Grace Is A Scat Girl

Grace Is A Scat Girl

Every night after college Grace searched for flirting tips online and since she discovered porn a few years ago, she'd been obsessed with it. Now that she lives on her own she sits in her chair for hours on end watching the nastiest content she can find. She had always had a sick side to her but it really ignited a few years ago when her school friends showed her the '2 Girls 1 Cup' video, she had to act disgusted in front of them while secretly hiding the wet patch between her legs. All of her friends had lost their virginities and by now Grace was constantly horny, fucking herself every night only did so much. A few times she had gone to a local bar and tried seducing strangers but after several rejections her confidence was shot, she decided to appeal to a more niche market.

Grace eventually realized she wasnt good enough for the young handsome guys at the bars she went to, so she searched online for somewhere popular amongst older men. She spotted a small tavern nearby and decided that tonight she was going to find a fuck no matter what. She had waited long enough. She unfolded an old white vest that she'd owned for years and picked up a black felt tip pen from the drawer next to her. She puzzled for a while over what to write on her slut shirt and decided that the nastier she went, the more it would guarantee a shag. In the end she chose to simply write "Human Toilet" in big bold font, she thought if she offered what no other girl did then males would want her. She put on her black button up coat and practiced flashing her vest to imaginary men in the mirror, her heart was racing. Not knowing how men were going to react to her top made her more turned on but she was confident that at least one guy would find it sexy. It only took 5 minutes to drive to the tiny bar, she pulled up outside and peered through it's one window, there was no one in sight. With her hands holding her coat shut she entered through the door, the empty bar took up half of the room and there was no one sitting at the two tables. Grace looked behind the bar and didn't even see a bartender, it was silent. After one final look around the room she walked up to the counter and hoped for a male bartender. Just before she arrived at the bar the pub owner appeared from the back room and gave her a smile, he was in his early 50s, average build and had just a few tufts of grey hair.

"Hello dear, I didn't expect a lovely young lady like yourself to come drinking here, what can I get you?"

He gave her another friendly smile, she was finally being noticed by a man and he even called her 'lovely'. Grace looked down at his jeans and pictured how his cock and ass looked, her mouth filled with saliva as she imagined being stood underneath him. She had decided to make her move and with her heart rushing, she gave him a big smile and slowly opened her coat. The man squinted as she revealed her new label, he read aloud the 'Human' part but his voice croked before he could finish 'Toilet'. Her huge fatty tits were barely covered by the skimpy vest and her stiff nipples were easily visible through the fabric. The barman looked back up to her eyes and stared in disbelief, grace didn't know what the man was thinking and the silence was killing her. Afraid of being rejected again Grace slowly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out in an effort to pursuade the stranger.

"A human toilet ey? How old are you honey?" asked the manager with a mix of confusion and excitement in his eyes.

"18." replied Grace. "I want to lose my virginity tonight please.", she had never felt so alive.

The bartender couldn't quite believe his luck, he hadn't fucked a woman in years and he'd never experienced the pleasure of an 18 year-old. He still wasn't sure what 'human toilet' meant, his mind started imagining the sickest of possibilities but he convinced himself it couldn't be true. Would this fat goth girl really be his toilet?

"I like your vest sweetie, What does human Toilet mean then?" he gave her a perverse look.

Grace had waited years to be looked at sexually by a man, her only focus now was making him happy and finally getting her flower broke.

"Honestly anything you'd normally do to the toilet for you can use me for instead.. I know i'm a bit strange but you can just fuck me if you want?" her voice kept breaking from nervousness.

"I think I would enjoy that a lot, be careful what you wish for though.. I have a pretty dirty mind!" He joked.

Grace hoped his mind was as dirty as hers, she noticed a namebadge on the mans shirt and decided to be straight with him.

"Are you thinking about shitting in my mouth Michael? If you are.. I'll open my mouth wide... Just saying." Again she opened her mouth and showed off her tongue.His eyes widened and his small cock throbbed in his jeans.

"I'm going to lock the door and close the blinds" buzzed Michael.

As he started locking up the bar Grace started panicking, this man had definately had sex before and what if she wasnt good enough? She knelt down on the wood floor next to the bar and dropped her shoulder vest straps to reveal her busty boobs. All of the scat videos she had watched over the years were rushing through her head as she thought of things to say. Michael finished closing the blinds and walked over to her, he still couldn't believe his luck and when he got to her he didn't know what to say. They locked eyes as Grace looked up at him in silence, Michael wanted her services more than anything but couldn't think of the words to say. Grace then erased the tension with her sweet voice.

"Please fill me up with your waste Michael." She said it calmly. Her mouth opened up wide again and she pointed with both hands to her throat.

"Holy shit that's hot, you have a lovely lilttle mouth." His confidence was on the rise now and his cock decided it was time for more. He unbuttoned his jeans and let his pale cock flop out, it was below average size. Grace had never seen a penis up close in real life and she was amazed, she couldn't believe she was finally going to get to suck and taste one. Michael brought his dick closer to Grace's face and pulled back his foreskin, it was wrinkled and spotted with white specks. He blushed as he revealed his unwashed penis.

"I'm sorry, how about I go and have a quick shower before we start?" He asked the toilet.

"No stay here... I'll be your shower, please." Before he could answer Grace quickly placed the tip of Michael's cock in her mouth and began sucking on it hard. "Oh Shit" Michael moaned, her fat mouth made a great home for his dick. Grace was finally sucking on a dick like she had wanted for years and the taste sent ecstasy through her body. She savored the flavour of the barmans cock against her cheeks and made sure to focus on the white specks that he was paranoid about. Michael was now fully erect and still only took up 4 inches of her throat, she had the whole thing inside her fat gob with her nose pressed against his groin.

"That's perfect, clean my cock for me." he said through the pleasure.

Grace pulled back her head to once again reveal the tip of Michaels cock and used her lips and fingers to clean the bits of smegma off bit-by-bit. After 10 minutes of sloppy sucking, his cock was completely clean and Grace had a wide smile on her face and a great feeling of accomplishment.

"Come over here, toilet." Michael went and sat on the long chair on the other side of the room.

Still knelt down, Grace started crawling on all fours towards him with her mouth still open. Michael's confidence was sky high now and he started letting his true desires show. He told her to wait a few metres from him while he took off his pants, he then lay on his back on the chair and brought his legs up to his head, exposing his ass. Grace couldn't contain her smile as she stared at Michaels hairy hole. She started crawling towards it.

"Stop!... I want to hear you beg first." Michael watched her eagerly as he chanced his luck.

Grace had been waiting a long time for this and was nervous of saying the wrong thing, after a brief pause to think, she did her very best to pursuade him.

"Can.. Can I help you empty your bowels please Sir? I want you to watch me and wank as I swallow your shit, piece by piece. I know i'm just a fat pig and I don't deserve it but if you are feeling generous I would like to crawl over there and suck your ass... please."

Michael stroked his cock as he listened to her beautiful begging, he was loving the words coming out of her piggy mouth.

"Keep going... You fat bitch." John checked to see if he had offended her but she was still smiling and loving the attention.

"I'm going to spit on your ass and then stick my tongue inside you while you shit, it will feel great I promise! I... I'll scoop your waste out with my hand and tongue, you wont have to do anything." She pleaded. Michael blissfully watched as Grace kept begging to taste his ass, after another few minutes she pulled her purse out from her leggings and slid out a 50 dollar bill.

"I only have this 50 on me Sir, if I give it you, can i please come over there and eat your shit? I.. I want to clean your insides out for you Sir."

Unable to take any more anticipation, Michael whistled.

Grace realized that was her cue and quickly shuffled over to Michael's ass, she handed him the 50 note thanked him with a cheeky look in her eyes. Yet again Michael wasn't prepared for the situation and had bits of dry shit stuck in his ass hairs. He knew it wasn't a pretty sight down there and he felt completely exposed and embaressed as he held his knees to his chest. There was a moment of silence as Grace stared into the dirty forest of grey hairs around Michael's arsehole.

"Are you having 2nd doubts now that you are down there honey? I understand if you are."

Just before Michael finished his sentence, Grace moved her head in and gave a long, slow lick from his crack to his balls and then licked her lips. The salty taste of his arse crack made Grace's hormones go crazy, she wanted to taste it every day.

"Definately no 2nd thoughts I'm just deciding which of these poo nuggets I should clean up first.. Thanks for letting me do this... Sir." She winked at michael and then lowered her head again. With her fingers she rustled through his bushy ass hair and singled out a brown bean entangled within. The smell was just a dirty as she'd hoped down there and now after years of waiting she was finally going to have her first taste of shit, she delicately wrapped her lips around the small nugget and started sucking. Michael felt his ass hair getting lightly tugged and moaned a little, Grace instantly fell in love with the rich taste she had in her mouth. After a few seconds of sucking she used her front teeth to bite it in half, Grace let the small piece of Michaels shit rest on her tongue and she savoured the filthy flavor. Michael watched as Grace swallowed her first piece of shit, he had never been so aroused and had to stop touching himself over before he came. Grace immediately went back down into his old bush and finished off the remaining half of the nugget. Over the next 15 minutes Grace sucked, licked and chewed off Michaels dry shit while giving little comments in between.

"This one's a big clump, thank you Sir."

"I'm going to chew on this one for a while to get the flavour."


"I hope you have some more of these next time we meet."

Were amongst some of Michael's favorites. The thought of meeting up with the girl regulary filled him with joy, she was perfect. Michael had drank a few beers earlier that night and his slight intoxication added perfectly to the heavenly ass pleasure he was recieving. Like a hoover Grace started sucking up and down through the hairs, making sure to get everything out. As she suffocated herself in Michaels ass Grace was the wettest she'd ever been and wanted to give the man as much pleasure as she could...

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