The Fall of Brooklyn - ch10 - The Party Begins

The Fall of Brooklyn - ch10 - The Party Begins

"Let me introduce tonight's main course. Twins, they were from the first batch produced with fertility drugs and were one set of two twins in the litter. They have been set aside by me for this very night."

"They have been raised on a diet of grains and berries. They are both virgins and until today had never had an orgasm."

At his words the sound of two girls' muffled screams could be heard over the PA.

"'They spent five hours today chained to a Sybian. As you can tell their orgasms became quite painful toward the end."

"They've been prepared in a honey barbecue glaze and my cook will demonstrate the live gutting and spitting technique we offer with our live services. We have the process to the point where an untrained girl will usually still be alive when she goes over the coals."

"Cook if you will."

With that there was deathly silence. The sound of a knife being pulled across a sharpener cut through the space. She could feel the crowd holding their breath.

There was a strange noise. Not quite a scream almost like a scream without the mouth. It turned into a gurgle and then was quiet. There was a sloping sound and then something metallic. Brooklyn thought about those large metal tubs she saw in the kitchen her first morning. She could hear the crowd making noises. There were two girls crying. One of them had been hit and told to shut up. She had gone quiet. There were lots of sounds of roughelled fabric and gagging.

"As you can see she has removed the whole digestive tract almost in one go. Cutting the stomach free of the oesophagus and then the intestines free of the anus blood loss and trauma can be kept to a minimum."

"As you can see the meat is transferred from the gutting frame directly onto the spitting table. With easy access to the abdominal cavity, Cook is easily able to guide the spit through the anus and into the oesophagus, missing any vital organs and keeping the diaphragm intact."

She could hear the crowd's interest as they whispered to each other in marvel at what they were seeing. Brooklyn felt sick. She couldn't see it but the calm methodical de***********ion somehow felt worse. She started to sob. She was listening as this man talk about these girls as if they were a product being demonstrated. She had seen the fear in their faces the other night. She was chained next to them while she was cleaned. Now she was listening as he described them being gutted. This man that had bought her. She could be his next meal if she wasn't good.

"Once the spit is all the way through, cool air can be pushed through and holes allow for breathing. This is one of the key skills needed by a meat girl to stay alive longer. They are strained extensively on metal dildos and taught to breathe through the holes."

"Cook already has her filled with stuffing and as you can see on the screens she is responding to the needle stitching her up. As she finishes off the last stitch her team will lift the pig to the fire pit and install her on the rotary system. This girl will stay with ther the whole time making sure she is turned and doesn't burn."

You could hear the crowd getting louder. The sounds of girls crying and gagging had increased. Brooklyn couldn't tell how many there were now. Her head was swimming. Was it real? Maybe it was a trick to make her think they would. Maybe she would end up like them. Just dinner and a show.

"I'll be quiet now and let you watch Cook prepare her sister in silence."

There was the same silence followed by the same distorted scream, then gurgling. Then the slop of viscera into the metal tub. It was strange how normal it felt. Hearing it a second time. Not seeing  but his words from before echoing in her head. Knowing another life was ending out there. Beyond her hood. A pair of lives that moments before had held the same potential as her. The same as her. Her trapped there held in place by her own body. What was her potential now? She was like them. Just meat. Something to be consumed. She thought back to his cigar on that first night. About how he had snubbed it out when he was finished with it.

"As you can see on the screens both girls are still alive. A round of applause for Cook!"

The space was filled with thunderous applause.

"The cameras will stay on their faces so you can see how long they last. And now drinks will be served as staff contact you about your dividends."

With that the crowd broke into dozens of conversations that rang in her ears. She could hear the crowd change as they spread about the room again. She heard as someone approached the two men standing in front of her and asked one of them about their dividend. He was getting two girls. He asked for one to be brought to him and the other to be put in his room. He made a comment about having a friend, clearly to a girl he had with him and then started talking to his friend again. They were talking about skiing holidays and how hard it is to transport girls. The night went on like that. The occasional grope or pinch and lots of bragging matches thinly disguised as polite conversation. All while two girls were cooked alive and others were strung up as decoration.

After some time she heard the clinking of the glass again. As the crowd settled in their seats Sir's voice came over the PA.

"At just over two hours and forty-five minutes both girls are still somehow alive. The juices are already starting to flow and they smell amazing. This could well be a dual record for how long a girl has lasted."

"That brings us to the next event for tonight the auction of the special items."

The crowd cheered as another voice came over the PA. This one calm and business like, slightly nasally

"Tonight we have six lots for sale. The usual club rules apply."

The crowd settled into a low murmur as he continued.

"The first lot is a nineteen year old university student. She was taken on her way home from the gym. She was born and raised in the US is a virgin although hymen is not intact. Taken from the street she is untamed but like all the girls here I'm sure she understands the seriousness of her position after seeing the pigs spitted."

The crowd chuckled. A chill moved through Brooklyn. Was it the cold air or the coldness of their laughs?

"I'll start this at $100,000"

There was the sound of bidding and counting and the numbers went higher.

"$160,000, if there are no more bids? Sold to number seventy-six."

They clapped.

"This next one is special. Eighteen years old, she was a high schooler but was convinced to go on a modelling trip to the middle east. The plane landed here this morning and she was bound and brought right here."

"While not a virgin as you can see from her casting videos on the screen she is far from experienced but takes direction well."

Brooklyn could hear the sounds of sex coming over the PA. She could only imagine what it would have felt like being stood on that stage with the video of her dancing for 'Zack', as men bid on her. At least she wasn't the only girl to fall for the medeling thing and she hadn't had sex with anyone.

The bidding went up fast.

"$175,000 dollars. If there are no more bids? Sold, to number forty-eight."

She thought to herself, Sir paid more for her and felt a little pride.

"The next lot is something for the man who has everything. Raised by her mother to be a whore she knows tricks that would make a 50 year old madam blush. but she hasn't seen a real cock yet. This girl has been waiting all her life for you."

The bidding was even more ferocious this time. Slowing it came to an end.

"$215,000. unless there are any more bids? Sold to number sixty-three."

It went on like this with the auctioneer describing the girls and how they had ended up there being sold. The last three went for less money and almost felt like a consolation prize after the excitement of bids for the first three.

Sir's voice came back over the PA.

"With the auction over it looks like both pigs are still alive. There's only a couple of hours until they are ready to serve. In the meantime there will be more drinks available as the pre-dinner show is prepared."

With That the now familiar sound of the crowd breaking up into individual conversations filled the space. She thought about her situation about the morning she had. About how good she had felt with the other girls. About how she had felt that first night with him. She thought about how it could be worse. About how those girls who were auctioned off didn't get to go in the spa. She could have it worse.

She heard Sir's voice in front of her. She tried to pick him out from the background noise. He was talking to someone. A girl. She was excited.

"Can I snuff this one please? It'll be an engagement present."

He laughed.

"This is my new fuck toy. I've barely broken her in yet."

"But look how pretty her body is. I want to strangle her as you fuck her. Feel her spasming under you as I end her." She felt the woman's hand moving over her chest.

"Oh that does sound sexy, I do have a private snuff session booked for us after dinner. Do you think you can wait that long?"

Brooklyn could feel her pouting even if she couldn't hear it.

"But how about we take off her blindfold so she can see us and think about tonight as she watches the show, darling."

With that she felt the ladder at her side and a set of small hands undoing the blindfold and taking it off. Light flooded back into her eyes and she was blinded as her eyes started to adjust to the new light.

Looking down she saw her owner with two girls at his side, one a teenage girl with short purple hair the other a blond girl in her 20's, neither had collars. It was the blond girl that had been asking to kill her. The short haired girl seemed  almost uninterested but Sir held her tighter. Looking up it was the most amazing scene. With tables and lights everywhere and the two wings of the house lit up she couldn't believe how it looked. A few days ago she would have wanted to take a selfie. She had wanted to be a guest at a glamorous party like this in Paris. She could see the two girls rotating on their spits, faces enlarged on the big screen. She saw one of them blink. They must be feeling unimaginable pain. Sir and his two girls turned to leave but not before the blond gave Brooklyn's thigh a firm squeeze and winked at her. Was that how she would end? Used as a cheap thrill for his girlfriend. She watched the crowd as they moved about. Most of the men had girls with them either on chains or elegant ball gowns. Sometimes both. She watched as one man strangled a naked girl as she rode his lap. She watched as the poor thing tried to rock her hips to get some sort of pleasure from her last moments. But he wasn't thinking of her as he wrung the last breath from her body and shot his load inside her. Done he simply dropped her and pulled another girl's face  onto his lap. She watched as a man pushed a girls face into her crotch and started fucking her from behind. Every thrust against her pulled at her insides. When he was close he turned her around and buried himself in her face. Satisfied he dragged her back to his table and had her sit on his lap. She saw a middle aged woman well dressed, sat at a table with three teenagers on the ends of leads naked, their faces buried between her legs. She watched as she pulled one to her face, a boy, and kissed him deeply before pushing his face to her breast and choking him as he suckled her. She watched these scenes being plaid out across the sea of bodies, unable to look away. She thought about the time she had cried all night after a school trip to a farm because she couldn't take the idea of all the little lambs ending up as meat. She just wanted to be back in her cage waiting for her morning exercise, but she was watching these scenes of horror. No she wasn't just watching, she was part of it. She was part of the set dressing. Just like the twins she was a tool being used to set the mood for these evil people. She started to cry. She was so stupid, she had waisted her life. She could have done so much, she had everything. All because she was stupid and wanted to run away with him. Her life hadn't been bad. She had been safe and looked after. Why did she want to leave?  She felt a burning anger inside. Not toward Sir or his guests but to herself. She was so stupid. This was clearly what she deserved. Why else would she be here. She was ungrateful for the life she had. Now the best she had to look forward to was a bowl of porridge and a nice spa.

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