How Anna discovered she's a little whore Part 1

How Anna discovered she's a little whore Part 1

This is a work of fiction, all characters are above the age of 18 and are fictional. Themes for this story are: Rape, reluctance and light bondage. This piece of fiction was written by me and belongs to me. Final editing was done by my Dom, and myself. Enjoy ; )

How Anna discovered she is a little whore
Part 1: The uninvited guest

The day started with a thrill of nervous excitement. I had been awaiting that particular Friday for quite some time, since it was the day that my parents would leave me alone for an entire weekend. My parents owned a large and successful company, so they always went on long business trips while dragging me along. After much persuasion I finally convinced my parents that I was old enough to be left alone for one weekend while they went away, since I was already 18. My parents, Gerald and Beatrice, knew I would not partake in any risky business in their absence, as I was such a good, innocent girl.

I kissed my mom's cheek as she walked past me to the car, my dad already bent over the boot stacked high with their luggage. "Now, Anna, be a good girl and please make sure that you are safe. Ok? You have our numbers on speed dial and your pepper spray is always within reach. Do you remember the code for the safety room?" Her baby blue eyes looked down at me in worry, her alabaster forehead scrunched up in concern as she gripped my shoulders. "Yes, Mom, I'll be good and I have everything I need to be safe. I know the safety code off by heart, and the neighbours are close enough to hear me scream. Don't worry, everything will be fine Mom." I gave her a tight hug, pulling her tennis fit body against my own less skinny frame. Mom still seemed worried as she pulled away, her head turning over her shoulder to look at my approaching father for reassurance. My dad stood taller than both of us, his tan skin and dark eyes creating a contrast with the appearance of my mom and I. He oozed dominance, and my mom instinctively melted into him as he pulled her against is side. "Don't worry my sweet, Anna will be perfectly fine. Won't you dear?" My posture straightened as my eyes lowered in respect. "Yes Sir, I know all the rules and I'll look after myself." I beamed as my dad rested a large hand on my head, messing up my hair in a familiar gesture of affection and approval. "That's my girl. Now Beatrice, we better be on our way. We don't want to miss the flight." My mom and dad both gave me one more hug, got in their car and departed. I waved them good bye, my heart soaring with the freedom that embraced me as the sleek sports car disappeared from view.

The very first thing I did as I walked back into the house was loosening my bra and throwing it on my bed. I sighed in comfort as my heavy bust bounced from the confines of my bra, my nipples instantly hardening in the cool air. My t-shirt was quickly replaced by a more revealing see through tank top that gripped my chest. I smiled softly, a tinge of excitement racing through me due to the naughtiness of my actions. Mom and dad are always so strict, I hate having to cover up all the time. My jeans fell to the floor, leaving my panty covered pussy and ass to peak out from beneath the edge of my tank top. I reached down, running my left index finger teasingly over my clit while moaning softly. "No Anna, now is not the time for that. We have other things to do." I scolded myself and pulled away my hand before I end up spending my first day of freedom spread eagle on my bed. I exited my room and went down stairs to the living room. I grabbed the TV remote and threw myself down on the coach, selecting the first movie of the day. I sagged into the coach, getting comfortable for the long night of movie watching that lay ahead.

I suddenly jumped awake, my head spinning with the heavy blanket of sleep that still lay over my mind. I blinked, my eyes stinging as the bright TV rolled the credit list of the movie I had been watching. The room was dark, very dark. I sat up, frowning as I switched off the TV and pulled myself off of the coach. I still didn't know what had woken me up, but the scratchy ache in the back of my throat seemed to be the culprit. I stumbled to the kitchen, the unarmed alarm system flashing a green light above the marble counter next to the sink. The dripping tap called me closer as I bent over the sink, angling my mouth so I could catch the water. I drank deeply, gulping down the cool water as the ache in my throat subsided. After drinking my fill I turned toward the kitchen entrance to make my way to my bedroom, when suddenly, as I neared the dining table my eyes caught a slight sheen of fractured light. Cold fright washed over my shocked body as the sight of the broken window registered in my mind. Glass lay scattered around the broken window, the glow of the moon reflecting against the wooden floor.

I stumbled backwards, my arms swaying to catch myself as I was suddenly thrown off balance. I landed on the hard floor with a groan as the air rushed from my lungs at the impact. I was momentarily dazed, but as I stood up a tall figure above me made a scream bubble up my throat. "Someone hel....mhmm!" My scream was cut off as the person harshly pressed their hand over my mouth, causing my braces to painfully cut into my lips. "Shhh. Now now little girl, I suggest you keep that mouth of yours shut. If you cooperate then you'll walk out of this somewhat undamaged." My eyes widened at the threat of the clearly male criminal. "Phlsm dohnt," my words were muffled by his hand, but his laughter clearly showed he knew what I had tried to say. "Oh, little girl, soon you'll be begging for something else." He gripped my head with his other hand and dragged me to my feet, my scream muffled as I scrunched up my face in pain. I stumbled as he dragged me behind him, my nails clawing at the firm grip he had on my hair. He pulled me out of the kitchen and into the living room, pausing suddenly as if he was in thought. He pulled harder against my hair, making a shrill muffled scream bubble out of my throat. "Where is your room?" I shook my head, mumbling incoherent words against his hand, tears leaking down my cheeks. He sighed, let go of my hair and twisted my body around. Relief was short lived as he forced me to bend over the nearest couch and flipped up my tank top, my bottom squirming as the cool air hit my pussy through the thin material of my panties. He roughly ripped them off, causing the thin material to rip as it caught on my hips and then he shoved my ruined underwear into his jeans. A scream ripped through my throat as the man forced his palm down on my now unprotected ass. Agony cut through my bottom as he kept on spanking me, my body arching and writhing on the couch as my legs kicked out in a desperate attempt to escape. His hand suddenly came down again, but this time it rubbed softly against the red welts that spread over my ass. "Now, little girl, I will ask this one last time. Where. Is. Your. Room?" His voice was rough and the clear command in his tone sent a thrill all the way from my ear to my aching bottom. I lifted my shaky arm and pointed in the direction of the stairs that led to the bedrooms, all the while whimpering as tears dripped from my face.

He pulled me away from the couch, and my pepper spray which I had left lying next to the couch and again gripped my hair as he pulled me to the stairs. I stumbled and fell a few times as we ascended, whimpering each time as he pulled me back to my feet. We finally reached the top of the stairs and passed the first room, a bathroom that was used by our guests. We neared my room, the pale pink door standing out with my name written in black over the frame. I tried pulling him to a halt, mumbling into his hand as we passed my room. Confusion etched across my face as we neared my parent's bedroom. We stopped in the open doorway, the white and beige sheets of the king size bed glowing faintly in the middle of the room. "This isn't your room, is it little girl? The pink door was your room, wasn't it?" My reply was once again muffled, but my nod was a clear confirmation of his assumption. He made no attempt of heading back to my room, instead he lifted my struggling body and roughly threw me onto the silky sheets. I had no time to scream or make my escape before he was on top of me, his hand once more folded over my mouth as he gripped my wrists in his other hand. He sat on my waist, his legs on either side of my struggling thighs as he bent over me. I froze up as I felt something hard press against my nearly bare stomach. A gun? A knife? My naive mind was suddenly thrown into shock as he rubbed the hard object against my stomach and groaned softly in my ear. My whole body shook as panic overwhelmed me, I struggled below him, screaming against his hand as I tried to sink my teeth into his palm. He growled in anger and released my wrists, pinning my arms below his knees as he pushed is hand into his jean pocket. My once muffled scream tore momentarily through the air in a loud shrill crescendo, but was silenced when a musky piece of shredded pink lace was forced into my mouth. My voice caught in my throat as my eyes widened, my saliva soaking into the familiar material of my ruined panties.

He chuckled as he looked down at my shocked red face, my cheeks bulged and my lips stretched around the improvised gag. He seized my dazed state and quickly flipped me onto my stomach, slamming my face into the pillows that smelled like my parents, once more holding my wrists above my head. I heard a strange ripping sound and gasped as he tore my shirt from my body, leaving me naked below him. I started struggling again, screaming and bucking to free myself until a searing slap on my sensitive ass made me halt my struggles. "Hold still now, don't make me spank you again." I whimpered nodding as I held still, crying silently into the pillows as I heard him further tear up my already ruined shirt. I felt him pull my wrists towards the headboard, dread sinking into me as he firmly bound my wrists to the metal frame above my head. I heard him pull off the mask he had over his head, breathing in as his face was freed. "Now, I admit little girl, I thought this house was empty for a while and the perfect opportunity for me to get some quality goods. What I found though, surprised me...” I shivered as he spoke, his warm hand gliding over my young inexperienced skin." Instead of jewels, I found a young barely dressed girl passed out on a couch, her ripe little body draped over the cushions in such a naughty and provocative fashion. I just couldn't resist myself, little girl. I have to have you, I NEED to have you. I will have you."

I gasped and cried out in protest as he forced my legs open, revealing my bare pussy to his hungry gaze. I struggled against him, my hips swaying and writhing to escape as he lowered his face to my untouched core. I cried harder, feeling his warm breath against my folds, my legs fighting to close. Then, suddenly, I froze up. My whole body tensed as a zap of sensation shot through me as a wet hot tongue glided over my pussy. My eyes widened in surprise, my mind swirling in conflict as my thighs relaxed and opened. His groan made me shiver and scream as his tongue buried itself into my pussy, it swirled in me as it coaxed my body to submit. I tried fighting again, my head shaking in denial as my body arched away from his mouth. He was licking me in a place that only I had ever touched, and he was making me feel things that I had never experienced. I felt my body react, the familiar arms of arousal embracing my virgin flesh.

I moaned. He stopped at hearing the sound, lifting his glistening face from my pussy. I could hear the sinister smirk in his voice as he spoke, his warm breath fanning over my ass. "Oh? What's this little girl? Are you a slut? Oh, yes you are, your wet pussy is a dead giveaway. You are a nasty little whore aren't you? You want me to use you? You want me to fill your little cunny with my cock, don't you? You want me to make you scream, don't you little girl?" My body shook and my hips thrust up towards his face as his words washed over me. Shame gripped my heart as my pussy gushed at the way he talked to me, I tried to deny it but I knew I couldn't. My body loved it, my nipples were hard as stone and my pussy was leaking down my thighs.

I cried out as a sting on my ass brought me from my thoughts, my back arching and my bottom wriggling as a new mark formed. "Answer me, now!" His voice was thunderous against my ear, his tone daring me to defy him. I screamed into my panties, my head feverishly nodding in confirmation as I wriggled my hips, my pussy aching with every painful throb of my ass. He groaned his approval, and suddenly gripped my hips, angling them upwards with my head still pressed roughly into the pillows. I frowned as I wiggled my hips, wondering when he'll lick my pussy again. Searing pain ripped through me as he suddenly forced his large cock into my pussy, his thrust so hard that the momentum nearly knocked me unconscious as my head slammed against the headboard. I cried out, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as my body was overwhelmed with pain. My walls clenched around him, gripping his cock as he tried forcing more of himself into my tiny opening. "Fuck! Oh little girl, you're so damn tight! Yesss." His sounds of pleasure above me were sickening as the pain soon turned to numbness as he brutally fucked my once virgin cunt, his thrusts making me clench my body and push back against him so that he doesn't bash my head against the metal again. He grunted above me, thrusting harder as he finally forced his entire cock into me with one particularly brutal thrust. My body froze up for a moment as his cock hit a spot deep in my pussy, and then a sudden scream ripped from my lungs as an overwhelming pleasure washed over me.

He laughed above me, stopping his movements to hear me whimper in protest and grind my sensitive pussy against his cock. "Oh, you are a little slut. You are a little whore who wants my cock, aren't you!" I moaned and nodded, grinding back to him, desperate for him to satisfy me. He fulfilled my wish as he pulled out his cock, raking the sensitive flesh of my walls over his ridged cock until only his head remained caught in my tight entrance. He gripped my hips tightly and fucked his cock roughly into my pussy, making my face scrunch up as a silent scream gurgled in my throat. His fucking bruised my pussy lips and abused my cervix as he used my body for his pleasure. I moaned and twitched bellow him as my body was overwhelmed with a sense of urgency, a need for something I could not describe. I whimpered and thrashed against him, my fingers clawing at my bindings. "You want it don't you little girl? Then cum for me! Cum over my cock as I pump my seed into your cunt! Cum as I fill your womb with my seed and breed you! Cum for me little girl!" I screamed as my body tensed up, his words creating a tidal wave of sensation to rip through my core. My pussy clenched and milked around his cock, right as I heard him cry out and thrust brutally against my cervix. Warmth oozed into my cunt as he came in me, overwhelming me with pleasure as I fell numb beneath him. He held onto my hips, keeping them from sagging as he emptied his balls in me. "That's a good little slut, such good little girl."...

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