Urban Goblins

Urban Goblins

Linsey nearly skipped down the sidewalk, having a cheerful bounce to her step and a kind smile. Her skin was not quite pale and the cold weather made her face a bit rosy. She wore a thin wool sweater with strips of grey and bright vibrant red. She had long brown hair that tip outward and up a bit and bright wide blue eyes with a mousey like features. She wore a white lace skirt with white stockings and shows that's were nearly like ballet shoes. She carried books in her arms holding them by wrapping her arms around them, her elbows pointed down and fingers curved at the top of them. Poetry, calculus, and a book of viola sheet music. Her passion was playing her Viola. She lived her city life, day at college at night she studied and worked at a library. She was a pretty young thing. With B-cup breasts and thin arms and legs not many people saw her as beautiful. But when she danced with her viola it showed her true nimbleness and agility and flexibility.
Lurking in the shadows of the alley way their waylay a duo of monstrous beings. Two goblins stared at her delicious frame as they laughed wicked, giving each other a playful shove. One having a crimson red hue of skin and green eyes the other has moss green skin with red eyes. The red one liked dealing pain and pleasure, the other liked hearing screams and moans. Both were deviants of sex rape and torture. Devilish fiends of chaos. Wearing black cloaks they waited until the night drew and the sun went to rest until they made their move. For these goblins knew patience, they knew the value and virtue of waiting. Most of their kind did not. They slipped into the shadows of the night with evil grins and lustful eyes as they made it to her building. They already knew her name by following her around. They saw what floor she was on by the mailboxes, room 32B.
They pulled at the door only to find it was locked. One pulled a sickly looking spike stabbing the lock with it as part of the lock popped out the other side landing on the rubber welcome pat covered in dust. They entered laughing as they sprinted up the stairs. Their clawed toes scratching the edges of the wooden stairs.

Linsey put her Viola down having just played Zelda on her viola. She smiled in victory as she entered her kitchen to grab something to eat. Her hair just dried fully from her shower earlier in the day.
A knock came to the door. Three slow heavy knocks.
She turned around stopping for a moment to regard who would be here, her friends would have called before coming over and her parents never visited her this late. Wearing thin Tri-force pj'sand being bare footed and pink nail polish she approached the door with a curiosity on her face.
"Hello?" She asked before looking through the peephole that showed no body in the hall. She rolled her eyes turning to go back to the kitchen when three loud thuds came to her door. She stopped turning around. She pressed a clear fingernail to her young pert lips. She went to the door unlocking it she swung the door wide open. She saw two miniature cloaked figures. She smiled thinking them children.
"It isn't Halloween yet kids." She said with a kind smile.
"Maybe you could give us a treat anyway." One said in a tiny smooth voice.
She playfully rolled her eyes, "Well, okay, just hold on one moment." She said with her smile widening a little.
She turned around walking to her kitchen unfolding a bag of mini snickers. She pulled a couple out walking back to where they children were. She approached the doorway and they were gone. She gave a strange look before looking up and down the hallway to no avil. Shrugging she closed the door thinking it odd these kids would just leave. She slipped the candy into her pocket and walked to the kitchen. Suddenly she didn't feel hungry as she shook her head turning back to go to bed. She walked up to her music seeing something written on her sheet music, wide and looking as if an old English man had written it.
"Your blood is sweet, we suck your teat, this is our Halloween treat." She scoffed in disgust,
"Kids these damned days." She said shaking her head picking up her water right by her sheet music taking a quick swig. She rolled up her music and put away her Viola. She walked into her room with a pace going to her bed. She stopped suddenly as she slowly turned to a corner of her room swearing she saw a eerie green glow. She saw nothing now but a black shadow of darkness. She slowly walked to her desk, step by cautious step. A pair of red eyes stared at her feet as they slowly went by. She reached out as a knife slowly came from under the bed. She clicked the button for on as light illuminated the room. Their was nothing in the corner. She gave a breath of relief as the knife returned under the bed, being used only for her reflection. The goblin gave a silent snicker as a pair of green eyes joined him. She turned the light off, slipping into her bed. The goblins slipped from under the bed silently standing above her while she slept and just stared. They waited an hour before doing anything. They began to whisper dirty thoughts into her mind. Whispering on each side of her ear as her subconscious soaked in the dirty talk. Her privates becoming wet as she began to moan in her sleep. Now with devious grin the goblins began the fun part of their job. The goblins dropped their cloaks, wide mouths filled with razor teeth. A large deformed nose and wide crazy eyes of yellow white, black, and red. Horns jutting from their temples both homunculus's. They wore only a satchel each. Each with a lot of toys for them to play with. The red goblin went to the edge of her bed pulling the sheets lightly as he slipped in crawling, the green one climbed lightly and silently on top of the bed pulling out his member as he slowly began to rub the head of his dick around her lips. She was deep in sleep as her mouth began to open, her tongue slowly slipped out rounding it around the goblins head. He lifted his head back with a wide grin feeling the tickle of her soft yet firm wet tongue. The red goblin slowly widened her legs from the feet, he then slowly crawled inward seeing her cotton white panties. He pulled his sickly spike with razor sharp jagged edges. He could smell her sweet musky aroma from where he lay. Her juices beginning to flow creating a small dark white spot in her panties. Goblins being able to see perfectly well in the night he aimed one of the edges between her lips. He leaned in slowly cutting the fabric. He then cut the ends of the panties slipping them slowly from her body. He took a deep whiff of her treasure. His lips curved viciously as his mouth slitted open and a long slick tongue slithered out barely touching her clit, his tongue began to flick as he then descended his tongue into her.
The green goblin gave a deep throaty chuckle as she gave a slight moan, her voice giving vibrations on his cock. She then began to take more of the goblins dick in he mouth slowly sucking.
Most women would have awakened by now. But goblin ingenuity were able to create more then one little tasteless potions to make her sleep through worse.
She began to suck harder as the tongue became increasingly rapid and vicious inside of her soaking pussy. She inside her mouth the goblin felt her tongue lick his dick round. She sucked and slurped it.
In her mind she was having the most incredible sex with two handsome men.
In reality the very attractive blonde man at her womenhood was really a diabolical goblin violating her holiest of holies with his bumpy slippery tongue. Her hand came up caressing the green goblins balls, tickling them as she began to moan more and more. The goblin began to grunt as his hand wrapped around the girls head and he began to thrust. He pulled out just in time to explode on her face. The initial wave of his thick sticky whitish red cum hit her forehead drooling down to her cheek the next load fired and hit her in the mouth and a bit on her nose. She swallowed his load moaning with a smile as she used her finger to slide the rest of his cum into her mouth. Her hands reached under her pillow in ecstasy cumming in a loud weak cry moaning, her polished toes curling against the bed sheet, her thighs squeezing around the red goblin.
"She's had pleasure." The red goblin said wiping his mouth and licking his lips of her juices. The green goblin nodded.
"Pain?" He asked, they both wasted now time as the green goblin became hard again. The insatiable duo turned her over and then brought up her knees lifting her ass in the air. One pulled a red ball gag opening her mouth slightly and filling it into her mouth tying it behind her head. She looked uncomfortable, they knew she was close to waking up. Then the pulled her arms in front of her tying her hands together by the wrists. The red goblin stood above her, her ass curving nicely,
"Clean, just showered." he laughed.
His tongue slithered out as he licked her ass cheeks round then began to lick her tight little hole. Her face gave a twinge of discomfort as the green goblin took position at her pussy. He began to insert his dick into her pussy slowly. She gave an "mmm..." As she seemed to forget about the tonguing of her asshole. And after a few moments she seemed to enjoy it even. To him this gave license to another thing. But he was enjoying her tight ass, grasping her ass cheeks while licking, his tongue slowly getting deeper as she squirmed a bit. The green goblins hard erection was beginning to take speed as he plunged it in an out of the girl, her soft tight wet lips feeling heavenly as his head rushed through them. Feeling her thighs with his fingers and nails. She gripped her sheets biting into them and pulling screaming an orgasm into them. The red goblin pulled his tongue from her ass standing straight he placed his hard dry dick over her wet asshole. He then gave an insidious grin as he shoved it forward with a grunt feeling her firm flesh begin to part around his hard pulsating member.
Suddenly Linsey's eyes fired open as she tried to scream at the top of her lungs that gooey saliva formed around her lips sliding down the ball gag. Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt the cock make its way deeper into her. She turned he head seeing the two pair of eyes behind her now laughing viciously. She screamed in horror as she tried to shake and giggle them out but they only enjoyed her attempts of escape thinking it felt good. Her ass tightened immensely as he shoved it further in her small tight wet hole felt so hard against the head of his bullrushing cock. His pelvis finally hit her ass cheeks as he pulled out then smacked his body back into her ass seeing her ass give a slight ripple. He smiled as he pulled a flog. He pulled them back while riding her ass then slapped them down upon her right ass cheek. She screamed in pain as tears formed in her eyes. His hand came down again viciously striking her left ass cheek. The green goblin laughed loudly as he jizzed inside of her pussy. He jerked forward then slowly began to pull out until he jerked forward again. He pulled out as he slide beneath her legs and began to play with her tits. He grabbed them, pulled on them, licked them, twisted her nipples. He wiped his dirty cock on them as she cried. She felt the cold leather straps slide slowly across her back. Her body was shivering in fear. But never stopped as the goblin rocked his body back and forth violently, he then lifted the leather straps smacking them down across the small of her back. She gave another cry of pain as she felt the red goblin release his load into her ass. It sprayed hard. He thrusted forward firing his secondary load. He pulled his leaking member out leaving a dribble of cum on her asshole that slowly leaked down. She felt disgusted, violated, wronged, sick to her stomach and fear. She could feel the cum flow and slide farther into her asshole. Warm and thick it fell over itself leaking further in. The cum in her pussy had settled now and leaked from her slit. Her mind raced as she just sat there in horror. She then felt her legs move. The goblins pulled her legs behind her back and her arms tying them all together. Linsey couldn't move she was so petrified. She just sat there as they hogtied her. The goblins walked to the desk as they laid out a tons of torture devices of pure pain. She came to her senses as she realized what they had planned immediately her eyes turned into full sized disks. She began to moan trying to escape. It was to no avail.
The red goblin turned to her with a long curved knife while the green goblin took to the cat walk to scout it to make sure they weren't interrupted. He heard a noise coming from the floor above. The green goblins curiosity got the better of him as he climbed the stairs.
The red goblin started to approach her with the sickly looking knife, the naked tied up vixen in his midst trying to get free and looking at him in terror.
The green goblin appeared at the window ceil.
"Perhaps we could bring her to the Lord. He loves music." He said,
"But what of our pleasure and entertainment of the night." He said angrily. The green goblin smiled deviously. "Come brother. I must show."
The red goblin smiled like he always did as he followed him up the cat walk. Inside of the room above their was a women tied to the bed, a man smacking her stomach with a rod as she cried in a moan. The two goblins looked at each other as the red one pulled out his spike, the green goblin took the red goblins sickly knife.
"This will be fun." The red one remarked.
The green one nodded in agreement as their gurtle voices chuckled.

For the rest of the night Linsey could only imagine what torture laid for her neighbors upstairs. She heard a scream of shock then silence. The goblins didn't come back till morning was almost upon them and they were covered in blood. That's when the blind cold came and they took her.

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