Little Piggy 3 - Boys! Nothing but trouble.

Little Piggy 3 - Boys! Nothing but trouble.

Little Piggy 3 - Boys! Nothing but trouble.

Little Piggy woke when she felt her father rustling in the bed and remembered last night. She slid off the bed and headed back to her bedroom quietly. It was very early in the morning so she went to bed and returned to sleeping. She started dreaming about her adventure with her father's dick. The feelings of her body and her father's strong passion.

Her dream drifted to being in her mom's position in the bedroom in the middle of the day. Remembering watching through the crack as her father fed his huge meat to her mom and replacing the images with herself. Feeling his warm body and hearing his breath. She could feel it rushing over her body as she watched herself get fed and eating his dick.

The dream shifted and wandered to different settings. Then to different boys from school and friends of the family. Her uncle stuck in her head for a moment. Imagining that he was grunting away with his own huge penis and she was swallowing a warm juice. Then her dad joined them. She grabbed his dick and pulled it to her open mouth. Then there was another dick and another until they were everywhere and she drifted off.

She woke with a start in the morning. Her father was at her door, 'Don't be late for school. It's Friday and I just put your mother to sleep.' Her mind thought, 'He sure put me to sleep last night. Wow!' She was laying on her back with her hands between her legs. They were sticky and hot, with something crusty around the edges.

She rolled out of bed and stretched. She could feel her stiff neck and jaw. When she reached up to rub them she also noticed her lips were tender. Looking in the mirror she could see she had bruised lips from the forcefully actions of the night before. It made her knees buckle and her little folds became warm and tingly when she thought about it. She decided to wear a pantie liner today. Just in case.

At lunch that day the special was hot dogs and all the girls at her table were playing with them again. Little Piggy took her hot dog and slid it right past her gag reflex. Her eyes got big and one of the other girls gasped. She pulled it back out quickly. The other girl said, 'Did you see that? LP swallowed it.' The other girls laughed and kept playing with their food. Her girl friend asked LP if she could swallow it.

She felt flush and nodded to answer her friend. 'That is so cool.' she said, 'Can you show me?' Little Piggy quickly stuck the hot dog all the way in to her mouth and closed it. Then she looked at her friend, opened her mouth and pulled it back out. Her friend's mouth was open in amazement. The other girl shouted to the others, 'See? She did it again.'

Little did she know but someone else had noticed. Tommy, one of the boys in her school. He was a little older and wiser compared to Little Piggy. Their was even a rumor around the girls that he had the biggest dick in school. He was watching the other girls playing with their dogs when he saw her perform the magic trick for her friends. It made him twitch.

He was already planning something and was heading that way with his lunch tray. He walked the long way around to go by them with the most eyes facing him. He loved showing off. He lowered his tray till it rode right in front of his waist. The hot dog tray was lined up with his zipper making it look like the hot dog was really his. When he walked by it bounced against his hips.

He looked at LP and winked. Then he looked at the rest of the girls and said, 'Get your hot dog here. Hot dog here.' The girls all giggled, some blushed and hid their faces. LP had other thoughts. When she first saw him coming and he winked she recognized him from their classes. She blinked and smiled. He smiled back and then he was gone.

Little Piggy had a strong urge to see his penis. How big was it? What would it feel like? Her curiosity pushed her up and out of her seat. She followed him into a hallway where she caught up to him. 'Hi.' she said meekly. 'Hi.' he replied as he turned to see who she was. Then his interest perked up, 'Oh hi. What are you doing?'

LP looked around and introduced herself and asked his name. After exchanging names she asked where he was going. He said he had work to do in the drawing lab just down the hall. She asked if it was busy or quiet and maybe they could talk. Tommy's interest was peaked. He invited her to come with him and he said it was safe and quiet.

That relaxed Little Piggy and she joined him in the lab. He led her to farthest table and put his food down. LP looked at him and gulped, 'Can I see your Penis?' Tommy smiled, 'You mean my cock? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.' LP lifted her dress real quick giving Tommy a glimpse of her panties. So Tommy pulled his pants away from his waist exposing his briefs.

LP looked around again and lifted her dress. Tommy smiled, 'Pull down you panties.' She squinted at him, 'You start.' So he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. LP smiled and could see the outline of his cock in his underpants. She reached down and slid her panties down exposing her red and tingling little folds. Smiling broader now, Tommy slid his briefs down exposing his half limp rod.

Tommy asked LP if she wanted to touch it. LP was about to answer when there was a jiggle at the door. Tommy pushed her under the high art table and told her to hide. No one was supposed to be in there but him. He didn't have time to raise his pants so he just jumped on the stool and scooted it close to the table. The teacher Mr. Newnen walked in and greeted Tommy who responded in kind.

LP could see Tommy's dick hanging there in front of her face. She could smell his odor. Her adeptness at being quiet made it easy as she slowly reached forward and touched his cock. It jumped as she expected. He fidgeted in the chair and spread his legs. The penis grew with her hand on it. Pushing closer to her face and bigger in her hand.

Tommy twisted again trying to hide his excitement. LP slowly moved forward and sucked the dick right into her mouth. Tommy jumped and stumbled off his chair pulling his cock from her mouth. Mr. Newnen looked up from his desk. Tommy just smiled and nodded. The teacher returned to the work on his desk. Tommy just stood there as LP stuck his cock back in her mouth.

This sent shivers down LP's back and her groin tingled. Tommy pushed against her mouth driving deeper and giving LP some feedback to her attempt. Tommy started to sweat and jerk as LP tried to get him deeper. She swallowed and his growing dick slipped in until her nose and lips rested against his waist. Tommy arched his back and thrust forward. LP made that little snorting sound.

The teacher looked up again but Tommy had his head down. Mr. Newnen scoffed to himself about kids these days then returned to work. LP was enjoying Tommy's ample meat and was starting to rub herself as she built up. Again Tommy arched and thrust against her mouth. LP swallowed again and again. Tommy was squirting quickly into her waiting mouth.

The rustling got Mr Newnen's attention and he rose to his feet to see where Tommy had gotten to. But, Tommy was retrieving his pants and straightening his clothes. When he looked to the front of the classroom, Mr. Newnen was already half way across the room and moving quickly. Tommy climbed back on his stool and tried to play innocent but his teacher wasn't buying it.

When he reached Tommy's desk he looked down and could see LP hiding under the table. 'Tommy! You know you can't have friends in here.' Tommy turned his head down, 'Yes, sir.' 'Come out here right now young lady.' he said in a huff. LP popped out from under the desk, straightened her dress and wiped her chin. Neither of them noticed her panties laying on the floor.

'Tommy,' he said sternly, 'I think you should go for now. I need to discuss how things work around here with your friend.' Tommy tried to protest and take the blame. After all she did just swallow his dick right in the classroom. But, Mr. Newnen couldn't be persuaded otherwise. Tommy whispered to LP that he would catch up to her later.

Mr. Newnen just stared at LP until Tommy was out of the room. Then he reached down and picked up the wayward panties and waved them in front of LP's face. 'Young lady,' he said, 'what was all this about?' LP just looked at the panties, the wet pantie liner holding them stiff like a kite in the wind. She felt her little folds in the cold air wet and tingling. He handed her panties over, 'Please come with me.'

He brought her to his desk, turned to lock the door and sat at his desk. 'Are you going to tell me what you were doing or are you going to show me?' LP looked at him with innocent eyes, 'I just wanted to see what his penis looked like.' 'Oh? What were you doing under his desk?' he asked looking her up and down. 'Maybe you should show me. Crawl under my desk. Give me you panties first.'

Little Piggy now thinking she was gong to see his dick as well. She slipped off her panties and again felt the cool air against her wet hot folds. Then she dropped to her knees and crawled under his desk, turned around and peered out. He took his seat and slid the chair in leaving her little room to move. She went flush and her heart was pounding. 'Now what?' he said.

'Tommy's pants were down.' she said meekly. 'Oh they were, were they?' he said reaching down and loosening his buckle and opening his fly. He stood up and dropped his pants. 'His underwear too.' she said eagerly now. Mr. Newnen dropped his pants revealing his own cock. LP could see it clearly. It was nearly as big as her fathers before it gets big and swollen. He sat back in his chair and slid in as far as it would go pushing LP against the backboard.

'I'm waiting young lady.' he demanded. LP was already twitching and she cupped her tingling little folds. His dick was laying on the seat of the chair between his legs almost reaching to the edge. She slid herself between his legs and he parted them allowing her access. Then she put her chin on the edge of the chair and slid forward to meet the tip. When she flicked it's head with her tongue it jumped and started to grow.

She only had to open her mouth as his man sized rod grew right between her lips and on to her waiting tongue. It was saltier than her dads and smelled a little musty. It kept slowly growing further into her mouth. She sucked it in a little and the teacher jerked forward. 'Get a move on. I have more important things to do.' He said as he lifted her panties to his nose and sniffed.

Little Piggy pushed her self forward and swallowed allowing his cock to move into her throat. She twitched and jerked making him grow even faster. It was sliding down her throat as she pushed ever forward. Her mouth eagerly drawing him deeper in to her mouth and waiting throat. He thrust back making her bump her head on the underside of the desk. This also pushed his head almost to her limit and she shook, her folds dripping. She pulled back and pushed forward making her little snorting sound.

Mr. Newnen rolled his chair back a little so he could see her mouth impaled by his huge man meat. She looked up at him and he glared down at her. 'Don't waist time with me. What are you waiting for?' She went flush and felt her confidence slip. He reached down and grabbing the back of her head, pulled her closer and shoving his big cock to the limit. LP started shaking and jerking. He pulled back and gave it to her again.

Little Piggy was swimming in feelings, her throat filled and her mouth stretched. He pushed again and again. 'You like this don't you?' he asked greedily. She opened her eyes and nodded leaning harder on his thrusting dick and letting her face touch his waist hair. 'That's better isn't it?' he asked as he pulled her head tight against his waist. She shook all over and tried to nod approval as she was pushed deep between his legs.

Mr. Newnen pumped harder until LP could feel his squirting right into her stomach. She twitched with each spurt from his huge meat. 'There now, that wasn't all that bad. But, you've got a lot to learn young lady.' She looked up at him as he let go of her head and pushed his chair back pulling his dick from her mouth. She was breathing heavy and drool ran from her mouth.

'You will serve detention young lady. Everyday next week, after school for an hour. Do you hear me?' he commanded as he let her out, pulled up his pants and handed her back the panties. 'We'll decide your punishment then. Now back to class.' He walked over and unlocked the door. She wobbled as she pulled up her panties and wiped her sticky face and hand on her dress.

As she walked out wiping her mouth and chin she thought to herself, 'First Tommy and then Mr. Newnen. What would dad think?' She wobbled along to class. After last bell she was heading out past the track when she heard Tommy whistle to her. He was waiting with his friend Jack by the bleachers. She made her way through the throng of students until she was closer. Tommy smiled at her and motioned through a small doorway.

She walked into the half lit area under the bleachers. Tommy asked LP if she would like to see his cock again. Jack also asked if she want to see his as well. LP couldn't believe her luck. It was like the dream last night. She smiled and nodded her head. Tommy pointed to a dirty pile of clothes and told her to stand right there.

Tommy dropped his pants and lay down on the clothes telling her to take her panties off and sit straddling his head so he could get a close look at her pussy lips. She recognized this position from seeing her parents. This is how her mother had great access to her dad's dick. Sure enough when she was kneeling down she could easily lay forward and put his cock into her mouth again.

Just as she thought that Tommy lifted his head and licked her little pea which was sticking out of her folds. She jumped and he grabbed her waist forcing her to fall forward and squat down onto his waiting open mouth. His eagerness and style had her mind swimming, her body tingling and jumping. She looked down at his growing cock. She stuck out her tongue and lifted it into her drooling mouth.

They rocked back and forth each sucking the other one as deeply as possible. Tommy squirt quickly again. As his dick started to get limp she felt something brushing her hair. She pulled off of his cock to see Jack kneeling right next to her face with his hard cock in his hand. She turned her head and Jack just stuffed it in.

It was smaller than Tommy's but tasted good just the same. Tommy was shoving his tongue deep into her burning folds. He would lick and poke with his tongue all around her pea and pussy lips and near her pucker. Jack was pushing his dick into her mouth. She eagerly drew him in while she was shaking and jerking all over. Jack started to groan loudly. LP knew he was going to squirt any minute.

Just then they heard Coach Gray's voice. 'Who's in there? What are you kids doing down there?' Jack squirted down her throat and LP drenched Tommy's face with her juices. 'Come out now. You hear me?' Tommy and Jack quickly pulled up their pants. Tommy helped LP to her wobbly legs and handed her panties back to her.

She was just pulling them on when the door swung open and there in the doorway was Mr. Gray, the coach. He was big and burly. With curly black hair and muscles on his muscles. He could see LP stumbling to put on her panties. 'Kids!' he thought to himself. Then he shouted 'Come on. Climb out of there. That's off limits to students.'

As they stepped out into the light he noticed the shiny slime on Tommy and LP's faces. He squinted at them and ordered them to his office. They walked to the office in silence not looking at each other. LP was still a little wobbly and her little pea and folds kept rubbing on her pantie liner maker her jump every few steps.

Coach Gray looked down at the three of them in his office. 'You three should know better than wander around in restricted areas. You could have gotten hurt. You boys should know better.' he said as he paced back and forth in front of them. He wrote detention slips then sent Jack home first. Then handing him a detention slip told Tommy he would speak to him later about this incident and sent him home.

Then coach walked over and locked the door to his office. 'Well what are we going to do with you?' he said turning his back to her and picking up a rolled yoga mat. 'What were you doing under there with them? Can you tell me?' LP just looked up at him and said, 'I just wanted to see their cocks.' He looked at her as if to say, really? 'Maybe you should just show me what you were doing when I found you.'

He unrolled the mat on the floor in front of her. 'Where were you? Show me.' he instructed her, pointing to the mat. She shakily stood up and reaching down slid off her panties. Coach grinned a snide and evil grin. LP saw his smile and her legs folded and she felt her juices dripping down her leg. She was kneeling on the ground when she made a split second decision.

She rolled onto her back and said, 'I was like this and they took turns putting their dicks into my mouth. LP watched intently as Coach Gray dropped his sweatpants exposing his enormous cock. It wasn't even stiff yet and it was much bigger than her dad's. She quivered and squeezed her legs together as he knelt down above her head. His man meat was practically touching her face already.

Her eyes rolled back for a second as she felt the wave of excitement. 'Like this?' he said as he positioned his hanging cock over her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and nodded, letting out a little squeak. He leaned forward and let the tip dangle at the opening of her lips. Sticking her tongue out she tasted the tip of it. She sucked it into her mouth. He leaned forward a little more and it touched the back of her mouth.

She shook and thrust her hands between her legs. 'What else did they do?' he asked pulling his huge hot dog away from her open eager mouth. 'They put their head between my legs,' she shook and lifted her skirt showing Coach her little pea and red folds, 'and licked me.' Coach Gray leaned forward again to put his cock back in her mouth. She felt it filling her mouth as it started growing more.

Then he bent down over her little folds and blew on them making her quiver. She swallowed hard and could feel his rod pushing against the back of her throat. She wiggled her head and tried to move her tongue but there wasn't enough room. He pushed a little further and this time when she swallowed it popped down into her throat. She was jumping and wiggling as she felt it stretch her jaw open.

Coach opened his big mouth and planted it over her entire pussy lips, sucking her into his mouth. She responded by squirting and shaking. He pushed his dick further in and licked her again. LP reached up and grabbing his waist pulled him down on her driving his hot dog nearly all the way down. She watched it disappear into her hungry mouth. ' Oh, you like that do you?'

She tried to nod her head. He pulled out a little and pushed hard. She let go and went weak. He pulled out most of the way and drove it back in. It filled her throat pushing her to shake and jerk uncontrollably. He stuck his tongue deep in her pussy while pushed against her throat. Then pulling out he paused for her to catch her breath.

'Is that what you want?' he asked wiggling his dick in her mouth. 'Um, hmm.' she groaned. Coach took a small push thrusting the head back in to her throat. Then back out and in a little further each time. LP's legs curled up exposing her little pea, folds, and the pucker of her ass as he got deeper and deeper down her throat. He positioned his arms to hold her legs wide open.

He kept thrusting until he was almost touching her face with his waist. LP kept jerking and snorting with his big rod down her throat. Now Coach licked her pucker as he pumped. LP was awash with sensations and had no way of changing what was happening next. She was experiencing so many cocks today. Different sizes and different ways. Coach continued pumping and sticking his hard tongue around and into her pussy and ass pucker.

She was shaking all over when she felt Coach Gray squirt and squirt. Everything went quiet and Coach slowly removed his dick from her throat. He wasn't even breathing hard. LP was breathing hard and trembling but she was also smiling and satisfied. She just lay there. 'This isn't over.' Coach said braking the silence. 'You will serve detention for your actions. Everyday next week, after school. For one hour.'

Little Piggy wobbled to her feet, 'But I already have detention with Mr. Newnen next week.' Coach Gray squinted at her, 'Then I will meet you in Mr. Newnen's office and we will begin your lessons there.' LP put her panties back on. The pantie liner was soaked and cold, but it felt good against her hot burning folds. 'Yes, sir.'

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