Slave For A Day - The Perfect Gift

Slave For A Day - The Perfect Gift

“Honey, are you going to get up off that couch and help me with anything today, or am I going to have to get nasty about it?” Jill asked half-teasingly of her husband, Chet. It was nearly one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, and as far as she was concerned they were already an hour behind schedule. They were supposed to go out around five for an evening of celebrating, but she had plenty she still had to get done.

“My birthday doesn’t count for anything anymore?” he responded, making a cursory effort to get up. He’d promised to help her with the shopping, and normally would have been happy to do it, but he’d decided to play the difficult husband to see what he could get away with if only for one day of the year. So well past noon he was still lounging around in sweats surrounded by newspapers strewn across the living room floor.

“It’ll count for plenty later on,” she said, “but if we don’t get these errands run there might not be much of a party.” It wasn’t really true, but she needed to try something to get him moving. “So please, pick up your mess and go get dressed so we can get on with it.”

“Look who’s talking! You plan on going out in the same tank top and shorts you sleep in?” She gave him a look but declined comment as she went back into the kitchen. He got up, straightened the papers into a pile and made for the stairs. On his way up she shouted, “And don’t even think about getting on the computer!” Ha! He was way ahead of her on that one. Checking his email was his backup plan to slow things down, since it invariably contained some small issue from work to which he’d have to attend. He might look like he was in motion, but he could easily milk it for another hour. As he sat down at the desk and open his laptop the doorbell rang. He didn’t budge.

Jill and Chet had been married for five years now and had a fairly idyllic marriage. They both worked as sales reps for an athletic apparel company, which earned them good money, but kept them on the road a lot. For them it meant keeping some of their independence while making them more appreciative of the time they had together. Having not gotten married until they were in their early thirties, they’d each not really wanted to give up the freer lifestyle they’d previously had, and they respected that need in the other. It wasn’t an open marriage per se, but they shared a certain adventurousness that they nurtured in each other rather than try to control.

Back in the kitchen, Jill was trying to decide whether she’d prefer Chet to get the door or not. It would mean slowing her plans down even further, but at least she wouldn’t have to deal with whoever it was pushing god knows what on her. When she didn’t here any noise from upstairs as the bell rang again, her next thought was to ignore the door completely. But that always made her feel guilty, so she grudgingly got up and headed down the hall.

When she opened the door she was immediately glad she did. In front of her, staring back with deep brown eyes and soft features was a very young woman, a girl really, probably still in high school, dressed in a warm-up suit of one of the athletic teams from the town college. She stood about five and a half feet, had straight brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and beneath the loose workout gear surely had a fine athletic body like the one she herself had a few years back before it had begun to soften.

“Hi!” the girl said, trying hard to sound enthusiastic, but barely concealing her displeasure. “I’m Kathy, and I’m with the Martin University swim team, do you have a minute for my spiel?”

Jill was struck by they contradictory body language coming from this girl who would surely be asking for money in a moment or two. As a veteran seller she could tell she’d lost her will to hustle, and it made her a little sympathetic, although it may have had more to do with her attraction to her. So she decided to put her at ease a bit.

“Honey, as someone who makes a living in the selling game, you gotta be way better than that to open up my wallet,” she said with a broad smile. “Been at this all morning I bet, huh?”

Kathy visibly relaxed, and sighed, “Oh, thank god,” under her breath as she smiled back. “Um, yeah, since like 9am with not much success. Tell me, sales pro, just how do you get people to open their wallets, since I obviously have no idea how to.”

“Aw, poor girl,” she cooed sympathetically. “Well, tell me what you’re selling and I’ll see if I can help.”

“Me,” she responded.

“Excuse me?” Jill said, somewhat startled, genuinely unsure she’d actually heard what she’d thought.

“I’m selling me. Or my time anyway. We have this fundraising thing called Rent-a-Swimmer where we go around selling our time doing chores and stuff for folks so we can earn our dues. Usually it’s like yard work, or cleaning out garages or whatever, for $20 an hour or $75 for half a day. We’re just getting people to signup today, then we come back later when they want us.”

Still somewhat unclear on it, Jill asked, “And you go around by yourself house to house doing this? Isn’t that a bit, um, well,…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Kathy interrupted, “Could be kinda weird right? But you’d be surprised how normal people are about it. The team’s been doing it for years around here, so they know we’re coming and have stuff for us to do. Plus we go around in groups, except my teammates bailed about half an hour ago. Guess they don’t need the dough as much as I do. It’s my first semester with the team and I didn’t realize how expensive it was. You guys must be new to this too, huh. Did you just move to this neighborhood?”

“Yes actually, about eight months ago. So how much are you hoping to raise with this?” She was pretty well on her side at this point, but was also thinking up a devious little plan.

“Well, we have to pay $1000 to be on the team, then fundraise another $500. We try to book at least two or three full weekends of work for the fundraising part, but I’m sorta going to have to earn the whole thing, since I had to borrow from my folks just to join.”

“Wow, fifteen hundred bucks, that’s a lot of dough. Don’t know if we can cover all of that, but come on in for a sec and I’ll see if I can come up with something. Do you have the time to wait?” she asked standing back to let her in.

“I’m pretty much resigned to doing this all day, so yeah, sure,” Kathy said stepping in. Jill ushered her to the living room and offered her a seat.

Both Jill and Chet had been college athletes, which was what led them to their jobs and ultimately to meeting one another, so Jill knew shat she was dealing with. For one, she was aware how much it sucked to raise all that money, but she also remembered fondly the kind of lifestyle the athletes led. She’d been involved in some crazy stuff back then, and she was guessing things hadn’t changed all that much. She sat down next to Kathy on the sofa and started inquiring.

“Ok, first I have to say, you look pretty young to be in college. I would have guessed you were still in high school.”

“Yeah, I know, I get that a lot. I graduated a year early from high school, on top of having a really late birthday, so I just turned seven teen a few weeks ago.”

“Wow,” Jill said, “that’s pretty young alright. So how’s college treating you other than you’re broke? Things as wild as ever?”

“Oh, you know how it is,” Kathy alluded, “work, swim, party. Living the dream. Did you go to Martin?”

“I didn’t, but my husband did.” She pointed to the wedding photo on the end table. “I was at State. We both ran track, and had a great time at it. Man, college was a wild time.” She gave her a knowing look. “I envy you just starting out in it.” They sat facing each other on the couch with a foot or two between them. Jill laid her arm across the back rest casually, just beside Kathy’s shoulder. “When I graduated I stayed with the team as an assistant for a year before getting a job selling apparel.” She touched Kathy’s shoulder, pulling on her jacket. “You guys are now one of my accounts. I sold you this jacket. Small world, huh.”

Kathy noticed her hand lingering, and was aware of the under current in the conversation, but wasn’t really uncomfortable with it. Jill was being pretty nice, and she was quite attractive, especially in her shorts and tank. She was willing to see where it went, money or no.

“Get out, really? How can you tell?”

“Well, here, take it off and let me see it.” Kathy unzipped the shell and leaned forward, slipping it off as she did, and handed it to Jill who checked out the tag. “Yep, we make these and I put the order in for you guys.” She put the jacket down behind her on the couch while she gave Kathy a once over. She was pleased to see her strong swimmer’s shoulders beneath the tight tee, and her large chest obviously compressed in a sports bra.

“Hey, do you need some water or something?” she said getting up and heading to the kitchen.

“Yeah, that’d be great thanks,” Kathy said, checking out her nicely shaped figure as she exited, trying to guess her age. Twenty-eight? Thirty? Anything older and she was doing great. Once alone in the room she leaned over for a closer look at the wedding picture. Jill looked just about the same, so it couldn’t have been taken too long ago. And if her husband still looked as good as he did here, she’d certainly have no complaints about him, either.

“What do you think?” Jill asked as she walked back into the room, seeing her checking out their picture. She handed the glass to Kathy as she put it back on the end table.

“You must’ve gotten married pretty recently, you look just the same.”

“Oh, please. Thanks. I’m pretty happy with my catch, doesn’t he look so handsome?”

Kathy had to agree. “Yep, he’s quite a looker.”

Jill sat back down next to her, a little closer this time, and placed her hand on her knee. “Kathy, how would you like to earn your full $500 today?” she asked with a very direct look in her eyes.”

Her eyes widened. “The whole thing?? You want me to sleep with your husband or something, right?” she said, seeing no point in pretending she was in the dark.

“Well, it’s his birthday today, and I thought maybe you could be a little treat for him. And me too. If you’re willing. I hope this isn’t too inappropriate of me, but you’re really very attractive, and we kind of like to keep things exciting between us.” She leaned in and kissed her cheek to see if there was any resistance. There wasn’t.

“Well, I could sure use the money, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been a little turned on watching you. Do I have to do anything weird?”

“You don’t have to do anything, it’s up to you. But how about I sweeten the offer? How about I give you the whole $1500, and you’ll be our slave for the remainder of the day?” She moved closer still as she sensed Kathy tensing a bit. “Now, I promise it won’t be anything violent or harmful. We’re not freaks so much as we just like to be, adventurous I suppose is the best word. To be honest, we haven’t done anything like this before, but you seem like a nice girl, and I just thought the timing might be right for something mutually beneficial.” She paused to let her think. As she watched her staring at her hands in her lap, processing the offer, Jill gently reached over and lifted her chin in her hand, and placed a long, soft kiss on her lips, which eventually succumbed to her inviting tongue. When she was done, Jill looked her in the eyes and whispered, “It’ll be worth every penny of it, I guarantee you.” Kathy bit her lip and stared at her for a long moment, but said nothing. “All you have to do is trust us, and do what we say. I’ll give you $500 up front, and you can leave with it anytime you want if you’re unhappy with your treatment. And you can have the remaining $1000 at the end.”

The kiss had further aroused the already stimulated Kathy. She’d slept with two of the girls on the team before she even joined, and had been with her share of guys, but never with a couple. Something about Jill made her believe it would be a good time, and, man, it would be so sweet to not have to worry about the money. If she played her cards right it could be rewarding in the future, too. And there was something undeniably hot about submitting herself completely to this attractive young couple, two total strangers.

She returned Jill’s gaze, smiled, and said. “Ok, when do we start?”

“Wait right here, I’ll be right back.” Jill hopped up and all but ran up the stairs to the bedroom to get some of the cash she had planned to spend that evening. On the way back downstairs she swung by the office where she knew she’d find Chet on the computer. Barely stopping she said, “Honey, could you come downstairs? I have a little something for you to do,” and disappeared from the doorway. “Yeah, just a second,” he said without looking up from the screen.

Downstairs she handed the money to Kathy, who reached over and put it in her jacket pocket, then zipped it up.

Sitting back down next to her, Jill asked, “Do you know what a safety word is?” She nodded. “Think of one quick.” Without pausing she said, “Freestyle.” Jill nodded and smiled. “Clever girl!”

Chet came downstairs and walked into the living room dressed exactly as he had been before, making his excuses as he entered. “Sorry, I was going to get ready but I was just che-, whoops. Hi.” He stopped where he was at the sight of the beautiful young girl curiously sitting on the sofa talking to his wife, somewhat embarrassed at how he looked in front of her. “Um…”

“Chet, this is Kathy. Kathy, Chet,” Jill said by way of introduction. Then she looked him straight in the eyes. “She’s your slave for the day, dear. Happy Birthday.”

He froze for and instant, visibly confused, then shifted his weight onto one hip as his mouth opened to ask a question but couldn’t phrase the words. The two women couldn’t help but smirk at how cute and helpless he looked trying to take it in. He finally let out a little laugh, “Heh. I’m sorry, what? I thought you said something else,” forcing his eyes off the girl, looking to his wife for help.

“Kathy is going to be your slave for the day,” she repeated, leaning towards the somewhat shy looking girl, putting a hand on her thigh while wrapping the other around her shoulder. “This pretty young thing is here to do whatever you want.” She kissed he cheek seductively, making Kathy smile.

Chet was floored, still unclear. “Oh my God, really? Um, wow, that’s… that’s great.” Now doubly transfixed by his confusion and the sight of his wife putting the moves on this fantastically attractive girl, he felt himself begin to rise in his sweats, unimpeded by his lack of underwear. Instinctively he was concerned about this and made an attempt to cover up, before it finally began to sink in that that was the whole point. He stepped across to them and held out his hand as if to shake. “Ok then, Kathy, nice to meet you.”

She looked up at him as demurely as she could muster, and reached up not for his hand, but for the bulge in his pants, rubbing him to full erection through the fabric. “I’m your slave, Master Chet. I shouldn’t be shaking your hand.” His hand fell limp to his side as he looked again to his wife with a smile.

“Baby, you are amazing,” he said, awkwardly leaning over to kiss her while Kathy continued to fondle him. Standing back up he said, “I take it this means no errands this afternoon?”

“No, dear, plans have changed a little. And I’m afraid your evening out might not happen either. I do hope you’ll take a rain check on that.” He could only nod. By now there was a significant wet spot near the waistline of his sweats near the tip of his cock. Kathy removed her hands and place them palms down on her thighs as she sat back.

“I’m sorry sir, you didn’t tell me I could do that,” lowering her gaze.

Jill had to laugh. “My, my, and you seemed like such a pure young thing when you showed up. Such good behavior will certainly be rewarded.” She stroked her hair, looking up to Chet. “So, she’s yours to do whatever you want. And I’ll be right by her side the whole time to help her along. Or to discipline her if she misbehaves. I have just one last request before I turn you loose. Since I feel like helped make it, and ultimately it is mine after all, I’d like first dibs on that wonderful erection you’ve got in there. May I?” Chet nodded again.

“Kathy,” Jill continued parenthetically, “I’ll call you Kathy, he’ll call whatever he wants—remove his pants for me.” Kathy reach out and pulled his sweats off by the waistband and carefully pulled them over his feet as he stepped out. “And his shirt, too.” She stood and removed his shirt, then sat back down. “Now, little one, I’ll show you how he likes his cock sucked, pay careful attention.”

Jill reach out with both hands and began to service her husband. Cupping his balls and the base of his good-sized shaft in one hand, she squeezed out the ample precum he had and smoothed it down his length with her other, stroking him firmly and slowly, tugging as much as letting her hand slip. She got to her knees in front of him, then looked him in the eyes and gave him a big happy smile. “Sweetie, I love this cock, I love you, and we are going to have SO much fun with this delicious plaything.” Then she leaned forward, still keeping eye contact, and enveloped her mouth around the head of his dick. He let out an enormous sigh, his eyes straining to stay open and he held her shoulder for support. She sucked the head for a moment, still tugging him gently, then proceeded to lick up and down his length, suck his balls, and kiss the toned skin of his lower abdomen, allowing his dick to rub across her face as she did. Eventually she went back to sucking him, herself fully aroused and truly enjoying his full cock deep in her mouth. His flowing juice and her salacious hunger had his dick dripping wet in no time, and her hand easily slid smoothly up and down as she sucked and stroked him in unison, making him stiff like a steel rod. All she wanted now was to feel his thick warm cum pouring down the back of her throat as he fucked her face to orgasm, but she knew it was far too early for that. So after another few minutes of sucking on him less intensely, she let him go.

Wiping her slick mouth and chin, she turned, slightly panting, to Kathy and said, “Did you get that?” Then she sat back again next to her on the couch, and said to Chet, “Thank you honey, she’s all yours.”

Chet, now fully aroused standing naked in front of his wife and his beautiful new slave, took a moment to get his composure. Kathy, still sitting hands on lap, was staring directly at his full shiny cock, her lips slightly parted, her breathing a bit quick and shallow from both her nervousness and excitement.

“Do you like it?” Chet asked.

“It looks very good, sir. I like it very much.”

Chet took a step closer to the sofa, his knees straddling hers. “Come forward.” She inched her way towards him until she was sitting on the edge of the couch, her face right up against his sticky dick. Chet rocked his hips back and forth, sliding himself across her face. He glanced over at his wife and said, “Could you help her out, please?” Jill reached up and grabbed Kathy’s hair at the base of her ponytail and pressed her face against her husband as he continued to rub himself on her. “I want you to know how beautiful I think you are,” he said. “I’m a lucky man to have a slave as lovely as you. I say that because I want you to be comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the farther we’ll be able to take this.” He reached down and lifted her chin in his hand. “Look at me.” She looked up with her big brown eyes as Jill held her head back by her hair. “If you trust us I promise this will be as enjoyable for you as it will be for us.” He held his dick in his hand and slapped it gently against her face, rubbing it against her closed lips. He pulled back until the tip of it rested against her mouth. “Do you trust me?”

“Ye-“ As soon as she opened her mouth to speak the pressed his cock into her mouth, stifling her words. She passively opened her mouth wide to accept his penis as he rocked his hips back and forth into her while Jill continued to hold her head securely. When he withdrew he again asked, “I said, do you trust me?” And again she barely got a sound out before his dick filled her mouth. This time he pushed himself deeper into the back of her throat, momentarily cutting off her air as Jill held her in place. She gasped when he pulled out, but this time finished her sentence. “Yes!” she panted, as a string of saliva hung from her mouth. “I trust you.”

“Very good.” He said, standing back. “Stand up then, we’re going to trade places.” She stood up and moved around him as he sat on the couch next to Jill, who immediately put her hand on his cock, saying, “I’m sorry, honey, but I’m really too turned on by this to keep my hands off you.” He smiled at her, then returned his attention to Kathy. Now standing directly in front of him. “Remove your pants.” She pushed her warm-up pants down to her ankles, then stepped out of them with some difficulty since her tennis shoes were still on. When she had awkwardly finished she stood back up. “And your panties.” She slipped those off, too, a little more gracefully than her pants. When she stood back up they could see she was completely smooth, probably waxed, much to their delight. “You gotta love swimmers,” Jill said, ”Doesn’t that look delicious!”

“Oh my, it sure does! Open that up for us and give us a show.” Kathy widened her stance and reached between her legs, arching her back to bring her hips foward, and using both hands held her lips apart, exposed her inner pink flesh to them. “Show me your clit.” She moved her hands up and pressed them together before pulling her skin taught, her little bulb shyly protruding from beneath. Chet reached out with his palm up and ran his middle finger back to front beneath her moist slit, then turned his hand over and used the same wet fingertip to directly stimulate her button. She closed her eyes and leaned away instinctively. “Ah, ah. Lean towards me.” Jill reached up and grabbed her shirt to make sure she obeyed. Her breathing increased and she began to hum to herself as they forced her body weight against the focal point of her clit. As it grew more and more intense, if not unbearable, she shouted out against the pleasure and pain of it until he finally relented and removed his finger.

He had her turn around and bend over completely to grab her ankles with her feet apart. He then had her back up to him so he could avail himself to her now very wet pussy. He placed he hands on her healthy athletic ass, pulling her cheeks apart as he dove into her, licking from as far forward as his tongue could reach between her legs, all the way up to her tight anus where he first massaged her with his tongue before slipping it in. She moaned as his tongue passed over her lips, then gasped as she felt his tongue enter her. It was the first time she’d felt that sensation, and it startled her, but it felt fantastically good to have the taboo broken. He tongue fucked her this way for a minute or two, then returned his attention to her pussy, determined to make her cum on his face. He held her tightly in his hands as he pulled her rhythmically back to him while his tongue worked on her clit. He both tickled it directly with the tip of his tongue, and massaged the entire area, lapping her with his tongue flat and wide. Varying this both for his own enjoyment and to bring her up gradually, allowing her excitement to rise and fall, he eventually had her moaning loudly while she physically encouraging him to focus on her clit. Finally, with her ass pressed up against his face and his tongue extended across her pussy to her button, her knees buckled as she fell slightly back against him, cumming hard and shouting out a string of obscenities as she did. When he felt her body start to quiver he reached his thumb over to her anus, now puckering with her orgasm, and slipped it in. The effect was devastating to her, as she’d apparently never experienced any type of anal play, and she continued to cum long and hard on his face and finger while he held her by the hips to both keep her from falling over, and to maintain the pressure against her pussy. When she finally began to relax, he pulled his face away and sat back up, but gave her ass a hard, rough squeeze with both hands, then a firm spanking on one cheek while he held her up with his other hand.

“Bad girl. Cumming on the face of a perfect stranger like that,” and he smacked her ass again. She was loving it, but kept her composure. She’d just been given what was easily the best orgasm of her life, and was eagerly looking forward to her servitude if it meant more of the same. “Look at me,” he said, giving her another swat. Still bent over holding her ankles, she looked back and upwards at him from between her legs. “Do you like being our little slave girl?”

“Yes, sir, I do.”

“Even though you’re bent over like a filthy slut?” He gave her pussy a series of rapid smacks with his fingers, then a very hard smack on her ass which almost knocked her over.

“AH! Yes, sir, I do.” She really did.

“We’re going to do everything we can think of to you,” he said, idly slipping his middle finger first into her pussy, then forcing it all the way into her ass, again pushing her forward to the point of falling, making her press back further onto him to stay upright. “Whatever little abuses come to mind as the day goes on. Do you want that?”

His finger in her ass was getting her worked up again, and she moaned a little before saying, ‘Yes, sir, I want you to. Please do anything you want to me.” Another hard smack from his other hand sent her reeling sideways, and he pulled her back up using his enveloped finger to move her. He over compensated and kept moving his hand about, forcing her to grip him with her ass to keep her balance. He began to work his finger in and out, fucking her this way as he tossed her ass around. She wanted to cry out at how good it felt to be used like this and how horny it was making her, and she just swayed about like a little girl along for the ride.

Beside them, Jill who had stopped stroking her husband while he was still sucking Kathy off, had since been sitting beside them watching the show, legs wide apart, her hand in her shorts, slowly and carefully masturbating. Now she was getting a little more turned on, and a few audible sighs had escaped her mouth as she grew closer to getting off, regaining the attention of her husband, who she knew loved to watch her do this.

“Now look,” he scolded Kathy, “you’ve made my wife play with herself.” This of course earned her another hard smack, as she looked over from between her legs. “Do you want to see?”

“Yes, sir, I want to see her do it.” He abruptly removed his finger from her ass, making her gasp. Before she could react, however, he was spinning her around and forcing her to the floor on her knees in front of Jill. He grabbed her by her ponytail again and held her face up close to his wife’s crotch. “See what you’ve made her do, you filthy thing?” He pressed her face right up against Jill’s hand on top of her pussy beneath the fabric, which was enormously arousing to each of them. “See what happens when you’re a bad girl? Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry, miss, that I made you masturbate.” But her voice was muffled against her thighs.

He pulled her head back up and let go of her. “Take off her shorts.” She reached for the waist as Jill drew her knees together, keeping her hand in place and raising her feet to allow Kathy to lift her bottoms off. “And her top.” Now Jill raised her hands above her head girlishly as her tank came off too. “And now your own, and your bra.” As Jill sat back and resumed her play with her naked pussy, Kathy removed her shirt and sports bra in one fluid motion, allowing her perfect, firm Ds to bounce freely. Jill giggled with delight at the site of them. “Oh my God, they’re so beautiful! Can I touch them?” she asked, looking to her husband for permission. He just nodded and said, “My slave is your slave.”

“C’mere, Slavie, and let mama play with those nice boobs.” Kathy rose to her knees and leaned forward, placing her hands on Jill’s thighs for support. With both hands Jill fondled the heavy soft globes, massaging each gently from the side and rolling their nipples in her fingers. “Wow, they’re so fucking perfect I can’t believe it.” She sat up and leaned forward to take one of them into her mouth, sucking on its wonderfully hard nipple. Kathy let out a sigh, and pushed herself forward, taking Jill back into a reclining position while she suspended herself above her. With one hand Jill held her breast like a giant fruit, licking and nibbling it all over, while her other returned to her pussy. She’d gotten herself pretty close to coming a few minutes back, and found her new oral treat was taking her right back to the edge.

“Help her,” Chet said, as he sat slowly stroking himself while he enjoyed the show. Kathy reached for Jill’s pussy and put her hand on top of hers, helping her massage her cunt. Jill grabbed her hand by the fingers and squeezed them together in her fist, then eased them into her pussy all four fingers at a time like a dildo. She continued to guide Kathy’s hand while she worked her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy, lifting her hips up as she did. Eventually she let Kathy take over, and it wasn’t long before her fist had worked its way in completely.

That was all Chet could handle from the sidelines. He got up and positioned himself behind Kathy, who was still on her knees but leaning forward as she fist-fucked his wife while feeding her her breasts. He brought his cock up underneath Kathy’s smooth pussy and let it slip back and forth along her wet, protruding lips. She responded by rocking her hips back and forth across the length of his dick, arching her back, urging him to enter her. He‘d intended to slip into her slowly, but as soon as his head penetrated her lips, she slammed back onto him, forcing him all the way in, and began fucking him as roughly as she could from her position. Chet put his hands on her hips and more or less just held on, meeting her thrust for thrust as loud gasps of pleasure escaped them both.

Jill, moaning heavily now as well while she fingered her clit, was fucking Kathy’s hand wildly, and began cumming hard on her wet fingers, setting off a cascade of orgasms that rippled through the trio. After restraining himself thus far, the sight of his wife cumming on this beautiful teenager’s fist while he fucked up against her well-proportioned ass was more than enough to send the first of his hot jets of semen deep into Kathy’s overly wet cunt, and the sensation of him becoming fully engorged just before she felt his wash of cum inside her made her pussy contract as she came for the second time that afternoon.

Chet, regaining some of his composure but not wanting to withdraw yet, discovered that if he kept rocking his hips he could ping-pong Kathy between him and Jill, who was holding her wrist motionless in her pussy, letting the glow of her orgasm subside. As much for the playfulness of it as for the continuance of the wonderful sensation of the post-coital bliss, he held her by the hips and bounced her about, until it became obvious he was doing it for exaggerated effect.

“How do you like being stuck here, my little fuck toy?” Jill managed to open her eyes and giggle at him, playing along by tightening her grip on both Kathy’s wrist and her breast. “Humor him,” she said, smiling, “He gets like this. I find it’s easiest to let him go until he forgets what he’s doing.” Kathy laughed, but the smile on her face was more from the pleasure of being trapped between his big slick dick still filling her and her hand snuggly within Jill’s warm cunt. The smile became a happy gasp as Chet slapped her butt mockingly.

“No laughing, slave, or there’ll be serious fucking consequences in store for you.” He held her hips still and pressed himself in as deeply as he could then just held her there, flexing his cock with its last bit of strength. Jill rolled her eyes at his feeble pun, and eased Kathy’s hand slowly out of her. She brought it up to her mouth and began to kiss and lick it. With her other hand she cupped the back of Kathy’s head and pulled her in. “Come help me clean you up.” The two of them mingled tongues and kisses over the pretense of cleaning her hand, and Jill sucked lovingly on her fingers, eliciting a surprisingly passionate sigh from the girl.

Chet eased himself out and sat back on his heels, and Jill pulled Kathy up next to her on the couch. “Not that I’m an expert in the field,” Chet said, “but as slaves go this one seems quite good.”

“She does seem to understand her place very well,” Jill added.

“Thank you, masters. What shall I do next for you?”

“I think you should bathe us,” Chet said, winking at his wife. But Jill got a surprised look on her face as she realized something. “Oh, jeez, what time is it?” She jumped up and ran down the hall, then ran upstairs.

“Ok,” Chet said, not really sure what was up. “Well, at least I would like a bathing.” He stood up, and extended a hand to Kathy, helping her rise somewhat week-kneed from the couch. Standing in face to face with her for the first time he had an overwhelming urge to kiss her, so he lifted her chin with his finger and placed a quiet kiss on her lips. She held her face up to him, eyes shut, tacitly asking for more, so he gave her another longer one. Then another, at which point their mouths opened and their tongues delicately mixed. This would surely have continued had not the loud ruckus of Jill descending the stair broke them apart.

“Hey, I still gotta get some things before the stores close, so you’re on your own for an hour or two.” Jill was now fully dressed and pulling on her shoes. “I’d tell you not to get into any trouble while I’m out, but I guess that’s the whole point.” She jumped across the room and gave Chet a huge, warm kiss, then to be fair gave one to Kathy as well. “Save something for me,” she said, looking at both of them before turning and heading towards the door. ‘Oh, yeah,” she said as the door swing behind her, “her safety word is ‘Freestyle.’” And then they were alone, naked except for Kathy’s shoes and low pink socks.

“Ok. How about that bath?” He allowed her to remove her footwear, then led her up the stairs without a word, to the large marble bathroom. There was a big Jacuzzi tub beneath a window, a long double vanity along the adjacent wall, and opposite that an over sized shower in the corner enclosed on two sides by glass. It was to this that he took her, reaching in to turn on the water, letting it warm up briefly before stepping in with her in tow.

She first washed his hair, standing in front of him, massaging the shampoo through his temples and back to his neck. When he tipped his head back to rinse she filled the washcloth with plenty of soapy suds, she gently began to bathe him, attending each part of his body dutifully. He held out his arm for her to clean, which she did, then brought his hand to her face after she’d rinsed him. He caressed her cheek as she washed his other arm, this time bringing his hand to her breast. She washed his handsome chest with great care, giving him a little time to enjoy her tits, before spinning him around. She scrubbed his back and shoulders, then descended to her knees. She had to admire his strong male form, and spent a good amount of time running her soapy hand over his tight butt, being sure to reach under and get the rest of him clean, gently caressing his balls, but only allowing her hands to brush his semi-erect penis. She then worked her way down, then back up each of his legs, spinning him back around again, and finished her cleansing of him by stroking his soapy cock back to firmness. Dropping the washcloth and rinsing him off, she proceeded to suck on him, doing her best to imitate what Jill had shown her earlier.

Looking straight up at him, she sucked the head while her hands moved over his shaft and balls. She stoked his full wet length in both hands as she pressed him to her face, then released him to kiss and lick down the sides. Getting lower beneath him, she carefully drew each of his testicles into her mouth, rolling them on he tongue as the water passed over her face. Moving back to his head, she drew him deeply into her mouth, and astounded him by taking him all the way down to the base, holding him briefly before letting him out with a gasp. She smiled proudly up at him when she saw the look of surprise on his face, and repeated the procedure a few more times as she sucked him more aggressively, stroking him as she did. She was in complete control of him, and soon had him on the brink of cumming once again. Not wanting to hold him back, she held his tightening balls in her hand while she used her other to help him fuck her face. With his hands on the walls of the shower for support, he leaned back into the corner while his hips involuntarily pumped his cock into her mouth as she eagerly took him in. With a loud shout he released the first burst into her mouth, which she immediately swallowed, still pumping him into her. He shot off the remainder of his load in several long thrusts, all of which managed to stay within her hungry mouth. As it subsided to a few hopeful spasms, she slowed her rhythm and gently held him in he mouth until her tongue could extract no more of his juice, then she took him from her mouth and softly washed him off under the flow of water with both hands as she stood up.

Again he had the urge to kiss her, and did. This time it was immediately passionate, mouths open and tongues entwined. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her wonderful body up tight against his. His hands roamed across her back to her sweet apple shaped bottom, and gave each cheek a good squeezing before bringing his arms back up. When he paused to take a breath and look at her, she met his gaze and said, “Freestyle,” her safety word.

He immediately relaxed his grip, wondering what had gone wrong. He stared nervously at her, standing back a little. “I’m sorry, what’s the matter?” His voice held genuine concern, which made her smile. “You need to bathe me now,” she said coyly, “But also, I need to talk to you for a bit, if that’s ok.” She didn’t expect him to deny her, but she’d gotten to the point where she was emotionally invested enough to require some clarification.

Chet was relieved at her words. Her body language was telling him nothing was seriously wrong, but he was still puzzled. “Sure, that’s fine. I hope I haven’t upset you somehow.” She assuaged his fears by bending over for the washcloth and re-soaping it for him. “Boobs first, I think, master,” she said as she handed it to him. He dumbly accepted it and awkwardly began to wash her chest.

“Relax,” she said, “I just want to understand a little more about your relationship with your wife. You two seem very happy together, but you have to admit, this is a bit out of the ordinary. So if I’m going to keep playing along, and believe me I really want to, I need to know what you’re thinking.”

“Ah,” he said, visibly calming, “I see. Yes, that’s no problem.” He began to clean her young body with the attention of a lover while he explained the situation between he and his wife. Nothing like a pair of perfect Ds on a beautiful seventeen year old who you’ve been fucking with your wife all afternoon to get you to open up about yourself.

He told her how they’d both been very sexually charged since their youth, and they’d learned to prioritize their lifestyle to accommodate this even before they met. They’d both done a lot of exploring, but were very comfortable with themselves by the time they started dating in their late twenties. Because they had a complete understanding of and a mutual respect for the other’s position, it drew them together where with anyone else it would likely have driven them apart.

“Early on we started something we called ‘sex talks,’ where in the process of having sex we would confess to each other our fantasies and secrets. It started as a natural progression of being verbal during sex, to turn each other on, but it added an extra level of trust. I mean if you think about it, when are you more vulnerable than you are when you’re totally naked, emotionally raw and exposed, and literally inside of one another? From there it just became more and more intimate.

“After we’d been dating about seven or eight months, we took a few extra days after a convention we were at and just stayed in the hotel room together with nothing but room service, sex, and sex talks. It was amazing. You have no idea what a turn on it is to be able to tell someone you love every single perversion and desire you have, and to have them not only listen to you but accept it without jealousy or misunderstanding. It got to the point where we would try to one up each other with outrageous fantasies, but it just got us that much more into each other. After that weekend we knew we were perfect for each other, and that there probably wasn’t anything left hidden that would push us apart.

“Since we’ve been married, and because we have to travel so much, we have an understanding that we each have to do what we have to do when we’re apart, and that the love and trust we have for each other is plenty strong enough to handle it. It’s more like we don’t ask questions than anything else, and that actually brings us closer together. It’s not like we’re out there on the road fucking constantly. To be honest, I don’t actually fool around that much, and she probably doesn’t either, but you know, I don’t ask.”

Kathy, who had had to continuously bring his attention back to her body while he talked, gave herself a final rinse and turned off the water, which was beginning to run a bit cold. As they stood dripping she held his hands loosely for a moment and thought about what he’d said. “Wow, that is either really lucky or really beautiful.”

“I’d like to think it’s a little of both,” he said, opening the door to retrieve two towels, handing her one. At this point they’d forgotten their roles and started drying themselves off after stepping out of the shower.

“It makes me feel much more comfortable with you two,” she said, “although damn, the sex with you guys has been by far the best I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, so about that. Do you want to keep being my slave, or is there more you need to know?” She felt a little hurt that he’d brought it back so suddenly, but she had after all agreed to it. “Ok, game on.”

“Good, because you know what we’re going to do next? Have some sex talk.” Her smile was huge, and she got wet all over again after just drying off.

He walked her down the hall to the bedroom. They had a king-size four-poster, extra high up on great thick mattresses, which she was now sure, having learned more about the couple, was possibly the most effectively used bed in the history of love-making. It was almost with a sense of reverence that she climbed upon it.

“Where do you want me, sir?” she asked demurely, but with a new confidence in her submission to him.

“On your back, hands behind you head, legs apart,” he said directly, yet with a smile. She obliged him and got into position. He got up onto the bed and situated himself on his knees between he legs, his hands on her thighs rubbing up and down.

“Ok, we’ll start easy. How did you come to be here today?”

“Um, yeah, well? I started today by going door to door in your neighborhood looking to raise money for my swim team dues at the University. But by the time I got to your place, my teammates had left me, I was exhausted, and I hadn’t raised anywhere near enough money.”

As she talked, he massaged her legs, starting right up at her pelvis, and working his way back down her thighs, then underneath to her claves and back up her hams to her butt.

“And Jill, um, your wife, was completely understanding about it and let me in, and somehow one way or another I ended up agreeing to be your slave for the entire cost of my swim fees. Maybe I shouldn’t have just told you that part. Oops.”

His hands had come back over to the top of her thighs and were beginning to work inward, with his thumbs pressing closer and closer to her pussy.

“That’s ok, you’re being honest, that’s the important part. Here’s your reward.” He leaned forward and placed his mouth completely over her pussy, drawing his tongue up through her lips to her clit, which he then sucked in to his mouth, rolling his tongue over it as he did, soft and clean from her shower, and tasting sweetly of innocent young sex. She let out a very satisfied sigh and smiled, but kept her hands in place behind her head.

He paused for a moment, lifting his face from between he legs, but continued to fondle her lips with his fingers, paying close attention to he clitoris, much to her delight. “Now tell me three of your favorite sexual acts or positions.”

She was beginning to appreciate the full value of the game. The stimulus he was giving her had the effect of freeing her mind of inhibition, and her arousal made he more than willing to share information she would normally be reticent to give.

“Well, one,” she breathed heavily, “I, uh, really like receiving oral like this.” She continued to pant between sentences. “And two I like being able to give a good blow job. A nice dick feels really good I my mouth.” He made the last one tough by going down on her once again, sucking her clit with his tongue directly on it, making it almost impossible for her to talk. “And three, oh shit that’s nice, I like it from behind, even though it’s..., it’s kinda slutty. Mmm, but it feels really good from there. Oh god...” He sucked on her for a bit longer, then climbed up over her to give her a big wet kiss with her own sex on his face. She was getting extremely turned on, and the intensity of her return kisses reflected this.

“Good job, you’ve passed the first test.” He continued to hover over her but reached down between he legs, and inserted two fingers straight into her wet slit. “Now then,” he said as she gasped anew, “briefly tell me three of your favorite unfulfilled fantasies.” He looked down straight into her eyes as his fingers pumped her, reaching upwards to tickle her g-spot, making it even more difficult to talk.

“Um, ok, mmmmm, fuck that feels good. Uh, this whole submission thing is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile,” the words came out slowly and with great difficulty, “but it might not count now that you’re already DOING IT to me, oh jesus!!” He gave her a good thrust as she tried to finish her words, smiling devilishly at her as he did. “I’ll accept it. Continue.”

“Ok, fuck,” she was breathing very hard now, tying to keep herself together. “I want to be tied up sometime, just to take the sub-, -mission further. Oh, goddamit, you fucker, stop doing that!!” He was really giving it to her now, fucking her wet pussy with his two fingers faster and faster, and had rubbed his thumb across her button, eliciting this last outburst from her. However, as soon as she’d said it he pulled his hand out and pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger, making her scream out.

“Ow, shit, oh GOD!!”

“DON’T tell me what to do, slave.” He said, holding her paralyzed with the severity of the pleasure. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m so-“ she halted has he pinched again. “Ugnnh, omigodomigod, I’m so-ORY!” He pinched her hard and let go.

“Very good. One more,” he said calmly now, slipping his fingers back in.

“Spank me! Please just spank me. I want to be your bad fucking girl and get the spanking I deserve!”

By now it was impossible to resist how turned on she was and how completely she’d turned herself over to the game. He’d grown almost fully erect again, and positioned himself closer to her with his thighs up under hers and his cock resting on her lips. He held the base of it and slapped her pussy with the head, making her flinch again.

“Here’s a small spanking for you right now. You’re doing good, little girl. Just three more questions and we’re all done. These are going to be harder to confess, so I have be very persuasive.” He held his nearly firm dick to the base of her lips, pressing in just slightly so that his head made an indentation, but didn’t penetrate. She bit her lip hard, trying to behave and lay still.

“Now,” he said, “Tell me three secrets about your sexual self.” He rocked his hips forward, giving himself enough range of motion to just barely enter her.

“Ohh-ho-ho-ho, yes please,” she said with great delight. “I will confess all to you and your glorious cock. Number one:” she said as deliberately as she could while his cock slipped up into her. “I have a thing for girls. Mmmm, wow, but at the moment I could care less.” She paused and sighed heavily as he slowly fucked her.

“Number two:” she smiled and hesitated. “I, I like having my toes sucked.” His tempo increased now, hoping to make her last confession more difficult, but in fact he’d made it easier.

“Number three: Mmm, goddamit!” she had to stop to enjoy the full force of his cock inside her. AhhhAHHH, oh fucking jesus Christ! I love nasty talk while fucking, and I can’t keep myself from fucking swearing!!” Then she just let herself go. “So FUCK my tight fucking pussy with that goddamn beautiful cock of yours, SIR!” She couldn’t help it, she finally brought her arms forward and reached around to grab Chet’s ass. Holding him as tightly as she could she raised her legs and pulled him into her, fucking him with absolute abandon and she finally gave into the orgasm that had been building since the shower.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, please just fuck me! Fuck your little fucking slave hole like the slut she is! Oh shit!” She pulled his hips into herself with every bit of force she had, and came wildly on his dick with a ferocity that simply astounded him. The girl turned out to be a sexual dynamo, much to his delight, and in the back of his mind he couldn’t wait for Jill to get back and see what she’d unleashed.

But Jill had already returned. She’d come in a few minutes back, and hearing them upstairs had snuck up on them and was now leaning in the doorway, pants undone with one hand between her legs, bringing herself off as she watched in amazement as her husband gave his best to the seemingly insatiable girl underneath him. Seeing that Kathy’s orgasm was past, she slipped out of her pants, and removed the rest of her clothes, then walked across the room and surprised them both by jumping right up on to the bed. She climbed on top of Kathy, straddling her hips and supporting herself with her arms, positioning her ass right in front of her husband, who still had his dick in the young girl.

“I see you two are getting along just fine,” she said, staring down at Kathy. “But now mama needs a little reward for bringing you together.” Chet needed no explanation, and quickly had his dick out of Kathy and into his wife. “Oh, yeah, baby, that’s it. Gimme some of that big sweet dick.” She let herself fall atop of Kathy, giving her a long kiss. Their breasts were pressed together between them, something Jill always felt was wonderfully intimate whenever she was with a woman. But now, as Chet’s fucked her they rubbed past one another in a way that was even more stimulating.

“You like the feel of mama’s boobs on yours, little girl?” Jill said between kisses.

“Yes, miss,” she said, breathless from her outburst and orgasm.

“Tell mama how much,” Jill directed.

“Oh, so fucking much, mama. So fucking much. Please rub those wonderful boobs on your baby girl’s, please.”

“Mmm,” Jill moaned, turned on my her sweet girl’s enthusiasm as much as the pounding her husband was now giving her. “Come suck on mama’s tits then.” She reached down and cupped Kathy’s head, bring her up to her breasts as she arched her back towards her.

Chet knew his wife loved it hard, fast and nasty when she got herself really worked up, which she clearly had at this point. So he began to pile drive himself into her with all his force, squeezing her ass aggressively, digging his fingers in and pulling her cheeks apart with his thumbs. He let a string of saliva drop down into her crevasse, then after licking each of his thumbs, slipped them both into her puckering anus, finger fucking her with the same force as his body slammed up against his hands with each trust.

“Oh, yeah, baby, do me just like that.” Jill was already starting to cum now that both her holes were being abused. “God I love getting a double from you like that. Oh fuck yes! Pull your thumbs apart and stretch that ass.” Chet obliged and squeezed both his hands on her ass ruthlessly, puling he thumbs apart and open her hole further, making her really start to cum. She let him do this for a few moments longer, letting hr body explode with pleasure from her pussy outwards, before wanting him to shift his attention.

“Would you like a little birthday anal treat, baby?” she said over her shoulder before returning to look at Kathy grabbing her by the hair. “He’s gonna fuck my ass now, little girl, and you’re gonna bite my tits while he does it.” As Chet pulled himself from her pussy and pressed his cock into her ass with little hesitation, Jill pulled Kathy’s mouth to the side of her breast. “Right there child, then work your way around them both, bite them all over for mama, not just the nipples. Oh, fuck that’s nice!” In almost no time she was cumming yet again, this time from the full pressure of the cock in her abdomen, filling her delicious ass with thick meat. Chet gave over completely to his lust at this point and fucked her mercilessly, bringing himself to the brink yet again, making him swell and firm up to his maximum. A few more rough drives and his hot load spewed into her soft and receiving rectum, amplifying her orgasm one last time before she fell forward onto Kathy, forcing her back to the bed.

Chet held on tight to his wife, letting his dick resonate with the last of his orgasm, slowly rocking himself in and almost completely out, watching the pink flesh of her anus stretch and cling to the full length of his sliding shaft. When after a few minutes he began to soften, he let himself slip out, bringing a delightful drop of semen oozing out of her, running slowly down to her pussy. Exhausted from the third orgasm in four hours, he climbed up onto the bed next to the two women, and entwined himself with them to rest as both of them covered his face in appreciative kisses.

“Aw, such a hard working birthday boy,’ Jill teased. ‘Is someone worn out already?” Chet could only smile and nod through heavy eyes as they pressed their loving faces to his. “Well I hope you don’t mind,” she continued, “but I paid for this hot baby girl, and I’m gonna show her a few more things and use her up. You can just lay there and watch, since I know you like that, too.”

She then began to kiss her way entirely around Kathy’s body, from her head to her arms, down her chest and abdomen to her pussy, then further on down her legs. “Did I hear earlier that you like your toes sucked?” She said with a smile. “I heard quite a bit of your confessions, Slavie.” Lifting up foot then the other, Jill proceeded to cover them in kisses, then began licking them all over like an ice cream cone, then finally began sucking her toes. She alternated each foot as she went from one action to the next, making Kathy wait agonizingly long for her toes to receive their attention.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

Kathy sighed and squirmed on the bed. “Oh, yes miss, it feels wonderful.”

“Would you like permission to play with yourself?”

“Yes, please!” Kathy had been dying to touch her pussy, and immediately reached between her legs, but Jill stopped her.

“Ah, ah, ah. Let’s do one better.” She hopped up and went over to the bureau, producing a big pink double-ended dildo from within and returned to the bed. “I
I’ll let you get started before I join you,” she said mischievously before returning to her feet.

Kathy placed one end of the toy to her lips and eased the thick head into her, then gradually worked it in further and further while she rubbed her clit. It was an amazing combination, and she was soon moaning loudly and pumping herself in a deep slow rhythm as her toes were serviced. After a bit, Jill shifted her position and brought herself up, seated, between Kathy’s legs.

“Ok, baby, mama wants to fuck you now.” She inched herself forward and placed the other end of the dildo at her pussy, then slid even further in and onto Kathy’s thighs. As the two women rocked their hips onto the toy, Jill inched all the way in so that they were completely intertwined, their soft skin in full contact with the other’s. Now in position they found a mutual rhythm and fucked the toy fully making it all but disappear as their pussies nearly touched and their fingers worked their clits, Kathy in quick side to side motions, and Jill in slow circles.

Chet was watching happily from the sidelines as his two partners brought themselves one more time to glorious full body orgasms, fucking each other with total abandon until they both finally lay back and satisfied, shivering, and spent. It had been nearly five hours of some of the most intense sex any of them had experienced, and even though they were all sure they couldn’t go on, they didn’t want it to stop.

Eventually they got up, showered together, then went downstairs to get a bite to eat as the sun disappeared and darkness fell. During their conversation Jill and Chet decided they could pay Kathy’s dues each year, but she could certainly come over anytime and start paying them back. Then they extended the offer for her to spend the night, and she happily accepted, resigning herself to the fact that until midnight she was still their slave. She suggested, however, that it might be wise to prevent her from running away too soon by tying her to the bed. Just to make sure.

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