Highschool exploration chapter 4. Finally the party_(0)

Highschool exploration chapter 4. Finally the party_(0)

Thank you for reading my story. This is a true story as I remember it. This story may not be for Everyone.

The phone rang around noon, it was Cindy.
Why aren't you in school today? You better not be thinking of skipping out on us tonight.
What? No, I'll be there. I just…
She cut me off. You better be here for afternoon class!
I don't…
She hung up on me.
Oh great, now she's mad again.
I tried calling her back three times but she didn't answer.
I laid there for a while thinking. Oh ya I gotta get ready for the party tonight. I was excited.
I got showered and dried off. Then I put my bra, panties and garter belt with stockings on. All in hot bright pink. Next I pulled my mini dresses over my head. I went to my sister's room and borrowed her makeup.
I applied my makeup and styled my hair. I put a little mask in my purse. It was attached to a pair of glasses. I was ready.
Sometime around four o'clock I called Cindy to get the address to the party.
About seven o'clock I snuck out my window and headed for the party. Jim's house was about seven or eight blocks away. I was scared someone would see me and tell my mom, then again it was close to Halloween being the 26th. I got about three blocks from home when a car went by then stopped and backed up. It was the librarian mr. Edwards from school.
Excuse me but do you need a ride young lady he asked.
No thanks, I'm almost there.
Are you sure, it's a bit cold out and you don't look like you're dressed very well.
Thanks. I'll be fine I said and I continued to walk.
He drove off.
I fooled him I thought to myself. This made me feel great.
Just before I got there I put my glasses mask on.
I walked up to the open door, looking in to see the place was packed. Loud music and loud teen everywhere.
Everyone had a costume on with masks. It was easy to tell who some people were but some I couldn't tell.
Jim walked right up to me and said I know your Britney, then laughed and walked away.
I fooled him. Haha I said out loud.
Just then I saw Cindy walking towards me. What did he say to you? Did he guess who you are?
No, he thought I was Britney I told her.
Good. You are not to tell anyone who you are, got it?
Ya, I guess so.
I mean it Todd. No one.
Ok, but why?
I got plans for you tonight. Keep a low profile, got it.
She wondered off and disappeared into the crowd.
After a couple drinks I needed to take a leak so I went upstairs. The first door I opened I saw a couple people making out so I closed it and tried the next one. Same thing except there were five people in this room. Sorry I said and closed that one to.
I went to the door at the end of the hall and opened it to see a couple guys from the football team, one guy was giving the other one head. I wanted to go in but I didn't. I just closed the door and headed downstairs to the basement.
The first door I opened there was a couple girls making out. Sorry I said and left. I finally found a bathroom and closed the door. I pulled my panties down and sat down to pee.
Suddenly the door opens and there's a guy standing there.
Holy shit is that a cock cage he asks as he closes and locks the door behind himself.
Why yes it is I say.
He walks right up to me, unzips his pants and his cock falls out in front of me.
I just opened my mouth and he pushed it in my mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my mouth fast and hard. He cummed in less than a minute, puts it back in his pants and said stay here. Then he left.
I finally started to pee in the toilet when the door flung open again and in walked another guy. Oh wow he said as he closes the door and slips his cock out the open zipper. I opened my mouth again and he did the same thing. His cock was bigger and I gagged on him a bit. This seems to have aroused him as he fucked harder then cummed down my throat.
Thanks he said and he left.
I had just gotten off the toilet and another guy walks in.
Hey I hear your giving blowjob's. I turn around and slip to my knees. I unzip his jeans and reach into find his cock. I didn't have to search to much. Oh wow he's big.
I pull his snake out and tell him to lock the door. I studied it for a moment and then licked the pink tip of his black cock.
Mmmmmm he tastes so good I think to myself, he's got to be a good seven or eight inches and he's not hard yet.
Come-on bitch quite studying it and get to work he says.
I open wide and he shoved it in till he hits the back of my mouth. He grabs my head and forces his beautiful cock down my throat.
I start to breathe out of my nose and let him throat fuck me as I look up to his eyes. He's getting bigger in my throat, stretching my opening wider than I've ever been stretched before. I heard a knock on the door and my friend opened it and in came another guy. He took a leak as he watched me get my mouth fucked.
Fuck that looks good bro. You think I can have a try when you're done he asks.
Sure I'm almost done, she's not my bitch. Wish she was. Fuck she's got a deep throat he says. A moment later and he cummed directly into my stomach. He pulled out slowly as I sucked him clean and dry. Thanks baby girl, that was great and he left closing the door. I stayed on my knees and smiled as I said, next!!
He stepped up and took his place slipping his smaller cock in my mouth. I sucked him hard and he cummed rather quickly and left.
I got up, faced the mirror and reapplied my lipstick then left the bathroom. I headed down the hall to the end room. I opened the door to see Cindy and Jim going at it.
Cindy couldn't do anything as she was tied to the four post bed and had a gag ball in her mouth. Jim was licking her cunt and she was moaning rather loudly.
I entered to room and watched them for a bit.
I sat down on a couch. I was starting to get aroused a bit when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked to see it wasn't a hand but a cock. I looked up to see a guy standing behind me. He was naked. Come around this side and let's have some fun he said. I stood up and went around to see him and three other guys in a fuck fest.
He grabbed my dress and lifted it over my head. Then placed it on the back of the couch. Next he tugged my panties down.
Oh ya he said as he saw my cock cage. Lookee what we got here boys. We got us a sissy. A hand reached up and fondled my cage and small little balls. God that felt good. I got down on my knees and started to suck the closest cock to me. I could feel hands all over my body moments later but the hands on my ass were really working my tight hole already. He probed my tight anus with his finger, someone was sucking on my balls, someone was squeezing my ass cheeks and someone was kissing my right ear and whispering, we're gonna fuck you good sweetheart, when we're done you'll be lucky to walk.
This got me even more excited and my cock cage suddenly was tighter than tight. My balls pulsed hard as my little clitty filled with blood. I was on all fours licking and sucking the guy under me when I felt a cock at my back door. He pushed in and stopped with just the head in my ass allowing me to adjust to his girth.
I pushed back on him and took him all the way to his balls.
He withdrew almost all the way out and slammed back into me causing me to grunt and moan at the same time. The guy under me shot off in my mouth. I swallowed all of him down my throat as the one in my ass burrowed in me as deep as he could go and filled my ass.
Oh god I've never felt something so wonderful. I felt like such a huge slut being filled from both ends like that.
I let the guys cock go under me and crawled to my left. I flipped over on my back and immediately the other two guys were on me. I raised my legs up and one guy took his post and slid into my boi pussy with ease. The other guy lowered his balls over my face and I sucked and licked them along with his ass. The guy fuckin my ass was also playing with my cage, saying it's so small and look at this tiny thing.
He stopped in mid stroke and asked if I get hard at all, but my mouth was full of balls so I couldn't answer. He tried jerking me off a bit but the cage hid it well.
I was just starting to get into it when my ass buddy shot off in my ass. He pulled out and the two guys switched places. Again my ass was filled. I licked my own ass juices and cum off the other guy. All too soon my ass was filled again and they both got up, dressed and left.
I couldn't find my panties so I slipped my dress on and left the room too.
Back to the bathroom to fix my makeup. This time I left the door open. I finished and headed upstairs to the party.
I was feeling extra sluty now that I had no panties on and my minidress barely covered the top of my thighs. I got a few looks and comments about my nice ass that made me feel even more horny.
I headed upstairs to the bedrooms, finally found one empty and I sat on the bed with the door open. It didn't take long. A guy stood at the door asking if I needed company.
I said only if you can fuck me good. He came in and closed the door. I dropped to my knees as he approached me. I reached up and undid his pants. Letting them fall and revealing his nice sized cock. I wanted him badly so I opened my mouth and slid all the way down his seven inch length until my nose was buried in his pubs. Then slowly I pulled off to see a hard glistening cock. He put a hand on either side of me head and slammed his dick back in the throat and held me there saying choke on it bitch. I breathed out if my nose so I didn't choke at all.
He pulled out and told me to turn around and lean over the bed.
He didn't have to ask me twice as I did what he demanded.
He slipped in my backdoor with ease saying sloppy seconds, what the fuck. I laugh as I tell him more like sloppy fifths. He pulls out, slips his dick back in his pants and says I don't fuck hoes. But I know someone big enough to fill even this huge hole. Stay here. I'll be back, and he left.
A few minutes go by. I'm starting to think no one is coming when the door opens. He's back with a bunch of friends.
This the bitch that wants to gangbang he says. Ya, she wants it, just look at her another says. Yet another grabbed me and pulled my dress off. She's got a cock cage on. And with that being said they all striped naked. I got on the floor on my knees and was fed a half dozen dicks all at once.
I was in my own little world as I tried this one then that one then another one. My mouth and both hands were full. I'd suck one for ten or fifteen seconds then switch to another for about the same time. I looked around and everyone was jerking off. I got up and went to the bed. I laid on my back with my head hanging off. I looked up and the first guy there dipped his cock into my mouth, one each for my hands and another guy lifted my legs up on his shoulders and slipped in my boi cunt. I'm not sure how long I was in that position but I do know I was covered in cum when they were done. My ass was wrecked big time, my jaw and hands were cramping up. But I never felt better.
I got up and went to the bathroom dressed in nothing but a bra and stockings.
I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up. Then went back to get my dress on.
I went back downstairs so see Jim and Cindy slow dancing. Not many people were left as it was after three am.
Cindy told me to come over to her. I did as I was told. She looked me over and said someone has been a bad little girl, haven't you, you little sissy slut?
Yes I have been I respond.
She reaches under and grabs me by the cage. A devilish grin finds its way to her face, good girl she says. So how many guys did you service tonight?
Um I don't know.
You little slut you.
Thank you I say.
Do you want some more she asks.
Now the devilish grin is on my face.
She just laughs and says, wow you fuckin whore you. Go downstairs to the room at the back and make yourself useful.
Yes Cindy was all I said and I headed for Jim's room again.
Before I got to the open door I pulled my dress off and left it on a hook just inside the room. There were bodies everywhere. I see a guy laying on his back and a girl was riding his face. His big cock was pointing straight up so I sat on it. Slamming my ass down hard on him. He grunted but didn't move. I rode him for a good ten minutes until he filled me. I moved on to the next guy and did the same thing, this time kissed the girl and fondling her nice sized tits. He also filled my ass. I got on my hands and knees as I was crawling over to another cock I saw free when a guy grabs me and tells me to ride him. He slipped in easy. I thought well cock is cock right. But then another guy mounted me at the same time. I was stretched to the max as two guys fucked my ass at the same time. Neither of them was very big but it still felt good to me.
There was a couple bright flashes. Cindy was taking pictures.
I didn't care at the time.
The two guys both filled my backside and pulled out. The party was winding down. I was sucking a cock when Cindy told me to finish him off now. I sucked harder and stuck a finger up his ass. That worked as he filled my mouth. I swallowed every drop.
Jim hands me my dress and says I had no idea you were that much of a fag. You really love cock that much, don't you.
I just smiled and asked if I could take a shower.
Sure he says. It's at the end of the hall on the left.
Cindy pipes up and says oh no. You walk home like that. You need to be shown off to the world. Put your dress on and walk home.
Yes Cindy I say with a smile on my face.
Thank God it's still dark outside. Walking home I could feel cum running out my boi cunt, down my legs. I felt like such a sluty little bitch. I made it home and snuck in my window to my room. I got undressed and hid my clothes between my mattress and box spring. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to have a shower. When I was done I went to bed.

If you want to know what else happened then please comment and vote. Positive or negative. It up to you.

And thank you in advance.

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