Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 2

Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 2

Chapter 3; I thought I would get revenge

I was so pissed and confused after that fuck session we had in his office I wanted revenge. After all I was a smart, successful, business woman. What the fuck was I doing? I hadn’t worked in a long time, but I could do anything I wanted and I was behaving like an uneducated fuck toy reporting to my pimp. Fuck that. But I had no idea what he had planned for me or I never would have even thought about doing anything to gain back the self control I had lost. I wasn’t even concerned with my boyfriend who definitely knew something kinky was up. I was so mad as I stomped up the granite steps of that office building.
I wore trousers and stockings underneath to spite him. It would serve until I could think of a plan to really piss him off. I wanted so badly to avoid the elevator and I decided to look for stairs. I couldn’t stand Frank touching me again. I took my fucking time and was at least twenty minutes late. Ha. The office was empty when I entered and I was ready to tell that fucker off.
I swung the door open to Gene’s office. He looked up surprised at my entrance. Looking at his watch he looked back to the couch where the most fucking gorgeous man I ever saw was reclining back. He had his hands behind his head, sprawled on the leather couch. He looked up at me with his piercing brown almost auburn eyes. He couldn’t have been more than 22. He lay back down. “Yep, that’ll work” He said expressionless tilting his head back to the ceiling. His short dirty blonde hair tousled all over his head, setting off his defined facial features. I could feel my face getting hot as I realized I was staring. He was the only executive I had seen with a lip piercing. He was scorching hot. I thought to myself he must be tough shit if he’s respected in stuffy offices of older, slowly decaying business men with a lip piercing. I noticed how both of these men looked very sexy in their expensive suits, well tailored and relaxed, daring me to assert myself.
“Miss Martin, this is Colin. He is one of our largest new accounts and a very important asset to this firm.”
I was expecting him to admonish me for my attire, untidiness, and tardiness. His tone was courteous today, but authoritative warning me in his own way of the punishment I would receive later. He was so fucking good at taking control of me. “You don’t need to stand there Miss Martin, grab a note pad and come back in here.”
What was this? Real office work? I was bewildered. For the next half hour I watched Colin’s perfect mouth dictate details for a huge unveiling party for new software he had designed to enhance recording digitally. I was becoming quickly obsessed with the idea of fucking this man. I looked him up and down over and over wondering how large he was. He caught me several times looking down at his pants. I imagined what it would be like to look up into his deep, daunting eyes as I suckled him. Mmmmm, I bet he tastes so fucking good. I could almost feel what I imagined his length to be sliding in and out of my wanting mouth. I imagined peeling off his suit a layer at a time, admiring his perfectly athletic body.
Just than I looked over to see Gene staring, grinning fiendishly at me. He knew.
“Colin has a favor to ask you, if you would be willing” I waited expectedly for Colin to offer himself to me, thinking Gene must have told him what I was hired to do there.
“I need someone to help me get my stag colleagues get dates. That’s not too much to ask I think.” Colin’s manner was cocky and pretentious. I loved it. He leaned back again closing his eyes without worrying about my response. He knew I would do whatever he wanted. He sat up suddenly. I didn’t realize how wet my pussy was as I quickly stood up too.
“I better go back to the hotel bro, I’m done after that plane ride” He looked at Gene with a soft smile that made my knees weak. I practically leaped to the door to help let him out. He ignored me, and motioned a wave to Gene. I watched as he left, staring at his ass. A fucking gorgeous piece of ass.
Gene broke out into laughter as I closed the door. I looked back frightened and confused.
“Why you little slut,” he continued to laugh through his words. His expression turned grave as he realized what was covering my body.
“What are you wearing? Come here. Turn around model this for me.” I walked to the center of the room and slowly turned in a circle. I didn’t care. I was ready for any punishment he could come up with. I thought.
“Mmmm….well I see your trying very hard to disobey me.” He got up from his executive looking chair and strutted over to me. He grabbed me by my waist with his strong hands and pulled me to his body. I felt his cock press against my leg. I shuddered, thinking of how he had humiliated me yesterday and how I remembered begging for his beautiful black dick. Maybe I really was just a slut waiting to for someone to release all that sexual energy. He slid his hand down the front of my trousers grabbing onto my thigh. He reached behind me and hit me hard behind my knee. My left side collapsed into his arms as he giggled at my powerlessness. He pulled me up right and in quickly unbuckled my pants. He pulled so hard on the zipper I heard a small rip. I looked a bit shocked, begging him with my eyes to be gentle.
He let my trousers fall to the floor down to my heels. He slowly reached his hand down to rub my clit. He massaged through my pantyhose. He used both hands to feel my butt cheeks than with one hand reached over to the heat between my thighs. My body responded without thought to the caresses and I closed my eyes feeling my pussy scent slowly fill the room again. “Ha, smelly bitch” He whispered in my ear. He slowly moved his hand down my thigh.
I moaned softly. “Mmmmm. Gene, Please.”
He spanked me hard sending a stinging sensation so violent it vibrated my spine.
“What’s my name?!”He berated.
“Fuck…….mmmm that hurt!!”I said indignantly.
He hit me again hard against my back side. I shrieked at little.
“Your name is Mr. Lamar….”
“Uh….Sir?” I questioned.
“Your not sure?” He mocked.
“Please Mr. Lamar Don’t”
“Please….. the bitch says. Yes, please Miss Martin. Please stop forcing me to rape and humiliate you….yes please stop getting your filthy pussy so wet that I can smell your cunt when it leaks all over my pants” he snarled. He pulled away revealing a wet spot where my twat had been pressed against his dark black pants. He smirked.
He grabbed onto a part of my pantyhose, gripping the material in his closed fist and rubbing my supple nylon covered butt cheek with his other hand. A loud rrrrriiiiipppp fell on the rooms’ acoustics, when he tore a part of my pantyhose right off of my body.
“OOOOOWWwww…fuck!” I yelled. He let the material snap back to sting me again. “mmmm ouch…..” I said trying to rub myself and rid my leg of the pain. He ripped off more of the material from my thigh, pulling hard to strip my leg of the black nylon. I whimpered in pain. “Sir,……please” I begged with a silent expression of humiliation.
“Oh yes please the slut says again…..yes, beg me bitch.” He seized my body again. And whispered in my ear, “beg me bitch, I bet you would beg Colin too. He doesn’t want a whore like you. A whore who has fucked everyone and still begs for more cock…..”He giggled in my ear at his vulgarity. I tried to pull from his grasp, but he had me trapped tight. He seized the material on my other leg and pulled it away from my thick muscular thigh. My small waist stuck in between his arm and demanding body. He ripped the nylon from me again. I cried out. He stroked my naked flesh where the burn of the pantyhose had left me red. “I warned you not to wear anything that wasn’t short and slutty. I can see I’m going to have to really break you in. Mmmmm, yes, I will break you..…….Your sexy ass. Like a fuckin’ horse”.
He let me slightly fall to the floor as I sobbed a little bit, rubbing the pain away from my legs.
“Your lucky I don’t invite every staff member on this floor to have a turn at that tight gushing pussy.” He flicked on the television. I lifted my head from the floor trying to hide the tears. I didn’t want him to enjoy the satisfaction of upsetting me. My eyes went wide looking up at the screen where I saw myself bent over the desk wailing for him to fuck me as hard as he could. I heard myself say disgustingly dirty things to this man I couldn’t get away from. I wondered if the phone conversation with my boyfriend was on there too.
"You taped it?" I whispered frightened by his malice.
“I bet your man would love to see this.” I almost hated him. I was mortified.
“Stop it” I whispered angrily. I felt his eyes shoot over to me. His eyebrow raised but the look was full of confidence. He took out a wad of cash from his pocket suddenly and threw it towards me. “Bonus baby. Go get yourself something pretty for Colin’s party.”
And I sure fucking did. As I taunted the sales girls at Tiffany’s pretending that I couldn’t make up my mind which bracelet I wanted I thought about Gene. The sales girls were trying to be so nice looking me up and down with my pantyhose half still on. I had my own little control game going on as I watched their supervisor motion for one of them to close the deal. I decided on an obscene diamond bracelet, and threw down the cash. Strutting out of the store swinging my purchase in a fancy little bag, I could feel a little of my ass cheeks hanging out from under my coat. Gene had kept my pants. I shopped for another four hours, half naked in premier shops downtown.
I got a text that made me race back to the office. When I barreled into the office I saw Gene cooly sitting in his chair. A beautiful blonde sat in one of Gene’s expensive office chairs. She turned to look up at me. I learned quickly she was a highly respected CEO of a foreign cosmetic company. She was exceptionally beautiful. Her alluring accent was soft, probably from years of traveling, when she spoked. Her shoulder length, golden hair draped over her pink tweed suit. I could smell her expensive perfume. It tickled my nose. Apart from being extremely well spoken and well tailored, she seemed well, turned on. She fidgeted so.
I looked to Gene. The text said my boyfriend had been in a very bad football accident during a practice. I never heard of anything like that happening before, and despite being a cheating office slut I still loved him and was very worried. I stared, open mouthed, at "Mr. Lamar" waiting for news. Gene kept explaining how powerful and successful Elissa was. I waited anxiously, waiting for an explanation. I looked a mess and began feeling extremely self conscious as I watched this slim foreign woman look over my body several times.
“Miss Martin here is just what your looking for Elissa. She has the perfect figure for what you want. Miss Martin take off that coat and show Elissa your beautiful curvy figure.” I grimaced.
“What?” I asked shockingly, questioning how cold he could be callous about my boyfriends well being. I was starting to wonder if he was cruel enough to make the whole thing up. Even though I felt my face hot with anger I marveled at his power over me. I felt aroused and livid at the same time, waiting for an opportunity to plunge his face into my cunt, forcing him as he had forced me. I wanted to squirt my hot sticky cum all over his tongue, his face, and rub it all over his lips. The image briefly filled my head and I shook it away confused. I thought of suffocating him mercilessly. Casualty by eating too much pussy I would tell the coroner.
“Show Elissa how beautiful your figure is.” He raised his eyebrow waiting for me to do as he commanded. I let the coat drop from shoulders. He was that cruel. There was nothing wrong with my boyfriend I bet. You fucking cocksucker, I thought to myself. He smiled menacingly knowing I probably had realized his lie. He scoffed at my fear. I realized suddenly that Elissa’s hands were on my body studying my curves.
“Yessss……mmm….very beautiful.” She continued to trace me. She lifted my ruffled shirt. I started to protest but she looked at Gene who owned me with his eyes. One look and I realized what she had been told. I was to be an offering for her lesbian needs. While I raced over to get news of my so called “hospitalized” boyfriend, he had told her I was going to be her personal bitch. Elissa unclasped my bra and slid each strap slowly down my arms, letting it fall to the floor leaving me in my tore pantyhose and Brazilian cut black panties. I looked to the floor, ready to be offered as an executive sacrifice.
“But she look so…so…”Elissa looked distressed at my dejected response. Gene nodded to me with a stern look. I guess that meant, look happy cunt or I’ll butt fuck you right here and now. I dropped my arms to my side letting my beautiful Italian body be caressed by the gorgeous foreign blonde.
“No Elissa, Gina is an experienced little pussy licker I assure you. In fact she loves to do that more than suck my dick. Which means a lot.” He laughed, Elissa giggled. I felt sick. I tried to focus on all the jewelry and expensive clothes I bought today and how Colin would react to my skimpy party dress. I felt Elissa’s hot breath on my chest. My breasts proudly displayed their hard peach nipples. She reached up to my breasts and gently pinched my right nipple in between her long supple fingers. She let her mouth fall upon my hungry tit. Gene leaned back in his chair watching. Elissa brought both of her hands to rub and cup my breasts, feeling their fullness in her palms. I looked away feeling flushed. She flicked my hard tits with her firm searching tongue.
“Your very soft Miss……”She forgot my last name, but Gene told her to call me her pretty little slut instead. She laughed and licked my mouth lustily. After a few subtle licks, I finally let her part my lips and give me a deep kiss. She caressed my top lip with hers, than my bottom. I felt her tongue softly enter my mouth. I had to admit she was a very sensual kisser making sure to massage my tongue with hers. I got lost in the moment with her for a second feeling her slim body press against mine. She kissed and gently sucked my neck as she slid her hands up and down my bare flesh. She paused to study any definition on my stomach. She played seductively, tracing her soft hands right above my panties where those sexy little hip bones protrude slightly. I watched her slowly slide my panties off than lightly play with my pussy lips. Her fingers were so gentle and supple. It was a nice change from the manhandling from Frank yesterday. She looked in my eyes and I realized what I was doing. I had never really been with a girl. My mother always told me it was a sin.
When I was a very young girl, about 7 I had my first sexual experience with a girl, but Gene didn’t know that. My father was dating a psycho with an even more disturbed family. A little girl, also my age was spending the night in my bed. She was the much younger cousin of my dad’s girlfriend. She taught me how to masturbate that night. She had told me to pull down my little girl panties and hide them under the bed, while we rubbed our little girl clits. She asked me to feel hers until my father almost caught us. The little girl I learned later at an older age had been raped by her brother and was sexually active with her family.
But I have always loved women and our gracefulness. Whenever I felt sexual attraction I suppressed it hard believing it wrong and I was just a bad little girl. I felt Elissa insert a digit into my pussy gently pushing upwards. I pulled abruptly away so that her finger slipped out of my wetness.
“I can’t. Its wrong.” She looked at me very surprised and looked back at Gene. He laughed and said “She’s fucking with you Elissa”
“No please, it’s wrong. I can’t.” I said seeing a crude look come over Gene’s face. He looked suspiciously at me.
“OH I SEE, You haven’t gotten your punishment yet….”I tried to follow his logic, “and my little office slut feels like that she doesn’t deserve all this pleasure without getting her punishment first. Your very right. I’m proud of you for realizing what happens to whores like you. Elissa you can continue, I will give her what she deserves. Don’t worry.” I watched him take off his suit jacket. He unbuttoned his vest and peeled it off his large shoulders. I have to admit I wanted him to furbish this punishment badly and rescue me from this humiliation. I couldn’t imagine him punishing me anymore than he was doing now. He had started to fuck with my head. I watched as he started to slowly unbutton his collared shirt. He paused to watch Elissa get to her knees and reinsert herself into me.
I softly whined. “mmmmm……Elissa please…..”She didn’t stop this time. She decided Gene knew best and continued to slowly finger fuck my pussy. I was getting that familiar wetness Gene had experienced yesterday. I was soaking myself. She decided to push another finger into my pussy. She started to do me faster, pushing hard up into me with her fingertips just touching my cervix. Gene took longer than a man of 90 to unbutton that shirt. He watched smirking as my body shook, shamefully feeling a wave of passion starting to push me over. I felt her suckling at my clit. First she sucked it gently in her mouth. I threw my head back and closed my eyes trying to pretend I wasn’t about to cum. When I opened my eyes I saw her pretty blonde hair covering my snatch as she sucked and licked me vigorously with her tongue ring. I could feel the small steel ball flicking me. I shivered with each flick of her tongue. Her tongue seemed trained to tease me at a ridiculously fast rate and feeling the tip of her tongue stroking me made me crazy.
“mmmmmm no…..please….Elissa it’s wrong…I don’t want to…uuuuuuhhhhhh…..oh my god…..that feels good.” She swirled her tongue ridiculously fast over my clit. She stood and gently pushed me back to a leather chair. I looked into her eyes seeing the experience of a hot, desired woman about to teach me her own kind of lesson. She pushed me down. I sat obediently happy to become her slave even though my mind told me it was so wrong. She lifted both my legs to drape over the arms of the chair leaving me widely spread. Gene smiled and watched as she inserted three fingers into my pussy. Elissa let out a gasp, her mouth opening, lusting for my well shaved pussy. “mmmmmm” She moaned into my twat. I watched her work my cunt to orgasm. She brought her mouth back to my slippery pussy. I was so ready for cock, staring into Gene's eyes as she sucked and fucked my hard. She shoved her fingers faster and faster into me as I wailed. I felt a tear slide down my face as I looked back at Gene, but I didn’t want her to stop. I was an oppressed closet bi-sexual, finally getting what I craved, but I wasn’t ready to accept it.
“please….” I whimpered again feeling my body shaking.
“Please what baby…”Gene said to me sweetly.
“Ohhhhhh God….PLEASE……ohhhhhh MY FUCKING GOD…..PLEASE DON’T STOP” Elissa smiled up at me as she reached deep inside my pussy with her long fingers gently tickling my G-spot. “Oaaaaahhhhh Yes.” I actually grabbed her head and pushed her to my glistening lips. “Lick me Elissa, mmmmm yes….lick me……please….oh….uh….uh……uh YES YES …Fuck….yes….” She was ramming my pussy hard with her fingers now while she sucked my clit in and out of her tight lips. The suction was incredible on as she rammed my cunt. Than I came. I exploded all over her face. Shouting and crying out for her to give it to me, for her to get it, and “please fucking eat me.” I felt myself seizure all over. My legs stretched as far out as they could, every muscle tight while enthralled with the pleasure of her getting me off. I’m sure my body was leaking onto the cushion of the arm chair, I came so hard. She lifted her face a bit for me to see her lips shiny with my giz lip gloss I had made for her. My body felt washed over and over again with a serious of smaller orgasms following the first explosion. I kept squirting and writhing above her face. I let out the last little bit of my orgasm onto her pretty mouth. “OH MY God….” I sighed at her. “Mmmmmm oh yes.” I squirmed and shook, vibrating the chair, grinding my hips in a circular motion into the leather. I felt my body with my own hands, rubbing myself all over feeling my skin and rock hard tits. I was more aroused than I had ever been. I massaged and rubbed my tits hearing her say, “Mmmm your so soft and wet.” She was probing my pussy lips still lightly fingering my entry. “Yes you lub it” she said letting her hot accent slip. I was in ecstasy. I looked at her pretty face lovingly.
Gene walked over to us, undressed down to underwear. His member was hard in his tight briefs. His masculine body before me, I felt aroused again, wondering what he was going to do with me now. He came to the side of the chair and grabbed me by my hair. An unpleasant sensation I was becoming used to. He loved to throw me around. He pulled me to a standing position, my legs swung over Elissa's head. I felt his hand reach down in between my legs while I regained balance. He felt my dripping wet cunt jump at his touch. I was still so sensitive after the quaking orgasm Elissa had given me.
I saw her start to strip out of the corner of my eye. Gene rubbed my juices all over me and than on my crack. He took every drop and rubbed it on my anus until that little starfish was in a sea of cum. He fingered me and I let out my sounds of pleasure. My walls were so sensitive to any touch, I probably could have even been excited if it had been fucking Franks fingers. My muscles contracted squeezing Gene’s fingers. He felt me tighten violently around him. He grinned as I collapsed into him moaning.
Elissa strolled over to my side. I watched her perfect light skinned body sit up on the desk. I watched her spread her legs wide apart exposing herself to us. She still wore her heels as she presented a well groomed cunt to me. I had only seen a grown woman like that completely, vulnerably naked at the gym. As I struggled with myself not to love it, I felt myself bite hard on my lower lip. Gene saw it and pushed me violently forward. He openly treated me like his property.
Her abs were so sexy and defined. She seemed an active woman. She probably had her own private gym in her home. Her tits were full and large with beautiful peach nipples standing at attention. I felt self conscious next to her even though I get compliments on my body all the time, she took my breath away. She lustily smiled at me motioning for me to come closer with those dark blue eyes. I walked in a dream falling on my knees as she rubbed herself. Tears started to form in my eyes and I looked back at Gene to rescue me from wanting to eat her.
“It’s alright baby your punishment is coming…..don’t worry….” I stared at him still fighting myself. “Gen….uh I mean Sir, I can’t. If I do this than I really am nothing more than a dirty worthless slut.” Mr. Lamar looked at me, I could see he was baffled by my logic. Elissa waited with her legs wide spread caressing her pussy with two glistening fingers. “Come on honey……. taste me. Taste me just once………you wont want to take your lips off of it.” She beckoned. “Cum on honey…..your my pretty little slut…right?....mmmmm” She rubbed her lips with the same fingers that had been buried deep in my pussy. I felt a tingling between my legs again.
“I can’t I’m sorry……it’s so ……sinful” With that said, Gene let out a huge bellowing laugh. “Sinful?...Girl….I was ramming your ass with my thumb yesterday while you begged to be fucked. You fucking cunt, what a hypocrite! You don’t mind having her suck you off but you don’t want to eat her pussy? Oh your going to eat that pussy” Ellissa listened to Mr. Lamar entertained, giggling at my hesitation. “Now get over there Miss Martin and get her off just as fucking good as she did to you”. I thought, I wish I knew how, realizing I would have to eat pussy for the first time.
I looked down at the carpet and crawled over to the desk on all fours, my ass swaying back and forth as Mr. Lamar watched. He lightly spanked me. I lifted my body to the edge of the desk. Ellissa’s expression grew serious as she put one of her hands on my head. She pulled me close to her. I could feel how hot it was in between her thighs. Her vagina leaking onto the desk wanting any pleasure I would give her. She put her hand under my chin and forced me to look her deep in her dark blue eyes. I lowered my eyes embarrassed I didn’t know how to please her.
“’Ere honey…….I’ll show you.” I looked grateful as she guided my head to her body. I stretched out my tongue starting low and dragging it up her labia. I tried to flick her clit as she had done to mine. She smiled. I continued to lick her clit, tonguing her beautiful pussy, opening my mouth several times. I repeated a pattern of starting low on her vagina and sweeping up her cunt causing her to softly moan. I noticed her breathing get heavier as I swirled and sucked on her. Mr. Lamar’s hands gently lifted my ass into the air so I was bent over, butt exposed while eating her pussy. He spread my cheeks lightly. I felt the girth of his penis spread me open. He rubbed his head all over my lips, clit, perineum and butthole. He spit on my asshole a few times. As if I wasn’t wet enough I thought. It probably just turned him on to tease me as vulgarly as possible.
His body was hot and I realized I had begun feverishly eating Elissa. I shoved my face in between her legs as she stroked my hair. I buried my face into her wetness. I could feel her juices on my cheeks now, she was sloppily wet. I was getting used to thinking of Gene as Mr. Lamar, and I let out a cry using the formal surname. Ellissa leaned back on her hands. “ooooohhhhhh, yes my sweet little slut…….yes… that pussy honey…mmmmmm……like that….right there.” I swirled over her clit again, barley able to breath as Mr. Lamar had me pushed so far up against her. Her breathing grew rapid. He had started to fuck me slowly. “Now Gina, its almost time for your punishment” I wanted to look at him questioningly but I was buried deep in her pussy, now inserting tongue into her opening. “First….Put your fingers in Elissa…….. and finger fuck her while eat her” I did as I was told and inserted my index and middle finger into her. She wailed, throwing her head back. She was so tight around my fingers. She tightened and contracted her muscles as I suckled her hot little lips. She started to rock back and forth on my hand. I kept licking her, tasting her sweetness. “Now, make her cum on your face, swallow all her juices, lick her dry” He was panting heavily as he continued to pull his dick back and forth out of me faster and than even faster. I felt like such a whore when she started to really push her hips into my face while Mr. Lamar fucked me raw.
“OOOOOOOOOHHHHH……FUCK!!....FUCK…..FUCK……SHiiiiit……Mmmm…so close… close….you gonna make me cum” She screamed out. I wondered if anyone was in the waiting room now because they would have easily heard her yelling. She was a squirter. I never let streams like that out of my pussy but she delivered a hot stream of cum into my mouth. I held it open letting it dribble on my tongue and shoot to the back of my throat. She grinded her hips, circularly into my face, finishing her orgasms in my mouth. “Oh yes…….good girl…..good girl.....your sooo good……mmmmm.” She softly said to me. I started to pull my face away, but Gene pulled my hair yanking my head back into position. “Now Miss Martin, your punishment for not obeying me.” He slid out of my twat. He moved his prick to part my butt cheeks. I hadn’t taken dick like that in awhile and I started to fidget nervously. He spit a few more times onto my anus pushing just his head into my ass. “AHHHHH fuck…….” I screamed out as I fidgeted.
“If you relax it will be easier” Elissa was encouraging this.
“Keep eating her Miss Martin….Don’t you like Elissa? Don’t you remember what she just did for you? Slut.” I felt him slowly push his whole shaft into my butt. I let out a muffled cry into Elissa’s wet hot pussy. “Now, everytime it hurts sooooo bad you can’t take it……your going to lift your head from Elissa’s pussy and your going to say,” He took a breath “I deserve it…… fuck me harder Sir. Do you understand?”He seductively said, daring me to disobey him now. Trapped in between the legs of this hot lesbian and my horny bastard of a boss, I nodded dutifully, knowing I was long defeated.
“Good. I want you to know what you’re here for and everyone else in the lobby too.” I didn’t need to look I’m sure it was full of snickering business men who all now knew who I was. Little did I know that Gene had video equipment streaming the show to Frank and some of his other favorite colleagues. The sick bastard, knowing they were probably watching it upstairs like a football game.
He started to let his cock slide in and out of my ass. I wailed. He slapped me hard.
“OHHHH fuck……”
“That’s not what I told you to say” He yelled cruelly.
“oh…..uhhhh…..owww…I…..Oh don’t make me....” SLAP! “Ok!….ok……I’m sorry sir…..I…oohhhh….dear God…….I deserve it …..fuck me harder sir” Gene plunged back into me while I let my face drop back into Elissa. She lightly held onto a clump of my hair helping me to lift my head when he started to really go to town.
“OOOOHHH Fuck……me harder……..sir…..I deserve it……shittt.” He felt my rectum tighten and release around him to where he could start to move freely. I felt so dirty. My pussy was leaking onto both of us. I am anally sensitive and could feel my pussy muscles start to synchronize with the muscles squeezing Gene. It still hurt as he started to work up a rhythm to fuck me in my ass. I could feel my rectum start to become very sore.
“That doesn’t hurt?” He mocked.
“aaaaaaahhhh……yes…..” I yelped and screamed. SLAP! He started to beat my ass hard, with his hand than his cock, making sure to hit my sore cheek every other pump into my butt. “I’m sorry……I mean, I deserve it…..SIIIIRRRR ……AHHHHHH!” I screamed. He was railing me now.
“You want it harder?”
“NOOOOO” I whined. Elissa yanked my head back down. I guessed the dirty talk had aroused her again. She was grinding my face hard against her vagina. Mr. Lamar sent a stinging pain up my spine as he hit my ass cheek with full strength. I almost bit Elissa ripping my head from her to scream out “I’m sorry sir…..I will do anything you tell me……just please……please……please fucking cum…….I deserve it!” I heard myself repeat the mantra over and over again. He bent over still thrusting into me saying any demeaning thing he could think of to make me feel absolutely helpless. He grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms taught against my back. I strained as Elissa also pulled on me from the other direction by my hair. She was moaning loudly also saying obscene things to me as she shoved me into her steaming cunt. I was being mauled.
“I bet your going to show up……to work on time……now …..aren’t you?”Gene panted heavily as he started to drive the farthest he could into me.
“Yes, sir. Fuck me harder sir, I deserve it.”I yelled above Elissa's sex noises. I felt my pussy contracting like I was about to cum again.
“And I bet your going to do everything……and anything…….to keep me hard……and fucking happy… wearing what I tell you……isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Sir. Fuck me harder sir, I deserve it.” It was even more painful when I felt him grow larger ready to hose my ass with his load. The anticipation made my red hot and hornier than I could have imagined.
“And I know that you’ve….learned your place…..right slut? OHHHHHH Fuck……you fucking slut….your gonna make me cum….right in your tight little asshole……You love it don’t ya…..look at that juicy ass push back on my cock like that….”I hadn’t realized I was so actively participating, but I was rocking back on his crotch as he buried himself inside of my butt. “Oh yah….I fucking love it…..Ohhhhh shit I’m gonna cum to Mr. Lamar.”
“OOOOHHHHHHH SHIIIIT!” Elissa slammed her hips to my lips. She held my head tight to her pussy as she squirted again all over my mouth. I had my lips pressed closed accidentally and her juices ran down my neck. She flowed all over my tits, streaming herself down my chest, hungrily grasping at me as I made her cum again. I’m not sure who came first. Gene let out a load so thick and hard. I felt him fill my body up with his delicious creamy cum. I tasted him. I know. He pulled himself out and let the last little bit of his orgasm spurt onto my butt cheeks. He rubbed his head all over my crack grunting softly. I collapsed as my assailants released me. Falling to the floor I curled up into a little ball unused to be so abused.
“Clean it” He ordered holding out his still somewhat erect penis.
“I…..”I started to try and negotiate, but I knew that would get me much worse, “Yes Sir……I deserve it.”I sighed.
“Yes you do……than you will go to Colin’s hotel.” I obediently nodded with every order. I looked pathetic as I dragged myself over to his feet. He helped me up. He gently tugged my chin upward.
“Spread those pretty lips.”

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