The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5, Chapter 7: The Orc's Dominance

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5, Chapter 7: The Orc's Dominance

The Knight and the Acolyte
Book 5: The Vault's Treasure
Chapter Seven: The Orc's Dominance
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Journeyman Mage Faoril – The Free City of Raratha

“Sounds like Sophia's enjoying herself,” I smirked.

Chaun winced. “She enjoys pain more than me.”

I snorted. I glanced at the door, Sophia and Relaria gasps and moans emanating through the dark-green wood of the lamia's apartment in the Saltspray Palace. The slap of flesh, the creek of a bed. It was hot, passionate sex. The lamia fucked Sophia hard.

My stomach twisted. My hand slid down to the book in my robe's pocket. If Sophia failed to convince Relaria with her nubile body, then the lamia bard would turn in Chaun to the Doge. A disgraced bard with a bounty on his head should not be presenting himself to one of the most powerful men in the world.

“So good,” screamed Sophia.

“You slut,” yowled Relaria, screeching like a cat. “Oh, Gods, yes. This dildo. Las's cum, I've never felt the like.

Sounded like Sophia was working her magic. I sighed, my hand moving away from the book. I sucked Chaun's cock for nothing. I licked my lips. No, sucking a cock was never a waste of time. I savored the salty flavor lingering in my mouth.

“I thought I had her convinced, too,” Chaun said, his face brooding. It only enhanced the handsome, human face he wore. “I made her cum hard. I fucked her until she screamed. She was toying with me.”

I glanced back at the door. Sophia knew how to please a woman. “She'll do it.”

“I hope so.”

I hoped so, too. I did not want to—

Sophia shrieked inside the room. “I pleased you, bitch. I made you cum.”

“Pater's cock,” I groaned. And then my face hardened. I had no choice. We needed to get into the Great Vault. I would attain the black robes. My hands clenched as I seized my magic. I understood Fireeyes's theory.

“So hard,” Relaria hissed. “So many times.” She yanked the door open.

“I did not want to do this,” I growled and unleashed my magic.


Acolyte Sophia

My back and ass throbbed from Relaria's claws. I let her fuck me hard. She hurt me. Such wonderful pain. And now that she had cum, had her fun, she would get Chaun into trouble? Relaria's tail swished as she yanked open the door and came face-to-face with Faoril.

My skin tingled as Faoril unleashed her magic. I opened my mouth to protest. We couldn't kill her. Relaria was a conniving bitch, but she didn't deserve to die by Faoril's magic. Relaria stumbled back. Her tail swishing back and forth and her cat-like ears twitched. She didn't fall on the floor, scream in pain, or do anything but stretch her back, her slim ass swaying.

“Go to bed,” Faoril commanded. “Don't leave this room without my permission.”

“Okay,” Relaria said, her words a monotone, dull, all her passion gone. She turned around, licking her lips. Then, as she walked past me, she licked at her sharp claws and purred.

My jaw dropped. Then I rounded on Faoril. “What did you do to her?”

“Dominated her,” Faoril answered. “She's my...” She frowned, searching for the word.

“Slave?” The pain burned across my back as I marched to her. “What kind of magic is that? “

“Life,” she answered, her voice light. “I'm holding her mind. I can control her.”

My eyes flicked to her many pockets of her robe. My stomach sank. “You didn't learn it from that vile book? “

“I did.” Faoril arched an eyebrow and her nose piercing flashed. “Fireeyes methods are reprehensible, but knowledge should never be wasted.”

“Wasted?” I pointed at Relaria as she curled into a ball on her bed, her ears twitching. “You turned her into your marionette. That's horrible.”

“Look at your back and ass, she clawed you up.” Heat burned in Faoril's voice. “She toyed with Chaun. She'll ruin everything. Should I have killed her?”

I opened my mouth, then closed it. “No. But, that book's evil. He was evil. And,'re controlling her. You could make her do anything.”

“I won't do that.” Faoril moved forward and hugged me. “I don't like it either. I can feel her in my mind. Her will... It's so fragile. A delicate, spun glass figurine. If I clench too hard, it will shatter and she'll...” Faoril shuddered. “It is evil. Seductive. I could make her...” She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head.

“Sorry,” I said then hugged her, my heart breaking.

Faoril stiffened, her hands brushing my scratches. “You're bleeding, Sophia.”

“It was amazing,” I said, savoring the pain. “Even if she was a bitch.”

“Yes, she is,” Chaun said, walking up, holding my white robe.

My cheeks reddened. “I'm naked, Chaun, turn around. Don't look at me.”

Faoril snorted with laughter. “You are such a silly slut. Go drink your healing potion. Angela will not be happy to have your ass scratched up.”

“No, she would want to do it herself.”



“What are you going to do?” I asked, swallowing as I stared up at the abandoned tower Spray and the rest of my gang used for their lair. It was near the fishing docks, the poorest section of Raratha. I had avoided the question on the rush from the inn. After we caught Owl, my fellow halfling thief, spying on us as we talked about the robbery, Thrak sprang into action.

“Explain to Spray the situation,” Thrak growled. The orc barbarian loomed over me, a monolith of a man. I was used to being dwarfed by everyone, but Thrak made the humans tiny. Even tall and graceful Xera was a slim willow tree compared to the orc.

It was so clear to me. He would kill Spray, and maybe Owl and the rest. My stomach twisted. I wanted to leave Spray, not see her dead. The nixie had been the common-law wife to me and the other halflings.

Xera, I whispered.

She smiled down at me. A reassuring expression on her face. I took a deep breath. Adel, the redheaded elf, had a plan: let Angela and her group reforge the High King's sword then steal it. A scam that would see me rich. If Spray had to die, I would cry, but she should have trusted me when I lied to her.

“She's at the top floor,” I said. “She's cunning and crafty. If we don't deal with her, she'll betray us.”

“I know how to deal with her,” Thrak growled through thick lips. The swarthy, ferocious orc kicked the door in. The rotten wood split into three pieces and a cloud of splinters. The wood clattered on the floor and he charged in, Xera at his heels.

I swallowed and followed.

Thrak barreled up the stairs. His heavy footsteps thudded and echoed. He made no attempt at stealth or subtly. And he moved so fast. He took the stairs three at a time. The wooden stairs creaked and groaned, threatening to collapse beneath his bulk. Xera danced behind him, her green hair flowing about her naked body. She moved with grace I envied. I wish I could step as light or with such dexterity.

It was hard for me to keep up. I lagged farther and farther behind. I just couldn't take the stairs as fast as Thrak, my legs too short. My heart labored in my chest as my bare feet slapped rotten wood. At the top of the tower, he burst through another rotten door. My fellow halflings screamed in alarm as Thrak let out a bellowing roar.


Such rage. He would rip her apart. Why did you have to be so nosy, Spray? If you had trusted me and let me slip away without you realizing it, you wouldn't be dead. You could still steal and live with your harem of halfling thieves.

I reached the top floor. Thrak strode towards spray. Flit and Giggles darted at him with flashing knives. I winced. Giggles was the best with a knife. She moved so fast, dancing around men while giggling with her sweet voice as she pricked them.

Giggles darted in at Thrak, dancing and—

Thrak's swarthy arm was a blur as it shot out and caught Giggles wrist in his massive grip. He hauled her into the air. Her giggles died. He squeezed. She dropped her knife with a squeal of pain. Then he threw her to the side. Flit stood frozen before him. She glanced at her knife, then at him. Then back at her knife. She dropped it and scampered out of his way.

“Fight him,” Spray gasped as she backed away, her body trembling.

Thrak turned and seized me. His hand was broad enough to wrap half-way around my waist. He lifted me into the air with no effort and held me before Spray. I couldn't look at my thieving boss in the eye.

“She is mine,” the orc snarled. “I have claimed her.” Thrak set me before him, lifted his kilt, and his massive cock thrust at my lips. His hand held my head, pulling me to his dick. A bone ring pierced the tip. Precum leaked out. He rubbed his cock on my mouth.

Not sure what else to do, I opened my mouth and sucked on the tip. His dick was thicker than Spray's. My little, halfling mouth couldn't open wide enough to swallow it. But I could suck on the tip and run my tongue over it, tasting his salty precum and brushing his piercing. His precum coated my tongue and flowed into my mouth.

“I have claimed her,” the orc bellowed. “Do you understand?”

“I...I...” Spray stammered.

“You do not want to cross Thrak of the Red Eye Orcs,” Xera purred, her voice sultry. The elf stood beside us. Her hand reached out, stroking through my metallic-red hair.

I shuddered at her touch.

“Her body, her cunt, is mine,” Thrak growled.

I let out a moan. He was so powerful. My bronze hands wrapped about his brown-red cock. I stroked it with both hands, struggling to grasp his girth. My pussy itched between my thighs, flooding my leather britches. I probed my tongue into his slit, gathering more of his precum.

Thrak growled his enjoyment.

“Watch as I prove she is mine, Spray,” Thrak growled. “You will sit there and not look away. You need to understand how thoroughly I own her now.”

“Okay,” Spray squeaked. I had never heard the nixie sound so scared. Nothing phased her.

Except a barbaric orc who could rip her apart with the slightest effort.

“Gewin's cock.” The orc's hand tightened on my head. “Love my cock, slut. I own you. Show your nixie wife who you belong to now. Whose dick you love.”

“Such a magnificent cock, isn't it, nixie?” Xera purred. “Far bigger than yours.”

“Answer her,” groaned Thrak.


Spray's squeaking gasps only made me more excited. My hips shifted as I stood before Thrak. Like Adel, his cock was at the perfect height for me to suck. I lavished it with my tongue while I stroked him up and down. My pussy dripped with excitement. He would be the biggest cock I had ever taken.

I couldn't wait to feel it ream my cunt.

My cheeks hollowed as I sucked hard. His cum leaked into my mouth, coating my lips and tongue. I groaned in pure delight. His breath quickened. I stared up at his bulky body, his muscles rippling as his body moved, pleasure contorting his fierce face.

I pleased the orc. I took pride in it. I normally preferred hermaphrodites, thanks to Spray, but there was something so primal about the orc. Traveling with Angela's group would provide so many interesting opportunists.

“Suck harder, slut,” Thrak commanded. “Draw out my cum. You want it. I can tell.”

“I do,” panted between sucks. “So badly. Such a wonderful cock.”

“Better than Spray's?” Xera purred. Her hips shifted out of the corner of my eye. She turned, her thighs sticky with her excitement. My eyes trailed up her body, loving the greenish cast to her skin, her large breasts, her hard nipples.

I wanted to bury myself in her big breasts. I couldn't wait until she went into heat and sprouted a cock.

“That's it, slut,” growled Thrak. “Worship your new boss's dick. You're part of my crew now.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, then fucked my small tongue into his slit. He groaned and shuddered.

“Gewin's mighty cock.”

Cum erupted, squirting around my tongue plugging his slit and splashing on my lips and chin. He pulled my head back, his second squirt splashed across my face, marking me. I licked my lips, letting it coat my face. It poured off of me. It dripped down my chin and cheeks. Wonderful, hot, salty jizz.

Such an amazing treat.

I licked my lips and shuddered. I smeared the cum into my skin. It coated me. I turned, watching Spray, her blue cheeks darkened by embarrassment, her cock small, wilted, emasculated. A hot thrill shot through me as I reveled in the orc's jizz.

“So good, Thrak,” I gasped. “I'm yours.”

“Every part of you,” Thrak growled. “Kneel. It is time for you to give me your cunt.”

“Yes, Thrak,” I moaned, impressed the orc could go again after cumming. He was so virile, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Xera squirmed over me as I knelt on my hands and knees. Then she knelt beside me and pulled down my leather britches. Her soft fingers ran through my shaved slit. I shuddered, my eyes rolling into my head at her soft touch. She brought her finger to her lips and licked.

Her ears twitched. “Lavender. How delicious.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted. “And you taste like flowers.” I licked my cum-covered lips, remembering.

“Please her, too,” Thrak growled. “You made my elf wet.”

“So wet,” Xera groaned as she moved before me.

Thrak knelt behind me. I was so small beneath him. His dick barely touched my ass. I trembled, my breasts jiggling in the band of cloth tied about them. I shivered and shifted my hips, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. Xera's pussy was before me. I leaned down and took a lick, savoring her flowery juices mixed with Thrak's cum staining my lips.

“Watch, Spray,” Thrak growled and seized my hips. He turned me so my side profile faced Spray, giving her a good view of my impending fuck. It forced Xera to squirm on the ground to get in front of me again. “Watch my cock claim your female. I want you to hear her scream as she cums over and over on my shaft.”

“You don't have to do this,” Spray groaned. “She's yours. I understand.”

“No, you don't,” Thrak growled and thrust.

“Pater's massive dick,” I screamed as his cock buried into my small pussy. “Cernere's stealthy fingers, yes!

I had taken big shafts before, including Spray's, but Thrak stretched my cunt to its limit. My head shot up from Xera's pussy. A pain so sweet shot through my snatch. My flesh stretched and stretched. My eyes widened. I trembled as more and more of his cock slid into my dripping cunt. I groaned, a mix of pain and ecstasy. The agony became rapture then pain then bliss. Back and forth, over and over, switching between the extremes. My body trembled as his cock rubbed my flesh, igniting my nerves. Sensations flooded my body.

“He's so big. I've never... Gods, what a cock. You're stretching me out, Thrak. Slata's hairy cunt.”

Thrak's balls smacked my clit. My small body took every inch of his cock. I looked beneath me, past my dangling breasts, to my stomach. My bronze skin bulged with his dick. I shuddered and clamped my pussy down on him.

“Fuck me,” I begged, my hips moving, needing more pleasure. Ecstasy roared through my pussy. “Fuck me hard, Thrak!”

My words echoed through the room. Every halfling stared at me, their jaws dropped, their eyes wide, and their hips shifting. Flit, Owl, Giggles, Quick, Mouse, and Kitty all envied me. They knew Spray's cock was nothing compared to the ecstasy of Thrak's.

“Pound me!” I begged, shifting my hips, stirring his massive dick through my pussy. I drank in all the sweet pleasure.

Thrak drew back, his cock sliding through my over-stuffed pussy. I trembled, more pleasure rushing through my body. And then he thrust forward, knifing his dick into my depths. His balls smacked hard into my clit, sparking pleasure through me.

“Lick me,” Xera moaned, seizing my hair and pulling me to the folds of her pussy.

I licked and nuzzled at the elf's cunt while my eyes flicked over to Spray. She squirmed, hunched over, her lips bloodless, her eyes wide. She couldn't look away from my small body shuddering as the orc ravished me.

I groaned into Xera's pussy. My tongue flailed through her folds. I couldn't think about pleasing her. I just acted. The cock thrusting in and out of my pussy was too much for my small body. The pleasure he churned drowned my senses. Intoxication gripped me.

I pressed my face into Xera's cunt, savoring the heat of her flesh on my lips as Thrak's thrusts rocked me on my hands and knees. His thrusting dick buried over and over into my cunt. The pleasure swelled and swelled. Pain still flared, mixing with the rapture, increasing the heights of my bliss. I groaned and moaned, my words muffled by the elf's snatch.

My first orgasm exploded through me.

“That's it,” snarled Thrak as my pussy spasmed about his thrusting cock. “You love my cock.”

I screamed out in wordless joy. The world spun about me. Only Thrak and Xera anchored me to reality. The friction increased. His dick slammed so hard into me. He was so strong and virile. Every thrust only increased the pleasure bursting out of my pussy. I hugged Xera's thighs with my tiny arms, my hips wiggling, swirling, increasing my pleasure.

The heat rushed through my body. Over and over. Orgasm after orgasm crashed through my tiny body. I trembled on my hands and knees. His balls smacked over and over into my clit. Every thwack burst joy inside my body.

Ecstasy became my universe.

My entire body burst with rapture. Bliss whipped through my mind. I kept licking and tonguing Xera as my world shrank to Thrak's cock. Thrusting, pulling, and thrusting again. My pussy spasming about it. My juices squirting around his girth and flooding down my thighs.

And the pleasure his dick churned... Primal. Raw. Overwhelming.

He grunted above me. He growled. The words were meaningless. Xera bucked and moaned, her own sweet voice adding to the symphony that washed through my senses. Nothing made sense to me any longer but the dick hammering my tiny cunt.

Hot juices washed over my mouth. I drank them down, hardly registering the flowery flavor.
Thick, hot spurts bathed my pussy. The orc roared. I swam in the darkness of rapture. My pussy milked his cock. My body spasmed and quaked. I trembled. My entire body became numb with bliss. The darkness swallowed me and swaddled me with ecstasy.

Such wonderful, sweet ecstasy.



I scooped Minx into my arms. The halfling had a huge smile across her pussy-and-cum-stained lips. She trembled, her light body spasming as her orgasms still fluttered through her. Thrak's jizz poured out of her stretched-open cunt. Her eyes fluttered.

“You came hard,” I said in a whisper.

Thrak stood, his kilt falling down to his knees. He marched on Spray. “Do you understand your place now, nixie?”

“Y-yes,” Spray squeaked, curled into a ball, her sea-green hair plastered about her trembling face.

“And if I discover you've betrayed what your cunt overheard...” Thrak seized her by the neck and lifted the nixie without effort. “I will find you. I will break you. Understand?”

“Y-yes. P-please. I won't tell. She's yours. Don't hurt me. P-please.” Tears poured down her cheeks. I wanted to say something, to give her comfort, to let her know that she was in no real danger. Thrak merely acted.

But I held my tongue. Everything he worked for would have been ruined.

“Good.” He let her go and turned, stalking through the room, leaving the nixie to sob.

I followed after. Minx shifted in my arms. Her small lips brushed my nipple, then the halfling female latched on, sucking on it, a comforting gesture as her body still hovered between ecstasy and unconsciousness.

Thrak had used her body hard. It had almost been brutal, but Minx had screamed her joy the entire time. He had pressed the little halfling to her limits and beyond. The smile playing on her lips proved how much she loved it.

I walked down the steps after Thrak. He didn't take them three at a time. He no longer hurried. We walked down out of the tower and into the twilight of Raratha. My eyes sought out the Saltspray Palace. Tomorrow night, Minx and I would break into the Great Vault, steal the piece of the High King's sword, and slip out to the pirate's ship. In a day or two, Angela and the rest would join us. Then the Doge would be unaware Angela and the others in the palace had any complicity in the robbery.

“How did you know to cow her like that?” I asked, moving to walk beside Thrak.

“That is how you dominate a rival,” Thrak laughed. “You fuck his woman before him and make her cum like your whore. She's a hermaphrodite. I figured the principal would be the same. Emasculate, cow, and terrorize. By the time she stops pissing herself, we will have the pommel and be out of Raratha.”

“You did make an impression,” I nodded. “I think Minx feared you would kill her.”

“But you didn't?”

“You are not a killer, Thrak.”

He glanced down at his hands. “We both know that is a lie.” The orc clenched his fists.

“No. You are a warrior. You fight when you have to. You don't throw life away unnecessarily. The fact you hate the violence only proves me correct.”

Thrak grunted.

Minx shifted. Her lips sucked harder. I stared at her. It was easy to think of her as a child thanks to her stature, but a child did not have breasts so round as hers. My hand shifted my grip on her body, brushing the bottom slopes of her breasts. She had such an innocent face.

Her sapphire eyes popped open. They were a vibrant blue, almost metallic like her skin and hair. “I can't believe how hard he fucked me,” Minx moaned. “When you have a cock, will you fuck me as hard?”

My clit throbbed. “No. I don't think anyone could fuck you as hard as Thrak.”

“Good,” Minx groaned. “It was 'mazing, but I feel so sore and exhausted. I don't think I could take that cock regularly.”

“Only when your flower has blossomed.”

Minx blinked. “Huh?”

“Only when you are ready,” I laughed. “Flowers blossom when they are ready.”

“Yes,” Minx smiled. She nuzzled against my nipple. “You have such wonderful tits, Xera. So big and beautiful.”


She closed her eyes and her breathing slowed. Her face relaxed into sleep and became even more innocent, the devious squint to her eyes vanishing. She became open. It made her more beautiful. I leaned down and kissed her brow.

“You'll need your rest. We're doing the impossible tomorrow.”



The Nimborgoth grew dark as wine as the sun set, the wait to break into the palace over. I had done little but fret since my confrontation with Spray last night. The waves crashed against the cliff. I stood in the cove, brawny sailors from Thyrna's ship waited beside the longboat that would carry us to the pirate's vessel.

I could see her holding station on the horizon. I could feel Thyrna's hungry eyes on me from this distance, watching me with the clever spyglasses ship captains favored, even the pirates. So far, she had delivered on her end of the bargain.

“It's time,” Minx said, “the feast should be beginning.”

Xera nodded. Her green hair was tied behind her to stay out of the way as she climbed. Minx short hair needed no such attention. The breeze gusted off the waves. I stared up at the palace high above. The dark rocks of the bluff were slicked by the ocean spray.

“Cernere's nimble hands guide you,” I grunted, invoking the goddess of crime's name. I had never prayed to her before. Orcs didn't worship thievery.

“Of course she will,” Minx giggled. “She loves me.”

I snorted. I bet she did.

Minx and Xera grasped the bluff's craggy face. They both climbed swiftly. I watched their progress as they ascended, moving back and forth as they followed the best handholds up the cliff. Neither took quite the same path. The difference in height gave both different advantages and difficulties. As night descended, my neck craned higher and higher to watch their progress to the palace above.

I stood my vigil and waited with the pirates.


Knight-Errant Angela

I absolutely hated wearing the dress. It was different than the one I wore yesterday. This one was a light-blue, my red hair contrasting with the color. A gift from the Doge for spending the night with him. I had relented, allowing Sophia to pleasure Relaria while the Doge was out of the way.

The Doge was not a terrible lover, I did have a few orgasms, but he was not what I liked in a man. He was too soft, pudgy from sloth. His toga hid it well, but once naked, he had no firm muscles to grip, no strength to take me hard.

“You look beautiful, Mistress,” Sophia sighed as I smoothed the ruffled layers of skirt over the frame of hoops. It made my dress puff out around me, turning me into a bell. And it was heavy and restrictive.

How did people dance in this?

Instead of boots, I wore slippers. I glanced at my armor and sword on my bed, my shield leaning against the wall next to my packed saddlebags. I felt naked. I trembled. Right now, Xera and Minx were climbing up the side of the cliff. I needed to be at the party, having fun, with no cares, not worrying.

How could I do that? What if they were caught? What if they failed to break into the Vault? We needed the sword.

Sophia moved to me. She wore her snowy robes, her dark-brown hair falling about her lovely face. She cupped my face, stroking my chin. I wore cosmetics, rouge on cheeks, dye on my lips, powdery shadows on my upper eyelids. They covered my face and every movement reminded me of their presence. It felt so unnatural.

I wanted to scrub it off.

“You are so beautiful,” Sophia said. She leaned up and kissed me on the mouth.

I closed my eyes, savoring her love. My heart sped up, not because of my nervous. For a moment, my fears vanished. And then she broke the kiss and they rushed back at me. Sophia smiled at me. “I'll be with you. We'll be there together, with Faoril and Chaun, having a good evening. No one will know that we had anything to do with it.”

“I know,” I said.

“So put on a big smile,” I told her. “Because I hear there are wicked entertainment to be had. The Doge has procured exotic creatures to pleasure his guest. There might be something for us to enjoy, a new delight we have never tasted.”

“And being fucked will make us look like we're having fun,” I said.

“Exactly,” I nodded.

Faoril and Chaun joined us as we strolled out of our room and into the hallway. Chaun wore a ruffled doublet and an embroidered codpiece that drew eyes to his groin. He grinned and bowed, his eyes hungry on me.

“You are ravishing, Lady Knight.”

My cheeks warmed. “Thank you, Master Bard.” I gave a polite incline of my head, like a proper lady.

I took Sophia's proffered arm, escorting her like any proper knight would escort her lady love, even if I wore a dress instead of something more practical. The fabric swished as I walked towards the growing music. We were joined by others, women in similar dresses while their men wore far simpler togas. A riot of different color dresses greeted us as we stepped into the hall. Relaria, under Faoril's orders, played her music with all her normal passion.

I did not like what the mage did to the lamia, but I saw the necessity. Dominating her mind was still a vile thing to do. It was hideous to rob a creature of its will.

Clumps of nobleman surrounded the exotic delights brought by the Doge. My heart fluttered in excitement as a snarling warg from the Lesh-Ke Mountains, its blood-red eyes burning, fucked a young serving girl only budding into womanhood, the beast's strokes powerful, the maid's moans loud and lusty.

A hot itch squirmed my hips as my eyes flashed around the room. A proud centaur strutted through the halls, a flock of young noblewomen trailing after him, gushing over the size of his cock dangling beneath his body. He was large, his human torso powerfully built, rising from a black-furred body. He was almost as big as my charger Midnight.

“Oh, my, that cock, Sophia,” I groaned.

“Look over there,” gasped Sophia. “The Doge acquired a sphinx. Look at her breasts. They're gorgeous.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, my head following the centaur and his mighty cock. It was so thick, bigger than my arm. What would that feel like?”

“Oh, go fuck the centaur,” Sophia sighed. She gave me a quick kiss. “I want to find out if a Sphinx's tongue is as amazing as I've heard.”

“Sure.” I licked my lips and followed the other young women following the centaur. How had the Doge brought one here? They were said to dwell in the lands far to the east on the Great Steppe, a sea of endless grass where they roamed free in herds. As a child, I had devoured tales from the exotic lands of the east and its foreign countries: the continent spanning Oppain Empire, and the mysterious Shogunate. Places of strange races and delights not to be found here.

That cock must be one of them.

“Oh, you're coat is so sleek,” gushed a young woman, her small breasts almost exposed by the plunging neckline of her dress. “I would love to ride you, noble centaur.”

“You mean, you would love to be ridden,” another young woman laughed. “I know I would.”

“Yes,” I purred, marching forward as the centaur stopped before a velvet-covered stand. A block for a woman to lay on and enjoy the centaur's cock.

“It's the knight,” a maiden said, her bluish face blushing scarlet as I passed.

“Knight?” rumbled the centaur, glancing at me. A smile crossed his lips. “A warrior woman in silks. Did you lose a bet, woman?”

“I wouldn't call it a loss if I get to experience that cock,” I moaned.

The centaur laughed, his chest, a deep, golden brown, shook. He was as broad-shouldered as Thrak, but with the height of his equine half, he towered over me. His voice boomed around me and the other women of the court interested in feeling the satisfaction of his cock.

“Like all your race, you grow dewy and desire to feel our cocks thrusting into you,” the centaur said. “That's why we stole your females and claimed them as ours, made them apart of our herd.”

“You are all male?” I moaned. “Sons of Las?”

“As you call him in your lands,” he nodded. “But my mother foaled me, and she was as human as you.”

He knelt his forelegs, lowering his body to mine. He reached out and seized my hand. His thumb rubbed across my hand. “Calloused by strife. Why do you wear this mummers farce.”

“My dress?”

“You wear it with discontent. That and the paint smeared on your face.” His hands moved to my skirt. “These restrict you. Keep you from moving. From fighting and fucking.” His powerful arms yanked down. The expensive fabric ripped and the metal harness tore off of me. It fell to a mangled pile about my feet, leaving me bare from the waist down. His hands slid around, grabbing my naked ass and pulling me against his muscular chest. The fur of where his smooth skin met horse hide tickled at my clit. “There. Now you are free.”

“Yes,” I moaned and kissed him hard, passionate. I thrust my tongue into his mouth while my breasts heaved in the remnants of my dress.

The women gasped and cooed, marveling at his strength. Their words were a buzz, barely heard over the fires burning between my thighs. Sophia was right. I needed to have fun and enjoy myself. No one will suspect my involvement in the theft. Xera and Minx would not fail.

His strong fingers pried at my asscheeks. His fingers dipped in as he kissed me back with hunger. He groaned into my kiss. His fingers brushed my sphincter, teasing me. I shuddered and humped harder against his wiry fur, loving how it tickled my body. A thick finger, bigger than the Doge's cock, rammed into my asshole.

“Yes,” I gasped, my pussy clenching as he fingered my asshole, claiming it. My hands roamed the hard muscles of his human torso. So different from the Doge's pudgy body. My juices trickled out of me, matting his furs. “I want you to ram that cock into my cunt.”

“You smell wet enough,” he growled into my ear.

“More than wet enough,” I hissed as my asshole clenched on his finger.

He lifted me up with ease, rising to his full height. I clung to him, savoring the burning pleasure radiating from my bowels as he stilled fingered me. He carried me to the padded stand and placed me on my back, my legs spread wide. He rose to his height, his finger slipping out of my ass.

And my eyes locked on that wonderful, thick, pink cock. It throbbed beneath him, the tip leaking precum. The crown was blunt like a fist. My pussy clenched. He would tear me open and I would scream with bliss.

“Fuck me,” I hissed, fumbling at the laces of my bodice, eager to spill out my naked tits and enjoy the power of his hard thrusts. “Ram that cock deep into my cunt, Centaur. I want to spar with your weapon.”

He roared, almost like a horse's neigh, in pure delight. He moved over me, his hooves stamping. The buzz from the watching women grew expectant. I glanced at them, their bluish cheeks stained scarlet with excitement. More than a few shifted their hips in their dresses as their pussies grew molten.

“She's really going to fuck him.”

“What a brave knight.”

“I would faint. Look at the size of him.”

“But the pleasure. Sweet Rithi's tits, the pleasure.”

“Imagine it in you.”

“He would tear me in half.”

“But it would be glorious.”

I knew it would be. I reached behind me and grasped his thick dick. It burned in my hand with this passion. I guided it to my pussy. I glanced around the room. Faoril had discovered the warg, watching with the other women, no doubt keen to take a measurement of its cock, and Sophia had the sphinx's attention, licking her lips as the creature's mammoth tits heaved before her.

And then the cock thrust forward. My back arched as the cock entered me. My nipples brushed the rough fur of the centaur's belly. The wiry hairs caressed my nipple. The pleasure shot down to my pussy. I gasped as my flesh wanted to clench on his invading cock.

“Pater's cock,” I screamed out, my eyes closing. More and more of my pussy stretched around his cock. It didn't so much as dive into my pussy as bludgeon its way in. The centaur thrust over and over, working his cock deeper and deeper into my flesh. “Sweet Slata's hairy cunt, he's in me.”

“She took his cock to the root,” gasped a young woman watching.

The centaur's hairy balls smacked into my ass. I reached up, stroking his soft fur as I trembled on the table. My thighs wrapped around his flanks, holding him tight. And then the centaur rode me, thrusting hard, working his dick in and of my body as I buried my face into his fur and smelled the equine musk.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, bucking hard into the centaur's thrusts. “Ram that dick into my depths. Oh, yes. Don't be gentle. Fuck me with your weapon.”

“What a filly you would make,” growled the centaur. “I should carry you off back to my herd. My prize. What a wonderful filly you would make in my harem.”

My eyes widened. It was so tempting. His cock was amazing. “You would never succeed. I'm too strong for you. I would fight you off.”

“You would,” he groaned, his heavy balls smacking over and over into my ass. “What a filly.” He neighed as he plowed me. My back slid on the stand. His muscles writhed beneath my thighs as he thrust his wonderful cock into me.

I stroked his fur and rubbed my cheek into his belly. I breathed in his musk as my pussy burned around his cock. He slammed so deep into me. So thick. Sophia's fist wasn't as thick as his cock. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“Pater's cock,” I screamed as my orgasm burst through me. “Sophia, the centaur's fucking me so hard.”

The world spun around me. The watching women's faces blurred together while their gasps of excitement spurred the power of my orgasm. It swelled higher and higher in me, threatening to drown me in bliss. I embraced it, letting it flow through me. Such sweet abandon seized me. I never wanted to let it go.

And he kept fucking me. His neighed and snorted, savoring my spasming flesh massaging his cock. I bucked into his thrusts, meeting his balls. Meaty thwacks echoed. My nipples and clit rubbed against his fur, adding more bliss to my pleasure.

“Keep fucking me. Cum in me. I want to feel your cum gush out of my cunt.”

“Yes,” he neighed, his voice so deep. He snarled something in a foreign tongue, his words harsh and beautiful all at the same time.

His cock erupted. It wasn't a flood like other men I had been with. It was a deluge. The cum squirted hard against my cervix. My eyes widened. It almost stung with the force of his jizz. And there was so much. It gushed around his cock and ran down to my asshole. From the first blast.

And he kept cumming. His large, heavy balls spilled the cum of a dozen men into me in the space of a few heartbeats. Blast after blast gushing into my pussy than pouring out of me like the mighty Tingul into the Nimborgoth.

My toes curled as I savored the bliss of his cock. I shuddered and spasmed beneath him. I stroked his fur and savored every wonderful moment of his orgasm and mine. I drank in the pleasure as his thick cock throbbed inside my depths.

And then the applause roared.

“Lady knight,” cheered the young women watching, their eyes moist with passion, their lips licking hungrily. They all envied my courage to take the centaur's massive cock.

I smiled at them as I burned with bliss. The centaur pulled his cock out of me. More cum gushed out of my pussy, forming a puddle on the floor. I stood up, my legs shaky but I was strong, blessed by Gewin, a warrior. I stood in the remnants of my dress and savored the women's excitement. We were all the same age, but they seemed like children to me.

Even Sophia had matured past these gossiping chicks.

“Do any of you have the courage to fuck him?” I asked, a smirk on my face.



Xera's ears twitched as we leaned against the seafoam-green stone of the Saltspray Palace. A window, covered by a gauzy curtain, pierced the wall right above us. The elf nodded her head and motioned it was safe. I popped up and slithered through the window into an empty room. A servant's quarters on the first floor of the palace, small, cramped with furniture. Based on the decorations, two women shared the room, their beds on opposite sides of the room.

Xera ghosted in after me. The elf made no noise as she slipped across the room to the door. I was glad to have her with me. I had keen senses, but the elf could hear a mouse fart on the other side of the palace. She listened for a moment, her eyes closed, then twisted the handle and opened the door.

We didn't speak to each other. We knew the plan. I took the lead, Xera padding at my side. I glanced at her. Her ears constantly twitched, her senses active, on the alert for any traffic. My heart thudded in my chest. We were robbing the Great Vault. No thief in the history of Raratha had the boldness of Cernere to attempt this. If we were caught, we would be hung.

Xera tapped my shoulder, then pointed at a door. I rushed to it, opened it, and we slipped inside a dark storeroom. A few heartbeats later, footsteps walked by, a pair of men talking. I hadn't heard them at all over the pounding of my heart.

Nine times we had to hide. Xera knew if a room was safe to enter, when people were approaching. So many people moved through the palace. Three times, I thought it was safe to leave our hiding spot, only for Xera to stop me before more people walked through the corridors.

Though the palace bustled with activity for the feast, the music and scents of delicious food drifting down the corridor, people still moved through the lower level of the palace. The closer we grew to the Vault, the tighter my skin became. My throat clenched. I could feel the noose about my throat.

But Xera steered us clear.

When we reached the corridor that led to the Vault, we heard the rustle of metal. There were guards tonight. I was shocked yesterday not to see any. Maybe it was for the party or maybe they were only at night.

I was prepared either way.

I pulled out a small ball made of fired clay from my pouch. It was filled with a mix of powdered chamomile and other ingredients, an alchemist secret, that I liked to employ. I took a deep breath, gripping it in my hand, then stepped out and threw the bomb at the guards.

“Hey,” the bronze-mailed guard shouted, pointed down the hallway at me. His fellow guard came alert, drawing a sword.

The clay jar landed between their feet. It shattered. The moment air touched the concoction, a flame flared. Purple smoke billowed around the guards. They cried out, then staggered and collapsed in a loud heap of metal.

“Don't breath the smoke,” I warned as the purple cloud drifted down the hallway, growing lighter and lighter as it dispersed through the air. “We need to wait for it to be safe.”

Xera nodded, her ears twitching.

“Did anyone hear their shouts?”

She shook her head. “No one is coming.”

“Good,” I sighed. I reached into my pouch and pulled out my thief tools. The various metal instruments were wrapped in felt cloth. No metal touched each other, so nothing rattled. I selected the tools I needed to pick the lock and rolled up the felt and returned it to my pouch.

“The scent is dissipating,” Xera said.

I licked my lips. “Okay.” I padded down the hallway, Xera following after. I stepped over the guards and stopped before the Great Vault's door. I inserted my tool into the dwarf-made lock. I stuck my tongue between my teeth as I worked the mechanism, my ear pressed against the metal. I closed my eyes as I felt inside the lock with my picks.

The picture of its mechanism appeared in my mind as I explored through it, brushing the pins and cylinders with my tool, manipulating them, learning how the lock worked. My heart slowed as the world faded from around me.

I had to trust Xera to watch my back.



I soared in the dark skies above Raratha. The sun had vanished, but the day’s heat remained, boiling off the city. The air's turbulence buffeted me as I streaked down to the Doge's window. I had marked it as I watched the city. When I spotted Xera and a halfling climbing the cliff, I knew Angela used the cover of the feast to steal the High King's sword.

And I would stop her.

Every plan my sisters and I had come up with had failed to defeat her. Ultionae and Injuriae had both fallen to their lusts and pleasured Angela, losing their burning vengeance. Only I was left to deliver Mother's divine punishment upon the knight.

And I could not hope to defeat her alone.

But the Doge had soldiers. He had power. Once I proved to him the contents of the Great Vault were in trouble, he would swing into action. Excitement twisted my stomach. Lust mixed with my desire for vengeance, my father's taint almost ruining retribution.

I was born of Slata and Las. I was mother's anger made manifest after Las tricked her and fucked her. My sisters and I were born together, demigoddesses with a purpose. First we punished our father for his trickery. And now we punished all who offended Mother.

She had worked hard to destroy High King Peter's empire. Angela would not reforge it even as foolish as that sounded. What woman could hope to rule? Pater, Father of the Gods ruled. Rulers of mortals reflected the wisdom of male leadership. The High King had wanted his daughter Lily to succeed him, but Mother stopped that plan.

I landed on the Doge's balcony and strolled into the ruler of Raratha's quarters. The man, finished dressing in a golden toga, started. I appraised him: his bald head waxed and his beard, cut square and woven, oiled. Both gleamed. His eyes widened as he realized what I was.

“Sweet Mother Slata, no,” he groaned, his legs quivering as my flaming spear appeared in my hand and my black wings spread wide. “What did I do to offend your Mother? I will do anything, erinyes, to earn her forgiveness.”

“I am not here for you,” I said, marching on him.

“Pater's cock,” he sighed then blubbered, “Please, exact your vengeance and leave. My men will not interfere. Whoever has offended your mother deserves to be punished.”

“But I want your men to interfere.” I seized the Doge by the gold damask of his toga and hauled him up. “Your guest, Angela, and her compatriots are robbing your Vault as we speak.”

“What?” he spluttered. His face grew hard. “No, she would not.” His eyes flicked to the bed. He had spent the night with Angela. I had watched them rut. I almost attacked her, but fear held me back.

Her sword was present and her allies were nearby. Chaun was nearby.

Fear chilled my spine. My wings flapped hard. I should not be afraid. I should be feared. My spear burned louder. “She is the High King's descendant. She is reclaiming his sword. She seeks to forge it anew.”

“But...but. It's mine.” Greed entered his eyes. “It has belonged to the Doge's of Raratha since the sword was broken. She cannot have it.”

“Then what are you going to do about it?” I demanded. “Whine and blubber?”

“No.” He seized my hand holding his toga and wrenched my fingers away. He stood tall. “No. Guards!”

I smiled. All of Angela's plans would be undone tonight.

To be continued...

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