Childhood friend became lover

Childhood friend became lover

Note: Neither i am a professional writer nor i wanna be. people who are looking for stories written by professional writers plz don't waste ur time here.

People say love and lust are two different things even I use to believe that too but one day all got changed. I am 23 year old guy from a average city of India. I myself never felt that but ppl say I looks good that’s all I can tell you about my looks I can’t waste time to describe myself only gay guys think much about their body. I have kind of shy nature so I never had many friends. On the name of friends I had only one childhood friend her name was Ayesha she was from a strict muslim family. Her parents never allowed her to be friend of any guy but coz I was her childhood friend and grown up with her they never objected my friendship with her. I always knew my limits and I never use to touch her or say any rubbish word front of her parents I always use to talk point to point only about education so they were kinda impressed by my sense of seriousness.

When she grown up she started looking very hot. Light pink skin 5,5 height thin body long black hairs brown eyes, and most of them big perfect shape boobs. While time I felt she became two sexy but coz she was my good friend and i was so sure she don’t love me so I never try to think in that way for her.

At the age of 19 she got married with a businessman name jahid khan settled in uk. Jahid’s parents were Indians but jahid born and grown up in UK. Like a typical muslim family when jahid became old enough for marry his parents start finding a bride for him. jahid was 30 already but still didn’t wanted to marry but his parents forced him very much and when he couldn’t bare pressure anymore he had to lookout some girls that his parents suggested for him. Jahid’s parents wanted a typical muslim girl for him so they try to find out girl in India and somehow found about ayesha. Some of jahid’s relative sent ayesha’s picture to jahid and he said yes without wasting even a single minute as ayesha was way too good looking.

Ayesha didn’t wanted to marry she wanted to study but when her parents find out that jahid earn well they forced ayesha to marry with jahid and ayesha couldn’t protest much. Anyway she got married and the day when she was going to uk all of her relatives and her friends were on her house gate to say her bye coz they all couldn’t go to airport. She was going to the airport by car some of her relatives were also going with her to see off her and jahid. I also wanted to go but I thought maybe his typical Islamic relatives will mind a non muslim guy too close to their girl so just to avoid any non likeable situation I decided not to go to airport and see off her from the house. There were too many ppl on the gate most of them were her relative some were the ppl of colony who were there to say bye to a girl whom they saw by her childhood and some were her friends ”female”.

I was also there but on some distance to her. One by one she meat her relatives then her friends. I was watching her I was sure I can’t go and say her bye coz of her relatives were all over but I was still watching her continuously if she look me ones I can wave my hand.

I was watching her when someone called me “bhaiya” ( big brother )I looked around who called me and my search end on a kid who was looking at me and was waiting for my response I didn’t knew who he is but I knew he is also her relative of ayesha coz I saw him in her house from last few days….. I said “what”??? ………….”javed uncle (ayesha’s father) is calling u” for a moment I wondered what work he can have 2 me when his daughter is going out of country. But I didn’t had too much time to wonder so I moved in the rush coz javed uncle was stand in the rush near ayesha and other relatives.

I moved to javed uncle and asked him “yeah uncle have u called me???” Ayesha was also there her eyes were full of tears (Indian girls normally cry too much when they left their ppl after marry ) she was still hugging bye to one of her relative but just at the moment she heard my voice she turn her eyes on me. Uncle javed said “where was u? Ayesha is going won’t u say bye???” I was surprised by his answer and quite happy too I said “of curse I wanna say but I thought ppl here can mind so” “why will ppl mind u r her childhood friend” I was very happy that now I got chance to say bye to my best friend but I guess other ppl were not coz just at the moment mr. javed asked me for wish to Ayesha all noisy rush there got silent like someone die. Now I didn’t needed to be worry coz now mr. javed himself asked me to say bye now it was his job to take care of his relatives if they try to create scene there.

Ayesha was stand now and didn’t move to next relative like she was waiting for me to say something to her. I moved forward to her. Her face was so sad eyes were still full of tears like she wanted to hug me but we both knew it wasn’t possible we should had to be happy that we got chance to say few words. I couldn’t say anything else just “good bye Ayesha I will miss u” she also couldn’t say much but reply in a short sentence “don’t say good bye I will be back” I said “yeah sure bye” she said “take care of urself” and that’s it then I got back out of rush and she moved forward to other relatives and then to the car. When her car was going to the air port she was watching the rush through the back glass of the car but I don’t know why I felt like she was watching me and wanted to say something more then “bye”.

Time run like it have wings I went out to study in other city. We were always in touch via internet we use to chat almost every night she told me jahid’s parents wasn’t that bad I mean they were quite open minded were not so strict like her own parents. With the time she stop coming online as she use to at the beginning she use to come online almost all nights but soon she was coming online only ones in a week and that too for only for few minutes ones I asked her what’s the problem why don’t she come online like b4 now??? It was a normal question coz I was worried for her but I got a rapid response she told me that her husband don’t like her to chat with me all nights he doubts on her. I was very shocked by her answer but on other hand I thought it’s not that strange I mean if a guy mind her wife chatting with some other boy daily for hours any husband can mind. I didn’t wanted to be a problem for her happily married life so I myself asked her that we shouldn’t chat now much she said her husband don’t mind ones in a week she chat with me but I was sure soon he will start minding that too so I decided not to go online much now.

Anyway time passed and we lost contact meanwhile she came to her home too but I was out of town coz of study so I couldn’t meet her. Ones I went to my home in holidays I meet with my old friends a day in market I found asima she was ayesha’s friend but coz I was also ayesha’s friend so asima and me also knew each other. When I saw her I said hi coz she talked to me b4 on few occasions I had no hesitation to say hi I knew she remember me so I was so sure she won’t mind it. She also reply by saying hi.

Me: long time no see how r u asima.

Asima: yeah quite long time but I am fine how r u?

Me: how I can be better then u. (giggled)

Asima: so have u meet Ayesha?

Me: nope not since her marriage.

Asima: but she just went back three days ago.

Me: yap I know but I just came back to the city yesterday.

Asima: ah so sad so I guess u missed the news.

Me: news? What news u r talking about? Is something wrong with her?

I asked too many questions at ones coz I was worried for ayesha.

Asima: nope nothing wrong infect it’s a good news she is pregnant.

Me: really? Wow that’s a fantastic news. (I was quite happy to know about her pregnancy I thought it’s a good move for a couple to have a baby)

Asima: yap but I wonder how u doesn’t know that, I thought u will be the first whom she will tell this.

Me: I didn’t know coz we are completely out of touch from long long time.

After some more talk we both went on our ways but I was still in my thoughts after hearing about ayesha I was really missing her a lot specially now when she was pregnant and I couldn’t even congratulate her. I was quite proud on my decision of stop chatting with her if I chat with her who really knows if they have problems in their married life.

Time passed again and I became 23 now I completed my CCNA and I applied for jobs on a job portal. Soon I got so many responses but none of them was like I expected, some had low salary and some had no promotion chances but there was one offer which was different then all. It was from a networking firm they offered a nice salary it was more then I expected so I was very happy about the offer everything was simply perfect in the job but there was just one problem in the offer. The firm where I had to work after accepting the offer was in uk even in the same town where ayesha use to live with jahid. I was in big dilemma I wasn’t able to decide I wanna go or not coz at one hand I had a great proposal on other hand I didn’t wanted to go in ayesha’s town I knew if she will find I am in her town she will try to meet me and that can make some serious problems in her happily married life. Anyway finally I chosen to go uk coz I wasn’t sure I will get this much fine offer ones again.

I decided I won’t tell ayesha or any of his family members that I am going in her town. I will live there work there but won’t try to meet her.

Just after few days I was in uk. The first step I took on the English land I wanted to go and see how Ayesha is but I didn’t do it coz I still had doubt if she wanna meet me or not. I started working at the firm. I liked the environment ppl were so friendly and there were few hot girls use to work in the same office too so I liked hot chicks around me. I became familiar with the new environment. I made few friends there my best buddy there was jack he was a nice guy. He had a nice big house.

One day I was at home “I normally was at home coz I didn’t had to do much at office just had to go whenever they need me and call me” watching TV. Someone ring my door bell i thought its pizza boy coz few min. ago I ordered a pizza. When I opened the door I got surprised it wasn’t pizza boy it was Ayesha stand front of me looking straight on my face red coz of anger. I didn’t know what to say nothing comes in my mind all I could manage to say “hi” she didn’t reply she just pushed me slowly and came inside the house. I looked her she seat on the sofa and was watching the right wall like she don’t want to talk to me. I closed the door and seat on a chair on some distance to her. 100s of questions were coming in my mind but I didn’t know how to ask them I had no idea from where to start questions. And what’s going on in her mind. Anyway I had to start from somewhere so I dare a little and said.

Me: are you angry?

Now she turn her face on me and said loudly.

Ayesha: no I am not angry I am happy I am feeling like dancing coz of joy.

Again she turned her had to the wall.

I was so surprised how she find out I am in uk and how do she know my address but I had littlie idea like maybe somehow her parents came to know about me being in uk and they told her anyway that wasn’t the time to think about that…..right now I had to think how to calm her. I have heard somewhere that girls always like if someone give compliment about their beauty. I notice her now she was in typical Indian salwar kurti and looking nice not much changed after even marry and being mother “if I wasn’t wrong” I said “You looking good didn’t changed still looking like 18.” She didn’t response. Her head was still toward wall and mouth was zipped.
Me: hey would u take something tea, coffee, soft drink, juice or a sword to cut my neck???
I joked to calm the situation…..she thought I couldn’t but I clearly caught she tried to laugh.

Ayesha: I don’t want to talk to you don’t try to make me laugh I am so angry.

Me: hey common I know you are angry but give me a chance defend myself… know me from years can I do anything to hurt u? if I did something it have a good reason won’t u even listen ones.?

Ayesha: oh so you still remember me I thought you forgot me.

Me: what? How can u think anything like that I can forget myself but can’t forget u.

Ayesha: if that so why u didn’t told me you are in uk? M I so bad whom u didn’t wanted to know about ur arrival in uk?

Me: that’s not thru u know it…..i have a good reason why I didn’t told u about me being in uk and btw how do u know about my location?

Ayesha: ur mom told to my mom and she told me ur address as well…..and I am curious to know ur “good reason” make sure it should be really good else u goanna die today.

Me: actually Ayesha you told me last time that jahid mind our friendship and I was so sure if u will know I am in ur town u will try to meet me and that could make problems between u and jahid I just didn’t wanted to be a coz of tensions in ur life.

Ayesha: u want me to believe that? (now she was smiling )

Me: believe it or not u know me from childhood… I ever said any lie to u?

Ayesha: no ok I believe u that’s what I like about u… are honest.

I didn’t wanted to type all argument but after about a hour long arguments she finally became normal. I was happy to see her after so long time.

Me: would u like to take something? “I asked again”

Ayesha: a glass of water.

I went in the kitchen and bring a glass of water for her and drunk some water myself in the kitchen too coz It wasn’t easy to make her calm.

Me: so how r u ayesha? How’s jahid? And ur kid is it son or daughter?

Ayesha: you don’t know anything?

Me: what? I don’t know what r u talking about.

Ayesha: my family told nothing in our colony?

Me: I have no idea ayesha coz I wasn’t much at the town after ur marriage most of the time I was out for studies last news I heard about u was about ur pregnancy.

She was now looking at me her eyes were being little wet coz of tears I could easily see it and I was wondering what the problem is. I asked.

Me: is everything fine?

She finally couldn’t stop herself and start crying. I was very shocked to see her crying coz doesn’t mater I was her childhood friend but I didn’t saw her crying after we were about 10. I hold her hand and asked her again.

Me: what happen why r u crying? Is everything fine?

Now she said something in her crying voice that made me pissoff on few ppl.

Ayesha: jahid was an jerk and her family was cheater. Jahid already had a wife whom he and his family loved a lot but coz of some accident she wasn’t able to become mother. Jahid’s family needed jahid’s own kid and for that they needed another wife of jahid. They didn’t told neither me nor my parents that jahid was already married. I didn’t knew it until I gave birth to jahid’s son. Just after that they called her old wife back to their home. They treated me so roughly. They all use to beat me everyday I had no other choice but to take divorce but forcefully they took the kid too. Now I am alone. These ppl cheated me. I am living alone from last 3 months.

I was so shocked to know all that I was so mad on jahid and his family members I wanted to shoot them all for doing bad with my innocent friend I said

Me: these are fucking bastards I won’t leave them u don’t worry I will teach them a good lesson.

Ayesha: no plz don’t do anything.

Well frankly I had no idea what can I do to harm them I mean I was new there and they were living in the town from years but at that moment I couldn’t think like that I just wanted to teach them a good lesson.

Me: they deserves a lesson ayesha.

Ayesha: no plz jahid and his family is nothing for me now I don’t wanna see their faces again in my life infect it was my fault too.

Me: what? How it was ur fault?

Ayesha: I married a guy whom I didn’t know just coz my parents asked me to do. I wanted to study but I didn’t oppose them much when they forced me to marry I always live as my parents wanted me to live but not anymore now I will live my life the way I like.

Me: what r u saying that wasn’t ur fault they took advantage of ur innocence. And what do u mean by ur own way?

Ayesha: my own way… know when jahid gave me divorce my parents were sad too but soon they start looking for new husband for me but I don’t want to be fool again now I won’t marry with anyone whom I don’t know. My parents were so angry on me coz I refuse to marry again so I decided to stay in uk I got my citizenship here. I live and work here and I kinda like this free life. I can wear cloths as I like, I can go out without any male with me I don’t have to follow strict Islamic laws etc. I work earn and live at my own.

Me: what? U work? But how I mean as much I remember you couldn’t finish ur studies so how u got work in a country like uk?

Ayesha: yes yes u r right I couldn’t finish my education and came to uk but I am so lucky I found Dr. khan. He is a nice man he gave me job in his clinic as a receptionist. And I work same in a hotel too. I earn enough money for me.

Then we talked for few more hours and then she went back to her house I asked her to drop her but she said she have some other work too before going home. In next few weeks we talked on phone sometime. We couldn’t meet coz her schedule was busy all day and I couldn’t dare to ask her time in night coz though now she was in uk but we both were still Indians and there was some untold rules between us. Time was passing like that until I got another surprise.

It was a usual day I was busy doing some networking check up on my computers at home when I heard the door bell. I go and opened the door there was a woman covered by hijab on the door. It was Ayesha doesn’t mater she was fully covered with hijab but I could easily recognize her coz her eyes weren’t covered and I could easily know who have such beautiful eyes. Without wasting time I said.

Me: oh you common in. (and I moved back to the room Ayesha followed me)

Ayesha: how do u know it’s me?

Me: I can see ur eyes.

Ayesha start watching me with strange eyes.

Ayesha: you can recognize my eyes???

Me: of curse we are friends from over 23 years now I don’t need to see ur face to know it’s u. I can easily find out it’s u by ur eyes and ur voice too.

Seems like she got very impressed by my answer.

till now she removed her hijab and throw it on the chair to get comfortable I was quite happy to see she is being like b4 now I mean she feel my home as her own. When she removed her hijab I was amazed to see her cloths it was totally western cloths nice blue sexy t shirt and and blue jeans. She was looking too sexy in those cloths. I couldn’t stop my self by asking.

Me: ayesha what’s this???

Ayesha: what?

Me: hijab in uk?

Ayesha: you know Dr. khan strictly told me if I wanna work at his clinic I will have to work in Islamic way coz his 90% patients are from Pakistan and Arabia and they like to see woman in hijab they don’t like girl in western outfit.

Me: ok I got it maam but why this jeans and blouse???

Ayesha: coz this is not the only work I have after dr. khan’s clinic I have to go to hotel for my other job too and tourists there will be scared if they will see a receptionist in hijab. Btw why u asked aren’t these cloths looking good on me???

Me: nope they are looking very nice I just never saw u in these kind of clothes that’s why I was just surprised.

Ayesha: btw u didn’t asked why I came here?

Me: why will I ask its ur own home u can come whenever u want.

Ayesha: I know that but this time I come with a special reason.

Me: and what’s that?

Ayesha: dr. khan have decided take big break of one and half hour everyday coz he got some lecturer job in some medical college so he will go there for one and half hour everyday. He also permitted me to go home for lunch etc. but my house is too far from the clinic I don’t think so it’s a good idea to waste too much time and energy go there and come back daily for an hour. So I was wondering ur house is near clinic if I can come here everyday for relax a little coz I feel so weird in clinic. U got problem???

Me: as I said b4 it’s ur own house u don’t need my permission. Feel it ur home.

Ayesha: thanks I knew u won’t say no infect u r the only one in the city whom I can trust coz other ppl always try to take advantage of me.

Me: yeah probably they will I mean why not u r good looking and alone you are a easy target for any frustrated bastard.

Ayesha: so I shouldn’t trust on u too coz u r also a bastard.(I know she was just kidding coz that’s what she always use to do)

Me: yap better be aware of me coz I am the desperado can rape u anytime hahahaha.(we both laughed)

Time being pass like always and she start being comfortable at my home as it was her own house i mean she was cooking food in my kitchen if she is hungry, she use to clean house often sometime even she use to get showers at my house if I wasn’t at home. She always use to come at my house at her break and I also never mind it coz she was the one whom I always thought my friend without any expectations. We two also had to go for the shopping for movie etc. and I was quite enjoying uk coz here no one was about to complain to her family about her and she was also enjoying her freedom. She was being little close to me for example in India she hardly use to touch me but here hugs and some other close body contact wasn’t a big deal for her.

One day I was doing something about network on my computer when she came door was open so she came put her hijab off and lay on the sofa. She was now in a long skirt and a white blouse. she was looking so tired so I asked her “are u ok” she said she was ok but tired coz she had more then usual work today but she finished it b4 lunch and coz dr. isn’t gonna be at clinic again for next few days so she got full free week. “wow that’s cool so r u going to india to meet ur parents?” I asked she replied “no not now one week isn’t enough I will go 3 months later for about 15 days”. I asked her why Dr. is off for a week. “he is going to Pakistan for attend a marriage function of his childhood friend’s daughter”

Ayesha: Dr. Khan care about his childhood friend so much. We were also so close to each other na? we never use to hide anything from each other isn’t it?

Me: yeah right and don’t know about u but I still don’t hide anything from you.

Ayesha: I also never hide anything from you but I doubt u tell me everything about u.

Me: I have no idea what u r talking about have u ever found something about me that I didn’t told u.???

Ayesha: yes you didn’t tell me about ur girlfriend yet.

Me: my girlfriend? Who told you I have got a girlfriend. That’s not thru.

Ayesha: now don’t tell me in those years when we weren’t in touch u didn’t found any girl.

Me: really I was so busy about my studies I never noticed any girl you are my first and last girlfriend. (soon I realized what I have said I could see her face in the mirror it was red a littlie I didn’t had any idea it was coz of anger or she was blushing ……to handle the situation soon I added few more words in my line ) yes I mean u r a girl and my friend too so u r my girlfriend we just don’t love each other else we are a couple. (And I winked at her)

Ayesha: how u r so sure I don’t love u. (she winked me back. I was feeling exited inside but my face was saying that I am amazed I didn’t expected these words from her soon she saw my face which was now on her side and next she laughed and said) by see ur face I guess u being serious I hope u know I am just kidding. (Now this was something that I expected from her I was disappointed a little but this was more like real so I turned back my face to my computer and said )

Me: if u will make fun of me again I will call ur father and tell them u being love with a non Muslim so she will call u back.

Ayesha: I will shoot a bullet in ur had if u will do anything like that. (she giggled )

Suddenly she stands from the sofa and came near to me. I was still busy making configure the network server. She came and stand back on my chair. I never felt her this much close b4 I can smell her perfume and it was really good feeling to feel her close her hairs were touching naked skin of my shoulders. When I felt that I stopped messing with computer and started waiting what she gona say or do.

Ayesha: what r u doing btw?

Me: I told u I am a network administrator.

Ayesha: I know that. I mean what r u doing right now?

Me: nothing important just doing some office work why?

Ayesha: I want to ask u something very seriously.

Me: don’t joke Ayesha and serious these two words can never be one in ur case. (And I laughed)

Ayesha: no really will u answer honestly?

Me: ok ok ask what u wana ask.

Ayesha: we know each other from more then 23 years tell me in this long period of time did u think about me as a girl.?

Me: what r u saying I always know u r a girl why will I think u as a boy lol.

Ayesha: nope u didn’t got what I am trying to say I am trying to say have u ever thought about me like a boy think about a girl?

Now this was something that I didn’t expected I will have to hear in my life. I didn’t knew what I should say coz that was truth she was a hot girl and I really fantasized about her ones maybe twice but on other hand whenever I fantasized about her I always felt so much guilt coz I fantasized about a girl who think me as her good friend. I didn’t knew I should say truth or not coz she will only notice that I fantasized about her she will never understand how much guilt I felt after fantasizing about her. I thought when she will know I had naughty thought about her she will get angry and I didn’t wanted to loose a friend like her but I didn’t knew how I can lie to her that she won’t catch me. I stand from chair and turn around to her. she was still looking me with questionable eyes. I start playing with words coz that was the only way to rid of from this topic.

Me: what kind of question is this? U doesn’t trust me?

Ayesha: what about trust? Yes I know u r my friend but u r a boy too and I am a girl we always spent too much time with each other it’s not unusual if u sometime get different kind of thoughts about me.

Me: ayesha what r u saying girl?

Ayesha: I am not saying anything I just asked u a simple question that u didn’t answered yet.

Me: you know you are my best mate it’s really a shame for me if I even dream like that.

Ayesha: this isn’t the answer of my question.

Me: I know there is nothing possible between us so I don’t hope for anything that isn’t possible.

Ayesha: yes I know there is nothing possible between us I am a divorced girl and maybe u like virgins.

Me: bullshit I don’t believe all that virgin thing I said nothing is possible between us coz be both from different religions and I know u have no feeling for me.

Ayesha : so is my religion a problem for u?

Me: no but it can be for ur parents besides why r we discussing our relationship? As u recently said we are just friends?

Ayesha: Hey listen up now I wana tell you something and this time I am not joking…..You and me we are together from long time as friends if there would be some other girl or boy they could be in love in this much big period of time very easily and I am not an exception I also love u vijay.( damn she love me? Wow these words were feeling like life in the deadland I wanted to listen those words again and again but had no time coz she was continue talking and I wanted to listen what she say next) yes I always loved you but I never told you coz you never showed any interest in me and we had several other problems too. But I can’t take it anymore I can’t hide my love for you vijay. Recently I realized life isn’t long as much we think so we should tell ppl whom we love that we love them. So I am telling you I love you most in the world. I know I am divorced and maybe it’s impossible for you to love me.( she had no idea how much I want her ) but still I wana admit I love you and plz don’t worry I don’t expect same from you I know u would like to love a girl who never got married b4. Now when I told u all that I feel for u and I just wanted to know what u feel about me but now I don’t wana know I think I know what u feel. Now when u knows all things it won’t be easy for me to be front of you coz you thought me as a friend and I got different feelings for you. I will always love you. Good bye. (b4 I could understand what’s going on she left my house )

I tried to catch her but she was left already I called her on her cell but It was off now I had no other choice but to go on her place. I drive fast and reached on her apartment. In the way I was hoping her to be on her house. I ringed her doorbell after a min. she opened door.

Now she was in a beautiful night gown. She saw me and I saw her she went in I also moved in to her house and close the door myself. Then I said

Me: why did u left.

Ayesha: I couldn’t stand there anymore.

Me: you didn’t gave me any chance to say anything.

Ayesha: I know what u wana say but try to understand I can’t help it I tried not to love you but I simply can’t help it.
Me: Ayesha listen I know we are good friends and the fact is I also love you a lot. Not from childhood as u do but I also feel so sad when u aren’t around me the day when u went to uk was one of the toughest day of my life. That time I didn’t know why I was so sad but now I know I was in love with u.

She was looking me now there was a glow in her eyes. She suddenly hugged me tight and I also embraced her in my arms. Her had was on my shoulder and my hands were on her back. She said “oh viajy u don’t know since when I wanted to listen those words” we stand in that position for about 2 min. and then break off. She was looking me and I was looking her I wanted to kiss her but I had no idea if she will accept it as love or lust but I couldn’t help it I grabbed her face from both of my hands (as I saw in the movies) I moved forward to her and start moving my lips on her lips. She didn’t oppose… after few a second I put my lips on her. This was the first kiss of my life. I was rubbing my lips on her lips when she opened her mouth and start licking my lips from the tip of her tongue now I knew she was trying to enter her tongue in my mouth so I opened my mouth and just at the next moment she did what she wanted. She moved her tongue in my mouth it felt soooooooooo good so I also put my tongue in her mouth and soon we were kissing crazy in French kiss style.

It was really hard for me to believe this is the same girl who use to get red coz of shyness few years back if I even touch her hand by mistake. Slowly I moved my hand on her butt from back. Now my hand was on her hip i pushed her hip and now her lower portion was in touch with mine. I started kissing her neck at the same time I was rubbing her hip through cloths too. I could easily see she was enjoying that. Her breast were pushing against my chest I could see her cleavage I moved my mouth on them and start kissing those cleavage she was still let me do all what I was doing. But then I did a mistake. I was wondering she was ready for everything so slowly I put my left hand on her right breast and through the cloths I rubbed it. She get surprised and pushed me with power by calling my name like I did something that she didn’t wanted me to do I didn’t expected this move from her so I left her she got back few inches from me she was looking at me and I said “I am sorry I guess I was over exited” she was breathing fast. She said “it’s ok that isn’t ur fault I was also enjoying ur moves anyway I think we should stop” I said “ ok as ur wish”

Ayesha: do u take something tea or juice?

Me: I will take a glass of chill water plz.

Ayesha: ok give me a min.

Then she went in kitchen and got back with a glass in her hand.

Ayesha: there u r.

Me: thanks.

I start drinking water.

Ayesha: are u angry.?

Me: don’t be silly why I will be angry infect I should ask u the same question are u angry?

Ayesha: no why will i?

Me: I rubbed ur boob yes we accepted recently that we love each other but by rubbing ur boob I guess I gave u a sign like I love u coz of ur body or something like that but really believe me I was just over exited I love ur soul more then ur body.

Ayesha: I know that. U are always far from girls you never had a girl friend but u r a boy and u have some needs coz I am ur girlfriend now it’s my duty to take care of ur needs but I couldn’t that’s why I asked u are u angry. I know it must be hard to be virgin till this age and I have no problem if u get exited about my body I am ur girlfriend after all ….. U have full right on my body.

Me: really? What’s the problem then?

Ayesha: problem is I still haven’t told u few things that I am scared to tell you coz I just got u and I don’t wana loose u again. I doubt when u will know those things u won’t love me as much u do right now.

Me: what the f. there is nothing which can make me love u less then I do u right now. Tell me frankly plz always remember b4 ur lover I am ur best friend with whom u have shared everything each of ur secret. At least trust me like that.

Ayesha: I don’t know how to tell you. You know I have a kid that jahid took from me. I didn’t breastfeed him from months but my breasts still produce milk.

What? Damn I was wondering is that something that bad coz I was feeling excitement inside.

Me: really?

Ayesha: yes when u rubbed my boob I was worried it will come out soon if u keep squeezing it and when u will see it u will think it’s disgusting.

Me: no it’s not disgusting like each part of ur body it’s also come from you how can I feel it disgusting.

Ayesha: really? U have no problem with that?

Me: of curse not.

Now I had a hard on by listen about her breasts and to know that she had no problem if I have sex with her but this time I didn’t know from where to take this situation on kissing again so I can move for more but coz I am kind of shy boy I could ask her if she was continue from where we leaved. I was keep wondering in between she took the water glass and going back to put it in sink. I stand and said “ok ayesha I think I should leave now.”

Ayesha: so soon? U have some work?

I wanted to say “I have no work I just wanna fuck u so hard” but I couldn’t say that I said “ yes I have to finish the project which I left behind coz I had to follow you” she said ok said bye and I came back to home.

At my home I was tying hard to concentrate on my half work but I wasn’t able to do it I was keep wondering about all what happened in recent hours how my life got changed in few hours how my best friend became my girl in few hours and more then that I was keep wondering about the words which ayesha said to me. “You have full right on my body”.

That was feeling really good I couldn’t believe I was planning to take her on my bed. But I had no idea how can I do it coz for next full week she wasn’t coming to my house. Anyway somehow I finished my work and start trying to sleeping but It was really hard I was still awake till 2 am usually I sleep till 11 anyhow. I just wanted to talk to ayesha but it wasn’t possible coz she must be sleeping. But don’t know why I dialed her cell no. phone start ringing but in half I cut it off to think she will be mad if I awake her at midnight. I put my phone on table and again start try to sleep but just after a min. my phone start ringing without making any delay I picked it and watched its screen. I was expecting it must be ayesha and I was right the screen was flashing her name. I picked it up.

Me: hello

Ayesha: did you called me a min. ago?

Me: yes I did how do you know?

Ayesha: I can see ur no. on my cell phone. (Damn what happen to me? How I forgot everybody can see incoming no. on mobile phone I proved myself foolish front of her)

Me: oh yeah sorry I forgot. (She giggled)

Ayesha: so? U wanted to say something?

Me: emm not exactly.

Ayesha: why did u ringed me at 2 am then?

Me: sorry if I awake you.

Ayesha: nope you didn’t I was awaked already I couldn’t sleep.

Me: really? Why? Is everything fine?

Ayesha: yes everything is fine why u r still awake btw? I have same reason for being awake at 2 am that u have.

I guess she figured it out I was wondering about her.

Me: and what’s the reason?

Ayesha: Vijay stop being ignorant now. Is it too hard for u to say u was missing me?

Me: yes actually we are friends from long time we always were in limits but now suddenly we become lovers I think we will take some time to be familiar with this new relation what u think.?

Ayesha: no I think only u will take time coz I am already comfortable with out new relation and I guess u also won’t take much time after tomorrow.

Me: tomorrow? What’s tomorrow?

Ayesha: tomorrow I am coming at ur house and I will give u something that will make u comfortable too coz I think u wasn’t prepare for this new relation but I was for the day I meet u.

Me: what r u talking about?

Ayesha: nothing you just sleep we will meet tomorrow.

Me: ok good night.

She also wished me good night and ended the phone call. I was start wondering what she gonna give me that will make me comfortable? Is she gonna give me a nice fuck or it will be a hours long lecture about love relationship? Anyway I awake for another hour and then fallen asleep. Next morning I wake up at 10. I took leave from office coz today I wasn’t feeling to work I just wanted to rest and wanted to spend time with Ayesha. I brushed my teeth and drink some tea took a quick shower. Then I watched some TV. I was expecting her to arrive at 2 pm. But she came at 11.30. She was in a black t-shirt and a high knee skirt. Door was open already when she arrived so she just came inside the house and sit on the couch. I asked her “u so early?” she replied “ yeah soon u will go to office so I came early to think we will have more time to talk”

Me: but I am not going anywhere today.

Ayesha: what about ur work?

Me: I took leave today.

Ayesha: really? That’s cool. Did u took leave for me btw?

Me: No I didn’t have much work to do at office today that’s why. (I couldn’t say yes coz of my ego )

Ayesha: have u took lunch?

Me: nope not yet I was going to cook.

Ayesha: you sit and relax I will made lunch today.

Then she went in the kitchen and start cooking she didn’t need my assistance coz she was already using my kitchen from months so she has all knowledge about my kitchen. She made some Indian food. We took lunch and finally became free at 1 pm. Now I was watching TV ones again I mean I was trying to act watching TV my attention was on ayesha who was reading news paper. There was thousands of questions in my mind about our last night talk but I wasn’t able to ask her coz she could catch my excitement about the desire of having sex with her. I was expecting her to tell it herself but when after half hour she didn’t say even a single word I dare myself.

Me: ayesha.

Ayesha: yes?

Me: did I wake u up last night?

Ayesha: u mean by that phone call?

Me: yap

Ayesha: nope u didn’t….. I told u already didn’t I?

Me: yeah u did.

Ayesha: then why u asked again or u wanted to remind me about last night talk of ours??? (She giggled)

I was busted now I have no choice will have to accept and will have to talk point to point.

Me: yes I wanted to to remind u when u said u gonna give me something today I am wondering from last night what u was talking about I am so confuse.

Ayesha: I know u already guessed what I was talking about.

Me: really I have no idea.

Ayesha: ok let It be….. tell me why r u so shy these days.? You said u also loves me but I don’t feel like you do.
Me: I really love u why did u thought I don’t love u.?

Ayesha: ask urself you feel shy to say u was missing me you aren’t comfortable when I am around u and so on.

Me: it’s just coz I am so confuse these days b4 we were just friends and we use to talk but we never talk about any sexual mater but now we are lovers and I know it will hurt you but since I know you are my girl I just can’t stop dreaming about u in a sexual way. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I try a lot to stop thinking about you like that but I can’t help it.

(I can’t believe I just said that ) now I was waiting for her reply what she will say.

She was quite “are you angry” I said “I am so sorry if I hurt you but I just said what I feel I am always afraid I will do something and u will leave me” She looked at me for a moment then she moved sit near me and said
“Look I know sex is the topic we have never talked b4 but it’s not a big deal for me to talk about it with u coz now I have accepted you as my lover my soul mate so I can talk about it with u. I am not angry from you if u think about me sexually after all we are lovers. I never told you b4 but I always fantasize about u coz you was the only boy who was around me from childhood. Now tell me was I a bad friend? I don’t think I was coz I loved you I just didn’t told you about that.”

I was shocked to know all that. But I was quite happy too. Ayesha continue speaking.
Tell me do wanna have sex with me?
I was shocked again what she was saying was totally fantastic it was like a dream I couldn’t say anything else other then “what?”

Ayesha: yes tell me do u wanna have sex with me coz I think this is the only way to make you comfortable with me.
Me: no I don’t want to have sex with u just coz I want it we will have it when u will also want to have sex with me not just to make me comfortable with u.

Ayesha: now I am also shy a little I can’t say it from my mouth but yes I also want it.

Before I could realize what she said she stand and set on my lap. She was close to me again I could smell her perfume that was making me crazy coz doesn’t mater I was about to be 24 I never been this much close with any woman b4.

When she sat on my lap her legs get spread a little so her skirt moved up a little now it was above her knee and I could see her fair sexy lower legs what I never saw b4. I had no idea what was going on until she started kissing me and just at the moment I realize this day gonna be the most fantastic day of my life. I also start kissing her wildly. Her big breasts were pushing against my chest and my hands were on her lower back just above her ass. I was enjoying her tongue playing with mine but I had to move on so I put my mouth on her neck and between our kiss sometimes I was kissing her neck too and when I was doing that I could see she was moving her face to the roof so I could kiss her neck even her upper cleavage much better way. Our breathing was being faster every moment. Slowly I moved my right hand on her thigh it was so nice soft and without even a single hair. I start lifting her skirt up slowly she didn’t protest but suddenly stop kissing me and stand from my laps. I thought maybe she mind but how we have just talked about all things then why? I was wrong she didn’t mind she stand from my laps and stand right front of me. She removed her hair band so now her beautiful black silky hairs were all over her back and some were on her face now she was looking even sexier. I thought now she would remove her top but I was wrong she jumped over me gave me a big kiss and then start lifting my t-shirt and after only a single second she removed my t-shirt. Now she start kissing my chest my stomach and nipples. She was teasing my nipples with her tongue yap that was stupid but I didn’t wanted to stop her I wanted her to do whatever she want. It didn’t last too long just after 5 to 10 seconds she stand again and said “let’s go to bedroom” I was so horney and didn’t wanted to go anywhere I asked “what’s the problem here” she replied “ no problem but I think bed is more comfortable” I didn’t wanted to argue with her so I stand too I put her in my arm now she was in my arms not on floor I start moving to bedroom and in the way to the bed I was keeping kissing her soft tasty lips. When we reached to the bed I almost throw her on bed she managed and sit on the bed this time I couldn’t wait and I removed her t-shirt myself. I looked for a moment she wear a black bra it wasn’t enough to cover her breast I could easily see her breast just near her nipples. Bra was so tight so I could see where her nipple is behind the fabric I start kissing her ones again now my hands went on her back and I unhook her bra and fall back I pulled her bra and I saw the most beautiful breasts ever these were nice firm round breast two little coin size nipple were looking so nice on them. When Ayesha notice I am watching her tits she blushed and hided her boobs with both of her hands and stat smiling. I give her a smile too and then take her hands off from her boobs. She said “u looking like u never watched breast b4”

Me: I said I never had any girl.

Ayesha: so u never watched boobs even on internet or TV.

Me: of curse I did but none of them were beautiful as u have.

She blushed again. I went back to her start kissing her again and my hands were on her boobs now I start squeezing them. It didn’t took so much time I felt my hands became wet I looked at them there was something white on my hands I knew what it was.

Me: wow its nice u still have milk in ur breast but since no body suck ur breast don’t it hurt I mean I heard it hurts to have milk in breast if woman don’t squeeze it out.

Ayesha: yes it hurts but I squeeze it by using my hands and I got a pump back at my home too.

Then she stopped speaking for a moment and then after thinking something she said

Ayesha: vijay….. Would u like to suck them?

Actually I also wanted to suck them and wanted to taste how does it taste I know it was weird but exiting at the same time.

Me: u want me to suck ur breast?

Ayesha: yes if u don’t mind…..whenever I squeeze my milk I fantasize about u sucking them and it felt good to me now when u know my secret so I want to feel it in real. Will u?

Me: ok let’s try.

she lay on the bed I sit near her I moved my mouth near her right breast nipple. I could smell aroma of her milk it was good I took her nipple in my mouth and start sucking it gently. She start moaning as milk start coming from her nipple. It was so tasty kind of vanilla flavor. I said

Me: it’s taste like vanilla.

Ayesha: I know

Me: how?

Ayesha: told ya I got a pump at home so I taste it ones. “Smile”

Ayesha: it feels so good when u suck my breast I can feel something from my body going in ur body I think it makes our love strong.

Me: yes.

And then I start sucking it again. I sucked both of her breasts for about 15 to 20 min. and she didn’t stop moaning in that period of time it sounds like she was enjoying this sucking more then the fucking lol. After some time milk stopped flowing. And I removed my mouth from her breast.

Ayesha: oh vijay u don’t know how much good I am feeling right now….. it was never so satisfying to squeeze milk by hands or by using pump today I am feeling like I rid from pain in real.

Me: don’t worry from now u won’t need any pump or ur hands to squeeze ur milk out of ur breast. And I winked her
She giggled and said “I really hope so” then she sit on the bed and removed her pant herself I saw her beautiful thighs first time in my life. She was looking to sexy but at this moment all I wanted to see her pussy. I grabbed her panty and slowly slid it out from her thighs then from her legs and bingo she was now totally nude. Her legs were straight on the bed she lay on the bed again fold her legs. I grabbed them by her knee and spread them by using my hands and I saw a nicely shaved pink pussy totally open. It was little wet and I guessed it’s coz of sucking session.

I watched it’s beauty for about a min. and then I put my hand on it I felt it was so soft and warm maybe the softest thing I ever touch it was sticky coz of her juice I start rubbing it and when I was rubbing it she was moaning so hard my hand gets sticky coz of her precum. I don’t know what came in my mind I put my biggest finger in her pussy and it slid into the pussy like there was nothing maybe coz it was so wet. I start fingering her and she start moaning even louder. Her moans were making me crazy so I was fingering her more and more my hand was running like it was some engine then suddenly she grabbed my hand so tight and forcefully stopped it she holed my hand so tight and her hips were bouncing like ball. I didn’t know what happened till I didn’t felt something on my finger which was still in her vagina. Now I knew she got orgasm. Her body was all sweaty. I put my finger out of her pussy it was even more wet now. She looked at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back. Now she got up and said “now let me see what u have” and she pushed me slowly I knew she want me to lay on the bed so I layed on the bed myself. She removed my pants and then underwear my 7 inch dick already in its hardest position she saw it. I don’t know it surprised her or what but her eyes became so wide I asked her.

Me: what happen?

Ayesha: it’s so beautiful big, thick and nicely shaped ……….the best I ever saw I doubt if my pussy will be able to handle it.

Me: best u ever saw? How many u saw yet?

Ayesha: two ur and jahid’s his dick was not this much bigger it was almost half then ur and not thick as u have and he had a cut on his dick that looks really ugly infect he use to force me to suck it coz his dick because his dick use to take too much time to get hard and ur is hard already.

Me: jahid forced u for blowjob? That sux I guess u don’t like it so no worry if u don’t feel comfortable don’t suck mine. “smile”

Ayesha was still looking at my dick she said

“no it’s looking so cute I want to take it in my mouth I want to see how it’s different the jahid’s it was only jahids dick which taste so bad or all dicks taste rubbish.”

Me: sure?

Ayesha: yes

She moved her mouth near my dick I knew what was going to happen I never had even someone’s hand on my dick before and now the girl of my dreams were going to put her lips, mouth on it… was making my dick even harder. She took my dick in her mouth and start sucking it slowly. I can’t explain how good that feeling was, her mouth was so warm I could feel her tongue licking tip of my dick. She put my dick out of her mouth and start looking it again.

Me: what happen? It’s same as jahids?

Ayesha: no it’s much better I enjoyed it.

And again she took it in her mouth and start sucking it I closed my eyes and start enjoying her warm mouth. She sucked it for about 10 min. and then put it out. She looking at me and said

Ayesha: it felt so good but my mouth hurts now.

Me: oh sorry.

Ayesha: why r u sorry u didn’t forced me I enjoyed that but now I am ready to move forward I can’t take this anymore I am so horney now.

Me: move forward what do u mean?

I knew what she mean but I wanted to know what will she say.

Ayesha: are u ready to make me ur forever?

Me: yes I am.

Ayesha: then just lay as u r.

Then she stand up on bed. She stepped her one leg over my body and now I am between her legs. She set near my dick. I knew what she was going to do. She grabbed my dick in her right hand and point it’s tip on the door of her lovehole.

Ayesha: I think it’s too big for this position but coz my pussy is open it should go in it somehow.

She start trying to sit on my dick pointing her pussy. This was the first time my dick ever touch a pussy it went 10% in her pussy but then slid out it happen several times. She stand up and said “ I think it won’t work we will have to try something else. I got up and she layed on the bed she folded her legs and spread them now her pussy was open I layed on her I aimed my dick on her pussy and pushed. With a single push my dick goes little in her pussy she moaned and said “push again” I pushed again and this time half of my dick was inside in her pussy she almost screamed.

Me: u ok? “I could easily see pain on her face”

Ayesha: it’s too big I am feeling like I am a virgin.

Me: u want me to take it out if u feeling too much pain?

Ayesha: no keep going on today no pain can stop me to make u mine. Push it in

I pushed again and my dick was inside her pussy. It was so tight she was right I also felt like she was still a virgin coz her pussy hold my dick so tight. My dick was totally inside her pussy. It was so warm and wet. I was feeling so happy coz this was the moment when I was inside my best friend. Now we became one. But ayesha was feeling so much pain I could see it on her face became so red like all her blood came in her face her body was white as much it wasn’t few min. ago.

Me: Ayesha r u ok? I really feel we should stop seems like its not usual pain.

Ayesha: no don’t stop it will be ok soon.

To reduce her pain I start kissing her again and start moving my dick in and out. She was right in next few min. her pain became pleasure and screams became moans now I was fucking her so fast our body were now with full of sweat. Her arms were on my around back and legs were on my hips I was fucking her with my full capacity I was enjoying it too much and finally after about 25 min. I was about to reach my destination. I said

Me: Ayesha I am about to cum.

Ayesha: me too.

Me: let me take it out.

Ayesha: no do it inside.

I became even faster with those words and finally I came deep inside her womb about 3 to 5 shots of cum inside her pussy and we both were done. I was still on her my dick now getting loose I moved up and lay next to her she was still breathing fast but it became normal in next few seconds. I looked her and asked her if she is ok coz I was worried if she still feeling pain or something like that she looked me and gave me a smile with satisfaction. She kissed me and said “I love you and I was never good like this before.” I smiled back. Then we took shower together and I fucked her again in bathroom. This wasn’t the end it was just the start of my golden time. Now there was nothing privet or secret between us we were one forever.

This is half story my friend told me more let me know if you ppl wanna know it.

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