Nicole's Feet Finally--Making the Sale Chapter 1

Nicole's Feet Finally--Making the Sale Chapter 1

It’s 6:00 PM in the evening and I’m putting notes in the computer on our dealership database. It has been a pretty slow day and I am bored. I get up to stretch and go outside to light up. As I put my lighter in my pocket, I notice an old friend I used to work with pull up. She parks and walks over to me smiling.

“Hey, how are you?” Nicole asks as she walks towards me.

“Hello, pretty lady. Long time, no see. What brings you to see me?” I asked. Nicole advanced close to me and threw her arms around me. We always talked at Sagebrush, but never were hugging friends. “Wow, are you happy to see me or what? Good to see you to!”

“I need a car,” she said. “I figured you would know how to take care of me,” she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. I just stared at her. She looked great in her spaghetti strap top, scarf, and miniskirt. I could see my reflection in her sunglasses. I wondered what she was thinking and where she was looking. Her legs were shaven and shiny and she had on a pair of keds that showed obviously sweat lines across the toes. “You think you can help me?”

“I certainly hope so. You look great by the way. Always have.” With that I finished my cigarette and flicked the butt as I opened the door for her.

“Don’t litter!” she snarled and walked over and bent over to pick up the butt. She always big on Mother Earth and Earth Day and all that. As she bent over, her short skirt crept up her thighs and I swear I almost saw a money shot. As she stood up, the skirt stayed down a little bit and I could see the string sides of her yellow thong up on the edges of her hips. God she looked spectacular. She turned around to catch me looking. She smiled as she said, “Do you like what you see?”

“Always have, baby. Always have. You know when I first started working with you at the restaurant, I videoed your pretty little feet in flip flops as we sat talking that first Sunday morning. I watch it every now and then and check out your pics on face book. That is a great shot of you showing off the tat on your side of the Lupus ribbon. I just wish you would drop the shirt you are holding and show us the rest of you.”

“Yeah, I bet you do. So you are still into feet?” She walked around the charger sitting on display in the showroom.

“But of course. The female foot is beautiful. And it is like I always have said, if a girl takes care of her feet and hands, she takes care of the rest of it,” I replied. I grabbed her hand and massaged it in mine. “Well, I’ve seen your feet and your hands surely are smooth!” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. She sat in the car and her skirt slid up dangerously close to her yellow lingerie.

“So why do you like sweaty feet? I know you used to always rub Tara’s feet and buy socks from silly girls at work at the end of their waitressing shifts. Their feet had to stink and the socks had to be wet with sweat. If a girls feet stink, what makes that sexy?”

I just smiled. I squatted beside her and showed her a couple features on the car console. I pulled my hand back from the dash and let it rest on her lap. She laid her hand on mine. “It’s kind of a play on words. I am not into the whole Supermodel look. I like the country girl--the girl that is not afraid to get her hands dirty and have fun. I like natural body smells. I like a sweaty smell, it turns me on. Especially sweaty feet or socks. It is kind of hard to explain. I can’t explain it. It is just what I like. I like smelling armpits and kissing feet. What can I say? It is very erotic. You should try it sometime. Next time you are being intimate and are close to orgasm, let the guy suck on your toes and you will nut like you never thought possible.”

“That all sounds a little weird, but a lot kinky. Maybe sometime I will take you up on that. But for today, I need a new ride. I finally finished school and got my RN degree. I need a better car. I can’t be driving to Raleigh every day in my old death trap.”

“Oh my God, I bet you will look hot in a nurses outfit. I would love to smell your feet after an all night shift in your clogs with no socks on.” I realized I was getting hard just thinking about it. I stood up to walk towards my office to adjust and realized I was shining for her right at her face level as she was sitting in the car.

Nicole patted it lightly and said, “Down boy. It’s not even time for a test drive, yet.”

I quickly walked into my office and sat down, stunned at both the double meaning of what she was referring to as a test drive and the fact that she had just touched my penis. Nicole sat opposite me across the desk. As she sat down, she opened her legs a little bit and I saw a yellow smiley face staring at me. “My eyes are up here,” she cooed.

“Not all of them,” I remarked. “I think someone just smiled at me.”

She crossed her legs and said, “Let’s talk about a car and we will see who gets to smile at whom.”

“So why did you put me off so much at the restaurant? You almost took me up on a foot rub once, but its like you quickly changed on me. I know you had some issues with your father and that bartending Bitch Paige and all, but I was always nice to you. I really do think you are a beautiful woman and would love to spoil you with a foot rub, among other things.”

“I just had a lot going on then. You know the boyfriend I had then was being an asshole and my step dad was always critical of me and I was torn between a lot of things. While I will admit you stimulated my mind with your sexual humor, my fear of the unknown kept me from putting my feet in your lap. You are a good looking man for 30 something and I have rubbed one out before thinking about you, but I just never have been able to let myself go with you.”

I didn’t have time to respond to that one as my manager came by the office just to see how things were going and asking if I was answering any questions she had. Nicole winked at me and said, “Oh he’s taking really good care of me.”

“Oh, okay,” Sedrick said. “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” With that he walked outside to smoke.

“You rubbed one out thinking about me?“

“What can I say? You had been really sweet to me that night and I was going to my car when I saw you through the window smelling Tara’s feet and shoes. I saw you take her socks off and buy them and I actually wished that was me sitting there in that booth with you on the floor in front of me,“ she replied.

“Wow,” I replied. Nicole and I made a little small talk about what kind of ride she wanted. We finally landed on a small SUV but it had to be something that was sporty and kept her looking young. She didn’t mind sacrificing a little bit of gas mileage for more room and a sporty look. We walked around the lot so she could see what we had. We walked down the truck row and actually found one unlocked. Nicole climbed up in it and fell over in the seat.

“Well, this is awkward,” she laughed.

“Not from where I am standing,” I quickly remarked. She pulled her feet up behind her and pulled her legs apart as she laughed. I grabbed her ankles and jumped up on the side rail. “Yep, good position.” I got a whiff of her shoes as I climbed down. “Oh my god, your feet are stinky. Finally after all this time, I get to touch your shoes. That blue jean skirt stretched across that pretty little ass and smelly feet--damn you are making me all horny.”

She flipped over and sat up. I was desperately trying to hide the boner in my pants. She just lay there a minute with her legs open. “Now it is smiling at you. And I have actually been trying to work up the courage to let you rub my feet. I wanted it to be special for you, so I have been wearing these keds for a week with no socks. I even wore them at work--I told Ron that I needed to buy some new shoes. And you know it has been hot outside. I even wore them to bed the last two nights and haven’t even showered. I wanted them to really stink for you.” She sat up and rubbed my member with the toe of her right foot. It was a good thing we were at the bottom of the parking lot because she lifted her left foot to my face. I could smell her sweaty little toes and kissed her ankle as I inhaled her sweaty shoes. “How can you stand that smell?“ She made a little face. “You look so hard already. You are not going to nut before you get my shoes off are you?”

“I won’t nut till I get your sweaty, stinky, dirty toes in my mouth!” I replied.

“Well, go get the keys to that Jeep on the front grass and maybe I will let you test drive.”

I pulled my golf shirt out to cover the obvious and ran toward the building. I told Uba we were going on a test drive and would be back in a little bit. I walked back outside to the 2009 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee with tinted windows, chrome package, Panoramic roof, spoiler effects, and rims. It was an awesome ride. I found Nicole standing at the back of the truck, one leg folded as she put her foot on the bumper. She had her finger in her shoe, talking on her cell phone. “Yes, mama, I think I have found a nice ride. And the salesman doesn’t look half bad either. Maybe I will take them both.” She pulled her index finger out of her shoe and placed it to my nose. God it stunk. I pulled it to my mouth and licked and sucked on it. Her eyes grew big and she put her arms around me and held me while she talked on the phone. She ran her hand down my back and rubbed my ass. I copied. She told her mom she might be home a little late tonight. She was trying to “complete the sale.” We both laughed and I walked around to unlock the drivers door.

I opened the door for Nicole and she climbed in--literally climbed in. She jumped on the seat and jumped over it into the back. She stopped momentarily with her ass in my face, her thighs only inches from my face, “You drive. I want to get comfortable.”

“Okay,” I said. “You look pretty comfortable to me.” I climbed in the drivers seat and buckled the belt. I cranked the Jeep and pulled off the grass as I smelled an incredible foot stench. I looked back and saw she had her legs pulled up in the seat and had taken off one shoe. To my surprise, she was trying to smell it, but only remarked how badly her feet stank.

“I had to work last night. Bret sprayed my feet with the hose and said it would make them all smelly like you would like. Little did he know, he actually got me a little wet when he said that because I was wearing them for you.”

“Goddamnit, Nicole, you are fucking hot! Give me that shoe and don’t take the other one off.” She handed me the shoe I stuck my face deep in it. I inhaled deeply and my cock rose sharply in my pants. I reached to adjust it and Nicole yelled at me because I had my eyes closed.

“Stop! If I can’t take off my shoe, you can’t touch that! Watch this!” She pulled her leg up to her face and smelled it, her sweaty sole against her chin and her toes under her nose. Her skirt was now off and her panties were in a camel toe. She was wet and I could see it through her panties. She pinched her nose with her toes and licked the bottom of her foot. She winced at the smell and taste but still managed to still smile at me as she licked her sole. I had no idea Nicole could be this sexy, and I was going to take every opportunity I could to get at those nasty feet.

“When do I get a chance to do that?” I asked.

“Find a place to pull off and you can do this,” she replied as she pulled each toe into her mouth. I watched in the rear view mirror in disbelief. “You better be worth all this,” she said as she closed her eyes and stretched out her other leg now placing the other foot in my face, still encased a sweaty ked. “I haven’t taken these shoes off in 2 days. I have had them continuously for 3 days and two shifts at work.” I made a turn off the highway and came to a stop at the stop sign. I slipped the heel of the shoe off and was rewarded with a mixture of wet smelly shoe and sweaty foot. She had obviously had them on for a while, and her foot was clammy and wet. Her skin was wet and soft and pungent.

“Holy fuck that is awesome!” I stated I stuck my nose between her shoe and bare heel and inhaled deeply. “I am in Heaven right now.” I continued to breathe as deeply as I could and drink in the intoxicating smell.

“I am glad I can finally make you happy. And weird as it is watching you, it is strongly arousing.” She reached down and rubbed her her smiley face. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I jerked the shoe off and put her toes to my face. Her sweaty foot made my face wet with the clammy sweat from her foot and I was once again rewarded with a strong foot odor. Her foot was dirty from her shoe. She wiggled her toes and rubbed her foot in my face. I smelled and licked every inch of her soft little foot and toes and thought I would explode. “Your feet are so much more sexy than I ever imagined. Thank you for letting me have this moment.” I looked back in the rear view mirror to now find her in only panties and a sexy little yellow bra. She had one hand in her panties and the other on her breast.

“You are making me so fucking horny. Find somewhere to park and you can join me back here.”

I made a quick turn and sped down Colon road to a deserted brick yard, all the while enjoying the feast of a foot that was in my face. It’s a good thing we were in an SUV because I pulled deep into the property. I found a grove of trees that would block us being seen from the highway and backed the Jeep in. I jumped out of the front seat and joined Nicole in the back.

I grabbed both her feet and planted them square on my face. She leaned in and freed me of my pants and removed my swollen member from my boxers. She lay back and watched me leak precum as I smelled and licked her beautiful soles. Up under her sweaty toes really stank so that is where I kept my nose, inhaling deeply. She pulled her feet from my face and stroked my cock with her arches.

“Can I watch you masturbate while you play with my feet?”

“I thought you would never ask. Your feet taste so good.” She jumped up and straddled my lap and planted a deep French kiss on my lips. I wrapped my hands around her cute little body and kissed on her chest and shoulders. I unsnapped her bra and pulled it over her head. Beads of sweat ran down her nipples as it was getting a little warm inside the Jeep.

“Don’t ever make me regret this,” she said. “ I am sorry I was a bitch to you at Sagebrush. Paige just kept pushing me away from you even though I was interested in you. You have a beautiful cock and I want it inside of me. But I want to watch you first.” She rubbed her crotch on mine as she kissed her way down my neck and chest. She stopped at my belly and climbed back off and lay back against the door. I grabbed her legs and pulled her down in the seat. She slid across the leather and remarked that it was a good thing she was all sweaty or that would have hurt. I bent her legs slightly and put her feet in my face as I played with her feet. She put her hand in her panties and played while shifting her eyes from my cock to watching me make oral love to her feet. In just a few minutes as I reached climax, I heard hear moaning. I opened my eyes to find her rubbing her pussy through her panties furiously and squirting out a load of cum into her panties. I came almost instantly at the sight and shot my load all over the seat and her size 7s. I dove my face deep into her crotch and smelled her musty pussy juice. I licked her panties and traced the smiley face with my tongue. She was really turned on and had soaked the tiny thong she was wearing.

“Goddamn, hurry up and fuck me already!” she yelled. Had I heard right? Had my dreams for wanting her finally come true? I leaned over her and kissed her face, neck and nose. She has always been so beautiful. I licked and kissed and pinched her little nipples ever so gently. Her breasts were small b’s but very shapely. I reached down and slid my hand inside her panties and my fingers inside her pussy. She gasped as my fingers entered her. I used my free hand to raise her arms and smell her pits. She resisted at first, but I held her wrists together and began to lick the sweat from her pits. “Stop it baby. That’s so nasty. I haven’t showered for three days!“

“I know girl, and your body smells are driving me crazy. Its especially great that you didn’t put on any deodorant. Just lay back and let me enjoy your body.” She resisted still so I sank my finger deep in her pussy to her Gspot and pulled it out and lifted it to her mouth. She turned her head as I spoke softly to her. “It’s your body baby. It’s not like you don’t play with it and lick your fingers.“

“I know, but it is different with you doing it. You were deep inside me. Please be patient with me,” she remarked. I smeared her pussy juice all over her face and licked it off. Then I sat up and I jerked her up in the air and pulled her towards me rolling her back on the seat so her head was on the seat and her ass was in my face. I slid her panties off her jewels and planted my face deep between her legs. She tasted and smelled delicious. I opened her legs wide and slid one foot under the front headrest and one under the entry handle on the ceiling. I ran my tongue delicately around her pussy edges and kissed her small patch of skin between the base of her pussy and her asshole. She protested at first. “No, don’t.” She pulled her feet down and put her legs over my shoulders. I kissed her knees.

“Trust me. It will feel good. You have trusted me this far. Do you really think I would steer you wrong? Has anybody every made you feel this good?


“Well, then lose the inhibitions and let me make you feel as good as you have made me feel.” I put her feet back where they belonged and went back to work. As I began to smell and lick and kiss my way around her anus, she squirmed around in the seat. “Relax,” I said. Slowly, she released her discomfort and let me work her little pink hole over. As I started to slide my tongue into her, she tensed her hips.

“I am scared I will fart on you.”

I laughed. “That’s okay. I won’t stop. I am very freaky. The only thing you can’t do is crap on me.” We both laughed and that forced her to relax. She loosened her hips and she let out a little poot. The smell was intoxicating. She kept laughing and I buried my mouth against her anus and made love to her asshole. She got wetter and wetter as I licked. Finally I made my way back to her pussy. I licked softly around the edges as her body responded with more and more sticky moisture.

“I have never been so aroused! If you don’t hurry up and fuck me, I am going to come in your mouth!” That was all the inspiration that I needed. I buried my tongue deep inside of her love canal. I hummed slightly as I explored every inch of her pussy. In just a couple of minutes, she came hard, squirting mouthfuls of sticky fluid into the air all into my mouth and face. I lapped up all that I could get, tracing trails of liquid from her clitoris down her innermost thighs, down her hips to her anus, and across the seat. She pushed my head back and said that she couldn’t take it anymore. I had to stop and catch my breath so I let her recuperate a few moments. Finally, she told me to lay back on the seat. She climbed on top of me, and penetrated her pussy with my thick throbbing member. She had one leg on the floor and the other across the back of the seat. She was riding me hard and fast, her little B cup titties bouncing ever so slightly. She got close to orgasm, so I picked her up and threw her back against the seat. She protested.

“What the hell did you do that for? I was close to coming again!”

“I wanted you to cum hard. That’s why. Do you think you are ready for this?” I asked.

“Fuck me now, goddamit! Fuck me now!” I entered her pussy so fast, she jumped. “Oh my God, you are so deep!” I had thrown her legs up over my shoulders and positioned my pelvis over her stomach so I could push deep inside. The seat was just bouncy enough that I could push her up and down with my one foot in the seat and the other in the floor. I was fucking her hard and fast.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh Gaaahhhhhddd…..” Her voice trailed off and tears fell from her eyes. I stopped suddenly. She grabbed my hips with her nails and snarled at me.

“You were crying, I thought I was hurting you.”

“No, I am having the best orgasm of my life. Now get back to it---NOW!”

I instantly resumed pumping in and out of her. Faster, faster and faster. “Please don’t stop--NO matter what!”

I kept fucking her, hard and fast. Nicole’s body went limp as she appeared to have a seizure. Her pussy muscles squeezed my dick like no pussy ever had. She shook and shook as I started to come. She began cumming so hard, the seat became a gooey stick mess. Then I, dripping sweat from my face down to hers, started feeling my love juice squirting into her. Instantly she jumped up and threw me back on the seat, devouring my penis with her mouth. She moved up and down my shaft with such precision, such skill. She never gagged, never missed a beat. I came for what seemed like ever. As I finished, she slid her mouth off my cock and licked my balls clean, too. Finally she collapsed into the seat on top of me, her head laying right beside my penis.

“My god, that was awesome! I could taste my strong pussy on your dick. I actually liked it. I never would do that for my ex boyfriend. Was it good for you?” she purred.

“I don’t think I have ever came so hard. I was surprised you had enough strength to push me off. Did you have a seizure?” I asked.

“No, I just had the best orgasm known to man. All this time I thought I loved my ex boyfriend so much because his dick was so big--almost 3 inches longer than you--but he has never made me cum like that. You fucked me so well!” She crawled up on top of me and kissed me deeply. I could still taste the sweet mixture of her pussy juice and my cum in her mouth.

“Well, you know where to find me if you ever want more.” I laughed gently.

“Oh you are going to be seeing a lot more of me, baby. Because I will be in your bed when you get home from work.”

“Two problems with that baby. What about my sock buying fetish or your preacher father? You know I like getting my hands on different girls feet when I can. And your father would shit a brick!”

“First of all,” she began, “I am your new girlfriend. I don’t care whose feet you play with, so long as you fuck me like that every day. Hell, for all I care, bring them home and smell their feet and suck on their toes, as long as you are fucking my brains out when you do it. As for my STEP-father, fuck what he thinks. You only live once and I am going to live life to its fullest. Wouldn’t you like me to take care of you every day? My pussy will belong to you and you can smell my feet every day when I get home from work. I never understood you before, but if my stinky feet turn you on like that, I will do my best to make them sweaty all the time. And I think I may stop wearing deodorant since you like body smells so much. Just promise me I can get that dick every night!” She looked at me and smiled.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.” I stated.

“Maybe we can talk someone into a threesome,” she looked at me with an evil grin on her face.

“I think I would really like that. I have been trying have a three way for years.” I replied.

She reached into her pocket book and pulled out her cell phone. “Who you gonna call?”

“Nobody,” she said. “At least not yet. I want to show you something. I want a picture first.” She had been stroking my dick while we spoke. I was rubbing her feet. She positioned her feet in my lap and took a picture. “That is going to be my new wallpaper,” she cooed. She pushed some butttons on her phone. She turned the phone towards me showing me pictures of her and our mutual friend, Yami, a Hispanic girl that had an awesome figure and DD cups. For her height, she was just a little overweight, and her breast were much too large, but she was a sexy ass bitch with cute little size five feet and an awesome ass. The two girls were in various stages of undress and sexual intercourse. There were even pictures of Nicole kissing Yami’s toes.

“No way!” I shouted as I sat up on the seat and grabbed the phone. “I heard you had a lesbian experience, but I did not know you had gone all bi-sexual on me! Damn that girl has some big tittes!” I flipped through the pictures.

“That’s what I like most about her. At least we won’t be in each other’s way when we fuck her. You can have her feet--which stink way worse than mine by the way--and I can have her tits. You know she never wears socks!”

My cock was growing again. “Can I suck you off this time? My pussy is too sore for anymore today.”

“Go for it, baby. But only if we can 69. I will kiss and lick you to make you feel better.” She got that evil grin on her face again and quickly turned away from me as I slipped down in the seat. Before she laid on top of me, she sat her pretty little ass square on my face and farted on me again. She knew that would make me hard as a rock and instantly swallowed my manhood. I could smell her stinky little feet beside my head as I sucked on her clitoris, their dampness touching the sides of my face as their still strong odor tickled my nose. After just a few short minutes, she got me to come again and once again swallowed every drop. Just as I came for her, she oozed a stream of sticky goo into my mouth. We collapsed onto the seat, both sweating profusely. “Yep, you are moving in with me.”

“You seem to have your mind made up. Is it okay if Yami comes, too? She has been fighting with her mom and dad for a while and wants to move out on her on. With all three of us working, it should not be hard to pay the rent. We can give her a few months to save up some money and get her own place.” She was still squatted over me, her tight little asshole square in my face as she lay there.

“It looks like the three of us are going to have a lot of fun together. She doesn’t have to worry about ever moving out. She can even date who she wants to as long as she pays her rent to us in sex and feet--weekly. Only one question--what will Paige say when we all come into the bar to have drinks together?”

Nicole laughed hysterically. “She can watch us kiss and fool around sitting at her bar and just get sick if she wants to. As good as you just made me feel, I will suck you off in front of my step-father and not give a damn what he thinks. He can kiss my ass!”

“Actually, that is my job.“ I flicked my tongue across her asshole and tried to get inside it, but she squeezed her hips and pinched my nose. I laughed until I heard a knocking on the window.

“Everything okay in there?” I recognized the voice. It was Charles from the dealership. He was laughing. “Guess the test drive went pretty well.”

It is a good thing the windows were heavily tinted. We laughed. “Just a sec, Charles.” I jumped out and tucked my shirt in.

“Damn, it smells like sex in there!” Charles exclaimed. He teased me a little bit as he remarked about the flash he got of Nicole dressing in the seat as I closed the door.

“It ought to. He just fucked my damn brains out!” Nicole cooed as she climbed out the back door. “You sure you weren’t born black, cause that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!”

Charles laughed and said that Sedrick had sent him out to check on us. It was 8:30 and the dealership was closed. Charles grabbed his phone and told Sedrick that we had taken the car to the customers house to show her father and had stopped to grab a soda on the way back. He caught up to us at the convenience store and we were fixing to be on our way back. Sedrick said he would see us in the morning and to take the keys home with me. He told Charles he was leaving for the night.

“I got your back, Jameson, but you may want to leave the windows down on this thing tonight. It smells like pure ass in there.” Charles laughed and gave me five. “Way to score Jameson!”

Nicole handed me her tiny yellow panties before going around the Jeep to get in the passengers seat. Charles just looked in amazement. “I guess we will see you tomorrow, Charles. Have a good night, and thank you.”

Charles lit up and left and I climbed behind the steering wheel. “So what do you think of the Jeep?” I asked Nicole.

“I think I will take it. The test drive went really well. As a matter of fact, I think I will take this and whatever car you want. You can take care of my pussy and I will take care of you. After all, I am a nurse now, and I need something to spend my money on. And when I come home from a hard night at work, you will lick my tired smelly feet and my juicy pussy every night to take all the stress out of me. Deal?”

“Deal! Let’s go home and break the news to my landlord,” I said. “Boy is he gonna be surprised. But your pussy is so sweet. Understand that you are my new girlfriend. Yami is your girlfriend and not my main goal. I have always liked you and wanted you. Yami will be just a fringe benefit for me. Thank you for letting me play with her sexy little size five feet. I have only seen them a couple of times when she teased me by letting me feel how soft they are. I love you, Nicole.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” she replied. She kissed me hard. “It looks like you are stuck with me for a long time to come. Although I do have one confession. I really love porn. Will you have a problem with me keeping my porn collection and surfing the net checking for new material?”

“Not at all, darling. As long as the same rule applies for me.”

“One more little thing. Please don’t get mad at me,” she remarked. She turned from me in the seat and looked out the window. I cranked the truck and let down the windows to let the cool breeze in.

“After the fun we just had, nothing you could ever say could upset me, baby. Do you mind if I smoke? You just got me off three times in less than an hour and I need my cigarette. What is your concern?” I reached over and turned her face towards me. Nothing she could say would make me love her any less. She had just given me two perfect gifts--her young stinky feet, and her tight little body to fuck at will.

She nodded and began, with a tear falling down her cheek. “I find my self looking at preteen and teen risqué photos sometimes--boys and girls, but mainly young girls. Something about their youthful beauty and innocence just drives me crazy. Is that too weird? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You think I am a freak don’t you? I’m sorry.” She turned away again. “I don’t blame you if you hate me now.” She turned away from me in the seat, pulling her legs up in the seat under her so her soles were close to me as she leaned on the door.

I pulled to the side of the road and unbuckled my belt and leaned over the console to smelled those pretty feet again. She turned around again amazed I still wanted her. God her feet stunk. And I loved every minute of it. I pulled her around and started in on her feet again. They were so soft and cute. I loved the sweaty smell they had the way they tasted. I got hard again so I positioned her in her seat so her clammy soles were rubbing up and down my still slippery member.

“Tell you what,” I said, “if you don’t mind me looking at my tween aged “art” photos of girls, I won’t mind what you look at. Maybe we can role play. You can be my little daughter, and I will be your baby brother. We will see who can nut the hardest!”

She smiled largely and kissed me deeply. “Maybe we can put a diaper on Yami and she can be our little girl and we can do her together. That sound like fun?”

“Let’s get home. I want to fuck you again before I go to sleep. This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship,” I said.

“No, let’s go to Sagebrush. Paige is bartending tonight and I want to see the look on her face when we walk in together.” Nicole looked at me again with that evil look as I punched the gas. When we got there, I told Nicole to jump on my back for a piggy back ride. Her legs were so soft and smooth and I knew it would be hard to keep my hands off of them as we sat together. As I carried her in the door, we were surprised to meet Paige at the hostess stand. Her mouth dropped open and she just stood and stared. I put Nicole down and Ron walked up to greet us with a puzzled look on his face and give Nicole a big hug. Paige sighed loudly and walked back into the bar. Nicole and I looked at each other and just laughed.

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I can still remember the first time I set eyes on Sandra. I was a scruffy young man of twenty. She was a very sexy girl of 22. She came up to me as I was trying to kick start my somewhat temperamental Norton 750 Commando motorcycle. She said something about liking bikes. That was all I needed to hear. A hot looking brunette with big brown eyes in a pair of tight fitting jeans coming up to me and telling me she likes bikes. My life took a turn for the better in a heartbeat. It was as if I...


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Organism X - Ch. 08

Author's Note: After several months of development hell, I present to you the eight chapter of Organism X - Now with 100% less farting! 1 In the distance, Erin could hear the freshly turned girl moaning and grunting as the blonde, Lindsay, toyed with her. The sound simultaneously repulsed and aroused her. She's going to be a beauty when she fully changes, Megan said. Erin turned to face her the arrogant brunette. You're a freak. All of you are freaks, she said. Megan snorted. As if you aren't? Erin burned with shame and stared down at the floor. An image of...


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As good as it gets III

Objective 5: Make a tasty cum juice for me one glass full. This was kind of easy. But everything has a difficult part. Here is a “glass full”. Rani had some fucking work in school. So she left in the morning wearing a killer red saree. I just wished I had school. Before she left, she gave me a glass used to serve champagne, came close to me and gently felt my cock. Rani :( whispering to my ear in a sexy voice) make him work. Me: Can I use your “painting room”???You know. Use your TV. ?? Rani: OK. But...


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The Exhibitionists, part 2

The Exhibitionists Episode 2 Swim Team Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated. In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky. Don't behave like them. Recap: In episode 1, the protagonist and her friend Steph turned 16, got their nipples pierced, experienced sexual awakening, bought sex toys, watched a dirty old man jerk off, and exposed themselves to numerous strangers. Before we got a chance to flash...


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The Knock on the door_(1)

The knock on the door surprised me. The January night in Iowa was cold, cold, cold. I had already slipped out of my clothes for the night and sat in my recliner, writing on my laptop; it was a short story about my childhood. Since my divorce three years earlier, I spent a lot of my ‘alone’ time writing; mostly on the subject I know more about than anything else… me. I’ve written hundreds of stories about my old hometown and my family. My nine siblings provided tons of memories that I want to, someday, share with my children and grandchildren...


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Summer ends

Three months that had passed since that life-changing day when her son had fucked her. She was 34, he soon to be 18. They now screwed regularly and had together worked out how to separate their sex sessions from their day-to-day lives. The basement of their home that housed the laundry equipment had been partitioned to provide a small recreation area with a bed in the centre and screened dressing area where his mum kept her collection of sexy lingerie recently purchased from an Internet sex site. Everything relating to their incestuous relationship was kept in that basement room, so that...


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The Proposition: Obligations Met

The Proposition: Obligations Are Being Met Jenny and I slept in late Sunday morning. It was after 10:00 AM when we finally crawled out of bed. “After our shower, what would you like for breakfast?” Jenny asked as she began to roll out of bed. She then got a pained look on her face. “Oh! Uumm, Jim, I will honor our bargain. You can have me any time you like, but if it is alright with you, can we do something else the next time? I am so sore, I'm not sure I can even walk.” Her soreness was quite understandable...


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The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles Chapter 4: Joy, First Wax

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Joy: First Wax Note: Mary gave Joy to Mark's mother Sandy and Sandy's girlfriend Betty to be their sex slave. June 19th, 2013 – Joy Nguyen – South Hill, WA “It's okay,” a comforting voice whispered. I struggled to open my eyes; sleep still heavy on my eyelids. I could feel the bed gently shake as someone shifted. A woman sobbed softly. Confusion flooded through me; I wasn't in my own bed. Where was I? I managed to get my eyes open, feeling gritty with little sleep. Two women clung to each...


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How my sister made me cum - without knowing it

The following is not a story I'm necessarily proud of. It isn't a very long story either, for the actual event lasted for a very short time indeed. It is awkward, it is little flattering, and, perhaps, it is even a bit wrong. It is, however, a true story, one that happened a while ago, and because I think some might actually like it, I am willing to describe it to every last detail. And thus, without further ado, I present to you the story of how I accidentally came all over my sister - and managed to get away with...


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A new life for Ruth

Ruth Anderson sat at in her new office, she had been promoted six months earlier and it still excited her being on the tenth floor. Ruth was a quiet lady just past her forty-fourth birthday, she had been brought up in a strict catholic family, an only child with a dominant father who because of his wrath she had obeyed to the letter. She had spent the last twenty four years in a cold almost sexless marriage, the biggest surprise was that her and husband Donald had produced a wonderfully beautiful daughter Lena who at twenty two was about to complete...


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