Me and Mr. Bill Part 5: The Poker (Poke Her) Game

Me and Mr. Bill Part 5: The Poker (Poke Her) Game

Before the Game: Waking Up

Waking up I was totally disoriented. Slowly opening my eyes, I realized I was not in my bedroom. Feeing the presence of another body in bed with me, I turned my head and saw a spread of red hair. "Elise!" I thought, "but where were we?" The head of red hair slowly turned towards me. To my shock, the face of a strange girl appeared, not Elise! This was the young nineteen year old girl, Lisa, Jake's stepdaughter. It was then my head began to clear and I began to recall the previous night.

Her eyelids fluttered and then opened, revealing those enchanting emerald green eyes. "Good morning, I think it's morning anyway." She said. "Wow, what a night! I feel like I've been run over by a truck!"

"Me too." I replied. Spotting a clock on the nightstand, I realized it was well after noon. "Excuse me, l need to use the bathroom, be right back." Looking in the mirror after relieving myself, I didn't look too bad for all I'd been through the previous day and night. However, I sure was sore! My pussy and ass felt like there had been a bus parked in them and my mouth and jaw also felt stretched from sucking so many cocks and balls.

After washing up, I returned to bed an laid down with Lisa. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. As she returned to bed, I marveled at her beauty. At about 5'3" tall, she was very slender with large firm natural breasts riding high on her chest. Her large cherry red nipples pointed up to the ceiling. Her milky white skin was covered with smatterings of freckles from head to toe, giving her an exotic little girl look. She had now tied her silky auburn hair into a ponytail. A natural redhead, her trimmed pubic area was also silky and matched her hair. Her pouty long outer pussy lips were quite visible as she walked. I started to become wet as I thought about licking and sucking on them last night.

"Oh my my, am I sore!" She exclaimed as she lay down next to me. "What a great night! I was so happy Uncle Bill finally fucked me. Before last night, I have made out with, let him feel me up and stroked his big cock through his pants, but, that was it. Daddy Jake must have told him to not fuck me. Last night, I heard him tell Bill he could finally fuck me. Also I've always wanted to get fucked by a big black cock, but Darius was huge for my first one! At least he spared my ass, unlike what Marcus did to yours! He really worked you over good, your pussy and ass were gaped like I've never seen." Then giggling, she continued "Although, I'm sure my pussy was probably gaped larger than yours!."

"That I was! You were bored out like I've never seen before. His cock was huge, thick and so long. I don't think you got more than seven or eight inches in your pussy. It looked as long as your forearm!"

"I think your right, but whoa, did it feel good, once I got over the initial stretching. It was banging against my womb!"

"So, tell me about your stepdad Jake, he really was fucking me hard, pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits so hard it hurt! He was slamming his cock into my cunt and ass hard also. It was like he was trying to hurt me!"

Having asked that, she began to spin the story of her and her stepfather. "When I was younger, my mom was away on a business trip, there was a very stormy night and being afraid of storms, I went and climbed in bed with my stepfather, Jake. He was lying peacefully on his back. Lightning was flashing,thunder was booming, rain was coming down hard and the wind was howling outside. I snuggled in close to him. It was then I realized he was sleeping in the nude! He moved a bit, but kept on sleeping. I placed my hand on his chest and softly felt it. Then I moved it down to his flat muscular stomach. I had never been with a naked man and I was becoming very turned on. Slowly my hand ventured lower. I felt his flaccid penis and began slowly stroking it with my fingers. It grew slowly in my hand. He moved a bit, but still remained asleep. As his cock grew in my hand, I began lightly stroking his balls with my other hand. He began to squirm and make little sounds of pleasure. I stopped, not wanting to wake him. Once he began breathing normal, asleep again, I continued stroking him. Then I stopped and turned my back to him. The storm was raging outside and I cuddled my back closer to him."

"My mom and I are about the same body type. She is just a bit taller than me. He must have thought I was my mom, because, he suddenly turned towards me and began fondling me. I felt his cock harden even more against my body and I just kinda froze. His arm then wrapped around my chest and his hand was on my boob. He was rubbing my boob and playing with my nipple. I was becoming very turned on. He began pressing his hard cock against my ass. Now, I was really in an awkward position. I should have tried to slip out of bed and back to my room, except he had a firm grip on my boob. He still seemed to be half asleep, but, he continued pressing his hard cock against me. I could feel the wetness beginning in my pussy, I began to press my ass back into his hard dick. He then said something like, "Oh, I'm glad you came home early from your trip, honey, I'm really horny, let's fuck." I just mumbled something. Then he pulled at my nightgown, trying to remove it. I let him take my gown off. By now I was extremely wet. I had never had a cock before and really didn't know what to do. He made all the moves and I just let him. He slid his hard big cock inside my wet pussy from behind and said "Oh my, babe you are really wet and so tight tonight, this is the wettest and tightest you've ever been." I must have let out a small gasp or something because he then said "Oh babe, I'm huge for you tonight, and you are so tight, get up on all fours, I'm going to do you doggy style." I had no clue what he was talking about, but I got on my hands and knees. He then spread my legs farther apart and inserted his huge cock in my cunt and fucked me like there was no tomorrow! He slammed his cock in me so hard it hurt, but, it felt so good. My whole body was tingling like never before. He was pinching my nipples and squeezing my boobs at the same time. Then he pulled out and put his face in my pussy and started licking me from ass to clit. I began to buck and shake as waves of pleasure racked my virgin body. I had brought myself to climax a few times with my fingers, however, that was nothing compared to having a man do it to me, especially with his tongue! After a few minutes of his licking and sucking me I had a huge climax! "That's my babe, now that you had yours, I get to finish you my way." He said. Having licked my ass so it was good and lubed with his saliva and my juices, he slowly pressed his hard cock into my tight asshole! I was petrified! I had never had anything in my ass before, but, he managed to get his cock in me. "Wow, babe, you are really tight tonight, ummm, yes, oh so tight, I'm going to fuck you and fill your ass up!" This must have been a usual sex practice of his and mom's. He then pumped me in the ass with his cock until he exploded inside me! "Man O Man, babe that was the best ass and pussy fuck ever! You were so tight in both places." He laid back on the bed and promptly went back to sleep. I got up, my legs shaking, my ass dripping his cum and went back to my bedroom. I lay there and listened to the storm as it finally passed, his sperm still seeping from my sore ass. My thoughts were so scrambled, I felt so guilty that I hadn't stopped him, but, it felt so good that I didn't want to stop him. He and I had really never got along very well ever since my natural father left and my mom married him. I had seen him look at me in kind of strange ways before, but, never really paid much attention to him. We had your typical step father and daughter relationship. Thinking about everything, I came to a decision, I would face him in the morning and see what would happen."

Lisa turned her face to me, tears in her eyes. I lightly began rubbing her shoulder and side. "You are the first person I've ever told. It feels so good to finally tell someone about it." After kissing me passionately on my lips, she continued. "The next morning I heard him talking to mom on the phone, saying, "He had a wet dream or something last night." When he finished talking to her, I went into his room wearing a sheer nightgown I had, naked underneath. Prior to this, I had made sure he never saw me except fully clothed. His eyes raised as I entered and he said, "What do you want, why are you in my bedroom dressed like that?" I slowly slipped out of my gown. His eyes went wide as he scanned my body. He took it all in, my red hair, freckles covering most of my milky white skin, high firm big breasts, large erect nipples, my firm stomach, slender waist, the tuft of silky red pubic hair, the blood engorged clit protruding from the pouty long pussy lips, shapely legs and dainty feet. I slowly turned my back to him giving him a view of my back and tight round ass. Slowly I bent over to give him a great view of my pussy and ass from behind. Standing back up and turning to face him, the recognition of what had happened last night appeared on his face. "It was you!" He said. I nodded my head. "Did you enjoy it?" I asked him. I wasn't sure if he would be mad at me or not. This would be the moment that changed my whole life. "Enjoy it? It was the best fuck of my life! Lisa, you are so beautiful. You have been my fantasy fuck ever since I first laid eyes on you!" He exclaimed. With that said, I approached him. I began undressing him. "Please do it to me again. It felt so good to me too. I want to see everything this time." I said to him. He helped me remove the rest of his clothes, then he laid me on the bed and we had sex for hours. He taught me so much in that time. After that, I started wearing no panties or bra to tease and turn him on when ever I could. Mom never even noticed my change in dress or my attitude towards him. Every chance I would get, I would let him fuck me. Sometimes, on the weekends, because, he didn't have to work, we would screw numerous times when mom was out of the house. If she was sticking around I would find an excuse for him to drive me somewhere and we would fuck there."

"One time, when mom was out of town again, this was a couple years later, he took me to a gentleman's club in Tulsa. There he bought me a lap dance with one of the girls. I had never had sex with a girl or even thought about it. We ended up taking the girl back to the house and the three of us had sex together. She taught me a whole lot more about sex and how to do it with both men and women. When we went back to the club, she took me back stage to the dressing room with her. Next thing I knew, I was performing at the club. It was great! I made enough money to buy a car and had quite a bit leftover to put in savings. Daddy told mom that a friend of his helped me get I a job in Tulsa and she never even asked about it! It wasn't long after, they got a divorce. Turned out mom's business trips were actually an affair. She was out fucking some other guy in another town. I was given a choice as to who I wanted to live with, of course, I chose Jake. My IQ was off the charts and school was boring. I quit school and did double shifts at the club. In my spare time, when I wasn't fucking Daddy, I completed online college courses and received an online college degree. Graduated with flying colors! You know Tom's wife Gina? She was the dancer that Daddy knew at the club. This was before she married Tom. She helped me invest the money I made and became like a second mom to me. We also had a great sex life with each other."

"Wow, you have some story there girl." I said. "I can relate to quite a bit of it myself. I was initiated into sex by my stepdad also. The difference was I hated him and hated how he abused me every chance he had."

"I guess I can understand that, but, there's much more to my story." She continued, "After mom was gone, we fucked all the time. I would barely wear any clothes at all around the house. I was ready to fuck him anytime and anywhere. I would do anything for him, anything. I was actually in love with him. I think, in a way, I still am. Then things began to change. Daddy was the only man I ever wanted to fuck. One day, I met Daddy at the door. I was wearing only a pair of high heels and a pair of crotchless panties. This time he had a friend with him. Imagine my shock! There I stood, essentially naked in front of a man I didn't even know at our house! This was much different than being naked in front of strangers in the controlled environment of a top notch gentleman's club. Daddy introduced me. "Lisa, this is my friend Bart. He is a very good client of mine. I want you to treat him very, very special. You do anything he asks you to do. It is very important to me that you do this, ok?" I just nodded yes. Bart took me into the living room and told me to suck his cock. Which I did. Then he told me to get on the couch and lean over the arm rest. I did. He took off the belt to his trousers. I figured he was undressing and was going to fuck me. Suddenly, "whap", he struck my ass with the belt! I yelped in pain. He said "That's it slut, yell, you think your daddy will save you? He won't, he is enjoying watching this." Sure enough, he was watching with a big grin on his face and a huge hard on. Bart whipped my ass for a while. Unbelievably I became very wet and turned on. "See, Bart," Daddy said, "She loves it, look at her pussy, it's dripping with her juices! I think you should fuck my little girl now while she's nice and wet!" I had never been fucked by anyone other than daddy. Bart then fucked me so hard in my pussy, his nut sack slapping my clit, that I came three or four times. Then he fucked me in the ass, filling it with a huge load of cum. "Great job, Bart!" Now I'm going fuck my little girl while you watch and rest up, then you can fuck her again." Daddy then fucked me hard. Pulling hard on my nipples and pinching them. He massaged my clit with his hands until I bucked against his hard thrusts and came and came some more. He pulled hard on both nipples as he filled my cunt with his hot cum. Pulling his thick cock from my pussy, he moved to my face. "Ok Bart, come fuck her again while she cleans the cum off my cock. I want to see her face as she gets fucked by you again." Bart came over again to me once again and fucked me until he came in my pussy. Daddy was so happy. "Lisa, you are officially my little slut fuck toy daughter now. You will do what ever I tell you to do when ever it tell you. Now, be a good little whore daughter and clean Bart's cock with your mouth." I did what Daddy told me to do. Bart was the first of many of Daddy's special friends that came to visit and sampled my special favors."

"Oh my, he used you to get in good with clients. I can imagine everyone would have agreed to his terms as long as they got to have you for their pleasure. Nice dad!" I exclaimed.

"True, but I really enjoyed the attention and the fucking felt so good! Then, it was my eighteenth birthday. Daddy and Gina threw a surprise party for me at the house. Daddy invited a bunch of his friends and Gina had a few dancer friends of ours there too. I was blindfolded and sitting on a chair in the basement alone, or so I thought. Then I heard Gina whisper to me, "Just go with the flow." She had me stand up, then she started undressing me. She had me raise my hands and she tied me by the wrists to an overhead pipe. I heard several people enter the room. "Surprise baby girl!" It was Daddy. "You are now officially a woman! Relax and enjoy your womanhood!" Suddenly there were hands all over me! Someone spread my legs apart and a cock was shoved in my wet pussy and another in my ass! I was having my first double penetration! When they finished, each one blowing a load in me, two more cocks would take their place and I was double fucked again and again! Then I felt my nipples being pinched as a clamp was put on each one along with a weight that pulled them downwards. It was painfully pleasurable. I don't know how many guys fucked me, but when they had finished with me, the girls took over! They licked and sucked me all over. I had at least a dozen orgasms! I was then untied, laid and strapped, on some sort of BDSM fuck table. The sex table was my actual birthday present from Daddy. Believe me, I was used and abused on it by him and his many friends several times since then. I was gang banged by the men again for quite some time! When everyone was finished fucking me, a birthday cake with eighteen candles was brought out, the blindfold removed, and I was released from the fucking table. They sang happy birthday to me, we all had cake and ice cream and I was given several gifts from everyone there. It was a great birthday! It also became the day of my becoming a complete slut!"

"Oh my!" I exclaimed. "That was some party for sure."

"It surely was. After that, we had many sessions on the table. One of the guests had given me a slut collar and another nipple clamps. Daddy would have me wear the slut collar at all times I was with him and he loved to put the nipple clamps and chains on me and fuck me. He would have male friends over several times a month and let them gang bang his "little slut whore daughter" as he so often called me. He would dress me real slutty and we would go out to clubs. I would dance with other men and then usually end up fucking them, Daddy and a bunch of other strange men too. Thing is, I loved it then and I still love it now. It's just that I feel like a terrible person at times, because all I think about is sex, fucking and the great feeling I get from it."

"Sweetie, you are not a terrible person, you are just like me, a sex crazed female. There is nothing wrong with what we do. Just enjoy yourself and the way you feel and the hell with everything else!" Having said that, we embraced and began making out. There is just something about one female having sex with another female. You just know how to do things to each other that make you both feel great! Her lips were so soft, her kisses so sweet. Our tongues knew just how to mingle together.

"You were such a great listener, Rachael, now I'm going to love you like the friend I know you are." Lisa then began a slow decent down my body with her lips and tongue. She spent a great deal of time with my breasts. My tits are the key to my cunt and ass! Play with my boobs and my nipples and my cunt faucet gets turned on high volume. She was sucking and nibbling on my sensitive nipples like no male could ever do. I was in Heaven! While her attention was on my breasts with her marvelous mouth, her fingers began strumming my pussy like it was a classical guitar. She knew just how to tease me until I was moaning and gasping with pleasure. Her mouth began moving south, down my rib cage to my stomach then to my mons and on to my labia majora. Once there she nibbled, sucked and pulled on my outer pussy lips with her teeth. Moving up slightly, she sucked and lightly nibbled at my clitoris. Sticking her fingers into my extremely wet pussy, she gently massaged my g-spot while sucking and twirling her tongue on my clit! I exploded with a massive screaming moaning orgasm. As I lay there panting, she returned to my mouth and passionately kissed me as she gently stroked my pussy until I was breathing normal again.

"Oh my goodness, Lisa. You sure know how to spoil a girl. That was wonderful! You are a gorgeous woman. Now it's my turn to to please you!"

I began by gently massaging her beautiful face and kissing her lightly from forehead to lips. Slowly I moved to her elegantly slender neck where I lingered kissing both sides. Moving to the nape of her neck, lightly kissing and nibbling there, brought goose bumps and a soft moan from her. Returning to her face, we gently kissed as I massaged her shoulders with my fingers. Sliding lower, kissing all around but not on her large breasts, while massaging her slender arms. This was driving her to moan more. Pushing her arms high above her head, I then slid my hands down her arms to the sides of her breasts and began licking them everywhere but the perky upturned nipples, she began to shake in ecstasy. When I moved my mouth to her nipples to suck and nibble at them, she was moaning and begging me to rub her clit so she could climax!

Instead, I kissed and licked my way down her torso to her mons. Once there, I teased her more by circling all around her labia and then to the inside of her thighs. Working my way down her legs, I spent time sucking and licking each toe and her dainty feet. Traveling back up her legs, once again I lingered at her inner thighs. As she began to tremble and push her hips up to allow me better access to her pussy, I began my assault on her sweet cunt. My tongue ran rampant around her long lips as I traced every inch of them. Every so often I would trace her inner lips and plunge my face and tongue as far in her vagina as possible, drinking her sweet juices. By now she was beyond control. When I finally moved my lips to nibble and suck on her swollen long clitoris, she came. I Continued to circle her clit with my tongue. Then, using a neat trick the golf pro I dated once used on me, I began to slowly trace the alphabet in capital letters on the tip of her clit with the very tip of my tongue. At the letter "E" she was in ecstasy, shaking and moaning more! Screaming in pleasure by letter "H", my face was drenched with her cum. Letter "M" brought her to an exploding climax!

Moving back up to her head, we passionately kissed and embraced. Our tongues traced each other's lips. Finally pulling apart she exclaimed, " Wowee! That was the best tongue lashing I have ever experienced bar none! You really know how to tease!"

"Bravo, bravo!" It was Bill. "That was one hot show you two put on! I was just coming to see if you two sleepyheads were up yet. I guess that answered my question." He stood there naked, stroking his huge cock.

"Uncle Bill! Bring that beautiful dick over here right now." Lisa commanded. "Let us give you a personal show of your own."

Bill moved to the side of the bed. Grasping his hard member, Lisa pulled him closer and began licking the tip of his cock. I moved in and stroked his scrotum with my nails, then joined Lisa by licking his thick cock shaft. I moved my head as Lisa took all of him deep in to her mouth to the back of her throat. As he moved in and out of her mouth I sucked each testicle and massaged him all the way to his anus. He pumped and pushed his cock into my mouth. Lisa took over sucking his balls. Just when I began to feel his cock begin to throb, he pulled out!

The Main Event: Poker "Poke Her" Game

"Oh man girls, that feels awesome, but it's time to get ready to for the poker game. Plus I want to have a big cum shot built up for later." Bill announced as he extracted his penis from our attentions. "I've invited some friends over and you two are my little slut servers. You will be acting as waitresses serving drinks and snacks. I've brought you your outfits for the festivities. What I have here for you is all you are to wear. The boys are in the basement playroom watching college football on the big screen and they are getting hungry and thirsty, so let's get moving!" That said slapping both of on the ass as we got out of bed. Bill then left us to get dressed.

Our outfits consisted of a slut collar, a mini apron to go around the waist, a micro bikini top, spike heeled shoes and a funky maid's head piece. Helping each other into the skimpy outfits we couldn't help but giggle like school girls. The apron barely covered our crotch. Lisa's long pussy lips were very visible under the apron. It was actually very sexy looking. The micro bikini tops, mine yellow and Lisa's green, barely covered our nipples! We finished dressing and headed down to the playroom.

Bill had rearranged the sex room so all of the BDSM tables were moved to the perimeter of the room. In the center was now a poker table. In the playroom, six men were sitting around watching college football on the big screen TV. He led us to another room that held the refreshments. Once there, he gave us each a cocktail tray and told us to let him get into the go get TV room and then come in serve some snacks and take the refreshment orders. We waited a couple minutes then, loading our trays with various snacks, we headed in.

Besides Bill, Lisa's stepdad Jake was in the room as were Andy and Rich from the club last night. Two new guys were introduced to us as Shorty, a squat, muscled black guy and Leon, also black, but tall and lanky. The other two, one a muscular Hispanic fellow named Juan and the other was a regular type guy, named Paul. That completed the eight poker players. We served the snacks and took the drink orders. There was some grab ass and the such but not much else. We headed back, got their drinks, and served them. This was repeated several times. Each time we went back for more snacks or drinks, Lisa and I usually had some wine or a drink ourselves. We also made out some more!

Bill came back to see us. He had folded his hand. "We need to liven this party up some girls. You girls take off those skimpy tops and put your tits in their faces when you serve. Maybe bend down and show 'em some pussy too!" He told us. "Let's see if that gets their attention."

We both dropped or tops and headed back out. As Lisa served the drinks, she made sure her large tits were in contact with the served man's face. At the same time she would bend over to serve, her pussy was right in the next guys face. I followed her lead and did the same. The guys started taking a nipple suck, titty grab or a pussy lick or feel when we did this. We could tell the guys were becoming aroused and they began playing with us more than paying attention to the card game.

I heard Jake say he was folding and he came over to me. "Come with me slut, I'm going to serve you some cock now!" He took me over to one of the tables and strapped me down. My arms were stretched out above and behind my head. My legs were roughly spread apart and tied up in the air giving complete access to my ass and pussy. I was completely at his mercy. Then he took a pair of nipple clamps with chains and attached them to my nipples. Looping another chain over an overhead bar, he attached it to the middle of the nipple clamp chain and pulled it very tight. My nipples were now stretched to the maximum possible. "How do like that you little whore?" He said as he pulled the chain tighter. I let out a yelp of pain. "Perfect, that's what I wanted to hear." He said as he took off his clothes. His dick was already hard. Making out with Lisa had already made me wet, so he had no trouble penetrating my cunt.

"My, you sure are wet, I suppose you and my slut stepdaughter have been going at it in the back room. She sure is a sweet cut of meat isn't she?" He asked as he roughly slammed his cock as far in me as it would go. "I don't want you to get spoiled on her sweet pussy, but, I'm happy to share it with you. It will just cost you a good fucking! I didn't get enough of your sweet goods last night."

He fucked me hard and rough. Pulling on the chain attached to my nipples and hearing me squeal in pain seemed to make him harder and bigger. Pulling his wet cock out of my pussy, he placed the head of his penis at the opening to my anus. With a mighty shove, he entered me and pulled the chain even harder! I screamed in pain, more from my nipples being pulled than from the ass penetration. Pulling his cock head out then plunging back in over and over, he fucked me in the ass. My only relief came when he used his free hand to roughly rub my clit and I climaxed from the combination of pain and pleasure. With a loud growl, he pulled hard on the chain and I screamed again. At the same time, I felt his cock explode in my ass! Extracting his penis from my cum filled hole, he moved to the head of the table and said, "That was a nice fuck, bitch, now suck me clean."

As I was sucking and licking his dick, he called to Shorty. "Hey Shorty, come over here and sample some of this slut's goodies. I think I have her stretched out enough for you."

I heard a shuffle of chairs. Then I saw Lisa being strapped onto a table next to me by Andy, Rich and Leon. Her breasts had been tied tightly and she was also in nipple clamps. She also had a ball gag strapped to her mouth. They placed her on all fours so that I could see only see the rear portion of her body. The three of them began taking turns fucking her pussy and ass. Due to the ball gag, all she could do was whimper. Leon's long skinny dick slammed in and out of her ass, then her pussy. Then Andy pounded her with his huge headed penis. Lastly Rich took his turn. While one was fucking her, the other two would torture her tits and nipples. They were turning red and purple with the torment.

Suddenly Shorty was at my side. "Ya know my name Shorty don't come from my height bitch, it comes from the size of this!" He whipped out the widest and thickest cock I had ever seen! Fully erect and less than eight inches long. The width, however, is what scared me. It was much more than half it's length. I couldn't imagine it fitting in my asshole no matter how much I'd been stretched! "This gonna be good, I'm gonna stretch that ass like never before. Then, whore, I'm gonna stretch that pussy like you havin' a child and load you with some fine black man's sperm. I'm gonna breed you like the bitch in heat you are!"

Bill and Jake came over to me and spread my legs so far apart I thought I would split in two. Shorty stuck his fat cock at the entrance of my ass and began easing that monstrously wide thick cock in me. There was no way he could penetrate my hole with that monster cock, but, he was sure trying hard. Bill could see I needed help getting it in, so he reached under the table and grabbed a bottle of lube. "Here Shorty, let's see if this helps you get it in." Bill squeezed the lube on to Shorty's massive dick. I could feel it going in, but, I was just too tight. I glanced at Lisa and what I saw drew my attention from Shorty pushing his cock into me. Lisa had two cocks in her cunt, Leon and Rich. They were each pounding her pussy with their long dicks. I must have relaxed my muscles watching her, because Shorty finally entered my ass all the way, and began fucking me. Jake began slapping my tits and pulling the chain stretching my nipples even more. Bill then stuck his hard cock in my face and told me to start sucking. Bill face fucked me and then blew a load of his cum on my face.

"Ok whore, now I'm gonna stretch that cunt with the thickest black dick you ever had and fill you up!" Shorty pulled his massive cock from my ass and plunged it into my pussy. It was truly a new sensation! I could feel my pussy lips stretch out as he pulled out and then fold in as he thrust in. My cunt was at the maximum it had ever been stretched by a cock and I was loving it. He pummeled my pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I lost count of the orgasms I had. He would pull his cock completely out of my cunt and by now the boys had gathered around to see how big a hole he had gapped in my pussy. Then he grabbed both my legs and began thrusting as hard as he could. His huge cock swelled and throbbed inside me and suddenly a river of his cum erupted from his cock! As he pulled his cock out He exclaimed "Whooee! Look at that cum flowing out that huge hole I made in her boys! You could drive a small bus in that pussy right now!"

They released me from my bonds, but I could only lay there. I turned my head and watched man after man fucking Lisa. She was being fucked in the ass and pussy by several men. There were now guys I hadn't seen before fucking her. She was being double penetrated, a guy fucking her ass and another fucking her pussy. As each one would blow his load in her, cum would seep from both her holes.

Jake released Lisa from her bonds and pulled her over to my table. He commanded her on all fours to straddle me and then said to me "Ok, you slut, you like my daughters pussy and ass so much, you can lick them clean of all that cum, now! Lisa, you like that whore's pussy so you can eat Shorty's cum from it and while your at it, tongue her ass good too!"

After a while of eating each other, Bill stopped us and said "The boys are ready for you now RJ. It's your turn to get fucked by everyone that hasn't fucked you yet. Lisa, Shorty is going to fuck you now, so get back on the other table."

Lisa left me and went to the other table where Jake strapped her down once again. Shorty began fucking her in her pussy and then I lost sight as the new men began assaulting my ass, pussy and mouth. The most memorable of the next session of fucking, was a white guy with a long thick dick. As he fucked me in the ass, his ball-sack kept slapping my pussy and clit so much that I climaxed from the contact it was making. He finished me off by blowing a huge load of his cum in my pussy and onto my stomach. Juan was also a memorable fuck as he fucked me doggy style in my ass and pussy and then loaded them both with his cum. Bill was the last to fuck me. He pinched my tender nipples and pulled on my tits as he fucked my ass from behind. He the turned me over and fucked my pussy while he slapped my tits and face. He came in great spurts, pulling his cock from my pussy, his ejaculation shooting from my cunt all the way to my open mouth.

Lisa meanwhile was finished off by Jake. He pounded her unmercifully in her ass and cunt, slapping her the whole time and calling her a filthy little slut daughter whore. His streams of cum shot out of his cock onto her face and into her hair.

The other men had all left. Lisa and I retired to our bedroom and took showers to clean the cum from our abused bodies before climbing into bed together. Totally worn out and exhausted from the group fucking we had received, we both fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

To be continued in Part 6: Mr. Bill and me! - Football or should I say "Fuckball!"

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