Inner Bitch Emerges

Inner Bitch Emerges

She met him in the bar about 10 minutes after the appointed time. She liked keeping them waiting, liked the feeling of power it gave her to see the look of relief when she did arrive. She was wearing a simple outfit, and she could see the relief mixed with some disappointment on his face when he noticed she was not wearing the boots. Smiling inwardly, she maintained her aloof smile and approached the table. She stood there, giving the chair a pointed glance as she waited. At first puzzled, he finally realized he should have risen when she approached. Quickly rising, he came around the table to hold her chair. She settled herself with the dignity of a queen, as he fumbled with his own chair and sat.

"I was afraid you had changed your mind!" he exclaimed, smiling broadly. She simply raised a brow as she took a sip of her waiting drink. "Trust is important, jason," she replied. "If I tell you I will do something I always do it. But My time is valuable and so sometimes you must be patient and wait." "Yes, Ma'am" was his chastened reply.

"You got the room, as instructed?" she asked. "Yes! It's on the second floor, near the stairwell. Room 213." "Give me the key." Looking confused, he handed her the card. She took another sip of her drink and arose, saying, "Meet me there in 30 minutes." and left without finishing her cocktail. He sat there gaping, wondering if he really trusted her. He glanced around the bar, embarassed to see that more than one patron had noticed her leaving him there alone, overhearing one table of men chuckling and saying the words "...crashed and burned..." Trying to hide his chagrin, he drank his beer and studied the screen televising a football game. At least she'd set up the meeting where he could keep up with college ball.

She laughed softly as she climbed into her car and drove to the hotel. Keeping her sub off balance was a good tactic, and she found it quite amusing. She also knew that the thirty minute wait would give him time to anticipate and worry about what was to come. She'd been so much friendlier at their first encounter, discussing day to day topics and laughing like an old friend. She knew the confusion and apprehension that was building would but intensify the session to come. She arrived at the hotel, grabbed her bags, and went to the room, pleased to note that he had turned down the air conditioning as she had instructed. She enjoyed seeing the way a sub's nipples would pucker at the cold and knew the slap of her crop would sting just a little more because of his chill.

She opened her bag, removed the garb she'd brought and proceeded to dress. She fastened the many hooks of the black corset, pulled on black thong panties, followed by a short black skirt. Damn, she always forgot to put the boots on first. The were so difficult to put on anyway so sighing, she removed the corset and pulled on the long, thigh high boots. She finished dressing and checked her long blonde hair, fluffing and fussing to achieve a wild, untamed look. She freshened her lips with scarlet lipstick, dabbed a bit of musky perfume here and there, and pulled on her long black gloves. She wondered if the look was too over the top, but decided that the look was perfect, given this sub's penchant for fetishwear.

She then set out her toys, lining them up neatly on the dresser. A couple of quirts, a feather teaser, rubber flogger and wooden hairbrush lined up along side one another. Next she brought out the vibrators, dildos, butt plug and finally her strap on. She was excited to be using this particular toy. She had two different dildos to use in it. One was new, never used, pink and pointed, ready to delve the depths of her subbie's ass. The other was quite lifelike, with a texture much resembling a real erect penis. She'd decided it was not rigid enough for ass fucking her sub but planned to make him suck it, possibly while she fucked him from behind. Finishing up by setting out several types of lubricant and a pair of latex gloves, she moved on to the bondage supplies.

Velcro cuffs, ankle cuffs, chain lead and rope were all laid out for her use, as well as a blindfold. So nice to be able to keep her sub in suspense by depriving him of sight. She knew from experience that his sense of hearing and touch would heighten throughout the session. Finally she pulled out the cd player, inserting a disc of dungeon music, it's beat low and sultry, the suggestive undertone of chanting helping her complete her transition from normal woman to Bitch in charge. She lit some candles, turned off the lights, and waited. She took a calming breath as she heard the light knock at the door.

She took her time answering the door, furthering the suspense of her new sub, leaving him to stand outside the door worrying for a moment or two. She opened the door and motioned him in. His eyes widened at her appearance and a grin filled his face as his cock started filling his trousers. She didn't return his smile, rather closed the door and ordered him to strip. Quickly complying, his erection seeming to leap free of his shorts as he discarded them. He started to speak and she held up a hand, silencing him. "Other than moans of pleasure or groans of pain, you're not to speak unless spoken to, is that clear?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Yes, Mistress, is the correct response!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Very good. Now. Should you find that you cannot continue, the safeword is RED."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now stand still while I inspect the merchandise." She slowly began walking around him, looking him up and down. She slapped her crop on his inner thighs and he jumped at the stinging blows. "Spread your legs, slave!" He hurried to comply and felt the crop slide sensually up and down his thighs, his buttocks, along his collarbone. Her gloved hand cupped his balls as if weighing them, giving them a squeeze before releasing them. He moaned and felt the precum starting to drip from his penis. He reached down to stroke his hard cock and again felt the sting of her crop, this time on his wrist. "Did I say you could stroke your dick?!" she demanded.

"No, Ma'am." And at her raised brow he quickly corrected himself, "I mean No, Mistress!"

"I can see you are undisciplined and have no manners. You must learn how to behave in the presence of a woman. Go and bend over the bed....NOW!" this last was said as he hesitated. He hurried to the bed and lay across it, face down. He heard her moving around and craned his head around to see what she was doing. "What are you looking at, insolent slave? Turn your face away at once!" He nearly broke his neck turning his head away, uneasy about her tone. He could hear her but didn't dare look again. This was more than he'd bargained for he was thinking. She'd said she was a sensual Domme, but this woman seemed more Bitch than anything. Suddenly he felt a hard smack on his ass, followed by at least a dozen more strokes in quick succession. The first only stung a bit, surprised him more than hurt him, but she gave him no time to recover between blows and quickly his ass started to burn and tingle.

She smiled as she spanked his bottom with her hairbrush. She knew he'd come here thinking she would be sensual and sexy, soft and stroking. She enjoyed his surprise at her punishment. Giving his ass a final swat, she told him, "There. That is small enough punishment for your bad manners. Now stand up, turn around and kneel, then kiss the paddle." He awkwardly complied then looked up at her. "Now you may kiss my boot, and thank me for caring about you enough to improve your attitude."

"Thank you, Mistress." he mumbled, as he crouched down and kissed the top of her right boot. He felt his dick hardening again at the sight and feel of those boots. He could hardly believe his fantasy was about to cometrue!

She could feel the moisture flowing from her pussy as she stared down at the chastened man, kneeling so sibmissively at her feet. She lightly grasped his head, raising him enough to bury his nose in the junction of her thighs.

"Can you smell that? Your Mistress is pleased with you." He tried to nose his way under her skirt and she slapped him lightly away. "Not yet, slave. You haven't yet earned the right to please your Mistress in that manner. I can see precum flowing from your dick. You would like to fuck that juicy pussy, wouldn't you."

"OH Yes, Mistress!"

"Perhaps some day. Or perhaps you will just be made to kneel and watch while some other big hard dick fucks me. I think you've seen enough." With that, she took the blindfold and placed it over his eyes. "Stand, slave." He arose and stood there, waiting. "Spread your legs!" He quickly complied, although still felt the sting of her crop on his tender inner thighs. He could sense her walking around but wasn't sure what was coming next. He jumped as he felt the soft feathers caress his neck. He jumped again as he felt the slight sting of the rubber flogger on his balls. It didn't hurt exactly but the unexpected sensation had startled him. She walked around him, sometimes smacking his ass with a riding quirt, sometimes lightly flogging his cock or balls. He never knew what was coming next, the slapping burn of the quirt, sting of the flogger, the tickle of the feathers. He flinched as he felt her pinch his nipple, distended because of the cold room. She smiled as she twisted it again, enjoying his discomfort, knowing she wasn't causing any real pain.

This went on for what seemed like forever, the smacks of the crop, the quirt, the hairbrush, and sometimes her gloved hand. The caress of the feathers or the flogger strings or sometimes even her hair which she used to tickle his throbbing cock. He felt the slight bite of her teeth on his nipples, a pinch of his ass, the brief brush of her tongue on his dick, her breath in his ear. He became lost in the sensations, his erect penis dripping, his balls aching for release.

She played with him for a while, enjoying his flinches of surprise, his response to her caresses, his rapid breathing and occasional moan of pleasure. Time to move to the next step. She left him standing there, wondering what the next sensation would be. She could see him straining to hear, trying to sense her presence, the frown on his face when nothing happened. She removed her long black gloves and picked up a small vibrator. Dripping some lubricant on it she was seeking the wet feel of cool plastic, not yet ready for any real penetration. Silently she walked back to him and abruptly pushed the vibrator against his anus, turning it on. He jumped in surprise then moaned and pushed back on it, loving the tingle it added to his already excited state. She played with his ass for a bit, teasing his rosebud with the tip of the vibrator but never quite penetrating, despite his moans and attempts to impale himself. Abruptly pulling away she said "That's enough! Now it's time for you to please your Mistress." She placed a pillow in the upholstered chair, and led him to it. "Turn around."

He complied and felt her placing velcro cuffs on his wrists, attaching them together behind his back. "Kneel!" Awkwardly, he dropped to his knees. She stood before him, with her crotch near his face and slowly pulled her skirt up above her waist. She leaned in and he felt her panties brush his nose. "Pull my panties off."

"But hands..." he began.

"Use your teeth! And do NOT scratch me with them." He nosed around with his lips and found the edge of her thong, carefully grasping it in his teeth. It was awkward and difficult but finally he was able to pull the panties down. They caught on her boots and it took him some time to work the leg openings over the large boot tops. She stood there patiently, enjoying his struggle. She knew he could feel the wetness of the panties, smelling her musk. He was getting impatient to bury his face in her softness but she stood there, not helping, just waiting while he struggled with the panties. Finally he got them to her ankles and she leaned over, resting her hand on his shoulder as she lifted each foot, one by one, pulling them free of the panties while he held them firmly in his teeth. He was inordinately pleased by his accomplishment when he finally dropped the panties from his mouth. She sat in the chair, bunching the pillow behind her back and scooted to the edge of the seat. Grasping his head she pulled his face into her steaming cunt. They both moaned as he buried his face into her wet snatch, licking and tasting her arousal.

"Just your tongue. No sucking, and definitely no biting!" She ordered and he complied, licking and lapping her labia. He could taste her juices which flowed freely from her vagina, and did his best to take them all. She instructed him with moans, movements of her hips, and using her hands directing his head to where she wanted him next. He wished he could sink his entire head into her pussy, drown himself in her wetness, tongue-fuck her pussy and ass. He did what he could, given her position in the chair and his bound hands. "Now lick my clit, sub. Lick it steady and rhythmically. Don't change, don't move, just lick!" she demanded. He licked. He heard her breathing get heavier, her thighs were tensing, her hips thrusting against his tongue. Finally she shrieked, bucking against his face, pulling his head so tightly against her crotch he thought he'd smother but he kept licking and licking as she came over and over again. Then he nearly fell as she pushed him back, and she slumped in the chair, gasping for breath and scrambling for control.

She noticed him sitting there grinning, seemingly very pleased with himself. Time to retake control! "On the bed, slave," she ordered. He erased his smile and scrambled onto the bed, fumbling clumsily thanks to his blindfold and bound hands. She removed the cuffs. "Now, get on your knees, and rest your head and shoulders on your folded arms." He complied, knowing what was coming next. He'd wanted this, wanted his ass taken like a bitch. He all but quivered like a mare in heat, anticipating her conquest of him.

She climbed off the bed and buckled her strap on harness around her hips and thighs, inserting the more lifelike dildo into the ring. Climbing back onto the bed she grabbed his hair and pulled his hed back. "Suck my cock, bitch!" she ordered, shoving the rubber cock in his face. He opened his mouth and tentatively started sucking. "Suck it! Take it in!" she growled, as she grasped his head and started fucking his face. She knew from experience that the gag reflex wasn't always controlable and therefore went gently. She didn't want the session ending early as he lost his lunch on the bed. She smiled as she listened to his slurping and sucking. "Mmmmm....that's right baby, you are a good little cock sucker, aren't you?" She heard his muffled "mmm hmm" as he continued to fellate the dildo. She continued thrusting and murmuring words of encouragement to him, then said "That's enough!" and abruptly pulled the cock from his mouth. She left him there, breathing hard, wondering what her next move would be.

She walked to the dresser, selected some vibrators of various sizes and laid them on the bed near him. She took a latex glove and pulled it onto her right hand. She removed the dildo, replacing it with the firm, pointed one, picked up a bottle of thick lube and moved behind him. Taking some lube, she probed his ass with her finger. He moaned and wiggled closer. She smacked his ass with her free hand. She worked the finger in and out of him, hearing him gasp as she wiggled it around. After finger fucking him for a short while, she removed her hand and reached for one of the vibrators. He seemed to have no problems taking her finger up the ass so she took the largest one, a silver butt plug, and liberally applied lubricant to the tip. She then massaged more lube onto his ass as he moaned in pleasure. Placing the vibrator against his ass she gently pushed. He tried to relax so the phallus would enter his eager hole. He was so excited, his dick was throbbing, his balls aching.

Suddenly the large vibrator popped in and she turned it on. He groaned as she started fucking him with the buzzing toy. This was going much easier than she anticipated and impatient to fuck him, she pulled the vibrator out and tossed it aside. She poured lube onto the strap on dildo, jacking it off with her right hand to cover it tip to base with the slippery substance. Suddenly she grasped his hips and thrust forward, holding the fake dick in her hand. It missed and slipped a couple of times and finally found the right spot, and she buried it into his ass. His cry of surprise was lost as she gave him no time to recover, she began thrusting hard into his ass. The visual was just as she'd imagined...the sounds of his cries and groans music to her ears. Now this was pleasure coated power! She now realized how her own Master, her Husband, must feel when he buried his cock into her ass. And she also knew the pleasure that her sub was feeling, his dark passage being plundered again and again.

"Take that cock, bitch! You know you want it. Do you like that? Do you like your Mistress to fuck you like a little bitch?"

"Oh YES, Mistress! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" he moaned. "Please, can I stroke my cock?"

"No! I don't want you cumming yet. I'll tell you when you can stroke it." she said.

"Yes, Mistress. Oooh, aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh!" he gasped as she continued to fuck his ass. She could feel her orgasm building at the feel of the fake cock rubbing her clit. She held the base and wiggled it while fucking him, increasing her own arousal. She pounded and wiggled until she felt the familiar tightening, then exploded in orgasm as she ground her cock deep into his ass. Collapsing onto his back, she rested, gasping for breath, happy at this turn of events. She hadn't expected to cum. The erotic visual, coupled with the friction on her clit had pushed her over the edge.
He lay there with her cock buried in his ass, craving release but afraid to speak and break the spell.

Finally, she pulled the dildo from his ass and climbed off the bed. She replaced it with the realistic dildo and sat on the edge of the bed. "Come here, slave, come kneel before your Mistress." He rolled off the bed and kneeled between her thighs with the help of her guiding hands. His knees were week, his cock was rock hard, precum running freely from its tip. He felt her remove his blindfold and wondered if the session was over. He hoped not, he wanted to cum so badly! He was briefly afraid that she would deny him an orgasm, and send him home in pain and frustration.

"That little cock of yours is dying to cum, isn't it slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You would love to unload that hot cum all over me or even deep inside of me, wouldn't you?"

"Oh yes, Mistress! Please Mistress!"

"No." At his crestfallen look she smiled and said, "but you can jack off onto my cock then lick it clean." He just now noticed the 7" cock standing erect in her lap.

"Really?" he asked.

"Really," she chuckled, and smiled as he stood in front of her and started stroking himself. "Think of burying your nose in my pussy, tonguing my ass, while you jack off." He moaned. "Are you thinking of that?" she demanded.

"Yes Mistress!" he gasped, stroking faster.

"Stop! Stop stroking your cock!"

"What?" he looked at her in confusion, his hand still on his erection.

"Ok, begin again." She smiled at his eager resumption of stroking. "Stop! Take your hand off your cock!" He did, looking unhappy. "Every time I tell you to stop, you must take your hand off your cock. If you disobey, I won't let you cum until the next time we meet, if then!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Ok begin." He stroked. "Stop!" He dropped his hand to his side. "Go." He stroked. "Stop!" He stopped again. He was hoping that she would let him stroke just a few moments longer, he knew he could cum if she did, and he was getting desperate to cum.

She continued the torture for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a short time. She could see his tension, his frantic need to cum. Finally, when she felt he'd sufferred enough,
she remained silent, watching as he stroked and jerked. She watched as his penis erupted with cum as he squeezed and cried out. Ropes of jism coated her chest, her legs and her cock. He'd not been careful and she planned to punish him for that at the next session. For now she waited, silently, as he shuddered through the most intense orgasm of his life. When his dick was finally hanging limp and she could see he was about to collapse she said, "On your knees! Lick this mess off of me! I can't believe you made such a mess!" He scrambled to comply. As he came down from his climax he'd dreaded licking the salty jism from her cock but the sound of her displeasure erased all but a need to obey from his mind. Hastily he licked her thighs, her chest and breasts. When had she removed her corset? he wondered. He lingered over her breasts, sucking the nipples, feeling them harden in his mouth.

"Stop mauling me and lick the cum off my cock!" she growled. He bent down and took the dildo into his mouth, sucking and licking the cum off its shaft. When he'd licked it clean of all his cum he looked eagerly at her, awaiting her praise and approval.

"Well, that was a good start. You need to learn to control where you cum. I thought you'd drown me in it!" He grinned. "And next time you'll be punished for that!" His grin disappeared. He enjoyed pleasing her orally, getting his ass fucked, even sucking her strap on. He was not that into pain, however, and his bottom still burned from the earlier spanking. But he would tolerate it. He would deal with just about anything to get another opportunity to serve his Mistress. She told him it was time for him to go and as he dressed, he wished they could sit and talk for a bit. But he could see she was exhausted and so he did as he was told, murmuring a quiet goodbye as he slipped out the door.

She lay back on the bed, smiling and thinking back on the afternoon. She'd worried that she wouldn't be strong enough, stern enough. She liked this sub but, unlike her first, he wasn't her friend so she found it easier to allow her inner bitch to emerge. Thinking of her first sub, her Alan, she called him. He was nearby, waiting at the same bar where she'd met Jason. Somehow she'd known she would want his gentleness, his devoted attention after this first session with a new sub. She also knew Alan longed for her to use him much the same as she'd used Jason today. She knew he wasn't the bitch that Jason was, didn't crave her cock in his ass but he did want her to take more control of their sessions. To be the powerful Mistress that she had been with Jason.

Perhaps some day she could unleash that Bitch on him, push his limits a bit, give him what he craved, but for now she looked forward to a nice massage, another mind blowing orgasm, then a good fucking from him. She washed and packed away her toys and tools, showered, and then lay on the bed, waiting for her gentle giant to come and complete her afternoon.

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