Marital Duty

Marital Duty

I can still remember the first time I set eyes on Sandra. I was a scruffy young man of twenty. She was a very sexy girl of 22. She came up to me as I was trying to kick start my somewhat temperamental Norton 750 Commando motorcycle. She said something about liking bikes. That was all I needed to hear. A hot looking brunette with big brown eyes in a pair of tight fitting jeans coming up to me and telling me she likes bikes. My life took a turn for the better in a heartbeat. It was as if I won the life lottery. We started dating. Concerts, bars and trips to the Jersey shore became the norm. I loved it. She loved it. Everything seemed perfect that summer of 1981.

Sandra had a real effect on one young man. Before I met Sandra I had never seemed to find the time for a real girlfriend type relationship. Oh, there were girls. But before Sandra my idea of a long-term relationship was anything over three hours. My motorcycle and my drinking buddies seemed to be the center of my life. But after meeting Sandra things changed. I actually put on a clean shirt when we went out. I started to really care about my appearance. A pair of jeans without holes was no longer considered getting 'dressed up'. People noticed the change. There was one less guy at the bar drinking beer every night. My buddies missed me, but I didn't care. They would just have to get on without me. I would rather be with Sandra.

Sandra and I seemed to really hit it off in more ways than one. There was rarely a lull in the conversation. We liked the same music, we liked the same food and we liked each other. Make that loved each other. One area where that came through was in the bedroom. We couldn't seem to take our hands off each other. As the months wore on and the weather got colder, our love only seemed to heat up. We soon got our first apartment together and our first official business together as a couple was to christen every room in the place. If you know what I mean.

In the meantime I got a real job as a manager trainee at a local firm. My prospects seemed good. I was soon wearing a suit and tie to work. Our social events centered around places other than the local bar. It became obvious we were meant to be together, so it was no surprise when Sandra answered 'yes' to the question 'will you marry me?'

Our wedding day was a joyous occasion to say the least. It was almost three years to the day since Sandra and I met. I was 23 and Sandra was 25. Our parents were all there and actually seemed proud of us. Everyone wished us the best for our future. Our future seemed so bright I had to wear shades. Sandra looked ravishing in her wedding gown and long train. It seemed the first page in fairy tale marriage.

Our honeymoon in Hawaii seems like only yesterday. I can still recall the way Sandra looked in her bikini on the beach with her perfect golden tan. Her figure made her look like she stepped out of a Playboy magazine. Those firm breasts and perky nipples straining against her bikini top practically brought tears to my eyes. Her firm thighs and the way the sun danced off the strands of her long dark hair made my crotch bulge as I sat on the beach blanket admiring my good fortune.

Surely I was the luckiest man alive, ever. No man ever had it so good, and she was proud to be the one who made me feel that way. When we made love on our honeymoon, we were like two long time dance partners. Our every move intertwined with perfect grace and timing that only the closest of lovers could achieve. We came as one, and our embrace afterwards would surely last a lifetime.

When we returned home, reality soon set in. It was back to work for me and the job was keeping me working long hours. Sandra missed her period and it was no surprise when she found out she was pregnant with our first son, Austin. It was a joyous time and our love only seemed to get stronger.

Sandra liked to exercise and it was not long after giving birth to Austin that she was able to regain her perfect figure. Less than a year later she was pregnant again, this time with our daughter, Brielle. It was decided that it best that Sandra quit her job and become a full time mom. Sandra was always a very active woman so this was a bit of a change. She soon adjusted. Sandra soon gave birth to our daughter.

This time she did not lose the weight so easy. Neither one of us seemed to mind. Sandra did not get out as much since she quit working and I was too busy with the job to really notice or care. I was working long hours and Sandra was busy with two young children. It was soon decided we needed a real house for our growing family and Sandra found a nice place with a fenced in yard with the help of a friend of hers in the real estate business. We moved our new family in with little fanfare. Neither one of us seemed to even think about christening the place this time. I was back to work the next day and she was back to baby formula and Sesame Street.

When the kids got a little older and started school, it was decided that Sandra would take a part time clerical position at the local hospital to keep her busy during the day. By now I was middle management and would often travel. When I returned home it was nice to see Sandra but I was always so exhausted from traveling and climbing the corporate ladder and she was so exhausted from work and caring for two kids that when we kissed at night we were soon in a deep sleep. I couldn't tell you the last time we made love. Neither of us seemed to care.

By the time the kids were in high school I was a successful manager at my job. Just in my early 40's, I now had a corner office and my own secretary. Barbara was a sweet young girl whom I had picked from the secretary pool. She had long dark hair and a perfect figure that reminded me so much of Sandra in the early days of our relationship.

I could not help but notice her as she bent over the copier and the open file cabinet drawer. Her blouse crept up revealing the small of her back and her butt was perfect, just the way Sandra's was nearly twenty years earlier. Her perfect round breasts and perky nipples strained her tight blouse, just like Sandra years earlier. I often started to drift into erotic daydreams about Barbara, but I would stop myself. I reminded myself I was a married man. I was always faithful to Sandra. My wife and family would always come first. I worked long hours to give my family the best and nothing would ever come in the way of that. But, I had to admit, Barbara sure looked good.

A few years later something seemed to change in Sandra. As she got into her late 40's she started going through her changes. She started getting hot flashes and had odd feelings. Mysteriously, to me at least, she seemed to regain her interest in sex. In a fairly big way. Her doctor told her this is normal for some women. I was not ready for it.

The kids by now had just started college. I was still working quite a bit but not as late as I once was. We no longer needed a sitter when we wanted to go out. Sandra wanted to enjoy this new found time and I agreed. We started going out more than we had since we were single. We went out to dinner at least twice a week and the movies every weekend. I had no problem with this. What I was not ready for was Sandra's renewed sex drive.

One night we came home from the movies and settled in front of the TV. Sandra started playing with my hair and giving me kisses. It felt real good. We held hands and each other, making out like we have not done in years. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom playfully. We started to undress each other with a zeal not encountered since our dating days. Then reality set in. I had not really looked at my wife naked in some time. I mean really looked. She had changed over the years and not for the better. Those once perky breasts now sagged. Those tight thighs were now wrinkled. I was no longer turned on by the sight of my wife naked and I was horrified by the thought.

I started to think. What was wrong with me? It had to be me, right? She was still the same woman I had married nearly 25 years ago. So what she had gained a lot of weight and her body suffered the effects of age and gravity. She had bore my two children. What more could I have asked of one human being? I was no longer the young stud I once was either. I felt so ashamed. I turned away.

"What's wrong?" Sandra asked in a concerned voice.

"Ah, nothing baby." I was lying through my teeth to my own wife, "Just been working too hard."

We went to bed early that night and Sandra cuddled with me. Monday morning I returned to work and immersed myself in my job more than usual. The week seemed to pass quickly. Barbara was her perky young self. I tried not to notice. I had other things on my mind.

"Can I get you anything, Mr. Walters?"

"No Barbara, I'm fine."

Lying to my wife and now my secretary.

The weekend came and Sandra and I had a wonderful dinner at a new French restaurant in the next town. The meal was wonderful and the ambiance superb. We shared a wonderful bottle of wine the wine steward had recommended. We stopped for coffee afterwards at a small cafe we used to frequent in our younger days. It was a wonderful evening. We went home in great spirits and got into more comfortable clothes and sat in front of the TV in the family room.

Once again, it seemed history repeated itself as Sandra started to run her fingers through my hair. She stroked my forearms and massaged my body. She led me into the bedroom by my hand. I couldn't resist my own wife. This is the woman I had married and said vows to nearly 25 years ago.

We got onto the bed and undressed each other. Slowly we took turns removing each other's clothing. As sensual as her touch was, I just was not getting aroused. My mind started to wander from the woman I loved so much. I started to think about my secretary Barbara. As I removed Sandra's blouse and bra, I imagined it was Barbara. I imagined those fifty-year-old sagging breasts were the perky breasts of my 25-year-old secretary.

My God, what am I doing?

As I removed Sandra's sweat pants I imagined those flabby thighs were the perfect tight thighs of my secretary. God, please forgive me. I imagined that big butt of my wife was the perfect butt of Barbara. I felt so guilty I wanted God to strike me now, but something happened. I became extremely aroused.

I kissed my wife passionately imagining it was Barbara. I fondled my wife's breasts all the time imagining they belonged to my secretary. I went down on my wife imagining my head was surrounded by the perfect thighs of Barbara. My wife writhed in ecstasy as I worked my tongue into what I imagined was a 25-year-old tight mound of womanhood. My stiff cock tickled what I imagined Barbara's pussy to look like and as I thrust it in, I imagined my secretary spread out on my bed, her perky nipples reaching for the sky.

As I continued my thrusting, I imagined those perfect round breasts shaking in my face. I felt like screaming 'Cum on Barbara!' but I had enough good sense left. I screwed my wife like a teenager doing it to a girl for the first time, and in a sense it was the first time for me. The first time I made love to Barbara in my mind.

When it was over Sandra and I embraced on the bed for a long time. Neither of us spoke for some time.

"You were amazing honey," she cooed, "Just like the old days. Wow."

Wow, I thought.

I got up and went into the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of Wild Turkey and sat there in silence with the lights off. Sandra came into the kitchen about ten minutes later.

"What's going on with my stud of a husband?" she said jokingly.

"Oh nothing," I answered, "just thinking about how good it felt to make love to my wife."

She just looked at me lovingly and smiled. I just looked back at her and raised my glass.

"Cheers," I said.

She just smiled and giggled.

May, 2009.

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