James and Maria_(0)

James and Maria_(0)

Chapter 1

When James's parents said they would be out for the night, what had initially gone through his mind had involved maybe grabbing his PS4 remote, or seeing how many episodes of House of Cards he could watch. He hadn't anticipated what tonight would be involving, and he was in for the time of his life.
He had just picked up the TV remote and flopped back on his large leather sofa when his doorbell rang. He hesitated, exhaled, then got to his feet and walked through the hallway to his front door. At the door was a 5ft 7, gorgeous, playboy bunny of a 17 year old babe, complete with fantastic D-sized breasts which somewhat bulged in her tight shirt. She was from his school, he had seen her around, but never formally been introduced to her. On top of her looks she was a very academic student, though James didn't know this. Everyone at his school fancied the arse off her, even teachers. James was well built himself, due to his involvement in a lot of rugby. He had large-ish shoulders and dark brown hair. He had been the crush of many girls over the years.
He had just begun to stare at her when she cleared her throat, James had been unaware for how long he had been gazing at her but he quickly corrected himself and scratched his head awkwardly.
"Sorry... I'm Maria." she stammered; apologising for James's mistake.
"Erm... " James began. The tension in the air was enormous. He wondered whether she recognised him.
"I'm afraid I crashed my car down the road from here. Yours is the only house for miles could I use your phone please?" She asked.
"Of course. Come in" he replied.
"Thanks." She said, smiling. This made her look even more beautiful.
His heart had sped up for a reason he could quite fathom. He thought it was probably because the idea of inviting a hot girl into his house had too many connotations. He led her to the phone.
"Thanks." She said again.
He left her there and walked into his kitchen, he semi-automatically began making himself a BLT baguette, his mind elsewhere. James opened the fridge, and simultaneously all the lights cut out in the house.

Chapter 2

It transpired that the power cut they had had on that day was due to a collapsed telegraph pole. It would take a minimum of 12 hours to fix.
The next few hours consisted of both James and Maria attempting to find a signal and contact Maria's friends (she said her parents didn't live in the area), until about 9 in the evening when it was apparent that no contact could be made and they gave up searching.
James said that since his parents were out she could sleep in the spare room and he would walk her to the nearest village in the morning. She was very thankful that he had been so helpful.
The sky was now a very deep shade of blue as the summer sun was long hidden from view. James sat on his bed, over the last few hours he had begun to obsess about Maria. She was so hot! Her tits were only rivalled by her arse, which was sexier than most models James had seen. He arse couldn't not be stared at when it was in the room with him. There was a gentle knock at his bedroom door, it was Maria.
"Could I borrow a towel to take a shower please?" she enquired.
"Yes, here." James responded, and he walked to the airing cupboard where he took out a clean towel and gave it to her. She smiled lightly at him and thanked him again before returning to the spare room. Whenever James was within a metre of Maria he couldn't help but feel like she was a Goddess on earth. She smelled ever so slightly of perfume. James was about to get in bed when he realised he had left his phone downstairs and he went down to get it. Between his bedroom and the stairs was the spare room where the door was ajar. As he walked past he just glanced over his shoulder into the room which was mostly dark as was the rest of the house. He hadn't meant it to be rude but what he saw gave him a boner in a matter of seconds. Maria was bent over, facing away from the door and James; her perfect arse in the air. There was then a loud creek from one of the floor boards he had stepped on which made Maria turn around. He looked away and quickly continued down the stairs, though he feared that she had seen him looking. He found his phone and returned to his room, this time making sure not to look into here along the way. He turned left into his room and went to throw his phone on his bed when he was shocked to find Maria sitting on it. She gave him a wry smile and beckoned him to sit next to her. He silently obliged, trying to hide his cock raging in his pants. No sooner had he taken his seat she leant forward and placed both lips on his own. For a moment he didn't know how to respond but having kissed several girls before instinct kicked in and he returned the kiss. Maria pushed him backward and repositioned herself on hands and knees. James dropped his phone to one side and she rapidly pulled down his shorts revealing his dick imprisoned in his pants, yearning for escape and relief.
"I thought I saw you looking earlier!" She said with reference to his cock.
"You do have the best arse I have ever..." James started, but was interrupted by a swift jerk to his pants.
Exposed to the night air was a 7 and a half inch boner, throbbing a little. Maria's eyes widened eagerly and with intention.

Chapter 3

Maria slowly lowered her head closer to his large penis, she could smell his manly scent more and more strongly. When she was about an inch away she opened her beautiful lips and enclosed the top half of James's dick in her sexy mouth. James shuddered in response to the physical contact desperately trying to hold on. She slid gradually down and back up his long teenage shaft, her bleach blonde hair hanging low to the bed. He could feel the back of her throat touch the tip of his head every few seconds. Maria let out a low moan, vibrating his cock, which made James grip the bed in another attempt not to blow too early. This blowjob continued, Maria sucking James faster and faster, her silk mouth giving James a glimpse of heaven, her tongue tenderly touching the head of his throbbing member and her deft hands enclosed around the base of his cock; stroking his balls.
Maria eventually lifted her head and removed his dick from her mouth. Her large, Disney princess eyes locking with James's. He sat up and began to take off her bra, she was breathing heavily now and had pre-cum on her lips. Her bra was off, two wonderfully round, soft melons hung eagerly awaiting James's touch. He reached out with both hands and fumbled with them both to meet his desires. She was fumbling with her belt and short shorts while he did this, sliding them down to her knees revealing the sexiest panties. James didn't care much for the panties themselves but for what they contained, and when he finished his feeling and stroking of her fantastic boobs he rolled down her panties and breathed in the musk that was beneath. James had only older brothers and had never seen a girl's pussy in real life. He was almost an adult, and he hadn't watched porn film since he was about 16. His dick felt strongly that it was long overdue some excitement. Her pussy was a neat symmetrical mound covered in a small amount of pubic hair. It was the most beautiful sight to James, and the sight made his dick rock hard. Maria quickly took off the rest of her clothes as well as James's t-shirt, showing his muscular pectorals and strong shoulders. She straddled him and holding his dick, lowered herself gradually to meet his towering member. She placed the head on his cock at the base of her cunt, the contacting making them both momentarily close their eyes with pleasure. She thrust slowly forward until he bottomed out all 7 and a half inches of cock inside her. She was obviously no virgin but she was still so tight! James begun to move with her, she controlled the motion, a slow grinding motion in and out of her. She bounced and her tits bounced with her, it was an incredible scene.
"Oooooooooooooh James! Don't stop" exclaimed Maria. The pace quickened. She leant forward, her tits now hung over his chest and her plump arse gently wobbled as she engulfed his shaft again and again. He began to buck his hips furiously into hers not caring that he was wearing no condom. It had become an animal fuck like no other, humping like rabbits into the night. They were no longer just breathing heavily but we're both groaning loudly to the night sky.
"Ooh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!" James felt a stirring that he had not felt for a long time at the base of his cock and felt also Maria's pussy lips tighten around his cock even more. He shaft swelled and he unloading multiple rounds of thick cum into her fertile body. Feeling his sperm inside her, she cummed with him. They were both screaming with no care in the world. James arching, pushing, exalting himself into her.
The rush finally subsided and and they lay together as if they were the only people in the world: giving and receiving. Their sweat-mingled juices ran down James's hips and onto the bed as they panted as one. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her again this time holding on as a lover would.
They had sex again and again that night, trying every position they could think of until neither of them had any spunk left to give. James cleaned up his bed and made it appear that Maria had never been in the house. The next morning he took to a small village, where they departed with each other's phone numbers.
This was not by any means the last of their relationship. Luckily Maria didn't get pregnant, and so in the future they were more careful. They fucked again at each other's homes in every room in the house and also fucked at school on a few occasions.


I intend to write about James and Maria again. I don't mind criticism and obviously welcome praise. Please do comment expressing your opinion.
Also, is there anything in particular you want me to write about them doing, ideas are appreciated.


Thanks for reading.

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