fuck slave I have missed you greatly. My pet,
My one, you have pleased me well.” He continued to pump His hips wildly. In and out of her pussy His Manhood rode her. He grunted and snarled with her as they both began to ride the wave of pleasure.

As He yanked her head back she opened her eyes to look up at the One she loved. Her eyes fill with unshed tears as He brought her close yet again. He was so Masterful about bringing her to this edge of release then making her stop. One tear then another fell out
of the corner of her eye and splashed down on to her cheek. He felt her walls convulse and quake. He knew she was close. Very close. Her body was trembling and quaking. The sweat of her body was visible as she moved her hips against His own energy.

The pleasure she has been holding onto for the last several days threatens to break loose. It wants freedom. She knew what she must do to get what she craved most. Her teeth gritted together as she hissed and moaned out her desires. He suddenly thrust His hips forward, sinking His cock deep then pulling it out completely. He filled her over and over again. The moans filled the room sending her higher as her body quaked. His thighs slapped against her the back of her ass and His balls tapped her clit.

Opening her eyes wide a few more tears fall. They slip down her cheeks. Her hips buck wildly against Him. His hands grip her hips. He continues to fuck her hard, his eyes now blazing with intensity. She can feel His cock swelling, stretching her, claiming his territory. Her tiny feet hooked around His calves plastering Him to her, she urges Him to give her all of His sweet juice.

He laughed out right as she locked herself to Him. The tight little nub of her clit grazed and tapped along His shaft and balls as they thrashed together, and she cried out over and over again. The rhapsody building inwards causes her voice to become hoarse. She continued to beg Him for her release, knowing He would love it. Her lips were swollen and puffy from the chewing and biting to keep herself just on the brink. He kept her there perfectly. Despite his own wild movements, He could feel how she pulsed.

Lifting her tear-filled eyes to His, her mouth open, she begged, “Please Master! Oh God Master!! I have been Your good slut. I am even your dirty whore. Please! Master!! Allow Your pet to cum for You. Allow her pleasure to soak You as You come closer to the edge. FUCK Sir, pleeeeeeeeease!!!! Let me cum Master.” She began to sob uncontrollably. More tears slipped down her face. She lifted her hips up and brought them back hard and fast. She begged, whimpered, and cried while her cunt walls clenched and quivered. The tightness held fast to His cock as she waited for His yes.

“NOW, My slave! Cum now! Cum for Your Master! Your true One. CUM!!” He thrust his massive cock deep into her womb. He made His cock jump and twitch
inside her. She heard His cry and let out a loud yelp. Her whole body quaked and screamed out as pleasure ripped though her being. The serenity tore from her soul making her cunt muscles grip tightly. The spasms continued to rock and wreak havoc with her muscles as He continued to ride her. She thrust her hips back and forth, crying out as her pleasures surround Him in a blissful orgasm.

He could not hold back anymore. Long deep lightning like strokes filled her sex. He felt every bit of her orgasm as it whipped throughout her being. He withdrew from her leaving her feeling empty and watched as her sweet tender pink cunt glimmered and
puckered for Him.

“Come, My dear heart. Greet Me as you would have if I had not surprised You.” He maneuvered around His slave and sat in His chair. His cock stood proudly up as He watched her compose herself and do as He asked.

A soft blush flowed over her face as she knew she had just been a delicious slut for her Master. She saw how His cock stood so proudly up in the air. It glistened with her nectar and she knew what she had to do. Keeping her eyes are downcast and her head up,
she quickly got on her knees before Him. She crawled the few feet between them with her back arched and her ass up. She was proud to be in the presence of her Master so she did all she could to make Him proud of her. Long thick strands of bright red hair slipped
easily down over her shoulders and down her back. The tight curls brushed over her heated sensitive skin. She was still very much excited and to “greet” Him was an honor she took pride in.

Her small breasts swayed while the paleness of her skin almost glowed in the soft light. Coming to His feet she softly kisses one then the other right on the top of each toe. Straightening upon her knees she then crossed her ankles and settled her ass on her
ankles. She wriggled a little which caused her red lips to part open. The sudden rush of feelings enveloped her folds and spread upward making it very warm in the room. She could feel the tingling still deep inside her entire body, though the greater part was centered in the core of her lower belly.

Her small hands rested on her thighs facing upward letting her Master know she was there for Him for His pleasure. She allowed her long creamy thighs to open wide and offer a glance at her wildly throbbing wet cunt. She kept her narrow back straight as she kept her eyes lowered. She loved when her Master looked upon her, especially when she was pleasing to Him. She waited in the position until He gave His command.

He gave no command but only fisted His large hand into her hair and brought her lips to His cock and propelled His cock deep into her mouth, filling her throat. “Oh My slut. I aim to fuck You all night long. This is just the beginning. You have done well.”

She was proud, as only a truly great slave can be. She knew He would take His pleasure for the rest of the night and beyond. She was His, and His only.

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