The Island - SMC - part 4

The Island - SMC - part 4

This is a fictional story, all characters and actions are not real nor condoned.
The preface to the story is in part one. The discreet summer modeling camp for budding beauties continues.

Almost two weeks after Amy's birthday, the camp was coming to an end. Amanda was longing to leave, after feeling a bit guilty for what she got her 10 year old sister for her birthday. Amy was starting to show a slight bulge in her tummy. Amanda was in denial, attributing her own swollen belly to just putting on weight. Emily was showing the most, as she was at least 6 weeks pregnant, and she proudly showed it all off all the time.

Julie, Amanda, and Amy were the first to leave, I took them all in the boat, as we were headed for the mainland, Amy came over and sat on my lap. She was wearing a short flowery dress and a tiny gstring. The boat bounced us around, my cock began getting hard under her firm buttcheeks as Amy dry humped me. Amanda glared over at her, and Amy just smiled and reached under her, unzipping my pants.

Amy wrapped her small hand around my hard dick, trying to guide it to her pussy, but the motion of the boat made it difficult. She giggled as the boat rocked. Then in one motion, my cock slipped aside her tiny gstring and into her young wet pussy. She bounced on my lap, giggling and laughing as her sister watched unamused. I began to slow the boat, approaching the mainland dock. Amy settled down all the way on my cock, my hand held her tummy, that I could tell was clearly growing. She rocked her hips with my cock inside her. I couldn't hold back, my cock erupted inside her already fertilized womb. Filling her pussy with a thick load of my sperm one last time. She just sat on me until we docked, hoping off my cock, not bothering to fix her gstring or clean up her messy pussy.

We all hugged, kissed, said our goodbyes. I had to bring Emily back in a few hours, so I was in a hurry to leave. Julie said she wanted to come back in the winter, which was fine with me! Amanda was still a little perturbed and didn't say much, just pulling her younger, pregnant sister by the arm to the limo. As she flipped her leg into the limo and blew me a kiss, she opened her legs wide, showing off her small gstring, not covering much of her pussy as it leaked more sperm. Amanda just shook her head, eventually smiled and blew me a kiss as the left.

I watched them leave out of sight before I headed back to the island. When I arrived to the dock, it was quiet and seemingly empty. I walked around the property, clean up some things, restocked, refueled, and straightened up. I had almost forgot about Emily while I was doing laundry, making sure to over dry all the skimpy little outfits hoping to shrink them more for the next girls.

"you didn't forget about me did you?" Emily spoke in a young, seductive tone.

"no I didn't forge..." I trailed off as I turned and saw her.

Emily was wearing a small blue halter top, clearly no bra, her 13 year old swelling breasts pointing straight out, almost upward. There was no hiding her puffy and constantly erect nipples poking through the thin material. She had on a matching blue ruffled skirt, it was very short at her thighs and on her waist. Her bare midriff completely exposed, her young tummy very predominantly shown a baby bump that she rubbed with her hands, smiling at me.

"you look so amazingly beautiful Emily," was all I could say, walking towards her as my cock grew.

"I'm so happy you gave me what I wanted," she moaned slightly as she rubbed her body.

"I need some to take home with me," she motioned towards my cock.

Emily playfully jumped up onto the kitchen counter, sitting with her butt on the edge, she lifter her feet up aside her, spreading herself wide open. Her skirt flipping up revealing she wasn't wearing any panties, her young swollen pussy already soaking wet, glistening in the light. She untied my pants as they fell to the floor, my cock still sticky from Amy's young juices. She just stroked me, pulling me closer to her.

I buried my cock deep inside her, she began to raise her back as we fucked, poking her bulging tummy into the air as she began to rub and caress it. I grabbed her legs, pounding her harder and deeper as Amy moaned, squirming and bucking below me. She looked up at me as I began to throb inside her tight hole.

"yes!" she yelled excitedly, "give me your cum!" she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, pulling me deeper into her.

Emily clenched me tight as I began shooting stream after stream of my thick sperm inside her. Her eyes widened, she had a huge open mouth grin as I filled her with cum. She held me inside her for a couple minutes as we passionately kissed. I pulled out of her, she immediately tipped back further, covering her pussy with one hand, she leaned over to the laundry pile and grabbed a pair of small satin panties and stuffed it entirely inside her pussy, out of sight, plugging all of my cum in.

"mmmmm, I want to hold onto that one for a while," she moaned slightly as she spoke.

"you have been so amazing Emily, you are always welcome to come back," we talked as we walked hand in hand down to the dock, getting in the boat and heading for the mainland.

She had a tearful goodbye as we hugged and kissed, leaving with my load still inside her as she got in the waiting limo. We parted ways, and I headed out to do some resupplying of many things. I loaded up the boat, took it all back to the island, and got everything situated on the homestead, including adding the aphrodisiac liquid straight into the fresh 3 month water supply. I showered, dressed in a fresh linen button down shirt and matching pants, I wondered if any of the new girls would see I'm not wearing underwear.

I was honestly a little nervous as I cruised slowly to the mainland dock, giving the new group of girls a chance to get there before I did. I didn't know if it would pan out as it did before, but eager to find out nonetheless. As I approached the dock, I saw the limo pull away, leaving four young girls standing by the edge of the dock. I smiled, waving at them as I tied up. All of them excitedly waved back, smiling, talking amongst themselves and giggling.

"good afternoon girls, I'm Jake," I spoke, standing in front of them as we all sized each other up.

"hi, Jake!" they all said in unison, all sounding so sexy, cute with several high pitched voices.

"we will get the formalities done when we get to the island, sound good?" I asked.

"whoo!" yelled the girls, running jumping excitedly into the boat.

I didn't get many good looks at them as we sped across the water in the boat, as the waves were bouncing us around and I was trying to maneuver the boat. They giggled and laughed the whole way, a few of them obviously never being on a boat before. They oohed and ahhed as we made our way slowly through the clearing and into the secluded lagoon, docking the boat and leaving the outside world with these girls. I tied up the bow of boat and wasn't even to the back before the identical twins bolted down the dock excitedly squealing, with another girl five steps behind them.

"whoa girls!" I shouted, they halted in their tracks. "we have the next three months to explore the island, just calm down." Several of them laughed and giggled, smiling at me. "let's meet each other around the pool, and then I'll cook some dinner while you pick rooms and explore, okay?"

"okay!" they all squealed in excitement.

We all walked together up to the pool, they checked out everything they could within line of sight, commenting, giggling, smiling, several of them bluntly checking me out occasionally too. The oldest looking girl said she needed to use the bathroom, I told her where it was and she was followed by the other, talking and giggling. I was left with the twins, whom I couldn't hardly handle. They were bouncing off everything, all girlishly giddy with excitement, checking everything out, and very openly flirtatious with me right from the start.

I sat down on the couch in the outdoor living room around the fire pit, a few moments later the girls came back from the bathroom and say down amongst the furniture also. The twins came bouncing back, giggling an not able to sit still as I began going over with them all about their time here. The photo shoots, bedrooms, wardrobe, and everyday chores to help out, as well as play time. I never made mention of anything else that could potentially come as a result of all this. I gave my professional speech and then casually introduced myself, who I was etc. Then asked them all to take turns introducing themselves, and I'd do some intro photos of each of them.

The seemingly oldest girl stood up first. As she spoke about herself it was evident she was taking this modeling deal and her appearance very seriously. She was well composed and seemed quite mature for her age.

"Hello, I'm Lindsay," she waved and smiled to everyone looking into my eyes the longest. "I'm thirteen, and I've been modeling on and off for most all my life," she said and began to pose before I even had my camera ready. She struck many poses naturally, a few seductive as I snapped away and the others watched.

Lindsay was fairly tall, probably 5'3" she was well proportioned, good solid muscle tone to her entire body. Smooth long legs, great ass under her daisy duke jean shorts. She wore a tight white tank top, with her small pink bikini top showing through. She spun and posed, sticking out her chest as she did, probably a 32b cup if I had to guess, the largest set here. Her body was fairly tanned, her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair was trimmed well, making her look older. She had the most beautiful vivid emerald eyes that drew anyone in. And freckles throughout her entire body.

"Hi, I'm Jessica," another girl stood up and spoke. "I turned twelve last month, I've only started modeling in the past year, so I don't have a lot of experience.." she trailed on and on, very bubbly and talkative.

I just listened with the other girls, and began to take pictures of her and her excessive body language that made her more adorable. She was about 5' and quite skinny, long thin legs and arms. Her long black hair accentuated her pale skin, and her hazel eyes were so beautiful. She spun and posed with elegance, charm, and a little seduction. Jessica was wearing a green halter top tied around her neck, that exposed her entire midriff. She definitely was not wearing a bra, not much of a need to, her breasts were just blooming, tiny little bumps lightly showing through her cotton top. Her small pleated white skirt hung well below her belly button and short of her thighs. It seemed almost too small for her, which was okay on the island.

Jessica posed and posed, becoming increasingly more dramatic, and little more sexual as everyone seemed to get more comfortable with each other. As she was twirling, her skirt rose in the back exposing the bottom of her tiny round buttcheeks. She was wearing little black hip hugger panties with lace around the edges. Surely she was going to love her wardrobe selection!

Jessica hadn't hardly sat down, flashing her panties as she did, when the twins popped up from the couch, excitedly. They stood side by side, and spoke either in unison or finishing each others sentences and thoughts. It was absolutely adorable they way they were tied at the cute rounding hips.

"I'm Veronica," one spoke.

"I'm Nicole," the other giggled.

"Nikki and Vikki!" they both proclaimed proudly, looking at each other, hugging tightly and smiling identically for the camera, pressing their cheeks together.

I couldn't hardly tell them apart, they were the definition of identical twins, and evidentially, just hit puberty and fully enthralled with it.

"We are eleven, and we like to model for fun, dance, and go to the beach!" they giggled in unison.

I began to take photos as they posed. Vikki and Nikki were both quite visibly tan, bright golden blonde hair that came to just above their shoulders and short bangs, bright blue eyes, matching pouty lips, small cheeks, and small, slightly upturned noses. The sparse hair on their arms was bright sun bleached blonde, beautifully contrasting their bronzed skin. The twins were wearing cotton terry cloth beach coverup thigh length tube top dresses. Vikki's was pink, and Nikki's was yellow, the only way to tell them apart. I could see the thin strings from their bikinis around their necks. They were short, had seemingly nice little round butts, and bounced all around adorably together as I took photos. They weren't afraid to hug, press their faces together, interlock limbs, and be so intimate together. They posed quite provocatively, but in a very cute and innocent way. Unbelievably too good to be true.

After they finished with their first shoot, I began going over rules, formalities, and amenities of their new home. The twins would get the largest room since they would share everything, Lindsay and Jessica had to decide their sleeping arrangements between them. We all headed up to the house, I prepared a very nice dinner as the girls excitedly ran up stairs to check out the rooms and their new wardrobes. I poured us all water, freshly tainted slightly. They eventually came to dinner, we ate, talked and got to know each other more. Every single one of the girls was flirtatious right from the start, the twins were almost too much at times. It was a wonderful evening together as we dined and watched the sunset. We all went to our separate bedrooms for the night, I couldn't wait for what was about to unfold.

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