The Librarian - Epilogue

The Librarian - Epilogue

Author's note: Okay, I just couldn't leave well enough alone. This is really how I want to end the series. It doesn't rage with sex, but that's my style of writing; character relations mean a lot more to me. I hope you enjoy.

Daniel and Peter continued their loving relationship, although things began to change as they got older. They still hadn't come out, and didn't intend to. Daniel's mother, Carter and Alex were the only ones who knew about them.

Still fearing Carter's threat, Alex had kept his mouth shut. He left Peter alone and didn't mention anything about their July encounter to anyone, though his eyes still wandered over Peter's body during his senior year as they ran cross-country. It didn't matter anyway; Alex was graduating and off to college, where he'd surely find the playing field even more interesting.

In their junior year, Alex now gone, Daniel noticed that Peter had experienced a growth-spurt. He was taller, nearly six feet, stronger and bigger in every way. He also had to shave, growing real whiskers on his face.

Daniel, on the other hand, was still waiting. Little came; only an inch in height and, looking down, not much else there, either. Even though now 17, his body just wouldn't change.

The summers were hot and dull, but Daniel always went to the library, where he read for hours. Despite the heat, Peter ran, working on his cross-country skills. He wanted the state title in his final year, and expected to be given the team leadership role. Occasionally, they would swim together in Lake George, where Daniel, not surprisingly, always won any race they challenged each other to. They enjoyed the time they spent together, yet both could somehow feel that they were slowly drifting apart.

Beginning their senior year, Daniel remained the quiet, introverted person he always was. No one took notice of it. Peter, on the other hand, was less diplomatic than before, if that was even possible. He spent more time with the jocks, bragging up his skills, and even began flirting with girls, who showered him with attention.

Daniel could tell that Peter loved it, sucking up the admiration like a sponge. He was going to be team captain in the Spring, and lead the cross-country team to victory, finally winning the state title. The kudos would be enormous and plentiful. Daniel wished his best for Peter, and hoped that his dreams came true.

Casting his thoughts aside, Daniel diligently prepared for his college exams, while Peter focused on other things. He became enveloped in the aura of popularity. Built well, strong and good-looking, Peter now commanded the attention of most, except the teachers. He was always an above-average student, but his grades were falling as he lapsed into self-adoration.

Both had taken their SAT exams in the Spring of their junior year. Daniel earned an outstanding score, while Peter fell below average. He didn't care; cross-country was the only thing on his mind. In late October, they also took their ACT exams, and waited for the results.

It was early December, and Daniel trimmed the Christmas tree as he always had since his father was killed. The fireplace was gently burning, filling the living room with a special glow and warmth. He felt so much at home as he relaxed on the couch, taking in the sweet fir scent of the tree. Daniel knew that he was going to college next year, and would never experience this again, at least not in the same way.

Daniel's mind wandered back to the library when he first met Carter, who broke the rule and read his story, yet gave him his first kiss, and more. In his mind, he relived the same excitement and anxiety he felt when Carter arrived unexpectedly, covered with those huge snowflakes. His body still trembled as he remembered Carter unwrapping him as his gift. The gentle, caring touch, soft voice and loving caresses swirled through his mind. He wanted that back, yet knew those days were gone. God, how he still loved him.

Lost in thought, Daniel barely heard the bell ring. After hearing it twice, he jumped up from the couch and answered the door, not knowing what to expect. “How you doin', dick-licker?” Peter asked.

His question wasn't arrogant or demeaning, but somehow cold and detached. Daniel could immediately feel some hidden pain in those few words, and looked into his face, gazing at the honey sparkles in his eyes. “I'm fine, pecker-eater,” Daniel softly replied.

Peter shoved his way past Daniel and into the house, plopping onto the couch. He began staring into the fireplace as Daniel sat near him. They quietly remained next to each other, not saying a word. Daniel was concerned.

“Get your scores?” Peter asked. “Yes, I did,” Daniel replied.

Peter hesitated, the fireplace beginning to comfort him. “I sucked,” he said. “I'm going to win the cross-country state title this year, but no college is ever going to accept me, at least not one worth going to. When I graduate, I'm going to join the military. I've already talked to the recruiters.”

Daniel wasn't totally shocked, but felt a punch to his stomach. He put one arm around Peter's shoulder, but didn't pull him close. “I always thought we would be going to college together. You had the ability. Why did you let this happen?” he asked.

Peter remained silent for a few moments. “I don't really know, Daniel,” he said. “I never was a brain; you know that. Once I found that I could run like a champ, that's all I could think of. Even the Olympic Games crossed my mind, but I know I'm not that good. So, the Army or Marine Corps will be fine with me,” he flatly stated.

Daniel reached his other arm around Peter and drew him into a warm, close embrace. Nestling into his neck, he whispered, “you're going to leave me, aren't you, Peter?”

“No, Daniel, not in the way you think. I'm not leaving you for a new lover, but things have changed, in more ways than one,” Peter replied. He had even more news to share with Daniel, who was hurt and confused.

The fire gently burned, popping occasionally as a pocket of air trapped in the logs exploded. “I fucked Karen yesterday,” he finally said.

Daniel knew that Karen was a beautiful, young girl who everyone in school wanted. She had fawned over Peter for two years, almost making a fool of herself in the process. Peter had initially ignored her, but they were seen together more often during the last year.

“How did that happen?” Daniel asked, completely stunned.

Peter thought for a moment. “It happened really quick, without any planning. She told me to come to her house after school, saying that she had a Christmas present for me that needed to be delivered in person. I didn't think anything of it, so I went to see her. She answered the door wearing only a bath robe. I nearly shit myself, but she pulled me into the house and sat me down on the couch. I couldn't even think straight as she pulled down my pants and boxers, then took off her robe. She got on her knees and sucked my dick until it was hard, then straddled me and slid it into her pussy. She rode me until I came, which didn't take long. I can only hope she's on the pill.”

Still in disbelief, Daniel asked, “did you like it?” Peter answered without hesitation. “Yes, I did.”

Daniel continued to hold him, then asked the inevitable question. “Which is better; boy love or girl love?”

Peter didn't reply at first; he was thinking.

“It's not a matter of which is better; it's just different. She felt different, smelled different. It's kind of like hugging your mom and dad. It feels good either way, but it's just different,” he tried his best to explain.

“Do you think that you're a switch-hitter?” Daniel asked. “I'm not sure but, after this experience, I know that I want to try more,” Peter bluntly answered.

Daniel remained close to him without moving, then slowly kissed his neck. “Stop, Daniel,” Peter said. “I'm not in the mood.” They separated and sat next to each other, staring into the fireplace.

“What colleges have you applied to?” Peter finally asked. “Only three. Two out west and one out east. By the way, they're universities, not colleges. A college only offers a four-year degree, while a university has graduate programs,” Daniel replied, feeling lost and droning off to something Peter cared nothing about. “I'll bet the one out east is where Carter is. Am I right?” Peter asked. “Yes, it is,” Daniel replied softly.

“That's a coincidence,” Peter said, almost sarcastically.

Daniel was still trying to process what he had just heard, but felt an unusual anger rise within him.

Totally out of character, Daniel looked at Peter and said, “listen asshole, don't make something more of it than you should. It's a fine school and I haven't had any contact with Carter since he blew me off. He'll be gone anyway, if I'm even accepted there. Besides, why the hell would you care now?”

Peter regretted his callous dig; it was selfish and cut deeply, but that was his nature. He knew it was time to leave. Peter got up and went to the door. “You know, Daniel, I still love you, but just in a different way,” he said. Daniel didn't respond.

Hearing the door close behind him, Daniel knew that his relationship with Peter was over. He was almost glad. Lying back on the couch, he watched the fire burn, trying to capture everything floating about in his mind like a confetti parade.

Everyone he had ever loved in his life was now gone, except his mother. His father was dead, Carter gone, and Peter had just walked away from him. He thought about the Beretta in his mother's closet, wanting a quick end to everything. However, with an alarming jolt, he sat up straight.

“This wasn't meant for you, and never consider it again,” he heard Carter say. His stern, yet understanding, voice comforted him as Daniel quickly pushed the idea out of his mind.

Spring finally arrived in their senior year. Peter ran cross-country and took first place in the state tournament, but the team came in third. Peter was bitterly disappointed, yet reveled in his own glory as individual champion.

In June, shortly after graduation, Daniel met Peter as he walked to the bus that was taking him to boot camp. He had chosen the Army, and seemed unusually happy. Stepping aside, Peter whispered, “I'll never forget you, dick-licker.” Daniel smiled, although it was difficult for him.

“Don't get yourself killed, pecker-eater,” Daniel quietly said. He stared into Peter's eyes, his heart bleeding, and knew that he'd probably never see those honey sparkles again. Daniel watched him enter the bus, and waved a faint good-bye as it drove away.

Having been accepted at his university choice out east, Daniel spent the summer reading and preparing for his new life. He had received a curious letter from the university administration, informing Daniel that he would have special housing arrangements designed to help save him money, but it didn't explain further. A mentor would meet him upon arrival and clarify the situation. All they needed was his arrival date and time.

He was mystified and, in a way, frightful. It made no sense to him.

Late summer had come and Daniel said a tearful good-bye to his mother, but he was excited. Climbing into the bus, he settled into his seat for the long ride, waving farewell. As the bus pulled away, Daniel already knew that he'd be back for Christmas. No matter the trouble, cost or weather, he'd be back. His mother blew him a gentle kiss as she waved good-bye.

The bus trip was long, stinky and boring. Yet, every mile it traveled brought him closer to the new adventure awaiting him. He still didn't understand the letter about a mentor, and wondered what it was all about.

It was nearly six in the evening, and Daniel was half-asleep as the bus finally stopped. “All out for 'University'!” the driver announced.

He quickly pulled himself together and grabbed the only bag he had, running out of the bus. The driver opened the luggage hatch and pulled out two pieces, looking at the tags. “These yours?” he asked. “Yes, they're mine,” Daniel said. The driver heaved them onto the sidewalk at the small station and got back into the bus. The door closed and he drove away.

Daniel gripped his small bag and looked at the two heavier pieces of luggage. Glancing around, he saw no one. As he watched the bus drive off, it felt as if he had been cast adrift in the open sea. His heart sank, and Daniel felt terribly abandoned. He sat down on an empty bench and waited. Surely his mentor would come, whoever that might be. Daniel fell asleep for what seemed like hours, but only a few moments actually passed.

“Evening, kiddo,” Daniel heard someone say. A million thoughts and feelings rushed through his mind at once. It simply couldn't be. His heart raced as he stood up, turned around and looked into his face.

“Hey, Carter,” Daniel muttered, closing his eyes, then reopening them to make sure it wasn't a dream.

There was a long pause as they looked at each other, eyes locked together. “Let me help you with those bags,” Carter said, leaning down and grabbing both of them. Daniel couldn't even speak as he took his small bag in hand and followed him to the parking lot.

Throwing the luggage into the back seat, both got into his car. As Carter began to drive, Daniel asked, “what's this all about? Why are you still here? Didn't you graduate?”

“Yes, I did, but here's the deal. I've been accepted into graduate school and will be working on my master's degree. I live in a small apartment on campus that you're going to share with me, that is, if you want to. It will save you room and board, plus I can help you adjust to university life,” he said matter-of-factly.

Daniel's mind was still reeling. “You mean that we'll actually be living together?” he asked. “Only if you want to,” Carter said, as they pulled into the apartment lot. “Let me show you the place first,” he said. They got out and hauled Daniel's luggage into the one-bedroom apartment. “Go ahead, take a look around,” Carter said.

Daniel slowly wandered through the small living room, taking in the modest, yet comfortable furniture. There was also a nice kitchen and bathroom. Peeking into the bedroom, he found a neatly-made bed and two dressers. “There's no room for two beds, so we'll have to sleep together, unless you want the fold-out couch in the living room,” Carter said.

It had to be a dream; none of this could be real. Daniel turned around and looked at Carter. “Please,” he begged, “don't set me up for more pain. I've been through too much already.” Carter took him into his arms and held him close. “This isn't a bad joke or undergraduate prank, Daniel. I want you to live with me.”

Daniel's legs nearly gave way as Carter held him. “It's been a long trip and you're tired. I understand,” Carter said. He led Daniel to the bathroom and started the shower, then left the room, unpacking Daniel's bags and putting his clothing into the empty dresser and closet.

Daniel slowly pulled off his clothes, throwing them aside. He looked at himself in the mirror. At 18 years old, he stood 5' 6” tall, weighed 115 pounds, had no hair on his face or elsewhere, and his cock was a little over 5” hard, surmounted by a small patch of black pubes.

Climbing into the shower, he shampooed his hair, feeling the hot water and soap wash away the smelly bus trip, then heard the door open. Carter stepped in and joined him. Without saying a word, he poured liquid soap into his hand and began lathering it over Daniel's body. Slowly, gently, Carter ran his hands over every inch of him as Daniel stood motionless, taking in his loving touches.

“You can see that I haven't grown much, Carter. I'm a twink,” Daniel said, almost ashamed. Carter smiled and continued to bathe him, finally saying, “I love Twinkies. The cake is so soft, sweet and spongy,” he purred, running his hands over Daniel's luxuriously-smooth torso and gently squeezing his firm, round buns. “Not only that, but I really like the cream filling.” Daniel nearly fainted away at the satire in his words.

Carter dropped to his knees, and fondled Daniel's cock and balls. Rinsing them clean, he slowly began to stroke Daniel's cock, swirling his tongue around his smooth, hairless bag. Carter slipped the entire thing into his mouth, gently suckling his balls as he felt Daniel's cock stiffen in his hand. Releasing it at last, he flicked his tongue up the shaft, teasing the head. “Oh, Carter, I can't take much more; it's been too long,” Daniel moaned.

“Then I want my cream filling now,” Carter said, sliding Daniel's hard cock into his mouth. He sucked passionately, bobbing up and down with increased speed. The young, aching cock felt wonderful in his mouth as he wrapped his hands around Daniel's ass, pulling him relentlessly into his face.

Falling back against the shower wall, Daniel's entire body erupted like a volcano. He grabbed Carter's head and violently delivered his load of cream filling. Gushes of hot sperm flew into his mouth as Daniel's body was wracked with pleasure, Carter eagerly sucking him dry. “Ah, ah, ah,” Daniel grunted with each shot as he drained his balls into Carter's greedy mouth, who continued to pull every drop he could out of his Twinkie until he felt Daniel collapse over his back, unable to stand.

Carter let Daniel's beautiful cock slip from his mouth and stood up, pulling them together. Daniel was panting into Carter's neck, his mind a total blur, and his body as limp as a rag doll. Carter held him closely and let him recover, feeling the sweet, hot breath against his flesh. “Oh, God, Carter, I love you,” Daniel whispered as his breathing slowly returned to normal. "Oh, my love, my one and only love," Carter gently replied.

Stepping out of the shower, Carter dried them both with a thick towel. He cradled Daniel's sweet face in his hands and kissed him gently. “You must be hungry,” he said. “I'm not a bad cook myself, but I've heard that you're quite the chef,” Carter said with a smile. “I made some lasagne. You can tell me what you think.”

He led Daniel into the bedroom and showed him where he had put his clothing. “Your undies are in this drawer, your socks here,” he pointed out, but was interrupted by Daniel, who wrapped his arms around him from behind. Carter felt Daniel's smooth body against his back. Slowly turning Carter around, Daniel looked into his eyes.

“Yes, I'm hungry and want to taste your lasagne, but we can do that tomorrow. I'm more tired than hungry right now,” he murmured. Carter gazed into his blue eyes, and could see them fading away. He guided Daniel to the bed and pulled back the covers, gently sitting him down.

Daniel fell back and stretched himself out, yawning as he did so. Carter looked down at him and smiled, turned out the light, then crawled into bed beside him. Daniel, already nearing sleep, curled himself tightly against Carter's body.

Enveloped in his warmth and caring, Carter took in everything that had made him love someone for the first time in his life. Daniel's love was genuine, heart-felt and intense. He thought about the trials Daniel had suffered in his life, surviving them all. Carter held him close, taking in the sweet boy scent that still made him crazy, and vowed never to let him go again.

“Sweet dreams, kiddo,” he whispered, gently touching his lips to Daniel's cheek.

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