The Zethriel Project (Chapters Five - Six)

The Zethriel Project (Chapters Five - Six)


When Keria Shadoweye woke, it was evening. The last of the day's light was filtering through the dark blue curtains, casting a murky glow over the room. They must have been asleep for a very long time, she thought.
Under her, Zethriel slept peacefully with his cock rock-hard again inside Keria's cunt. She lifted her head off his shoulder to watch him sleep. Straddling him as she was, his cock filled her to satisfaction and his body was so warm beneath her as Zethriel's chest rose and fell with his breathing. She could think of no place she'd rather be than laying on top of her lover, impaled on his cock, and was perfectly content to let him wake up in his own good time.
His eyes were fluttering beneath their lids--he was dreaming. She watched him for another moment or so before resting her head on his shoulder again. Keria remembered her thunderous orgasm of the previous night, but she couldn't recall anything afterward, and judging from their current position, there hadn't been anything afterward. Her body still ached with the memory of that moment. So much pleasure all at once, she'd felt like her body was going to tear itself apart.
Zethriel's cock twitched as he dreamed. Keria grinned, wondering absently how many times they might have sleep-fucked. Her wet cunt clenched involuntarily at the thought, and somehow Zethriel's straining cock slid in a little deeper than it already was. His breathing was still slow and regular but his heart was beating a bit quicker.
Something that might have been a moan if it had been maybe ten times as loud rose from Zethriel's throught. Keria gyrated her hips a little, and that was all it took. Zethriel body tensed and his cock exploded a load of cum into her depths.
His eyes fluttered open. It took him a moment to blink the sleep from them, but then he looked at her and smiled.
She smiled back and kissed him. The world seemed perfect to her, suddenly. Nothing mattered but this, right here; the two of them, and it was perfect. "Good morning, my love. What did you dream about?"
"You, of course." He lightly stroked her cheek, pushing a bit of her dark, silky hair off her face.
She smiled and kissed him again. "It's evening, actually. I think we slept for more than a day."

Zethriel sat up and folded his legs. With a wet plop, his softening cock fell out of Keria's cunt, which came to rest on him just below his bellybutton. A few drops of her juices trickled down the inside of his thigh. He definitely had that light-headed feeling of having been asleep to long. The both of them were covered in sweat and cum.
"We need another bath," he said, "and I need to piss."
"Yeah, me too." Keria very reluctantly disentangled herself and got up off his lap.
They took turns relieving themselves. Keria went first, so she'd had time to fill the large bath half-way by the time Zethriel came back into the bedroom.
She was bent over, leaning on the edge of the tub with her legs pressed together so the lips of her cunt were perfectly framed in the four-way crease made by her ass and thighs.
Zethriel came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her belly. She leaned back into him as he leaned forward and kissed her neck, letting his hands slide up to cup her breasts. The shaft of his semi-hard cock was pushed between the folds of her labia.
His lips worked their way up her neck and cheek as she turned her head to bring her lips to his. He hugged her to him. "I love you, Keria, you know," he said, his voice soft and deep.
She pulled on his arms a little. "Come on then, let me wash you and you can tell me about your dream."
The slipped into the water and drifted to the center of the tub, which was deep enough they could stand. The water came up to Zethriel's armpits, and the top of Keria's shoulders. They were still free of dirt from their first bath, so simply soaking in the soapy water would be enough this time.
Keria didn't need an excuse to touch him, though. She sat on the edge of of the bench-ridge and pulled him into her lap. Zethriel slouched so he would seem shorter and she could hold him the way he'd just held her.
"Go on. Tell me about your dream." She was working her fingers through his long, black hair, which had become a little tangled.
He slid his hands down her sides and draped them over her thighs. "Alright then..."
***It began in the old city, when we were both small children. Clouds covered everything, but they weren't clouds, because I could walk on them. I was leaping from cloud to cloud and you were chasing me. We were as we were then: young.
Anyway, soon enough you caught me. You came flying at me from behind and tackled me. We went tumbling through the air and then landed in this huge cloud. You were pinning me down, hurting me, but then you were kissing me.
It's funny. In the dream I had no idea what was going on. I was thinking like the little kid I appeared to be.
My cock even stayed soft when you tried to mount me, but it still felt amazingly good.
Things got weird for a little bit, then. The dream changed so we were in this nest of leaves, high in a giant tree. You were on your hands and knees and I was already in you from behind. Your ass bounced on my hips with each thrust. I had my arms up under yours and I was holding your face in my hands, which is strange because I could see your face.
You were mouthing "Open me," over and over.
The dream changed again. We laid on our sides, facing each other. This was really, really strange, but in the dream it was making me so hot. As we touched our flesh melted together. Our nipples connected and our chests began to connect until neither of us had a front.
I was kissing you furiously, and I dreamed I could feel your toung reaching all the way through the heart of me. It was beyond weird, but in the dream the air was so cold and I welcomed it as every last bit of me and you merged until I was blind to everything but the feeling of being one with you.***

Keria sighed into Zethriel's neck as he finished his story. Her cunt was throbbing with anticipation. She wished she could have been there with him.
"That was when I woke up," he said. "I guess it is a little creepy."
Keria shook her head. "No. Only a fool takes a dream literally," she reassured him. "I think it speaks of what is in your heart: A deep and powerful loneliness."
"I'm not lonely any more."
She smiled. "I'm glad I'm all you want."
"You are everything I could ever want." He turned and pressed his lips down on hers.
His hand found her cunt and she felt him push two fingers inside. She responded by lifting her legs and prying Zethriel's mouth open with her toung. His other hand pressed down on her mons and he would squeeze her flesh between his hands with each stroke of his fingers.
A glorious tension built up in mere seconds, making her tremble. Keria threw her arms around his neck. Her body was limp in his hands, given over entirely to him and what he was doing.
Keria's long-awaited orgasm came like a super-nova, spreading through her whole body like an electric current, and then suddenly focusing intensely deep into her cunt. A short, unbidden scream forced her lips off of Zethriel's as her cunt exploded on his hand.


Even under the bathwater, the force of her orgasm hit his hand like a jet. She must have been building that one up since they were asleep. Once she caught her breath, Zethriel gave Keria's cunt a little affectionate squeeze and sat down next to her on the bench. She threw her legs over his so she was sitting sideways on his lap, pinning his hard cock between her thigh and his belly.
"Do you know how long I dreamed about having you?" she asked, burying her face in his neck, and twisting her hips up slightly so there was room to get his cock in position.
"Well, then your dream has come true, and I can promise you, I will be yours forever."
"There is not a time I can remember not loving you," she said, settling her hips again so his cock slid slowly into her depths. Zethriel laid her head back where it had been on his chest and tenderly stroked her hair.
With his heart beating fast, but his breathing slow and relaxed, Zethriel just held her to him, wishing it could last forever. They weren't even moving, but over the next what-must-have-been hours their orgasms slowly built, Keria's cunt squeezing and milking his cock as he flexed in it in time, while they simply held each other.
Halfway through, Zethriel stood up and carried them to the cushioned chair opposite the bed, making sure his cock moved out of her as little as possible. They helped each other dry off, then settled back into their loving embrace and gentle rhythm.
Keria made a small whimpering noise and tightened her grip.
Zethriel responded by making his cock twitch extra hard and leaning down to nuzzle Keria's neck, landing soft kisses on her jawbone. He wanted to say everything he was thinking and feeling to her, but she already knew, he thought, and was saying it back. Every touch said "I love you," and every movement said "I want you," and every moment of their embrace said "I never want this to end."
"I like listening to your heartbeat," she whispered. Her favorite spot to rest her head was right there, with her ear pressed down right where his heart was.
The sun was long-gone by now, and Zethriel thought he was getting close to cumming. He slid a finger into the crevice between Keria's legs and found her clit, but only gave it a little flick as he flexed his cock.
Their breathing was quickening at the same rate, and when their bodies finally convulsed, it seemed almost in slow motion. Keria trembled as her cunt twisted itself, and Zethriel went rigid as his cock exploded inside her. Neither cried out. They merely clung to each other as their bodies were wracked with pleasure. It felt like it lasted forever.
When it was finally over, both lovers let out huge sigh of satisfaction. The tension in their loins had been sated and they could enjoy the simpler joy of simple contact.
"When was the last time we ate?" Zethriel wondered.
Keria slid off his lap so she was squeezed into the chair next to him. "A while ago, to be sure. I'm famished."
Zethriel leaned over the arm of the chair and found the Soul Shard in his robes. After only a moments hesitation, he held it out and began the summoning spell. A dark light flared from the Shard and in the center of the room, a shape began to form.
Eyes broke through the shimmering air, followed by a pale blue face, a mouth with wicked teeth, horns, hair. A curvy, voluptuous body barely covered by jagged metal armor, a tail, hooves, and elegant wings.
A chain-link whip materialized in the Succubus' hand and she brandished it menacingly. Zethriel felt a sharp intake of breath from Keria.
"Don't worry," he grinned. The hand that had been holding the Soul Shard was still outstretched, and as he flexed his fingers, an invisible force yanked the Succubus off her feet and brought her neck into his hand. As his fingers dug into the demon's flesh, the fight seemed to go out of her. "What's your name?"
"Kalrah." Her voice was flat.
"You belong to us now, Kalrah." A green glow was emanating from his hand. "Who's will do you serve?"
"Z--Zethriel.... Keria...."
"Who is your master?"
The demon's eyes seemed to dull, and then reopen. "You are."
"Good," said Zethriel, "go bring us a suitable meal, and don't attract attention."
He released the demon's neck and she spread her wings and flew out the window.
"Was that the first time you've summoned a demon?" Keria asked.
"Yes, but I've seen the masters do it many times."
She slid her arm around his waist and kissed him.

It was only a few minutes before Kalrah returned with a small box. Keria glanced inside as Zethriel took it from the demon, but the smell alone was making her mouth water. The box folded open to become a tray, which Zethriel sat across their laps. There was a fruit bowl and two large cuts of juicy dragonhawk steak. Zethriel fed her a strawberry from the bowl.
The Succubus was staring at them. Zethriel noticed and sent the demon into the corner of the room, and with a wave of his hand, made the demon's iron armor vanish. "Play with yourself," he suggested.
Kalrah didn't hesitate in the slightest. With the jagged iron out of the way, she plunged a hand into her cunt and sank to the floor with a sigh.
Keria tore into her steak with a wild ferocity, dripping blood down her chin and onto her breasts. Zethriel, smiling at her, leaned over and licked the blood off, teasing her nipples with his toung once or twice before returning to his own steak.
All too soon, the food was gone. Keria fed Zethriel the last handful of grapes and kissed him so they could share in the burst of sweet juice. Zethriel smiled at her and stroked her hair. Somehow, such a simple gesture from him still thrilled her. She said as much to him.
"It reminds me of something that philosopher, whatever-his-name-was, once said," he replied, "It was something like, 'One touch from a person you love can be better than thirteen hours in thirty-seven positions with someone you don't,' I think."
"You sound like you believe it."
He smiled and kissed her. "I do now. Don't you?"
"Of course," she giggled, "being with you is so good not because of what we do but because it's you I'm doing it with."
Keria snuggled up against him and sighed. They sat together in silence for a while, the only sound being wet, squishy sounds as Kalrah feverishly fingered herself.
But something was edging in on Keria's mind, something from that dark, murky time she thought of as "before Zethriel." The memory wouldn't be denied, and Keria groaned in annoyance as it surfaced.
"What is it?" Zethriel asked.
Keria sighed again, this time in resignation. "I have a job it less than an hour. I'm supposed to assassinate this bigshot merchant today before dawn. My employer gave me this room; not even the innkeeper knows about it, but I can only get in so long as I pay my rent, so to speak."
"How long will it take you? Can I help?"
Keria kissed him and shook her head. "It should go quickly."
With a huge effort of will, Keria dragged herself away from Zethriel and picked up her leathers. She wanted nothing more than to fall back into that chair and touch him, but she held herself back. He loved her. Somehow thinking that and knowing it was true still sent a little wave of pleasure throughout her being. He loved her, she loved him; even if in this instant they were apart, they would be together again as soon as they could. How could they not?

Zethriel's skin ached where he was no longer in contact with Keria. He stood up and watched her dress. She buckled her belt in place and pulled on her boots, looking up at him and smiling. Her short, dark hair fell around her face in a carefree manner. Zethriel found that with each passing moment he was loving every little thing about her more and more.
"Be careful," he said.
"I always am."
Zethriel took her in his arms and kissed her again, long and hard, exploring the now-familiar territory of Keria's toung and mouth. Afterward, he turned to the demon. "Kalrah."
The Succubus stopped what she was doing and looked up, pulling her fingers out of her dripping cunt. Kalrah was sitting in a pool of her own fluids. Zethriel waved his hand and the iron armor rematerialized, locking the demon's cunt and nipples out of reach.
"Go with Keria," said Zethriel. "Stay invisible, and don't interfere unless Keria calls for you."
He smiled at his lover. "Sound good?"
She grinned sideways and nodded, then leapt into his arms and kissed him again. Then, with an almost tangible rending of what felt like a piece of his heart being torn away, Keria was out the window, sailing through the air to land catlike in the alley and vanish into the shadows.
Zethriel's heart shivered, figuratively speaking. He tried to tell himself that it was only that he missed her already, that she was amazingly skilled and in no danger, but there was no denying it. Zethriel had a really bad feeling about this.

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