Sex Surrogate

Sex Surrogate

Sex Surrogate


Splashing water over my face and staring into a large bathroom mirror, tired from the long evening I had last night where I had a conference of over one hundred guest in which I talked to them about my job. No I wasn't a call girl, I've never stripped, I've never worked in a brothel, and I don't do advertisements. I'm basically a psychologist who helps out men, women, and also couples with disabilities to perform during sex.

As a sex surrogate most of the time I teach intimate touch, teaching people how to find their g-spot and stimulating their most sensual body parts. Helping them learn how to please the opposite sex or even same sex. Whether they have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, or sometimes just learning to please themselves.

I began working as a sex surrogate after a psychologist approached me at a tantric sex conference I was lecturing at. This psychologist (Michael Carter), explained his work helping people overcome their sexual issues and said that sometimes a surrogate was required in order to teach intimate touch. After listening to me speak about my experience teaching tantric techniques he believed I had the knowledge and skills to take part in his work. When he asked if I was interested I jumped at the chance. I’ve always been fascinated by how sexuality can change our lives and this felt like an opportunity to bring transformation through structured learning of intimacy.

Now I admit I was nervous as hell my first few sessions, one where I had to teach a man about touching himself. It wasn't that his techniques were wrong, but more of him trying to count how many strokes it took before he would make himself ejaculate. But this caused a problem, because now he wasn't able to perform at all due to counting instead of just enjoying the moment. It's like trying to text and drive, your mind can only fully focus on one or the other, never consistently on just one.

I've also dealt with quite a few women who just did not know how to please themselves, which is where my story begins.

First let me describe myself. My name is Candice, but growing up my nickname became Candy. Nothing sex related of course. I have a caramel complexion, light brown eyes, and stand at about five foot six with an athletic figure, due to daily running and regular exercise. I ran track in College, although I continue to go to yearly events, I just never pursued it as a career. I have curly brown hair that I usually wear pulled back in a bun, oh and of course I have medium size 34c breast. I've been working as a surrogate for about two years now in which I had started months after graduating from Spelman College.

After a quick wash up I pushed myself to get dressed for my early morning run. After my morning preparation and of course coffee, I headed out the door to begin my journey.

I began my Friday morning, summer jog around a beautiful lake in Fayetteville Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. I was wearing some red with black line Adidas shorts with a black shirt with red Adidas lettering on it. I had old 90’s music playing through my head set when my phone started ringing. I answered only to hear Mike's voice on the other side. Good morning beautiful, how are we doing today? Mike is normally a great professional, but does give the occasional compliments every once and a while, which I don't mind. Now Mike stands at about six foot, white man with short brown hair and can pass as a underwear model with his physique. I sometimes joke on him saying that he's a black man in a white man's body because of the way he talks and acts.

After our morning greet he explained to me that he had a client that he would like for me to meet up with. He explained to me that she was very shy, was a beautiful woman, but lacked confidence in herself, and also found her to be socially awkward. I let him know that I would be available to meet her just after lunch so I could close out some studies in the morning. I often kept notes of my clients back at my office and I would be happy for her to meet me there.

We ended our call saying that we haven't had lunch together in a while, in which we usually go to a near by PF Chaing's, and that Monday would be perfect. I than continued my last mile around the lake before heading back to my condo.

Just to describe my home, you first come into a hallway. If you make a left I have a half bath and an office. If you continue forward you run into an open concept kitchen and my living room. The living room has a full windowed two story wall, I live on the forth floor and it over sees the pond that I like to jog around. In the right corner facing the window is my stair case that leads to the upstairs bedroom that hangs over the kitchen like a large balcony and opened to the living room. It has a large master bath and In the bathroom I have both a stand up shower and a large corner jetted whirlpool therapy tub. This is my most favorite item in my condo and has worked wonders on my body.

When I arrived back home I went straight to my bathroom and turned on the shower so it could get hot. I then removed my clothing and threw them in a nearby basket. I then grabbed my towel and draped it over the shower door. Standing in front of my door mirror I admired my toned legs and turned to look at my rear while elevating on my toes to tighten up my muscles. I then hopped in the shower and slowly got my body use to the water. I usually take my time in my body soothing water, but today I had a long day ahead of me so I hurried up, soaped, rinsed, and dried off. Normally my shower time is my me time for extra activities. I don't really need much make up for I rather be natural, so I apply the basics accents like eye liner and lipstick, fixed up my hair so that it would be in in a tight bun, and then I threw on a pressed dark gray business suit with a blue blouse, and some black high heels. I then grab a mixed fruit bowl, yogurt, and some juice before heading out the door and then took the elevator down to my parking garage where my black Hyundai Genesis was parked.

Traffic was unusually smooth as I headed north into Atlanta where my office was, arriving early giving me time to eat before starting work. I usually try to do both at the same time.

I started work by running through some old files and doing some studies on old cases. I decided to work through lunch to help clear some clutter when I heard the bell ringing from the front door. I step out my office and went to the front waiting room and there stood this beautiful brunette bombshell with her hair tied in a ponytail. She had hassle green eyes and she was about the same height as myself. She was wearing some black spandex and a red Atlanta Hawks hoodie. She appeared to be shy with her eyes looking down to the floor, knees buckled in, and she was fidgeting while twirling her fingers together.

I approached her with a greeting, introducing myself, and of course asked her how may I help you? She introduced herself, stuttering. “I'm a……. Amanda.” Ooh ok, Mike sent you to meet me, you’re a little early but that's Ok you can come to the back office. She walked as if she wanted to turn back and walk back out, but I insured her that we would just talk and get use to one another.

She entered my office and I had her sit in a chaise lounge chair in front of my desk while I walked around and sat in my chair. I explained to her what I do and she said that she was at my conference last night where she met Mike. “Oh ok, so what did you think about what was said? “ I aa….. I'm sorry I don't know how to say it.” Amanda was squirming in her chair so I decided to interrupt a little to change the subject and to get to know her. That's ok we don't have to get into that right now, so are you a fan of the Hawks (looking at her red hoodie)? “I.. I grew up watching them with my dad and use to get season tickets, but he got pretty sick and now he's unable to walk, so most games we watch on T.V.” Yeah they're a tough team to root for now a days huh, I said as I got up, walked around the desk and sat on the corner of my desk in front of her. You could see a depressed look on her face and I asked, so do you have a boyfriend or someone you like to hang out with? She shook her head no and began twittling her thumbs. “I…. I wouldn't know what to do , she blurted, or know how to act.” You just be yourself. For instance when your having fun with your dad what do you like talking about? “Well we use to talk about all kinds of stuff like being outside, playing sports, or going on long walks.” O.K. so what your saying is that you have the knowledge to hold a conversation with a guy about a subject most women hate even discussing, but men love? You can see that she paused in thought and looked down to the floor. “ I…I don't think they're attracted to me,” she said while continuing to twist in her seat uncomfortably.

Let me tell you something, as a matter of fact, I got up to close my door, revealing a large full mirror behind it. I then took her by the hand and stood her up in front of the mirror. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. I had her remove her sweatshirt in which she had on a matching fitted red t-shirt. I then untied her hair which dropped to her shoulders. When you first walked into my office today I saw a young, attractive women standing before me. Now men see confidence, which is what you lack. You have a beautiful face and a body a lot of women get surgery to have. But if you walk with a dark cloud over you then that’s the reaction you get in return.

She then sheepishly looked at the mirror as if she were disgusted with her body. Beauty comes from beneath, the most beautiful women can have the worst attitudes, while the nicest woman that don't have the sexiest look can be the most attractive beings on Gods earth. Amanda then unexpectedly lift the front of her shirt showing that she had no bra on. “How can I be confident when I have these.” She had smallish B cup breast with brown like areolas. Her breast looked perfect for a girl her size, yet although Her nipples were soft and large, you could tell that if they became hard they would pierce through here shirt like a thumb. I turned her towards me and told her that there was nothing wrong with her breast. May I, I asked as I reached forward to touch her breast, she flinched at first when the tip of my fingers touched her nipples as her shyness continually kicked in. I then ran my finger in a circular motion over her areolas, edging her as if I was about to play with her nipples. Careful not to move too fast or too slow. I continued to tease her as if I were about to touch her nipples, only to pull back to stimulate her glands within her areolas. Paying close attention to her breathing as she gasped, I began massaging her breast. Once her nipple stiffened I grazed my finger upon them and then gave a soft pinch to get the blood going. I then got a little more personal with my questions and whispered warmly In her ear do you ever do this to yourself? She blushed, turning strawberry red with the feeling of my breath hitting the side of her neck, and again dipped her head as I continued to stimulate her snow capped mountains. She shivered a little and stuttered with a “No.” have you ever masturbated before, I asked as I began cuffing her mounds and massaging them in my palms. “ I.. I've tried, but I just can't get it to feel right.

I could see her chest begin to rapidly rise and her breathing becoming heavier. I ran my finger tips down the side of her sternum until I reached her hips. She giggled and jerked back a little which put a smile on her face for the first time sense arriving at my office. I spun her back around and had her look back up in the mirror. I then looked into her soul, You are a beautiful princess and when you smile you glow. That glow is attractive to most men and it shows confidence in yourself. I wrapped my arms around her and ran my fingers along her stomach which cause her to spasm and giggle. I then took her hands to replace mine and had her continue the same motions in the mirror. I went a little further and had her rub along her thighs, inside and out. I lowered my tone to a whisper, the female body has millions of nerve endings for stimulation, about eight thousand in your clitoris alone. Everyone has different erogenous zones throughout their body just like tickle spots. Some on your neck, back, butt, thighs, hips, and stomach. The sensation from your breast travel to the same part of the brain as sensations from your clit. If you start with feather like touches from top to bottom, it'll increase your sensations when your ready to explore your lower regions. I assisted her in caressing her breast, squeezing them to get continuous blood running to them. Her head dipped back, leaning on my shoulder as soft moans escaped her lips. I could now feel her breath as it hit against my neck. I then guided her hands down her happy trail until we reached the elastic of her waistline. As she continued to stimulate the nerves on her belly I pried my finger tips in between her waste line and dropped my hands down inside. I brushed through her low cut hairs and ran my fingers around her outer labia. I could hear a sigh in her voice as her breathing continued to increase.

When I finally parted her petals with my finger tips and ran them along the tip of her center of pleasure, she jumped as if a bolt of electricity ran through her body. Her eyes opened wide and another smile came across her face. That’s twice your smile lit my room, I said as my touches circulated around her clit. I then ran them further south to her well and gathered some of her nectar to help further lubricate her clit. I again ran my fingers around her clit, this time applying more pressure. This did it for her, for now she was bucking back against my hands and pressing her butt against my pelvis. Her body began to pulsate and jolt as she squeezed my hand to press harder against her clit. Her body shook as her moans grew louder “oh don't stop!” she yelled as you can now hear the squishing sounds of liquids as her fluids covered my hand. She finally collapsed to the floor and laid there still as if she had fallen asleep. I dropped down to one knee and held her as if she was my only child.

When she finally came through she said to me “ oh my god it felt as if I lost total control and electricity ran through my whole body.” “I never knew that this would be this great” I explained to her that when you have a man that knows exactly what to do, it can be ten times greater because there's a different lust that you would experience. She then told me that she would like to schedule another session and would like to learn more. I then set her up for Monday which would be after my lunch with Mike. She then gave me a large breath taking hug and nearly skipped out the front door. I chuckled as I watched her leave. Job well done.


I had a late night trying to finish up all of my work and left out around 6:30pm, closed up the office, and headed out for my evening commute. On the way home I thought to myself, it’s Friday, I can stop and get a little red wine for myself. On the weekend I usually hang out with my friend Jennifer, but she was in New York for a business trip, so this would be a lonely weekend. After stopping by a liquor store I continued my journey home, thankful that I stayed late only to miss out on majority of the traffic.

Once I arrived at my home I parked my car in the garage and took the elevator up to my floor. When I approached my door I noticed a package in front. Oh my God I had totally forgotten my gift to myself that I ordered online. I happily opened my door and grabbed the large package and brought it inside, throwing it on the couch. I Removed my business coat and tossed it on the couch beside it. Yeah this is going to be a fun night for me, I sang as I stepped out of my high heals, grabbed a glass along with my bottle of wine, and headed up the stairs to my bathroom. I then ran my bath water with some bubbles, lit some candles, turned on some soothing music, and began removing my clothes, Tossing them in the hamper. I then stepped into the hot fiery tub. Oh my it felt like I was trying to boil vegetables, I thought as I slowly lowered myself inch by inch, while trying to get use to the temperature.

Once my body was submerged I grabbed my glass, poured myself some wine, and laid back sighing in relief. I then reached over to turn on my jet steams which caused the bubbles to rise higher in the tub, massaging my body with each stream. I took a few sips of my beautiful red wine and thought about my actions today with Amanda, surprised at how fast it escalated. Normally it would take a few hours and sometimes days to get that far with a client. I kept reminiscing of the sound of her voice, soft, soothing, innocent.

I lift my body out of the water and grabbed a my purple loofah and put some coconut soap on it. I began washing my arms starting at my finger tips and up to my shoulder grazing softly and slowly to caress and sooth skin. I than washed my neck, envisioning running my finger tips along the crevices of Amanda's folds only to find her soft, pink knob, feeling her body jolt with every sensitive touch.

I ran the loofah down my neck to my glistening chest and then to my nipples, which were already hardening and awaiting my touch. I squeezed my friendly sponge to allow the soapy water to drip around my sensitive areolas. I then circled around them with my lathered thumbs. One thing about my nipples is that they can sometimes be just as delicate and tender as my clit and with the warmth of my finger tips teasing the Montgomery glands I could feel slight contraction within my vagina walls.

My special, stimulant, nipples invoke wickedly erotic sensibilities. Sometimes it's hard to describe, like flying, like floating, like fire, like high vibrations, like trees swaying from the wind, like the perfect temperature in the water, like the best bubble bath, like……. O.K I think that did it!

I learned years ago that if I put mind at ease, relaxed my body, and thought about a place or even with a special person, I could convince my body to where if I’m caressing my breast the sensations would be similar to a soothing touch to my inner labia. Every body's reactions are different, however being that I know exactly what I want and how to get it I always get the best out of it.

I continued my envisioned escapade kissing Amanda on her shoulders and along her collarbone, tickling and teasing any tiny hair around her neck with my tongue. I could feel her breathing as if she were really here. I was now dragging my loofah down the middle of my stomach until it reached my clean shaven mound. Squeezing the loofah into my hand, I used the soap as a lubricant to massage my outer labia causing my flower to sprout open, awaiting my touch.

While washing my outer lips I gently squeezed them together, holding them until they turned red, in order to get my blood flowing and for my increase arousal. I then rinsed the soap off and placed two fingers on my long awaiting nub of pleasure. Placing pressure as I then circulated my fingers around my fragile clit causing my legs to shake and gyrate with the motion of my finger tips. Slowly moving down I entered both my middle and ring finger into my wet and awaiting entrance. Caressing my urethral sponge at the roof of my vaginal walls, I used my finger tips as if they were walking on the moon. I could feel my wall swelling as I picked up my pace, vigorously running my fingers in and out of my vagina. My breathing rate and my moans increased as I held in my screams. I could feel my fluids dripping down my inner thighs as my body convulsed uncontrollably. My limp body than slid back down into the tub as the warm water soothed upon my opened flower barely keeping myself from being fully submerged.

Once I gained my composure I finished washing up, rinsed off, and drained the tub. Pouring myself another glass as I dried off and slipped into a my red silk robe hanging on the doorway. I smiled when I thought about my large package that was left on the sofa, hoping that I wasn't too drained to continue my night. I went down stairs and called out to Alexa to play some 90’s slow jams and SWV's Weak started to play.

I finally began to unpack my new gift only to reveal a large Sybian. I was now singing along with the music as I removed my new toy from it's box. It had several different attachments, one for clitoris stimulation and of course a dildo attachment. I struck up a nerve to test the dildo attachment. Placing the Sybian on the floor in front of my tinted glass windows, I plugged the devise in and tested it out. Using the remote, I powered my new friend up. The vibrations were soft while the dildo rotated in a slow circle. Turning the nob on the remote caused the vibration to increase and of course the dildo spun quicker. I pulled my silk rob off of my shoulders and allowed it to slowly slide off, dropping down to the floor. Straddling over my Sybian as if I were a cow girl ready to ride my bucking horse. I positioned my warm, yet still lubricated slit over the head of my manly appendage and slid it in, stretching my walls out as it filled up my tunnel, fitting like a hand to a glove. I than switch my remote to low and giggled as the vibration began tickling my inner muscle. This felt good. I could feel the rotation of the shaft as it rotated slowly, touching every wall within my core. I then increased the speed until it was about one forth of the speed. I could feel my body heating up as I began to perspire as if I had eaten a hot pepper. There was a little hump on the attachment that pressed directly on my clit which was sending a sensation of awwww throughout my entire body. I then turned up the vibrations until it was up past midpoint. The feeling was great, causing an uncontrollable laughter and an intense pressure along with spasms throughout my entire body. Now I’ve had my share of sexual encounters, but none with this much intensity. I wanted to take it up one more notch at about three fourths of the way but when I did so the pressure hit my body like a bat, causing me to drop the remote and pushing the switch to the max. My body was convulsing and my moans of pleasure escaped my mouth as I began screaming with pleasure. I was now rocking up and down on my toy joystick as it struck every nerve within my system. When I finally came it felt as if Hiroshima exploded between my legs. My body was thrown forward as fluid spirt out from in between my leg and down the sides of my Sybian. My body fell forward and I did my best to reach the remote with my finger tip and finally was able to turn it off. I laid still, hunched over my horse back in a state of paralysis. I tried several times to remove my body from the impaled devise but came up short each time the head reached my entrance, only to drop back down on top.

After about thirty minutes past I finally gained enough strength to remove myself from this enchanted stranger. I stood up on wobbling legs, fell to the couch, and covered myself with my thin silk robe, only to fall asleep in a fetal position. Good night to me!

My weekend went by pretty smoothly, but rather quick with exercise and of course playing horsey on my Sybian. When Monday rolled around I went through my normal mourning routine and prepared for work. It looked to be a beautiful day outside so I decided to wear a thin cream colored sun dress with orange sunflowers on it. I also decided to wear my curly hair down, wow I looked like a brand new person and felt like it to. I smiled in the mirror as I glanced over my figure, admiring my curves. I also grabbed my orange tinted glasses and headed out the door feeling like sun was following me through the halls. “Man the Sybian is really putting a number on me,” I was feeling great!

When I arrived at my office my phone rang and I heard Mike on the other side of the line. “Good mourning beautiful,” he said in a deep voice that could rip panties off of most women. Mourning Mike, are we still on for lunch today. “Definitely he churned, but I have a couple of client information I have to send over to you that needs to be ran through before we go.” No problemo, just send them over and I'll get them knocked out for you. Most of my mourning consisted of speaking on the phone with clients, I had one guy, I swear he thinks I’m some sort of call girl or something and maybe using me just for his satisfaction. You get people like this from time to time, I just send their files back to Mike as if their sessions are complete and advise him of the situation.

Once lunch came around I secured the office and made my journey to the nearby P.F Changs where Mike was waiting patiently at the door. He was wearing a peach colored dress Polo shirt showing off his built arms, and some khacki slacks. He spoke first to greet me when I approached him. “Good afternoon Ms. Sunshine,” he said as he reached out for a hug. “ You look and smell radiant today, is there a new man in your life?” I pinched him on the arm, oh so are you saying that I look thrown away any other time, I asked as he stepped back and threw his hands up like don't shoot. “ Not at all, you just look like your walking with your own theme music that's all,” he said as he politely opened the door. I could feel his eyes lowering to check out my ass as I passed by saying thank you.

We were guided to our table and like a gentlemen he assisted me to my seat. We had some business talk in regards to our clients and I advised him of the creep I spoke to on the phone earlier. He advised me that he would handle it and I wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

Once our meals were place before us he asked me how my first session went with Amanda. I told him about how shy and timid she was coming into my office and how I was really surprised that she stayed. I let him know that she feels that she wasn't pretty and that she said she wouldn't know how or what she would have to do to be with a guy. Mike told me how he met her at the seminar and he had seen her leaning against the wall while I was giving my speech. He said that he approached her because she was distancing herself from everybody else and he asked her if everything was alright. The whole time he talked to her she kept her head down and mumbled when she spoke, some times even stuttering. He said he spoke to her about confidence which I advised him that this was my concern too. He left her his business card, inviting her to come by his office and was in shock when she actually made the visit. I let him know that I had another session scheduled for her this afternoon. I went a little further into detail about what went on during our first session telling him how surprised I was when she showed her body, teaching her about sensitive touch for stimulation, and how I was able to give Amanda her orgasm.

Looking at Mike I can tell he wasn't fully comfortable, in which normally I could speak to him about any and all of our clients while getting feed back from him, but this time was a little different. He wasn't looking at me with eye contact, he was fidgeting, and trying to clear his throat. When I asked him if he was Ok he said yes and that he just had a little rice in his throat and then took a few gulps of his water. I believe he was actually trying to envision our encounter. When I finally caught eye contact he blushed, I’ve never seen him turn so red. So being the person that I am, I wanted to see how red I could get him, soooo I removed my shoe and place my foot on his inner thigh and watched as he nearly jumped out of his seat. I almost spit out my tea watching his reaction as I slip my shoe back on and wiped my mouth with a napkin. “ That's cool baby girl I owe you for that one,” Laughing as he asked the waitress for the check in which we fought over only to lose to a strong gripped man when it hit the table. I must admit I've always been attracted to him, but do my best to keep things business with him as he does the same. Every once and a while he would be a little flirtatious, but did his best to be professional. I like that about him because it showed that he cared. He paid for our meal and we got up to bid our farewell. When he got on his feet you could tell that he was trying to hide the bulge in his pant, but looking at it's size I don't think he did the greatest job. When he hugged me he was trying to give me a side hug, but I pulled him in close as his manhood hit me in my belly button. I held him there feeling the muscles in his chest and arms. When we released he again cleared his throat and directed me to walk in front of him, “ladies first!” Yeah I could feel him checking me out so I threw in a few hard switches to tease him. Mike walked me to my car and like a gentleman he opened my car door, holding out his hand to help me in and we each said our goodbyes and that we would catch each other on the drift. Without blushing or even having to clear his throat he said to me in his strong voice that sent a shiver throughout my body which you can tell that it was no longer just business, “You take care beautiful.” This time I was the one watching as he walked away.

After driving through lunch hour Atlanta traffic I finally arrived back at the office. When I pulled into my space I noticed a new white Ford Fusion parked in front of the office two spots over and a brunette haired young lady In the driver's seat. When I looked closer I noticed it was Amanda. She had her hair down in curls which came to her shoulders and some light make up on. When she got out of the car she was wearing some tight fitting blue jeans with star like holes cut into them, and a red tight fitting V-neck shirt that was showing off her cleavage. She also had on some tan colored high heel shoes which helped bring out her figure. When I got out I immediately apologized for being a few minutes late and she said, “ no your good, I just pulled in.” I went over to her and gave her a hug, her hair had a scent of strawberry and she also had a sweat scent of perfume. As we hugged I whispered in her ear either the sun is shinning off of you or your shinning off the sun, because you look beautiful today. Her face was now the color of her shirt. “Thank you!” she said as I interlocked my arm with hers and guided her into the building and to my back office.

Once in the office I put up my stuff and sat on the edge of my desk as she laid on lounge chair. I than asked her how she was doing and she blurted out “Great!” You could tell that her whole body had a new demeanor to it, so I asked her did anything special happen this weekend. She said that she had went to a Braves game and took my advise on relaxing and smiling more. Her friend Stacy wasn't available to go with her so she decided to take a gamble and go by herself. Plus the Yankees were in town and she knew it would be a good game. Well while at the game she went to the Braves Cavern bar, which overlooked the field from center field, to get a beer and a man gave up his seat to allow her to sit down, and also asked if he could by her a drink. She thanked him and asked for a beer and they began talking about the game. He introduced himself as Rodrick and She described him as a tall six foot man with brown hair and brown eye. He was well built as if he played for the team, clean shaven, and said that he was an architect in which he graduated from UGA a few years back.

She said that they talk the whole time while watching the game and was a complete gentlemen. Once the game ended he walked her to her car although his was on the other side of the stadium. They exchanged numbers and have been texting back and forth sense, and the set up a date night for Friday at the Cheesecake Factory.

I commended her for her bravery and for her and she thanked me for giving her that confidence to even think about talking to someone. “But here lies the issue, I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to be with him. I had sex at an early age when I was in High School and it was the worst experience. Neither of us knew what we were doing and it hurt so we stopped. I told her when you break your virginity it usually hurts at first and only a small percentage of women experience no pain. However, once your body is able to relax than your able to enjoy the love.

I than asked Amanda if she would like to try something new to see if that helps and she said yes, So I went into one of my cabinets and grabbed a brand new vibrating bunny dildo. Her eyes lit up when I removed it from its packaging and sat it down and brought it to her. This is my present to you, I said as I placed the purple bunny rabbit in her hand. She turn on the first switch and felt the vibrations from the bunny in her hands. I held her hand and guided her to place the vibration against her body. She ran it along her hips and stomach area giving a little giggle and twitch as it hit her in certain spots. She then ran it across her chest and stimulated her nipples. She slowly dropped it down until she reached below her pelvis area and gave a slight squeal from the ticklish vibrations. I then sat down beside her and had her stand up to remove her jeans. She stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, grabbed hold of her belt loops and began jerking them side to so in order to get her tight jeans over her hips. She revealed a red laced thong and her booty jiggled when it was released from its chamber. I see that shyness is slowly leaving your system huh? I asked as she began removing her panties, dropping them to the floor.

Sitting back down on the lounge I had her open her legs as I took control of the rabbit. Touching her outer labia with the rabbits ears I began teasing her as I watched her clit open up like a flower. I began swirling the rabbit in a circle around her budding clit and used my other hand to spread her lips apart. She laid all the way back in the chair and spread her legs wider. Her hands began fondling her chest as it rapidly rose as she moaned in pleasure. I increase the vibrations and watched as she tried to crawl back away from me as her body began convulsing. “Oh my God your making me cum!” She yelled as her body shook in pleasure. I watched as she locked up and fell flat on the lounge.

I then brought my face down to meet her lower lips and sucked in her clit. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she looked down to see what I was doing. Her hips were now rocking as if she were dancing to a beat. I took the vibrator and turned on the massaging dildo and inserted the tip into her pool of fire. She grimaced a little due to not having any penetration in a while. I took my time and gave her little by little so she could get use to it. I continued to suck on her sweet nectar while applying more pressure until the rotating beads entered her womb. As she grew more and more comfortable I began retreading her new friend and slowly put it back in. “Faster she whispered as her hips began bouncing up off the chair. She was now fucking this new enjoyment as howls escaped her mouth. At that moment Mike entered the room, noticing that I was penetrating his client with a foreign object. “Oh I'm so sorry!” he yelled as he turned and covered his eyes. I quickly stood up, leaving the bunny inside of Amanda's pool of moisture as it continued to massage her insides. Her eyes were barely open and it was as if she didn’t care that Mike stood there directly in front of her exposed vagina. I placed my hand back on the dildo and continued our escaped while Mike, now with his face uncovered, began watching as Amanda continued to buck hard against my hand. I looked up at Mike as we gazed into each others eyes. He than approached me and placed his hand underneath my chip and planted his lips upon mine. Right then I know he would fill a void in my life.

We were now furiously kissing each other as Amanda replaced my hand with hers as we became her show. Mike released my lips as we both gasped for air and once again stared into each others eyes. He began kissing my neck and collarbone as I placed my hand on his bulging shaft, feeling his incredible girth through his pants. He stood me up and lift my sun dress over my head and dropped it to the floor, exposing my matching orange and cream laced panties and bra. He spun my around and placed his hands on my hips as I stared down at Amanda who was now slowly playing with her clit while enjoying the show. Mike removed his clothing and pressed his body against my backside. I reached around back and grabbed hold of his manhood. Holley shit I didn't expect him to be this huge. I was barely able to fit my whole hand around him and I could probably place more than two hands on it at once.

Mike continued to kiss on my neck down to my shoulder blades. He than reached around me and cuffed my forbidden garden. I squeezed his appendage and rubbed along his full length, turning my head back to continue our kiss. I than felt lips against my ribs as Amanda joined in, placing her hand against my stomach. Mike than found the elastic of my panties and intruded inside until he met my lower mound, felling my shaved cunning with his middle and ring fingers.

Amanda was now nibbling through the fabric of my bra, teasing at my right nipple as her hand squeezed and massaged my left. I continued to run my hands along this massive shaft as I felt my panties slowly sliding down my legs. Mike found my knob of Eden and began making circular motions with his finger tips before plunging his middle finger into my pool of moisture. I was now moaning loudly as Amanda had removed my bra and was sucking on my most sensitive nipples. The touch was too much for me and I could feel a climax building up. Mike now had two fingers buried deep into my nest while his other hand continued to play with my clit. I couldn't take the pressure and wanted to feel him inside of me so I than bent down and replaced his fingers with the head of his sex. It felt as if he were trying to stick a rope through a needle hole as I felt his member pop through the opening of my virgin. I had to push back on his leg, halting him so that I could get use to his wrist size girth.

Amanda kissed down my happy trail until she Reached the tip of my clit and began rubbing it in-between her fingers while Mike made slow forward motions inch by inch until I was able to get use to his mammoth like intruder. He withdrew all the way back until just the head was the only thing left and than slowly put it back in as far as he could go, repeating his step, increasing the length that I would receive.

Amanda, now laying on her back, crawled underneath me and placed her lips on my swollen clip and began sucking. With this and the quickened pace of Mikes hips I could feel a strong pressure of pure pleasure building up inside of me. I wanted to return the favor to Amanda but was unable to concentrate enough to lower my body to meet hers.

Mike was now driving fiercely in and out of my junction, smacking his hips against my ass as shock waves of pleasure ran through my whole body causing me to scream uncontrollably. I finally collapsed on top of Amanda as she removed his member from my entrance and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking him off while tasting the sweet juice from my honey pot. I could hear Mike as he was reaching the top of his climax. Mike than pulled away from Amanda and shot his load against my back side while she continued to squeeze every last drop out of him. We laid there panting for a few minutes until I looked down at this nicely trimmed kitty staring before my face. I than decided to repay the favor and brought my tongue down to her clit and start ABC like motions around her swollen member. I then pulled Mike by his member around to the other side of the lounge and rubbed his semi hardened member against her entrance.

As Mike slowly grew back into form he slowly entered Amanda’s cunning. Her arms wrapped tightly around my waste and she bit down into my inner thigh until he was fully submerged in her canal. I could feel her loosening her grip as her bite became kisses. Mike was now pumping in and out of her like a piston as I continued to suck on her clit. Amanda now had two fingers inserted into my vagina as if she were trying to find my G-spot. Hmmmm just like I taught her. We were all in a course of moans down a path of ecstasy. You could here the sounds of Mikes hips as they slapped against her buttocks, while I was slurping on her clit. Amanda released mine as her screams became uncontrollably loud. She began shuttering as I watched her feet shake. She began yelling for Mike to go faster and not to stop as her body erupted and a pool of fluid escaped her mountain of lust. I than removed Mikes member and began sucking on him. Removing all of her juice. I could here Mike grunting as his member began to throb in my mouth. I then jacked off his swollen rod until he shot his cum onto my chest and her stomach. We than collapsed on the lounge in snake like form. Mike was the first to speak after minutes had passed, “oh ahhhhh I was supposed to give you some paperwork while at the restaurant, but you made me forget about it.” I laughed and said oh my fault. Hey Amanda, I called out. “Yes,” she said in a low voice. Did you enjoy your lesson today. “ I most definitely did, thank you!”

We got up and one by one went into the rest room to clean up. It was evening time so we closed up and said our goodbyes , well we said our goodbyes to Amanda while we headed back to my place for an evening cap. Months later I became Mrs. Carter, marrying the man I fell in love with. We still see Amanda and her fiancé, Rodrick from time to time, when ever she needs to learn something new. She will always be my most memorable patient for she brought Mike and I together.

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