Mel and Mark

Mel and Mark

Mel took her mouth off Marks cock, she paused for a moment as she swallowed all of his cum, she then went back on to his cock and sucked him some more.

When she finished, Mark pushed Mel to the bed and returned the favour by opening her tight wet dripping pussy and putting his head between her legs.

No words passed each other as she held the back of his head where she wanted him to stay "Such me Bitch" she commanded and he did as she ordered.

Sucking and licking her tight loving pussy, his tongue lapping up all her hot cunt juice as it trickled out of her steaming hot horny pussy.

Marks tongue flowing left to right and right to left, "Eat my ass bitch" she demanded, as she raised her sexy body, giving Mark all access to her hot ass lips, "Eat my ass boy"

He did as she wanted without any delay, licking inside her ass and around her lips, the walls of her ass, sucking her ass lips the same as he sucked her pussy lips.

Mel went back down so Mark could continue to eat her open pussy, his tongue deep inside her, popping out to eat and suck her big clit, biting so softly, licking and sucking while pushing his fingers inside her pussy and ass, simulating her ass, mouth and pussy being fucked at the same time, a fantasy Mel had held on to since she was a young girl.

Usually Mark would use two vibrators, one for Mel's ass and one for her pussy, sometimes Mel's would suck both vibrators, fantasising that she was sucking two hard cocks while Mark was fucking her from behind.

Other times Mark would insert one vibrator into her pussy while he fucked her ass and she sucked the other dildo.

They had come close to having a threesome, once when she brought her boss home from work, but he didn't realize that she wanter her husband to fuck her too and once they hired a male prostitute, but he was more interested in Mark than he was in Mel, so they threw him out.

Mel loved cock, sucking and fucking cock from a young age, she would often suck guys off at the local boys school for money.

The two schools sat right beside each other, boarding for boys on one side and boarding for girls on the other, Mel would sneak to the boys where she would give blowjobs for 1punt and if she swallowed it was 2punt -Punt was the original currency in Ireland until the turned to the Euro-.

It was during these school years when she hoaned her skills in pulling and sucking cock, she claims she never fucked any of them, but she wished she did and she also claimed that she never ate pussy, "too many cocks to suck, why suck pussy?"

But now she longed to taste pussy too.

She use to say, "God gave me three holes, so why not have three men to fill them at the same time"

Out of her friends, she was the first to buy Porn mags in Holland, she was the first to buy Blue movies or porn videos and have them delivered to her house, it would take two months to get them.

She encouraged all her girl friends to watch porn and read about porn, and they all secretly watched and read about it an enjoyed it and some of them even tried out some of the stuff they saw on the videos, on their boy friends.

Mary Byrne, Mel's best friend had been dating her boyfriend for three years until one night she did something she learned from a video she watched, he went mad, "how do you know to do that? Who were you with you slut that thought you how to do that?

I can't believe you did the dirt on me and fucked someone else"

He went mad, she tried to tell him she saw it on a video, he didn't believe her and ended the relationship there and then, and left her parents house, never to return again.

He did spread rummers that she was a dirty slut, but that only made the guys more interested in her and they kept calling and she kept fucking them and trying out her new ideas all thanks to Mel.

However as Mel approached her 50th birthday she had not achieved that wonderful fantasy that she had desired for so long, she had a few false starts but nothing ever happened, she had fucked and sucked the same old cock for the last 25 odd years and she wanted new cock, new cum, new balls, new spunk, new sperm, new urine, new tastes in her mouth when she woke up, different cum leaking from her pussy.

She wanted to taste black cock, brown cock, yellow cock, any kind of cock and if there were Martian's out there she wanted to taste green cock too

She wanted to feel a new cock break open the walls of her pussy, she felt that she deserves this experience.

She wanted to kiss a new stranger as he shot her load into her pussy.

Mel wanted to try a Tranny cock, maybe a few tranny cocks, she wanted to be fucked by a transvestite, she longed to be raped by a bunch of guys, a game she would play with Mark every few weeks

"Play our neighbors, sneaking over to rape me, I will pretend I am asleep and you are away" she would say to Mark

"Pretend you are a work mate and you dropped me home and I asked you in just for a tea, after all I am a married woman, and you attack and rape me, ok?"

Mark never objected, he loved fucking Mel, he also loved playing her games, it was a fantasy to him too.

Mel would often request to be tied to the bed and then pretend to be fucked by different men, Mark would use the dildos and vibrators, he would use deodorant cans, hair spray cans, electronic toothbrush, ice looypops, beer and wine bottles, she loved it as she imagined she was being attached and fucked by loads if different men.

Mark knew every inch of Mels body, he spent years exploring it, he continued to eat and lick her pussy, following her requested and listening to her body, he knew she was about to cum so he went deeper, moved faster and suddenly she exploded into his face, pussy juice filled his nose and his mouth as she screamed out Marks name.

She pushed him off and did what she always did when Mark made her cum, she fell asleep

Mark always made Mel cum, if he fucked her ass, she came, if he fucked her pussy, she came and when he ate her pussy, she came.

She always came hard and Mark always drained her of her juice and her energy.

Mark would roll off to sleep with a rock hard cock in his hand, sometimes he would try to wake Mel or he would try to fuck her but she would always push him off, claiming she was "Tired" and that she would "look after you in the morning"

It didn't always get done as Marks biggest problem was he always loved to please Mel, so he would always make sure Mel would cum, but she would cum so hard, that Mark would drain her of all her energy and most mornings he would wake her by opening her legs and start to eat her pussy all over again.

She lost so many jobs by not getting to work or for arriving late, because Mark would wake her by eating her pussy so much that she would again be drained and fall asleep -AGAIN-

As she lay there sleeping he reflected on the last 26 years of marriage and he started to think about what the next 20, 30, 40 years would be like and then he started to think about what it would be like if he was to spice things up and they could try and see if Mel could realise her life long fantasy and maybe invent a few more.

He picked up his phone and went into the toilet and as he sat on the toilet bowl he opened his browser and started to search "adult hotels" and "adult resorts"

To Marks amazement there were loads and loads of different hotels and resorts, offering all types of services to adults, most places offered kinky new experiences, orgies, adult parties, bondage, swapping, group sex, gang bangs, prostitute's, shemales, trannies, transvestite and much more we cannot print.

"Book your exclusive adult vacation" so Mark followed the link and filled in his preferred dates etc, 2 adults and all-inclusive.

€5,590 for two seven days, he went back to his room, grabbed his wallet and took out his credit card, he punched his numbers in and after verification, he was sent an email receipt and from there he received a welcome email pack.

"Welcome to pleasure island party resort, we look forward to welcome Mark and Mel to our Adult only resort bla bla bla........ Covid19 restrictions are in AVE but will not spoil the fun bla bla bla ...

Please send us back a notification to confirm that you accept the terms, and please also remember to read the special terms 1-4 and accept.

Mark scanned down the email and scanned the initial Term and conditions which were the usual holiday shite and then he went down to the special terms

1) The island has NO rules except for the following:

2) If a person wishes to fuck you or engage in a sexual act with you, you cannot refuse their advances

3) If you are taken into a group, hardcore, swapping, orgies or other sex group, you must participate and do so without any hesitation, this is not a show island, it is for participating adults only, you must take part.

4) If you are called to be involved in activities which are not highlighted due to legal reasons, you agree to comply, again you must activitely participate.

So Mark thought about how wild this place could be and how wild 7 days could be, on a island with no real rules.

He send back the link which said that both he and Mel agreed to points one to four.

As he looked out the window he struggled with the idea of whether to tell Mel about these rules or not and then decided that he would tell her when they got there.

He heard Mel smooching in the bed, so he took off his robe and got on to the bed, he positioned himself between her legs and he opened her pussy lips with his fingers and he began to wake her from her slumber as he licked and sucked her wet pussy.

His cock was nice and hard, he lifted her legs up and then he pushed pushed his cock deep into her pussy, as he did he kissed Mel's lips, his cock pushing deeper and deeper into her hot pussy,

"Eat my pussy baby" she demanded

"No baby, I need to cum now, so I am going to fuck you"

She wrapped her hands around his back and opened her legs wider

"Fuck me harder baby, slap my pussy harder baby"

Mark fucked his cock deep and hard into her pussy, slapping his balls off her hot wet pussy, as he fucked her Mark told her he had a surprise.

"I want your cum baby, cum first then tell me the surprise" Mel said

"You cum first Mel baby, cum on my cock and I will cum in your pussy"

"Fuck, I love how you fuck me Mark, I am such a lucky woman, I am cuming"

"Oh Fffuuckk, Mmaarrkkk, fuck fuck FFUUCCKK, what a fucking orgasm."

Mark kept pumping her, his cock splashing in and out of her dripping wet pussy, the squelching noise as his balls bouncing off her hot wet pussy,

"I am cuming baby, I am cuming baby, Mark said as he filled her with his cum

She pulled his hair as she felt his cum burst into her hot wet pussy

"Wow baby, fuck Mark, what were you doing in the toilet to make you so horny, were you watching pron again baby, I love when you watch porn and fuck me you horny bastard"

Mark lay on the bed, his cock in the air as he lay there could completely satisfied

Mel went down on him and started to suck his cock and started to lick her juice and his juice from his cock.

" I love the mix of our cums together baby," Mel said as she eyed him from below

"No tell me your suprise baby, I am all ears" she said as her mouth worked his cock........ Part 2 shortly

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