Rocking at the Pink Kitty

Rocking at the Pink Kitty

I had stopped at the local tavern for a couple beers after a real shitty Friday at work. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I needed a fucking beer in the worst way. Maybe I needed a LOT of beer.

I was sitting at the end of the bar minding my own business and not bothering anyone when my buddy Larry came in. He looked at me and walked over to me and said “My guess is you had a pretty bad day by the look on your face. How long have you been here?”

“Not fucking long enough” I snarled “Not long enough.”

“Cheer up a little” Larry laughed “Don’t be so damn hateful.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just been a really rotten fucking day” I explained. “My day started when I spilled my first cup of coffee on my shirt and it just got worse as it went along”

We sat and had a couple more beers and made small talk when suddenly Larry started to smile and said “Hey I heard they have some new girls dancing at the Pink Kitty. We should go over there and check them out.”

The Pink Kitty was a strip club in town that had a pretty good reputation as a place a guy could get about all the pussy he could stand. Everybody that went there usually had a very good time. It had been so long since I had been there that I almost forgot about it.

“Good idea, Larry” I smiled “Let’s head over there and check it out.”

We rode over to the Pink Kitty and parked and walked inside. Not much had changed from the last time I was there. It was not very crowded and the music was loud and it was pretty dark. We picked out a table up near the stage where we would have a good look at the dancers.

I always loved strip clubs. You didn’t have to wine and dine strippers. You just stuffed money in their G-strings and they would let you play with them. The more you stuffed in the more you could play. You thought you were in charge but the girls had you wrapped around their finger. Shit, I loved strippers.

We sat there and watched several girls dance that we knew and had seen before. Then a couple new girls came out and danced. They were very pretty and could really dance. Things were looking up.

The third new girl that came out was known as Natalia. She was about five and a half feet tall and was extremely beautiful. She had long black hair and green eyes. She was tanned very dark and her body was one to dream of. She had perfect tits that I thought were about 34D and a very slim waist. Her legs were strong looking like those of a tennis player, but very long and sexy. The wonderful smile on her face topped off the perfect package. I was in heat.

She started out dressed as a business woman in a low cut blouse and a knee length skirt. She danced around on the stage and the more I looked at her, the harder my dick got. When the song changed Natalia lost the blouse, then the skirt and she was left in only a red G-string and a matching red lace bra that could just barely contain those magnificent tits. She looked really tall with the heels she was wearing and she began to use the pole on the stage.

It did not take very long to see how talented this woman was. She climbed the pole and slid down backwards hanging just by those lovely legs. She did things on that pole that left me staring in amazement. She would twirl around the pole all the way from the top and end up on the stage on her back with her legs spread wide and then smile at you and do it again.

At some point in this dancing she managed to lose the rest of her outfit and was completely nude except for her stripper shoes. Her pussy was completely shaved and as tanned as the rest of her beautiful body. The young guys in the audience were lying on their backs on the stage and placing five dollar bills over their face. Natalia would dance over them and squat and take the money right off their faces with her perfect pussy. The whole place was going wild. The bar had gotten a lot more crowded and I had not known.

When her last song ended the whole place erupted in applause. It was obvious that everyone loved Natalia. Money was thrown on the stage and she strutted around the stage and blew kisses to us all. I hoped I would get a chance to meet her later.

The entire bar was now in solid rock and roll mode as Natalia had lit everyone’s fire. The next girl was very pretty and almost as good of a dancer as Natalia. The crowd continued to really get into it and I was watching this pretty girl dance when someone placed a hand on my arm.

It startled me and I turned around to look Natalia straight in the eyes.

“I’m sorry I startled you” she smiled “I saw you when I was dancing and I wanted to meet you.”

Talk about a change in my luck! I was so amazed that she was there that I could barely talk.

“Wow, I was hoping I could meet you, too.” I stammered. “You are even more beautiful up close.”

Natalia leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you very much.” She whispered in my ear.

She sat down with me and I bought her a drink and we made some small talk. I tried to concentrate on the conversation, but this girl was driving me nuts. She was so hot that I could not keep from staring at her.

Finally she asked me if I would like a private dance.

I thought my fucking dick would explode!

She took me by the hand and led me to the VIP room. I could barely walk and everyone in the place knew I had a throbbing boner sticking out the front of my jeans.

The VIP room was a room full of leather sofas that you would sit in the middle of and the dancer would do her stuff. It was like semi private as there were other dancers there with guys, but trust me you paid no attention to anyone else.

We sat down waiting for the music to start and we made small talk. Natalia told me that she was from Romania and that she had moved to the USA about six years before. She was single and wanted to finish her college education. She said that this job allowed her to be a student and make pretty good money on weekends.

The music started and she pushed me down into the sofa and stood above me.

“Please enjoy my talents, Mike” she smiled as she unhooked her bra and let those wonderful boobs spill out. Natalia was as better in person as she was on stage. She rubbed and slid all over me while removing her panties. She stuck them under my nose and her sweet smell almost made me cum in my pants.

For the next four or five minutes this beautiful woman made love to me without ever touching my cock. She would nibble on my earlobe and then breathe heavily in my ear, then rub her pussy in my face and spin around to put me face to face with her tight little ass. She moved fast enough that although you had a hold of her butt cheeks, you could never get your face buried in that sweet ass. God, what a tease she was!

The music ended and I looked at Natalia and begged her to dance for me again.

“I will dance for you all night if that is what you want” she answered. “Just tell me when you have had enough.”

“I believe I will be out of money before I ever get enough” I laughed.

Natalia leaned down and kissed my cheek again as the music started. She began to dance to the music and soon she was rubbing her naked pussy on my face. All I could do was stick my tongue out as she was fucking my face with her pussy and ass. She spun around and sat down straddling my legs and rubbed her tits in my face. I cupped my hands around her tits and took turns sucking one nipple and then the other. They grew hard and long in my mouth and tasted like candy. Then the music stopped.

Shit, I thought. Why did the music stop so quickly? I guess I was just having too much fun.

“Shall I continue?” Natalia asked.

“Please, don’t stop yet.” I begged.

She laughed and rubbed my stiff cock through my pants.

“He feels happy” she smiled.

“So do I.” I laughed.

Again the music started and Natalia dropped to her knees between my legs. She was rubbing my dick and she would put her mouth over my dick and blow her hot breath through the fabric onto my prick. This was more than I could stand. I reached down and pulled her up to me.

“If you keep that up, I will cum in my pants” I explained.

“That is what I want.” She purred in my ear.

She ran her hand down in the front of my pants and grabbed me by the dick. She stroked it as she breathed heavily in my ear.

I was fucked! I came all over her hand and in my pants. I bet I could have filled a water glass with the amount of cum I shot.

Natalia pulled her hand from my pants and looked at the cum all over it. She smiled at me and licked all the cum from her fingers. She smiled at me again then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“I got what I wanted” she laughed as she sat there straddling my legs.

The music ended and she was sitting there looking at me.

“Should I stop dancing now?” she laughed.

I slapped her on her bare ass cheek and we both started laughing. I paid her what I owed her and gave her a handsome tip. We hugged each other and headed back into the bar.

She had to get ready to dance on stage and I headed for the men’s room to clean up. She kissed me on the cheek and told me she really had fun and wanted to see me again. I promised her she had not seen the last of me.

A couple of weeks had passed since I had met Natalia and I found myself thinking about her from time to time. I had not had the time to go back to the Pink Kitty and I was trying to work it out so I could get over there. It was a Friday night and I had stopped at the local tavern again as usual.

I was sitting there having a beer and in walked Andrea. I had not seen her in a couple weeks and she was looking drop dead gorgeous as usual.

She stood over by the door and opened her coat and flashed me. She was naked under the coat!

I don’t know who else saw her, but it was obvious that she didn't care.

Again she opened her coat and this time she reached up and grabbed her right boob and squeezed it. My dick was beginning to rise rapidly and I could not take my eyes off of Andrea.

Al the bartender came over to me and asked if Ai wanted another beer. Twice he had to ask me and finally I heard him.

“What?” I asked him.

“Do you want another beer?” he asked again.

“Yes, look at that” I pointed to Andrea.

Al was a big black man about forty eight years old. He had been a pro football player in his early life and was about six feet six inches tall and was built like a body builder. He had stayed in pretty good shape for his age and nobody fucked with Al if you know what I mean.

“Isn't that your young girlfriend?” Al asked. “She sure is hot.”

“Yep, that’s Andrea” I answered “Just keep watching her.”

Al watched and sure enough, Andrea pulled her coat open and this time she rubbed her naked pussy.

You could have knocked Al and me both over with a feather.

“Holy fuck, she’s naked!” Al cried out.

Nobody knew that Andrea had a streak of exhibitionism in her. It didn’t come out very often, but when it did there was no controlling her. Lucky for Al and me.

Andrea strolled over and sat down at a table in the corner. Al went over and asked her what she wanted.

“Your big black cock” She answered as she looked at the rise in his pants.

“In about twenty minutes we’ll be closing and then you can have it” Al promised.

“I’ll be sitting here leaking pussy juice on this chair waiting” Andrea smiled.

Al came back over and told me what Andrea had said.

“She likes the black dick” I told him. “I’ve seen her do it before.”

“She lets you watch?” he questioned.

“Yea, she likes to show off. It makes us both get off.” I answered.

Al carried a beer over to Andrea and she reached out and stroked his pants when he set it down on the table. He walked back to the bar smiling.

There were only a couple other people in the bar and soon they left. It wasn’t closing time but Al almost ran over and locked the door and turned down the lights. He could hardly wait.

Andrea got up and walked over to the pool table and stopped with her back towards us. She turned and looked at us over her shoulder. She got a big smile on her face and slowly peeled off the long coat and let it fall to the floor. All we could see was that perfect ass that she loved to show off. She bent over and stuck her hand up between her legs and trailed it from her little pink asshole down over her pussy and then licked her fingers. Al and I both were hard as rocks and we just stood there watching like a couple school boys. Andrea petted her pussy again and then she turned to face us. The dim light of the bar shined on her near perfect body and caused shadows of her tits and hips. I was not drunk but it seemed like I was in another world as I watched this beautiful woman tease us both.

Andrea backed up and sat up on the pool table. Her eyes were always watching Al and me as she started to squeeze both of her wonderful breasts. She licked her finger and outlined her nipples all the while licking her lips and watching us. Her left hand made its way down to her sweet pussy and she began to rub her clit.

We could see moisture on her crotch glistening in the light. Then she motioned us both over with her finger.

“Come here boys” she cooed. “Andrea needs you.”

We couldn’t get there fast enough. Al beat me to the draw and he was already getting his pants off. Before you could imagine, we were both naked and standing next to her.

Andrea moved around on the table to where she could lean over and play with Al’s cock. It was about half hard and was already about ten inches long. It had to be about the size around of a beer bottle. A pretty big piece of black dick.

Andrea moaned and smiled as she stroked it. I believe she liked what she saw.

I had moved over to where her legs were hanging over the table and I moved in on her ass. She was lying on her stomach and her pretty ass was sticking up in the air just waiting to be invaded by my hungry tongue. When my tongue touched her ass, she spread her legs enough to give me access to my prize. I went to work on her asshole and licked her pussy from top to bottom. My free hand went underneath and found her clitoris. I rolled it between my fingers and felt it grow hard and stick out farther, begging me to abuse it.

Andrea, in the meantime, had begun to lick and suck on the big black chunk of cock in front of her. Al was running his fingers through her hair and talking to her.

“Go ahead, baby. Lick Al’s big black snake.” He urged her.

Andrea was giving Al one of her sloppy cock blowjobs. She was an expert at sucking cock. I could swear to that as I had experienced her talents before.

I could tell Al was enjoying it by the look on his face and I knew Andrea liked it by the juice running out of her pussy. There was already a big wet spot on the pool table and I was sucking up as much pussy juice as I could. My face and even my hair were wet from Andrea’s cum.

From where I was at I could see Al pull his big dick out of Andrea’s mouth. He laid it on top of her head and she sucked his balls into her mouth. She worked on them one at a time and then she crammed them both into her mouth at once. It looked like she had a mouthful as her cheeks bulged from the size of his nuts.

Andrea sucked on Al a little while longer and then I heard her say something.

“Come on you guys, fuck me now!” she ordered.

I climbed up on the pool table on my back and pulled Andrea over on top of me face to face. She slid down and sucked my cock into her mouth. She swallowed it a couple times and looked at me and smiled. She knew I liked that.

She spit on my dick and rubbed it around and the climbed up and stuffed it into her steaming cunt. It sank in till my balls hit her ass. She began to jump up and down on my cock like a wild woman. I grabbed her by the waist and held on like a cowboy in a rodeo. After a few minutes of this she slowed down and turned and looked at Al. He was standing there stroking that cock of his and smiling.

Andrea called him to her with her finger and Al smiled and told her he was going to destroy that hot little white asshole.

I laid there still and felt Al stick his big black cock into Andrea’s ass. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine with just her thin flesh between us. Andrea cried out with pleasure as Al’s cock slid its way into her. It took some slow going and her relaxing to get it in but it finally bottomed out inside her.

We all just laid there for a minute as Andrea got used to having this much cock buried in her at once.

Al started stroking his dick in and out of her ass slowly and I started to fuck her pussy slowly. As I watched the look on Andrea’s face change from pain to pleasure, I reached up and got two handfuls of my favorite tits. I always thought her boobs were perfect and I loved to suck and lick on them whenever I could.

Al started to pick up his pace a little and she started to fuck him back. Andrea’s face started to get red as she was breathing hard and getting fucked even harder. This caused me to hammer her pussy harder too.

Pretty soon we were thrashing around on the pool table like a massive pile of sweaty flesh. All three of us were moaning and fucking for all we were worth.

Andrea told Al that she wanted him to cum on her face, so he pulled his cock from her ass and she turned around and rode me reverse cowgirl. Al stood on the table and stuck his dick in her face. Andrea tried to swallow the big black cock. The first few times she gagged on it, but finally she slid it all the way into her throat. She deep throated Al several times and that was all he could take.

I heard her gag on the first shot of cum and then she swallowed a couple more and then Al pulled it from her mouth and sprayed it all over Andrea’s pretty face. Three more big spurts of come covered my pretty slut and she was trying to catch it all in her mouth. Cum ran down her cheek and dribbled onto her pretty tits and belly.

I had seen enough and I let it fly inside her cunt. Shot after shot of my baby seed filled this wonderful woman’s snatch. I pumped at least six big shots of cum into her and I just laid back and watched as Andrea licked Al’s big dick clean.

When my cock started to go soft it slipped from between Andrea’s legs and my cum ran down the inside of her leg and dripped onto the pool table.

We were all just trying to figure out what happened when we heard knocking on the door. We looked over and there was my buddy Larry looking in the door.

“We’re fucking closed” Al yelled.

I finally got up and went and opened the door. Larry stepped inside and closed the door.

“I fucking came to get a beer and Al had the fucking place closed up early!” Larry bitched “I looked in the door and I see you guys all fucking like bunnies. I started pounding on the door but nobody could hear me. When you do, everybody has blown a nut and I didn't get in on it. Just my fucking luck.”

Larry quit bitching and went to the cooler and got us all a beer. We sat there and drank the beer and laughed about it all.

Andrea kissed Al on the cheek and thanked him.

“Don’t thank me lady, thank you” he smiled at her. “You can have this any time you want it.”

I wrapped Andrea up in her long coat and carried her out the door and loaded her into my truck.

“Where you going?” Larry asked.

“I’m taking Andrea home, cleaning her up and putting her to bed. She deserves it after the show she put on tonight.” I bragged.

“I can help” Larry begged.

“You need to get here earlier next time asshole” I told him.

“What next time?” Larry asked.

Al locked the bar door and Andrea and I drove off leaving Larry standing in the street wondering.

Next time?

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