Working With Walker Pt. 6

Working With Walker Pt. 6

The car ride was silent for the most part. Once we all agreed to head back to the house, nobody said anything else. Nothing else needed to be said, I guess. We all had the same thing on our minds.

I sat in the back with Walker while Tyler was driving and Mike was in the passenger seat. Mike lived within walking distance of this theater, so he rode back with us to Tyler and Walker's house. Walker sat in the middle to be close to me. We were rubbing each other's thighs, enjoying the sensation. I guess Tyler saw us in the rearview mirror, because he took his right hand off the wheel and started gently rubbing Mike's thigh. I heard a soft moan from Mike, so he must be enjoying the feeling.

I could see Tyler move his hand up to Mike's crotch. Mike jumped a little. I don't think he was expecting it. He seemed okay with it, so Tyler massaged his growing bulge. Mike was moaning again, a little louder this time.

Tyler kept massaging Mike's covered cock until we pulled up to his house. Tyler removed his hand, making Mike whimpered a little. Once he noticed where we were, he readjusted himself and got out of the car with us.

Once inside, Tyler said, "I'm making myself a drink. Anybody else want one?"

Walker, Mike, and I said yes. Nothing wrong with relaxing and unwinding with some drinks. And that will make our….activities later much more fun. Plus, it will help loosen Mike up a bit. Yes, he did kiss Tyler and suck his cock while Walker sucked mine just a few feet from him in the theater, but if we were all about to be intimate together, which I think this is where this was headed, then the drinks could help. But if Mike didn't want the group thing, no pressure. I had no problem at all just fucking Walker tonight. But time will tell.

Tyler made everyone whiskey and cokes. Nothing fancy, which worked for us. We just sat in the living room, drinking and talking about work, school, just life in general. Mike and Tyler sat on the couch while Walker and I sat on the recliners across the living room. After the second drink, I noticed Grant never came out of his room, so I asked Tyler if Grant was coming to join us out here.

"Nahh, he went out of town with friends to a concert. Some metal band, I don't remember the name. He said he won't be back until sometime tomorrow."

"Oh nice, good for him." I replied. Perfect. It would probably be a little awkward if he walked in on a small gangbang. Especially if he didn't want to join in.

We were on our third set of drinks now and feeling pretty good. A little tipsy, but not drunk. I think the booze hit Walker a little harder than the rest of us. He slurred his words a little bit and was a little louder than normal. He even got out of his chair, sat on my lap in my chair, and gave me a long, sloppy kiss. It was a bit of a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. I kissed him back, tasting the booze and soda in his mouth.

We broke the kiss and I looked over at Tyler and Mike. They had a little space between each other when we first started drinking. They started getting closer and closer as the night went on. Now they're cuddling up. Tyler had his arm around Mike, and Mike was rubbing Tyler's thigh. It seemed like we were all ready to take this to the next step, so I figured I'd nudge it along.

"So Mike, how was the movie today?" I ask with a smile.

Mike smiled back, blushing a little with some embarrassment. "It was really good. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would." I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about the movie. I certainly wasn't.

"First time?" Walker asked. Now we weren't talking about the movie. Everyone was definitely on the same page.

"Yes." Mike answered, still blushing. "With a guy, at least. I've fooled around with girls plenty, but Tyler is the first guy I've done anything with." Mike looked up to Tyler and smiled. Tyler smiled back as he leaned down and gave Mike a kiss. Mike kissed back, still rubbing Tyler's thigh.

"So were you always curious?" Walker asked.

After Mike broke the kiss, he looked our way and answered, "Not really to be honest. But when Tyler and I started hanging out and he was flirting with me, the thought crossed my mind and I got curious. I kept turning him down because I was overthinking and nervous, but we kept hanging out and he kept flirting off and on. I'm glad he did though."

"Yeah, I bet." I replied laughing. Mike laughed too. He seemed more relax now. The drinks helped, and I'm sure talking about it did too.

"What about you guys?" Mike asked. "How did this happen?" He gestured at Walker and I.

Walker took the lead on this one. "We went to a party a few months ago. I got really drunk and Ray took me home. He helped me inside and stuck around to make sure I'd be okay since Tyler and Grant weren't here. We decided to keep drinking. One thing lead to another. Next thing I knew, we were making out right there on that couch! Then we progressed to touching and sucking. It was great! We've been sucking and fucking ever since."

When he said that, he looked at me, smiled, gave me a kiss, and rubbed his hand on my bulge. I don't think I'd ever get tired of him doing that.

Mike looked at us in awe. He used his free hand to readjust his hardening cock in his jeans. I guess we were turning him on a little bit. Good.

"Wow." Mike said, still in awe. "So you guys have been dating these last few months?"

I wasn't entirely sure how to answer that. Before tonight, we never displayed our affection publicly. It's always been at his house. We never had "the talk" so to speak. We've just been hanging out and having great sex.

Before I could give an answer, Walker just said, "Yep!" I have to admit I didn't hate the sound of it.

"Amazing. I had no idea." Mike said. He looked at Tyler and asked, "Have you known this whole time? Did you figure it out or did they have to tell you?"

Tyler looked at us, then looked back at Mike and answered with a half-chuckle, "No, I found out the fun way."

Mike was confused for a second, looking at Mike, then back to me and Walker.

Then it hit him. "You mean you guys…?"

Walker cut him off. "Yep!" He's really not very subtle when he drinks.

Mike looked at us wide-eyed. "Holy shit! You've all had sex together?!"

"Yes." Tyler replied. "More than once."

Mike was still baffled, taking it all in. I'm sure he had alot more questions. But he may have lost his ability to speak at that point. He just stared at all of us, still shocked.

"Does that scare you?" Tyler asked, worried about Mike.

It took a few seconds for Mike to answer, but he snapped out of it and replied, "No, I'm just surprised. It's kind of hot, actually."

This is it. This is our best chance. It's now or never.

I speak up. "Well Mike, if you thought that was hot, maybe we can all fool around together?"

Walker and I look at Mike. Mike looks at Tyler, who slowly nods at him with approval and acceptance. Then Mike replies, "I don't know. I might be up for it, but it might be alot for a first time, you know?"

I was a little disappointed, not going to lie. But I understood. This is all new to him. It's probably pretty overwhelming.

"I totally get it." Walker chimed in. "We had sex with Tyler not even 24 hours after Ray and I hooked up the first time. It seemed like alot at first, but once it happens and you get into it and just let go, it's fucking incredible! After that point, I never thought twice about it and have enjoyed it immensely since."

Mike was surprised again. "Oh, wow. I didn't know you were all together that soon after. I mean, if you say it was incredible, I guess I could try?"

Oh, Walker. You horny little genius.

"Great." I reply smiling. "Walker and I are going to start fooling around now. You and Tyler can do the same. If you're enjoying yourself with all of us, that's great. If things get to be too much and you just want to be with Tyler, that's okay too. You just let us know. No pressure."

Mike simply replied, "Okay."

And with that, it was on.

I look to Walker and he wasted no time in attacking my mouth with kisses and tongue. He rearranged himself to straddle my lap, grinding our ducks together as we kissed heavily. I run my hands over his body to his smooth ass. He moans onto my mouth as I squeeze it.

We break from kissing so Walker can remove our shirts. As he does, I briefly look at Tyler and Mike. They're kissing each other as Tyler rubs Mike's growing bulge in his jeans. I can hear Mike's soft moans from across the room. So far so good.

Before Walker and I continue, I get an idea. "Let's move to the couch with them."

Walker nods and gets up. He grabs my hand and leads me to the opposite end of the couch. The couch isn't very big, so we were right next to Mike and Tyler. They break their kiss and look at us.

I look at Mike and ask, "Is this okay?"

"Yeah." Mike replied with a small smile. One step at a time.

Tyler tugs at Mike's shirt, lifting it over his head. Tyler encourages Mike to do the same to him. Mike obliged him, lifting Tyler's shirt over his head and tossing it to the side. They go back to kissing. Mike is running his hand all over Tyler's chest and abs as Tyler continues massaging Mike's covered cock.

Walker resumed his previous position. Straddling my lap and kissing me hard, our bare chests pressed together. I break the kiss and plant kisses on his neck, then down to his chest. I move to his nipples and start kissing and licking them. I gently bite them, teasing him. He threw his head back and moans, running his hands through my hair. I know it's driving him crazy.

Walker pulls my head back and pushes me against the couch. He moves to get on his knees on the floor. He leans over and gives me another passionate kiss on my lips before kissing his way down my neck, to my chest, skips my nipples, and starts kissing my stomach while trying to unbutton my jeans.

I look over and see Tyler already sliding Mike's jeans and boxers off. I finally see Mike's cock. It's a good size. About the same size as mine, if not a little smaller. Tyler grabs ahold of Mike's cock and strokes it a few times before running his tongue up his shaft. Mike moans at that. Once Tyler reaches the tip, he takes it in his mouth and sucks. Then he starts sliding his mouth halfway down Mike's cock. Mike is almost speechless. His mouth opens wide, but no sound is coming out. He definitely liked that.

Walker pulls my pants and boxers off, making my hard cock spring out and hit my stomach. He wastes no time as he engulfs my entire cock in one move, sucking like a madman. I swear I will never get sick of this.

I look at Mike. Mike looks at me. I take a chance. I lean over and kiss him. I back away and ask, "Is that okay?"

Mike nodded at me. He has this new look about him now. A look of lust. Like he wanted this. Like he needed this. He wasn't nervous or shy anymore. He was all in now.

I lean back in and kiss him again. He kisses back this time, not holding back. He pushes his tongue into my mouth first, which I accept gladly. We attack each other's mouth as Walker and Tyler continue sucking our cocks. Mike moans into my mouth and his hips start moving up and down against Tyler's mouth. I knew he wouldn't last much longer. Tyler must've known too because he sped up, wanting his cum.

Mike broke the kiss, grabbing Tyler's head. He tried to warn Tyler, but all that came out was moans. After a few more seconds, Mike pushed his dick up into Tyler's mouth and shot his load directly down his throat. Tyler took it all with ease, gulping down every drop Mike had. When Mike calmed down, Tyler slowly slid his mouth off his cock and licked up any remaining cum that might be there.

Walker was still going to town on my cock. I only lasted another minute before I exploded into his eager mouth. He hungrily swallowed all my cum like he has so many times before. When I calmed down and Walker slid his mouth off my cock, I had another idea.

"You guys need to get off now, but how about we switch it up a bit? Mike, why don't you suck Walker and I'll suck Tyler?"

Tyler was all for it, no surprise there. Mike smiled and said yes. We all moved around so Tyler and Walker were now sitting on the couch while Mike and I were kneeling in front of them. I jumped right in and wrapped my lips around Tyler's huge cock, taking in as much as I could. This was only Mike's second time giving a blowjob, but I think the hormones took over. He didn't hesitate as he took Walker's cock into his mouth and sucked hard. Walker threw his head back and moaned. Tyler ran his hand through my hair, guiding my mouth.

After several minutes of non-stop sucking, Tyler warns me he's cumming. I keep my mouth wrapped around his dick and stroke him furiously. He lets out a loud moan as his cum fills my mouth. I swallow all of it, not letting a single drop go to waste. When he stops cumming, I take his dick out of my mouth and slowly lick it a few more times before letting it go.

I look over and Mike is still going at it with Walker's cock. He's not experienced yet, but Walker is definitely enjoying it. After another minute or so, Walker's breathing gets faster and starts cumming in Mike's mouth. Mike tries to take it all on, but some leaks out of his mouth down Walker's cock. When Walker is done, Mike swallows what he has, licks up any cum left on Walker, and swallows that up.

I move up and kiss Tyler softly, our tongues playfully fighting in our mouths. Mike does the same to Walker. Then Mike and I collapse on the floor, catching our breath. Tyler and Walker do the same. After a few minutes, Tyler asked Mike, "How was it?"

Mike lights up and replies, "That was amazing!"

I ask, "Giving or receiving?"

"Both." He replied.

We all laugh at that. So glad to see Mike was enjoying himself.

"So what now?" Mike asked.

Tyler replied, "Well, do you want to try more?"

"Fuck yes!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm not done yet."

Tyler laughed. "Awesome!"

I asked, Do you still want to do it together with me and Walker?"

Mike did not hesitate this time. "Yes. Let's do it."

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