The Party Part 1_(0)

The Party Part 1_(0)

Friday night finally came and Silk was really nervous. She envied the other two for their experience because they were excited instead of scared. She was so on edge that when Michael spoke her name; she nearly jumped out of her skin and squeaked out a yes Master.

“Silk, are you scared?” Michael asked her, voice full of concern.

“A little bit,” she said in a small voice.

Michael hugged her and whispered words of assurance in her ear. He told her that all she had to do tonight was watch and that no one would touch her unless she said it was okay. He promised her that someone would always be watching her also. Finally she settled down. The other girls also told her that there was nothing to be afraid of.

They were all ready to go except for their cloaks. Stacey and Syndee were naked except their arm and leg cuffs and collars. She herself was wearing a see through top and a thong along with her cuffs and collar. Michael had decided that she would wear a small amount of clothing so that others would know she was a watcher this time. Michael was wearing a pair of black jeans with a button down teal silk shirt. Silk thought he looked very sexy. The other two girls wore three-inch heels to match their collars while Silk wore mock ballet slippers. Michael figured that since she would probably be sitting most of the night, slippers would be the most comfortable.

Finally it was time to go. The girls donned their cloaks that Michael had bought them. He had said it was best to travel with the cloaks, that way when they got there they didn’t have to undress. No lost clothing this way. Silk could tell that Michael was very thorough as they also grabbed their bags full of their personal toys. Michael said they were to use their own no matter what. Silk even brought her bag, in case she decided to do more than watch, Michael told her.

They rode in Michael’s truck to a house in one of the nicest neighborhoods. The houses were like mini mansions.

Stacey gave a low whistle, “Nice Master.”

Michael looked to Silk to see her reaction and smiled when she smiled at him. “Yes it is really nice, ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 3 stories. Plus they have a guest house in the back, a pool, hot tub, sauna, weight room, in-home-theater and over half of the basement is a dungeon.”

“What does Sir Baron do for a living Master,” Stacey asked?

“Believe it or not, he is a computer geek. He works for some important computer firm in the city making gross amounts of money, plus like us he’s a trust fund baby,” Michael told them with a laugh.

Michael parked in the driveway and as they all got out, Silk noticed a valet, who took Michael’s keys and as they walked up the walk to the front door, the truck disappeared. Michael rang the bell and the person who answered it gave Silk her first shock of the evening.

He was dressed as a French-maid. Silk knew it was a male by his features but he was made up to look female anyway. This maid allowed them to enter and took the girl’s cloaks, which he/she in turn hung up in a closet behind the door. Then he placed their bags next to the wall where others were also awaiting their owners. Good thing Michael labeled their bags. Next he/she led them into a large room. Before Silk could notice the large amount of people, she saw Michael whisper something to the maid.

“May I announce,” he/she said in a falsetto voice, “Sir Michael and his trio of slaves. Slave Stacey,” he said point to each girl in turn, “slave Syndee and slave Silk, who is a watcher tonight.”

Silk then noticed that the large room was very full of an assortment of clothed and naked people. There were more maids, both male and female like the one at the door; only these ones were serving food and drinks. Silk also noticed that a few were carrying old fashion cigarette holders except they contained whips, crops, paddles and other assorted items that Silk wasn’t sure were. She thought she saw clothespins but could not be sure as the maid was far away.

A group of people came forward to greet Michael and his slaves. She was surprised to note that many people seemed to know her Master and it also seemed he was well liked. Slowly they entered what appeared to be a living room. It contained long couches and large chairs. Silk also noted that there were small stools on the edges of the room. Michael finally took a seat on the couch and indicated for them to kneel.

They all knelt around his feet facing him, eyes downcast awaiting he next command. Michael sat and talked to people for a while and the girls waited patiently as questions about themselves were put to Michael. Finally someone suggested that he allow Stacey and Syndee to join the other slaves in the dungeon to familiarize them selves with it. Michael told them to follow a maid to the dungeon and with a yes Master from each they were gone.

Silk was now by herself. She still felt unsure but remained at Michael’s feet with her eyes down as was required.

Finally Michael told her that she may look up, “Silk, your here to watch so watch. Why don’t you grab one of those stools and sit on it next to me.”

“Yes Master. Thank you, Master,” She told him as she fetched a stool and placed it as close to his legs as she could get without blocking him from standing. When she took her seat she curled her legs to her side, he smiled at her and stroked her cheek reassuringly.

Silk looked around the room finally. She noticed that a few slave were still upstairs. One slave was being used as a footstool and another was rubbing her Master’s feet. She saw that there were male and female slaves. Silk knew this was tame behavior and that before the night was through her education would grow greatly. She looked forward to it with an uneasy curiosity.

She noticed someone watching her. Once he caught her eye, he spoke with an accent, “Hello you exquisite creature.”

She was unsure if she was allowed to speak so she looked back at Michael who nodded an okay. “Hello Sir. Thank you for the compliment.” She noticed he was good looking and sure of himself as he spoke to her.

“Silk, is that what you Master calls you. Charming, is that because you’re a smooth as Silk?” He asked her with a smile.

Feeling more at ease, she replied, “No Sir, Silk or actually Silky is my real name, the name my parents gave me.”

“I’m sure the name fits.” He said and continued talking to her about this and that.

Silk talked to him as she watched the things going on around her, a few more people had arrived and while most slaves went to the dungeon some stayed by their Masters or Mistresses. Silk watched and talked with those around her. She answered questions about herself and her relationship with Michael.

Someone mentioned wanting to see more of Silk and Michael smiled with pride. Why not he thought, she could present and redress to watch later.

“Up on your feet slave,” Michael ordered. Once she was standing like he had taught her, he added, “Strip and present yourself.

With a yes Master, she was on her feet ready to go.

“Hold on Michael, let me call Dyna, she’ll want to see this,” Baron said to Michael, then he turned to a maid, “You maid, go get slave Dyna.”

At his nod, Silk stood and waited for Dyna to come before beginning. As she waited she noticed that most everyone was watching her. Finally Dyna came and knelt at Baron’s feet. Silk then begin, first she striped off the top, which she dropped near her feet. She then turned a full turn so that everyone could see her. Next she took off the thong and repeated the turning. Finally she bent over and removed her slippers and then stood up and put her hands behind her back, and dropped her eyes to the floor. She noticed Dyna whispering to Baron.

“Michael, we’d like to see that hair,” Baron told him.

He had the girls braid each other’s hair before they left because he knew that it would keep it out of their faces and be much cooler for them. Knowing how sexy her hair really was and that both Baron and Dyna had a thing about hair, he ordered, “Silk un-braid your hair.”

“Yes Master,” She said as she did as he ordered. When it was finally free, she gave it a good shake then tossed it over her shoulder before resuming the position again.

“Wow, her hair is lovely Sir Michael,” Dyna told him.

“Yes it is. Lovely hair for a lovely little slave,” Baron agreed.

The gentleman with the strange accent spoke up finally, “Let us see more. How well does she present in the positions?”

Arising to the challenge Michael turned and looked at the voice that had spoken. Not liking this gentleman much anyway and after watching him practically drool over Silk, Michael was pissed off, “Kneel slave,” Michael barked.

Silk dropped smoothly to her knees. When Master spoke she was all business.

Once she was there, “Down,” he barked again.

Silk lowered her front to the floor, turning her head toward Michael as her top hit the floor. She also placed her hands above her head.

“Up again,” when she was on her feet, “Belly.”

Again she dropped to her knees and as she dropped her front to the floor she turned her head toward Michael again. This time she placed her arms behind her back and spread her legs and awaited his next command.

“Very nice,” the accented gentleman said, “But she didn’t cross her ankles.”

Silk thought, oh no, had she embarrassed her Master? He didn’t want them to cross their ankles but before she could dwell on it she heard Michael explain to the man.

“I like to have sex with my slaves in this position and therefore don’t like their ankles crossed. I don’t require them to do so she is doing it right by my standards as I have taught her.” Michael told him in a matter of fact tone.

“I see,” the gentleman said.

“Kneel up Silk,” Michael ordered completing the positions.

Silk knelt up and lifted her chin to present the D-ring on her collar. Michael smiled at her proudly.

“She presents well but when do we get to see her in action?” The man asked.

Gritting his teeth, Michael replied, “Not tonight, she watches tonight. This is her first week in the lifestyle.”

The man gave a noise in the back of his throat and Michael glared at him, challenging him to say more. The man thought wisely of it knowing Michael’s temper. Silk didn’t know that her Master used to be as quick with his fists as he was with his whip and the man didn’t know that Michael didn’t fight anymore. Finally the topic changed to other things and Michael forgot all about him. Suddenly he noticed that Silk was still kneeling up at his side.

Turning his head to her, he smiled again with pride, “Little one, you may resume your stool and continue to watch. Also you may redress and re-braid your hair.”

“Thank you Master,” she said as she put her clothes back on and then sat back on the stool. Next she re-braided her hair as she watched.

The activities had greatly increased while her back had been turned. The male slave who was posing as a foot slave was now being whipped with a crop and the female slave was using her feet on the male slave’s cock. It looked like she was trampling it, but the male seemed to be enjoying it and his cock was hard. Silk watched this with growing curiosity and didn’t hear Michael call her name.

Then a hand snaked out and grabbed her nipple, pinching it roughly. Silk turned with a jerk to find Michael looking at her.

“Do I have your attention, little one?”

“Yes Master,” she stammered.

“I was telling you that I was going to go down stairs, there will be plenty of activities up here for you to watch, so stay up here for now and I will come get you later and take you downstairs,” Michael told her.

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

He let got of her nipple and got up to leave. As he did, the male slave approached him.

“Sir may I rub your slave’s feet while she watches. She has very sexy feet Sir,” the slave asked of Michael.

Looking back at Silk, who in turn looked at him with wide eyes. “Sure, why not,” Michael told him. Silk could use the education and she could also talk to him learn about male slaves. “Talk to her and explain things if she needs it.”

“Yes Sir, I will help her understand, and might I add, she is very lovely, pity she is a slave, what a Mistress she would make,” he informed Michael.

“Hmmmm, yes, she would, but such is life and she is a slave,” said Michael thinking on what the male slave had said. “However,” to Silk, “Behave yourself and I’ll be back. Watch and learn,” then to the other slave, “Obey your manners or punishment will be harsh.”

A yes Master and Sir followed him as he walked away and went to the dungeon to play. He knew that Silk would be all right and that the male slave would explain things to her. A slave point of view about things was better then his anyway. While he knew that point of view, it had been a while since he was of that way of thinking and so he could not really explain things like another slave could. That combined with the fact that Silk needed a males point of view on slave matters put him at ease as he played with Stacey and Syndee.

Silk sat on her stool and watched all that was going on around her while the male slave who introduced himself as Adam, rubbed her feet and talked to her. The accented gentleman also was still in attendance, so she talked with him also. Across the room a slave was being chained to a hook that hung from the ceiling. A blindfold was put over her eyes. Silk noted that she didn’t look the least bit scared.

“What are they going to do to her Adam,” she asked of him. She preferred talking to him other the gentleman.

“That’s Shelia, she is into sensory play. They will take a few of her senses away with blindfolds and plugs in her ears. Then they will do things to her and in this state all she has is her sense of touch to rely on, which will be heightened. This will make for some interesting fun for her and everyone else,” Adam explained.

“What sort of things, will they do? Whip her?”

Adam noted her interest, “Well it depends on the person, but Sheila likes blade play, hot wax, ice, feathers, paddles, whips, floggers and canes. They will most likely use a combination of all on her, gradually building up to intensity.”

Silk watched and they began with ice and hot wax. The Dom would run the ice down a part of her body and then follow it up with the wax. The slave would give small gasps, but that was all, she never cried out. Next the Dom took a knife and began to run it up and down parts of her body occasionally removing some wax in the process. The slave was beginning to whimper. Through the whole thing, he would have her turn to that he could access the front and back of her. Next he took a flogger and began to swish it gently across parts of her body. Silk knew this did not hurt. The flogger also removed bits of wax.

When the flogger reached a point where it was getting intense, he would switch to something new. He used the paddle, the crop, feathers and all the other items in his never-ending arsenal. Off and on he would remind her to breath. Finally she reached her point and she was in what Adam called subspace. Silk knew about this from her sisters also. The Dom turned her lose and laid her on the couch nearby. After about fifteen minutes she was back to her old self and her Dom ordered her to the floor where she knelt, Silk notice that while she was tired, she also looked fulfilled.

Adam had explained the whole process to Silk as they watched and now that it was over, she turned her attention back to Adam. He was rubbing his cock on her feet. Silk wondered if he should be doing this but didn’t know and since it felt so good, she didn’t stop him. Who could know that feet could be so sensual, the whole act had Silk panting. Silk knew he was about to cum but could not stop him.

Just as he exploded on her feet, Michael walked up and witnessed Adam soiling her feet.

Grabbing a crop from a nearby maid, Michael brought it down across Adam’s back, “What do you think you are doing slave? Did I give you permission to cum on my slave?” He punctuated it with another smack of the corp.

Michael was shocked and delighted at the look of pure lust in Silk’s eyes; he had a real good feeling that she could cum from this. This was something he would have to explore later, but now he needed to deal with this. Not only to punish Adam, but to show Silk that was Adam had done was wrong and that bad deeds where dealt with harshly.

“Lick her legs and feet clean slave,” Michael ordered with another swipe from the crop across Adam’s back. When he knelt down, his ass was in the air and Michael whipped it too.

As Adam licked up his mess, Silk was turned on even more. Oh god, she thought, I’m going to cum. She began to pant even harder tying to control it.

Michael was watching her and almost laughed out loud when she began to pant hard. The minx was going to cum. Not if he had anything to say about it. No one but him would give her pleasure.

“Silk, you may not cum,” he told her with a stress on the word not.

He watched her, as Adam was finishing up his mess. He noticed that they had drawn a crowd. Everyone came to watch him with her. The show off in him couldn’t resist. Knowing she was going to cum anyway no matter what he said he brought the crop down lightly on her nipple.

“Slave if you cum, you will be punished,” he said and watched her reaction.

She gave a low moan and her eyes rolled back in her head as she exploded. The extra swat from the crop across her breasts only aided in her orgasm, “Sorry Master,” was all she said.

If it weren’t for her disobeying the rules, Michael could have laughed out loud at the fact that she came from having her feet licked. He bet she didn’t know that could happen or even understand it herself. Michael knew that he also had to punish her; she had cum after he told her no. With this in mind, he reached in his pocket and pulled out her leash. As she came down from her high, he clipped the leash to her D-ring on her collar. It pissed him off that she gained pleasure from someone other then him.

As she recovered, she felt the hand at her throat, looking up she met stormy blue eyes and knew she was in trouble. The leash that was attached to her collar was jerked and she immediately dropped to her knees.

“Crawl like a dog,” Michael ground out as he turned and walked away pulling the leash after him.

Silk followed on hands and knees quickly behind him as he led her out of the room. She followed him to a set of stairs where he told her to walk down on her feet. Once down stairs he ordered her to her hands and knees again as he led her into the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, he ordered Stacey to go retrieve Silk’s toy bag from upstairs.

With a yes Master, Stacey jumped to do his bidding; she could see that Master was pissed. She ran up the stairs and grabbed the bag quickly retuning it to Master’s side. She wondered what Silk had done this time.

“Stacey take your sister, strip her and tie her to the cross,” Michael told her as he searched through Silk’s bag for the things he wanted.

Silk was a bit scared now but she trusted Michael totally so she tried to relax. She knew that Michael wouldn’t hurt her so she awaited her fate like a good slave as Stacey striped her and then tied her arms to the cross. Stacey gave her a small smile as she did this.

Michael searched her bag and found her blindfold, a paddle and the deerskin flogger. Dropping the bag at his feet, he handed Stacey the blindfold and once it was in place, he approached Silk.

Silk’s arms were tied above her head in the same manner of the girl that she had seen upstairs earlier. She smelt Michael’s cologne and knew he had approached but when he did nothing she grew apprehensive.

Michael watched her fidget while he also watched the crowd gather. He saw that the gentleman with the accent had also come to watch Silk get punished. For a brief moment he thought about untying her and taking her home, but knew that was stupid. She needed to be punished here in front of everyone.

Once everyone was seated, Michael’s voice rang out, “Slave you have disobeyed me, why is that?”

Silk jumped at the sound of his voice then recovered and answered, “Because I was bad.”

Smack! Went the paddle on her ass, “That is not a proper answer,” Michael replied.

Silk jumped at the smack, “Sorry Master, I disobeyed you because I could not control myself.”

Michael hooked the paddle to his side and turned to swing the flogger, gentle at first but picking up intensity as he went on. He smiled to himself when Silk stood and took it.

Silk felt the flogger hit her the first time and knew that it was futile to fight. She stood and took it all even when he got too intense.

Michael made sure he hit her from ankles to ass and occasionally across her upper back and shoulders. He made sure the some of the swipes would curl around her body striking her pussy. He had her turn a few times so that he could flogger her front especially her breasts. Finally her body gave him a sign that she had had enough and he stopped.

“Stacey, untie your slave sister, Michael ordered.

Stacey said yes Master, and did as ordered. Once Silk was untied, she helped her to kneel at Master’s feet.

Michael smiled at their obedience. He turned and took a seat on a chair that was close at hand.

“Slave, come here and turn your back to me.” Michael said.

Silk came over and turned as he had ordered. When she did this, he ordered her to kneel up and then clipped her cuffs together.

In a clear voice, Michael stated for all to hear, “Since my slave likes to cum without permission and disobey her Master, I think she can reward any Dom or Domme who wishes it with Oral to orgasm.” Then he bent down and grabbed her hair and pulled her ear back to his mouth, “You will go give oral to anyone who wishes it and you will make them cum or else. You will swallow too if they want you to.” He then pushed her forward toward a Dom next to them who was already opening his pants.

Silk crawled on her knees to the Dom who had been opening his pants. She knelt up over his lap and took in his scent. He was not too bad she thought as she took him into her mouth. Quickly she sucked him trying to make him cum and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum.

“Don’t swallow that,” the Dom ordered just as she went to swallow. “I want you to feed it to my slave.”

The Dom grabbed her by her braid and turned her face toward a male slave. Silk leaned toward him and met his mouth with a kiss.

“Share it with him, slave,” Came Michael’s voice.

Silk kissed the male slave and swallowed some of the cum while she also fed some to him. Finally there was no more, so she broke the kiss. She then turned toward Michael awaiting his next order.

Laughing at the look on her face, Michael said, “You heard me, go around the room and offer your mouth and tongue to all the Doms and Dommes.” He swatted her ass with a crop as she turned and left.

Silk noticed a Lady crooking her finger at her and so Silk crawled to her. When Silk was at her feet, the Lady reached down and stroked her face. Next she opened her dress and scooted her ass to the end of the chair. Finally she pushed Silk’s face into her crotch.

Silk was glad to see that this Lady was very clean. She licked and sucked until she felt the Lady cum, then she leaned up and the Lady kissed her mouth. Finally Silk moved on to another.

The next was another lady, only she wanted Silk to suck her male slave. Silk did as ordered and was glad when he came quickly, just as she was about to swallow the lady ordered her not to and told her to let it fall from her mouth into his. Her male slave then spun around to lie under her head. Silk allowed cum to fall from her mouth and into his. As he swallowed it, the Domme pushed Silks head down and ordered them to share the last of the cum with a kiss.

The kiss was intense for Silk. When it broke she looked down at the slave and saw it was the same for him. Silk didn’t understand it but there was something about this slave that drew her but before she could dwell on it Michael ordered her to move on. Silk threw Michael a look, which earned her a loud laugh.

Silk sat up and noticed that the gentleman with the accent was beckoning her. The thought occurred to her that Michael would not want her to touch him but then she also thought too bad, he made her do this. With this in mind, she crawled over to him without a backwards look to Michael.

“Mon petit chéri, votre Maître est un tel monstre. Je ne vous ferais jamais le faire.” He told her, causing her to realize that the accent was French.

“I am sorry Sir, I don’t understand,” Silk told him as she leaned up over his lap.
“Mon petit chéri, it is nothing, I was just complimenting you,” he lied. He then opened his pants and allowed Silk to see his cock.

Silk gasped, he was rather large and thick. She wasn’t sure she could get it in her mouth much less suck him off all the way.

At her gasp, he laughed, “Mon petit chéri, you don’t have to fit it all in your mouth. If you will just suck the head, I will help you.”

Silk did as ordered and while he helped her as he said he talked to her. Silk wished he would just shut up and cum.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel this in your pussy, mon petit chéri?” He asked.

Silk shook her head no, and he laughed so she pulled off his cock and told him that the only man she wished to feel inside her was her Master.

Unbeknownst to Silk, Michael heard her and was now smiling with pride.

The gentleman was undaunted however and kept talking to her while she sucked him. Finally much to Silks relief, he came. Silk was unprepared for the amount and ended up with it down her front and in her hair. She just could not swallow it all.

Once he was done, she pulled away and turned to find Michael watching her. He motioned for her to come to him so she crawled over to him.

Once there, he leaned over and told Stacey to go get something to clean up Silk. While she was gone, he leaned over to Silk and said, “He lied to you.”

Silk looked at him confused.

“What he said in French. His translation to you, he lied. He actually said to you that, your Master is such a monster. I would never make you do this. He also kept calling you, my little darling,” Michael whispered in her ear.

Silk looked at him again, wondering why it mattered now.

Michael watched her face for a reaction then spoke, “So do you feel the same? Am I a monster for making you do that for everyone?”

Silk looked up for a moment and spoke, “No Master, I don’t think you’re a monster.”

Michael grabbed her hair and made her look at him, “Really, then what do you think? What was that look for earlier? Are you mad that I am making you do this? The truth, now slave.”

Silk looked into his eyes, “I was a little mad about having to do this and that look was because I was being pissy. I don’t really mind doing it though, as it pleases you. I am also sorry I was bad before,” she said.

Michael looked at her, watching her eyes as she spoke. When she was done, he kissed her full on the mouth. Silk was taken aback when he did this as she had just preformed oral on many other men and still had cum on her lips and the taste still in her mouth. When Michael broke the kiss, Stacey was there with the cloth to clean Silk. Michael took the cloth and wiped her front off.

Once she was clean he sent her over to Baron. She crawled over to him and noticed that his slave Dyna was there also. Dyna smiled at her as she approached.

Baron spoke, “I want you two to both suck me and when I cum you two will share it.”

Dyna smiled again at Silk as she undid her Master’s pant. Once she had his cock free she kissed it then offered it to Silk. Silk took the head in her mouth while Dyna leaned down to lick his balls. Together they worked, sucking and licking till he finally exploded in Dyna’s mouth. After his last shot, Dyna turned and kissed Silk.

Silk enjoyed the kiss greatly as she felt an attraction to Dyna. As they kissed Dyna rubbed up against Silk. This excited her greatly. She was disappointed when Baron ordered them apart.

“Dyna, you slut,” Baron laughed, “Turning her on like that.”

Michael motioned her back over to his side. She crawled over to him and knelt once more at his feet. It seemed that he wanted her to watch once more.

After a bit someone asked Michael if his slaves would like to lube wrestle with some of the other slaves. Michael asked Syndee and Stacey if they’d like to do it to which they hastily answered, “Yes, Master.”

Michael took a seat closer to the ring and ordered Silk to his feet. While she sat with him and watched, he stroked her neck through her hair. This turned her on greatly especially when he would stroke a finger under her collar. Soon he had her turned on.

Michael knew that Silk was responding to his stroking. He relished the thought that he had to power to turn her on so with just his hand. Unbeknownst to Silk however, Michael had other ideas as to why he was stroking her neck and turning her on so.

Michael wanted her to lube wrestle also but he wanted her in a good mood when he approached her with the idea. While the punishment was not part of their agreement for the evening, he knew that wrestling was and so he wanted her to say yes. A sure fire way to get a slave to be willing was to turn her on. Michael knew how to play his hand where Silk was concerned.

After both of her slave sisters had wrestled while they watched the Domme from earlier approached Michael and was speaking in low tones to him. He laughed and told her we’ll see. He then looked at Silk.

Silk swallowed hard wondering what Michael wanted now. She wasn’t scared but she was still a bit nervous with all these people.

“Slave would you like to wrestle in the lube?” Michael asked her.

Silk thought on it for a moment and said yes without hesitation.

Michael turned to the Domme and told her to go get her slave and announce the match to the Maid calling it.

Michael turned back to Silk and explained the rules. He explained how to win, about tapping and different holds. When he finished he asked if she understood.

“Its like wrestling from television correct? I know that stuff really well,” She told him with a smile. She hoped to make him proud of her especially after her earlier mistake.

The match was called and Silk and the slave entered the ring. He was the first male slave she had given a blow job to before when she was being punished. He smiled at her and bowed as ordered. Silk bowed also and the match began.

They wrestled around and Silk soon learned that while the moves were like what she had seen on television, the lube made it hard to execute them properly. Often she ended up on her ass or back as did the other slave. Soon they were both on the mat rolling around. Silk could feel the male slave’s erection rubbing against her and it turned her on. Because of Michaels stroking before, she was already hot and bothered, rolling with a male who sported an erection was making Silk even more turned on.

Boy; as he was called was fascinated by Silk. When she gave him the blow job earlier he was impressed as she made him shoot so fast. Then there was the kiss they shared. It tore at his soul. He was counting his blessings now that he got the chance to wrestle with her. He wished it could be more but knew that was impossible as he was only a slave.

Silk was close to cumming as he rubbed against her. She was about to loose it when he accidentally slid inside her wet and ready depths. As he hit bottom Silk lost it. Oh no she thought as she smothered her cry in his shoulder. She bit him and she felt him shoot deep in her. As they both came back to reality, he pinned her and the Ref counted to three. She lost.

As he got off her, he turned them so that no one saw what they had done. He helped her to stand and gave her a strange look. She lowered her eyes and went over to Michael.

Michael helped her out of the ring and could tell she was upset. Thinking it was over losing, he told her, “Don’t worry slave. I didn’t expect you to win your first time. I’m proud you did so well and lasted so long.” Pointing toward a bathroom he added, “Now go to the showers over there and clean yourself up”

Silk smiled at him glad he didn’t seem to notice the rest of what had happened. When he told her go shower she was relieved. She could get herself under control in the shower. She followed his directions to the shower and found that she wasn’t the only one waiting to shower. The male slave was also in there. She looked back at Michael and saw he wasn’t even looking her way. She started to turn and walk back but the male slave spoke.

“If you’re thinking we can’t shower together, you’re wrong. Slaves always shower together regardless of sex,” He told her with an air of authority.

Silk looked at him and found him looking at her. She smiled and followed him into the bathroom after the last couple exited.

Once they were alone, he spoke again making small talk. Silk kept her eyes down and didn’t respond much till he said, “Look I know you came so don’t freak out. I won’t tell if you don’t. We would both be in hot water if our Owners knew. I would get it way worse then you.”

Silk looked at him once more full in the eyes, “Okay fine then. Our little secret,” She asked as she held out her hand.

He agreed as he shook it and they proceeded to get cleaned up. At some point during their joint shower, Silk ended up in his arms and he was kissing her again. Silk felt guilty but couldn’t help the attraction she felt so when he entered her once more, she didn’t stop him.

He pressed her up against the wall and thrust into her quickly. Silk tried hard not to rake his back as she muffled their cries with a kiss. After a quick orgasm from them both it was over and they were both shaken. Without a word they finished cleaning up and he helped her clean herself out so no one would be the wiser, before parting, they reaffirmed their vow of secrecy, then Silk went back and knelt at Michael’ feet while he did the same with his Domme.

As Silk knelt at Michael’s feet she glanced up at him and found him smiling at her. She smiled back and dropped her gaze to the floor. After a few minutes, she started watching again. She was really engrossed in watching a Domme with her female slaves when Michael called her name.

“Yes, Master?” She asked as she looked up and saw Starla.

“Hello there,” Starla said when Silk looked up at her.

Silk smiled at her and greeted in return, “Hello Ma’am.”

Michael placed his hand on her shoulder so she turned and looked up at him. He smiled so she smiled in return. She listened to him chat with Starla and answered questions when asked but she was still engrossed in watching.

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