The Adventures of Grace and Anna Erotic Classic Ch-2 Part 3

The Adventures of Grace and Anna Erotic Classic Ch-2 Part 3

Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of the language, and imagination of Rabelaisian order. Erotic as are the tales, they are far from being filthy, while a plot of thrilling interest runs throughout the work, binding all the stories together..The book 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' has been subtitled 'The thrilling experiences of two girls looking for love and lust.' Two fun-loving girls of the 1910s discover love and lust among the idle rich and the well-proportioned poor in this insightful excursion into the erotic mores and morals of an earlier era. Enjoy..



'At that time, my dear friends, I knew nothing at all about the digital method of relieving my excited feelings and even to this day, I would much rather resort to the poorest-made man with a shrivelled member than comfort myself with the old maid's method of sex cooling!'

Grace and I both laughed at this, and kissing Anna for her frankness, and not to slight Grace, repeating the same caress with her, I begged her to continue.

'Well,' she said, 'my mind being all taken up with the ice-man, I immediately made plans in my mind to have that standing “thing” for myself; to have him put it up in me like he had done to Norah, and early the next morning, before he appeared, I secreted myself in the basement that he must pass before going upstairs, and determined to see what would happen.

'I stood just within the door so as I might walk out as he passed me, as though it was entirely accidental, and with heart beating high awaited his arrival. Both of you, of course, will laugh at me for my foolishness, but bear in mind I was a child, and all this was quite new to me, and all that I thought of at the present time was that standing and flaming prick which filled my mind day and night.

'Sure enough I heard him coming, and timing my actions so that I would be just coming out of the door as he ascended the stairs, I confronted him with what I was sure was a winning and seductive smile, but to my surprise and astonishment he pushed me gently aside and proceeded up the stairs!

'I stood still, frozen to the spot with astonishment, never having thought that he would so rudely pass me by, and before I could collect my scattered senses he was up the stairs, and for all I know was engaged in filling Norah's fat and greedy quim with his standing organ!

'I almost cried with vexation at the result of my carefully laid plans, and mentally wished them both dead and in their graves, and was ill-tempered all day, but finally the humorous side of it presented itself to me and I laughed merrily.

'I had, however, not given up my plans for seducing the long-pronged ice-man, as you shall soon hear, and gleaning some ideas out of the novels that I had read on the sly, made new plans for his capture.

'In some of the novels that I had read, the entrancing young heroine had attracted the attention of her admirer by pretending to have been thrown from a horse and spraining her ankle, but not having a horse or even a mule at my disposal I determined to dispense with that part of it and put the latter part of the plan into operation and to see what would result.

'To this end, I seated myself on the lower steps where I would be in the direct path of the ice-man and upon hearing him ascend the stairs I contorted my face into what I thought was an expression of pain, I lifted my foot up on my knee and held it in both of my hands and waited.

'Ascending the stairs with his ice on his shoulders, his head bent down, he almost ran over me before he saw me, and then noticing my attitude and the look on my face, he placed the ice on one of the lower steps and enquired what was the matter.

' “Oh, oh,” I said, “I think that I have broken my leg, Joe! Look!” I said, sticking it out for his inspection as he stood there stupidly looking at me. “I was coming downstairs and slipped, and it hurts me awfully and I think it is broken! Is it?” And I held it up high almost in his face, and he unconsciously took my tiny ankle in his calloused and perspiring hand.

'This was the moment that I had planned for, for I had on only a pair of very thin, abbreviated panties, slit wide open up the middle, which showed most of my lower belly and thighs, and if he cared to look I knew that my hair-covered quim must stare right out so that he could not help but see it.

'I even slid down on the step and spread wide my thighs as though inviting him to take out his dart to impale me, but to my surprise and disgust, he concentrated his gaze on my ankle, and rubbing it gently between his palms laid it gently back on the steps.

'“There's not much the matter with it,” he said. “If there was you would holler when I rubbed it. Just bathe it in hot water and it will be all right tomorrow.”

'I was so astounded and surprised that I had not at all noticed the friction that he had applied to my leg, and almost crying with vexation I saw him about to pick up his ice and begin to ascend the stairs.

'At this point I brought up my reserves, and taking another trick from the book, I gave a little cry and slid down a few steps and pretended to faint. You may be sure in the slide that I allowed my dresses to rumple up so that he might have a good sight of my lower body, and peeking out from beneath my eyelids I was gratified to see the lump in his trousers swell up and throb away like mad.

' “Now,” I exulted, “here is where I get it!” But outside of this natural action of his prick, he just stupidly stared at me and to my disgust clumped up the stairs.

'I heard him tell Norah that I had fainted on the stairs and hearing her running down, I made haste to pull down my dresses and allowed her to “revive” me and to escort me, burning with vexation, to my room. You can imagine how I felt at this, and not only that, but I had to act for the family for a whole day, and complain of a perfectly healthy ankle and to remain in my room.

'Still, I do not doubt in the least that the bouncing that he gave to Norah, heightened perhaps by the sight of my young and immature charms, in some way benefitted her, so you see there is some good in everything. It is funny how some men are so dense and so lack understanding as to be as stupid as Joe was.'

Both Grace and I roared with laughter at this, but once we had become more subdued and partaken of another drink served by the discreet Joseph, she continued her story. '

'Well, the ice-man, as far as he was concerned, passed out of my life, although now and then I like to think of his actions with the cook, and the size of his organ; but I must proceed to the later and more important part of my tale.

'As Doris was away, I was left to myself most of the time, and during the summer I used to occupy myself by frequenting a wooded park that was nearby, sitting on the grass and feeding the swans.

'By this time I had developed in a startling manner and now had breasts indeed to be proud of, and having beguiled mother to allow me to dress as I wished, flattered myself that I was indeed an object of interest for any boy or man-but had not even a sweetheart.

'But to get back to my story. As I have told you I often went to this park, which was quite a large one, and one day, while seated near the edge of a small lake, I noticed that I had attracted the attention of two youths who were seated on the grass a little way from me, and who were glancing at me and evidently discussing my charms with one another.

'I, of course, was tickled to death, and pretending not to notice them in the least, went on with my play of throwing peanuts to the swans, who by now had come to know and look for me, and I was not at all surprised when one of the youths detached himself from the other and slowly approached me.

“They are nice,” he said, indicating the graceful swans as they preened themselves and swam about on the placid water and daintily turned their heads.

To be Continued in Chapter-2 PART 4


1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published in 1910 , titled 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' by anonymous.

4 All characters be read as of more than age of 18 years.

5. My sincere apologies to the author of the Novel and readers for editing, or modifying the underage content, if any, to make it suitable for publishing in Modern times.

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