Backyard Trouble

Backyard Trouble

Today is Saturday, May 13th, and it's Rachel's weekend away from school.
Rachel is an 18 years old girl, with long black hair, and soft blue eyes. With the end of the school year approaching fast, and more importantly summer, she'd like if she had a nice tan before going on vacation with her family. Sure, she doesn't look bad as it is with her body being quite fit and everything, but... there's always a but. With her family visiting their relatives for the weekend, she has the house and more importantly the backyard all for herself, so she's decided to relax for the day and get some sun.

With the backyard facing the woods she has nothing to fear, no one can see her, so her top is quickly off even before she sits down on the lounge chair. As she begins to enjoy the fresh air and the sun she looks around, but all she can see and hear are rustling trees from the woods, while she proceeds to apply the suntan lotion onto her 34C cup breasts, her stomach, and her legs. "Mmm." she mutters softly through her plump, shiny lips, as she rubs the lotion onto her neck. "I really could use a massage..." she thinks as she rubs in the last bits of lotion onto her face, before she lays down on the chair.

As she lays there and the time passes by, she can't help but remember all those times her ex-boyfriend gave her all those wonderful massages, and how good she has felt back then.. "Too bad he was a cheating bastard." she thinks, still feeling angry at him. "I should have seen it coming..." And it's true. With all the rumors that were circling around about him, and his past girlfriend.. but.. eh. Past is in the past, and.. there's nothing she can do about it anymore.

"I really need to get my mind off that idiot." she thinks. "Mmm, I know just the right thing.." As Rachel closes her eyes she slides her right hand along her body, her soft, firm breasts, her flat stomach, and.. "Ah!" she gasps softly as she slides her hand down into her thong. She places two of her fingers onto her puffy lips, and starts rubbing them. "Ahh..." she moans and places her tumb down on her clit, then begins diddling it. "Who needs him?" she wonders as she pushes two of her fingers past her puffy lips and into her wet vagina, making herself melt.

As she reists the urge to thrust her fingers all the way in, she uses her left hand to pull her thong to the side, before pulling both of her fingers out. Slowly, she starts massaging her engorgeg clit, rubbing her juices all over it as she feels herself getting wetter.

Suddenly and out of nowhere, she feels a rough tongue on her pussy. Her eyes jerk open and go wide in shock as she sees a neighbour's dog between her legs, with his nose in her crotch. "Rex!" she gasps in horror as he gives her pussy another lick, the Mastiff's tail wagging happily.

Feeling completely mortified, Rachel twists anxiously in her chair and lets out a high-pitched whine as the enormous dog licks her puffy lips. With her breath caught in her throat she stares at him for a second, before she lets out a soft moan despite herself, then releases the hold of her panties, grips the arms on the chair and quickly gets up. As she slowly moves back, the big and rather scary looking dog sits there, looking at her with his drooling tongue out of his mouth. She nearly gags at the thought that a dog's tongue has been on her pussy barely a few seconds ago!

"How did you get in?!" she wonders then looks at the house and back at the dog, only to find him now standing on his legs. She knows it's Owen's dog - her neighbour, since he always barks at her when she passes by the their yard. Worse of all she knows that Mastiffs can be really agressive, and especially this one - she's heard before that he tried to attack a few people, though luckily, he was on a chain. With her heart up in her throat she wonders what to do, before deciding to run into the house as fast as possible.

"Good dog... good dog.." she mutters and smiles softly, then turns around and runs for the door, which is a few feet behind her. As she grips the handle and tries to pull the sliding door open, it won't budge. She curses as she tries again, but it's of no use - the door seems to be jammed. She lets out a loud yelp as the dog's wet snout presses into her panty-covered pussy from behind. "The garage!" she thinks outloud before turning around right before Rex licks her again, right through the thin material that's stretched tightly against her snatch, the velvet touch of his tongue making her gasp. She places both of her hands down on top of his head, her feet on each side of his body, then pushes down with her hands and tries to get away.

As she runs towards the garage she can't help but notice that the door leading towards the front yard is slightly ajar - that's how he must have gotten in! As soon she gets to the garage door she opens it and manages to slip inside, closing the door behind her before he can get to her.

She pulls the door towards her, holding the door handle tightly as the dog barks and scratches at the door, trying to get inside. "What does he want?!" she wonders, her whole body shivering as she hears his claws scratching at the door. "It's okay. I can stay here, m-my mother will surely... ughhh.." she sighs, realizing that they're all gone for the whole weekend.

"I can't stay here that long!" she thinks as she looks around, the dog's claws still digging at the door, although he's no longer barking. "I can't see a.. light! That's it, light!" she thinks, then takes the door handle in her left hand, before looking for the light switch on the wall with her right. She flips it on, and... nothing happens.

"God dammit. This is unbelievable!" she says in annoyment. Suddenly, there's complete silence. "Well, at least it seems like he's giving up on getting inside. But still, I can't hold the door all day long.. what if he tries to get inside again?" she wonders. "Besides, I need to find a way out.. or at least something to keep him away from me, on a distance, so I can get to... hmm, alright, first things first." Seeing as there's no lock, Rachel looks around herself and sees there's 3 different, but connected shelves - one on each side of the wall, except the front. There's also four wooden poles - one in each corner, and a small window next to the door.

"Think Rachel, think! Maybe.. maybe if I.. right! I need rope!" she looks around the room again, but since it's mostly filled with darkness, she can't see much. "How hard can it be to find a rope in a garage?" she wonders, squinting her eyes, in an attempt to locate the rope with little light that's coming through the window.

"There!" she nearly yells before shutting her mouth, in hope that Rex doesn't come back. After another few seconds of silence, she focuses on the ball of rope again - the light coming through the window shines right at it, and it's only a couple of feet away on the shelve across the room. "Okay.. here we go!" she takes a deep breath, then releases the door handle, and moves in a hurry towards the rope. However, after less than 2 feets she steps on something, right before a metal handle hits her forhead, making her groan in pain before she falls down unconscious to the floor.


"Rac..l.. Ra.h.l! Rachel!!" she's suddenly awakened as she hears someone calling her name. When she opens her eyes, she sees her ex-boyfriend standing over her.

"T-Tom?" she mutters in surprise, as he offers her a hand. "Where did you come from?!" she asks, as he helps her stand up.

"I missed you, Rachel." he says with a soft smile, then brushes off some dirt off her back and the side of her bra.

"I.. I missed you too." Rachel says as she begins to blush, before she sits down on a chair in front of her and tries to remember what happened. "I.. I think my head hurts." she mutters, her head still feeling rather.. fuzzy.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it did. It seems you stept on a rake." he says as he points to the rake with a metal handle laying in the middle of the garage.

"Oh.. I guess I did." she smiles softly.

"Let me see." he says and she moves her head closer, but instead of looking at her head, he kneels down then reaches for her panties with his hands, and begins to tug them down. "T-Tom!" she gasps and gets up so she can move away from him, but he takes the opportunity to slide her panties down her legs, and to the floor. "What are you doing?!" she asks, feeling shocked.

"I want to do something nice for you. Just.. sit down.. and close your eyes. Please?" he asks sweetly.

"B-but... okay. D-don't t-try anything that.. umm.." she stammers as she sits down, then closes her mouth, and reluctantly shuts her eyes as well. Tom places his firm hands on her thighs, then slowly spreads her legs apart. She resists the urge to open her eyes as she wonders what he's doing, and what he's planning to do... then suddenly, she feels his wet tongue on her pussy. "Ohh, Tom!" Rachel half moans-half gasps, as he starts licking her.

"Ahhh..." she moans in pleasure as his tongue washes over her pussy, spreading her puffy lips wide and sliding over her protruding clit like a velvet ribbon. "Ohh, Tom..." she moans softly as she feels herself becoming wetter, responding to his tongue. He's never done it like this before, never so.. well... "I.. I forgive you!" she says excitedly as she reaches down and places her hand on top of his head to push his tongue deeper into her. It's only then that she realizes.. something just isn't right. "Didn't I take off my bra?" she wonders. "And his hair.. he's so.." As she opens her eyes, she sees the dog between her legs, licking her maddly.

"Rex!" she she gasps in horror and tries to crawl away. Rex who is clearly growing tired of playing this game, lets out an angry, teeth baring growl. Instantly, she freezes in her place, his gleaming fangs inches away from her pussy. Feeling terrified and with her heart up in her throat, she instinctively spreads her legs, as if offering her pussy to him. Within a second Rex lowers his head and continues licking her even faster than before, and she notices his tail wagging contentedly as he slurps and drools over her dripping pussy.

"Uhhh.." she moans despite herself as she watches him, feeling unable to look away from the shocking sight. As the agonizing seconds crawl by, her breathing begins to quicken and her nipples stiffen, as she begins to sweat.

"Oh God.. stop!" she protests, feeling helpless as his tongue pushes deeper into her with every lick. "This is so wrong..." She tries to fight her feelings, doing her best not to moan or close her legs, so she doesn't irritate the dog in any way. She wouldn't stand a chance against him if he tried to bite her, or worse. But still... "I need to do something." It's then that she notices her half-ripped panties are laying next to her, which Rex has somehow managed to get off her.

"Maybe I could use them to.. uhh.. distract him? Then.. I'd close the door. But I need to.. ohh.. okay." she thinks, as she decides what to do. Ever so slowly and carefully, she begins to lift her right leg up in the air. Once it's well above Rex, with no reaction from him, she slowly turns to the left and lowers her leg. The dog begins to growl again, the way she's laying restricting his access to her pussy, so she quickly yet carefully moves up to her knees, while saying, "I-I just want to turn around. See?" Before she can finish the sentence, Rex sticks his snout back against her pussy and continues licking her, his tongue pushing deeper into her than before.

"Good boy, good.. ahh.." she moans, trying to keep him calm as she struggles to stay on her fours. Her whole body trembles from pleasure for a second, before she manages to focus on getting away. With the door wide open, she knows that if she managed to distract him for just a second or two, should could get away. "Oookay... I... I need to.. uhh.." she thinks, breathing hard as his licking disgusts her.. yet brings her closer to orgasm. "Rachel, focus! You only have one..." before she can finish that thought, Rex stops licking her and suddenly, she feels his weight on her own body, nearly bringing her down. With his front legs wrapped around her waist he begins to pump his hips against her ass, and she feels something wet poking her cheeks, which she quickly recognizes as his penis.

"No, no, no, Rex!" she protests. "Bad dog, bad!" she shouts at him, and tries to crawl away in panic from under him. With her weight being nearly half less than Rex, she manages only to get her head through the door before he repositions himself, and begins to growl, this time right next to her face. Rachel instantly freezes in place, her heart beating wildly as she closes her eyes. "Please God, I don't want to die.." she mutters quietly as the dog's growl fills her ears, with the image of Rex bitting her throat in her mind. Suddenly, his pumping hips she's forgotten all about find the mark, and she feels her pussy spreading to allow an inch of his cock to enter her.

"Ohh Godddd!" she cries out in disgust and dread. As soon Rex feels the wetness and warmth of her pussy, the growling ceases, and his front legs grip her waist tighter before the next thrust forces nearly half of his cock into her. She lets out a shriek as she feels her pussy stretching to accomodate his penis, but before she has the opportunity to adjust to his size, he yanks his cock nearly all the way out, then plunges back into her. "Rex!" she squeals as she's forced to spread her legs wider, both to ease the pain and the unwanted penetration.

With Rachel's pussy now more open, Rex easily forces his cock to the hilt with his next thrust, stretching her pussy wider than anyone or anything has before. It's only then that he begins to pump madly, his hips working his cock frantically in and out with short rapid strokes, while also leaking pre-cum inside her.

With every new thrust Rachel's breath is pushed out of her chest, leaving her unable to groan or even scream as the dog fucks her. Worst of all, his thrusts excite her beyong explanation, even more than the fulness inside her, or the feel of her stretched lips being dragged along his cock.

She shivers when she feels Rex's saliva drooling down onto her neck and shoulders, and it's merely a second later that her hands are no longer albe to support the weight of her and the dog. She slumps down to her elbows, but the dog continues his furious fucking, making her hanging breasts flail around wildly beneath her. Panting hard as she tries to catch her breath, she can't help but enjoy the nice feelings caused by Rex pumping into her again and again, his slippery cock stroking her open and spasming vagina.

"Come here boy! Where are you?" she suddenly overhears someone saying, with the voice seemingly coming from the woods, or the street nearby. It doesn't take her long to recognize it - it's her neighbour, Owen, the owner of the Rex. Her whole body freezes up and her heart begins to pound wildly, as the thought of being caught while getting fucked by a dog passes through her mind. Luckily enough for her, Rex is so focused on pounding her pussy that he doesn't even seem to hear him.

"Hey, Owen. What are you doing?" she hears a second voice.

"Hey dude. I'm looking for my dog."

"Oh? what happened?"

"I don't know. He was there this morning, but..." Rachel suddenly lets out a moan of pleasure, before she quickly covers her mouth to stiffle her moans, as the dog speeds up.

"Did you hear that?" Owen asks, as Rachel shivers in fear.

"Hear what?"

"... Nothing. Anyway, it seems he somehow managed to get out of the yard, and now.. now I can't find him. He likes to go into the woods, so.. I-I thought he might have went there again."

"Ahhh..." she moans into her hand, as she feels an orgasm rising from within her body.

"You shouldn't worry." his friend reassures him. "I'm sure he's nearby - probably looking for some bitches. You know how dogs are."

Owen laughs softly. "Yeah.. I hope you're right."

After a second of silence, the other voice says, "I'll help you look."

"Thanks, man.. I appreciate it."

"You're welcome. Let's go look for him in the woods, shall we?"

"Rex, where are you?" she hears Owen yelling away, as they walk away.

"Oh my God!" she breathes a sigh of relief. "I.. I am his bitch." she thinks, her stomach turning at the thought. "No one can ever find out about this!" It's then that she feels something hit her dripping, puffy lips.. then again. It doesn't take her very long to realize what it is, and what it does, but even so in fear of getting bitten she stays there on her fours - as if she could do anything about it even if she tried!

Within a few thrusts she feels her pussy trying to stretch beyond it's limit to welcome his knot, before suddenly, it's forced into her making her let out a silent scream of pain. "Why is this happening to me? And why.. am I enjoying it?!" are the only two things in her mind, as the dog's thrusts become shorter, and the knot begins to brush against her G-spot. "Oh God, no! N..." she's unable to finish the sentence, as the feeling of her stretched pussy trying to hold the knot inside her finally brings her over the edge.

Any pain she feels is quickly overpowered by enormous pleasure as she begins to orgasm. "Agghhhhhh!" Rachel moans as her whole body trembles, and she's brought face down to the floor, her right hand gripping the panties tightly now that her elbows are no longer supporting them. With her ass up in the air Rex continues to hump her ass, his knot sending little shocks of pleasure through her body with each and every thrust. As the dog is getting closer to orgasm himself, her ears are filled with the sound of her vagina squelching as he rams his cock into her again and again.

Feeling both horrified and ashamed, she brings her legs closer, which only sends her into another orgasm. "Oh Godd... stop..." she begs, her eyes rolling inside her head as she feels every vein on the dog's knot, as her muscles spasm around it uncontrollably. Then suddenly, Rex slams his cock one last time into her, forcing the tip of it against her cervix as he starts to orgasm. Rachel begins to sob as she feels his knot pulsing inside her and against her G-spot; pumping his hot sperm inside her vagina, and causing her to feel another wave of pleasure.

Suddenly, she feels the dog's tongue on her cheek. She lays there quietly for a moment as her sobs turn to whimpers, before she turns her head to the other side, and manages to get back up on her elbows. More drool lands on the back of her neck right before his tongue finds her again, this time licking her lips. "Stop that!" she cries out and turns her head again, her mind a mess as she tries to process what has just happened here. Her body shivers, her vagina contracts, and it sends a shock of pleasure through her body as she stiffles a moan.

"It... it's not his fault." she comes to a realization, as she feels some of his cum oozing out of her entrance, and running freely down her thighs. "What does he know? He's just a dog." she reasons. Rachel grits her teeth as she's forced to experience another orgasm, which is caused by his knot. Rex meanwhile pants above her, his tongue hanging out as more drool drips down onto her neck, something she's used to by now. Right then, she hears Owen calling for his dog again as he comes back.

"Rex, where are you boy?"

"Woof!" Rex's bark thunders, making her shiver.

"Shhh, stay quiet!" she mutters in fear as she looks at the dog, who's head is right next to hers.

"Boy, is that you? Rex?"

"Fuck! He needs to be quiet.." she thinks, before realizing what she has to do. Before Rex can bark again she moves her head closer, and kisses him on the lips, then opens her mouth. Luckily for Rachel he's more interested in her than his owner, so he pushes his long tongue between her plump lips, then starts licking her.

"Did you hear that? I think it was coming from this yard." Owen says as she opens her mouth wider, the tongue wriggling and licking inside her mouth, sending chills through her body. "Rex, are you there?" he calls for him.

Her heart pounds rapidly as she fears Rex might bark again, so she decides to make him focus him on the kissing, and when she feels his tongue halfway inside her mouth she closes her lips around it and begins to suck. Unfortunately, she also sucks a copious amount of drool into her mouth, before the dog pulls his tongue back in surprise, then licks her again as she opens her mouth. She sucks on his tongue again, as more of the dog's saliva fills her mouth, making her shiver. Despite her disgust she continues doing it, as she hears the two men talking.

"Nah, man." the other guy says, as Rachel is forced to swallow the saliva.. which luckily, doesn't taste too bad. "I know the family.. there's no reason for him to be there. Maybe he went into town?"

"Hmm.. maybe."

"Come on. Let's go and see if we can find him."

She keeps sucking on his tongue for a minute, and even swallows another mouthful of the dog's salty saliva, until she can be sure both men are gone. Once she's certain they are she sighs in relief and places her head down on her hands, with dog's saliva dribbling out of her mouth as the dog continues licking her face. Feeling exhausted, she lets him. They stay like that for a minute, his knot still inside her, as she pants for her breath.

"Good dog." she says as she catches her breath. "Thank you, for.. uhh.. not barking." she says, feeling weird to actually thank him, after what he did to her..
All of a sudden, she feels his front paws moving as he tries to turn around. Thinking quickly she reaches back and grips him by the back of his neck. "No, no. You are not going anywhere until that grapefurt of yours shrinks." she says, holding him tightly. He whines softly, and continues licking her face. Then.. she begins to think about everything.

"I.. I guess it's not so bad." she sighs. "I mean.. humans are animals too.. just slightly different kind. The poor dog probably hasn't had a mate for ages." she thinks. "Nor did I.. not that I, umm.. wanted to.. uhh.. yeah. My God, I can't believe I had all those orgasms!"

"But still.. he did come and fuck me out of nowhere! You can't just.. ugh." she keeps thinking about what just happened and keeps asking herself how long he must have been without sex, to be so desperate for it? while his knot continues to shrink, until she feels it's enough. She releases the hold of his neck, and within a couple of seconds he turns around. "Ughhhh." she groans softly as Rex without much ceremony yanks his cock out of her letting a pool of cum out. He gives her gaping pussy a few licks before she slumps down to the floor then lays on her back, and with his huge 8-inch cock dangling between his legs, he exits the garage.

Less than a minute later with her still laying still, letting the cum dribble out of her, she hears the voices outside her yard again.

"There you are, boy! My God, I'm so happy I found you!" Owen says, and Rex barks happily.

"What did I tell you. See his cock?"

"Oh..!" Owen chuckles. "It seems like you were right. There must have been some bitch in heat in the neighbourhood."

"Lucky dog." the other man says, and they both laugh. Rachel winces softly as she rubs her abused lips which are still gaping open, and easily inserts first three, then four fingers into her pussy. She lets out a soft wail of despair and lays back again, as she realizes that.. after all this, she might actually have to get a dog, or a man with a really big cock, if she's ever to have an orgasm again...

That thought alone is too much to deal with for her, so for a moment she stretches her arms above her head and begins to stare at the clear sky, as she dozes away and into her perfect, yet fantasy world, where her boyfriend didn't cheat on her, none of this has happened, and they.. they are still together. Eh.. if only her dreams were real....


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