Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery Chapter Three

Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery Chapter Three

Sybil A Story About Interracial Slavery

Chapter Three

Triva had instructed the three young men to wait the full five minutes as she took Sybil to the back door of the fraternity house and told her to do her best to get back to their dorm room whole, and still a virgin! Impressing on her that it was in her best interest to do so! Reminding her that a young white virgins would bring top dollar at a real slave auction to black men of means!

It was now about 10:00 pm in the evening as she obediently with the lead ball in her hands started off in the direction of the girls dorms once in the open she hurried along as best she could lugging the lead ball .Triva marveled at Sybil's milk white tits and ass as they jiggled obscenity and disappeared into the big park. There were plenty of places to hide as it was so dark in a number of directions but she could see bright lights towards the big theater auditorium. She was so intent in going towards the light that she did not see a young couple that was half naked laying on the ground with her boyfriend fucking her brains out as she stumbled over them!

The boy started bitching and cussing and his girlfriend screamed out as Sybil had accidentally dropped the big lead ball right on his dick and her pubic mound! She quickly grabbed it up and kept going as fast as she could. The lights were getting brighter as she neared the edge of the park and could see the large lighted area in front of the big theater auditorium. It had numerous walkways leading away in all directions. At first it seemed that no one was around, as she quickly started out across this big open space!

The three young black male pledges were waiting for Triva to give them the word, when the five minutes was up, as they heard the girl that Sybil had tripped over scream out! At the same time Triva said five minute's guy's and smacked each of them on their bare firm black bottoms as they ran off naked into the dark in the direction of the scream!

The one young man the first to prematurely blow his load had no idea what to do and quickly ran off towards the park and where he thought the scream had came from? The other two exchange students were the offspring of native south African hunter warrior's and as children in their home land had been taught to stalk and follow game by smell only and they had the smell of Sybil's female ambiance especially of her succulent virgin pussy etched into their now savage male brains. As the thrill and lust of the chase, and hunt along with the thought of sexual intercourse with this young white female virgin, had over shadowed any rational thinking.

Just as Sybil started out into the open area the doors of the big auditorium burst open as the play was over and several large groups of people started to leave in different directions. Most of those that were leaving had just watched a realistic play that had accurately portrayed old and young women as slaves, and do to political correctness several of the slave women were not only white, but were dressed in period attire that left little to ones imagination , as it or the lack of it had clearly shown their full figured almost naked female charms!

The buzz among them was, as they left the auditorium, that this was perverse or audacious and not a realistic, or a historical play at all do to fact that white women were being portrayed as slaves, and just as they had decided this fact! Sybil stark ass naked with a metal slave collar and lugging a lead ball and chain that was fastened to her ankle came running past them as best she could, through the crowd! There were gasps of horror and disbelief as many in attendance were the upper crust of social life in the community. With more surprised yelling and the fact that several women had actually fainted from the shocking and unbelievable naked sight of her! She, to them had caused quite spectacle that was shocking an unexpected !.

Many that had watched the play reenactment and were leaving the theater were treated to this most perverse sight. With Sybil naked, in shackles with her beautiful young tits flying and her bare white bottom jiggling as she made her way across the large well lighted walk! Then off through the crowd and into the bushes on the other side. One,...of the women that had heard all of the commotion was, “Amanda Carrington”, who had been one of the women that had portrayed a slave in the play, She still in the theater dressed in almost nothing, had wondered what in the world was going on, out in front of the theater?.

No sooner had this episode settled down and most every one had recovered they were confronted with two very tall naked black men rushing through the crowd this way and that, looking! As they tried to follow and force their way through, even more unbelieving shrieks from the crowd were heard as the smell of very ripe juicy pussy spurred them on! Several elderly white women in attendance that were pillars of society could not believe what they had just witnessed! As these young dark lads bounded about with little regard for their nakedness or that their gigantic hard black cocks were swinging about too and fro and unrestrained! Several of these women were not concerned at all,... as they had not only seen cocks like these before they had, behind closed doors, actually enjoyed the pleasures and abuse that these big hard home wreckers could incur!

Sybil now in the dark once again was running between the trees and into a more secluded area, and was quite a way's down the path when she finally came to a big building, this was where all of the equipment was stored, that maintained the buildings and grounds for most of the park and the college.. There were a number of doors, but most were locked as she made her way along, trying and hoping to find one open where she could hide!...

She knew that several of the male pledges were not far behind as she heard the commotion that they were causing in front of the theater auditorium as they tried to follow her. Finally by luck, she found one of the doors unlocked, she opened it stepped inside and was able to lock the door after her. At first it was very dark and she could see little as her eyes slowly became more accustom, she could see more, there was a long hallway that led to another door that was some distance from where she had entered.

At the end of this hall she turned the knob and slowly started to open the door. This was met with a low growl from a most viscous sounding dog as all she could see were the glowing green eyes of this animal along with his sharp white teeth!... Terrified at first she froze as each looked at each other in a sort of stalemate. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark she could see that he was a gigantic dog part Boxer and part Pit bull with big strong jaws and broad shoulders. Finally she heard a mans voice call the dog, Brutus, Brutus calm down boy its only a girl and she ain't gonna hurt no body nor steel nothin!

The big dog,.. at his command quickly settled down and with a slight whimper and had gone from baring his teeth with a deadly growl to a quiet animal that just eyed her. Sybil naked and holding the lead ball with both hands, still trembling, was not at all sure the big dog would mind? Looking around in the half light she was able to see the man that had given the command, he was old and black, and setting on a mattress against the wall with a brown bag and bottle in his hands..

The old man went on to say girl you scared the bejeesus out of me an old Brutus! He's my best buddy,.. now that I got's him he helps keep the riffraff out of here so they don't break in an steal nuttin no more!

Whats a young thing like you doin out here so late sneaking round? As the old man clicked on a worn out old flashlight and pointed the faint yellow beam at her. He almost jumped straight up, as he could now see she was not only stark ass naked, but was wearing a slave collar an ankle shackle, and holding a ball and chain in her hands! Oh! My! Girl whats happenin whats goin on,.. you in some sort of trouble girl?

The old man was now scared to death and worried about keeping his job,? Going on to say Girlie girl you got's to gets the fucks outta here before you gets ole Tom and Brutus,.. big..big trouble!... Sybil still not sure if the dog who's snoot was only inches from her bare moist pussy now seemed to be eying her with obvious interest?,....and was,... did he,... actually lick his chops! She was still worried the dog would not behave, blurting out that she was a college pledge and that she was just trying to follow the orders of this special sorority in order to become a member. The old man calmed down a little as she continued on with this most bazaar story,.. and that two young black male pledges were chasing her, that she was a virgin and that if they caught her she would literally be fucked!...

Going on to say that this was , the last part of her initiation requirements, and that she desperately wanted very much to be member of this sorority,... and that she would do... anything in order to make it happen? The old man calmer now pointed the flash light back on her breasts and then her pussy and could see it was quite moist almost dripping, as he asked her to turn around showing, off a nice soft round and very naked white ass! Now,... it was quite apparent that Brutus was more than interested as his male attribute started to show some interest!

The two young black Africans had finally found where Sybil was hiding from her smell alone, and were trying to get in the locked door. Sybil was scared to death that they were going to find her and fuck her virgin pussy! Old Tom went on to say,.. anything girl,.. you would do anything so as not to have them boys catch you and fucks you? Sybil not quite sure what to say hesitantly said, yes.... yes that she would do anything!

Old Tom with what seemed to be a twinkle in his eye, hollered at the dog! Brutus boy, come here boy,.. as he got up and grabbed the dogs collar, walked out and down the hall to the locked door that the young men were trying to open. With one hand flipped the lock and at the same time pushing the door open slightly, the first young man on the other side excited, that it finally was unlocked pulled it wide open and started in!. The old man , stepped back and let loose of Brutus collar saying “get em boy”! The young black man who was naked with his big dick sticking out just barely missed Brutus's sharp teeth by inches as the dog took a big chomp into thin air! He let out screaming words in a language that no one could understand but the meaning was quite clear!

This was followed by both of the young men running off in different directions with the dog first after one and then the other in hot pursuit! The old man hollered out at the dog, come on back Brutus come on boy, but only half heartedly as he made his way back to where Sybil was. She, now naked and alone with this old man as he said in a soft almost fatherly caring voice, come here girl. Old Tom produced a lock pick, and in moments had both the slave collar and ankle shackle unlocked and laying on the floor!

Sybil never having been with a man especially a young man was even more unsure about older ones! As she looked closer at him, he had flipped on a lamp next to a mattress that was on the floor and had slowly started to remove his clothes. Sybil just stood there watching and was quite pleasantly surprised as she saw what had once been a very hansom man, who was still quite distinguished with a white well trimmed beard and mustache! As his shirt came off it revealed an old but quite muscular body that was obviously in good shape, and apparently the body of a man that had worked outdoors his entire life!

Next was his pants, followed by his shorts, Sybil with her eyes wide,... was amazed at what she saw? This old man who at first appeared to be old, tired and at least in his late seventies had one of the biggest black dicks she could have ever imagined! As it even limp was most impressive even compared to the young black pledges! It was hanging down between his legs to his knees and appeared to be a flaccid 14” cock with the large head about the size of an apple! At first it seemed to have little interest in responding? He had set down on a rickety old chair and offered his hand to her. She still unsure took it as he pulled her over and down onto his lap.

The feeling for this old man was incredible as memories rushed back,.. as he pulled her to him at first he just hugged her naked young body to his,..she could feel his beard mustache and lips against her back and neck, and his strong arms as if savoring and appreciating what an attractive and appealing young woman she was. He was holding her very tight, but also lovingly as if remembering what it was like to hold a woman like this. Time seemed to stand still as his hands finally went from a loving gentlemanly grasp to a much more forceful one as his big strong hands crossed under her breasts reaching up and encircling them!

This was followed by his fingers carefully at first squeezing them as her big nipples were protruding out from in between his index and middle fingers. The pressure of his hands became quite firm and was almost starting to hurt,.. a sensation she had never experienced before! To him the feeling of her soft tender full 38” breasts was so wonderful to touch, as he continued to squeeze them to their very core! To feel her bare back and her heart beat, against his face and bare chest,.. of a so vibrant young woman, was memorizing almost intoxicating as the old man just sat there!

Sybil had felt a slight bulge from under her backside as he pushed her off, holding her hand and turning her around into a standing position where she was now facing him. He spread her legs and placed his in between hers pulling her down to him. The obvious intent was a kiss, Sybil had experienced over the last several weeks all sorts of sexually erotic and quite stimulating feelings. But none quite like the strange ones that seemed to draw these two most unlikely people under the most unlikely circumstances, Together?

The kiss was so tender, much like a young inexperienced couple that were for the first time traveling down a road of sexual intimacy where neither had gone before? For her this was certainly the case, but for him it had been well over ten years since he had enjoyed the company of another woman and she was not at all like Sybil, much older and one that was almost as experienced as he!

For old Tom,.. Sybil had reawakened his youth and the times as a young man where he had gone from puberty to his first sexual encounter with a naive horny young woman, and with her not realizing that his dick even as a teenager was bigger than any she would ever again experience in her lifetime. The sounds she made as she experienced his oversexed youthful aggressive intercourse, first the pleasurable gasp followed by the scream of painful terror as she begged over and over for him to stop, which he was unable and incapable of doing!

This experience for him, of incredible power and manly prowess over a woman and the experience for both had been quite different, this was the feeling that was starting to return! He, old Tom now at the very end of his ability to please and abuse and she at the very beginning of a trip into perverse sexuality that few women will ever travel. The feeling was quite different, yet much the same as the kiss for both was everything that a male and female could ever want. The heat, passion and intense feelings for one another had became a smoking hot lustful pursuit, with one trying to out do the other and neither gaining the upper hand!

Sybil had placed her hands easily around his neck and he around her waist but one hand had quickly descended to her bare buttock and the other was now probing its way into her dripping young virgin slit! She was so tight that he was able to insert only one and finally two of his long fingers, and this had been with a lot of forceful maneuvering on his part and even more willingly help on hers.

His thumb with his fore finger hooked just inside her pelvic opening had been pushing hard against her her formerly pea sized clitoris but with all of the sexual experiences she had received over the last several weeks and especially today was now hard and swollen,.. to over twice its normal size! The feeling and incredible sensation along with the burning hot deep throat sucking kiss had brought Sybil to the edge of orgasm, and Tom's old black dick that had been dormant and unresponsive for years was beginning to come to life!

It is an amazing thing to watch a horny young woman when really aroused, and Sybil was no exception. As first her nipples, and then her clitoris easily responded by perking right up, much like a tiny penis with a hard on from Toms attention, both were hard and ready! Still kissing and with his hands, one squeezing and pulling her buttock towards him and the other masturbating her over sensitive clit, it only took several more moments for her to respond with an orgasm of incredible proportion!.. One could hear her muffled moaning response coming from the kiss that left her knees week and shuddering with the most wonderful relaxed pleasurable feeling, again something that she thought would have never happened in the heat, and hot pursuit of chase that evening!

Old Tom slowly stood up as Sybil kept her hands around his neck still trembling, his one hand had left her wet folds, and had joined the other and both were now squeezing her bare bottom and pulling her up against him! At the same time,.. in between her legs she could feel his incredible manliness coming to life as it started up and in between her soft inner white thighs! Sybil had been hugging him and as she opened her eyes, on the wall behind her were several large black and white pictures of a man and woman!

At first she paid little attention but something caught her eye? As she looked,.. was “surprised”,... that these pictures were not only of Tom, but the woman was of all people Amanda Carrington! As Sybil looked closer, of the four 8x10 glossy pictures , one was with this woman and Tom both dressed to the nine's. Mrs Carrington was elegantly dressed as a well to do southern bell, and he in equally natty attire, apparently they had attended some sort of social Civil War function as a couple as both were smiling and were hand in hand!

The next photo showed Amanda Carrington stark ass naked with her hands bound tightly behind her back ,wearing a period slave collar and the leash attached to it that was in the hands of a not so old Tom! He was smiling and she had the most outright look of concern on her face? The third photo was of Ms Carrington still naked and on her knees with the large head of his big black cock entirely in her mouth and the most satisfied look of accomplishment on her face!

The last though had two photos split,.. in one, Amanda was on her knees and Tom's enormous black cock was buried in her well stretched cunt almost all the way lacking only an inch or so left of his enormous cock to go, to where if the last inch went forward his pubs and hers would be tightly together! The other half of the picture was of , “Amanda Carringtons face” that had the expression of fright, pain and pleasure all in one? The more one looked at the picture the more one could not decide which of these expressions was the one she was actually experiencing?

The once glossy pictures were faded a bit as Tom appeared to younger perhaps in his fifties and Amanda in her thirties?

Sybil was still wondering about the pictures as Old Tom placed his head next to hers and crushed her young soft 38” breasts against his chest almost to where she was having a difficult time breathing as she felt his enormous cock between her legs and ass cheeks! The feeling again for him was wonderful as he held her tightly and then reluctantly and gradually released his grip and let go holding on to only one of her arms as he pulled her over to the mattress and sat down. His old dick slipped out from between her legs and brushed across her swollen clit as it made its way,.. was now very hard and sticking straight up, well over his formerly flaccid 14 inches!

Sybil was shocked by the feeling it gave her and the size of it fully hard and erect! The look on his face was of indecision? But she was certain that her virginity was about to be lost, and was now more than ever, almost happy to oblige, with this old black man that seemed to love and appreciate her more than anyone ever had! She was ready,or in child like innocence thought so, but was he? The look on his face showed the concern of a father who's young daughter was in love with an older man he did not approve of, and an experienced one that had a reputation for brutally deflowering innocent young daughters like her!

With Sybil still standing, and Tom going on to explain that he was a man that had deflowered numerous young women both black and white and that once they had been used by him as man that possessed a super human cock like his! These women were ruined for “life”, as few other men were able to pleasure and abuse them in the same way he had. The fact that they had at first willingly let him, seemed to make little difference and in retrospect he was remorseful and having second thoughts about doing the same to her!

Sybil not sure what to say and still a very horny young woman who had been involved in numerous wild and crazy sexual encounters not only in recent weeks, but tonight, and now with pictures of old Tom and Amanda still stuck in her brain had blurted out that it looked like she, “Amanda” had no trouble at all in experiencing Toms enormous male attribute, and why wouldn't she again?!

Tom had not thought about her in years, never considering that they would ever get together again as their last sexual tryst had ended badly with him limp and unable to perform shattering his ego and formerly unshakable male confidence. The thought though might be a way to solve his current and most perplexing problem! All that was needed was a quick phone call! Sybil now with genuine care and concern for the old man said call her give it a try, and if not I will do my best to pleasure and help you through this!

Old Tom's fingers were hesitant as he punched in the number that had not been called in years expecting that it would no longer be good, or that it would just ring? He could hear it ring, once, then twice and finally three times expecting no one to answer? But on the fourth ring a female voice answered,... and it was, “Amanda Carrington”! Tom paused for a moment not sure what to say followed by,... Tom,.. this is Tom again a pause,.. on her end as he explained that he needed to see her, and to come where they had enjoyed numerous sexual encounters in the past? He was more surprised than anyone when she said, that she would be right over!

The look on his face was priceless as he hung up the phone. Sybil had now, and quite aggressively, done something she normally did not do, pushed him back onto the mattress laying on top of him for a moment and clamping her thighs around his hard black cock! Hugging him as she squeezed his big cock between her soft white thighs, doing her best to hump him. Kissing him softly as she fantasized about his enormous cock in her,... for several more moments while working her hips up and down quite aggressively as she squeezed. This was followed by finally pushing herself up really high, dragging his hard meat slowly under as it rubbed up and down across her now really wet cunt lips and clit! Then working his big cock head up across her slit clit tummy and finally in between her breasts! She had second thoughts again,.. those of a naive young woman about actually trying to ride him!...

Still on her knees with this incredible chunk of meat in her face, she was fascinated at the size the shape of his cock head, she tried milking it and sucking the precum from the big head like had been done with the young black pledges. Then slowly descended along the lower part of his dick biting and softly sucking the underside of this enormous and now sensitive shaft, where the inner passage of stored up cum would flow when released,... until she was down to his big black balls. Sybil's plan now, was that of an experienced woman as she just wanted to keep him hard and ready by sucking on his big black balls, and not let him relax or soften his interest until this woman , “Amada Carrington” showed up!

Amanda Carrington was more surprised than anyone to get a call from old Tom as she had thought when they had parted ways years ago that they would never get together again? The fact that they had been an item for years may have played a roll, but Tom was like many men in his late 60s that had the unwelcome experience of becoming impotent, and unable to perform in the middle of a meaningful relationship!

Amanda was willing to try anything, but Tom was from the old school and although back then there were several things that could assist and enhance in helping one to achieve an erection. He, Tom had assumed that after having so many women over the years, had just run to the end of his usefulness and had never considered that some sort of enhanced drug might help or be the solution, nor did he believe in instant regeneration out of a pill bottle!

So their intimate lengthy and wonderful sexual relationship had come to an end. But Amanda now,.. with renewed interest and the anticipation of a young school girl on prom night was more than ready to meet him at the place where they had enjoyed each others company so many times before. Amanda was much like Sybil as after meeting Tom had fantasized like her of being a white submissive sex slave to forceful and dominant black men and being sold to numerous black men at charity auctions over the last several years had only added to her submissive appeal to be bout and sold!

She was still back stage at the theater and had heard all the commotion out front when the theater audience were leaving and had wondered what had caused it not knowing that Sybil or two young naked black men had been the cause? But now with a call from Tom to meet him, she was more than excited to do so, and in anticipation had remove her skimpy slave costume, and had slipped on only a coat, making sure to leave in open! Tom had loved for Amanda to greet him naked and she was going to do so for old times sake.

Now dressed in nothing but a coat that was unbuttoned, had made her giddy with the thought of what was going to happen as she made her way out of back of the theater auditorium, and into the bushes that surrounded the big park! Being naked in the park was not a new thing for her as after her and Tom split she had developed a new way of getting off by sneaking out into the bushed and hiding where she could watch young college couples have intimate sex in the woods and took great delight in walking up to them stark ass naked when they were ready to consummate their most intimate sexual relationship by orgasm!

It was great fun and had gotten her willingly fucked several times by oversexed young black college males much to the dismay of their girlfriends! But she had also been raped twice by a gang of young blacks that were not college student's at all, that stalked the big park from time to time looking for young lovers that they could take advantage of and would rape these half naked young coeds! They, would hold the boy down and threaten to hurt him in order to get the girl to cooperate and do what ever they wanted! A tactic that worked every time as many times this relieved the girl of any inhibition and allowed her to do some of the most perverse and nasty sexual acts with numerous men, with little guilt or hesitation!

For Amanda the rape thing was quite appealing as it was the only time she had ever come close to the sexual excitement and satisfaction that she had shared with old Tom, but even this was not as rough or brutal as she had imagined rape would be, plus none were as well endowed as old Tom! This was the memory she had as she made her way through the secluded part of the park towards the maintenance building, to meet her former black lover!

The two young 7' black African pledges were also sneaking through the same secluded part of the park and finding their way back,.. empty handed to their fraternity dorm, both still naked were now only half hard and quite dejected! They had almost caught Sybil only to be confronted by old Tom's mean nasty dog Brutus!

These young men had been confronted in their homeland as youngsters with all sorts of wild animals but had not expected one like Brutus! A half bull dog and pit bull that had such sharp teeth and had chased them all over the park, but were finally able to ditch. They were making their way in the opposite direction, in these same bushes and dark area of the park where Amanda Carrington was headed!

These two South African brothers looked at each other in utter amazement, as both at the same time smelled “pussy”! Ripe ready and well used pussy, and quickly hid in the bushes as there half hard cocks quickly came to life thinking that this night might end much better than they had thought, only moments ago. Both were filled with renewed raging lust and anticipation as they crouched down in the bushes along the sides of this little used path.

Amanda was wet with the thought of Tom's gigantic black cock in her, and was literally dripping with anticipation almost to the point of a glassy eyed orgasm, and had not even considered that others might be in the woods waiting! Let alone two oversexed frustrated and well endowed young men?

Amanda Carrington was an incredible woman that stood a bit over six feet tall, she had been a cheerleader in high school and had entered a local beauty contest while in college. She knew she was a good looking young woman, but had felt she would do little better than this local contest and, was more than pleasantly surprised when she not only won, but went on to represent her state as their beauty queen, in the upcoming “Miss America Pageant”. This is where she had become first runner up!

Now you have to remember this was back in the days when almost every beauty contest was decided by the swim suit competition of the judging was quite sexist, and that having a personality and some sort of talent was of little consideration then. But Amanda had it all even then, and was only beaten out by an equally attractive woman that was rumored to have given several of the beauty pageant judges and officials more than just a smile? Amanda was certainly not above being friendly to the judges but apparently had never been asked!

Amanda when 20 had 38”DD breasts a 24” waist and a round full figured 37”, ass that a modern day Jenifer Lopez ( The Standard to be Judged by) would have died for! The fact that she was incredibly good looking with a smile that led men on, and could have easily been a twin to the dark haired actress Linda Carter, you know the dark haired beauty that had also been a Miss America pageant winner and had gone on to star in the comic book remake of the old “Wonder Woman” series, on that cute adolescent TV show!

Sybil was still on her knees with her bare bottom sticking up in the air was doing her best to keep old Toms interest up by sucking on one of his big balls, and could only get one in her mouth at a time, and was not concerned at all that Amanda had not shown up yet?

Amanda Carrington was probably even better looking than Linda Carter the actress that had played the part of wonder woman, especially as an older woman!
Now at almost 60 yrs of age she had lost little of her youthful charm beauty,or appeal. Her tits were currently full 40” DD.s that sagged little, and her ass was an equal firm 40 inches! She just reeked of perverse sex appeal and was the kind of woman that seemed to have no trouble attracting any man, black or white!

She had married into money, but not on purpose as the man that had the honor of sampling her charms for the first time was a college boy that had a gift of talking women into his bed and only did so for sex! He had done this with the promise of marriage, but at the last minute would always call it off, something he did often using marriage and a big diamond ring as bait. She of course was devastated and had become more careful with the men she dated and later was introduced to a circle of older successful business men and one had been so charming that in a matter of weeks they were engaged and in no time at all were married!

At first it was wonderful, but she had again chosen poorly and did not know her new husband was a womanizer who quickly tired of her and was off perusing younger women, and ones he thought were better looking,.. always seeking different or what were to him more interesting females. She had threatened divorce several times, and he had professed that this affair, followed by numerous others would be the last of his infidelity conquests. But was never able to keep his promises and continued looking for new women.

This was when she met Tom, as he was every thing that her husband was not, plus he was a big black outdoors kind of guy something that to her, was quite sinfully appealing. Tom could not only see her incredible beauty but she just reeked of kinky sex appeal!. Both quickly discovered they were more than a match in bed, and he was the one that introduced her to all sorts of rough kinky sex interracial bondage, and the roll of a sex slave to black men! Which with her beauty and sex drive had easily become hooked on everything to do with it! To the point that Tom could take her anywhere almost naked and place her in the most compromising sexual situations as a slave, and she could not seem to get enough, their relationship was much like a good drug! That once having it, one only wanted more! For well over fifteen years both had more than satisfied each other! The rough wild racy and on the edge sex had been incredible and she missed it!...

Over the last several years Amanda not only played on young couples in the park she was also involved in a number of community events and had been auctioned off as a slave numerous time for charity. She had always commanded as much or more in the way of bids and money as did any of the young attractive women that were also auctioned off at these Civil War charitable slave auctions events! Several times she had done so only for kinky sex at bachelor parties with numerous young men something that made her feel sexy alive and desirable!

This, was the woman who was carefully in the dark making her way along the little used path. It was a warm evening and being a kinky romantic at heart, had taken her coat off so that when she and Tom would meet again after so many years, she thought would help perk and rekindle his interest in her substantially! It was something she had done numerous times in the past and was a tactic that made most men she met especially for the first time instantly hard!

The two young south African students pledges could not believe their luck, as at first they were in awe! As this beautiful older woman now totally naked walked down the path towards them ,..oblivious as to what was about to happen!. They knew exactly what they were going to do. It was much like stalking game in their homeland but the game they were stalking was not to be eaten at least in the traditional way!

Walking along Amanda was just barely aware of footsteps behind her. She was an easy victim as the two young black men were no longer men they had turned into lustful savages!. The footsteps were closer, at first she tried to run, and with tits flying and her big white bottom jiggling obscenely they were on her in only moments, black hands slammed her to the ground! She screamed out as she hit hard and tried to struggle, but threats of her to be quite along with several vicious slaps brutally across her face stunned her! They were young much stronger, and easily prevented her from little more that squirming. She had been raped twice before one time she chose to play a submissive, and begged them not to hurt her, although she could have easily fought them off! The other time she chose to fight them and not make it easy for them as the struggle made the rape all the more perverse tantalizing, and something she had enjoyed immensely.

But this time was different as they held her tight their hands easily explored her naked body and fingers quickly discovered her sopping wet pussy, this discovery needed little more incentive for them to use and abuse her! She still stunned and overcome, was half carried, and then half dragged into a more secluded area of the park. Where she was roughly slammed to the ground again leaving her momentarily helpless and totally unable to resist!

Now hands started to explore her body again. She felt her big naked breasts being squeezed and was surprised that her nipples and especially her clitoris were perked up and quite hard from the rough treatment.. Then her legs by her ankles were forcefully pulled apart. As hands traveled along the full firm shapeliness of her inner thighs!. Reaching the swelling of her pubic mound! Her slit was groped and her clit pulled and pinched so hard it brought tears to her eyes and a painful screech from her lips! They held, and then made her lay there helplessly shuddering and trembling!.

For a moment the hands on her breasts seemed content to just feel them, then one of her naked breasts was grasped, and a mouth at first sucked harder on her nipple, this was met with a moan of appreciation. The mouth released and clamped onto her other breast, and this time was more sadistic as it clamped down viciously!.. She jerked screamed out and tried unsuccessfully to pull away as the nipple was bitten so painfully as teeth cut into the bare tender flesh! After several minutes the mouth and teeth loosened and descended lower and lower as they bit and sucked there way down....

These lips and teeth were now on her slit sucking in her meaty female labia wetness as the tongue lapped at her even more juicy cunt! In only a matter of moments the teeth had found her incredible swollen clitoris and she was all but overcome in the sadistic and euphoric pleasure as the over aggressive biting and stimulating sucking had conspired to give her a most painful, but incredible orgasm, she bucked and shuddered helplessly no longer in control of her body, or facilities leaving her in a most painful and pleasurable daze! As she moaned groaned and whimpered!

When she came to her senses one of her attackers was on his knees above her head and had arched the nape of her neck up and had tilted her head back towards him, this had easily allowed his big black cock to come from above and be placed in her mouth followed by, forcing its way aggressively down and into her throat,,thus making it hard to breathe and gagging her! At almost the same time the sucking and biting quit as his hands had forced her thighs further apart opening and exposing her bitten and abused cunt making it even more sinfully open and vulnerable. She was still trembling with excited spasms from her first incredibly painful orgasm. She was not sure if there were only two of them as her eyes were unable to focus. But now, really did not care as the hands were together wedging their way into her wet slit, stretching her open further than she had been stretched before. She would find out in only moments why she had been opened so wide?

She barely dazed now, with the pain in her head fading . Was aware that someone was on top of her, and finally the feeling of a gigantic cock tearing into her open cunt then hammering deep and pounding into her open helplessness. She had not been fucked like this in years by a hard cock this size especially one that was throbbing brutal and so wanting! It forced her cunt hole open even wider as it slammed in and out!

Her rapist was pushing and slightly scooting her bare bottom along the ground, up against the big hard cock that was in her throat.. This was not how her other rapes had been, and she was not disappointed. They were acting like wild beasts and were only interested in satisfying themselves, and at her expense.. But then, as brothers and without any kind of plan their bodies became stiff as first the big cock in her throat twitched and pulsed several times as it squirted a couple of small anemic squirts followed by its incredible stored up load of cum that flooded out like a faucet of warm water almost smothering her! .At almost the same time the big 12” dick inside her pussy erupted. As she felt it delivering its equally warm load of jizim deep into her womb!

. This is what she felt, and could do nothing, as at one end cum ran from her nostrils and around her lips that were tightly and helplessly stretched around this incredible piece of hard meat! At the other end she could feel the muscles of her body and the one on top tighten, and the groans of satisfaction at his release came forth. Then nothing as his enormous cock slowly pulled out leaving her love tunnel open and gaping the warm meat and cum were slowly replaced by the cool night air in her formerly well stretched pubic hole as she choked and tried to swallow the massive amount of cum!

The combination of warm gooey cum and the perverse wonderful sensation of being so abused and well used left her laying there unable to move as both of these young men had gotten exactly what the had wanted and sullenly pulled out and were now creeping off into the bushes of the park and back towards their frat house! Amanda just laid there as the dull pain and sensation of bruised cheeks her bitten nipples and clitoris along with what had just happened conspired to produce another slow but even more burning orgasm that started from deep in her innermost sensitive sexual nerve endings and erupted as she laid there helplessly unable to do anything but experience and let it happen!

This rough treatment had brought back fond memories of things that old Tom had done to and with her, she was stretched open and sore, still burping up and then trying to swallow, as cum lots of it kept coming up and also was oozing out of her gaping cunt hole that was starting to slowly close from its brutally ,stretched open size!.

Continued in Chapter four

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