The girl - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - 1/3

The girl - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - 1/3

Hank and Sam tried to behave as usual, but in reality they were afraid that police might come to their workshop any day. The girl knew their names and where they worked. Sooner or later they expected her to rat on them. They were stressed and could do nothing about it. They prepared to skip town, but didn't yet follow through, as they loved their workshop.

Nevertheless, one Thursday afternoon, the girl entered their workshop. She started to walk around the shop, like she was looking for something, and looked over the shelves.

--- "Are you looking for something, little one?"

--- "Yes." --- She said, turning towards Sam --- "I though that maybe you could help me with something."

Sam was surprised to see it was Lilly. A quick though came through his mind, that it is a police trap.

--- "What would that be, Lilly?" --- he said loud enough for Hank to hear.

--- "It's kind of embarrassing." --- She lowered her head --- "I don't ..."

--- "What is it?" --- asked Sam impatiently --- "Nobody is here, you can say"

--- "Could you close the doors first?" --- she said, when Hank came from the back.

Sam walked to the main entrance and bolted it shut. The sound of the closing doors caused a shiver to cross her entire body. Sam then lowered some blinds on the windows.

--- "So, what is it?" --- said Hank.

Lilly stood silent, lowering her eyes and biting her lip. She slowly slipped the straps of her dress to the sides of her shoulders, and let the summer dress drop to the ground.

She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Not even any panties. She stood there, her tiny frame naked in front of the two huge burly men. They smiled and eyed her body hungrily. She closed her eyes, when she saw the two men approach her. She moaned slightly as she felt huge hands starting to touch her ass, and fondle her breasts.

--- "Why are you here?" --- asked Sam.

--- "I ..." --- Lilly struggled to answer.

--- "Did you tell anybody about what happened?" --- said Hank.

--- "No, sir." --- she said timidly. She was very intimidated by them.

--- "Did you tell anybody about us?" --- asked Sam.

--- "No."

--- "Anybody knows you're here?" --- asked Hank, putting his hand on her head. His hand was so big she felt like he could crush her skull if he wanted.

--- "No, sir. I skipped school early, and told my parents I'll be spending the night at my friend's place"

--- "Nobody saw you coming here?"

--- "No, sir. I even took a long route with the subway."

--- "Kneel" --- said Hank pushing his huge hand on her head.

She knelt on the concrete floor. Naked. She felt even smaller and more vulnerable on her knees. Hank took out a hand gun from behind him, cocked it and aimed at her.

--- "It's nothing personal kid, but you're a bit of a problem for us." --- he said.

--- "You see" --- said Sam --- "You skipped us two times, and we cannot risk you talking."

Lilly stayed calm, but she was terrified out of her mind of the gun. Tears came to her eyes, and soon one of them made its way down her cheek. There was a long silence, and she gathered her resolve.

--- "I understand." --- she said, her voice breaking.

She lifted herself slightly from the heels of her feet, and to the surprise of the men, took the barrel of the gun into her mouth. She closed her eyes, causing more tears to fall from her eyes, and prepared herself for the shot.

--- "What's that?" --- said Sam, gently tapping with his foot a piece of plastic between her ass cheeks.

She mumbled something.

Hank withdrew the pistol from her mouth, and gestured her to answer properly.

--- "Sorry, sir." --- she said to Hand, and then answered Sam --- "They call them butt plugs, sir."

--- "You have a butt plug in your ass?" --- asked Sam, pretty surprised.

--- "Yes, sir." --- she said. --- "I wear it every day to school"

Sam and Hank exchanged some looks.

--- "Why?"

--- "I'm training my ass. I don't want it to rip, when you ..."

--- "Fuck it?" --- asked Hank.

--- "Yes. I don't want it to rip, when you will decide to rape me ... there."

They laughed.

--- "And how is the training going?" --- asked Sam.

--- "Very good, sir." --- she said --- "This one is already 2 sizes bigger then the one I started with."

--- "And when did you start?"

Lilly turned red.

--- "After the last time you ... used me." --- She answered --- "I'm really afraid to rip there, as there could be an infection."

They smiled.

--- "Very thoughtful" --- said Hank.

--- "Yes. Nice. But what about your cunt, kid? Doesn't it need any stretching?" --- asked Sam.

--- "Oh, sir. I am a mannerly girl. I would not touch myself there." --- she said.

--- "You don't think it needs any training?"

--- "Oh, I'm sure it does, but I would never presume to do it, sir." --- she said.

They both smiled.

--- "I also think that it would not infect so easily if ripped." --- she said, turning red again.

A silence fell and she could not lift her eyes from embarrassed. Finally she turned back to Hank and took the barrel back into her mouth.

--- "Hank, I think we could have some fun with her." --- said Sam

Hank was clearly considering it.

--- "Besides, sir." --- said Lilly, taking the gun out of her mouth for a second --- "You can always put me down afterwards." --- and wrapped her lips back round the barrel.

--- "She has a point" --- said Sam smiling.

Hank relaxed a bit, and withdrew again.

--- "I think it's a good idea to train your cunt also. But that would need time."

--- "I thought just as much. That why I told my parents I'll be spending the night at my friend's place" --- she said lowering her eyes.

--- "But we cannot have you here like this all day. We have a workshop to run." --- he said.

Lilly was relieved she won't die. At least not yet.

--- "Don't you have some basement to keep all the kidnapped girls in?" --- said Lilly looking at him with her sweet eyes.

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