Love encounters 2

Love encounters 2

This is the story of a time i was in college ...
it was my final year of colg.. i knew this guy back from school.. he was my junior then...
he was a gud looking guy ...slim figure .. medium height ..
we often used to praise each other saying u are hot .. handsome.. all girls will run after you ..
we used to have fun together ... chatted till late ... shared our collection of porn .. n many other things too..
we were basically good friends ,,, but he called me " bro "
he had gone out state for his college ... he was a management fresher ...
we did not have any physical interaction.. bt at times we used to test each others depth of water

one day he texted me that he would be returning home fr the holidays n told me to go visit him when he does...
i said sure i will..

holidays came .. so did he ..
he called me up .. " hi bro how are u .. "
" m fine man ... wassup ..? "
" m back home bro.. long journey .. but i'm finally back to home sweet home .. "
" wow.. so hows college ? "
" its fine ... gud atmosphere"
" n how are the girls .. got any ? "
" nah bro.. not yet "
" comon now u can tell me "
"i know i can .. n i would if i had 1 .. i always do .. so u are coming tomorrow to meet me right?"
" yeah ... okk i will bro for sure ... "

next day as usual ... i woke up late ... theres nothing better than a good long sleep ..
suddenly i remembered.. i had to visit ricky ... yeah thats his name ..
got ready fast .. n took my bike n reached his home as fast as i could ...

i knocked on the door ... he opened ... " late as usual .. i was about to go take a bathe "
" sorry man .. woke up late "
" yeah yeah i know... come in .. mom n dad have gone to my aunts house .. n i have to go there soon ... n u are coming so late "
" not a problem .. u go take the bath .. we will ride together then.."

we went to his room.. messy room .. well not as much as mine though
i sat on the bed ..
he started to open his shirt ...
" wow strip show for free " i chuckled .. not that i wasnt really interested ...
" yeah yeah " he smiled ..
" can we have some music with the stripping please "
he had already opened his shirt .. n was looking tempting to me...
he slowly came towards me .. sensually opened his belt .. n threw towards me ...
" wow .. hot " i chuckled
he then unbuttoned his jeans .. n came closer to me .. open the zip ...
now i was hesitant .. whats he trying to do .. i thought ...

" what happened .. show over eh ... got scared ? "
" i am scared of nothing " i snapped .. n tried to reach him .. but he took the towel n ran in to the bathroom
" better luck next time" he laughed from inside ...

but i was a bit aroused by this ....
he came out of the bathroom after the bath ... dripping water made him look sexy ...
i called him " ricky just a min wud u come here "
" what ? "
" whats this? " i pointed randomly
" what what ..? "
he came closer to take a look .. i dragged him on to the bed .. n climbed over him ..
" what were u saying .. scared "
he tried to make me topple n get free but he couldnt
" okay okay bro .. i give up "
we laughed n then i let him go...
he sad beside me panting ... after this little brawl.. i lloked at him .. there was somthing in his eyes .. want ...
i put my hand on his upper thighs ... almost near his dick...
he didnt say anything .. i got braver .. n went closer ... then removed one fold of his towel to reveal his right leg ...
his skin felt soft ... i slowly went in .. caressing his thighs gently ... he was erect .. i grabbed his throbbing meat ...
he let out a pleasurous grunt.. n a deep breath ..
i grabbed the base first n then went up.. he was breathing heavily ..
i started stroking him .. he had his eyes closed ..
i did it for a while... then he stopped my hand suddenly n said "not yet ... i wanna see urs ... "
" u will have to work for it dude.. "
" okay " he said .. n nuded me in blink of an eye ... either he was a trained ninja ... or really uncontrollably horny ...
" wow u are big " he said n started stroking me .. i smiled to his comment then slowly lied down .. to enjoy the pleasure
he was exceptionally good at what he was doing " i said i will cum soon "
" wait not yet" he said .. n came on to the bed ... n lied down n turned his ass towards me ...n said " i have always wanted u .. dreamt of doing this ... masturbated thinkg abt u .. how hot n sexy u were ,.. n how sexy u will look nude"
his ass was inviting enough .. these words made me hornier..
i pulled him towards me n put my longing dick in.. it wont go in at first .. " does it hurt ? " i asked
" it wil if u dont fuck me soon " he said ..
i finally got it in ...
" fuck me " he moaned
n i was ready to give him all ...
i fucked him hard .. pused in as much as i could.. my dick never felt this hard before .. n the pleasure was heavenly ...
i was about to cum .. n reached for his dick .. he released as soon as i touched it ... n so did i ...
it was a simultaneous ejaculation ..
i looked into his satisfied eyes .. n lied there together for a while ...

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