New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 11

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 11

Two matching sets of almond-dark eyes gazed quietly at each other over Jake’s hairy chest as he lay gently snoring in the center of the bed. Two dark-haired beauties lay, one head on each of his shoulders as they rested. Although Jake was exhausted from their sexual romp, the two vampire girls were not.

‘I’m sorry,’ Annalisa thought into Béla’s mind. ‘I didn’t mean for him to fall for me – I was just trying to be a good host… and I was a little curious, as well.’

‘It’s difficult to be jealous,’ Béla thought back, ‘He’s infatuated with you because you remind him of me. It’s really my own fault. I’ve been ignoring him in favor of almost everyone else in the whole world. It was natural for him to seek solace elsewhere. He is, after all, only a male.’

‘And a very desirable one,’ Annalisa admitted. ‘Although I love you dearly, I would take this male from you if I could. He would be ideal for me.’

Béla smiled, not at all offended at her sister’s candid, if cavalier, attitude.

‘Many of my sisters would probably agree. I suspect that, once he understands our nature, he will discover that he loves our hybrid species more than he loves any particular one of us.’

‘You believe he doesn’t really love you?’ Annalisa asked, somehow saddened at the thought.

‘I know he loves me,’ Béla replied. ‘I can feel it in his soul. He will always love me. But I will not pretend that I satisfy his needs completely. ‘Love’ and ‘want’ are not logical things to be reasoned out. I will only be able to hold him to me by letting him explore his needs, much though it hurts me inside to do so. Despite my wishes to the contrary, he is not mine to hold.’

‘Perhaps between the two of us,’ Annalisa thought, grinning across Jake’s hairy chest, ‘we can manage to keep him satisfied.’

‘You are a wolf thinking I am but a hare,’ Béla accused her sister, not angrily, however, but not exactly amused either. ‘You would dine on me and mine to fill your belly. Be warned that this hare has teeth and will use them if you attempt to take more than your share…’

‘You wrong me, sister,’ Annalisa sighed. ‘I would not ask this man to choose between us or do anything that would make him less happy. I might, however, ask him to choose both of us. What man would disagree with such an arrangement? You would be first, and I, subservient under you. This, I would gladly do for a place in his heart.’

‘Your mind is full of tricks, darling,’ Béla thought back, amused, now, by her younger, less experienced sister. ‘What you suggest, you have already attained. I could no more toss you out of his heart than I could bear to leave him, myself. He has already decided that you are a part of his life. You knew he would make that decision when you approached him.’

‘He was unhappy with sharing you!’ Annalisa replied defensively. ‘I only sought to ease his distress!’

‘Well, Sister, you succeeded,’ Béla informed her. ‘His only distress now is regarding how I will receive you into our lives as his lover. We have had this discussion before, he and I. He craves your helpless demeanor, and that is something I cannot offer him. You are not the first to intrude between us…’

‘He thinks I’m helpless?’ Annalisa asked, decidedly offended at the mere thought.

‘Not exactly,’ Béla replied, deciding to be completely honest with her. ‘But, he believes that he can offer you new experiences and put some excitement into your life that he seems to believe you lack.’

‘I’m not certain I understand that,’ Annalisa thought back, ‘but I’m pretty certain it’s an insult!’

Béla laughed out loud. ‘No, Darling – it’s no insult. He only wishes to be appreciated as a platform from which you can enjoy the delights of being alive. It is in that respect that his desire lies. I know, because that’s what he gives to me. But, evidently, I don’t appreciate it enough.’

‘He just wants you to love him,’ Annalisa thought.

‘That’s the problem,’ Béla agreed. He wants me to love him. And only him.’

‘But how can that be when I plainly see in his thoughts that he enjoys your… what was that phrase… Oh! Your ‘extramarital’ activities?’

Béla chuckled at the phrase she knew he would never use to her face regarding her sexual proclivities.

‘He may not say it to me, but he does think it, doesn’t he?’ Béla replied, half thinking to herself, now. ‘It pleases him that I fly free, yet return to him at day’s end. But like any male, he wants to be the only one I love.’

‘Do you feel threatened by the fact that I could give him that, while you cannot?’ Annalisa asked, daring to press her case forward.

‘You really want him, don’t you?’ Béla replied, privately believing she was making a serious mistake. ‘Very well. I know you will be good for him, so you can stay. But if you hurt him…’

‘Don’t say it, Sister,’ Annalisa interrupted. ‘Threats are not needed here. I will make you both as happy as I can. This, I swear on Father’s love for all of us!’

‘Well,’ Béla grinned, ‘that’s a new one.’

‘Thanks!’ Annalisa replied. ‘I just made it up!’

‘You are a clever girl,’ Béla told her. ‘Make certain that you live up to your promises.’

Béla slipped out of the bed and slid into her bright red sarong.

‘I would visit with Father for awhile,’ Béla told Annalisa, still using non-verbal so as not to awaken Jake. ‘He is not as interested in life as I would wish him to be, and I am concerned for his well-being.’

‘I send with you my best wishes for him,’ Annalisa replied, sharing her concern for their creator.

‘You can give them to him yourself if you are so concerned,’ Béla informed her. ‘Father is old and lonely, and would enjoy your presence at his side.’

Annalisa sat up and gazed down at Jake, then at Béla. Her meaning was clear. ‘It saddens me, but I will not leave Jake to awaken to an empty bed.’

Béla looked at her sister for a moment, not forcing her mind-link, but willing to receive anything Annalisa wanted to let her feel. Annalisa remained silent.

‘It saddens me when I leave Jake to awaken alone,’ Béla said, then. ‘But there are times when I must.’

‘Perhaps too many times, Sister,’ Annalisa replied. But you may rest easy with my assurance that Jake will not awaken alone.’

Béla turned and left, but she did not feel very reassured. It occurred to her that, perhaps, Annalisa had the right of it. She should put Jake before all others.

‘I can only hope for the day to come when I can, my beloved…’

Creating an image of Father’s bedchamber in her mind, Béla teleported.

Annalisa sat on the bed and opened her mind, scanning for any presence of Béla. She was gone. She wasn’t dream-walking to spy on her or anything. Smiling, she gazed down at Jake as he slept peacefully, not dreaming.

She surrounded them both with a park from Jake’s memory. It was in a bustling, crowded city called Portland. The park was one of the few places where Jake could get away from the crowding and the constant rushing of people going everywhere.

As the sounds of the city swept through his mind, Jake woke up. He was lying on a park bench. Sitting up, he suddenly looked down at his watch.

“Damn!” he exclaimed, realizing he’d missed his two p.m. class.

Then he noticed Annalisa. Looking around at others walking by, he frowned, then looked back at her.

“I’m dreaming,” he informed her.

“Yes,” Annalisa admitted. “How did you know?”

“Well,” Jake grinned. “For one thing, you’re naked and no one noticed.”

“Oh,” Annalisa replied, rolling her eyes off to the side for a second. “Silly me – I didn’t think of that.”

She sighed, but didn’t create any clothing for her dream image to wear. She liked being naked in front of Jake.

“You’re Annalisa,” Jake said. “That means I’m really in New Eden. Right?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I found this place in your mind, and thought you’d like to visit. You liked being here.”

“That, I did,” Jake replied, sounding very agreeable. “But, I’m more interested in what happened after I went to sleep. I remember you and Béla both vying for my attentions. What did you two decide? Is that why you brought me here, to break the bad news gently?”

“No,” Annalisa said. “Béla said I could stay. There are conditions, of course, but they are not your concern.”

“They’re my concern if they affect your happiness and well being,” Jake told her. “What did she tell you?”

“Basically she said that if I do anything to hurt you or make you unhappy…” Annalisa said, then shrugged.

“She threatened you?” Jake asked, raising his eyebrows.

“No,” Annalisa replied. “She said what I just said. She didn’t finish the sentence either.”

Jake narrowed his eyes as he looked at the girl, not completely certain if he believed her. Béla wasn’t in the habit of making nondescript threats. When she wanted to say something, she just came out and said it.

“What else did she say?” Jake asked. “What other ‘conditions’ are there?”

“Well, she’s the number one wife,” Annalisa told him, “and she, of course, takes precedence when all of us are together. Basically, I get to take care of you when she isn’t around.”

“Which is most of the time,” Jake mentioned, a sour edge to his voice.

“That’s not really fair, you know,” Annalisa said, defending her sister. “She had a lot to do. There’s Father, and… Well, I don’t really know what she needs to do, but I’m sure there’s a lot of it. That’s why she agreed to let me stay.”

“To take me off of her ‘case load’?” Jake asked, sounding disgusted now. “It’s nice to know how much I matter to her.”

“Jake, she loves you!” Annalisa reprimanded him. “If she could be with you, she would. So don’t go blaming her for not being there every time you want her!”

Jake didn’t know what to say, now. He knew that Annalisa was telling him the truth. He also believed her when she professed to only want to make him and Béla happy. The problem was, he wouldn’t be happy so long as Béla was out saving the world, or doing things of vital importance that, incidentally, didn’t include him.

Annalisa, sensing his upset, sat down next to him on the park bench.

“How am I supposed to make you happy if you brood like that?” she asked, speaking softly as she brushed a hair out of his eyes with her gentle fingers.

“Is that what your purpose is? To make me happy?” Jake mused, gazing at the ‘almost Béla’ clone.

“In reality, we are lying side by side, naked on a big bed,” Annalisa told him, smiling now. “I can reach over and place my hand on your chest – like this…”

She didn’t move, but suddenly he felt her hand on his chest. Her fingers began playfully twirling his chest hairs around. He reached up to grab her hand, wanting her to stop her ghostly ministrations, but nothing happened.

“Your control isn’t that good, yet,” Annalisa grinned at him. “But if you want, I can teach you so that you can control your real body while still in a dream image.”

“So we could be walking through this beautiful park while our real bodies are rutting like rabid rabbits?” Jake laughed.

“I don’t know,” Annalisa replied. “That actually sounds pretty exciting. Don’t you think so? I am supposed to take care of you, after all.”

“So you like the idea of rutting like rabbits?” Jake asked, already knowing the answer. They’d already made love several times, now.

Annalisa didn’t answer. Instead, she looked away, appearing to enjoy the view of the park, so he wouldn’t see the gleefully victorious grin she was unable to keep from her face.

“That’s a nice spot,” Annalisa said, pointing to a grassy area. “Let’s go sit there.”

“In ten minutes, class lets out and that whole knoll will be covered with students.”

“Oh. Well, then, we’d better claim our spot now, then,” Annalisa replied, and stepped out ahead of him.

Jake trotted up beside her to catch up. Then sat down when she did. From somewhere, a blanket had appeared, and they were sitting on it. Then Jake remembered that this was, after all, a dream sequence. It wasn’t really happening.

Except that it was. Annalisa reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt. Since she was already naked, he didn’t actually have anything do to except wait patiently while she worked his clothes off him. He reached up and gently pinched one of her hardening nipples, but she laughed and slapped his hand away, then finished opening his shirt.

Stretching out beside him, she patted the blanket, indicating that he should lie down. When he did, Annalisa sat back up and loosened his belt. After pulling down his zipper, she easily slid his slacks down past his knees, then lay back down beside him.

“Now, we’re in exactly the same position in this dream that we are on the bed,” Annalisa informed him, a wicked grin on her face.

She reached up and ran her fingers across his stomach. He felt it, but it felt strange. Then he understood.

Annalisa’s real self was touching his real self just like she was, right now, in the dream – except that the timing and the touching were just a little off. He could see and feel her fingers – but where he saw them was not where he felt them.

His heart leaped with a sudden excitement that he didn’t fully understand. But he knew that he wanted what this goddess was offering him more than he’d wanted anything for quite a while.

Annalisa stroked and played with his body; soft, pleasant sounds coming from her throat as she aroused him. Then he could feel her lips on his cock. In this strange waking dream, she was using her hand to arouse him further, but he could feel her lips, soft, hot, and wet; her breath causing intense arousal as she sucked air past his hardness and into her throat.

Then he understood what it was that excited him. This alluring beauty was making love to him twice at the same time. He was experiencing twice the arousal and twice the sensation that he usually did. He had two bodies that two goddesses were seducing – and he had no doubts that he was being seduced.

She moved to climb up on him and he felt her real body doing the same. Jake realized now that she was deliberately throwing off the timing of the two images so that he could experience both of her at the same time and know that he was doing exactly that.

“Clever girl…” he managed to pant before she sealed his lips with hers.

From somewhere in the back of his mind, he suddenly thought of raptors tearing his belly out while he was still alive, then she sank down, sheathing his cock with her own body and the real life sensations of lovemaking took over his mind.

He felt her pick up his hands and place them against her giggling breasts. She squeezed his hands, making him squeeze her nipples in return. After a few tries, Jake managed to make his real body squeeze her real breasts while doing that at the same time in this surreal dream state.

“You’re getting the idea,” Annalisa congratulated him, then put her attention back on their lovemaking.

Jake moved his hands down to her thighs, while in his dream, he continued to caress her marvelous breasts, holding them steady and feeling them stretch and loosen in the palms of his hands as she moved.

He began squeezing her thighs, his thumbs concentrating on that sweet, soft indentation of flesh that seemed to direct a man’s attention to the very center of a woman’s core. As he squeezed, he felt her flood of girl-cum inside her vagina as she shook with orgasm. He wished he could see her real body as she came. Then suddenly, he could.

Both images were suddenly superimposed, the real Annalisa with back arched in orgasm, whimpering pitifully into the darkened bedroom, and the dream Annalisa, more or less just sitting on his hard cock, her attention trapped for the moment in her real body’s orgasm.

After a moment, she moved again.

“Now who’s being clever,” she smiled down at him. “You are like making love to an octopus – all those hands everywhere on my body. I’ve never come so hard.”

A smattering of applause interrupted the two of them as they lay on the grassy knoll. Looking around, Jake discovered several of his fellow students from the class he’d missed watching them. One was even filming them with an 8mm camera. He laughed and suddenly in his mind, he knew how to dissolve the dream image. He had been creating it himself ever since Annalisa’s orgasm anyway.

Annalisa blinked, suddenly finding herself back in the bedroom with Jake. Her body felt flushed with the afterglow of sex and she simply gazed down at Jake with pure adoration. Then, moving to climb off of him, she realized that he was still hard.

Grinning in anticipation, she began humping up and down on him again. She quickly tired, though, and lay down on his chest, content to just have him hard and solid inside her. Every once in a while, she would move or he would, in order to maintain enough sexual presence so that he remained hard.

She was glad, now, of her training as a shaman all those centuries ago. The control of her body (this body, not the one she had back then) became much more effective as she remembered and performed the physical and mental exercises that had once given her such exquisite control of her sexuality that she had come to be regarded as ‘Kami’ by her people.

Flowing her renewed sensuality through Jake, now, she became able to help him maintain his arousal with virtually no movement at all; her pure sexual presence all he required of her. If they would go to sleep like this, they would awaken in the same unsated state they were in right now.

Gently coaxing his mind and body, Annalisa kept him in a semiconscious state of arousal for another two-and-a-half hours before he finally exploded into her pussy. When he came, he spurted cum into her for a full minute, nearly crushing her ribs with his arms wrapped tightly around her. His cock shuddered and spasmed for another minute or more as he continued to orgasm even though he had no ejaculate left to offer her.

Afterward, he held her tightly in his arms for several more minutes as he sobbed uncontrollably into her hair and shoulder. When he finally released her, he fell into a deep sleep.

Annalisa knew she would never lose him, now. He would willingly die before he would ever give her up. Her sexual presence was so powerful that a trained Kyushu assassin had stopped in mid-strike – his sword poised to take her head from her body – and had offered her instead the gift of his own sexuality with the greatest adoration, along with his life-blood when she had sucked him dry.


“Oh, there you are!” Elaine said, sounding more cheerful than she felt as she entered her father’s bedchamber. “I’ve been looking all… What’s wrong, Sister?”

Béla raised her weary head from her father’s chest. She had been lying next to him, hugging his lean, alien body to hers.

“He won’t wake from his dreams,” Béla whimpered, almost crying. “I can’t reach him. He’s shut me out.”

Elaine dropped down to her knees and wrapped her arms around Béla’s narrow waist. “He has shut me out, too, Darling. Soon he will leave us forever and find a new existence.”

“No!” Béla protested, her voice weak from crying. “I’ll order the Praetor to save him! We can grow a new body for him – one like Hank’s. He can live again, and be free!”

“It’s not what he wants, Al – Béla,” Elaine said, softly trying to soothe her distraught sister. “His world is gone. Everything he remembers has perished, thousands and thousands of years gone past. He has nothing left to live for.”

Béla hugged her sister and sobbed helplessly into her shoulder.

“Let him go, Darling,” Elaine whispered. “Let him find a new happiness.”

“He will be happy with us in a body that can fly!” Béla whispered through her tears, determined not to lose him.


“What?” Béla asked, rising up from Elaine’s tear-soaked sarong.

“I didn’t say anything,” Elaine replied.

‘My daughters…’

“Oh my God! He’s awake” Béla nearly shrieked. “Father!”

She twisted back around and wrapped her arms around him again, hugging him tightly.

Sibilius weakly brought his hand around to grip her shoulder and pulled back gently, asking her to release her tight grip from around his ribs.

“I’ve not been in such close physical contact with any other for many, many years, my Child,” he gently told her, his voice rasping as though it had not been used for a long time.

“Father…” Béla begged him.

“Shhhh, Child,” Sibilius interrupted. “Such tears from you are unseemly. I have lived… almost eleven thousand years. I have known the greatest… and most wonderful love… any man could ask for. I have many great accomplishments and have lived… a rich and full life.

“My life’s work is complete,” Sibilius continued, his voice weary from the effort of speaking. “The final project is finished… and my work is done. I can see in your mind your… desire for me to continue my… existence in one of my own hybrid creations. This… I cannot do, my child, for I carry the weight… of too many deaths inside my soul. My final act – my death – will cleanse my soul of these losses so that I may begin anew, someplace else.”

“No…” Béla whispered, tears flowing freely down her face. “I don’t want you to go.”

“You’re being… selfish, my daughter,” Sibilius smiled at her. “At the beginning and the end… of each life, a soul has nothing. With each new beginning comes new… potential. It is something… to which I look forward. But to begin life anew… a life must end. That is, after all, the purpose of death… to free the soul from the anguish of a life lived… too long. It has ever been our way… which you would already know… if you had studied our teachings as well as… our hard sciences.”

“You can’t make me believe you have nothing, Father,” Béla pleaded with him. “You have my deepest love – and the love of all my sisters – your daughters.”

“None the less, Child, it will soon be time… for me to go,” Sibilius sighed, closing his eyes “Leave me now… I must rest awhile.”

Béla stifled a sob, and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He was already asleep again; his mind journeying back to a sun-warmed meadow at the base of a magnificent mountain on a world which no longer existed, with a beloved woman dead these last four thousand years.

Béla pulled herself out of the image and fled the room.

When she became aware of where she was, Béla found that she was back in the bedroom with Jake and his new pet, Annalisa. Frowning slightly, she approached the two bodies on the bed. They were both asleep, yet they were in the middle of making love, Annalisa’s taut body sitting yet sleeping, unmoving, skewered on Jake. There was an incredibly intense sexual aura surrounding them both. Then Jake arched his back and began radiating the most incredibly powerful orgasm that Béla had ever felt flow from him. Jake’s orgasm lasted at least two minutes, then he had sobbed uncontrollably into Annalisa’s bodice as his soul was rendered into pieces by the intense relief she’d allowed him.

Béla didn’t remember leaving. She didn’t remember closing the door behind her. She found herself outside, walking alone by the long, ugly storage buildings which comprised most of Southern Depot. The crystal of the Southern Sun was beginning its afternoon glow, and people around her were hastening inside.

Béla stared at the magnificent crystal as it became too bright to distinguish the crystalline pattern of its surface, then became so bright that it pained her eyes to look at it. Still she did not look away, wanting the intense whiteness and the purity of its heat to burn away all her unhappiness and misery.

‘To cleanse my soul… so that I may begin anew…’

Her father’s voice – speaking the raw truth of life and death – of the reason for existence in the first place.

‘To begin anew…’

She didn’t remember shedding her sarong or forming her wings to stand stretched out and naked before the cleansing fire that burned into her body and soul. At some point she became aware of the fact that her eyes were boiling. She could feel her bodily fluids rush bubbling from the fierce, cruel blisters that were beginning to appear all over her body – her face, her breasts and belly, even the fronts of her thighs.

‘To begin life anew, a life must end. That is the purpose of death; to free the soul from the anguish of a life lived too long.’

Béla now knew that she had lived too long, and now only wished to be free from all of it. The crisp, cooked flesh of her wings caught fire. The flames quickly spread to her face and hair. With one final scream of pure rapture, her body burst into flame. A few minutes later, her blackened skeletal frame, no longer supported by muscular tension, collapsed to the ground.

End Part 3

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