Daddy’s Friends Feel Me Up

Daddy’s Friends Feel Me Up

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Daddy’s Friends Feel Me Up

By the time that I turned thirteen my mother had been gone for three years and Daddy was my whole life. Reluctantly he stepped up and helped me buy my first bra, he told me about periods, and he introduced me to tampons. He even bought me a vibrator, a big silicone dildo, and a butt plug. Then of course he taught me how to give myself a douche and an enema. Daddy also put a good lock on my door so that I could have my privacy if I wanted it. Things were wonderful with just the two of us, then I turned thirteen.

Daddy held three parties for my birthday. On Friday I had six of my closest friends over for a party and a sleepover. Daddy stayed in his bedroom so that we could have our freedom to run around naked if we wished. He wished! However, as we got sleepy and giddy we got braver. Finally, we were all naked and running from room to room jumping on the furniture, crawling under tables, and having a ball. In the process I shoved my nose into Sally’s pussy when she stopped suddenly. Her nose went into Jessica’s pussy. We all laughed but I decided to give Sally’s pussy a lick while I was there. Before I knew it we were all back in my bedroom licking each other’s pussies and kissing. I licked all six girls and they all licked me. I had three orgasms.

The next day Daddy invited the girls to stick around for his party with older men. They giggled at the thought but left for home anyway. I wish that I had.

Six guys Daddy’s age arrived. Each one carried in a twenty-four pack of beer. They were going to get shit faced.

I was trying on my new clothes that the girls had given me the night before. They were sexy summer outfits and quite revealing…just what I had wanted.

I came down in a top that was made from a bandana and some string. About all it did was cover my titties. I had on a very snug pair of shorts too.

Daddy whistled and grabbed me around my waist, pulling me to his chair. His hand went up to my shoulder, down my bare back to land on my firm ass, and give it a little squeeze. The other guys saw what he had done and took turns feeling of my ass. Daddy then ordered me to change into something else and come back down. I changed into an outfit that did little to show my teenage figure. Daddy looked at me in my T-shirt with a bra and my blue jeans. He grabbed me again, pulled me close, and buried his face into my left breast as he fondled my ass again. All six me wiped their noses into my breasts and most of them slipped their hand between my legs from behind too.

As I was changing I realized that they didn’t care what I put on, all they wanted to do was feel me up. Okay! I’ll give them what they want but it’ll cost them.

I put on a sexy baby doll nightie that Mom had left behind when she left. It was pink and I looked really good in pink. I looked in the mirror. I could see my dark nipples right through the fabric. I could see my bare pussy because I couldn’t find the matching panties. They would be see-though anyway so what was the difference. I tied and retied the ribbon a couple of times to get the bow perfect. Then I put on a robe and went downstairs.

I walked into the room and said, “This outfit is going to cost you twenty dollars each.”

One of the guys asked, “What could you show us that would be worth a hundred and forty bucks?”

I opened the robe just enough to almost show them one boob, then I closed it up quickly. In no time at all seven twenty-dollar bills were on the coffee table.

I looked around the room and dropped my robe to the floor.

Daddy said, “Come on over here and give me a hug.”

I looked at him and said, “If you want to feel me up that will cost you another fifty.”

The smart-ass said, “How much is fifty divided by seven?”

I replied, “Fifty each.”

Two of the guys said, “I don’t have fifty.”

I replied, “Sucks to be you.”

I took the money off the table and walked over to Daddy. I held my hand out from a distance. He put fifty dollars in it and then I stepped forward. I knew that what ever I let Daddy do the others would want to do too, and possibly a little more.

Daddy sucked on both of my nipples, he ran his hands over my bare ass, and then he finger fucked my virgin pussy. It was the most exciting thing that I had ever felt. A girl’s tongue feels good don’t get my wrong, but a man’s rough callused finger is so much better. I looked at the clock and let Daddy finger me for three minutes before I pulled away.

I asked, “Who’s next?”

Every hand went up. The men that didn’t have fifty dollars before had gotten loans in the past three minutes.

I just went around the room clockwise taking their money and letting them feel me up for three minutes.

After I pulled the last man’s finger out on my wet pussy I asked, “So what do you want next and how much money have you got?”

They got their money out. It totaled five hundred dollars. Two of the men had just cashed their payroll checks. I already had four hundred and ninety, so I could double that amount.

Then I asked, “What do you want me to do next?”

The guy that put up most of the money said, “We all want to fuck you.”

I replied, “I’m a virgin.”

He said, “You won’t be after tonight.” Then he laughed like a madman.

Daddy said, “Hey! Watch it! That’s my thirteen-year-old daughter. Does jail-bate ring a bell with any of you?”

After a moment the same guy asked, “Can we taste your pussy and you suck our cocks until we cum in your mouth.”

Another guy added, “And for that kind of money you have to swallow too.”

I smiled, took off my nightie, and said, “I need another ten dollars to make it an even thousand.”

Ten dollars was added to the table. I picked it all up and took the money up to my bedroom to hide it. I came back down and said, “I’ve been thinking it over. I have three virgin holes. Instead of seven of you fucking my mouth, what if I let two of you fuck my pussy and one of you slip his cock into my ass?”

Daddy said, “What!”

I then said, “Look I’ve had those sex toys long enough to know that I like rubber cocks up my pussy and ass. I practiced until I could deep throat my silicone dildo, and I broke my own hymen years ago, so there should be no pain.”

The outspoken guy asked, “So why can’t we all fuck you then?”

Daddy had called me jail-bate but it was me that offered three of then to fuck me. I could not think of any reason why not so I replied, “Daddy gets to fuck me first, I want him to get my virginity. Then you guys get to fuck only one of my holes and only once…and don’t think I want six cocks in my ass my first time out. If you want more come by with a hundred dollars and I’ll be yours for an hour any night.”

Smart-ass asked, “So how many of us can butt-fuck you?”

I knew where he was going to put his cock. I asked, “Can one of you guys fuck my mouth, two fuck my ass, and the other four fuck my cunt I’ll make it up to you some other time.”

Daddy said, “Hold on! I think we should all fuck her pussy now, fuck her mouth later, and then we take turns fucking her ass one night at a time.”

Shocked I said, “What a minute Daddy.”

He then added, “The butt-fucks will cost each of us another hundred dollars.”

That made me smile.

The coffee table was removed. Two cushions were taken off the couch and placed on the floor. Then Daddy laid me back on the cushions. The seven men took turns licking my clean pussy before Daddy dirtied it.

I was certainly wet enough when Daddy slipped his cock into me for the first time. He was really excited and came much quicker that he wanted too. In fact they all came much quicker than they wanted too. Each man took his turn shoving his cock into my pussy. I loved every cock that entered me. They all felt great and I came with each of them. Hell, I was going to let them fuck me again but Daddy said, “Okay honey. Go upstairs and take a nice hot bath. Clean that pussy of yours out too. By then we should all be ready for our blowjobs. Remember you have to swallow.”

I just smiled at him as I picked up my nightie and robe and walked up the stairs. I knew that they were all watching me so I twitched my ass a little extra. I knew that they could see their cum dripping down my legs too. By the time I got to the top step I had another orgasm too. The douche was refreshing and the bath was soothing. I had not realized that those seven cocks had caused some wear and tear down there. I was glade that I had not let them go for a second round. I also knew that my jaw would be just as sore by the time I was done. Then I thought about what I could do with a thousand dollars.

Smart-ass was the first cock to ever enter my mouth and he was planning on being the first in my ass too. To make sure he offered me three hundred if he could be the first and the second. He wanted a double shot of my cute ass. I smiled and said, “Be in my bedroom at eight o’clock tomorrow night and bring the money.” Then he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. The other six took their time, unlike when they fucked my pussy. No one was in a hurry to see me finish and go up to my bedroom. Daddy wanted to be last but I think that he was just saving the best for last. He was gentle, his cum tasted great, and there was lots of it too. After everyone had been satisfied I thanked them and went up to my room. I was too exhausted to brush my teeth so I tasted Daddy’s cum all night.

Daddy woke me up in the morning for the family birthday party. Sunday as a nice warm sunny day. I was in my bikini and out lying in the sun when they started arriving. My aunts said hello and then went inside to organize the food table. My uncles checked out my body and a couple of my boy cousins sat close to ogle me. Brenda, one of my girl cousins came out in her bikini and whispered in my ear, “My father wants to fuck you. He is up in your bedroom with the money. I’ll entertain these boys until you come back down.”

I looked at her and I knew she wasn’t kidding. I went in to find Daddy and he said, “Uncle Bill is up in your room. I told him that you would let him fuck your pussy for two hundred dollars. If you want it, go up. I’ll cover for you down here.”

I went up. As I climbed the stairs I started to imagine having Uncle Bill’s cock inside me. Then I wondered why Brenda knew. Maybe she lets him fuck her too. Maybe Daddy has been fucking her. I didn’t have any more time to think about it. I opened my bedroom door, walked in, and locked it behind me. I dropped my bikini to the floor and held out my hand. Uncle Bill gave me the money and pushed me onto the bed. He pulled my legs up around his neck and plunged his cock down into me. I was not quite wet enough and cringed when he entered me, I cringed again when he hit bottom. After that he was a jackhammer. All I was, was his whore. I felt so cheap. He was just using me for his own pleasure and I was not enjoying it at all. Thankfully he was done in just a few minutes and left me there on the bed.

I cleaned up, put my bikini back on, and headed downstairs. Aunt Betty pulled me to one side and asked, “Did my husband get his money’s worth?”

I replied, “I think so. He didn’t last very long.”

She laughed and said, “He never does. Happy birthday.”

I asked, “How come Brenda knew?”

She laughed again and said, “He has to pay both of us too. Otherwise we won’t let him fuck us.”

I asked, “Does Daddy fuck Brenda?”

She just smiled, held me close, and said, “He has a few times but I think you are going to get all of his business from now on. He says that you are the best fuck he has ever had.”

The party went well and I got some nice gifts. Brenda and I let our boy cousins see our tits out behind the garage. The party ended after a few hours and everyone went home.

An hour later I got a call. It was Uncle Tim and he asked me if he could fuck me for two hundred dollars. I told him to come on over. He had called me from our front porch. He said hello to Daddy and then I took him up to my bedroom. My bikini came off again and he undressed. He was in no hurry. He kissed me, he fondled me, and he tickled my clit until I begged him to stop. He licked my pussy and then he entered me slowly. It was nothing like my previous eight fucks, Uncle Tim was a real gentleman and he knew how to treat a lady. I had several orgasms before he finally filled me with his cum. When I looked at my alarm clock an hour had gone by. I only had a half-hour before Smart-ass was coming to butt fuck me. I wanted to tell him no and send him on his way…but I didn’t.

I gave myself an enema and I squirted a lot of K-Y Jelly up my butt. I popped in my butt plug, put on my robe, and went down to wait for him.

Smart-ass was early and ready. He told me that he was going to ream me out so badly that he could shove a corncob in me and it wouldn’t even touch the sides. Yeah, right! I’d seen his cock and it was not the biggest one in the bunch. I figured that I should cringe and groan a little just so he would think that he was hurting me.

We went right up to my room. Without any foreplay at all he pushed me onto my bed, pulled the butt-plug out, and then shoved his cock up my ass. Good thing I lubricated it myself. He thrust into me, he pulled my hair, and he forced me to cry out. Somehow he thought that my crying out was because his cock was hurting me. Oh well! When he came he pushed me over and lay down next to me. He didn’t want to cuddle or feel me up. He wanted me to suck his cock until it was hard enough to enter me again. I knew I was clean in there and I knew that the K-Y had almost no taste so why not. The quicker I got him to cum in my ass for the second time, the quicker I could get rid of him. It took him a little more than an hour to cum in me twice but I didn’t say anything about it.

What a birthday…I had nineteen hundred dollars, lots of gifts, and I had lost all of my virginities. Yes all of them. Aunt Betty paid me two hundred dollars to make out with her too. We kissed, I sucked her nipples, and I licked her clit to two orgasms. She really liked it when I licked her asshole. She said that I was better than Brenda was because I put my heart into it.

That summer I earned a small fortune. Word had spread that money would make me spread my legs. I had steady customers, I had a lot of new customers, and I became very popular. I found out that Brenda was too particular with who she let fuck her and she would send them my way. I wasn’t particular at all as long as they had the money.

When school started up in the fall the girls shunned me, calling me a whore. The boys kept asking me my price. My teachers told me to ignore the other students. Fuck them all, I didn’t need school, I could hire a full time teacher to come to my house. Then again would an education provide me with a better job and more money…probably not.

By the time I turned eighteen, I owned several pieces of real estate all over the city. I turned four of them into whorehouses and had more than twenty girls working for me. Each one was a high school dropout. I took twenty-five percent of their take and I got very good with mathematics. I finished high school and went on to college for a business degree. Actually it was to increase my client base, raise my annual income, and to diversify.

The End
Daddy’s Friends Feel Me Up

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