A Tribe for Tethys, Part 2 Chapter 10

A Tribe for Tethys, Part 2 Chapter 10

A Tribe For Tethys: Part 2

Chapter 10: Megan, Meet Hera!

Megan is quiet most of the way back to my apartment after we’ve left Carl’s house, and while I’m curious about what she’s thinking, it’s also an opportunity for me to examine some of my own thoughts. A lot has changed, for all of us, in a very short time.

We’ve left Sonia back with Carl, he’s promised to take her home once they’ve finished up the last of their “business agreement.” Carl is entering into a personal contract with Sonia, to work for her full time as personal fitness and diet trainer, bodyguard, and of course stud services while away on tour. I’m not sure how the contract would legally cover that latter arrangement. I’m also not sure how she has the money to pay him full time. I didn’t even know she had any money to speak of until this came about, all in the last week or so.

Sonia has worked as a nude model, a dancer, and an artist, but she’s also the lead singer in a pop band, one which I will not divulge the name of here. For a few years it was more hobby than profession, but last year things suddenly took off – not so much in the United States, but in East Asia. In the spring they spent several months on tour through the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, and South Korea, and it was a shocking success. Now they have a record contract, and they’ll start putting together their first commercial album in a few weeks. Once that’s out, they’ve arranged for another tour of the same region this fall. So the money is out there somewhere. Carl is going to have Sonia as muscular and hard-bodied as a natural woman can be, at least in the time remaining before the tour, because her stage costume is going to emphasize her as a strong, intimidatingly erotic Goddess of black feminine domination. That’s not what the cultural view of women usually is over there, and that’s why the shock value of Sonia’s performance is so lucrative: not to mention the fact that she has a to-die-for voice of power and range, an already flawlessly beautiful body and face, and an overwhelming stage presence. I hadn’t seen all the videos of her last tour until this morning, before we left, and I have no doubt that Sonia’s going to be a big star in that part of the world, and soon.

Sonia’s eroticism on stage is not just an act, she’s a completely and aggressively sexual being, apparently in all aspects of her life. I’m sure that as part of their business discussion, Sonia’s going to squeeze out whatever sexual energy Carl has left after having endured the three of us last night, and either he’s going to fuck her into next week, or she’s going to fuck him twice as far. Later, he’ll deliver her back into the hands of Henri, her patient, understanding, and also hot-as-hell partner.

I visualize Carl and Sonia together, naked, intense, both very physical and powerful people. I doubt if their sex when they’re alone is anywhere near as gentle as the shared fucking between Sonia, Megan, myself, and Carl last night. I surprise myself by feeling a twinge of something akin to jealousy. I don’t resent them being together, on the contrary, I embrace it. I encourage it, I enable it, I’m the one who introduced them, knowing that they would be inspired to fuck each other’s brains out at first sight.

What triggers my wistful sense of longing is the idea that they’re fucking alone. It’s been, how long, a week? (it’s one week, but it feels longer) Since I spent the night with Carl alone, or since he paid exclusive attention to me as he fucked the stored semen of my other lover out of my sloppy cunt and replaced it with his own. And since meeting Megan and Hera during that same week, I’ve spent precious little exclusive time with Taylor either. Surprisingly, I miss that.

I’m really not complaining, in a lot of ways the sharing of our sexuality as a team, as a tribe, is the most exciting development of my life. The last couple of weeks have revolutionized my experience and my outlook. I’d fucked Sonia and Henri as a threesome on occasion previously, before she’d left for her last tour. It was adventurous and beautiful, and left me eager for more. But it wasn’t especially life-changing, Sonia and Henri are an established couple, and though their relationship is wide open, they’re also as devoted to each other as any monogamous couple I know. I was participating in an already existing structure, not building a new one. In the same sense, Taylor, my primary partner, never had an issue with my habit of shuttling back and forth between he and Carl. After all, I knew Carl first, and we were FWBs rather than a full couple when I met Taylor. Neither guy is the possessive type, and neither one has dared to impose a claim on me. I can’t imagine my life without both of them.

But Carl and Taylor rarely fucked me in the same place at the same time. The shuttling after Carl discovered his love of sloppy seconds led to my effort to develop the skill to accommodate that, the talent of keeping Taylor’s spent semen tightly inside my cunt as I drive over to Carl’s house so he can push it aside with his cock. I’ve become good at it, and I enjoy it. I’m going to miss it soon, at least for a while.

All that said, I do miss the intimacy of one on one. Exhibitionist that I am, sexual choreographer that I tend to become when I have companions involved, thrilled as I am at witnessing and participating in the orgasms of my dearest, and soon-to-be dearest friends, I also treasure the quiet cuddles of just me and my lover, the pillow talk, the sharing of dreams and joys and endearments that seem diluted with multiple witnesses. Just before I introduced Carl to Sonia, the last time we spent the night alone together, just a week ago, he had opened up to me in ways I had never heard before. After two years of developing our relationship, he had finally trusted me enough to reveal secrets of his past, his fears, his hopes, his deepest imaginings, that his false male stoicism had so far denied. I knew then that he simply had to meet and fuck Sonia. I knew it would be good for him. I didn’t realize how good. I didn’t realize how good it would turn out for Sonia, either.

I glance over at Megan. Maybe it’s not so much that she’s been silent, maybe the roar of my own thoughts has drowned out anything she wanted to say. She’s in her own reverie, her eyes are staring through the windshield, but they’re focused inside her head. Suddenly, her beautiful peaceful face inverts into a frown.

“Are you ok?” I ask. I have no idea how she’s reacting to all this. She’s so young, so inexperienced, and her world has become topsy-turvy over a few days.

“I just started thinking of how I need to have a long talk with my Mom,” she sighs. “It’s going to hit her like a ton of bricks. I mean, it was unexpected for me, but at least I had kind of fantasized before now. There’s nothing in the world that’s prepared her for this.”

I know what she means. My relationship with my parents has been nearly nonexistent for years, I owe them no explanations or justifications. Megan, on the other hand, has a devoted mother, one who has toiled and sacrificed in ways I can’t begin to imagine, with the hope of her daughter having a safe and successful life, one that had eluded herself. I only know what Megan has told me, but they are close.

“Do you have to tell her right away?” I stall.

“As soon as I can sit her down,” she nods. “Maybe late tonight, after I get home from work. I might have to wake her up. Shit, that’s going to be hard on her. But I can’t lie to her. I already feel bad that I’ve been avoiding talking to her, although I wouldn’t really have known what to say until now. I mean the world to her, she loves me, and she needs to know the real truth about me. I hope she accepts it, but it won’t be easy for her. She’s kind of got that Catholic vibe, you know.”

“I think I do,” I nod. “Do you think that affects how you feel about your own experience?”

“Not at all!” She suddenly brightens. “Tethys, meeting you and Taylor, and now Carl, and Sonia, and Henri, and all this… This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! It’s a dream come true! I know, it’s a strange dream, I doubt if other girls ever have it, but I’ve wanted to have this kind of relationship all my life.”

“Um, at least I hope it’s a relationship. You guys kind of acted like it was. I’d hate it if you never called me again.”

“Megan, from what we know of you so far, I can’t see any of us ever giving you up,” I assure her. ”It’s only since I met Taylor that I’ve realized myself the kind of relationships I really wanted. I thought my desire for having both Taylor and Carl at the same time was just a weird kink of my own, but I did some reading and discovered there are other people like us. A lot of the common ideas about polyamory, and even general promiscuity are misleading. I have a book that might help you organize your ideas for when you talk to your mom. I’ve begun to think that what I really wanted was a tight little intimate group of mutual partners that could all share together. And then I met Sonia, and Henri, and Jo and Joe, and then Hera – I can’t wait for you to meet her as well – and then you, and it’s like everything I dreamed of is taking shape. I’m so happy you’re part of my world now, I just want us all to be worthy of you!”

She claps her hands under her chin, her eyes are wet. “I was also thinking of what I said last night, that my life has changed, and I’m a different person now. Maybe I’m not really a different person, maybe I was always this person struggling to get out.”

“It might be both,” I muse. “We’re all growing, and we change in a lot of ways as we grow. You’ve had a lot going on and it’s been sudden.”

“Well, whatever my career plans were before have changed, I know that,” she pronounces. “And that’s part of what I need to explain to my Mom about. I think I want to study all aspects of sexual health and fitness. I want to devote my life to sexuality, to study it, to understand it, and to live it!” She gestures expansively.

At that moment I pull into the parking lot of my apartment complex. I stop in the spot right beside Megan’s car, she can leave now if she wants.

“Do you want to come in and talk about it a little more?” I ask hopefully.

“I think I need to.”

As soon as we’re inside the clothes come off. I’ve been doing this for years, if Megan’s new to this habit, it sure doesn’t show. The apartment has a living room, but for me, it seems the most natural place for conversations like this is in my bed. Megan shows no reluctance whatsoever as we lay down, wrap our arms around one another, and feel our naked flesh pressing together. She wiggles around a bit, adjusting her position, and when she has one hand cupping my tit and another resting on my belly, she relaxes.

“I know this is a lot to process,” I begin, and it might take a long time…”

“Fuck that!” she interjects. “It’s processed as far as I’m concerned. This is what I want. Remember the night before last with you and Taylor, I said I never wanted one on one sex again? Well, now that I’m here alone with you, I guess I wouldn’t mind so much after all. I guess what I really need is people, whether it’s one person or a crowd, to just love me as I am and to be happy with what I want without treating me like dirt.”

“Nobody in our group is going to treat you like dirt,” I remind her. “You can forget about all the useless guys you dated before. You don’t even think about them.”

“I won’t,” she nods. “I think even with Taylor and Carl and Sonia I wouldn’t mind one on one with them sometimes. But not all the time. Not even most of the time. Oh, fuck, Tethys, I can’t believe how exciting that was to fuck Taylor with you there, or to fuck Carl with you and Sonia. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. I had fantasized about threesomes and stuff, but I didn’t think it would be that good! It’s because I was doing it with the right people. And having you there with Taylor made me even more horny for Taylor, and having you and Sonia there with Carl made me even more horny for Carl! It was like you were giving me energy and desire. I said I wanted to sing, I really did. I want to sing while I straddle a guy and fuck his balls off! And their cum! It tasted so good! Taylor and Carl both! None of the guys I sucked off before tasted anything like that, they were kind of gross actually. Are Taylor and Carl sweet cum freaks or something?”

I laugh. “I think so, actually. Henri and Joe taste delicious too. I think it’s a requirement for being part of our group. Part of it is the fact that they’re healthy, they don’t smoke, they hardly drink, they eat right, they take good care of themselves. That goes a long way.”

“I think all the guys I dated before were smokers and probably drunks and druggies,” she wrinkles her face. “So you’re probably right. But I was shocked at how good it was. And yeah, I really did want to be immersed in it, and smeared with it, and to smell and taste like cum. And not just their cum. You and Sonia are delicious too.”

“And so are you, sweetie,” I answer. “And if you’re not careful I might just have to take another sample of your inventory!”

“Likewise, lover!” she responds.

There’s just one difficulty with that, other than the fact that I’m supposed to be working on my art by now and didn’t budget the whole day to make love to a young girl, no matter how beautiful. Today is also the day my period is scheduled to begin, and I can already feel the little twinges in my uterus as I suppose the lining is in the process of sluffing off and being expelled. I’ll be needing a tampon in just a few minutes, I suspect. Some women still enjoy sex during their periods, I don’t. For three days a month, I’m not horny. Just those three. I still enjoy sucking a cock or making love to a woman’s pussy, but I don’t want to be touched between my legs until it’s over. If anything, Megan’s hand on my belly has made me more acutely aware of my impending condition.

I pass the bad news on to Megan, and she accepts it graciously. “I’ve read that women in small primitive communities synchronize their periods,” she says. “Maybe we women can do that, and then the men will be out of luck with all of us simultaneously.”

“Ah, you’re crueler than I thought,” I giggle. Maybe we can work something like that out.

We caress and kiss and talk for a few more minutes, and then Megan moves to get dressed and set about her day.

“Reminder,” I remind her. “Are you still planning to go with us on Sunday to Jo and Joe’s?”

“You know I want to,” she says. “I’m excited about it. That’s what I was worried about earlier in the car, that maybe you guys would change your mind about that.”

“Never! And there’s more. I’m going to visit Hera on Friday. Her mother will probably be there, I’ll be done with my period, and we plan on orgasming each other to kingdom cum. Would you like to go with me and meet her? She doesn’t know about you yet, but I have no doubt that she’ll fall in love with you, and so will her mother!”

“I heard about her mother, didn’t I?” Megan laughs. “Is it fair to spring me on her like that?”

“I’ll warn her in advance. You game?”

“Sure!” she smiles.

“And Saturday,” I continue. “Traditionally I work out with Carl Saturday morning, and then we go to Hippie Hollow afterwards. Joe and Jo will be there. As of last Saturday, I think Sonia’s going to be a regular with us. You saw the video, they were fucking pretty spectacularly over there last time. I think they’ll make it a habit, if they don’t get arrested. I’d sure be happy if you could come with us then, too.”

“Really?” she’s almost leaping on her toes. “Oh fuck, that would be so fantastic! Won’t Taylor be there? When do I get to fuck Taylor again?”

”Taylor will probably be fucking Hera on Saturday. You’ll get your next chance at him Sunday at the party. And there will be plenty of chances after that, girlfriend!”

Megan leaves with a smile on her face, and I prepare myself for a few days of hermit life. It will be good for painting.

I’ve been on standard combo birth control pills for six years now, and I’m happy with them. Sure, I have to remember to take them every morning, but that’s never been a problem. I had tried the contraceptive injections prior to this, but I didn’t like the side effects, especially the fatigue and the unpredictable spotting. With the pill my cycle is predictable to within an hour. I bleed for two and a half days, not too heavily, and during that time my sex drive drops. But then the bleeding stops, my libido picks up, and I’m ready for adventure. I could set my watch by it, if I wore a watch. Not every woman responds to the pill as well as I do, but again, I’m a lucky girl. I like being able to predict in advance when I will and won’t be available, and I can schedule activities around it. I’ll be ready to work out at Carl’s Thursday night and enjoy whatever sex comes with that. I hope and expect it will be abundant.

I’m guessing Sonia will stick with a morning workout schedule, maybe even different days, especially now that she has to start getting into the rehearsal and creative cycle with her band, but I’m not certain. I wonder momentarily if Megan would want to work out with us that evening, in spite of my earlier thoughts of wanting Carl to myself at least some of the time. Then I remember that she’ll be at work that evening, so chances are Carl will be all mine after all. I smile at that thought. Still, we’ll have to work out some sort of schedule for Megan, I’m sure she’ll thrive being trained and fucked by Carl at least three times a week.

In the meantime, I have a painting commission to complete. I make the most of it, staying inside and staying naked the rest of Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and the first half of Thursday. I lose myself in the image that’s taking shape on the canvas, in the texture, the smell of linseed oil, the layering, and the endless tiny struggles that accompany the inevitable mismatches between my mental vision and the physical limitations of the medium and my talents.

The background is almost finished: a small bay with gentle waves lapping onto a pebbly shoreline, a rugged headland surrounding it, a distant opening into the vast ocean beyond, an orange Sun near the horizon. Is it sunrise or sunset? I leave the interpretation as an exercise for the interpreter. A few steps from the shore a large rock rises out of the water, and sitting on that rock is my Sea Goddess. The painting was commissioned as a mermaid, and my work on it had been steady and rather uninspired, until the events of the last two weeks. The inspiration was provided by Sonia, then Hera, and now, unexpectedly, Megan. If I’m honest, there’s a bit of me in the image as well. The mermaid is no more.

The Sea Goddess is facing the low Sun at a quarter angle, and turned a bit more than halfway from the viewer. She’s nude, but the pose is mostly innocent, a single breast visible from the side, her butt cheeks firmly settled onto the rock’s upper surface. Her legs are obviously spread, but the spread is away from the viewer’s curious eyes, open towards the Sun. An arm is gripping the rock behind her for support as she leans back enough for her hair to hang free of her shoulders. Her other arm is positioned to her front, but partially hidden so that it’s impossible to tell where here hand is. Again, it depends on the context that the viewer will inevitably provide for themselves.

The Sea Goddess is muscular. Her build is based on Sonia: compact, powerful, lean. Her face, at least the visible portion from the angle viewed, I recently modified to reflect Megan’s, and the hair matches hers as well. Megan’s build is similar enough to Sonia’s that it could work for either of them. The skin tone is my own, coppery, shiny, smooth. I like my skin, although it is no match for Sonia’s or Megan’s, it’s very nice, and responds well to the sunlight. The pose, the contemplative attitude, reminds me of Hera, giving the feeling of an unnamed surprise to come.

I expect this to be my last major oil painting, and, surprisingly for someone with a lifestyle like mine, my first major nude subject. I’ll be switching to acrylics after this, I’ve tortured myself for long enough. I can sell an original oil canvas for a little more than an original acrylic, but the difference in price is not nearly enough to make up for the additional time, expense, and cleanup trouble involved with oil. Once the original painting is sold, most of its income for me comes from prints anyway. In the future, I feel like my productivity will increase, and so will the adventurousness in my subject matter. I’m reasonably confident that this will help my income, as long as people like my new work. Looking at how it’s taking shape, I think it’s my best product yet, but who am I to judge? I just paint the damn things, I don’t buy ‘em.

Hermit I may be in my in my menstrual isolation, but my social life is not completely forgotten. I make a call to Hera and we have a long and happy chat. I invite myself over for Friday, and tell her all about Megan. To my joy, she suggests I bring Megan with me early in the afternoon. Of course I will. She’ll have Megan and me Friday afternoon, and Taylor and me Friday night. Speaking of Taylor, I’m hoping she can entertain him on one of the nights that I’m out of commission, and even that works out better than I expected. She invites him to spend the night with her tonight at her house, and she’ll return the favor on Wednesday night at his house.

“Have your Mom record it, I want to see it,” I tell her.

“We’ll give you a show, have no fear,” she assures me.

Later I give Taylor a call, and confirm that the plans are real. I don’t want him neglected during my withdrawal, and Hera is the perfect companion for times I’m with Carl or anyone else, or, like now, nobody.

“You’d better be well rested,” I warn him. “Because you’re going to have to satisfy both of us on Friday night.”

“My work is never done!” he replies in mock exasperation. “Anyway, I’m sure her mother would not let me get away with anything less.”

“Yeah, Phoebe has a high opinion of you. She’s pronounced you worthy of two Goddesses. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”

“It’s an awful burden,” he confesses.

My other chats that day are with Megan and Sonia about their workout schedule with Carl. Both confirm that they’ll be doing morning workouts together. Sonia is already infatuated with Megan, the kid is obviously fitting in well. Megan also tells me about the conversation with her mother.

“It went better than I expected. I was worried she’d think I was being a slut or somehow disappointing her, or that I’d get used and dumped or catch some terrible disease. Well, she is worried about whether it’s best for me, and it absolutely confused her. I had to explain it about three times. Then I had to look up some articles about polyamory and let her know it’s a real thing. I had to know for myself, too. Until all this started I’d never imagined that word would apply to me. Now I feel like it fits my soul. Tethys, I don’t think I can ever be in a monogamous relationship. I think I’m a lot like you, which is why I am so attracted to you.”

“Well, I don’t think she really understands it yet, but she did give me the ‘I only want you to be happy’ talk. She won’t be totally comfortable with it until she meets everybody that we’re involved with, I think. But at least she’s willing to accept it in principle.”

“That’s the best we can hope for,” I tell her. ”And in a way I agree with her. Your happiness and safety is what really matters. I do hope we get a chance to meet her and talk to her soon.”

“Ok, but be gentle,” she chuckles. “It’ll be fine. She may be worried about my sanity, but at least she knows that I’m happy and doing what I want to do.

On Wednesday I get more done on the Sea Goddess, she’s tantalizingly close to completion. Some might consider the painting already complete. As her creator, I know better. There are still a thousand little details and nuances needed to give the work the richness and depth it wants, and a few items that need to be removed as well. I’d originally wanted to include an underwater glimpse of a starfish at the base of the rock. It was a holdover from the mermaid theme. Now, it’s just in the way. There are details of the clouds, the waves, the sun’s reflection on the water and on her skin, that all need tiny tweaks. It can’t be too busy, but it can’t feel sterile and empty, either. Balance is tough.

I’m feeling more comfortable today. The cramping and queasiness, the farting, fatigue and listlessness that accompanies the first day of my flow is never too severe, and it’s almost completely gone by now. The blood flow is at its peak, and my tampons reach their limits sooner than I would like, but it’s mostly unnoticed for most of the day. The main symptom that I do notice is an almost complete lack of libido. I’m still fond of thinking sexual thoughts, and the memorable images of my adventures of late, especially the mental pictures of Taylor’s wide and capable cock embedded deep inside Megan, of Henri’s monster black cock embedded deep inside me, and the kinky drippiness of Taylor’s and Carl’s mixed cum oozing from my newly pleasured labia, are all extremely pleasant to contemplate, but they don’t inspire me to action in the way they normally would. There is no masturbation during these periods. But there is one thing I was dwelling on yesterday, and that’s privacy. Maybe here’s the real reason I went for the pill, with it’s pseudo-normal menstrual cycle, rather than a contraceptive injection, which shuts down the entire system: I have an excuse to spend time alone. Nobody would begrudge me, of course, if I choose to take “me time” breaks for any other reason, but my raging hormones are usually reluctant to allow that. I love to fuck, I love my men and my girlfriends, I need the immersion in sexuality with others. Like Megan, although I enjoy the intimacy and affection of one on one sex, and sometimes even prefer it, I more often want to be in sexual situations with three or more people. I’m sure I wanted this long before I realized I did, but now that I’m becoming accustomed to it, it seems the most natural thing in the world. But I do need to withdraw into myself sometimes. And menstruation gives me a convenient excuse to do that.

The afternoon comes with a call from Joanne. It’s on video, and I reciprocate. I love seeing that she’s naked while we speak, and I’m confident she appreciates the view of me as well. Some of it’s idle chit-chat, but the real point is the upcoming party at her house on Sunday. Are we still on? Is there anyone else coming? I remind her of Megan and Hera, neither of whom she’s met in person yet.

“I can’t wait,” she insists through the garbly reception. “I only know what you and Sonia have told me, and the videos of course, but I am totally sure if they like us, we’ll like them.”

“I do have a question, though,” she segues unexpectedly. “Back in San Diego, we used to host nude karaoke events during our parties, and it was so much fun! I miss that here. Do you think if we were to set up the karaoke system for this party that people would want to use it?”

“That does sound like fun,” I grin. “But I won’t be using it. I cannot sing in public. At all. In fact, when I try to sing in the shower, the water drains twice as fast, it just can’t wait to leave!”

“Ok, but you can cheer,” she says. “Everybody needs to be cheered. And really, you don’t have to be good at it. It’s not about showing off your talent.”

“I think for some of us it’s about showing off how drunk we are,” I smirk. “Remember those old commercials where the audio cassette recording of a singer can break a glass? Memorex, I think. Well, if it was me, the glass would want to break the tape!”But you’re right, if it’s for nudity, it’s for a good cause. But you know, Taylor might want to try it. He does karaoke sometimes. He’s got a beautiful voice.”

“And Sonia, of course. Especially if we can get her to do one of her concert numbers. I bet she’ll look good out of costume!”

“And come to think of it, Megan said just the other night that she felt like singing while she was fucking Carl. I don’t know if she was serious, but she does have a cute voice, and maybe she’ll be willing. Beyond that, I don’t know.”

“Well, that’s a start,” Jo sounds encouraged. “I think I’ll set up the living room, and just see what happens.”

Thursday afternoon, the flow has stopped. I feel normal again. I take a long leisurely shower, clean up whatever residue remains, get dressed, and set my course for Carl’s house. It’s time for a workout.

Sonia and Megan are doing morning sessions, so I have this evening session with Carl to myself. It’s a good one, too, two hard hours of intense work. And that’s after our nice initial fuck. It’s a day of no sloppy seconds for him. My cunt is empty of Taylor’s cum, or even Henri’s. Carl has no one to replace, his sperm has no competition from anything except timing and manipulated hormones.

It’s not an obstacle. I love the way Carl fucks me before my workout, it’s the ideal warmup. By the time I’m ready to start lifting, I’m already breathing deep and dripping sweat and semen. It’s not our only fuck of the evening, either. After we’re done with the weights, there will be a nice sensual shower, and then a long leisurely and affectionate session in bed, that may turn into several. In between there’s pillow talk and gentle touching, an ideal post-workout cooldown.

I’ve been without an orgasm for three days before this evening, but now my libido has returned and overshot the mean. The last person to fuck me was Carl himself, right here in this house. If anything, tonight’s sex has just made me hornier. The same can’t be said for him. He’s fucked Sonia twice, Megan once, and as an added bonus, donated a load for Megan’s mouth. He’ll most likely be fucking both of them again in the morning. I entertain a momentary concern for his recovery ability.

“Two years ago,” I remind him, “the only sex you were having was with Hanna Five Fingers. Now, at least in theory, you have five women you can be fucking, at least one every day, and sometimes twice. Are you sure you can handle the workload?”

“That’s only in theory so far,” he smirks. “And I haven’t even met one of of these women you’re dangling in front of me. Until I experience her, I’ll have to consider Hera to be hypothetical, or maybe legendary.”

“Oh, she’s legendary all right,” I assure him. “To know her is to be blown away by her. But that’s true of Megan and Sonia too, I’m discovering. A couple of short weeks ago, I thought I was the horniest woman you’d ever meet. I wonder now if I haven’t met my match at least twice over.”

“You don’t suffer in comparison with any of them, beautiful,” he accompanies the compliment with an exquisite light and moist suction on my left nipple, and a soft finger stroke across my still-moist pussy, flicking my clit upward just the way I like it.

“In a way, I do suffer, though, and I don’t know of anyone else who can fix it. That same two years ago, when we first met, I wasn’t getting any more sex to speak of than you were, and we both went straight from nothing to about four times a week. Then I got involved with Taylor, and we were both a little worried that he might sap my stamina. Remember we we agreed that you wouldn’t object to me seeing him as long as he didn’t reduce my availability with you? That was pretty ballsy on your part, by the way, since we never claimed to be more than Friends With Benefits at the time. Admittedly, it was a pretty intense friendship, and the benefits were amazing even then.”

“Then and now,” he agrees, as he slides his fingers over my belly. I shiver in response.

“If anything, I started fucking you even more after Taylor and I got going. I’ve always had a high sex drive, but going back and forth between you and Taylor had me so horny I couldn’t see straight. It’s the perfect example of accelerating addiction, I guess. The more I get the more I want. But now that I’ve pimped all these other women to you and Taylor, I think I’m screwing myself out of some screwings.”

“Maybe in a sense,” he considers. But it’s not a matter of the total time spent fucking, I think that’s still pretty much the same. Well, maybe not if you’re sharing that time too. Ok, you get less total time with my cock inside you. And since you have to share my cum now, you get less total volume of that. So, mathematically you’re correct.”

“Geez,” I whine, and hit him with a spare pillow. “Now you’re sounding like Taylor!”

“That’s a good thing, believe me,” he laughs. “Taylor is a smart dude, and he’s taught me a couple of things. And I’m really grateful for that workout planning and programming app he wrote for me. It’s even more than I was looking for, and it’s massively convenient for me to work with multiple clients, once the time comes. So if you’re going to equate me with Taylor, I’m going to be flattered!”

“You men always stick together!” I grumble.

“Anyway,” he continues, “as far as sex, you’d be the first to admit there’s more to it than cock and cum. It’s not like you’re just sitting around passively watching while I fuck Sonia or Megan. Or Joanne, or I guess Hera either if it turns out she likes me.”

“She’ll like you.”

“How often has it been that while I’m fucking one of your other friends, that she isn’t licking your pussy at the same time, or somebody is at least, or you’ve got your tongue lapping around her clit, or the base of my shaft while I’m pulling out her juices for you to lick up. And you get plenty of lez action now when it’s just you girls. And that’s also true for when you guys are fucking Taylor or Henri too. And Joe, soon enough. So you should be getting even more in the way of orgasms, and sexual touches and tasty fluids.”

“Well aren’t you Mister Practical!” He knows my sarcasm is not sincere, especially when I simultaneously roll over onto him, sliding my cheek down his chest and belly, and in one motion slurp in his re-hardened cock, suckling and inhaling it. It only takes a little working in before my deep throat skills are on full display, and I have him twitching in my throat, balls against my lips, which I’m pushing up and forward into my face with my free hand.

“Hey, careful with that,” he gasps. “It’s going to be needed again in a few hours.”

I momentarily slide it out of my mouth. “It’s needed now. “Those other two lovely young ladies will just have to make do with what’s left, and if they have to ration it between them, I won’t be sorry. I’m here, I’m now, and I’m hungry.”

It takes another fifteen minutes of some of my most focused cocksucking skills before I receive my hoped-for load of musky deliciousness. The consistency is a little thinner than usual, the aroma slightly weaker, the volume a little less. But it’s still sweet, salty, slippery, warm, and wonderful. I love semen, from the right men, at least. From the men of my tribe, all of whom are healthy, eat right, and free of tobacco, drugs and too much alcohol, it’s a heady, musky, sweet delight. From the wrong man, it’s a rancid, disgusting slop. I made the mistake of tasting a few wrong men in my youth, and I won’t make it again. I love the men I’ve got.

This man, though, shows signs of depletion. I snuggle my head on his chest as he begins to relax and breathe normally, and gently massage his poor tired cock.

“Sleep well tonight, lover. And eat a good breakfast in the morning.”

I leave early Friday morning, without breakfast, and without my usual morning sexual demands. The man has obligations, after all. I eat breakfast at home, get some touch up work done on the Sea Goddess, and give Hera a video call. She’s dressed, out shopping with her mother. I wonder if any passersby in the store can see my nakedness on the video screen. It might be kind of a thrill if they did.

“Are we still on for today and tonight?” I ask. And do you still want to meet Megan?”

“Absolutely! I can’t wait! We’ll be ready in about an hour or so.”

“Give me two,” I ask. “I’ll be fresh and well fed when I get there. Megan will come separately, because she has to go to work later on. And then Taylor will be there when he gets off work.”

Phoebe leans in close to Hera. “I am so looking forward to seeing all of you. You bring such joy and beauty when you visit us, it’s a real blessing for you and Megan and Taylor to come. I’m looking forward to meeting Megan as well!”

I’ll bet you are, I snicker to myself after we’ve disconnected. I call Megan again, and I’m in luck… she’s got the video enabled, and she’s naked. More than naked. She’s on her hands and knees, with Carl’s cock thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt, and Sonia is underneath her, happily licking up those cunt drips as she gazes at the bouncing balls just above her face. I wonder for a moment how she even was able to reach the phone.

“I’ll be there about one thirty,” I tell her, after making sure she’s interrupted her fucking long enough to put the address into her Maps app.

“Ok, I’ll be there at two, just to make sure I don’t arrive first,” she gasps. “I’d be so embarrassed to be there by myself.”

“Don’t be, she knows what you look like, and she’d take good care of you. So would her mother,” I assure her.

“Seriously, is her mom going to be there the whole time? She’s going to watch everything?”

“More than watch, she’ll probably be recording it on video. I think she shows them to her husband later and they both get off on it. It’s harmless, she’s a nice lady, and it’s kind of extra hot knowing that she’s watching. It’s very weird and nasty, in a way, but it’s a fun kink. Once you get used to her cheerleading, I think it enhances the event. I just wish you could still be there when Taylor shows up.”

“Not tonight I can’t, but I’m really wanting to grab him on Sunday,” she groans. She’s getting close to an orgasm. “I came twice after I got home last night thinking about him and Carl and you and Sonia. I’ve cum once already this morning with Carl and Sonia ganging up on me. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. I was even soaking my panties last night at work thinking about it all. The driver’s seat was squishing!”

I laugh. “I hope you didn’t leak all over any pizza. And by the way, if you get any other customers answering the door naked, let me know. Maybe we’ll want to get acquainted with them.”

“Oh, shit, I would probably cum right there in the doorway!” she wails, and at that moment she shakes and jerks and cums right there on the phone.

“See ya in a couple of hours,” I sign off with a smile.

Hera and Phoebe are both waiting for me when I arrive, and we don’t waste much time. Hera’s already naked, and I become that way as soon as the door closes behind me. We take a quick update tour of her work area, she’s begun a series of vagina-themed plaques, with realistic color tones in the glazing.

“Maybe I could sell them on Gwynneth Paltrow’s website,” she jokes. “You know I’m all about credibility.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure that will help,” I laugh.

We migrate quickly to her bed, and Phoebe takes up her position at the foot of it, phone in hand. Hera is her usual enthusiastic and aggressive self, no slow, sensual lovemaking for her. She’s all about being a porn star. And no one appreciates her porn star tendencies more than her mother. That’s fine with me today, I’m totally in the mood for some rough and tumble. I nibble, lick and nip her clit and her labia, I lap up her wetness, and when I find a nipple or a face in front of me, I’m all over it, kissing, sucking, and gently biting. Hera yelps when I grab her clit between my teeth, or when I pull on her jeweled hood ornament, or when I nibble a nipple, but it’s not a protest. She seems wetter than she did the first time we were together, and hungrier. Phoebe, as she records us, keeps a steady stream of spiritually breathless chatter about the Goddess working through our bodies and through our desire, the sacred beauty of our orgasms, and how our passion honors the universe. Part of me considers it merely a convenient rationalization for obsessive horniness, which I don’t really feel the need to explain or justify. It stands on its own, and it’s a beautiful thing regardless of the source one attributes it to. But I have to admit that it’s very exciting, fulfilling, delicious, and gorgeous to look at. If that means spiritual, holy, sacred, and blessed, then I can be a believer.

By the time Megan is knocking on the front door, Hera and I are covered face to ankle in one another’s slime. Phoebe lets her in, and we can hear her greeting

from the other room.

“Megan, come in Darling! It’s so wonderful to meet you! Look at you – you’re breathtaking! Oh, I love you already! Come in, come in, we’re all in the bedroom. Make yourself at home. You can put your clothes on the chair here.”

When Megan’s naked form enters the bedroom, I have to agree with Hera’s mom. She really is breathtaking. It’s not just her natural beauty, although that is indeed perfection, but it’s the way she carries it. There’s no trace of the shyness or hesitancy she showed when Taylor and I first introduced her to our lifestyle less than a week ago. She’s all in, all smiles, and her skin is aglow with happy lust. She has to wait a few more minutes, though. Hera and I have already endured multiple orgasms each, and we both need to take a pee break and get some drinks to re-hydrate us. We have hours of passionate delight ahead of us, some of which we can share with Megan, more later with Taylor, but we’re going to need to keep replenishing our body fluids, which we are leaking at a prodigious rate.

We chat in the kitchen for a few minutes while we drink, the three younger of us naked, and Phoebe of course dressed conservatively, like the matron she is.

“So how was your workout this morning?” I know it’s a leading question.

“Oh, it was so fucking good! Well, the workout was good, and the fucking was really, really good! I’m a little sore from the weights, but my pussy’s not sore at all. It should be, though. Carl has a very athletic cock!”

“I haven’t met Carl yet,” Hera observes. “Do you think he’ll like me?”

“He will!” Megan and I say the words simultaneously, with emphasis. Megan then goes on to describe in graphic detail, stroke by stroke, her experience with Carl and Sonia.

“Wait until you try his cock, Hera!” she gushes. “It’s got an unusual shape that drives Tethys and Sonia and me wild! Taylor has an unusual cock too. And Henri… damn, Tethys, all your men have cocks that are kind of not normal. But I really love that. I wouldn’t have expected to, but I do!”

“Joe’s cock is pretty standard,” I respond. “But you’ll like it, too. He knows how to use it, and I think he’s got the sweetest cum of any guy I’ve known. All of them taste good, though.”

“You know what got me off the most though?” Megan continues. “It was talking to you on the phone while Carl was fucking me. I don’t know why, but there’s something about carrying on a conversation with somebody else while my cunt’s getting pounded that sends me right over the edge.”

“Good Lord, Megan, you were such a shy sweet girl when I met you naked at the door while you were delivering us pizza for the first time. And now you’re a nasty talking exhibitionist group sex loving nympho! In other words, you’re just my type of girl!”

“I was always those things, I think,” Megan shrugs her shapely shoulders. Her breasts rising and falling with the movement look tantalizing. “I just didn’t know how to express it, or maybe I just didn’t have a safe place to be myself until I met you guys. I am so fucking grateful I’m getting to know all of you. This is the best experience of my life.”

Phoebe has been smiling the entire time, and now she speaks up. “Those who are truly blessed by the Goddess, who embody the full force of her power on Earth, usually do find it difficult to live among the sexually deprived. Hera and Tethys have been through the same kind of challenges, and it warms my heart that they have found one another, and that there are men whom the Goddess has chosen to bring into her service. You are one of the elite, Megan, the chosen, you are meant for a higher form of worship. I’m so glad that you have found us, and we have found you. I can’t promise a life in the service of the Goddess will always be easy, but I hope you can share the joyous blessings and the ecstasy of her presence when you’re with us.”

Megan smiles warmly, and I’m confident now that the presence of Hera’s mother is not going to inhibit her at all.

This is my first all-girl threesome, and the same is true for Megan and Hera. I’ve been with Sonia and Joanne together, but on that day we also had Taylor, Carl, Henri and Joe to spread out the attention. Regardless of the state of our inhibitions, it’s going to start out a little awkward. It turns out that Megan and Hera are in many respects peas in a pod, and it doesn’t take long for us to settle into an arrangement that’s comfortable for all of us. Phoebe’s suggestions and positive feedback are also useful.

One thing that makes us all happy is putting one of us in the middle, having her lie passively, and the other two please her simultaneously. Predictably, it’s Megan we try it on first. She lays on her back, giggling, arms down and legs spread. Hera and I snuggle into her on opposite sides, starting at her face. We kiss her cheeks, nibble at her earlobes, caress her scalp, bring butterfly kisses to her eyelids, and then part her lips with our own from each end. It’s a wonderful sensation having three tongues meshed together, sharing moisture and warm pleasure.

We slide down her jawline, then her neck, kissing and stroking with lips and fingers together, then her shoulders, her chest, and on to her nipples. I look across at Hera as we each suckle a nipple, pulling it upwards and flicking our tongues across the tip. Megan is almost hooting and squealing with excitement, alternating laughter and moans. Hera and I giggle wickedly at each other. The journey continues down her rib cage, across her abdomen, a pause so that both of us can share her belly button, then back down to her hips.

By the time we’ve nibbled across and down the soft pad of her mound and pressed the sides of her clitoral hood against our tongue-tips, she’s trying hard not to buck, and quivering with the effort. Her juices are quite literally flowing, and while it’s a steady drip rather than rhythmic spurts, I’d guess her total flow can rival than of a man’s ejaculation. Once again, Hera and I entangle our tongues at the entrance to Megan’s dribbling cunt, it’s hot and sloppy and slimy and musky and divine. She cums hard, loud, and long, then gives way to uncontrollable laughter as she tries to catch her breath. Still she lays there, shaking with both passion and laughter, deep and rapturous laughter, joyous and soul-liberating laughter. Hera and I are caught up in the joy, and can’t help but laugh ourselves as we continue to lick and lap up Megan’s voluminous flow.

Finally the laughter fades to relaxed but happy moans as our travels resume, inside and outside her thighs, rubbing her knees, down her calves, and finally ending in a warm and deep foot massage, rubbing the muscles and tendons, loosening the ankles, and pulling and twisting her toes. Megan has long since stopped bucking her hips, and now seems to be in a trance state, long low moans of contentment replacing the earlier squeals of excitement.

Finally, she recovers enough to speak. “Oh my fucking God, there are no words for how you two just made me feel! It’s beyond sex, it’s beyond orgasm.”

I hear a choking sound behind me and turn to look. Phoebe is trying to suppress her sobs, tears are streaming down her face. I reach for her, to hug her close. Hera hugs the other side of her.

“It’s so beautiful,” she sniffles. “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to get in the way. It just felt so powerful to watch, so spiritual. I could feel the Goddess, she was laughing right along with Megan. She was feeling your love, and pouring it back out on all of us. I just felt overwhelmed by it all.”

“We felt it too, Mom, it’s a meaningful and important thing we’re doing. I’m glad you’re here to share it with us.”

Megan sits up with all her natural bounce and cheerfulness. “I really felt it, it’s like nothing else in the world. Phoebe, thank you for telling us about the Goddess and helping us find Her blessing. I want to spend my life as Her servant, now that I’m starting to understand it. Well, I don’t understand it yet, but I have definitely experienced it ever since I met Tethys. And you are helping me see Her and what She wants. I hope I can come to you with questions and you can help me learn how to serve Her. Fuck, I think I just found religion!”

“I thought it was just a pleasant idea at first,” Phoebe sighs. “But as Hera grows, and as I meet Tethys and Taylor and now you, I’m convinced She’s real, and She really does have blessings for us. Maybe we can learn about Her together.”

“I’d like that, Phoebe,” Megan crawls on her knees across the bed and joins in our big hug.

I’m far from convinced that there’s anything more spiritual than a meeting of like-minded souls going on, women who have an intense and profound capacity for sexual pleasure, and I don’t feel a need to justify it as anything transcendent, but at the same time I greatly enjoy the mood that it’s brought, and the love and sense of hope, meaning and purpose that it provides is hard to criticize. Certainly there have been spiritual revelations in history that have been far more destructive and far less joyful than what we’re experiencing now. Given a choice, I’ll take this one any day.

Hera is next to enjoy the middle spot, and her reaction is similar. It is breathtakingly joyful. Of course, there’s that clit ring for us to handle as well, and Megan and I take turns licking around it and trying to spear it with our tongues. It’s not enough to make me want one, but it’s enough to make me glad Hera has hers.

Lastly, it’s my turn. I quickly understand the difficulty in lying flat on my back while two highly skilled, highly enthusiastic, and highly exciting women trigger, slowly and tortuously, every pleasure nerve on the front half of my body. My first (although far from the first of the day) orgasm comes while they’re still at tit level, I get another one while they’re attacking my belly, and once they’ve started in on my pussy it seems like the entire episode is just one nonstop cumstorm. I don’t end up laughing like Megan did, or repeatedly crying “fuck fuck motherfucking fuck fuck” like Hera does. I’m just stupidly groaning, not a coherent thought in my head, simply overwhelmed by pleasure, joy, lust, love, and a deep sense of well-being, of good health, of happiness with the state of the universe.

We take another break, coffee and chat with Phoebe. She is of course prim, tastefully dressed, sweetly perfumed, and neatly coiffed. Hera, Megan, and I are disheveled messes, hair wild, naked bodies and faces slimed and encrusted, smelling of sweat and cum and passion. Phoebe breathes comfortably in our presence, talks happily with us about our work, our interests, our futures, and even our fears. We end up learning more about one another, and absorbing it with interest and empathy, than we would have had the three of us been left to our own communication barriers. I feel closer now to these girls due to Phoebe.

As always, The Goddess is a recurrent theme throughout her conversation. When I had first heard her speak this way, I’d regarded it as just a convenient metaphor, a way to encapsulate and decorate the kink of mother and daughter sharing the sexual thrills of a lover – the intense instinctive primal desire of the daughter, and the voyeuristic entertainment of the mother. But the more she speaks, the stronger my sense that she’s a sincere believer. Hera seems more noncommittal, easily navigating the terminology and parroting the concepts, but sometimes, at least in my impression, letting slip just the faintest hint of condescension. My feeling is that, for Hera, it’s the method her mother uses of giving her daughter permission for the most debauched behavior conceivable, and herself an excuse to enjoy it, while still thinking of herself as a conservative and modest “christian” woman. It seems to me a wonderful example of cognitive dissonance, but in our case, it’s harmless, so I’m not going to rain on anyone’s parade.

Megan, though, is enthralled by the idea. It’s like nothing she’s ever heard before, which is quite understandable, since Phoebe appears to have invented most of it herself. But it corresponds perfectly with everything Megan wants to believe, it contrasts perfectly with all of her previous frustrations and disappointments, it contradicts none of her limited education or philosophical background, at least none that she has any particular loyalty to, and it provides a powerful mythological structure for this new life paradigm she’s finding herself in, a way to imbue meaning, significance, and nobility to this exciting sexual world she is now embracing. Hera may be the daughter, but it’s obvious that Megan will be the acolyte, and priestess in training.

Phoebe’s sermon is interrupted by Hera’s impatience. “We can talk about this more later, Mom, but we have other things to do now. Who’s ready for another go-round?”

“Fuck yeah!” Megan squeals, and I’m no less enthusiastic, if maybe less vocal.

We assemble once more in the bedroom, practically leaping on the thick and cushiony bed, while Phoebe takes up her station in the chair at the foot of the bed. To an outsider, there may have been a stench, or at least an aroma of staleness to all the dried out sexual fluids coating our skin from the last round, but we’re so immersed in it we don’t notice. And it will soon be refreshed with a new layer of sweat, nectar, slime, and drool.

We make a triangle, three mouths nuzzling into three pussies, as we lay on our sides facing inward. I’ve got Megan’s young and very enthusiastic labia and clitoris pressed into my face, wriggling happily, while Hera works on mine with both raw talent and practiced expertise. It’s very distracting, I feel like I’m neglecting Megan as my own pleasure keeps overwhelming me in wave after wave. She doesn’t seem to mind, though, her orgasms are coming easily and frequently, and despite all our previous fluid loss, her re-hydrated cunt is flowing freely again, and just as delicious as ever. Soon, we’re all gasping and exhausted once more.

Suddenly Megan jumps up on the bed. “Oh my god!” her voice is panic stricken. “What time is it?” I’ve got to be at work!”

Phoebe glances at her phone. “It’s exactly four o’clock, dear.”

She groans. “I’ve got one hour. Hera, can I use your shower?”

Hera barely completes a nod, and Megan has leaped right over my face and disappeared into the bathroom with a scoot.

“Oh dear, I hope I haven’t gotten her in trouble,” Phoebe worries.

“She’ll be fine, as long as she doesn’t masturbate in the shower,” I smile. “Her pizza kitchen isn’t very far from here.”

She’s out again in a few minutes, her hair still dripping but at least clean and smelling fresher. As she dresses, I call out reminders to her.

“Workout at Carl’s tomorrow morning with me and Sonia?”

“Absolutely!” she answers brightly.

“Hippie Hollow afterwards with the three of us plus Joe and Jo?”

“Fuckin A” she smiles. “I can’t wait to meet them!”

She knots up her hair carelessly and stuffs it under her hat as she dons it, slips into her shoes, and dashes out the door yelling “I love you guys! See you soon!”

Phoebe looks wistful after she’s gone. “I love her too,” she sighs. “She is such a wonderful child. The Goddess works through her with great power.”

“Yep, she’s a horn dog all right,” Hera laughs. “I think she’s very cool. I’m jealous, though.” She looks at me. “You and Megan have the perfect skin for spending time in the Sun. I wish I could hang out at Hippie Hollow with all of you, but I spend five minutes in the Sun and I’m red and peeling and unappealing.”

“Sunscreen?” I suggest. She shakes her head. “It burns my eyes, even if somebody else is wearing it. I’m fated to be a horny naked Boo Radley, I fear.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind the occasional visitor to comfort you in your reclusiveness. And I hope you can come out of your shell on Sunday long enough to come over to Jo and Joe’s party.”

“Does this look like a shell?” she slides her hands down her pale but shapely body. “I’ll be at that party, no matter how hot the Sun is. I just don’t think I’ll spend much time at the pool. Maybe one of the men can remain inside long enough to spend time inside of me while the rest of you are relaxing outdoors with empty starving cunts.”

“I have no doubt that all the men are going to want to spend time inside you,” I giggle. “And we’ll make sure they do. They’ll be busy.”

“Can my Mom come too? I think she’d like it.”

Phoebe puts up her hand to decline, but I interrupt. “Maybe I shouldn’t speak for Jo and Joe, but I will anyway. Yes she can come. And she should come. If you want to see a positive example of the Goddess at work, you’ll want her to be there. And your Dad too, I’d love to meet him myself. I still wonder if he’s the real mythological figure around here.”

Phoebe laughs. “I’ll go if he’ll go. That might be a deal. And he might even be interested, after you put it the way you have.” She has a mysterious, mischievous look on her face.

Without Megan, it’s just Hera and I, but that doesn’t slow us down. I’m amazed at her sexual capacity, her non-stop continual hunger, the seemingly endless well of slippery nectar that flows from her ever-sloppy cunt. We take plenty of breaks, and there are drinks, snacks, pee breaks, and even relaxing massages interspersed among the orgasms, but nothing that might qualify as “cleaning up.” I can only imagine how rancid we must appear to the rest of the world. Yet the pussy juice and the saliva, and even the sweat, always seems to flow fresh and new. It’s the smears on our skin that dry up and get old-smelling. Still, though, there’s something strangely erotic about building up layer after layer of sexual coatings, and keeping them moist and slippery with continually renewed sweat and smears of slime. We slide up and down and side to side on each other’s bodies, the sheets are soaked, and I feel like nothing less than the embodiment of raw sexual hot passion itself. Perhaps the Goddess is doing her best work now.

Taylor shows up about five-thirty. I’ve been looking forward to this. Hera and I are in another unending sixty nine, and even Phoebe seems to have gotten bored of making videos of us, although she’s still being verbally encouraging.

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Sweet Little Lucy - A Modern Day Fairy Tale

She was young and fresh, only 15 but she had the body and poise of an older girl more like nineteen or twenty. Lucy was a popular girl and doing well at school. Lucy had deep blue eyes and full soft lips and her pretty face was edged by long blonde hair. Her boobs were not large at 34C but on her slim frame they looked a lot bigger. They were firm with small delicate pink nipples while her waist was trim and her bum was, well peachy was probably the best way to describe it round yet firm. Lucy knew...


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Fiesty redhead

My name is Rachel. I'm 35 years old,5'7,135lbs,red hair that goes past my shoulders,blue eyes,freckles,pale white skin(sorry redheads don't tan.) i ware a size 36DD bra with nice big nipples(it's impossible to hide them) and i keep my red bush nice and trimed. Sean is my best friend,we do just about everthing together.We have been friends for years and nothing sexual has ever happen between us.So when we decided to take a trip to Vegas to celebrate my divorce I thought nothing of it.We were just friends. We had been sitting around the hotel room in our pj's all morning drinking...


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