Daddy takes the pressure off

Daddy takes the pressure off

I was lying on the bed with my cock in my fist about to yank it out by the roots when Andrea walked in. She looked at me, smiled and came over to the bed leaving a trail of clothes as she walked.

“I’m sorry I have been ignoring you lately” she purred as she replaced my hand with hers on my dick. “Let me take care of this.”

She stroked my cock as only she could all the time kissing me and sucking on my tongue. She kept stroking my manhood and whispered in my ear. “Baby needs some hard fucking from Daddy.” She climbed on top of me and slid my dick into her wet, slippery pussy. My dick went in all the way until my balls were against her beautiful ass.

I looked up and saw a look of happiness on Andrea’s face. She had been working long and hard in school lately and the pressure was getting the best of her. My job was to relieve this pressure and restore the carefree young slut that I had come to know and love. The best way I knew to do this was through orgasms, MANY orgasms. Of course I would benefit from this too!

Andrea rocked back and forth on my hardon moaning as it slid in and out of her. Her hands were rubbing her tits and she was taking in all the feeling of being filled with cock. I had my hands around her slim waist and was helping her to bounce on my dick. I could feel the cum leaking from her and dripping onto my balls. She was starting to get into it.

Andrea leaned down and kissed me and ran her tongue around mine. She looked at me and smiled, she knew I loved this.

“Fuck your little girl, Daddy” she ordered “Fuck your little girl hard, please.”

That was my cue; it was time to go to work. I grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back and climbed in between those long curvy legs. I took my cock and aimed it at her sloppy wet pussy and sank it in to the hilt. She cried out and wrapped her arms around my neck and tried to pull me in deeper. I began to hammer it into her again and again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Then I stopped and pulled my dick completely out of her and just looked at her.

“Daddy, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She begged “Fuck me more, Daddy, lots more.” Then she grabbed my dick and tried to put it back into her.

I slid my prick in and started to pound her cunt again. I fucked her like I was trying to destroy her pussy with my dick. I screwed her like I was pissed off at her. Over and over I pumped in and out of her steamy love canal. All the while looking at the face of the best piece of ass I knew, watching a look of lust come to her face.

I was close to cumming and so I slowed the pace down and I leaned down and began to suck on her nipples. First one and then the other, back and forth until they were both long and stiff. She had amazing boobs and I loved to play with them. Even more I loved to rub my dick all over them so I moved up straddling her flat stomach and began to rubbed my slippery dick all over them. I slowly began to titty fuck this pretty young girl.

Andrea giggled and squeezed her tits together so I could fuck her chest. Every time my big white dick slid up between those mounds, she would lick at the head. I stopped a couple times and let her lick my dick head. It felt wonderful. I could feel the hot cum rising up the length of my prick but there was no way I was going to cum yet.

I rolled off her before I had a chance to cum on her; I still had some fucking to do. I rolled her over so she was face down in the pillow and pulled that fantastic ass up to meet me. I moved in behind Andrea and slowly began to finger her pretty asshole. After a couple minutes I had three fingers sliding in and out of this hole. I leaned over and licked and sucked on her ass as she buried her face in the pillow and screamed in ecstasy. Cum flowed from her and ran down the inside of her thighs and dripped onto the bed. She was cumming like a fountain.

It was time for me to slip my cock into that ass. I rubbed my hardon all around her sweet pink asshole and spit on my cock head and slowly pushed it into her. I slowed down as she tensed up, but soon she relaxed and I slid in all the way. I just stopped and felt the sensation of being buried in this sweet ass. I could feel her muscles trying to milk cum from my dick and it was working.

I started fucking Andrea’s ass like it was my last time. My dick slid in and out of her at a lightening pace. This went on for several minutes. I was getting to the point of no return as she started to shake uncontrollably under me. She was cumming so hard I thought she would pass out, but she kept fucking me back as best she could. I could not take any more and started shooting cum like a cannon. The first shot was in Andrea’s ass and I pulled it out and shot several more blasts. A couple more shots on her pussy and one on her back. Several more ran down her legs and dribbled on the bed.

I rolled off her and lay beside Andrea catching my breath. She leaned over and kissed me and slid down and began to lick our juices off my softening cock.

She cleaned every drop of cum off me and I reached down and smeared the cum on her pussy and ass with my fingers. I found her stiff clit and rolled it between my fingers and squeezed it.

Andrea moaned and wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my face to hers. She looked me in the eyes and said “Daddy sure made me forget my troubles!” She kissed me on the cheek and snuggled up against me. She was relaxed and content. In a couple minutes she was asleep. I got up and left her sleeping on the bed.

As I closed the bedroom door I was startled to see Andrea’s roommate sitting at the table drinking one of my beers.

“Hello, Georgia” I said ”Have you been here long?”

“Just long enough to hear you two fucking like bunnies” she smiled.

“Andrea has been under a lot of pressure lately and I was trying to relax her” I explained.

Georgia laughed and said “That excuse might fool some people, but not me. You just like to fuck her."

She could see right through my excuse and I just laughed.

Both girls had a habit of stopping by my apartment. Neither one of them actually lived here, but they spent almost as much time here as at their home. In fact you would find panties and women’s clothes all over my apartment even though I didn’t wear them. You might find me with a pair of used panties under my nose, but I didn't usually wear them.

They knew they were always welcome and I loved the company of young college girls. Even though they were young enough to be my children, we got along great and it made me proud to show them off in public. My buddies were jealous as hell and I loved that.

Georgia explained to me that she too had been working hard at school as it was finals time and there was a lot of pressure to do well. Both of these girls were very intelligent and I was sure proud of how they worked on their education.

I told Georgia that a nice massage would help her to relax and she smiled at me and told me she would love that.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. She asked why we were going there and I put my finger on her lips and said “Shhh, let Daddy take care of Georgia.”

She kissed my finger and smiled at me. She knew she was in good hands.

I slowly began to undress her starting with her blouse. I unbuttoned it slowly and opened it up revealing a sexy lace bra. I leaned over and kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe. She smelled like sex, a wonderful smell that really made my cock stand at attention. I blew in her ear and I could hear her breath quicken. I moved down to the button on top of her tight jeans. I undid the button and pulled the zipper down. I turned her around to pull the jeans down, but I had to stop and admire the beautiful ass that this girl has.

“Beautiful” I whispered as I ran my hands along her curvy young hips, “Absolutely beautiful”.

“I’m glad you like it” Georgia purred as she bent over to help me remove her jeans.

Removing those jeans revealed a thong that matched her black lacey bra. With her bent over I could not stop myself from running my tongue up her pretty ass crack. But I had more to do before the fun would begin, so I turned her around and sat her down on the toilet and pulled the jeans from those sexy legs. As I pulled her feet from her pant legs, I stopped to lick her feet and suck on her big toe. She was ticklish and giggled and pulled my hair telling me to stop it.

I stood up and looked at this beautiful girl before me and held out my hand. She took my hand and I stood her up and reached around behind her and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. Her magnificent tits stood at attention like missile points. I bent over and pulled her thong down below her knees. She put her hand on my back and stepped out of her underwear. I put the thong to my nose and it smelled terrific, like perfume.

I stepped back and moved toward the shower and turned on the water. I was trying to hide the big boner that was growing in my pants. You would have to be blind not to see it sticking up.

I moved Georgia into the shower and removed my pants and stepped in with her. I washed her back and soaped up the rest of her wonderful body. I washed under her arms, between her legs and every soft curvy place being sure not to miss any sexy part of her.

After the shower I was careful to dry off every curve and soft spot. Then I led her into the kitchen. I threw a blanket on the kitchen table and had Georgia lie face down on the table. I began by massaging the back of her neck and shoulders. She was very tense and I heard her moan as I loosened her tight muscles. I worked on her upper back and then her lower back. I started to massage her butt cheeks and worked my way down each leg. As I worked my way back up her legs I thought I could smell something sweet. I leaned down and breathed in the fantastic smell of Georgia’s pussy. Man, it was like perfume and made my dick harder.

When I took her hand and told her to roll over, she had a dazed look on her face and her eyes were glazed like she was stoned.

“Are you OK, baby?” I asked.

“I got off twice while you were doing that” she whimpered.

“Good, you will cum many more times before I stop” I promised.

I massaged the sides of her neck all the while kissing her on the lips. Then I moved to her shoulders and I started sucking her ample tits. I kept this up until her nipples were red and hard. I moved along her hard flat stomach to her navel where I licked and sucked on it as my hand worked its way to the mound above her pussy. I traced all the way around her pussy with my finger making sure to avoid touching it.

From there I proceeded down her legs licking and kissing the inside of her thighs. I took her by the ankles and raised her legs in the air. I licked the soft skin behind her knees and spread her legs.

I slid Georgia around and placed a leg over each of my shoulders and lowered my face into her sex. I began to bite her clit and finger her pretty asshole. I sucked and licked her pussy like ice cream. I could not get enough, and I sucked her clit and bit it with my teeth. All this time I was running my finger in and out of her asshole. This made her grab my hair and pull my face deeper into her. I licked for all I was worth.

Suddenly Georgia let out a scream and cum streamed out of her and ran down my chin. I sucked up all I could get and licked her pussy clean.

“I would sure like to be fucked, Daddy” She whispered to me.

“Me too, Baby girl” I said as I lined my cock up to her pussy.

She reached down and guided my throbbing cock into her slippery pussy. It went all the way in till my balls slapped against her ass. I pulled it back and pumped it in again. It felt so good that I couldn’t get enough. I knew Andrea had drained me, but I was determined to give Georgia a fantastic fuck. I pumped my manhood in and out slowly at first then I would speed up. I would then pick up the pace and screw her as hard as I could. When I would feel the cum trying to escape, I would slow down and think of crazy shit to keep from getting off too quickly.

Finally I decided it was time for the big finish. I wanted Georgia to see stars when see exploded into a gigantic orgasm, so I fucked her like a madman.
I hammered her pussy until it was red and my dick was getting sore. I knew I was about to cum.

“I’m cumming, baby” I shouted ”God, I’m cumming!”

“I want to see you cum!” Georgia cried “I want to see you shoot it.”

I pulled my cock from her pussy and jacked it off while I looked at this horny girl staring at my cock. She begged me to cum on her.

I could not hold back any longer and spurts of cum started flying from my dick. The first was the biggest and landed on Georgia’s forehead and cheek. The second blast hit her in the neck and the next two were all over her tits and belly.

I let my dick go and some more cum oozed out and dribbled onto her pussy.

Georgia reached down and stroked my half hard dick and then licked the cum off her hand. She wiped the cum from her forehead and licked it off her fingers.

“Fuck, that felt wonderful” she beamed as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Yes it was” I smiled as I leaned down and kissed her lips. “Yes it was.”

We cleaned the place up a little and Georgia and I talked about a lot of things for a while. I expressed the idea that I would really like to have her and Andrea do a strip tease type lap dance for me sometime.

Georgia looked me in the eyes and gave me that devilish look and said “Gosh I guess that’s the least we could do for you. I’ll talk with Andrea and see what we can do.”

She got dressed and left me sitting at the kitchen table naked. My dick started to twitch just thinking about a lap dance. But that’s another story.

God, Daddy loves his little girls.

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