Best friend's sister IX

Best friend's sister IX

Joe woke up the next morning, Maryse still draped over him, fast asleep. He slowly slipped out of bed, picking up his clothing and slipped into them, before heading out. Returning from the bathroom he found Maryse peeking out from under the covers and stuck her head out further, smiling at him.

“For a moment there I was scared it was your mom or dad.”

He chuckled and moved to the bed where her clothing still lay, picking them up he handed her t-shirt and hot pants to her, leaning in for a kiss. She crinkled her nose and quickly covered her mouth,

“Ohmigod Joe! Eeeuw I still got morning breath and you have just brushed your teeth.”

“Well I have to say morning, its bad manners not to greet.”

She glared at him with her blue eyes, a smile quickly creeping over her lips,

“You sir are going to get your butt kicked.”

She slipped into her hot pants under the covers, sitting up to slip on her t-shirt, then lay back down,

“And who will be kicking my butt hmm?”

She gave him a smirk,

“Me of course, I got these boots that will look perfect kicking your behind.”

Joe chuckled,

“And I will stand still for this?”

“Of course.”

She waggled her eyebrows at him,

“I got my ways and means to get you to do what I want mister.”

He laughed,

“Oh that I already know.”

The door opened and Joe’s mother peeked in,

“Ah, you two are awake, you two better get ready; breakfast is in half an hour. Maryse how late do you have to leave, you will have time for breakfast?”

Maryse sat up, leaning against the headboard,

“We leave at ten, or at least that was the time my father said would give us enough time to get there.”

Joe’s mother nodded and pushed the door open, leaving after she’s done that, Maryse wiggled her nose at Joe and he chuckled,

“I’ll get the shower running.”

He got up, opening his closet to get clean clothes,

“Oh and do bring the covers along.”

He ducked out of the door, a cushion hitting the door behind him. Luckily the bathroom was right next to the washing room, he tried to figure out what he could tell his mother to justify the washing of his bedding as he opened the water for the shower. Just as the shower warmed up enough, Maryse slipped into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She tossed his football jersey onto the dressing table and grinned at him,

“You can get another one, I’m taking this one.”

He raised an eyebrow at her,

“Oh really?”

She nodded,

“Of course, the coach will be sure to give his starting quarter back a jersey.”

Joe blinked,


She shrugged out of her jersey and started to pull off her jeans, she paused, looking up at him,

“You don’t know? With Kevin going out you’re next in line. You think that you’re performance have not been noticed Joe? Even Andy is moving into the first team.”

She pushed her jeans off and straightened up,

“Really, I have no idea how I know all this and you two have no idea.”

Joe was still mildly shocked as he looked at her, this was news to him, he thought that he’d be used in the B side or even the Reserves, never thought about making starting quarterback, he didn’t believe himself to be that good at all and now Maryse told him differently. Her smile was warm when she stepped closer, her arms slid around him and he looked down into her blue eyes,

“Come on Joe, you guys have worked hard for this, now give me a kiss and get into that shower I am not going to miss breakfast.”

He returned her smile and leaned in, her lips soft and supple under his as they shared a long, yet gentle kiss. She stepped back and slipped off her t-shirt, he started to strip out of his clothing as well and joined Maryse in the shower, pulling the sliding door shut behind them. Maryse used the water to wet her hair and looked back over her shoulder at Joe,

“Well Joe? Are you just going to stand there staring at my ass or wash my back?”

Joe gave her a grin,

“Hmm I’m not sure which one of those two prospects sounds the best.”

She chuckled and Joe reached passed her to slip his loofah from the hook, picked up the shower gel and squeezed a generous amount onto the loofah. He found that she was looking at him, not saying a word, but he saw her eyes follow his every move. She smiled up at him, pulling her wet hair away from her back and he started washing her back, starting at her shoulders and moving lower. He had seen her naked on numerous occasions, he had seen her half-dressed much more, but still she seemed to be the most perfect woman he could ever imagine and for now she was sharing a shower with him.

Her soft hand on his startled him out of his thoughts, she slipped the loofah from his hand and went on to wash herself, he reached up to get the shampoo and washed his hair as Maryse finished up. She turned and started washing his upper body, looking up at him, her smile soft as she traced the muscles on his chest after she had ran the loofah over them, leaving soap suds behind. They stared at each other for a short while as one hand washed and the other seemed to trace the curves of his body almost like a Braille reader, trying to memorise a book.

Joe could feel his cock rising as Maryse’s hands drew closer to his groin, she ran the loofah around his cock, lathering up his balls and then finally his cock. She looked up at him with that naughty little smile he came to know so well, suddenly she turned around again, hooking the loofah onto it’s hook. She flicked her wet hair back and seemed to wait, Joe figured out in a shorter time than he would have thought possible since his cock was still throbbing from the teasing touch she had given it.

He picked up the shampoo and squeezed it onto her hair, starting first at her scalp and then moving further down, just like she had shown him. She rinsed her hair when he was done, turning back to face him and pulled him down for a kiss, the water cascaded down between them as their tongues wrestled with each other. She broke the kiss, giving him that naughty smile again as she sunk down to her knees, one hand cupped his balls as the other rested on his lower back. He could feel her tongue slowly run over the length of his shaft, flicking over the tip and then start at the base again.

After what felt like ages of having Maryse’s tongue tracing his cock with thorough licks of her tongue, he felt her warm mouth engulfing the tip of his cock, she slid his shaft into her mouth and only with a slight hesitation down her throat, he could feel her throat contracting around his shaft, her tongue and cheeks working around him and then she slowly drew back. Her breath was hot on the wetness of his shaft as she set into a steady rhythm, sucking on his cock as she moved her mouth over it, her tongue pressing the throbbing shaft against the roof of her mouth. Her fingers slowly and gently squeezed his scrotum, pulling lightly and squeezed again, he rested his hands on her wet hair, looking down at her as she glanced up at him in between every deep throat action.

He could feel his orgasm building up as she expertly sucked his cock, slipping him every so often down her throat, using her throat muscles to massage his shaft, before pulling back and sucking again, using her tongue to rub and tease him. He knew that she could feel the swelling of his cock, the small jerking of his hips as the slight tingle at the base of his cock grew. He tried to force it back, to hold on just for a little more, but Maryse was ardent in getting him off, the pace of her movements over his cock and the power of her sucking increased as she looked up at him, her lovely, pink lips stretching around the shaft of his cock.

Of course Maryse won the little battle of wills, the eruption felt like a stick of dynamite going off, Joe screwed close his eyes as the wave of pleasure crashed over him, his fingers gripping Maryse’s hair. She pulled him into her mouth, sucking on his jerking cock, greedily swallowing his cum, holding onto his lower back as her hand gently massaged his scrotum. All too soon it ended, Joe felt like he was floating and he loosened his hold on Maryse’s hair, his cock still twitching as Maryse sucked on it, her tongue roving over the tip to make sure she got it all. As his cock started to grow flaccid, Maryse got to her feet. She gave him a grin and he could see how she could be naughty and angelic at the same time,

“And that is how dirty boys get clean.”

He laughed at her remark and while she closed the water, he opened the door and stepped out, grabbing a towel, he handed it to her as she stepped out and picked up the other one for himself. They dried off and got dressed, Joe watched her as she moved and with a pang realized that today was the last time he’ll see her for almost four months. It was not a pleasant thought and he understood now why she didn’t want to think about it, he sat down on the toilet’s lid and watched as she dried her hair. She looked perfect, her long smooth legs, firm buttocks hugged by her hot pants, her supple back, firm stomach, firm breasts, defined arms, she glanced at him in the mirror and gave him a smile,

“Enjoying the view Mr Anders?”

Joe nodded,

“Very much.”

She finished with her hair, slipped into her t-shirt and jersey, followed by her jeans, socks and boots, then she slipped Joe’s jersey on, pulling her hair out to fall loose over her back. She looked down at herself, twisting first to the left, raising her foot as if to flex her calf and then twisted to the right,

“I think I look alright.”

Joe chuckled,

“You look great and you know it…say…isn’t that the second jersey of mine?”

She grinned,

“Oh you finally realized?”

Joe remembered her carrying a football jersey that first evening that she cornered him and basically coerced him into having sex with her. Seeing her in his jersey suddenly made him realize that she had worn an old jersey of his, one that was stowed away in his duffle bag, he thought it was lost and never thought about it again.

“Yeah…but how?”

She scoffed,

“When you’re over, you leave your stuff lying all over the house, so it wasn’t difficult to get it.”

She looked wistfully at him

“I can’t believe that even back then I seemed to like you more than Andy’s other friends, now that I think about it, I went to bed wearing that jersey a lot of time because it smelled of you. I always thought it’s because it was so comfortable.”

She smiled and went over to straddle him, she leaned in for a kiss that lasted for a while, when she pulled back, she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him again, whispering softly against his lips,

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

He kissed her a third time,

“I know, I will miss you just as much.”

She sighed and finally got off of him, grabbing his toothbrush, she started to brush her teeth as she looked at him in the mirror, giving him a slight smile before she finished up. They left the bathroom and headed downstairs where the smell of eggs, bacon and fried onions filled the air, Maryse leading seemingly led more by her nose than anything else. They found his parents in the kitchen, his father was making toast and his mother did the whole sausage, bacon, egg pans with her usual gusto. After greetings, Joe headed for the fridge, getting out a carton of orange juice and poured two glasses. Coffee came with the meal and it was very rare that it was drunk beforehand, Maryse knew this and accepted the juice gladly. As the two sat down his mother looked over at him,

“I heard the washing machine start up.”

Before Joe could even try and make an excuse Maryse piped up,

“I spilled some juice on his bedding last night and I really didn’t want to leave unless I knew it was clean. Don’t want to leave Joe in a sticky situation when he should be sleeping.”

His parents looked at each other with what Joe could only describe as amazement and of course acceptance, that explanation placed Maryse firmly in their good graces, not to mention the fact that she had slept over and was clothed whenever they saw her. Joe knew that made even a better impression on his parents, he could see that they were quite…uncomfortable with the whole idea of him dating her, but it grew into a steady conviction that the stories about Maryse were just stories. Of course if they only knew…Joe’s mind cringed at that thought, they would most possibly kill him and that was only the least of his worries.

Breakfast was served a few moments later and silence ensued as the meal was tugged in to, conversation mostly went about college and school and Joe could see that it reminded Maryse of the little time they had together. The coffee lasted longer than the food, Joe and Maryse set about fixing that as the rest of the dishes got placed into the dishwasher and his parents drifted off towards the living room. As she held his hand with a cup of coffee in the other, Maryse stared at him for a few moments in silence and then suddenly grinned,


She shook her head slightly,

“Who would ever have thought that I would get the best boyfriend ever, just because I was horny?”

Joe chuckled and took a sip of his coffee,

“Nobody most probably, I’m still a bit in shocked denial.”

He laughed at the warning glare she gave him, she realized that he was joking and she smiled at him,

“I have to get home, I know there’s some time left, but I still need to pack a few things.”

Joe nodded,

“I’ll walk you home, we need the fresh air.”

She held up a finger,


She quickly hopped from the chair and hurried upstairs, Joe was surprised that she actually wanted to do it, he realized that he haven’t thought that she did want to finish the washing, just gave an excuse to save his hide. He was still thinking of following her, when he heard her come back down the stairs, she came to sit next to him and smiled.

“Well that should be done in a few minutes, now you can take me home, you’re a big boy, you can do your own bed.”

He chuckled and drained his cup,

“That I am and that I can do.”

She finished her coffee and they went to the living room, where she turned down offers to take her home and said her farewells. They walked back, hands clasped tightly as she hooked in with him. She was her old cheery self, pointing out spots of light, reflections, shadows and birds. Joe was glad that she was like this, it made sense for him that their last hour or so together to be filled with good memories and not sad ones.

As they got home, Joe found himself whisked off towards the den, with Maryse getting kidnapped by her mother. Andy plopped down on an armchair and stretched out, he gave Joe a grin and motioned to the table where a carafe stood with water and a jug of coffee.

“Mom said that should keep us occupied long enough to stay out Maryse’s way while she finishes packing.”

Joe chuckled and sat down,

“Well it seems like everything is running just dandy.”

Andy used the remote to switch on the television, the Halo logo was waiting, he looked at Joe and wiggled his eyebrows, making Joe laugh,

“Alright alright O’Hanigan, let’s get some shooting done.”

By the time Maryse made her way down to the den, the water and coffee was finished, Joe was draped sideways over an armchair and Andy was seated flat on the floor, chewing on chips he had liberated from the kitchen. She stood and watched the two for a while and then walked in, taking a seat on the sofa,

“Hey Reese”

She leaned forward to look at Joe who was seemingly nailed to the screen,

“And how did you know it was me?”

He grinned and glanced at her,

“Easy, I saw your reflection, only two people in this house with blonde hair and I’m already sitting down.”

She smiled and sat back, watching him as he played, she had to admit she had her misgivings about leaving, not that she didn’t trust him, she trusted him completely, thing was…she didn’t trust the other girls at school. Of course she said nothing, could Joe really trust the college guys? She smirked slightly and leaned back into the sofa, the game would usually bore her, but for some reason she found herself slightly intrigued by it and that led to her asking questions, Andy hated the interruption, but left the answering to Joe as Joe seemed not to mind answering Maryse at all. Joe only realized the time when he glanced at the wall clock, there was almost no time left before Maryse were to leave. He paused and when Andy turned to glare at him, he grinned and tossed him the controller,

“Hey when a man’s gotta kiss his girlfriend goodbye, he better start early.”

Andy sighed and placed the controllers down,

“I’ll get us some snacks and cooldrink, give you all the time you need.”

Maryse watched Andy as he left and gave Joe a grin,

“Well, seems like the break-up actually did him some good.”

Joe chuckled and swivelled in the seat, only to find Maryse perched on his lap the moment his legs swung around. She preened proudly,

“Oh look at me ma, I got me a nice new perch.”

He laughed and playfully prodded her sides, making her squirm and giggle. He placed his arms around her and looked up at her and she smiled down at him,

“Now you better behave mister and you better not get hurt.”

He arched his eyebrows, trying his best to look surprised,

“Behave? I’m the accentuation of innocence.”

She scoffed playfully and kissed him, he returned the gentle kiss, holding her close to him. Her hands rested on his cheeks, slowly moving up the sides of his head and through his hair as his hands slowly moved over her back. The kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity, when she finally pulled away, Joe could see a faint glitter in her eyes and he knew that she missed him already. He hugged her close, holding her tightly as she rested her head on his shoulder, nuzzling up to his neck. Her breath warm in his neck, her arms wrapped around him, they sat like this for a while as he took in the smell of her, feeling her body flush against his own. She moved slightly and their lips met again, this soft and gently kiss lasted until Andy came down the stairs, effectively breaking up the kiss.

“Mom says it’s time you get on the road.”

With a soft sigh, Maryse slipped from Joe’s lap and stood up, Joe glanced at his watch and he was quite caught unawares at how much time has passed. It never felt like it. He got to his feet and Maryse hooked in with him and took his hand, holding it tightly as they walked up the stairs, she rested her head against his shoulder, a slight tremble went through her body as they stepped outside and noticed her father’s Lincoln standing at the ready. Joe gave her hand a slight squeeze and she looked up at him, giving him a slight smile. Andy came closer and produced a pen, it had feathers on the one end and a bobbing smiley face on a spring.

“Here’s a little gift for you sis.”

Maryse laughed and took the pen, poking the smiley face, making it bob around,

“Aaaw thank you little brother, come here.”

She wrapped Andy in a hug and gave him a huge, sloppy kiss on the cheek, Andy struggled and she finally let him go, he immediately started to wipe his cheek,

“Eeeuw Reese!”

She grinned at him and then turned to Joe, Joe to his defence held up a flash drive,

“I bring the magic of movies on a mobile platform.”

She smiled and took the USB stick from him, wrapping her arms around him as he hugged her to him, she tilted her head up for a kiss and of course he happily obliged. The soft kiss lasted for a while, until her father cleared his throat,

“Get a room you two.”

Maryse broke away and gave her father a glare, but he just smiled innocently at them. She looked back at Joe and sniffed, then gave him a quick kiss, opened her mouth to say something, nothing came out and then gave him another tight hug, before she fled to the car. Andy said goodbye to his parents as did Joe and they drove off, Maryse giving him a forlorn wave and Joe could see tears on her cheeks. It felt like his heart left with her…but he was pretty sure that was how it was supposed to feel right? He swallowed as he watched the car turn a corner and then he jumped when Andy poked his side,

“Come along, I have just the thing to keep your mind off of things.”

Joe blinked and followed Andy, for some reason he was not very sure about how or what he felt, but he wasn’t enjoying this at all. At least Andy seemed to understand this as he tried his best to distract Joe, his jokes and ultimately his gentle reprimand while they played game and Joe missed quite a lot of points. Joe chuckled at this and set his mind to helping Andy play and despite himself he found that he enjoyed it more and more, hot chocolate, cookies and chips lightened the mood even more and while it was not gone from his mind, Joe did feel better after a while.

They took a break after a few hours and Andy fixed them more hot chocolate, Joe followed him to the kitchen and they chatted about football and the past season. Andy handed Joe the cup with steaming liquid and then got out another packet of ginger cookies, Joe held up a hand,

“Whoa whoa I had enough of those already.”

Andy grinned at him,

“These are for me.”

Joe chuckled and just shook his head, Andy reached for his cup and snapped his fingers before he picked up his cup,

“Did you hear whose back?”

Joe shook his head,

“Grace Levi…”

Joe frowned,

“Who’s that?”

Andy almost dropped his packet of cookies,

“You really can’t remember her? That redhead chick that went so gaga over you back in seventh grade.”

Joe suddenly remembered her, back then it was very annoying, he hardly noticed girls and this one was way into him. From what he could remember she was quite a looker even for a seventh grader, red hair, cornflower blue eyes, tall and she was starting to fill out in all the right places. Her family moved during July and he hasn’t heard from any of them again, well until now.

“And that is important why?”

Andy shrugged,

“Dunno, just remembered it now.”

Joe laughed and shook his head as the two of them walked back to the den, the titbit almost forgotten. It only returned to him later, when he was in bed, looking at the shadows on his ceiling, wondering what Maryse was up to and what brought Grace Levi back to town. The last few days was spend between training and hanging out with Andy, every now and then Maryse sent him text messages, but the conversations never lasted long. First day of school was the usual madhouse, new teachers, new classrooms and new books, luckily Joe and Andy took the same classes, so they ended up together in most of the classes. During break, Joe was sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for Andy to join him, the table was empty for now, but he was sure that once the football guys came in the table would fill up quickly. A figure sat down next to him and he turned to joke with Andy that it took much quicker than he thought, instead he found himself looking into a pair of cornflower blue eyes, lined with heavy mascara.

“Hello Joe”

Joe blinked and leaned back, black hair framed the frail face, a thin nose ended above full lips coloured with black lipstick, snakebite piercings broke the black with the glitter of silver and around her neck was several thongs, which disappeared beneath her black t-shirt. She stared intently at him, almost like daring or trying to force him to say something, it was obvious who she was though.

“Hi Grace”

Her teeth flashed white between her dark lips,

“Glad you remember me, here.”

She placed a square of photo paper next to his plate and got up, he finally realized that she wore a Rob Zombie t-shirt, along with black jeans and thick heeled, knee boots. The boots had silver skulls on the buckles and silver toe caps, Grace flicked her head and Joe noticed for the first time that her hair was much longer than he had first thought. Then she stalked off towards the Goth group, he looked after her, frowning, then he picked up the paper and turned it over.

It was a very clear photo of him…a photo of him and Maryse in his room, having sex. He blinked at the photo and turned it over again, there were no words, but he was very much certain that no words was needed, the person who held a photo like this could practically do anything they wanted. He turned and looked at Grace, she was staring at him with a level of intensity which should have scared him, a grin spread over her face and she gave him a little wiggle of her fingers. He turned back to face the table and slipped the photo into his pocket…he was so fucked.

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