The Phantom's New Toy

The Phantom's New Toy

The grey stone building stood before Cassandra rather interestingly, the mock Tudor fronting grayed to some extent by years of pollution. The black paint on the door was pealing slightly. Irony had taken its turn, placing it at 23 Acacia Avenue, next to the mythical whore of Iron maiden fame. The numbers were faintly unaligned, leaning away from each other at the top. Blood red roses climbed the front amongst ivy. A large brass knocker sat to the left of the door.

Cassandra hoped she was appropriately dressed, in a short purple jacket, three quarter length jeans and a flowery blouse. Her shoulder length blond hair hung slightly in front of her wire-framed glasses. She had put on her favorite stripy socks and black ballet flats too, in the thought that comfort took precedence to appearance. In her left hand, she held a tattered piece of paper and between her thumb and forefinger a silver ring, with three skulls adorning it. Gingerly, she raised the knocker and let it fall, the echo sounding through the empty street.

The door opened, as if mechanically powered, buzzing and humming slightly. Inside there was a small entrance room, dimly lit and decorated in dark reds and ebony. A red velvet chaise lounge sat to the left of the room. The floor was of a dark mahogany boarding with a red rug in the centre of the room. An empty coat rack stood to the right of the door. Standing in the centre was a youngish tall woman of about twenty-five. She was wearing a white high-necked Victorian blouse, a knee length black skirt and calf length high-heeled boots increasing her appearance of height further. Her hands were behind her back, and she turned to Cassandra.

Hurriedly and nervously, Cassandra blurted out, "A man gave me these." She held the ring and paper forward, towards the woman.

The woman's gaze moved to the ring, then in a soft sultry voice she said, "I am Jill, I will inform the others that our guest is here." As she turned and headed to a door, Cassandra noticed her hands were lashed together with a thin cord tied in a bow behind her back. "Wait here," Jill said leaving Cassandra alone.

A minute past, though to Cassandra it felt like five. Her mind drifted back to the previous evening. She was sitting alone in the bar of the Raven, drinking a vodka and cranberry and quietly listening to the Cure, when a biker walked over to the bar. His long and fiery hair hung so it partially hid his face in the dark of the bar. He reached into his black leather jacket and produced a crisp note with which he ordered a glass of champagne and a shot of absinthe. He poured the absinthe into the champagne, took off his silver ring, the one Cassandra was now holding, and put it in the glass. From his jeans, he produced a piece of paper, scribbled on it then passed the glass and paper to Cassandra before leaving silently. The paper contained the address of this building and the words "The Phantom". Intrigued she had decided to investigate the following morning.

The reappearance of jill awoke her from her daydreaming. Though this time she was without the boots, her hands remained bound. Her toenails were painted the same crimson as the wallpaper. jill's bare feet made a quiet, moist patting sound on the hard wooden floor. With a glance she gestured to the coat stand and then to a small end table beside. In the same sultry voice she said, "They will see you now, you may leave your coat and those over there."

Cassandra laid the note and ring on the table carefully, then slowly removed her jacket and hung it on the coat stand, noticing an ebony cane with a silver skull hand-grip in the stand. Then, crossing her arms across her chest, she turned and followed jill through a side door and down a wrought iron staircase. The staircase wound round a grey stone pillar in a sandstone lined shaft, continuing for about three floors under the soil.

The staircase ended into a torch lit stone corridor, which stretched out into the distance. Every now and then, there would be a large iron bound oak door in a vaulted arch recess along the walls. The only sounds as jill led Cassandra down the corridor was the crackle of the torches and the soft echo of their feet on the hard stone floor, forming a primitive rhythm that causes Cassandra's mind to wander to tribal images.

They stopped outside one of the doors. The biker from the previous night arrived from the other direction with another woman. His leathers and jeans were gone, in their place was a white renaissance shirt and tight leather britches. The metal heels on his boots clicked in time with the rattle of the side buckles under the folded tops. The fiery hair no longer covered his face, but was instead, tied back into a ponytail and a white mask obscured the left and upper parts of his face in its place. The woman wore a black leather full corset, with a black thong and garter. Her black knee length boots made a sharp striking sound as the stiletto heel hit the floor. A studded leather collar adorned her milky white neck and long black lace gloves her arms. The slight breeze from the torches caused her raven black hair to wave gently.

He spoke in a deep tone that echoed through the empty corridor, "I've business to attend to; I shall leave you with Mistress Elizabeth here. She should attend to you very well indeed." There was a slight smile on his face as he said the last sentence, hinting at a darker context. Cassandra watched as he walked down the passage, her lips moistening at the thought of him.

Mistress Elizabeth gestured to a door with her left hand, and then commanded with a strong English accent, "Take them off and go through there." She gestured towards Cassandra.

Cassandra looked back nervously, "Take what off? Miss?"

Elizabeth grabbed Cassandra's right leg, and then pulled off her ballet flat, then her sock, moving on to the left leg, she said, "It will be Ma'am or Mistress from now on, girl." The stone floor was cold under her feet and she shivered as her right foot went down. Elizabeth threw the shoes and socks into a small alcove and pushed the now barefoot Cassandra through the door, then proceeded to remove her own boots, zipping them down slowly. Around her ankles, tight to the skin were two silver anklets.

A thin brilliant red PVC padding upholstered the walls on the inside of the room, which made a slight sucking noise as Cassandra stumbled across the floor. jill had stood in against the far wall, upright, facing away from the door. In the centre of the room stood a padded bench, about waist height with stocks at the base and covered in the same red material. A few feet away stood a small table with a selection of objects, covered by a red silken cloth, and a small box below.

Elizabeth entered the room as Cassandra was standing up. She moved to jill and untied her hands. She placed the cord on the table, and pulled out the box. Turning to Cassandra, she thrust the box forward.

"Both of you, strip, now! Put the clothes in the box when you are done." She commanded.

jill immediately replied, "Yes Mistress." Then began to remove her blouse, followed by her skirt, beneath which was a violet bra and thong, which she removed, starting with the straps and placing each item in the box.

Hesitant and quivering, when the eyes turned to her, Cassandra barely managed to get out a sound. "Yes, Mistress." She called, quietly. Slowly, Cassandra unbuttoned her blouse, then the fly of her jeans, slipping them off, right leg first, then the left. Her blouse came of next, floating gently into the box, followed by her black brassiere then her black lace French knickers, slightly moist from her vagina.

Once all the clothes were placed in the box, it was replaced under the table. The two now naked girls stood either side of the bench in the middle of the room, Cassandra shaking slightly. Without words, Elizabeth reached under the cloth, leaving it in place to increase the anticipation. She withdrew her hand holding two leather collars, one red and the other black. Both had a silver ring at the front and a small locking mechanism at the back. The red one was placed around jill's neck and the lock clicked into place. Then the black one was locked around the neck of the quivering Cassandra.

Cassandra was then pushed to her knees before the bench by Elizabeth, who then proceeded to lock Cassandra's feet in the oaken stocks. They fitted tightly round her ankles and slowed the blood partially, causing a flush of pink to appear and disappear. Elizabeth forced her over the bench and fastened the ring of the collar to a concealed ring on the other side. This caused Cassandra to be bent full over, exposing her bare buttocks and moistening vagina. Waving her arm to the table, Elizabeth gestured to jill. With that, jill pulled back the cloth revealing several leather cuffs and restraints, a ball gag and a long thin riding crop. She handed two of the restraints to Elizabeth, who then slipped them over Cassandra's wrists and upper arms, and locked them in a cross position, so her arms were folded behind her back. Elizabeth then took up the riding crop, toyed with it, swinging gently into her hand then to her lips, slightly smudging her purple lipstick.

Anticipating the coming strike, Cassandra held her breath and tensed the muscles of her body. Her thighs tightened, teasing the reddening lips of her vagina apart. She pulled at her arm restraints and pushed into the bench to prepare for the blow. But there was to be more tension before that, as Elizabeth was not simply a crude sadist, but rather a perfectionist at her game.

Elizabeth put the crop down on the table and took a pair of red leather ankle cuffs, the same colour of the collar worn by jill. She grabbed jill's left ankle and turned it behind the girl's back, slipped the cuff over and tightened the buckle and released it to the floor. This she repeated with the other leg, seizing the ankle from standing, placing the cuff over and releasing it to the floor. Then she took a pair of joined red leather handcuffs from the table and affixed them over jill's wrists. Kneeling on the floor she opened two small flaps in the padding in front of where Cassandra was bound and pulled out two small steel rings. She grabbed jill's ankles and locked the restraints into the rings, holding her spread-eagled, with her vagina straight in Cassandra's face. Then she walked to the edge of the room, by the door, opened a hidden panel and flicked a switch. A chain descended from the ceiling above jill's head. Elizabeth clipped this to the handcuffs then flicked another switch, causing the chain to pull tight, stretching jill's arms above her head.

"Lick it slowly, make her quiver with excitement," she commanded fastening the ball gag around jill's mouth, and securing it tightly in place. The stretching of her arms and licking of Cassandra's long nimble tongue caused jill's face to contort showing an exquisite mixture longing agony and orgasmic pleasure. Cassandra saw out of the corner of her eye, Elizabeth raise the crop from the table, but dared not to stop licking jill's throbbing clitoris.

Elizabeth swung the crop backwards through the air, her body pivoted from the balls of her feet, her hips turning round. Then she brought the crop downwards, her hips turning into the blow, increasing the speed further as it cut the air. The crop landed on Cassandra, but not her buttocks or vagina as she had expected but on the sole of her left foot. The pain and surprise cause Cassandra to jump forward fractionally but the stocks held her feet tightly in place as a second strike hit her right sole. A third strike came to the right cheek of her humped backside. Then a fourth to the left cheek, followed by a fifth then a sixth, the continual assault alternating between sides of her buttocks.

The stifled moans of jill and the groaning of Cassandra as she kept up the lapping at her groin between lashes of the crop. Cassandra's nipples tugged gently at the cushion as they hardened under the wave of endorphins. The whipping stopped and together both girls came. The warm fluid poring into Cassandra's mouth and down between her thighs, dampening them in waves. The sweet taste of jill's discharge against the bitter taste of her flesh caused Cassandra's tongue to throb and lick faster, savoring every second.

The door of the chamber creaked on its iron hinges as it swung open and the biker returned, naked apart from the mask and a belt, slung diagonally from his right shoulder to his left thigh. At the end of the belt was a coiled whip; it was an unusual light tan colour, due to the unusual material of its construction. The inner core of it was made from a strong but supple braid of calf leather, but the outer layer was angel shark skin, covered with thousands of tiny teeth. In his left hand he held a chain leash, with the leather loop around his wrist.

He waved Elizabeth aside, gestured to jill and said, "Untie her and bring her along shortly, I will take this one now." He knelt down and unlocked the stocks, and then unhooked the ring connected to Cassandra's collar and attached the leash to the collar, leaving her arms tied behind her back. He tugged her to standing, she winced as her feet touched the floor, but sharply pulled her self together and was led out of the room as Elizabeth was untying jill.

He led her into a room further down the corridor. This room was larger, and stone clad, with a vaulted wooded ceiling; three oak crossbeams spanned the walls, dividing it into three quarters. The only furnishings in this room were a large mahogany cupboard at the end and a small wrought iron cage, just big enough for a human. He stood Cassandra in the first half of the room, then walked over to the cupboard and opened it. Inside were various whips, paddles and restraints. Ropes and chains were coiled at the base with various toys. Centre place in the display was a rapier with a silver basket hilt, in the shape of an omega.

"Come here." He called to Cassandra as he took two ankle cuffs from the cupboard.

She replied, more confidant than with Elizabeth, "Yes, Master." Then she walked over to him, and raised her left leg to allow him to place the cuff over her foot and tighten the buckle, and then the right was raised and secured in the same fashion. She began to tremble slightly, and her legs, still wet from her cum, tensed pushing her vagina open and her clitoris up and forward. He loosened the arm restraints, and then took a bridle-like gag from a peg on the door of the cupboard. It rested awkwardly in her mouth as he positioned the straps, then as he tightened them it became more natural and comfortable in her mouth. She was then led to the other half of the room.

Her ankles were again bound, though this time by the leather restraints to short chains on the floor, holding them apart. Her hand restraints were then fixed to two chains hung from the crossbeam, holding her in a cross shape, on her tiptoes.

A dull thud sounded from behind her as the whip on his belt uncoiled. He pulled back, his arm tucked in close, with his body turning, like a boxer about to throw a right cross. The air screamed with a sharp sound as he brought it to bear on her back, then flicked it back quickly, allowing the reversed teeth of the sharkskin to bite into her flesh for just a fraction of a second. Her muffled scream caused his body to quiver and his sizable penis began to stiffen. He took another strike, the minute cuts of the teeth providing a multitude of after stings from the initial slashing of the whip. Both their bodies pounded with the blood as a third strike landed home on her back, causing it to bleed from the cuts.

Mistress Elizabeth and jill entered the room at this point, jill, without her restraints, crawling on the floor with Elizabeth holding a leash to her collar. Elizabeth still in the corset had put her boots back on, but removed her thong and the cups from the corset, revealing her pert breasts and glistening vagina. She took the cage from the corner and set it in front of Cassandra. Then she undid the leash from jill, and forced her into the cage and locked it shut, so jill's body was folded tightly restricting all her movement. He turned to watch as she did this gently rubbing the blood and sweat into Cassandra's back, causing her to moan as it stung deeply.

Elizabeth ran her hand along a selection of vibrators at the base of the cupboard, the Master nodded as her hand moved over a long black one and over a broad silver one, both of which she picked up. They were then turned on, the black one was placed in jill's exposed vagina, then the chrome one in her rectum, spreading it open. The sphincter closed around it pulling it further into her body. As the caged jill moaned softly to the vibrators, Elizabeth moved to his side.

He struck her hard on her flanks with both hands, he took Elizabeth to the cupboard and picked up the rapier from the centre of the pile, drawing its shining blade. He held it against Elizabeth's breasts; the cold steel hardened her nipples. He groaned to himself and walked up to Cassandra. Elizabeth undid Cassandra's leg restraints as he stroked her gently with the tip of the sword, bringing it down her cheek, then across her chest, stopping at each nipple. Then down her stomach to her vagina, the cold blade causing it to bit round it, the fluids running down the edge of the blade as she came at the merest touch of the blade.

Finally, ending the anticipation she'd felt since she'd first walked through the door of the building, he grabbed her, his nails digging into the flesh of her thighs. His cock teased apart the lips of her vagina as he began thrusting. Like a jackhammer he pounded harder and harder. Elizabeth caressed Cassandra's back with a pinwheel as he pounded at her front. The over stimulation and release of pleasure cause Cassandra to bit hard into the gag and try to scream as her whole body shocked with orgasm. His body stuttered to, as he pulled his phallus out. The veins on the side of his shaft bulged. Quickly he turned and came over the still writhing jill's cage, covering her body in a wave of semen. The adrenaline left Cassandra's body, as somehow she knew this spectacle was over; she then fainted into her restraints.

She awoke in silken sheets on a soft bed, her cuts had been dressed with cold damp bandages, and a gentle breeze blew from a window to the outside. She was lying face down, with jill, sitting beside her, fully dressed again in the Victorian blouse and skirt. She moved her left leg and felt a gentle tugging as she pulled against a thin metal ring round her ankle chained to the bed. jill noticed she was awake, and softly said, "Sleep now, the Master was pleased with you, tonight will be greater still." Then she quietly slipped out through the door, as Cassandra drifted off in to a dreamless sleep, the cuff giving a strange feeling of security.

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