PART – 46

It was Friday and most important thing was, my husband's birthday on that day. According to our original plan, we were to celebrate it privately taking dinner outside and then in our bedroom. But we were forced to change our plan because of some urgent and important work in my husband's office as he received a call from his managing director. Previously, there was no plan for going to office as he had already handed over the office charge and we were to leave for Switzerland on Sunday.

I had to change his birthday celebration plan and I decided immediately that what I should do to please my husband on his birthday. But, I did not hint anything to my husband that what is exactly in my mind for this wonderful evening on the occasion of his birthday. It was surprise, a big surprise, a surprise birthday gift to my loving husband.

My husband went to his office in the morning.

I have already decided to make his birthday memorable for a long time. I wanted to do something special. He usually doesn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. He told me that he will be happy to celebrate his birthday with me in the bedroom with my naked body.

It did not take a long time to arrange everything for the evening.

In the evening, around 7.00 PM, I received the call from my husband informing me that he will be leaving the office shortly. It does not take much time to reach home from his office because his office is just on the next road, very near to our home. I told him to use his key to open the door.

I immediately gave a finishing touch to my arrangements made for his birthday and was waiting for his arrival. Everything was organized properly by me. It was the time for his big surprise.

He arrived home back from office. He opened the main door with his set of keys and entered in the house. It was unusual for him that every light in the house was off. Usually there is at least a table lamp kept on in the living room that we use as a security light. But, it was not on that night. He knew that I was at home it must be a part of his birthday celebration.

I was hiding myself and was keeping an eye on him and on his action/reaction.
As I said, the lights were off, the room only lit dimly by a few scattered candles. I saw him setting his keys on the stand just inside the door (where he normally keeps them as usual routine), there was a piece of paper pasted by me on which I have written in bold letters:
"If you want your birthday present you must come in kitchen."

I saw him walking towards the kitchen and the kitchen too was lit just like the living room. The first (and really the only) thing, he saw me, stark naked, laying spread eagled on the kitchen table, with my legs way up in the air. My glistening wet pussy was staring at him right on his face. He quickly walked up to me and without saying a word went down on my waiting pussy. He knew what I liked and immediately he went to work on my pussy. He sucked and nibbles on my clit for a few seconds then quickly shove his tongue deep into my pussy hole. I immediately grabbed his head with both of my hands and grounded his face into my pussy. I was already worked up on my pussy for some time with my own hands before even he started on me. I was writhing and bucking my beautiful, firm and naked hips as he continued to work on my juicy pussy.

He continued to repeat this process and, since I was already worked up before he started on me, I had my orgasm and cum rather quickly. My orgasm hit me hard. He felt my body tensed but continued his oral attention to my pussy. As my orgasm hit, I pulled his head even further into my pussy, forcing his tongue as far as on to my love hole. as it would go. It was a wild ride but there was nowhere else for him to go at that moment.

After my orgasm subsided and I collected my breath, I got up off the table and began to walk out of the kitchen holding his hand.

Of course by this time, through all of that, I knew that he had a raging hard-on that needed to be released.

"We've only just begun; dear don't give up so soon; many more to come." I told him.

I took off all his clothes, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor and made him sit in the living room. The birthday boy was sitting there in his birthday suit, naked, like he was at the time of his birth.

He was sitting on the couch in anticipation of what was to happen next.

I was staring straight at his cock, which was standing tall and proud as always. His fucking machine, fucking tool, his hard and hot dick was saluting me. I got down on my knees between his legs and, without wasting any time, I began working on his cock. I gently grabbed his balls in my one hand and the base of his shaft with the other hand. I started by licking up and down his hot cock several times, and then popped the head of his fucking tool into my mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds. I continued this process over and over, again and again, and occasionally I took maximum possible of his cock length in to my mouth, deep throat.

I knew that this kind of treatment drives him nuts and gets his cock as hard as steel. I only kept up this treatment, however, just long enough for me to get really worked up. Then I stopped. Just that quick I got up and began walking towards out of the room, leaving him sitting there with a rock-hard cock that needed immediate attention.

I reached on the bedroom door and saw that he was following me with his erected, long and hot fucking tool.
My son was sleeping in other bedroom.

"Your birthday present is in the bedroom, come in" I said in a sexy voice and I saw him walking quickly towards the bedroom. Before he could reach in the bedroom, I closed the bedroom door.

He opened the door and came inside. Bedroom was fully lit up.

What he saw the first thing on entering in the bedroom was not the thing he was expecting. Yes, I was on the bed, on my back, completely naked, with my hand working on my wet, juicy pussy. His surprise birthday gift was lying right next to me.

It was Neeta, my lesbo love partner, also naked like me and my husband and her hand was working on her own pussy. Three naked bodies were in our bedroom, one with hot cock and two with juicy pussies.

I must say that Neeta is a pretty attractive girl. I've had the lots for her sexually, ever since we met the day she moved first time in my apartment. Even I made my husband agreed to fuck her few times with me. We, all three, I, Neeta and my husband had many group sex sessions before. My husband is capable to fuck to females at a time.

Neeta has a very athletic body, much like me, but I know she is having more firm boobs and a tight pussy than me, because her pussy was not fucked many times. Either she was fucked by her employer only for few seconds every time, because his fucker employer is not able to satisfy any pussy by fucking. His cock releases cum only after few strokes. My husband was the first person who fucked Neeta till her satisfaction level. Neeta is a bisexual girl like me, but she was not having any cock fucking relations with anyone except my husband and of course with her nearly impotent employer. She was having lesbian fuck relationship with Tanu (her employer's wife and with me only).

After briefly looking over the other naked girl beside me, he looked back at me with a lot of surprise in his eyes. He could not speak anything and I knew that it was a real shocking surprise for him. He was not at all expecting this. Now I was looking him in his eyes, almost as was silently asking his approval and acceptance.
Funny, he was looking at me the same way.

"What are you waiting for?" I finally spoke up and asked. "Don't you accept my birthday gift to you?"

I have arranged this after he left for his office. I telephoned to Neeta and discussed this idea with her. She was more than happy to accept my invitation to be fucked by my husband. She reached my home well before my husband arrived at home. We planned together how to present her to fuck by my husband. She was watching me and my husband when my husband was sucking and licking my pussy in the kitchen and also when I was sucking and licking my husband's lolly-pop in the living room. She was waiting for us fully naked in the bedroom to be a birthday gift for my husband from me.

Accepting my birthday gift and my invitation to fuck Neeta along with me on the occasion of his birthday, he climbed up onto the bed between the two ladies. On his back he leaned over and began kissing me deeply pulling me over him. I was quickly pulled away, however, as Neeta placed her mouth onto mine and began kissing me very aggressively. With Neeta above him, he began to let his hands wander over her body, getting a good feeling of what her body was like. Her breasts were quite firm; her nipples hard and very much at attention. Her tight, flat stomach, rounded hips, and very firm ass gave her a near perfect body.

He let his one hand work its way around her ass until it reached on her wet pussy. She spread her legs apart a little further, inviting his fingers between her legs, right on her pussy for her pleasure. Her pussy was soaking wet; she was definitely ready for some action. While this was going on, I moved down and began working my magic again on his cock. It wasn't long at all before my expert mouth and tongue had his cock.

Neeta moved up, straddling my husband's head with her hips, placing her pussy lips gently onto his mouth. My husband has started pleasing Neeta by sucking her lovely wet pussy.

After some time, Neeta bent over and assisted me in my oral work on my husband's hard dick.

Soon, he went back to work on Neeta's pussy. He began giving her the same type of oral work which he usually given to me, and it didn't take long before we had her squirming and moaning loudly on his face. He had his hands working on her FIRM breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples as his tongue worked over her clit and pussy. I was continued to work on his cock, like I was trying to milk it. With all of Neeta's moaning and my oral work on his cock, I was sure that my husband must was enjoying and celebrating his birthday in a different manner.

On the other hand, Neeta was also very happy to be with me and with my husband as a fucking partner, one of the active players in our group sex game. I was also feeling happy that I could give Neeta a chance for a wonderful and satisfactory fuck by my husband just before we proceed to our new destination, Switzerland. I was feeling good that Anju and Neeta, both fucked by my husband within a few days, one by one, along with me being a common partner in fucking.

I have been very turned on and was feeling very horny by this and I could not control myself. Now it was not possible to keep his cock away from my waiting, hot and pussy. I was so hot, so horny that I needed his cock immediately deep in to my pussy. I mounted on my husband's cock without wasting any time, I kept his cock head on the opening door of my juicy pussy and pushed my ass down burying its full length deep inside of my already wet and hot waiting pussy in two three swift motions.

I kissed Neeta while sitting on my husband's cock. Neeta was sitting with placing her pussy nicely on my husband's mouth. The loud moaning sound was coming from mouth of all of us. My husband was fucking me with his cock inside of my pussy, so both of us was enjoying. Neeta was enjoying because my husband is a wonderful sucker of pussy. I was sure that Neeta must be enjoying a lot.

My husband's hands could reach on both ladies quite easily so he alternated his hands between me and Neeta, working on Neeta's pair of breasts and then on my boobs. After only a few moments later I could sense by movements of Neeta that Neeta was very close to her orgasm. He switched his hands to her boobs and I knew that my husband's tongue must be into over driving in Neeta's pussy, trying to bring her to the strongest possible orgasm which she deserves.

Neeta immediately cried out, “Oh my god I'm going to cum!!"

I felt her whole body tensed up. She begin one long, deep, loud, powerful moan as her body began releasing juices. Her hands grabbed my husband's hands forcefully, directing my husband to squeeze her boobs as hard as he could. Her fluids were now spreading my husband's face, almost drowning him between her legs. Her orgasm was very powerful, lasting at least a full minute or so.

While Neeta was enjoying her orgasm, I continued to ride my husband's cock, grinding harder and harder with every passing moment. This is my favorite position, Woman on top and when I am really turned on it doesn't take me long to reach my orgasm this way. This moment was no exception. The power and excitement of Neeta's orgasm have somehow traveled over to me, for as Neeta's orgasm began to weaken, I began one of my own.

I was grinding my pussy on his cock very hard, very aggressively as my orgasm swept through me. It was strong enough to make my eyes roll into the back of my head; this one was lasted as long as Neeta's and it was as powerful as always.

After mine and Neeta's orgasms, both of ladies stayed right where we were, on my husband's body in different positions, still enjoying the sexual attention we both were receiving. With my husband's tongue was still working on Neeta's pussy, I embraced in another long, deep kiss with Neeta, enjoying the sensual feelings in the afterglow of our orgasms.

I dismounted him, and in my absence Neeta quickly bent over and took my husband's cock into her mouth. They worked on each other for a few minutes, but slowly, tenderly, just enough to keep each other aroused and interested. Suddenly Neeta stopped and climbed off of him, and off the bed. I was standing right there with a towel for my husband to clean off his face, which I did. He stood up off the bed. I kissed him very passionately for a moment, and then stepped away.

"Neeta, I would like my darling husband to fuck you while I watch. It is his birthday and the birthday boy must enjoy it with his birthday gift. FUCKKY BIRTHDAY DEAR HUSBAND, MANY MANY FUCKKY RETURNS OF THE DAY" I told Neeta and wished the birthday to my husband.

Neeta began walking up to him.

"I'd love it." She said as she looked straight in my husband's eyes. With a shy but lustful look as she put her arms around my husband's neck.

"I've wanted him to fuck me as much as possible ever since the day he fucked me first time. I thank you Julee for sharing your husband for fucking me too. I feel very happy being his fucking gift from you." She told me.

She turned towards my husband and said..
"FUCKKY BIRTHDAY dear, from me too. I am your fucking gift from your wife. Enjoy me, fuck me and celebrate your birthday in a fantastic manner."

Then she kissed him very aggressively, very passionately. She quickly broke the kiss however and took hold of my husband's hard, long and standing cock in her hand. Not letting go, she led him around to the other side of the bed. She climbed on the bed and positioned herself right in front of him on all fours, in doggy position, spreading her legs apart and turning her ass up into the air so that he had full and easy access to her pussy. I also climbed onto the bed, but I stayed on the other side and positioned myself at the head of the bed so that I could get a good view of their fucking.

He wasted no time. He took hold of his cock and placed it at the opening of Neeta's pussy. Neeta's pussy was still very wet, so in one long thrust he slid part of his hot rod in to Neeta's silt. Her pussy was very tight, a lot tighter than mine, and I thought that it must be felt awesome to my husband, but as her pussy was wet enough, he still had no trouble burying his long and thick dick into depths of her pussy in few gentle strokes by moving his ass forward and backward. This was not the first time that my husband was fucking Neeta. He fucked her many times before, of course along with me and we all enjoyed our group fucking every time.

She let out a deep moan, enjoying the sensations in her pussy being filled up that quickly with my husband's fucking cock. He kept his cock still for a moment deep inside Neeta's pussy, allowing Neeta to enjoy this. Then he slowly began moving his dick in and out of her lovely pussy. A real fuck was started. Birthday boy was fucking his birthday gift.

We, me and Neeta already had our strong orgasms once that night, and I knew my husband is capable to fuck two ladies at a time because he last for a long time before he release his cum shots from his cock in fuck session.

He kept at a slower pace so that Neeta can enjoy his long and thick cock in to her tighter pussy without much pain. I wasn't in a hurry to come again and my husband wasn't in a hurry to bring Neeta to her orgasm either. I am sure, Neeta too wanted to enjoy this beautiful fucking moment and must be wanting her tight pussy to be fucked by my husband for as long as possible.

I had since sat up against the head board of the bed with my legs spread wide apart. Apparently I wasn't done for the night as I was becoming really turned on by what I was watching. It was a wonderful feeling my husband fucking my lesbian partner. I had one hand working on my clit while my other hand was playing with my own milky boobs, particularly on my nipples. My eyes were glued to Neeta, on her beautiful naked body, on her lovely tight pussy, on her firm boobs and on my husband's long, thick and hot cock going in and coming out fucking Neeta's pussy.

As he continued to fuck Neeta in slow pace, her moans became more frequent. She started breathing heavier. Feeling this starting to gain that inevitable heightened pleasure, my husband began pumping his cock in and out of her pussy a little faster, a little harder. I could see her pushing back her pussy at my husband's cock with his every thrust, trying to push his cock into her pussy as much as deeply she could.

I was really working my hand hard on my pussy now. I had three fingers of one hand buried in my pussy hole, and my other hand was working vigorously on my clit. My fingers were moving in and out of my pussy as an alternative of fucking cock as my pussy was being fucked with my own fingers.

Neeta was enjoying my husband's dick in to her pussy and wonderful fucking by my husband.

Suddenly, Neeta reached out and grabbed my ankle. Neeta pulled me towards her, and I was instantly on my back with my aching pussy just under Neeta's mouth. She went to work on my wet juicy pussy very aggressively, using her lips and tongue on my pussy to please my pussy in every way possible.

I was twisting and turning about in excitement and pleasure, using my own hands on my own breasts, adding to the immense pleasure that Neeta's tongue was giving on my pussy. It did not take much time and I quickly and suddenly announced that I was to cum again, and I cried out in sheer pleasure as my next orgasm of the night quickly swept over me.

I have noticed that my orgasm, along with Neeta's tight, wet, wonderful pussy pounding back at him and the moans of pleasure coming from deep within Neeta's body were about to send my husband over the edge of Cumming. But my husband knows it very well how to take and give maximum pleasure in fucking game.

He suddenly stopped and quickly turned Neeta over onto her back. Pushing her knees back to her sides, he re-entered his hot and hard manhood in to Neeta's wet pussy and began fucking her at the same pace on which he was doing just seconds ago in doggy position.

I looked at Neeta's naked and lovely sexy body--her firm breasts, her flat stomach, her bald pubes—and then her beautiful face. I could see the lustful look in her eyes, that one was telling that she was enjoying this fuck so much that she was about to have another one of those powerful orgasms.

I was still on the bed, and I think my husband saw that look in Neeta's eyes too. I began to pinch one of Neeta's nipples with one hand and reached down and began rubbing Neeta's clit with the other hand. My husband's cock was moving in and out of Neeta's pussy, touching my hand which was working on Neeta's clit. That's all it took. Only a few seconds later Neeta cried out in pleasure. She threw her head back as I saw her eyes roll into her head. As her orgasm arrived, my husband fucked her with everything he had, quickly bringing himself to his ecstasy only seconds later.

I know my husband cum long and hard, spurting his cum deep inside of Neeta's pussy and filling her pussy with his warm cum, while she reached to her orgasm seconds before my husband's cum.

I was in heaven, as I was sure that Neeta was too in the seventh sky at that moment with all the moaning and crying out she was doing, with both of us enjoying these orgasms we have brought by my fucking husband on the evening of his birthday as his birthday celebration.

Even through the height of my orgasm I could see Neeta's pussy convulsing and contracting around my husband's cock, milking everything out of his cock as her orgasm swept through her.

The dinner was already prepared by me with help of Neeta, well before we begin fucking game between three of us. We cleaned ourselves, each other in bathroom while taking bath before taking a special dinner naked on the occasion of my husband's FUCKKY BIRTHDAY.

We played many times with naked body parts of our owns and other's while taking dinner.

Afterward the three of us just lay together, naked, one woman on each side of my husband. We played with each other's fucking body parts for a long time, till late night. We fell asleep naked as we were and we all slept very soundly.

The next morning we awoke, and we picked up right where we left off, sexually, fuckingly pleasuring each other until my son woke up in the morning.

Neeta left after taking lunch with her. She was very emotional while going because she knew that it was not sure when we all three will get a chance again to fuck each other. She hugged me and my husband very tightly with her body and left with wet eyes.

We started final packing of our cloths because we were supposed to leave for ZURICH (SWITZERLAND) next day. As written in my last part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, our heavy and required materials, which we required there in Switzerland for our house, have already been air freighted a week ago.
I wonder what I will do for my birthday coming next.


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