Good sex.....Sex education continues

Good sex.....Sex education continues

It was amazing. She held my dick by the length, with her pussy and kept rolling it over the full length of my dick. She contracted her pussy-lips as she rolled it over my dick. I could see her beautiful breast bounce and move with the intensity of her massage. I raised my hand to grope her breast and slowly started pressing them. I was tired and my dick hurt a little but the pleasure soon got me horny.

Her hair was falling across her face and sat up to hold her by one hand and with the other I hold her chin. I pulled her close to my face and kissed her gently on her lips and pulled back. Her eyes were looking straight into mine. She grabbed me by the head and gave a kiss on my lips. The intensity of the kiss was strong as she breathed heavily.

Wow! This is my Teacher and I am fucking her.

The kisses turned into deep smooching and both our tongues were into each other, massaging. Then she stood up and her pussy was right in front of my face. I kissed her pussy. I opened my mouth and looked into her eyes. I donno what came over me, but I bit her pussy.

“Aaaa…Uuuuuuhmmmmm…..” was all the respond I got as I felt her hand gripping my hair. I gripped her ass by both my arms and she rested her ass on them, as she spread her legs a bit further. I licked her pussy-lips and then dug my tongue as deep as possible inside her pussy.

“Shit, aaaa….hhh…….ugh” she moaned out as my tongue moved up and down inside her pussy, vigorously. I slapped her butt with open palm and heard her cry out, “Aaaaaaa……”. She looked down on me and came down to sit on my lap.

“ You like hitting me?” she asked me.

“ Do you like it?” I responded with a question.

“ Yes, I do”

I rolled her down on her abdomen and sat beside her. She slowly raised her butt by folding her knees to her abs. I could see her A-hole and her closed pussy. I opened my palm and gave a little slap on her cunt.

“Uuuuu.” Was all the response I got.

Next, I hit her hard on the but and she cried out in pain. I slapped her butt and with each slap I grew the intensity. After four or five slaps she rolled over on her back. Now, I was poised with an cynical feeling that excited me to the core.

I got hold of her hair and slapped her across the face. “Stop, Stop it, XXXX” she could only mutter the words. But I was poised by such feelings that I couldn’t stop and instead I gripped her breasts with both my hand and squeezed them hard.
“Maa………..maa…….aaaaaaa” She cried out loud and I smiled. Something was giving me immense pleasure to see her in pain. She was in a state of shock. She tried to remove my hand but with her struggle my grip only got stronger and harder. She scratched my arms with her nails and I squeezed her breast with a pumping motion.

She was in excruciating pain and I could see tears in her eyes. I released her breast and pushed her back on the bed. She was in pain and she was in shock. I spread her legs and slapped her on the pussy. Now, this was a really hard one. She sat up with tears rolling down her cheeks and I could see that she was holding her breadth. I slapped her across the face and fell on the bed and she let out her breadth.

Now, she was screaming , “ don’t please don’t. I can’t take it anymore.”

“ I thought you like it. Don’t you like been hit? I like it. I like it a lot” I had a weird smile on me.

She looked at me and I could see her fear in her eyes. And she could see the devil in me. She got up on her knees and kissed me, “ I like it but lets make love, now.”

She embraced me in a hug and moved her finger inside my hair, pushing it back. She started smooching me and I responded. I raised my hand and groped her breast. She gave out a low cry. Now, I felt bad. I dropped my head down on her breast and licked it with my tongue. I could see her face and that she was feeling good. I moved my tongue over her nipples and circled it and then sucked it. I kept sucking and she moaned. I switched side and did same with the other. I sucked hard and she kept moaning.

I raised my head and kissed her, “ I am sorry”.

“Shshshshshshhhhh…..” She put her finger over my lips and started fondling with my dick. I kissed her on the lips.

She bent her head and kissed me on my nipples and bit my nipples, lightly. She kissed and tongued her way down to my dick and started sucking it again. After sometime I could feel my orgasm peeking and I shoved her off on the bed.

I licked her pussy and tongued it for sometime. She was getting excited and I chanced my dick inside her.

“Uuuuugh….”, she moaned out as my pennies made way inside her wet pussy. I made slow thrust inside her while making sure that my pennies do not enter her to its full length. I moved my hips slowly in a circular motion and slowly escalated my momentum of strokes. I saw her raise her torso and I dug my pennies, deep, upto its full length. She cried out a loud moan as she raised her torso higher.

As I thrusted my pennies deeper and faster, her moans grew in decibels. I continued my strokes and after a while she clenched her lower lips and as she moaned a gush of her pussy juice oozed out of her vagina. I continued my strokes.

She oozed out more of her pussy juice and louder moans in intervals and at last I came inside her.

She hold me by the ass and ushered me to continue and I obliged. After a few more strokes she oozed out a little more of her juice.

I couldn’t conjure up any more energy to continue. My pennies was hurting and so was my torso. I rested my head between her breast and lay on top of her. She stroked my hair with her finger and kissed me on my forehead. My pennies was still inside her.

After a while I pulled out my shrinked pennies out of her and rolled over to lay on my back and closed my eyes. I don’t know when I fell asleep.

I felt a hand in my hair and kisses on my nipples. I opened my eyes and I sat up, absolutely in a shock. There was my teacher with a swollen face and yet smiling.

“Get ready, sweetheart. I think its time for you to leave” she said, smilling.

I looked down at her and she was still naked. I could my marks all over her body. She was a fair in complexion and the sight of the marks were horrible.

I got up and made my way to the refrigerator. I took out the ice tray and poured the ice on a piece of cloth and sat down beside her. She was smiling.

I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what could I say, or how could I apologize for my action. I slowly sponged her face with ice and she was crying out with every touch.

After sometime we got dressed and she called for son. I kissed her on the forehed(the only place that was not swollen) and said,”I am extremely sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

She smiled back and said,” What got into you is the feeling? But I liked it and so don’t be sorry.” She kissed me on my lips and I made my way back to my hostel.

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