Fiesty redhead

Fiesty redhead

My name is Rachel. I'm 35 years old,5'7",135lbs,red hair that goes past my shoulders,blue eyes,freckles,pale white skin(sorry redheads don't tan.) i ware a size 36DD bra with nice big nipples(it's impossible to hide them) and i keep my red bush nice and trimed.
Sean is my best friend,we do just about everthing together.We have been friends for years and nothing sexual has ever happen between us.So when we decided to take a trip to Vegas to celebrate my divorce I thought nothing of it.We were just friends.

We had been sitting around the hotel room in our pj's all morning drinking Margarita's and talking. And I guess the alcohol was starting to get to me because I told Sean how horny i was getting and it was a shame that we were just friends "Oh well" I said "Maybe I'll just go out later and pick someone up." "Right now I need to lie down."And I staggerd over to the bed and collapsed.

Before too long I felt a hand caressing my back. I rolled over and looked up at Sean."what are you doing?" I asked. "I'm just helping you out with your need." He said."Your horny,I'm here." If you can't depend on your best friend for help, then who can you depend on?" With that he leaned down and kissed me on the lips,
It was passionate yet gental. I was shocked yet excited.I felt a serge go from my lips down to my toes. I reached up grabbed the back of his head and slipped my tongue into his mouth.We spent for what seemed like forever making out(it's was only 5 minutes)when he broke off the kiss and started to unbutton my shirt,and lifted my breast to his mouth.Having him suck on my hard nipple felt so good,the sensation traveled right to my pussy.And my hand automatically found it's way there also. and I began rubbing myself.

Sean soon replaced my hand with his."I think this pussy needs some attention." He said as he slowly pulls off my pajama bottoms. There i was laying on the bed,both breast exposed wearing only an unbuttoned pajama top and pink panties.If my ex could see me now.Sean lifted my leg and started kissing my ankle slowly kissing his way up to my calf,kissing the inside of my knee,and stopping at my inner thigh.I was so wet my juices were soaking my panties. I haven't had my pussy eaten in a long time.
As I inticipated his tongue on my pussy he kissed me on my mound, right on my bush. I burst out a moan of disapointment. He just smiled and moved over to my other inner thigh. Oh god I could not take this any more."Sean stop fucking teasing me and eat my pussy!"I screamed.He started to lick my pussy through my panties.The feel of his warm breath between my legs were too much for me,with my hands squeezeing tight on the sheets, i screamed."OH MY GOD!!!" And I came hard in my panties.
Sean looked up from between my legs and smiled.He went back to kissing my inner thigh while I took a moment to recoverd from my intense orgasm.He grabbed both sides of my panties and quickly slid them off, tossing them behind him."Im not done eatting this pussy yet!"He said.And then he slides his tongue into my slit,fucking me with his tongue.Then he starts sucking on my clit while slidding two fingers in my pussy.I was pantting and breathing hard.I'm moaning uncontrollably.I grab the back of Sean's head and pull him into my pussy as I have four orgasms one after another.

Sean looked up at me with this big shit eatting grin on his face. "Wow I have given many women facials in my day,but that was the first time a woman has given me one." I just rolled my eyes and jumped up and devouerd his lips with mine.I pulled off Sean's shirt and threw it next to my panties,and then i pushed him on the bed.I licked and bit on his nipples as I slowly slid my hand down to his hard cock and felt him through his shorts.I looked up at him."MMM what do we have here?" I say to him.
I then crawl to the end of the bed.I dispense with the last stitch of clothing I have on,and yank off Sean's shorts.Revealing his seven in a half inch cock."Oh wow you have been hinding something from me." I said while taking his hard cock into my mouth.He runs his fingers through my hair as i bobbed up and down on his cock. He moaned "Oh fuck Rachel,how could you hide you cock sucking skills from me for so long?" I just looked up at him and smiled with his cock in my mouth. I reached down and massaged his balls. I popped his cock out of my mouth and stroked it up and down as I licked down between his ass and balls. I then sucked one of Sean's balls into my mouth.
"Oh yeah baby just like that." Sean moaned. I came up sucking his ball in my mouth releasing it with a pop. I grabbed the base of his cock, with a squeeze i pulled down stretching the skin tight.And sucked his cock back into my mouth.
His breathing got harder and faster. "UUHH Rachel i'm getting closer. I sucked him harder,his cock was throbbing in my mouth so I know he was close. "Oh shit I'm CUMMING!!" Finaly he exploded filling my mouth with his hot cum,and I swallowed every drop. I continued to suck him until he was hard again.

He looked at me gave me a deep passionate kiss and said."That was awsome." "Well I had to repay you for what you did for me." He grabbed me and rolled me over getting on top me.He postioned his cock to the opening of my love tunnel. I took hold of his cock and guided him into me. The feeling was intense,I pulled my knees up. My heart was pounding hard im my chest as Sean looked into my eyes and slowly slid his cock in and out of of my pussy.My pussy was on fire,he kissed me as he began to fuck me faster. He sucked and nibbled on my hard nipples. "OH GOD SEAN FUCK ME!" "FUCK MY PUSSY HARD WITH YOUR COCK!" I couldn't take it any more I came once,twice,three times. I can hear the squishy sounds my love juice was making as Sean fucked me,making his cock slicker and slicker.
"Oh fuck Rachel!" "Yours it the best pussy I have ever fucked!" "UUHHH I'm going to CUM!" He pulled out and stroked a few times. "Here it comes!" I watched as the first rope of cum shot out and stretched from my pussy to the base of my tits. The second landed on my right breast,one last one on my tummy. And then a few drops in my pubic hair. Sean fell onto the bed beside me.

We both star up at the ceiling,panting and catching our breath. All i can say is "I cant believe we just had sex!" "Do you regret it?" Sean asks. "Hell no!" I say to him. "You want to do it again?" He asks. I look at him and say "We probably shouldn't.""Your friendship means alot to me." I kissed him on the lips."What we did today was special and we will remember it for the rest of our lives." "I'm going to take a shower and then lets go down and get some lunch." I got up and walk into the bathroom,when I was done with my shower I dress in the clothes i layed out in the bathroom earlyer that morning. I freshened myself up and when I came out of the bathroom Sean was already dressed.
"Your not going to take a shower?" "You smell like sex!" I said to him. "Hell no!" "I earned this smell.""Everbody is going to smell me and they're all going to know that that guy got laid today!" I just looked at him. "Your a retard." "Yeah! but I'm your retard." "Yes you are." We walked out of the room.

We had a nice lunch and we acted as we always have. The sex we just had did not change our friendship one bit.Thats what I love about Sean,no matter what happens between us he never lets it affect our friendship. And we had some arguements in the past,but we always got past it. Like now, I slapped him in the back of the head. "I'm not going to have you hang out with me smelling like" Sean cut me off." like you rubbed your pussy alover my face?" I slapped him again."Get your ass up to the room and take a shower!" "I'll meet you up there I want to go check out some of the shops." "Then we'll go catch a movie or something."
Sean was just getting out of the shower when i walked in the room,he came out in a towel."Hey what cha buy?" He asked me."I got you something." I tell him as i hand him a bag."You dont have to get me anything." He saids as he takes tha bag and looks in it. "Oh i think your going to like this." I say to him with a smirk on my face.He pulls out two pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. He looks at me with a confuesed look on his face. Then i hand him a tiny bag with a few little blue pills in it. "I scored some Viagra from this old couple i met down stares." "I think we should make this a very rememberable weekend.

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