Back To My Mom

Back To My Mom

I am a 19 year-old boy with pretty legs and long strawberry-blonde hair that is well cared for. I shave and baby oil my legs often because my boyfriend wants them to be ''smooth like a bitch'' when he fucks my boy-pussy. I always wear pink panties and training-bra under my clothing. In my lover's bedroom I'm clad in a short nightgown, nothing underneath, and white feathered slippers. Most men can easily detect that I am a pussy. I love to hear the words, ''Suck my cock.'' I get down on my knees and behave like a good girl.I need to be disciplined on a regular basis. The belt feels good on my bare rear-end. I like to talk like a pussy when I am naked with a man. When my master gives me a command I am eager to obey.

My boyfriend's name is Jamie. He is 28, very rich and I know where my bread is buttered. He buys everything I need with the understanding that he is in charge. When he snaps his fingers my undivided attention is expected.

Jamie is so sweet, not like those other boys with thier cheap liquor and unwashed penises. He serves expensive drinks in the proper crystal and treats me like a lady. I love to be pampered with expensive perfume and satin panties, chocolate candies, shrimp cocktails and cornish hens. I would really like some beer but I have never seen any in this house. A guy with his money should have German brews out the ass! He never orders a pizza either. I should explain to you that he is downright weird at times. I caught him in the dining- room jerking his cock on a Barbie doll. Hell, I've jerked it for Barbie but not in the fuckin' dining room when I could be seen. He also has pictures of little boys. I will admit to you they get me very excited however Jamie 'talks' to the pictures. Saying things like, '' Oh.. let Daddy lick those pretty balls. Daddy is going to buy you a new bicycle if you let him give you a bath in the bedroom.'' Perhaps the sickest event was when I walked into the bedroom and he did not even know I was there. A video of a girl sucking a horse cock. He was whackin' off and it was giddie- up horsey.
Five or six martinis and two or three shots of scotch and I am ready to be seduced. I put on my nightgown and slippers and report to the bedroom. It is time to earn my keep. He is on the bed naked with his legs spread wide. He can be gentile or very mean and rough. I never know what to expect when his manhood stands tall. If he says nothing that means to get started on his balls. Sometimes he 'forgets' to wash. Jamie wants to remind me where I came from. This is one of those days. It hurts when he brings up the past. He has consumed too much brandy and I am scared. Why can't I meet a speed freak or even a girl that doesn't get loaded every fuckin' night of the week? I just want someone to hold me and say nice things. Perhaps tell me I am pretty or smart or I love you or any fuckin' thing even if it's a damn lie it would sound good. I should have been a girl. If I had a pussy I would be real important! Those boys at the park would quit drinking and get jobs if I had a fuck- hole in the front. Who am I kidding? Those worthless basturds jack- off on trees!

''Just pretend you are in an old abandoned car sucking some wino's cock for a bottle of vodka! You were nothing but a trashy little faggot whore that played the role of a cocksucking slut for every homeless drunk in town. How many dicks did you suck?''

I ignored his stupid fuckin' question and continued to suck his dirty balls. I hate it when he acts like an asshole. He knows I did not care about counting those smelly hot dogs. Maybe I might just steal a couple thousand dollars from his safe and go back to the park. At least those boys do not talk while I suck. Occaisonally I think about a girl when I whack-off and it is different. I really like to play with soiled panties from a girl. I like to suck the crotch and bring the dried juices back to life. The smell is so fucking good.

''Answer me bitch,'' he was getting pissed. ''How many pussy sticks did you suck?'' I took one of his precious brandy glasses off the nightstand and smashed it on the floor. I realized that I was drunk and in very serious trouble. I was handcuffed to the headboard facedown, and he removed my nightgown with scissors. He whipped me with his belt from my rear-end all the way down to my ankles. It hurt so bad I saw stars and the pillow was wet with tears. He took red lipstick and wrote ' Dirty Cocksucker ' on my back and 'Bitch ' up the back of one leg. Then he grabbed my ankles and flipped me over, twisting my arms that were cuffed. He preceeded to write on my frontside. Cunt, whore and pussy were written in bright red. Then I got the belt from my nipples to my knees and across my pecker and balls. I moaned like a wounded animal when he whipped my balls. I started imagining he might slice off my balls or even my pecker for that matter! I really did not know him well because it was only two-weeks ago that he picked me up at the park. I was dirty, my clothes were tatered and I had cock-breath. His pick-up line was kind of cute. '' I'll give you a bubble-bath for a blowjob.'' There were no bubbles, only a cold shower and a clean tee-shirt that barely covered my ass. After a hot wet blow-job he agreed to fix the water heater in the guest house.

''You owe me $ 33 for the stemware,'' he mumbled remorsefully.''I am afraid I have punished you too severely and perhaps I have lost you.'' He uncuffed me and knelt by the bed. He bowed his head and begged for my forgiveness. This is what you dream about on a cold night in the park.''Please forgive me baby please,'' he moaned almost as if in agony.''Can you ever forgive me Robbie?''

I said things were going to have to change considerably if he were to have any chance of getting me back. I demanded new carpeting in my guesthouse. Weekly spending allowance and I would be allowed to invite my friends from the park anytime. These were my demands and he agreed whole-heartedly. He even agreed to suck my cock and lick my asshole whenever I wanted and not just when he wanted to. I thought about stealing all of his fuckin' money and moving back to my mom's house because I would be welcome if I had some coin and this asshole would never find me there. I pretended to fall asleep and thought about Mom.

My mommie is real pretty. She is 36 and has very nice legs. They are long and slender. Her short skirts drive me insane. She likes to sit on the couch in very unlady-like positions. She knows I am waiting for instructions so she reminds me that I am the man of the house while Daddy is away on business.

''Oh mommie you're so pretty.Can I pull my pants down and play with my pee-pee?''

''No you may not! You get your fuckin' ass in that bathroom and run my bathwater!''

Mommie is very strict. I am not allowed to have a girlfriend and can only masturbate in front of mommie and only with permission.

I am naked on my knees while I draw her bath. I am fortunate to serve such a beautiful woman. Her pretty blue bathrobe is removed and I fold it carefully. I can smell her cunt and I need to lick it however that is forbidden before the bath. I kissed her dirty pussy before and she slapped my face and made me put my pajamas on and go to bed. I masturbated quietly and was not caught.

''You forgot to put the bath-oil beads in the tub. I guess I will have to do it myself!''
''I'm sorry mommie, please forgive me. It will never happen again,'' I whinned cautiously.
''Good boys lick Mother's rear-end before she bathes.''

''I'm ready to be good,'' I replied.
When my face is buried in her dirty rear-end I am in heaven. I put my tongue in all the way and I am rewarded. She is going to let me drink her hot piss straight from the fountain. It is the best lemonade in town. I drink every drop that mommie provides, careful not to let any spill on the new carpet. I wish for a glass of her hot lemonade. It makes me thirsty just to think of it!
Now comes my favorite part. I get to watch her go poo-poo. She places her left foot on the side of the bathtub and raises her bottom a few inches off of the seat. She skillfully expels her turd very slow and sexy. What a display of control. I wipe her and she stands, then I close the lid and flush. My job is done and now I will clean the kitchen while mommie bathes.
After the dishes are put away mommie is ready to have her pussy eaten. It must be licked and sucked correctly or I will be punished. First I must jack-off in the toilet because an erection might distract me from performming my duties properly. I'm so young she should make me do it two or three times. I think mommie knows that. I kneel down by the stool and gaze up into her eyes. '' Go ahead honey. Show Momma what a big boy you can be when Daddy is gone.'' God she loves me so much. I grab my little pee- pee and pump it real good for her. If I have been a good boy that day she will get on her knees and hold my sack with her right hand and dig her long fingernails into the crack of my ass with the other. It is better than any cock. I love mommie so much. '' I'm gonna squirt my pee- pee mama.'' She says,'' Go ahead my precious doll. Momma is so proud of you.'' My dick juice hardly ever goes into the stool. Instead it winds up on the bottom of the seat, the lid, the tank and the wall or the floor. I know it will be cleaned up later by me. I stand up and she kisses me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth and I suck on it, moaning like a little girl in heat. She takes my hand and leads me to her bed, whispering softly, '' You jacked - off so pretty that you made me cream my panties you sweet little boy.''

She takes off her nightgown and lays down. I get to pull down her undies and remove them, licking the wet spot and it tastes good. I bend down and begin kissing and licking her feet. She really likes me to do that. I suck her toes, pretending that they are little cocks. She looks and feels and smells so nice. Now speading her lovely legs I hear, ''Lick me little boy, lick my sweet cunt. Do what I say. Lick my fuck- hole like a good- boy.'' I place my mouth on her hot wet hairy mound and I begin to tremble. I get goose- bumps and tears appear on my face. ''What is wrong Robbie? Don't you want to do this?'' I love her so much and I need her and she's so hot and her pussy smells so good. I begin to lick and suck and kiss and tongue - fuck the wet slit. I rub my nose in it and blow on it and talk to it. With my lips glued to her hairy pie I wrap my arms and legs around her right leg and I hump her like an animal. Her cunt juice and her scent and the feel of her silky smooth leg is all too much. I am overwhelmed and I shoot my hot prick fluid all over her leg and the bedspread.

''I'm sorry I made a mess mommie. Do you want me to lick it up?''
''No sweetie I like your hot puddles. Come up here and make out with me.'' We kiss passionately and lick and suck each others lips.
''Why was my baby boy crying earlier?''
''Because I love you so much and I'm so glad that you don't allow me to have a girlfriend because I don't want anyone else. I'm so lucky that you allow a worthless person like me to touch you. I'm addicted to you.''

She looked deep into my soul and rolled over on top of me, kissing me like never before and grinding her crotch into mine. Her fingernails dug into my nipples. She bit my tongue hard and the heat from our genitals pressing together made my cock hard again.
Turning around on top of me her face now doing a dance between my legs, I put my mouth on her tight pink anus. Finally I'm soaked in sweat and cunt juice as my balls explode past her pretty lips. We fall asleep on the wet bedspread.

When I woke- up I wasn't with mommie I was back with this fuckin' asshole! I can't stand to look at the cocksucker after what he did to me. I see the lipstick and I get even more pissed. I am getting away from this place today!

'' Would you like a nice blowjob Robbie?''
'' Why don't you go get some good beer and a mushroom pizza and I'll think about it.'' The dumbass opened the top dresser drawer and pulled out an envelope, took some money and put the envelope back.
''I'll be back as soon as I can,'' he mumbled. ''I hope you drive off a fuckin' cliff,'' my brain whispered. I heard the car start and decided I would never get a better chance. I counted the money. Twenty-seven hundred and eighty-five dollars. I dressed in a flash and was long- gone in no time with the dirty red words hidden under my clothes.

Two buses and an airplane and I was back in New Mexico some 5 hours later. Still another bus ride to Lordsburg and I called mommie and talked to her for the first time in 6 months. She said Daddy had left her for a man, imagine that, and she wanted
to be my girlfriend. I told her I needed a bath and she said she would run the water for me. I said I had some dirty words written
on me with lipstick."I'll wash it off for you honey, and I'll never let anyone hurt my sweet little boy again.'' I walked home as fast as I could. It was a special treat when I saw she now had black hair instead of blonde. It made me want to fuck her even more.
When I pulled her underpants down and she had shaved her pubic hair, my pee- pee was as big as the north pole. We sucked and fucked and licked and humped for three or four hours. Her lemonade is still the best. I'm so glad to have my girlfriend again!

I can imagine Jamie patrolling North Hollywood park in a vain attempt to recover his cabbage. As far as I am concerned he can jack-off on Amelia Earhart's statue. God that women is ugly!

I wonder if Daddy sucks the sausage as good as mom and I do. Probably.........

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