Changes in Her

Changes in Her

I recently decided to reach out to my primary care physician to see if there were any medications on the market that he would suggest to give me a boost of vitamins and testosterone to supplement my workouts. He enlisted me in a trial for a new supplement that was in the last phases of development and approval as a muscle and tissue regenerative for victims of accidents that had left them with a loss of muscle from extreme damage. When the supplement was filled and sent to me the literature inside cautioned that this medication was only for male use and advised females to call a 1-800 number if they had accidentally received the wrong version. I thought nothing of it and put the bottle of pills in my medicine cabinet.

Britta and I have been close all of our lives. We grew up together and experienced many of our firsts together. We were each other’s first kiss and first sexual partner. Since we grew up fully trusting each other we would often drift apart to find new partners but we would always find our way back to each other. A few years back we got an apartment together and our old habit of drifting away and back quickly subsided into us having a steady relationship. In our apartment we had our separate rooms and bathrooms, but spent our nights sleeping in my bedroom. In the morning, she would go to her bedroom with it’s own bathroom to get ready and I would have my space to keep my things how I wanted them. Soon after I started taking the supplements and working out harder, I noticed I had an increased libido, which Britta was more than happy to accommodate. She knew about the new medication I was on and had jokingly threatened to start taking it herself to be able to keep up with me. What I didn’t know is that she wasn’t joking.

One morning after taking a shower, Britta came into my bathroom naked.

“Hey, hon, look at this.” She was looking down at her crotch and her clitoris was very enlarged.

She told me that she had been more sensitive lately and had been enjoying it but realized in the shower that her clit had doubled in size. We had no idea why it would be so swollen and she assured me that it was not in the least painful. The examination quickly led to me setting her on the bathroom sink and licking her swollen clit until she climaxed.

As the weeks passed our sex life was as full as ever, but her clitoris continued to grow. After a few weeks it had grown large enough to be visually concerning and she decided to see her gynecologist. Her doctor had no idea what could cause the swelling. She ran some tests and since there was no pain involved she advised Britta to not be overly concerned until the tests came back. After a few weeks all of the tests had come back and there was nothing to be concerned about. By this time, Britta’s clit had grown into what looked like an average sized penis.

Since her clit had grown so large, I was reluctant to go down on Britta and we only had sex doggie style so that I didn’t feel it rubbing against me. Britta would often stroke it while we had sex and on a few occasions I woke up to her rhythmically pressing it into my leg while we slept. Britta had also become more sexually aggressive and wanted sex more than I could supply. I found her masturbating a lot in her bathroom even though we were having sex multiple times a day. I found her in her tub one morning with a pocket-pussy that she had bought me for my birthday. She was full on masturbating like a man. She was a little embarrassed but I assured her that it was no worse than anything I’d done as a teenage boy.

My job called me away for the better part of a week and Britta and I were both concerned about leaving her alone for a week in her sex crazed state. She knew that she could hook up with anyone she wanted without me being jealous but I knew she wouldn’t because of her enlarged clit.

She spent the week texting me all the different ways that she was getting herself off and informed me, jokingly, that the pocket-pussy was now hers and hers alone. She told me that she had a wild night planned for me when I got home.

Britta had created a romantic set up in the apartment when I arrived. She was dressed in her sexiest lingerie and had a light meal ready for us to snack on. She had a few toys on the bedside table and some lube. Despite everything being laid out for a night of sex, something wasn’t right. Britta looked a little angry. She said nothing was wrong when I asked her about it and just said she was really horny. We moved to the bedroom and she got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to me. After a week alone, I quickly buried my face in her ass and started licking her puckered anus. I was careful not to get too close to her huge clit with my face but I did notice that it was at least 7 inches now. Her clit was as large and hard as my cock. She began pulling on it while I ate her ass and she soon climaxed. I went for a drink of water and when I came back, Britta told me to lay down. She had tucked her dong into her lingerie but I could still see the bulge. It was very much a turn off for my girlfriend to have a tool as big as mine.

I laid down as directed and Britta began locking me in handcuffs and securing my feet. I was restrained with my hands straight above my head and my feet straight down. Britta laid down on her belly perpendicular to me on the large bed and thankfully I couldn’t see her cock anymore. All I could see was her gorgeous face and the bulge of her cleavage as she propped up on her elbows. She began kissing and biting and moved up and down my body until I was fully erect and ready to explode. She knew I wouldn’t last long and quickly forced her head down onto my penis and instinctively began swallowing as I erupted in her mouth.

Britta excused herself to the restroom to get a drink of water to “rinse my babies out” of her mouth. She left me restrained and dripping the remains of my orgasm onto my belly. When she came back, she finished cleaning me up, offered me a drink of water and informed me that we were just getting started. Something in her tone concerned me when she said “We’re just getting started.” There was an edge, a domineering snarl to it. She checked the restraints on my hands then checked the ones on my feet.

“You haven’t gone down on me in forever.” she informed me. “That changes tonight.”

She could see the sense of dread wash over me and looked at me with scorn and she unsnapped the crotch of her outfit. The elastic pulled away and her rod stood up and pointed directly at my face. She crawled on the bed and straddled my ankles. She dropped her face and licked my scrotum hard, forcing her tongue and chin painfully between my balls. She moved up and bit my flaccid cock too hard to be enjoyable. Britta began crawling up the bed and I could feel her huge clit drag against my balls and cock as she moved herself into position. When she was eye to eye with me she stopped, I could feel her dong on my belly.

“I hope you’re ready.” she whispered.

“Britta, no. You know that your clit weirds me out. Don’t do this. I’m not kidding.” I told her with authority, though I knew I had none since I was tied down.

Britta knew she had the upper hand and I realized that the angry look that I noticed before was back and stronger.

“RED!” I tried the safe word that we had established, but never used.

“Ha!” she laughed right in my face.

Britta finished crawling up my body, dragging her cock across my chest. She lifted onto the balls of her feet, positioned her pussy above me and planted her crotch directly onto my mouth. Her huge wet clit rested across my nose and left eye. She started grinding her pussy onto my mouth and I felt her deliberately shift her weight forward so that her clit was being crushed against my face. She moved back and forth and I could smell her familiar smell and taste her familiar taste, but the feeling of her body on top of me was completely alien.

“You aren’t going to like this.” she informed me. She pulled her hips back and I could feel her long, hard, wet piston dragging across my face and lining up with my mouth.

“Open your mouth.” she demanded.

I refused.

“Open your fucking mouth!” she demanded again while forcing my chin down with the heel of her hand. She held my mouth open, smiled and spit into my mouth. When I gagged, she forced her newly grown cock into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. She was fucking my mouth and throat with little care for my ability to breathe. When I started to choke, she pulled it out and rubbed it on my face.

“I could get used to this. I hope you can.” she sneered and forced herself back into my mouth.

“I’m going to cum” she told me pressing hard into my throat. She had a handful of my hair pulling my face into her. I could feel the wet warmth of her ass on my chin and could see the sweat building up on her chest. There was a mix of the taste of her sweet pussy lube and sweat in my mouth. I was barely able to breathe as she pushed hard into my throat. Suddenly she pressed down hard and began to shiver. Her sweaty stomach was pressing hard enough against my face that I couldn’t breathe through my nose. Her clit was in my throat and her slippery wet pussy was pressed so hard against my tired chin that my mouth was forced open and sealed against her crotch. Her shivering grew more intense. I tried to push her up enough to get a quick breath of air. I swallowed against her intrusive member trying to get some of the wetness out of my mouth.

“YES, Yes, yes!” she moaned as I fought against her. The sensation of me struggling against her sent her to climax and she began squirting into my mouth. There was nowhere for her juices to go. I could feel her wetness going down my throat, into my sinuses, squirting from between my lips and her lips. She pulled off of me and pulled herself out of me. Her cum dripped onto my face and the tip of her clit was still in my face as I coughed up her pussy juices.

She threw her leg over and got off of me. I was still coughing and she smeared her cum across my face in a lewd attempt to “clean me up”.

“Roll over before you drown.” she ordered me. I rolled on to my stomach still coughing and unable to break free of the restraints.

“I can’t believe you did that to me.” I complained. “What is wrong with you?!?!” I demanded.

I turned to look at her wanting to know what I had done to cause her to be so angry with me that she would do what she just did.

“I’m so horny,” she said, stroking her still hard clit, “nothing I do satisfies the need.” I could see the anger, the lust, in her face as she said this but she wasn’t looking at my face as she spoke. Britta got back on the bed and straddled my thighs. I could feel her still hard member laying on my ass cheeks.

“Oh, you aren’t going to like this, you really aren’t going to like this.” I could hear he saying and she pressed her clit into my ass cheeks. She began dry humping and moaning. I could feel her shaft grinding against my asshole and could feel the pressure beginning to open my anus slightly. Our bodies were so wet with sweat and her cum that there was no friction, just the slippery shaft against me. I started trying to fight against her but she was too strong. She pressed one hand between my shoulder blades and with her other had held her cock in place as she lined it up with my clinched asshole.

She unceremoniously penetrated me without compassion or restraint. I could feel myself tearing as she forced into me. There was not enough sweat on us to make the intrusion bearable. She was enjoying my struggles and objections and they only served to make her fuck me harder. I could feel her hit a dry spot on her cock and pull out and shove back in. She would withdraw and slam into me every time I was too dry to take her. I could feel my asshole stretching and moving with each thrust. All too soon I could feel that she was able to force herself all the way inside me. I could feel my prostrate being pummeled as she pulled most of herself out and shoved back in. My body betrayed me and I reached orgasm from the constant pounding on my prostate. Britta never stopped. She kept pounding away and would occasionally spit into my asshole when the friction was too much for her enjoyment. She pounded inside me until I heard her have another orgasm. She pressed hard onto my ass as she rode the wave of her orgasm. I could feel the head of her clit painfully against one of the turns in my bowels. She could feel it too.

“I think I’ve reached bottom, babe” I heard her chuckle.

“Ugh it hurts. Please stop, please.” I begged hoping she would take some pressure off of my broken colon.

“Mmmm” she moaned and I knew my pleading with her was a mistake. “Beg me to stop.” she whispered and pressed harder into the wall of my colon. She was getting tired but her clit was still has hard as ever. She was laying on me with the full weight of her body on mine and the full length of her enormous clit inside me. She wasn’t pulling out and thrusting into me anymore. She was entertained by the resistance she found deep inside me and was pushing against it and relaxing over and over, slowly, painfully fucking me into submission.

“Beg me to stop.” she whispered. The pain was unbearable.

“Beg me to stop.” she whispered. She kept her rhythm against my colon.

“Beg me to stop.” she whispered.

“Oh fuck, it hurts.”

“Beg me to stop.” she whispered but my complaint made her thrust harder.

“Beg me to stop.” she whispered. Her rock hard clit forced its way past the turn of my bowels and I was greeted with a new pain and she was greeted with a new pleasurable depth to press into.

She kept her shaft in me as deep as possible and kept rocking back and forth in me. Faster and faster until I could feel her start with another wave of shivering and soon felt my ass covered in the warm wetness of her most recent orgasm.

After she caught her breath, she began pulling out of me slowly. I could feel her 7 inch long clitoris starting to soften and slide slowly out of my gaping sore asshole. My anus started to spasm and she took a few half hearted thrusts back into me just for sport. Once she was completely out of me she laid down beside me and I could smell our sweat, her cum and my unwilling cum as it soaked into the bed. She never spoke. She laid there relaxing with her arms and legs draped over me. After a few minutes she got up and headed to the bathroom I could hear her showering and pulling the shower head down to masturbate again. I laid in the wetness of the bed listening while she got herself off with the shower head. When she finished I dreaded what was next for me. I could hear her getting another pill from my medicine cabinet.

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