What A Surprise

What A Surprise

I had been best friends with Marcus since high school and he had been like a brother to me, he had even made me the best man at his wedding where he had married a beautiful woman by the name of Elise, I never understood why Marcus had married Elise because as sweet and good looking as she is, she could be described as conservative and a prude. Being a prude isn’t the worst thing in the world by a long shot but I could never imagine why Marcus who was notorious for sleeping around would settle down with a woman who would think that being fucked doggy style is kinky, I supported him anyway and became good friends with Elise too.

When Marcus was hit and killed by a drunk driver it broke both Elise and myself, we found comfort in different things with me throwing myself into my work while Elise started drinking heavily, I could understand why she was doing it but I hated seeing her drinking her life away because I knew that Marcus wouldn’t have wanted this. I confronted about her excessive drinking a few months after Marcus’s death but when I did she had broken down in tears and told me that the only person she felt comfortable talking to about everything was me but with me throwing myself into my work I wasn’t around. After talking things out that night we both promised that we would try and change, I would spend less time at work and be there for her while Elise would cut back on her drinking and while it was hard we both stuck to our promises.

“You know I know you think I don’t loosen up but I’m not the one who works all the time and never relaxes.” Elise slurs her words slightly as she pours herself another glass of gin and lemonade.

“Oh, I loosen up just not in the same ways you do.” I say suggestively with a lecherous grin and wink that are all meant to be a joke and actually do make Elise laugh as she playfully swats her hand at me.

“So this isn’t you loosening up?” Elise teases as I crack open a beer and take a long drink from it.

“I’m not sure you could handle me if I was.” I tell her with a joking wink but Elise places her glass down on the kitchen counter before leaning on the counter and giving me a serious look.

“I think you underestimate me Elton.” She says her voice dropping as she leans forward on the counter moving herself closer towards me with.

When Elise leans forward a lot of thoughts rush through my mind ranging from ‘she looks so pretty with her long wavy brown hair and green eyes’ to ‘I wish her T shirt was cut lower’ to ‘I can’t do anything because she is my best friends widow’. I watch almost mesmerised as she slowly licks her lips without breaking eye contact with me as her eyes become hooded and seductive making me think that if she wasn’t my best friends widow I would bend her over this counter and fuck her until she screamed, but the problem is I couldn’t betray Marcus’s memory like that.

“Don’t tease me Elise.” I tell her my voice firm as thoughts of what I would do to her race through my mind.

“Who said I’m teasing.” She says standing up and pushing her chest out towards me slightly, I feel my cock twitch in my trousers as her T shirt tightens slightly showing off her bust that isn’t big but at the same time isn’t small and just the right size to grab a handful.

“You don’t want this, you’re the most vanilla person I know and I don’t do vanilla.” I tell her my voice low and filled with arousal.

“Don’t do my thinking for me. Maybe I want someone to fuck me like an animal and make me feel like a dirty. Little. Slut.” Elise pauses between her last three words to punctuate them, her words make a part of me want to rush around the counter and fuck her until neither of us can move or think but I hold myself back thinking that maybe it is just the drinks speaking.

“You’re drunk, you would regret it.” I snap extremely aware that if she doesn’t stop I might not be able to stop myself.

“For fucks sake, I’m not drunk.” She snaps with the slur in her voice from earlier gone making her sound sober and annoyed, “look.” She adds aggressively making me watch almost transfixed as she surprises me by plunging one of her hands down the front of her trousers.

I watch in an almost trance like fashion as she obviously runs her fingers over her pussy before drawing her fingers back out of her trousers, I can see in the light that her fingers are wet which actually takes me by surprise but not as much as what she does next. Elise slowly walks around the kitchen counter without breaking eye contact with me until she is standing directly in front of me, I break eye contact with her as she raises her hand towards my face and as her finger wet with her juice come into contact with my lips I open my lips and accept her fingers into my mouth. Once her fingers are in my mouth I lick and suck on them trying to devour every last drop of her sweet juices off of her fingers.

After a long moment of sucking Elise’s juices off of her fingers I reach up and pull them out of my mouth with a pop, I then let my hands grip her shoulders and when I do I pull her against me hard and instantly press my lips to hers. I kiss Elise hard making her gasp into my mouth and as she does I let my tongue slip into her mouth and start to explore her mouth, Elise responds a second later with her tongue meeting mine. When she responds I let one of my hands slowly slide from her shoulder to her throat and I lightly grip her throat while I use my other hand to pull her harder against me.

“Are you sure you want this? I’m not going to be any more gentle with you than I would anyone else.” I ask and warn Elise when we break from the kiss to breathe, I leave my hand on her throat though and use my thumb to slowly trace circles across her neck.

“Yes, I want this.” She practically hisses with her voice conveying the amount of arousal she is feeling right now almost as well as the expression on her face does.

I pull her hard against me so every inch of her body is squashed against me and she gasps as she feels my erection press against her stomach, I let her breathe back in after her gasp before pressing my lips against hers and tightening my grip around her throat slightly, not enough to choke her but enough for her to feel the pressure. After kissing her with a hard intensity for a long moment I let my hand trail from her shoulder down to her ass that I run my hand over a couple of times before grabbing it hard making her pull her lips away from mine with a slight squeal of surprise. Elise’s ass is so perfect that I can’t help but massage it as I kiss her again with a hard intensity, it doesn’t take long before I draw my hand away and then bring it crashing back against her ass not hard but hard enough for her to pull back from the kiss with a cry of shock.

“I told you I won’t be gentle.” I growl as I let my hand wander from her throat down to join my other hand on her ass.

“Good.” Elise practically growls back at me before letting out a squeal of surprise and slight pain as I slap her ass with both hands at the same time.

“These need to come off.” I say my voice still coming out as a growl as I almost rip Elise's trousers in my haste to get them off of her.

Elise’s panties are even conservative and not flattering but it doesn’t matter because a split second after I pull off her trousers her panties follow, I had felt her moving while I had been removing her trousers and panties and while I had thought she was just steadying herself I find out I was wrong. I look at Elise standing there to see that her movements had been her removing her T shirt so she is standing there in just her bra, she is blushing and looks embarrassed but I ignore it and instead lean forward kissing her hard again as I circle my arms around her. While kissing Elise I use my hands that are behind her to unhook her bra and then slide it off her shoulders letting it fall to the ground leaving her naked.

“Wow, your body is great.” I tell her actually a little bit surprised because the clothes she wears don’t flatter her and you wouldn’t expect the perky tits, flat stomach and bubble butt that the clothes hide.

“Really?” She asks sounding self conscious and vulnerable, I don’t answer her and instead lower my head sucking one of her already erect nipples into my mouth making her gasp.

Elise’s gasp turns into a moan as I tease her one nipple with my tongue and roll her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger while using my free hand to hold her against me. I keep up my actions for a while savoring the sound of her moans and the slight tremors passing through her body before moving my mouth to her other nipple while moving that hand behind her back to hold her in place as I bring my other hand around to the nipple my mouth had just vacated.

“Elton, fuck me. Now.” Elise growls her voice filled with need and desperation after I tease her nipples for a long few minutes.

“Not yet.” I tell her as I draw back from her and quickly peel off my T shirt then let her reach out and trail her hands over my chest to my trousers where she tries to undo them but I grab her hands forcing them up before growling, “I said not yet, I only got a little taste of you earlier now I want it all.”

Confusion clouds Elise’s face for a moment but then I move forward grabbing her by her ass and lifting her up making her cry out in shock but she is only in the air for a moment because I place her sitting down on top of the kitchen counter. I use my hands to roughly spread her legs, hearing her grunt in discomfort as I force them open wide, I can see the moisture from her arousal dripping onto the counter top and I lose all control burying my face between her legs with a long lick up her pussy. I’m ruthless with my treatment of Elise’s pussy as I devour her juices without a care for whatever pleasure she may feel, only caring about the sweet nectar I’m lapping up, I’m certain that she must be feeling some pleasure though because she is writhing and moaning from my actions.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Elise moans loudly after a few minutes as I feel her legs clamp around my head and her hips buck up hard into my face.

I can feel myself moan as Elise orgasms flooding my mouth with her cum as she holds my head against her pussy with her legs, because she is holding my head against her I decide to carry on but change from licking her pussy to full on fucking her with my tongue. I feel Elise’s legs go limp and hear her moans soften letting me know that she is coming down from her orgasm but less than a minute later her moans increase in volume again as I brutally fuck her pussy with my tongue. I had warned her that I wouldn’t be gentle and I think I have proved that with the fact my fingers are digging into the flesh of her thighs as I hold her legs as far apart as they will go.

Elise orgasms a moment later and instead of just moaning this time she cries out as the orgasm barrels into her, she practically levitates up off of the kitchen counter as I continue to fuck her with my tongue as she orgasms. I move my mouth away from her and watch as her orgasm ravages her body making her convulse and grunt, I enjoy the sight of her extreme orgasm and decide right there that I want to make her cum like that again and again.

“I want you inside me.” Elise gasps looking at me with need when she sits up after recovering from her orgasm, I had already been planning on being inside her soon but I doubt it was the way she wants.

“On your knees then.” I growl watching confusion run across her face for a moment before realisation dawns on her and she slowly slides off of the kitchen counter and down onto her knees in front of me.

“Still want to be treated like a dirty little slut?” I growl the question knowing that if she has changed her mind then we will have to stop here because I won’t be able to hold back if we go any further.

“Yess.” She hisses with her eyes transfixed on the large bulge straining to be set free of my trousers.

“Then remember the only way I will stop is if you tap my leg three times, I won’t stop if you are choking or gagging.” I warn her and then make her repeat what I had told her before carrying on.

I tut as Elise reaches out to remove my trousers, I capture her hands by her slender wrist and hold them above her head using just one of my hands, using my free hand I slowly unzip my trousers and draw them down watching Elise’s eyes as they follow my actions. I hear Elise gasp as my cock springs out of my trousers almost slapping her in the face as it does, her reaction combined with the look of shock and lust on her face urges me forward to press my cock against her lips that quickly opens accepting my hard flesh into her mouth.

“Just relax your throat and breathe through your nose.” I tell her as I push my cock further into her mouth.

Elise looks at me with an expression of fear when I don’t stop pushing my cock further into her mouth even though she is gagging but she doesn’t tap my leg to get me to stop so I keep going. I hold Elise’s head in place as I start to move my cock out of her mouth stopping with the head still inside her before pushing back inside. Elise’s throat closes up as my cock comes into contact with it and I growl at her to open her throat as I continue to push into her until I feel a pop and my cock sinks into her throat but I have to quickly pull out and as I do the contents of Elise’s stomach follows.

“Are you ok to carry on?” I ask a little concerned as I see tears roll down her cheeks as she coughs and wipes vomit from her lips, she looks up at me and slowly nods her head, “like a good slut, maybe now you can take my cock down your throat without throwing up this time.”

My words are harsh and a little bit cruel but I had told her I wouldn’t be gentle and take it easy on her so I’m not but at the same time I don’t want to do anything that will really hurt her or force her into anything, after all I’m dominating not cruel. I use my hands to hold her head in place as I slowly push my cock back into her mouth and then her throat, this time I don’t meet as much resistance and while she gags I don’t have to pull my cock out to let her vomit. I start to slowly thrust in and out of her mouth and throat loving the feel of her warm wet mouth and the vibrations that travel through my cock with her every gag, I slowly start to increase the speed of my thrusts until I’m fucking her throat in a steady rhythm but still unable to fit my whole length down her throat.

“Stand up.” I growl after fucking her throat for a few minutes, Elise slowly gets to her feet and I admire her naked form and the sheen of sweat and saliva that make her breast and upper body glisten, fortunately none of her vomit had gotten on her, only the floor.

“Bend over.” I order not needing to have told her what to do as I roughly spin her around and push her against the kitchen counter with the top half of her body pressed flat against the counter top.

I can tell that Elise knows what is going to happen now as she spreads her legs wide as invitation but I wait a moment as I admire the sheer amount of moisture dripping from her pussy and wonder if this is how wet she usually gets. After a long moment of studying her red, inflamed and dripping pussy I step forward and in one hard thrust bury my entire length deep inside her, she cries out in a mixture of shock, pain and pleasure making me let out a guttural growl of pure animalistic lust.

“Want to be fucked like an animal and treated like a dirty little slut, I’ll give that to you.” I tell her roughly before pulling my cock almost all the way out of her and delivering two hard slap to her ass.

“Argh, fuck.” Elise screams as the pain from the slaps registers and I thrust hard back inside her making her body slide across the counter top as her hips slam into the counter.

“I’m going to fuck you until I break that pretty little cunt of yours.” I snarl as I start to fuck her hard and fast with enough force that her hips slam against the counter and my body slaps against hers with every savage thrust.

The sounds of her screams and cries of pain and pleasure mix with the sounds of my body slapping against hers and her hips hitting the counter, the sounds of our brutal fucking fill the room as I pound her like I hate her. Her screams and cries increase in volume and intensity as I continue to fuck her savagely, her sounds keep rising until she suddenly lets out one loud long scream as I feel her pussy contract around my cock and she cums. I don’t give her any time to recover as I wrap one of my hands into her hair and pull forcing her to arch her back as I continue to slam into her with an animalistic ferocity that quickly has her crying out again in pain and pleasure much to my enjoyment.

Hearing her cry out again spurs me on and I pull harder on her hair as I attempt to thrust harder but after a couple of minutes I stop and pull out of her bringing a groan from her lips at the sudden removal of my cock.

“Wha...” Elise starts to speak a question but cuts herself off with a cry of shock and pain as I snake my free hand underneath her and then use it and my hand still laced in her hair to pull her up to a standing position.

“Come on.” I growl using her hair to drag her out of the kitchen and into the living room where I throw her down onto the sofa.

Elise looks up at me with a scared expression on her face but I don’t care and I hear her groan as I force her legs open as wide as they will go and then push her knees up towards her head. The sight of Elise with her legs spread wide and her knees practically touching her shoulders is massively erotic and I can’t stop myself as I deliver two hard slaps to her pussy making her scream in pain. Elise has barely stopped screaming when I lean forward grabbing her throat hard and pushing my entire length inside her, she tries to move her legs out of their uncomfortable and painful position but I place my free arm across her legs to hold them up near her head.

“Don’t fucking move, take it like the dirty slut you are.” I growl as I start to pound at her pussy making her mouth open in a silent scream.

I pound into Elise as hard and as fast as I can all the while holding her legs in place and choking her harder than I had before. It doesn’t take long before I feel her pussy start to pulsate around my cock and her whole body starts to shake as she orgasms again almost making me cum at the same time. I quickly pull out of Elise and release her legs and throat before grabbing her body and roughly moving her around so that her head is falling backwards off of the sofa.

“Open wide slut.” I growl watching as she instantly responds by opening her mouth wide and looking up at me with fear but also excitement in her eyes.

I push inside her mouth feeling an extra twinge of pleasure when I don’t feel her throat block my cock like she had before even though I still can’t fit my entire length inside her. I don’t start to fuck her throat like I think she expects me to and instead I reach down and wrap my hand around her throat before massaging my cock through her flesh. I pull most of the way out of her mouth to allow her to take a big gulping breathe of air around my cock before plunging back inside her and when I do she once again gags as my cock pushes into her throat sending vibrations through my length and making me try to push deeper into her throat. The vibrations from Elise’s gagging and the way her throat contracts around my cock pushes me over the edge and with a loud guttural growl I cum deep in her throat spraying stream after stream of my cum straight down her throat.

“I think that was the best sex I've ever had.” Elise says a few minutes later as she lies naked on the sofa with her head resting on my lap.

“That was pretty fucking amazing.” I tell her gently brushing a stray lock of hair out of her face as I watch her smile up at me.

“Can we do this again soon?” Elise asks her voice dropping and becoming husky as she practically purrs the question.

“If we do I won’t be as gentle as I was this time.” I warn her part of me wanting to scare her off because I feel guilty because I’ve just savagely fucked the brains out of the wife of my dead best friend.

“That was you being gentle?” She asks sounding a little bit nervous but letting out a soft laugh.

“Yeah, I mean I only made you cum like what four times? Plus I didn’t fuck that tight little ass of yours.” I tell her running a hand down her body and onto her ass.

“So you would do more next time?” She asks looking intrigued and excited by my words.

“Well I’d definitely have to fuck that ass.” I tell her giving her ass a squeeze making her giggle before I continue speaking, “I’d have to bring out the toys and the ropes, I’d make you cum so much that you would beg for me to stop and I’d work on your throat, I want you to be able to take all of my cock until your nose is pressed against my balls.”

I feel Elise shiver and my cock twitches as I imagine her tied up with my cock deep in her throat and a vibrator pressed against her pussy making her orgasm as I fuck her throat. I still feel guilty about the fact that she was married to my best friend who had died a matter of months ago but I also think that Marcus would be ok with it because even though I’m dominating and rough when I fuck someone I’m also caring and protective. I feel a couple of tears escape my eyes as all these thoughts run through my mind but I quickly wipe them away hoping that Elise hadn’t seen them but when she speak I know that she had seen the tears.

“What’s wrong?” She asks her voice soft and sounding concerned as she looks up at me with wide eyes.

“I was just wondering what Marcus would think about all this.” I say truthfully, Elise’s expression darkens momentarily but then she smiles slightly and speaks.

“I think he would be ok with it, yeah you can be rough and a little scary but you’re kind, caring and protective, so I think he would prefer this than me going out to try and find someone else.” She tells me her voice raw with emotion making tears form in both of our eyes even though we are both now smiling.

“I hope so.” I say quietly as I start to run my hand through her hair savouring the feeling of her head on my lap, my cock twitches again as if it doesn’t know about the emotional turmoil in my head and only cares about the head of a beautiful woman pressed against it.

“Preparing for round two?” She asks her voice husky and with a smile on her face that manages to be both dirty and cute at the same time, she also turns her head a little bit and gently rubs her cheek against my cock.

“He doesn’t realise it but I'm exhausted.” I tell her motioning towards my cock that is partially hard again, “you can stay the night though and then in the morning we can pick up where we left off, there’s not much better in the morning than sex.”

“What about waking up to someone sucking your dick?” She asks with that dirty yet cute smile still on her face.

“You were right earlier, I have underestimated you.” I tell her with a low chuckle that seems to make her shiver.

“I told you so.” She says teasingly with a laugh that turns into a gasp as I gently but firmly reposition her so that she is straddling my lap with her body pressed hard against mine before kissing her, I don’t kiss her with the same almost violent intensity as earlier but instead I kiss her soft and gently.

“You have the problem that I won’t underestimate you again.” I warn her before kissing her neck.

“If it leads to more sex like that then I don’t think it’s a problem.” She tells me with a big grin on her face making me laugh before I kiss her again while the thoughts of all the things I’m going to do to her in the future run through my mind.

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