“SEX IN SEOUL” - Part Two - by Anon

Well, here I was, in Miss Lem’s establishment in Seoul, South Korea, sitting in her nicely appointed Reception Room, which could well have been called her ‘Recovery Room’, since I was recovering from a magnificent blow job just done on me by the Madam and one of her little girls, named Jasmine. The girl was a novice cocksucker, but Miss Lem was a great teacher, and between them both they had sucked me dry. But I still hadn’t fucked the girl and miss Lem wanted my cock good and stiff again for that wonderful purpose and seemed quite willing to await my recovery.
Jasmine’s little skirt was back on, sans panties, and she was shyly moving about the room, ceremoniously serving us some herbal tea. When she brought my serving, I noticed a small diamond shaped blue object resting in the centre of a white napkin on the silver tray, which Miss Lem advised me to swallow with the tea. She identified it as Viagra and promised that taken on an empty stomach, would provide excellent results in about an hour. Up to that time I had never tried this drug, but had heard great things about it and willingly swallowed it down.
“Now we can relax a bit while Jasmine tidies up around here”. smiled the Madam as she languorously stretched out in an easy chair opposite me and sipped her tea. But she kept Jasmine on the move, directing her to do small, unnecessary tasks which required the girl to bend over and give me a nice view of her hairless little cunt from behind.
I took this opportunity to remark on the absence of pubic hair and inquire as to the girl’s age, having some concern about the legality of things.
Miss Lem assured me that in South Korea, if ‘they were big enough - they were old enough’ and that in any case her girls had to keep their pubic area closely shaved. She had long ago learned that while Oriental men liked hairy cunts, American men didn’t and she was catering to the latter.
Now Miss Lem said, “Jasmine, the Major has not seen your titles yet, come over here!”
Again the little girl’s face was suffused with an instant blush, as she stopped what she was doing and moved hesitantly to where Miss Lem was seated.
“Now, turn around and face him, as I strip off your blouse.” - and so saying, the Madam slowly unbuttoned the short sleeved little garment and
pulled it off the embarrassed girl’s upper body, leaving her with only a truly needless brassiere. Off that came, which left just the wide neckerchief - the ends of which were now loosely hanging between her tiny, perfectly formed, budding breasts.
“Charming!” “Isn’t that just perfect, Major?” - exclaimed the Madam, as she gently cupped the little mounds in her hands, flicking her fore fingers over the hardening nipples.
“Jasmine, go over there and let the Major feel your sweet little tits - maybe he would like to have a lick on them also. And he may even want to put a hand up your skirt and feel your cunt!”
As the Madam gave the blushing girl a gentle shove toward me, she instinctively covered her naked breasts with her hands, but Miss Lem quickly pulled them back down, saying sternly, “Now none of that, Jasmine, here - I will help cure your modesty!” - as she deftly removed the girl’s neckerchief and swiftly used it to tie her wrists behind her back.
“Now do as you were told - get over there at once, I can see the Major would like to play with you a bit, he is a nice man and we have to get his cock stiffened up again in order to fuck you!”
Jasmine now hesitantly walked across to where I was seated, and as she slowly approached I could feel a delicious rush of lust coursing through my body and I greedily reached out to pull her in between my knees. Heeding Miss Lem’s suggestion, I licked and sucked first one and them the other of the blushing girls little tits and was gratified to see her nipples growing stiffer under the caresses of my lascivious tongue.
“Feel her cunt, Major - see if she is getting wet down there!” - exclaimed the Madam, as she watched this activity with obvious relish. Needing no further urging, I let my right hand wander up under the girls tiny skirt and first feeling all over her soft, curvaceous bum, got my hand between her thighs and ran my fingers up to her moist little slit.
“Get your legs farther apart, Jasmine - the Major wants to finger fuck you a bit!” exclaimed Miss Lem, reaching for her whip, and flourishing it in a menacing manner, which made the girl immediately place her feet wider apart, thus giving me better access to that objective of my groping fingers.
I could get one finger up her with little difficulty, but the second one made her gasp and attempt to wiggle away as a grimace of pain crossed her beautiful little face.
“Ha! - she is tight!” - exclaimed the watchful Madam. “I could get my two fingers into her while she was sucking your cock, and I think her virginity is gone, but whoever has fucked her didn’t have a very big cock, maybe her brother or some neighbour kid. Anyway, we are going to see if we can get at least some of that eight inches of yours into her, if you are ready!?”
I had noticed that while I was playing with Jasmine, the Madam had been playing with herself. She had stretched out her lovely legs and had made no pretense at hiding her masturbation, which had started with her fingers working under her micro mini skirt, then as she grew more excited by watching me fingering the little girl, she had unabashedly used the handle of her whip, perfectly shaped like a human cock, to dildo herself to a near orgasm. Now she got up and without further ceremony, reached down and opened my slacks to reveal my hardening cock.
“Oh yes, this is coming along nicely, so I think it is time to move into the Operations Room and make a serious try at fucking this young lady!”
Quite willingly, I took my hand from between Jasmine’s legs and as Miss Lem led the trembling girl away, I followed with great expectations.
Once back inside this interesting room, with it’s mirrored ceiling and walls, Miss Lem quickly stripped Jasmine’s skirt off and untied her wrists, leaving her standing completely nude except for her whiite knee socks and shoes. She then suggested I may be more comfortable without clothes and with deliberate relish, ordered Jasmine to undress me. More blushes from the girl and her momentary hesitation brought a sharp cut across her bare bottom from Miss Lem’s ready whip.
I must say my lust was even more heightened as the little fingers fumbled with the fasteners of my slacks, but soon they were down and my shorts came next, revealing my almost full erection. Without waiting for Jasmine’s help, I got the rest of my clothes off and stepped out of my shoes, now as naked as she was.
“Take hold of his cock and give it a few licks!” ordered the Madam.
Jasmine hesitated just a moment, but when Miss Lem picked up her whip again, she grasped my cock in both her small soft hands and started licking the knob, as the Madam had earlier shown her how to do. This had an immediate, beneficial effect and as my cock grew ever stiffer, Miss Lem said, “How would you like a taste of her little cunt, Major - I have sucked her off a few times, just to test her responses and I can tell you, her’s is one of the sweetest little cunts I have ever tasted. And it will make it easier to get that big cock of yours into her!”
She went on - “I just love the taste of a young girl’s cunt before she has been fucked very much - her pussy juices are sweeter and thicker, I’m sure you will agree!”
I was only too willing to comply with this suggestion, and as I took my face up position on the ‘sex sofa’, Miss Lem helped Jasmine get squatted over my mouth, with her knees on either side of my head, facing toward my now rampant erection.
“She isn’t quite tall enough to suck your cock wile you are licking her cunt, and anyway I want to watch her face as you suck her off. I will play with her tits with one hand and your cock with the other”, exclaimed Miss Lem, - “while you get your tongue into her cunt!”
Needing no urging, I was already licking and sucking the sweet little slit now being pressed down on my mouth. And Jasmine was reacting with an amazing response, considering how shyly she had appeared up to this time. She was now wriggling and gasping as she pressed her delicious little slit onto my mouth. Now the little girl was actually moaning as she vigorously ground her cunt onto my greedy lips.
“Ah - now I think she is just about to cum and should be ready for your cock!” opined the Madam, as she unceremoniously lifted the girl off my face. “Here, I will get her into the best position for you.”
She flipped Jasmine onto her back and pulled her legs open and well up, as I took a standing position at the foot of the sex sofa, which Lem had adjusted to exactly the right height - so that my stiffened cock was now prodding the slippery entrance to the little cunt so invitingly presented. Standing at the other end of the sofa, with one hand she still held the little legs up and with the other, she expertly spread open the lips of the girl’s cunt and invited me to get the head of my cock started into it.
As I slowly attempted an entry, Miss Lem suggested such a gentle effort was really no kindness when taking a maidenhead - fast and sudden, she advised - that’s the best and most merciful way to get into a young girl’s tight cunt. And my lust was now so rampant I did just that, despite the anguished cries Jasmine uttered as the tears streamed down her beautiful, tortured face.
“Never mind her crying - she will soon love it!” - encouraged the Madam, as I worked my engorged cock ever deeper into the hot, tight little pussy which gripped it like a velvet glove. It was almost three quarters in now, but the salacious experience was so wildly overpowering that I could not delay my orgasm another second, and glorious spasm after spasm shook my entire body as Jasmine’s sobs slowly subsided together with my rock hard erection.
“Here, I will finish her off!” exclaimed Miss Lem - let me at her cunt!” and pushing me aside, she dropped to her knees and avidly started to lick the little slit which now had my copious charge of semen oozing out of it. Declaring hot cum to be a delicious treat, she transferred a mouthful from the girls cunt to her lips, inserting her tongue into Jasmine’s mouth to make sure she swallowed her share of my semen.
She then went back down on her and expertly licked and sucked the lips of her small cunt and tiny clitoris until Jasmine was soon once more wriggling and panting in ecstasy, the pain of me fucking her now transformed to the bliss of an orgasm provided by her Madam’s lascivious tongue.
At last it was over and Miss L. stood up and lifted Jasmine off the ‘sex sofa’ and gave her an affectionate hug and a final deep kiss on her mouth, saying, “You did very well my dear - you took your first full sized cock quite nicely and the next time we fuck you, it will feel twice as good! Now you can get dressed and go back to the Reception Room and finish tidying up in there.”
As the girl quickly dressed and left, the Madam knelt and gave my wilted cock a few encouraging licks, but now I was completely drained - and she knew that another erection was unlikely, but said that she savoured the taste of Jasmine’s cunt, still clinging to my cock.
“Well Major, how did you like your first visit to my Pleasure Palace?” she asked as she stood up and handed me my clothes, one item at a time. Of course I assured her it had been very enjoyable, but I was somewhat curious as to how she gained satisfaction from all of this activity.
She confided the fact that she was a born voyeur and got tremendous pleasure from watching sexual activity, especially if she could participate as she chose and be in charge of things. She also confessed to a slight bit of sadism in her character and claimed great satisfaction in giving young girls their first sexual experiences. She admitted that it really ‘turned her crank’ when she could embarrass and humiliate a girl and rather liked to lay on the whip when any of them resisted her authority. And of course there was the money, but that was only a secondary sort of satisfaction.
“I really thought Jasmine may have been a virgin” - she said and suggested that on my next visit - “We will fuck her up the ass - I would love to watch you get some of that cock up her asshole - there’s sure to be a cherry up there!” She assured me that that treat would be saved exclusively for me, and - “The sooner you send me a paying customer, the sooner you can butt fuck Jasmine!”
With that powerful motivation ringing in my ears, I left with the promise that she would have some of the officers staying at my Leave Centre on her door step within hours.
And so she did. I will report my next visit to Miss Lem in PART THREE.

By - Anon

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