1 drink 2 drink 3 drink, fucked in the ass?

1 drink 2 drink 3 drink, fucked in the ass?

Sitting at the hotel’s bar Tom finished his second drink of the night. It had been a long day of back to back meetings and seminars and Tom was just taking the last couple of minutes before he had to go to sleep and do it all over again to relax. Being away for is family a lot was taking a toll on him but he had to do it because this was a good paying job and he needed the money with a wife and three kids at home. The thing that sucked the most for Tom was that with being on the road so much he was left with watching hotel porn and jerking himself off when he was horny.

Tom order a third and final drink and when the bartender bought him the drink he told Tom that this one was on the two ladies at the other end. Tom looked down the bar and saw two very attractive looking ladies smiling back at him. Tom started to mouth “thank you but…” when the two ladies got up and headed his way. They came and sat next to Tom and before Tom could say anything they told him that they had been watching him for a while and saw that him looked sad and out of it. Tom told them about how he had been on the road so much over the last year that it was getting to him.

Tom didn’t know why but it started to open up to the two ladies at the bar and soon found himself having more to drink then he wanted. He found out that the two ladies were business partners and here for some of the meetings too. Also that their names were Mary who was a thirty-nine year old blonde with two kids at home and Heather who was a single forty-two year old red head. The bartender came and told them that it was last call and Tom looked at his watched and saw that it was one in the morning. He told the two lovely ladies that it was fun but he had to get to his room. They told him that they should be heading up too and they all headed to the elevator. Once inside Tom pressed his floor and Mary told him that they were on the same floor. They continued to talk as they rode up and with the amount of liquor in Tom he wasn’t all there so when Heather asked him what was his plan after he got back to his room. He told them that he was just going to watch some porn and wack off and go to sleep.

The doors open and with a moment of awkward silence Tom said good night and headed down the hall to his room. The ladies followed him down the hall and when Tom got to his room they all soon found that their rooms were next to each other. Tom was trying to get in his room when Heather leaned over and asked if he wanted to join them in their room and gave him a small kiss on the lips. Tom told the ladies that he was married and that he couldn’t and that is when Mary pulled him in their room and told him that it was fine. This wasn’t how Tom saw his night going but walking backwards with these two good looking women walking to him as they stripped from their cloths wasn’t all bad.

Mary removed her top to a black bra holding up a huge set of tits and Tom could see that she wasn’t in that bad of shape for having kids. She unzipped the back of her skirt and pushed it to the floor to a hairless pussy and nice thick tights. Mary removed her bra and her 40DD tits sagged down and there she stood in just a pair of heels. Tom cock was rock hard by now and tenting his pants. Heather was next as she removed her blouse to a pink bra that was about a B cup in size. As she worked on her pants Mary pushed Tom back on the bed and was opening up his pants to let out his cock. Mary was using her teeth to pull down his pants and boxers and soon out popped his six inch hard cock. She didn’t waste anytime and sucked in his balls as she jerked hard on his cock. Mary was very rough with Tom but he liked it a lot as Heather crawled up on the bed once she had her pants off. She had a garter belt holding thigh high stockings on and a matching thong. Tom ran his hand over her smooth ass as she made her way to his mouth and started to kiss him. Her lips were so soft and the kiss so hot and wet as she probed his mouth with her tongue.

Mary was going to town on his cock sucking and jerking it very hard that was making Tom very close to cumming. Mary felt this and squeezed his cock at the base as she pulled Heather hair tie out to wrap around his cock. It was totally different for Tom being that he had never been with two women at once nor had his wife been this rough with him before. Mary was now running her teeth up the length of his cock at she sucked on it and even with the tie Tom was getting very close to cumming. Heather and Mary switched positions and now Mary straddle Tom’s head and lowered her pussy to his mouth as Heather took over sucking his cock.

Heather pushed Tom’s legs up and Mary grabbed them to hold as Heather started to rim his asshole. This was all new to Tom and was feeling great as he licked away and Mary’s juicy pussy. Mary’s pussy was a lot sweeter then Tom’s wife’s pussy and he was doing a good job because Mary was moaning as he sucked of her clit and lips. Tom could feel Heather’s tongue go deeper and deeper into his asshole and soon felt what had to being her finger work its way into it. Next Tom felt Heather get real close to him and before he knew it Heather rammed something big into his asshole. He was pinned down by Mary and with her pussy filling his mouth he could scream out for the pain he was feeling in his asshole now. All he could do was continue to suck of her pussy as Heather was now fucking his ass with something bigger then his own cock.

The pain from the object being fucked into his ass soon faded away and a new feeling of pleasure over took him. What ever it was, was going so deep that it was pushing into his prostate and causing his cock to grow harder and harder. With Mary holding his legs Heather started to slap Tom’s cock and balls as she fucked him more and more. There was nothing Tom could do because Mary’s body was blocking him from covering himself with his hands. Heather was really laying into the slaps and was with one hand grabbed hold of his balls to pull down on as she smacked his cock around. Mary was pinching his nipples and grinding her pussy into his face as she came all over it.

Once Mary was done cumming she rolled off Tom and he had his first look at what Heather was using to fuck his ass. Tom looked down and saw that Heather was fucking him with her own cock and she was on the edge of cumming in his ass. Tom couldn’t fully bring himself to the fact that Heather was a tranny or that she was fucking him with her cock. Tom soon was trying to pull himself out from under her put Mary held him there as Heather rammed her cock all the way up his ass and unloaded a big load in it. Tom could feel his bawls filling with her cum and it started to leak out the sides. Once Heather was done she pulled out of Tom and crawled up to his mouth and feed him her cum covered cock. All Tom could do was open and let her put her cock in his mouth for him to suck clean. Tom never tasted cum before and it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. He could taste some of his ass put cleaned all the cum from it as she pulled it out with a pop.

Heather laid down on the other side of Tom as he looked down to see that he had cummed himself as Heather was cumming in him. Tom soon passed out and woke later that morning to the sounds of the hotel maid knocking on the door before entering the room. Tom was still a little out of it and as he was coming to he looked around the room to find that both Mary and Heather were gone. He couldn’t stop the maid from coming in because he had a pair of panties in his mouth and he was handcuffed to the headboard. The maid frozen in her tracks as she saw that Tom was naked cuffed to the bed and that he had written all over his body in red lipstick. Tom looked down and saw that the ladies had written “whore” and “great fuck” on his chest and that his cock and balls were tied up with a pair of stockings. His ass was still sore from the fucking that Heather gave him and he couldn’t do a thing about covering himself up for the maid.

The maid who was a older short Spanish woman walked over to Tom and say “well what to we have here” as she smiled and tossed around he soft tied up cock.

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